What is up, party people? Welcome to this lovely Memorial Day. Thanks for taking some time out of your busy holiday weekend to play some DFS on Draft. Fantasy baseball never rests. 

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Chris Archer, SP: He’s been inconsistent to start the year, but that’s the beauty of DFS: you don’t have to roll him out against the tough match-ups. The Oakland Coliseum plays as a hitter-friendly park, and while the A’s have a sneaky good offense, this should be a good one for Archer. The K upside is always there, and that’s what we’re really after. 

Caleb Smith, SP: After a couple rocky starts, he turned in a lovely outing against the Mets. Now it’s a weak-hitting Padres team in a very pitcher-friendly location. Time to rack up those sweet, sweet Ks against a team that loves to whiff. 

Marco Gonzales, SP: One of the top options of the day. He may not have the big name, but don’t sleep on Gonzales against the Rangers

Brandon Belt, IF: He’s raking. He’s at Coors. The power breakout we’ve all dreamed about for years may finally be upon us. He can be a bit streaky, but match-up in Colorado is too good to ignore. Sign me up.

Jose Ramirez, IF: Another slow starter who’s really turned it on of late. Jo-Ram with the slam–you heard it here first.

Eugenio Suarez, IF: The humidor may be suppressing power in Arizona, but there are still plenty of hits to be had and this dude can hit. Matt Koch will be on the mound for the DBacks, but he’s no Max Scherzer. Don’t be scared.

Brandon Crawford, IF: May has been a good month for the Giants’ other Brandon, as he’s raised his average to above .300. And again, Coors. He could be a sneaky late pick.

Bryce Harper, OF: The average has been disappointing, but the walks are there, so he’s still getting on base. Plus that power is so sweet. Hittertron has him at number 2 on the day.

Andrew McCutchen, OF: A bit of a surprise here, as Hittertron has McCutchen on top for Memorial Day. Must be something to do with Coors, and who am I to question the robot?

George Springer, OF: Can you be underrated if you were the World Series MVP? Apparently you can. Springer is quietly having a fine season, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t continue in New York.

Michael Brantley, OF: Is the old Brantley back? Probably not, and you can’t discount his injury history. But we don’t care about that right now. He’s riding a 12-game hitting streak and Lucas Giolito is struggling, to put it mildly. Fire up Brantley and enjoy the rewards.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains
We’ve got a chance of thunder in Atlanta as well as Coors. Hopefully the Braves and Mets can play quickly as the chance of precipitation goes up later in the day. Obviously the big news here is the chance of storms in Coors, but it’s projected to lighten up as the day turns to night. As long as they can keep the field dry beforehand, we should be good to go. Giants and Rockies are all still good picks; just be aware we could potentially be looking at a delay.

Doing Lines In Vegas
Experts agree that the Giants and Rockies should offer plenty of fireworks, as the game is set at 11.5. On the flip side, Miami vs San Diego clocks in at 7.5.