Welcome to another Friday, where FanDuel has us set up with a 14 game slate.  Since all the studs pitched on Thursday (Scherzer, Nola, DeGrom, Bumgarner, Hamels, vintage David Price), we have the fun job of picking through the leftovers to find Friday’s stud.  Today I’m taking my talents to South Beach…….to write about the visiting pitcher, Mike Foltynewicz ($10,500). <set up autocorrect to fix every time I eff up the spelling of Folynevix>  Foltyburger’s K-rate has been sick this year, up 7.5% from 20.7% in 2017 to 28.2% this year, and he even gets a small park bump in Miami.  He also gets the pleasure of facing Miami’s lineup which for the season is dead last in ISO and 28th in wOBA vs RHP.  Foltyverter is where I’m starting my lineup on this Friday, so let’s see what we can add to him to make some money.

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Sean Manaea, SP: $7,400 – I feel like every single Friday I write about how bad the Twins have been vs LHP.  They rank 24th in wOBA, 27th in ISO, and 5th worst in K% vs LHPs, and that was before they traded Brian Dozier and Eduardo Escobar.

Mike Clevinger, SP: $9,500 – Strangely, all the decent pitchers are on the road today, but being in Kansas City isn’t a bad thing, I hear they have fantastic BBQ.  The Indians are one of the biggest favorites on the night and Clevinger should have no problem mowing through this lineup.

CC Sabathia, SP: $7,800 – Even though Old Man River picked up his AARP card this week and always orders the senior coffee, Sabathia’s been steady as it goes all year.  He does a great job limiting hard contact and should be good for 6 IP with minimal damage against the Orioles.

Matt Carpenter, 1B: $4,500 – The stretch that Carpenter’s been on has been legit insane.  He’s in Coors, so that high price is totally justified.

Matt Adams, 1B: $3,900 – Adams was just added to the Cardinals active roster after being traded by the Nats.  That means some serious pop in Coors.  Also, Adams could provide some balance to the Cardinals lineup that has been rolling out 6 RHBs pretty much all year.

Ryan Zimmerman, 1B: $3,600 – Since returning from injury, he’s batted .325 with 7 HRs.  Mashing.

Carlos Santana, 1B: $3,000 – Santana’s been a better hitter for his career vs LHPs and faces the Blue JaysRyan Borucki.  Santana should be super low-owned and provides some sneaky pop.

Mark Reynolds, 1B: $2,800 – Apparently there’s a crapload of 1B that I like.  All of them are power guys and do they get any more powerful than Reynolds?

Wilson Ramos, C/1B: $2,800 – A lot to love about Ramos today.  He’s cheap, facing a bad lefty, and being a catcher, you know he’ll be low owned on FanDuel.  I think the Phillies are a great sneaky stack today.

Ji-Man Choi, 1B: $2,700 – Big boy’s got pop and it’s essentially a bullpen game for the Red Sox.

Jed Lowrie, 2B: $3,500 – Switch-hitter that’s better vs RHBs and faces Jake Odorizzi, who struggles vs LHBs.

Anthony Rendon, 3B: $4,300 – Rendon’s one of my favorite high-end bats on the slate….but can I afford him??

David Freese, 3B: $2,500 – While the ISO’s been down for Freese this year, he’s still hitting LHP really well.  This is a little savings bat to afford bigger and better things.

Asdrubal Cabrera, SS: $2,900 – SS is pretty garbage today, but if you’re stacking the Phils, I’m happy to fill SS with Cabrera.

Brandon Crawford, SS: $2,800 – Unless you’re paying up at SS, this position is complete poo.  Crawford has a decent matchup, I just hate the ballpark.

Tyler O’Neill, OF: $3,400 – Keep an eye on the lineup, but I love O’Neill’s power upside in Coors at a reasonable price.

Matt Kemp, OF: $3,100 – Kemp’s been pretty chilly recently, but he’s strong vs LHP and should be low-owned.

Nick Martini, OF: $2,800 – Know what my wifey wants on Friday??  A martini.  Should lead off for the A’s.

Ender Inciarte, OF: $2,700 – Pure price play here.  Should hit 2nd, sandwiched in between Acuna and Freeman.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Only rain in the forecast is passing showers in Minnesota for the Twins/A’s.  Overall, a beautiful night for baseball.  The highest temperatures on the slate will be Cardinals/Rockies in Coors and Indians/Royals, where 1st pitch should see the upper 80s.  It’ll be close to 100 in Arizona, which means the roof will be closed.

Doing Lines In Vegas

Only total in double digits is in Coors.  Personally, I’m a Mikolas believer, so I’m fading Rockies bats tonight.  The Dodgers are the biggest favorite currently at -240 and I totally get it.  The Padres are not great and Rich Hill has been <insert one of those signs you see in factories> blister free for 12 starts, but the Padres own a top 10 ISO vs LHP, and for me (who doesn’t mass enter), that’s enough to pass.