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Daniel Murphy and Juan Nicasio are both out for the year – an undeserving fate that would merely be humane for the Astros (note: the Astros can go .500 for the final 48 games and they’d still lose 101 games – on the bright side, they have a magic number of 4 to best the 1962 Mets).  Murphy tore his MCL making that two season-ending leg injuries for Met 1Bs (Ike Davis fractured his ankle).  Hopefully Keith Hernandez doesn’t get a hip flexor applying Just for Men on his moustache.  While Murphy has yet to show much power in the majors, a .320 average with 1B/2B/3B eligibility provided value in just about any league.  Murphy’s MCL tear was a scrape compared to Nicasio who fractured a vertebrae in his neck after taking an Ian Desmond comebacker on the cabeza.   He’s still being monitored for internal bleeding as I type but hopefully he has a healthy recovery.

On to more trivial, less cranial news…

Tim Lincecum – Snapped the Phillies’ 9 game winning streak (and an awful 1-8 stretch for the Giants) with a solid 7 2/3 IP, 8 baserunners, 1 ER, 5 K start.  Ryan Howard just missed splashing McCovey Cove by a couple feet on several occasions.  Those couple feet were between the ball and Howard’s flailing bat.

Roy Oswalt – Attention all catchers named Siegfried…the two Roys are together again in Philadelphia!  Oswalt’s first start off the DL was not very inspiring – 6 IP, 14 baserunners, 3 ER.  He’s a crafty enough pitcher to keep a respectable ERA despite mediocre stuff (5.3 K/9 this year) but he’s the 5th best starter on the Phillies right now after Vance Worley.  Consider him a matchup play in mixed leagues.

Jose Reyes – Stole 2 bases in Saturday’s game and left Sunday’s game early with a mild hamstring pull.  Probably going on the 15-day DL again.  He’s like George Costanza except he flies too close to the sun on wings of bad hammy instead of pastrami.

Michael Young – Got his 2,000th hit in the Rangers 5-3 win against Cleveland.  The Rangers congratulated him and gave him a plaque saying “Best 2B/SS/3B/DH Ranger Ever”.

Johnny Giavotella Alcides Escobar is now the veteran of the Royals IF as rookie Giavotella is taking over for Chris Getz at 2nd base.  While he sounds more like a Real World/Road Rules Challenge participant than a ballplayer, he was hitting .338 with 9 HRs and 9 SBs in AAA this year.  In three games, Giavotella has 2 doubles, 1 HR, and 1 SB – which is about a month’s worth of power from Chris Getz (6 doubles, 0 HRs, 351 ABs).  Worthy of a pickup in all league formats if you need MI help.

Jason KipnisA slam and legs weekend after last weekend’s 2 HR weekend.  The Cab-n-Kip show is the best middle infield show in Cleveland since Alomar y Omar.

Brett Lawrie – Finishing off the rookie infielder block, Lawrie allegedly hit his first major league HR on Sunday against Alfredo Simon of the OriolesAlfredo Simon denies the allegations.

Ervin Santana – Won his 4th straight start, holding* the Mariners to 1 ER in 8 1/3 IP (* as opposed to the Mariners exploding for 3 runs).  And, unlike Jered Weaver, he’s managed not to throw at anyone’s head.

Todd FrazierDeep goes Frazier!  The ex-Rutgers star and member of the Toms River (NJ) Little League World Championship squad hit his 3rd HR in the past 6 games.  He’s making the most out of injuries to Scott Rolen and Juan Francisco.  Hopefully Dusty doesn’t get too tempted to bench him for the veteran Miguel Cairo.

Ian Kennedy – Kennedy won his 6th straight start over the weekend even though he only struck out 3 batters in 7 IP (after averaging 7 Ks in his last 4 starts).  That’s 14 Wins now for Kennedy with two months left in the season.  Or 10 more wins than Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain have on the season if you’re a bitter Yankee fan.

Mark Reynolds2 solo HRs against the Blue Jays.  He’s now up to 26 HRs with a .222 AVG – 19 of those HRs coming after June 1st.  The way things are going this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the start of a 20+ game hitting streak.

