Welcome to the first official version of the Top 100 hitters for the rest of the 2024 fantasy baseball season.  This will be the place to be when you are looking at values for the rest of the season making those all-important moves to deliver a championship.  As a reminder for those of you joining for the first time in 2024, we are as consistent as Khris Davis’s batting average by focusing on rotisserie scoring and ignoring everything that has happened in favor of predicting the future.  So far this season, our offseason ranks have pulled their oblique just like half of the league.  That means players like Ozzie Albies, Trevor Story and Christian Yelich all take drops down due to injury issues early in the season.  However, there are veterans and young guns alike ready to jump into their spots as quick as Victor Scott, if he can get on base.  With the formalities out of the way, welcome to our first iteration of the Top 100 hitters for the 2024 fantasy baseball season.  Dig in!

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