Despite succumbing this week to an ankle injury sustained in his collision with William Contreras, Tommy Pham, patron saint of this piece, can not be escaped. Just when you thought there would be a reprieve, I hit you with him in the intro.

But mostly because players like Tommy Pham keep our fantasy teams afloat out there. On the surface, he looked like a bland player playing on a bad team, but that is precisely what it takes to work up roto standings throughout the summer. The unheralded players on bad teams simply playing every day, especially at the top of lineups, fuel fantasy rosters throughout the summer like a blend of Celsius, Four Loko, and ketamine inside a college student stomach at Lollapalooza.

We are still in a lull between a significant influx of prospects, thanks partly to the slowing of major injuries, Tommy Pham notwithstanding, and the roster shake ups caused by deadline deals. But don’t think there aren’t useful pieces to add even if the options have blue-hued Savant pages. Playing time and volume are the lifeblood in our fantasy game, don’t let it go to waste.

With that in mind, let’s get to those waiver wire options this week, Razzballers!

The stats and ownership percentages below are updated as of noon central time on 6/7.

As always, if you want advice on specific roster decisions you might have, feel free to leave a comment. You can also find me on twitter (X) (@mcouill7) and bluesky (@mcouill7.bsky.social).


10/12 Team Adds

Connor Wong (BOS, 44% CBS Ownership) – Admittedly, if the Reds didn’t have only five games on the schedule next week, Stephenson would have been the suggestion here again as he is the most talented hitter of all available-ish options. Between Moreno, Stephenson, Jansen, and Wong, it’s not a bad strategy to stream the best matchups each week as the four are in their own little mini-tier. Wong has the most scrumptious schedule next week as the Red Sox host six games in Fenway, where he’s a career .273/.337/.434 hitter, with warming Boston weather. (3% FAAB)

QUICK HITS: Gabriel Moreno (ARI, 49% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Tyler Stephenson (CIN, 45% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Danny Jansen (TOR, 47% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Patrick Bailey (SFG, 31% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Henry Davis (C/OF, PIT, 23% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Ivan Herrera (STL, 20% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB)

15 Team Adds

Gary Sanchez (MIL, 9% CBS Ownership) – The Kraken only hit .118 (2-for-17) this past week but thanks to a homer and five RBI, that made him the ninth-best catcher in our Last 7 Days player rater. Hell, the three other guys in the Quick Hits batted .196 (9-for-46) this past week, so things are bleak currently in the backend of the catcher pool. Might as well use Sanchez and tally some power numbers to go with that gnarly batting average. (1-3% FAAB)

QUICK HITS: Korey Lee (CHW, 9% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Miguel Amaya (CHC, 3% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Carson Kelly (DET, 2% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB)


10/12 Team Adds

Tyler Freeman (3B/MI/OF, CLE, 44% CBS Ownership) – If Freeman had a cool, sexy name, I’m not sure he would still be lingering out on waiver wires. Everyone knows or thinks they know a Tyler Freeman. Everyone had a Tyler Freeman in their graduating class. Freeman has continued to be a solid roto contributor, offering $8.6 of value in the Last 7 Days player rater, $6.4 overall this season. It doesn’t seem like much, but considering Freeman’s positional eligibility, that positive value around the fringes of a fantasy roster add up. He should continue being a steady contributor as he’s locked into the leadoff spot for a Cleveland team that continues playing in heavily pro-offense home park. (3-5% FAAB)

QUICK HITS: Ty France (1B, SEA, 48% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Luis Garcia (2B, WSN, 45% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Mark Vientos (3B, NYM, 41% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Colt Keith (2B/3B, DET, 40% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Zach Neto (SS, LAA, 31% CBS Ownership, 3% FAAB), Wenceel Perez (2B/OF, DET, 22% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Josh Rojas (2B/3B/OF, SEA, 21% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB)

15 Team Adds

Gio Urshela (1B/3B, DET, 7% CBS Ownership) – This week, it was the Infielder Pool’s turn to drain itself as things are rough out there. Matt Vierling and Justyn-Henry Malloy weren’t the only ones to benefit from Kerry Carpenter’s injury and Spencer Torkelson’s demotion in Detroit as the moves ensured Urshela’s playing time is relatively safe. The 32-year-old veteran is doing his typically thing, offering a good batting average (.270) and playing time volume. The Tigers also have a pretty tempting week for hitters, facing two slightly below average pitching staffs in Washington and Houston. Things look to remain relatively thin in the backend of this pool until prospects arrive and trades start happening, so finding everyday players (which the Quick Hits focuses on) is imperative. (1-3% FAAB)