Jorge Posada – It must be another Red Sox – Yankee series as Joe Girardi has demoted Jorge Posada again.  He’s now part-time DH against RHPs.  Luckily, Posada actually showed up to the game this time.  Meanwhile, Brian Sabean is having fantasies where he’s playing Patrick Dempsey in Loverboy with Jorge Posada in the role of an anchovy pizza-lovin’ MILF.

Mat LatosBeat the reeling Pirates with a 7 IP, 2 ER, 7 K start.  He has 38 Ks and 10 BBs in his last 39 2/3 IP.  That’s at least 1.5 WAHP – Wins Against Hodgepadre.

Jake PeavyAn 8 inning win at Minnesota on Sunday, only giving up 3 hits.  It’s clear that a country boy like Peavy prefers the wide open fields of Minnesota or San Diego to the crammed urban spaces like they have in Chee-cago.

Alex Rios – 5-9 over the weekend with 2 doubles, a HR, and a SB.  Congrats to all of you last place teams who haven’t checked your rosters in the last 2 months as you’re the only ones that benefited from this Halley’s Cometesque outburst.

Prince Fielder3 for 4 with a HR, 4 Runs, and 2 RBIs against the Astros.  Now has 85 RBIs which is 2 more than he had all of last year in 177 more ABs.  Whomever follows him in Milwaukee will have tough shoes and extremely tough pants to fill.

Dan Uggla – The hitting streak is up to 28 games and he’s now hit 6 HRs in his last 9 games.  Uggla has always been streaky but this hitting streak is crazy given his penchant for K-ing and he had a .173 average while watching July 4th fireworks.  Some may argue regression or luck but here’s my theory.  A single father invested his life savings in a high-stakes fantasy baseball league.  Things looked bleak because he owned both Dan Uggla and Adam Dunn.  Shamed and despondent, he killed himself on July 4th and left his baby to Dan Uggla and Adam Dunn out of spite.  The two players fought over the baby until the ghost of Solomon appeared.  He suggested they cut the baby in half – with each player getting 50% of the baby.  Before even asking whether the suggested incision would be horizontal or vertical in nature, Uggla protested and Solomon awarded him the baby.  Dunn shrugged and walked off to take a glug from the local water tower.  Uggla sold the baby on the black market for three fetuses’ (fetii?) worth of stem cells then chowed them down like he was Bartolo Colon and the stem cells were either stem cells or Big Macs.  It’s just a theory.

  1. Ryan says:

    Actually if you can believe it, I started Rios. Yes it was AL only and yes it was only over Rajai and Aviles and any other waiver fodder that woulda made more sense. But…he has only sat like once or twice this yr for me and Im managing to be in first place in my division (10 tm al only that also plays nl teams of 10 tms in a 20 tm lge). Team Rios! Ride or die!!

  2. Shin-Soo Choo Choo says:

    I’m not sure which is the more unlikely scenario — the yankees trading posada to the giants or uggla’s been eating stem cells from a baby. I love that I’m about to fall into a deep sleep with that image on my brain.

  3. Mr2Bits says:

    Hey Rudy,
    Time to make some major changes as I am currently leading the league by one win and I just lost this past week by 13 HR and 52RBI.

    I think Morse is my problem right now so I’m sending him down to the minors. I have Kendrick to fill that hole but was thinking about grabbing one of the following. I can also lose Lind and grab two of the players below.


    I currently have Bonafacio at SS(he is my only real source of steals as Krispie never runs anymore), would you hold or lose him for Aybar?

  4. Mr2Bits says:


    Edit, Espinosa is my problem, not Morse

  5. PepeSilvia says:

    rank these spot start options (or at least list the best 2 or 3) — thanks!

    Cecil (Oak)
    Fister (@Cle)
    McDonald (@SF)
    Dickey (SD)
    Nova (Ana)
    Eovaldi (Hou)

  6. Wilsonian says:

    Cuddyer (with eligibility at 1B, 2B, 3B, OF) is on my bench and rarely plays. Latos is available. Do you drop Cuddyer for him?

  7. RonWashington'sStache says:

    Thoughts on what can be expected from Choo for the remainder of the season?

