Grizzly Adams did have a beard, and so does Adam LaRoche ($4,800), who’s hitting at an insane clip this month (.636 SLG and .348 ISO). He’s also a notorious slow-starter, but his lifetime OPS in August is .903, which is well higher than any of those other stupid months. Hold up, we’re not done here. I got stats on stats on stats. LaRoche also owns a .417 wOBA and .225 ISO at home versus RHP, and he’s 4-for-11 (1 HR) versus Trevor Cahill, who has been hit hard in 2 career starts at Nationals Park (5.11 ERA).

Man, I hope at least some of those numbers don’t lie, but I know if I ever have any doubts, I can bounce my ideas off the DFSBot. This thing is getting all sorts of accolades lately and was probably banging lines with dimes somewhere in VIP last night. Oh to be the most accurate projection system on the interwebs. Congrats Bot, live it up.

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Michael Pineda, SP: $8,900 – He looked good enough in his first start off the DL (16 DK points), and it’s worth the investment against the Astros, who are 9th in K% on the road and 3rd overall.

Alex Wood, SP: $7,300 – His last 6 starts have gone boom/bust/boom/bust/boom/bust. Guess what time it is? Boom! Here comes the boom! Ready or not, man that song really sucked! Wood holds a near-elite K/9 (8.78) and PNC Park generally caters to LHP, which the Pirates struggle against (.667 OPS) … good enough, no?

Brayan Pena, C: $2,600 – He’s been getting solid run at 1B and almost always catches for Johnny Cueto, so like a fresh case of the clap in a frat, Pena will most definitely make an appearance. It helps he’ll be facing a righty, because he’s hitting .286 against dem dudes.

Joe Panik, 2B/SS: $2,800 – Since 8/4, Panik at the Frisco is hitting .419 with a .427 wOBA. Where do you want him in your MI? It’s cool, just tell him. I’m always a fan of punting these positions, and Panik has recently been penciled in at #6 in the order, which is better than #7 or #8. It’s science.

Nolan Arenado, 3B: $4,600 – It’s no surprise that Arenado hammers southpaws at Coors (.375 ISO), but his reverse splits aren’t too shabby either (.348 wOBA against RHP), so he ain’t scurred of Danny Duffy or whatever else K.C. throws at him. This is the play o’ the day at the hot corner.

Seth Smith, OF: $4,000 – When there’s grass on the infield, or Smith is facing RHP, it’s time to play ball. He holds solid splits (.297/.390/.521) and has hit hella good in Hollywood since 2011 (.343).

Jay Bruce, OF: $4,200 – He’s back to being a banger (3 HR in last 10 games) and is also 9-for-19 (w/2 HR) lifetime against Lance Lynn. It’s been a down year, no doubt, but this price is a little low. I’m buying.

Jon Jay, OF: $3,600 – If only JonJay Bruce was a real person. Ready for more BVP all up in your grill? As strange as it sounds, Jay has owned Cueto throughout his career (10-for-21 w/3 HR). He’s also averaging more than 11 DK points over the last 10 games … truth!

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

I’d say there are semi-serious threats of rain for ATL/PIT, CLE/MIN, and ARZ/WAS (d’oh). Whatever, these thunderstorm warnings are pretty fluid, so I’m staying the course and praying someone gives Mother Nature a foot rub. That always calms them down. Am I right, fellas?

Doing Lines in Vegas (10-18-2 overall)

Betting on baseball is dumb. Put that ish in an IRA, or better yet, save it for NFL action if you crave non-DFS juice. But I’ll continue following the format laid before me and open myself to further troll abuse (bring it, bridge people). Hey, at least I’m holding myself accountable. Gimme the overs in CLE/MIN (8.5) and SD/LAD (7.5).

  1. Paul says:

    Hey Razzball writers–I love the site, you have helped me with my fantasy leagues immensely (won one last year, largely because of you!). I know you all are bombarded with a million questions every day and I am sorry for adding to it–but if you could give me some advice, I would greatly appreciate it!

    My question is about trading Zack Greinke–all the pertinent salary/prospect information is included below. I am in an interesting situation, pitching-wise, and would like your input. Thanks again!


    Pitchers under contract (salary cap is $1000):
    Cole Hamels: $74 through 2017, option after 2015
    Zack Greinke $75 through 2017, option after 2015

    Pitchers on minor league roster (after call-up, three years at $10 followed by three arbitration years):
    Trevor Bauer
    Noah Syndergaard
    Lucas Giolito
    Kevin Gausman
    Julio Urias
    Marcus Stroman
    Carlos Martinez

    Pitchers on my roster who are RFA (can match 1-year offer during RFA period before free agency auction):
    Tyson Ross
    Mike Fiers
    Jimmy Nelson
    Collin McHugh
    Jake Arrieta
    Kyle Hendricks

    Was originally offered Matt Moore ($79 through 2016, option after 2014). I don’t like Matt Moore that much anyways, especially at the same (higher, actually) price as Greinke and coming off an injury. I responded by asking about Tanaka, Darvish, Ventura, Correa, Buxton, and Gray. He does not want to move any of those players and countered with “what about Jameson Taillon, Lucas Sims, or Alex Meyer and a pick? Any combo including those pieces you can put together?” He also has Seager and Taveras (doubt he will deal) and Smith (I am not interested).

    I am not really high on any of those guys (Taillon: injury, Sims: Ks have dropped 50%, Meyer: BBs are highly concerning). However, thinking about the relative opportunity cost makes me consider it. On my roster, Greinke is relatively superfluous at $75. I already have Hamels for the same price, will retain several of my own RFA pitchers (who are not scrubs by any means) and Gausman, Bauer, Stroman, Martinez have to be on my active roster next season because they pitched this year. This group will be followed by Syndergaard (I can delay calling him up until 2015 if Mets wait until next season to promote), Giolito, and Urias in the following year (or two) which should fill in nicely for the group of former RFAs who will be leaving as unrestricted free agents. Considering my stable of young pitching I should be able to come close in replacing Greinke’s production at a fraction of the cost ($10 versus $65), which will free up $65 in cap space for this coming offseason and beyond.
    Even though I would likely be selling low/not receiving full value for Greinke, the pitching depth I have lessens the blow. Adding one or two of the pitchers he mentioned will add to that depth and ultimately allow me to deal from that position of strength.

    So what do you guys think? How should I proceed? I appreciate the advice and will gladly help in return (if I can!).

    TL;DR: Greinke ($75) for a package pulling one or two from Sims/Meyer/Taillon/pick (rookie contracts)?

    Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

    • BTXJ

      BTXJ says:

      @Paul: wow, that’s a lot to digest! this probably isn’t what you’re looking for, but personally, i’d keep greinke over hamels. that being said, i don’t think i like the package you’d get for either pitcher.

    • BTXJ

      BTXJ says:

      @Paul: love your stable of RFAs and like what you have on the farm. kinda feels like you’re forcing a trade, and hamels/greinke aren’t guys you should sell low on for unproven pitchers, regardless of keeper price.

  2. James says:

    Hey great work tonight! I was wondering if you are going to have some DFS plays for the early slate of games tomorrow. Would definitely appreciate your insight! Hope to hear from you before first pitch @ 1

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