QUICK HITS: Brendan Rodgers (2B, COL, 19% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Jose Miranda (3B, MIN, 17% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), David Hamilton (2B/SS, BOS, 15% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Isiah Kiner-Falefa (2B/3B/OF, TOR, 13% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Joey Meneses (1B, WSN, 10% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Otto Lopez (2B/3B, MIA, 7% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB)

Only Team Adds

Brett Wisely (2B/SS, SFG, 3% CBS Ownership) – This year’s Giants roster build is reminding me a bit of the Red Sox teams of recent vintage. Both teams have looked at the most crucial fielding position, shortstop, seen that there were plenty of high quality free agent options, and then just been like, “Ah, fuck it. We’ll figure it out on the fly.” (Of course, I’m overlooking the Giants pursuit of Carlos Correa, but come on, doesn’t seem like they tried too hard to re-negotiate that deal.) Wisely becomes the latest to receive a crack at the San Fran shortstop (and some second base) position via a strong-side platoon. But what makes him interesting is that he’s been leading off or hitting second a lot thanks to injuries plaguing the Giants. Don’t go crazy here, even though Wisely flashed double-digit walk rates in Triple-A the last two years, remember that came in a crazy PCL run environment with the automated strike zone. ZiPS pretty much nails the projection of a ceiling I would expect from Wisely, something akin to a .240 hitter with 10-15 homers and steals a piece over a full season. (3-5% FAAB)

Daniel Schneemann (SS, CLE, 1% CBS Ownership) – Schneemann has started receiving a look in Cleveland thanks to a .294/.428/.556 (.983 OPS!!) in Triple-A and Brayan Rocchio’s continued struggles at the dish. I think there’s something here as Jeff Zimmerman noted in a piece this week, Schneemann has been actively working to increase his launch angle and change his plate approach. Look back above in the Tyler Freeman blurb to be reminded once again that the Guardians play in a great home park with a solid lineup. If Schneemann can overtake Rocchio as the starting shortstop, look out, we could have someone that sways some deep leagues. (3-5% FAAB)


10/12 Team Adds

Alec Burleson (STL, 40% CBS Ownership) – It isn’t coincidental that the Cardinals have started looking slightly less anemic on offense since Burleson entered the lineup on a full-time basis. He’s won the game of St. Louis Outfield Survivor, slashing .301/.327/.524 with six homers and two steals over the last month. Burleson puts the ball in play (13.5% K-rate) and lets good things happen while thanking Rob Manfred daily for the shift ban. With Lars Nootbaar felled again thanks to a bad oblique, the 25-year-old Burleson will continue playing every day and now receives the chance to lock himself into the St. Louis outfield for rest-of-season and possibly beyond. (3% FAAB)

QUICK HITS: Ryan O’Hearn (1B/OF, BAL, 45% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Miguel Andujar (OAK, 40% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Jacob Young (WSN, 39% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Jake Meyers (HOU, 39% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Joc Pederson (ARI, 33% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Mike Tauchman (CHC, 29% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Luke Raley (1B/OF, SEA, 25% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Heliot Ramos (SFG,23% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Adam Duvall (ATL, 20% CBS Ownership, 3% FAAB)

15 Team Adds

Harrison Bader (NYM, 15% CBS Ownership) – Much like Freeman, Bader is the type of outfielder at the back of a fantasy roster that wins leagues. He steadily plays while offering an above par batting average (.272 to-date) along with enough runs and RBI to stay afloat while offering 20-25 steals. It all amounts to a player that produces $5-10 of value in a 12-team league. Don’t overlook players like this – take advantage while you can because there’s not much of a chance Bader has the same playing time available post-deadline when he likely ends up on a contender as a fourth outfielder. (3% FAAB)

QUICK HITS: Nelson Velazquez (KCR, 17% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Richie Palacios (2B/OF, TBR, 14% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Johan Rojas (PHI, 13% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Andrew McCutchen (PIT, 12% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Gavin Sheets (1B/OF, CHW, 11% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Jake McCarthy (ARI, 8% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Jake Bauers (1B/OF, MIL, 7% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Jesus Sanchez (MIA, 7% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB)