  8. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Smokey and/or Grey:any word on Nova?Will he be in the rotation for the foreseeable future?….

    also,could you rank these SP’s for me?….10 team 8×8 h2h(K’s and K/9….thanks.





  9. ucbsharkbait says:

    Now that Reyes is out again, I have to find a fill-in. I’ll use Peralta at one of 3B/SS. For the other spot, my waiver options are McGehee, Freese, Headley, or JJ Hardy. Any strong opinions?

  10. 5toolgeezy says:

    im 5 games out of the last playoff spot in a 12 team hxh. i get killed in avg and runs every week. with heyward on my bench now would i be justofied sending heyward amd kinsler for hunter pence ? thx. c-lucroy 1b- carlos pena 2b-cano ss- castro 3b-yuke of- grandrson of- bj upton of- matt joyce utl- kinsler bn- ryan roberts bn- heyward bn- tabata bn- jesus montero

  11. Nehocstu says:

    Grey; What a rant in your Uggla comment! Sounds like one of my old peyote sessions. Your visions are too vivid to be only made-up; you must have “experienced” that dream sequence. I once saw a patterned table cloth become 100′ deep, then placed my hand on top of it and saw fireworks go off! What a rush!
    Anyway, thanks for your continued awesome commentary… No questions for you now, NEXT!!

  12. Nehocstu says:

    Sorry Rudy, I automatically thought the Uggla rant was from Grey… I have new found respect for you… please get some help. Talk-therapy works wonders for people that see what you’ve described.
    Thank you for your great commentary and entertaining analysis.

  13. Shmorgie S. Board says:

    Non-Holds league question:

    I have Izzy and Farnsworth. Is it safe yet to drop Parnell or Peralta? I’m leaning towards dropping Peralta, but I don’t know yet if Farnsy could be a waiver trade.

  14. Wilsonian says:

    Currently rocking in 1st place in my 16 Team H2H league. The bottom of my lineup looks like this:

    UTIL: Hardy
    UTIL: Bourgeois
    BN: Espinosa
    BN: J. Montero

    These guys are available – Freese, R. Davis, Goldschmidt, Span, Bourjos, Encarnacion.

    Would you drop Montero or Bourgeois for any of those guys? I’m leaning Freese and Davis, but I’m worried about Davis’ PT.

  15. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: sorry….I meant RUDY and/or Grey.

  16. Bob Cobb says:

    Is Zimmerman(n) droppable at this point? Only 3 starts left apparently (@ChC, Cincy, AZ) and I’m really liking Cecil. I don’t want to miss my chances on Cecil as I know someone will be nabbing him for his start tomorrow (Oak) and perhaps hanging on to him for awhile (next 5 starts look to be Oak, LAA, @Oak, KC, @Bal). Thoughts? Thanks!

  17. rvde says:

    Need to make a move in a 3-way race for top 2 playoff seeds (and a 1st round bye).

    Long story short — need SP — better to try for Verlander and Lester from one team or Halladay and Sabathia on another?

    Hard to believe both of these teams are in bottom 4 in 14 team league with these SPs!

  18. KGK says:

    My 3 worst SP are Humber, Gee and P. Hughes. I snagged Humber and Gee at the right times but both seem to be fading.

    Would you swap any or all for waiver: Nova, Hochevar, Carrasco, Pelfrey

    Also, do you think Minor has potential to stick? Filling in for Jurjens, but Lowe is struggling.

  19. Dan says:

    Middle relief quandry for the Razzball hivemind…

    In my 6×6 H2H league (W, SV, K, Holds, ERA, WHIP), I need to unload one of David Robertson, Matt Thornton or Grant Balfour.

    It’s a 14-team keeper league (with 25 roster spots) and, while I’m mostly concerned with the present, I also have an eye towards 2012. I’d be able to keep Robertson in the 13th round of next season’s draft, Thornton in the 19th and Balfour in the 21st.

    Any opinions?

  20. HeathcliffSlocumb says:

    What’s the difference between Kipnis and Lawrie? Who’d you rather have? Please show your work.

  21. Kevin says:

    My bottom 3 SP: Gee, Humber and Hughes

    Would you drop any/all for: Nova, Hochevar, Carrasco.

  22. Who would u rather have as your starting 2nd baseman for the remainder of the year? Danny Espinosa or Brett Lawrie

  23. Scott says:

    How’d I do in this trade in my dynasty league where I’m rebuilding.

    Gave: Brandon Phillips
    Got: Lonnie Chisenhall, 3 draft picks

    The draft picks are all for next year, one in our offseaon draft which is only one round, and two in our midseason draft (got a 1st and 2nd round pick), given our past drafts, i would assume i get 1 top 50 prospect, 1 top 100 prospect, and 1 fringe top 100 prospect out of the picks

  24. papasmurf says:

    This Lawrie is pretty impressive so far. Sure the homer came off some hamandegger felon dude, but he rips it to just right of center, showing that he’s not crazy pull conscious like a certain over-the-Hill teammate of his. I wish the Jays would release that dude and put Lawrie at 2B again… too bad Lawrie’s D sucks.

  25. Lob Ball says:

    Reynolds or Trumbo at CI for rest of the year?

    This is a ROTO league and I need R, HR, RBI, OPS, & AVE.


  26. Brad says:

    @ Rudy, anyone
    I can start five of these guys this week:
    Stauffer (2 starts)
    Masterson (2 starts)

    Who makes the cut?

  27. Brad says:

    @ Brad

    Ervin Santana Should be listed as well.


  28. DHill Dragons says:

    I have to reserve one of these pitchers for the upcoming 2-week scoring period (starts today). Who’s the odd man out?

    Gio (3 starts) – @TOR, vs. BAL, vs. TOR
    Max 2 starts) – @BAL, vs. MIN
    Ubaldo (3 starts) – vs. DET, @CHW, @DET
    Cueto (2 starts) – vs. COL, @WAS

    Despite the 2 home starts, I’m leaning toward Gio with his recent struggles, consistently high walk rate, and the Jays can score some runs.

  29. Steve l. says:


    What are your thoughts on a Prado for Berkman trade?

  30. wingsnbeer says:

    double ff or rauch ros?

    getting ideas for next yrs league and was wondering what stats u included in ur scoring this yr,i.e qs/k’s-9/ops.

  31. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    @Brad: even though they are on the road,I love the two Hodgepadres,@Metco w/out Reyes and Murphy in lineup.

    Gallardo is a must start everywhere IMO.

    two home starts for Masterson,and he hasnt given up more than two ER in 10/12 starts.

    Im not crazy about Billingsley against Philly,but Scherzer still so unpredictable,so I go w/ Bills.

  32. RonWashington'sStache says:

    @Wilsonian: Grab Latos. @Lob Ball: Reynolds.

  33. airweino says:

    I am in a tight battle for 1st in my 12 team mixed keeper league. Was offered this:

    Cuddyer for my Goldschmidt & Lorenzo Cain

    Cuddyer would replace Thames in as my 5th OF. Already have enough 1B.

  34. airweino says:

    Also, same league a previous and I am also looking for SBs…I was offering this to a cellar-dwelling team:

    2 of Rasmus, Rizzo, or Viciedo for Michael Bourn

    Fair offer?

  35. Eddy says:


    Thinking of dumping Bourgeois for EY Jr. It seems as if the latter is continuing the get playing time despite CarGo’s return–and still hitting leadoff.

    Yay or nay?

    I’m just looking for steals, nothing more.

  36. Benny says:

    What are your thoughts on Jed Lowrie’s return? Boston Globe is saying him and Scutaro will split time, but do you think Lowrie will take over full-time in the near future? And who would be his comp if he had a full seasons worth of ABs?

  37. ichirosan says:

    Rudy, when are we getting and update on the Fantasy Razzball Standings?

  38. Feeding the Abscess

    Feeding the Abscess says:

    @Nehocstu: It’s a story about Solomon, from the old testament. Personally, my theory is that Uggla has had the sword of Damocles over his head

  39. Chris says:

    Bedard @ MIN, Beachy @ FLA, or Carpenter vs COL? Pick 1

  40. chata says:

    @ Rudy … it was not necessary for uggla to ask solomon’s ghost
    about the incision … it was obviously assumed to be a vertical cut ,

    uggla’s a 2nd baseman and only an un-wise ghost would consider taking the legs out from under you .