Only Team Adds

Jake Cave (COL, 0% CBS Ownership) – The Rockies just can’t help themselves, can they? With Sean Bouchard and Kris Bryant joining Jordan Beck on the IL this week, Colorado has turned to 31-year-old Cave to occupy a strong-side platoon instead of seeing what Hunter Goodman can provide. Nolan Jones is nearing a return, but still needs a little more rehabbin’, which means Cave might get a full week of at-bats as the Rockies are scheduled to face six righties next week with half those games coming in Coors. (1-3% FAAB)

Corey Julks (CHW, 4% CBS Ownership) – Looking for that Tommy Pham-like replacement? Here you go, as Julks is slashing .315/.393/.519 with two homers and steals apiece in his first 61 plate appearances. He warrants ownership in 15-team leagues and while playing, could be a streamer in 12-teamers too. There’s a chance he simply takes over an outfield spot on the South Side as trades and lack of talent around him offer a golden opportunity. (7% FAAB)


10/12 Team Adds

Tylor Megill (NYM, 45% CBS Ownership) – Megill, like dozens throughout the league in 2024, has added a split-finger to his arsenal, totally revamping his profile. The 28-year-old has also flashed a new cutter this year to give him a six-pitch mix that is above average in both Stuff+ (109) and Pitching Bot’s botStf (54 on a classic 20 to 80 grade scouting scale). So those strikeouts he’s produced (10.3 K/9) over 21 innings so far appear to be legit, making his projections much less useful. Mix in two home starts against the Marlins and Padres, and there are the makings for a significant upcoming pitching week from Megill. (3-5% FAAB)

Cade Povich (BAL, 26% CBS Ownership) – Admittedly, I’m probably going to be light on Povich here, but the debut against the Blue Jays on Thursday uncovered some of the flaws in his overall profile. First, the fastball is poor, rating as 65 in Stuff+, which is part of what was likely holding back his promotion for so long. The velo sat at 92.1 mph with rough shape and command. It was also obvious Povich lacks a true put away pitch, so there’s whether the big-league strikeouts will materialize. Plus, add in that he likely benefitted from the robo-zone in Triple-A, and it’s going to be difficult for Povich to maintain a strikeout per inning pace in the majors. Overall, he’s a must-add in 15-teamers and streamable in 12-teamers, amounting to a back-end starter on a good team. That throws Povich into the same bucket of starting pitchers as Colin Rea. (3% FAAB)

QUICK HITS: Alec Marsh (KCR, 39% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Mitchell Parker (WSN, 34% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Jake Irvin (WSN, 34% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Patrick Sandoval (LAA, 32% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Simeon Woods Richardson (MIN, 31% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Miles Mikolas (STL, 27% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Jose Soriano (LAA, 25% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Griffin Canning (LAA, 23% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Colin Rea (MIL, 20% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB)

15 Team Adds

Joey Estes (OAK, 7% CBS Ownership) – While Oakland is still designated in our collective mind as a “no-go” zone to buy pitchers due to poor performance and complete anonymity, Estes has a chance to break through that mold. Through 27 innings, he’s pitched to the tune of a 3.03 FIP with a 23.4% K-rate, underlying his 4.67 ERA. Now, there are some flashing warning signs here like his absurd 17.3% groundball-rate and puny 4.7% HR/FB rate that will normalize. However, this is a great time to see what Estes could provide as he has a nice two-start week scheduled with road outings against San Diego and Minnesota. (1-3% FAAB)

QUICK HITS: Jordan Wicks (CHC, 20% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Cooper Criswell (BOS, 18% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Hurston Waldrep (ATL, 17% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Adam Mazur (SDP, 10% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), David Peterson (NYM, 7% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Luis Medina (OAK, 5% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Slade Cecconi (ARI, 4% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Randy Vasquez (SDP, 4% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB)

Only Team Adds

Carson Whisenhunt (SFG, 6% CBS Ownership) – The season line for Whisenhunt in Triple-A has been vomit-inducing (5.96 ERA, 5.2 BB/9) for a player I thought would be a pivotal sleeper this year. However, the 23-year-old lefty looks to have turned the corner in his last eight starts, firing a 4.15 ERA with a 48:17 K:BB ratio in 34.2 innings, getting right back on track to make a summer debut. (1-3% FAAB)