  41. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ryan: Ha

    @Mr2Bits: Trumbo, Will…Unless you need steals. Hold Bonifacio.

    @PepeSilvia: Fister, Cecil, McDonald, Nova…

    @RonWashington’sStache: Nothing

    @Oilcan Giuseppe: Fister, Cecil…

    @ucbsharkbait: Hardy

    @5toolgeezy: Sure

    @Nehocstu: Rudy thanks you.

    @Shmorgie S. Board: Peralta

    @Bob Cobb: Yes

    @rvde: Halladay

    @KGK: Nova, Pelfrey over Hughes and Humber

    @Dan: Balfour

    @HeathcliffSlocumb: Kipnis

    @Chicago Mike: Lawrie

    @Scott: Sounds solid.

    @papasmurf: Yup

    @Lob Ball: Reynolds

    @Brad: Not Nolasco, Maholm, Luebke…

    @DHill Dragons: Cueto

    @Steve l.: Berkman

    @wingsnbeer: Rauch

    @airweino: Sure, not really given enough info.

    @airweino: Sure

    @Eddy: Yay

    @Benny: Don’t think he’s worth owning in most leagues even if he’s starting.

    @Chris: Beachy

  42. Mike M says:

    I have Evan Longoria in my most important (keeper) league, he has been very frustrating to own this year. Is he rapidly becoming a poor mans Mark Reynolds or is this just an off year?

  43. Hi Rudy or Grey — What do you guys think of Shields over the rest of the season? Anything change from your all-star break predictions?

    Is Shields for Alex Gordon + a small piece like Rauch more or less a fair trade? I know it depends a lot on needs, and I do need pitching (it’s a 20-team roto league and the only areas where I’m in the bottom half are W, ERA, and WHIP) thanks to drafting the likes of Liriano, Volquez, and Sherzer (the first two are gone). And David Wright is back, and so I have less need for Gordon. Would you do the trade?

  44. slam says:

    Scott Baker @ home against the sox? Can’t decide whether to bench or start him

  45. Eng says:

    Grey, Padres play Mets twice the next week. Would you start Niese or Luebke or both against each other if you owned them?

  46. JoeyP says:

    In the last week I have added Rubby Delarosa, Nicasio and Dee Gordon. All rookies should fear my add drop button.

  47. Johnson says:

    Strasburg throws how many innings in 2012? and what kind of 5×5 roto stats are expected?

  48. wingsnbeer says:

    danks v o’s no brainer start? started peavy yesterday and was rewarded w/ 8 inn 6ks

  49. Eng says:

    Aslo, would you trade your Oswalt for his Lawrie ROS?

  50. Paul says:

    12 team 5×5 C,1B,2B, 3B, SS, OF x3, util..1450 innings cap keeper. Keep 5 guys regardless of cost, other keepers are 3 round penalty per year.

    Keeping Braun, Tulo, Felix and two of Victorino, Aramis, M. Young.

    Do I trade D Hudson (18th round keeper) and D. Brown (19th) for Strasburg? Strasburg would be top 5 and would bump out one of Aramis, Victorio, M. Young.

  51. YourMomsBoyfriend says:

    @Mike M:

    it’s an off year. he’s been hurt and he really doesn’t have much real protection in that lineup. i think The Rays will trade some pitching (Shields? Price?) for a legit bat or two (Alonso and Mesoraco come to mind) that will help Longo considerably.

  52. Wilsonian says:

    Currently rocking in 1st place in my 16 Team H2H league. The bottom of my lineup looks like this:

    UTIL: Hardy
    UTIL: Bourgeois
    BN: Espinosa
    BN: J. Montero

    These guys are available – Freese, R. Davis, EYJr, Goldschmidt, Span, Bourjos, Encarnacion.

    Would you drop Montero and/or Bourgeois for any of those guys? I’m leaning Freese and Davis (or EYJr), but I’m worried about Davis’ PT.

  53. YourMomsBoyfriend says:


    as for innings, i’d go with 150-175.

    i’ll say: 14 wins, 160 K, 60 BB, 3.60 ERA, 1.28 whip

    2013 he’ll be fully healed and will win 20.

    as you can tell, i really like me some Stras

  54. supra says:

    in a keeper, but mainly looking for a hot bat… would you grab J.Guzman, Matsui, or take a chance Rios wakes up?

  55. Risk Management says:

    A great post.

    Adam Dunn taking a chug from a water tower…splitting a baby in half…


  56. Pooch says:

    Context: Leading R, HR, RBI by a good margin, third from bottom in era, whip, saves. 10 team standard 5×5. Have lawrie to fill in for walker.

    Which Side? Holliday/beachy or neil walker for valverde/haren.

    What about if it has to become holliday, beachy, AND walker? Have to ask for more?


  57. Pooch says:

    @Pooch: Would replace holliday with SAGNOF of the week, 3rd from bottom in steals

  58. Will says:

    Slight problem. who do I drop to get Cargo off of the DL? Or should I wait and see what happens with Reyes?
    Current Roster
    Wieters, Fielder, Cano, Reyes, Zimmerman, Stubbs, Bruce, Pence, Cruz, Morse, Rasmus, Lawrie, Maybin – Cargo on the DL currently

    Hudson, Marcum, Weaver, Gallardo, Morrow, Hanarahan, Nunez, Storen, Venters, Nathan and Josh Spence (I picked up Spence because he gives me another pitcher when I have only 1 SP or 0 SP for the day since Spence can fill an SP spot.) We have a limit of 150 starts for the year. I am currently at 104 starts so I will eventually hit that limit.

    Any thoughts??

  59. OaktownSteve says:

    @Grey: Last night I had a dream that Alan Alda was my therapist. During the course of the dream he recommended that I pick up Tim Wakefield on my fantasy teams. I was pleased to find that he’s starting against the Twinkies today and I am streaming him in the RCL. I put this out there on the off off off chance that he throws a no no or something special and Razzballers can say, “hey you want to hear something weird…”

  60. Will says:

    @Grey: Sorry,
    I am trying to decide who I need to drop so I can have Cargo on my roster and not on my DL. I like ALL of my players right now and I don’t want to drop any of them.

    So who should I drop to get Cargo off of my DL? Sorry for the confusion.

  61. DjLanceRauch says:

    Who do you like more for the remainder of the year. Anibal or Danks.

  62. dsg says:

    Should I pick up Morneau? dropping Derrek Lee…

  63. Pooch says:

    @Grey: My apologies. I don’t know if I can get the deal done with as a 2 for 2. I might have to include holliday, walker, and beachy. I was asking if that was too much for just haren and valverde. I’m assuming it is.

    If he won’t do holliday/walker for valverde/haren, what do you think of holliday/walker for valverde/carpenter?

  64. Dominic says:

    Would you drop any of these pitchers for Nova…

    D. Hudson
    T. Hudson
    J. Niemann
    D. Holland
    M. Latos
    R. Oswalt

  65. PapaFrog says:

    @Grey: Good stuff out of your buddy today, Grey. Lawrie snatched off waivers but I grabbed Kipnis to possibly curb the Espinosa stench. Who do you like better the rest of the year? I realize I need to really upgrade both. Thanks in advance!

  66. L-Boogie says:

    A-Gon or Votto ROS?

    Is it close?

    Thanks dude.

  67. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: interesting. I woulda figured you’d say drop Montero or Bourgeois. Boog hasn’t done anything since I picked him up, and Montero isn’t even in the majors (plus I have no room to keep him).

  68. herschel says:

    @Grey: weekly roto, need 2 of the following. who do you like?

    cain @ fla
    scherzer @ bal
    beachy @ fla
    gallardo @ stl

    thanks much.

  69. Paul says:

    Is Yonder Alonso going to get regular ABs this year? How about 2012?

  70. Bombo Rivera says:

    Start Wandy @ ARI today? I’m a little wary because I’ve been tied to the whipping post by Holland and Cobb in recent days.