A.J. Blubaugh (HOU, 1% CBS Ownership) – Remember a few weeks ago when Blubaugh was the suggestion here? Well since then, the Astros have lost two more pitchers (Jose Urquidy and Cristian Javier) to season-ending injuries, thinning out their arms depth even further. A.J. has continued being one of the brightest prospect arms in the Houston system, tossing a 4.00 ERA, 3.52 FIP and 23.4% K-rate in a difficult PCL environment. There’s also an extremely easy move to get Blubaugh on the 40-man roster as Javier is yet to hit the 60-day IL. Buy him now in a deep league before the call-up comes. (3-5% FAAB)


10/12 Team Adds

Yimi Garcia (TOR, 38% CBS Ownership) – With Jordan Romano shelved thanks to a balky elbow once again, Garcia settles into the Toronto closer seat. This is now Romano’s second trip to the IL in 2024 for elbow inflammation, and while the reports say there is no structural damage, this is obviously a worrisome pattern. Garcia might be the better pitcher than Romano anyway, as the 33-year-old vet sports a 2.16 ERA, 2.62 FIP and 11.9 K/9 over 25 innings this year. Feel comfortable owning Yimi for temporary saves in the Blue Jays bullpen knowing that he can stick on your roster as a ratios helper rest-of-season too. (3-5% FAAB)

QUICK HITS: Reed Garrett (NYM, 41% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Michael Kopech (CHW, 30% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Griffin Jax (MIN, 30% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Jeremiah Estrada (SDP, 29% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Jason Adam (TBR, 22% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB)

15 Team Adds

Jalen Beeks (COL, 15% CBS Ownership) – Things have continued to be unsteady for Beeks as the Colorado closer, but that’s just kinda how it goes. Thankfully for him and your pitching ratios, the Rockies have three road games before facing a weak Pirates team at home next week. I’m willing to roll with Beeks out of absolute desperation for saves one more week, but then I swear I’m done (sentence written while enacting the Goofy “I’ll f-in’ do it again” meme face). (1% FAAB)

Ryne Stanek (SEA, 9% CBS Ownership) – Andres Munoz is currently dealing with a back issue, and look at Romano, Jordan above to see how that injury can unfold (Romano has battled back issues and now can’t shake elbow problems). Stanek picked up a save Thursday night subbing in for Munoz and is clearly second in line for saves. For your FAAB bidding this weekend, read up on how Munoz’s injury is developing as the suggestion on Stanek here is made under the assumption Munoz bounces back soon. (3% FAAB)

QUICK HITS: Bryan Hudson (MIL, 16% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Luke Weaver (NYY, 15% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Blake Treinen (LAD, 13% CBS Ownership, 1-3% FAAB), Garrett Cleavinger (TBR, 12% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Cade Smith (CLE, 8% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB), Fernando Cruz (CIN, 7% CBS Ownership, 1% FAAB)


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1 month ago

I have Jordan Walker stashed. I drafted him amd expected him to be one of my starting 5 OF’s (sigh). I have one NA spot to stash a prospect. Walker has 1 HR all year. he’s now played over 30 AAA games. Is he even worth holding onto at thai point? I l ow he has a lot of talent amd is young but the results arent there. Should I stash someone else? Mayo is available but not sure if he’d play. Waldrup, not sure about him (control). This is a deeper 10 team league. 28 roster spots plus IL and the NA spot. Thanks

1 month ago

Who do you like more this upcoming week in a points league?

Burleson 3 v PIT (Skenes, Falter, Keller), 3 @ CHC (Brown, Imanaga, Taillon)

Bleday 3 @ SD (Cease, R. Vasquez, King), 4 @ MIN (Woods-Richardson, Ober, Paddack, P. Lopez)

I think Burleson is the better hitter, but also faces tougher match ups and only 6 games. Bleday has 7 games, faces all righties and Bleday fares well against them. I’m leaning toward the latter as a fill-in streamer.

1 month ago

Would you stash eloy jiminez if available in a deeper 10 team 5 OF, obp league. 28 man rosters. I would never draft this guy but he could be traded although it is probably unlikely. My hitting has been underwhelming and the waiver wire is really all that attractive.

Last edited 1 month ago by toolshed
Reply to  Mike Couillard
1 month ago

I was looking at nelson v. Not sure if this matters but I have 3 royals hitters in my lineup now.