    12-team league, currently behind my competitors in games started (180 GS limit). Since I don’t have as many starts as the rest of the league (I’m at 127, some guys are approaching 180 already), I’m chasing wins and Ks. On the other hand, I’m second in ERA, and the next 5 teams are right behind me.

    Give Wandy a shot or sit him?

  71. Mike says:

    I need to drop one of the following from my DL — only have room for 2, and no bench (12 team 5×5 league): Jair Jurrjens, S. Strasburg, or Shin Soo Choo. Who should I drop?

  72. C.O.C. says:

    Colon at home against the Angels or Oswalt at home vs the Nats? Also, I have Romero and Santana going against each other. Its not advisable to sit either for the other of the previously mentioned pitchers, is it?

  73. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mike: Strasburg

  74. CB says:

    H2H Pts Only League. Start Gio at Toronto, Narveson vs PIT or just roll with Ryan Madson for the week.

    Also, can only start two this week. Trumbo, Pena, J. Peralta?

  75. L-Boogie says:

    I’m floundering in the middle of the pack and want to make some moves. 12 team 5×5. I need just about everything.

    A-Gon and Longo or Votto, Sandoval, and Cliff Lee?

    Thanks dude.

  76. MouseRat says:

    @ Grey

    Do you have any recommendations of current backup catchers who are doing particularly well or might earn more playing time in the near future?

    I am in deep league and have been rolling the dice with Posada up until now. However, you he is being demoted and today is my last day to pick up someone off the waiver wire, so I can’t just play the hot hand (of backups).

    Two or three names would be great (I realize the options suck). Thanks!

  77. Urban Achievers says:

    For Uggla I would’ve said regression to the mean but your explanation makes way more sense.

  78. Grey

    Grey says:

    @CB: Madson, Trumbo, Pena…

    @L-Boogie: A-Gon, it’s fair, depends on needs.

    @MouseRat: I don’t know your options.

  79. TheNewGuy says:

    Damn Reyes…last time im drafting you on one of my teams despite how good you can be. Fill-in needed in 2 leagues. 1st league whod ya like outta these, well ok noone likes em but who would suffice (need OBP + ribbies mainly): Yuni Bentancourt, Pennington, Lowrie (will he play enough?).

    2nd league (need HRs and ribeyes): Nunez, Peralta…then just garbage.

    This site should be called the fantasy 911 lol! Thanks.

  80. Curly Day says:

    I am not sure if to give up or still try in a 10 team 5 player Keeper league. Am 15-20 points behind in 4th place. I could still go for 2nd, but that’s the 1st loser. Thinking of trying to offer some keepers. I want to keep Prince, Kemp, and Zimmerman. Have Pence, Phillips, Utely, A-Rod, Kimbrell, and lots of others to try and package for the likes of Kershaw, Desmond Jennings, or McCrutchen. Should I send 2 of my guys for one others? One offer on the table is Utley and A-Rod for Kershaw. Take it? Ask for McCutchen?

  81. wingsnbeer says:

    should i worry abt hanson heading down the stretch?

  82. C.O.C. says:

    @Grey: I know I don’t need to say it, but I feel compelled to…You and this site are the shiz…finally back in first place in my league thanks to you guys. I won my league last year and am clearly in the playoffs and one of the top 2 teams this year….thanks again. Just one more for you: I have Corey Hart, but even though he said he thinks he’ll start Tuesday, I’m a little concerned it might take a chunk of the scoring period before his hand is over the bruise….should I leave him in or replace him with either LoMo (banged up himself) or Goldschmidt?

  83. Black Beard says:

    ROTW @ middle infield:

    Kipnis or Jesus Guzman?

  84. Pooch says:

    @Grey: He won’t do Holliday and walker or beachy for haren/valverde.

    For some reason everyone (who is active) in this league wants pitching, and this is the only guy who seems willing to trade any, so i’ve been throwing ideas out left and right.

    Holliday/walker for Haren/salas?

    holliday/walker/beachy for greinke/salas or street?

    these are all bad now. *sigh* Too many inactives in the league.

  85. BobbyI says:

    @Grey: My ERA and WHIP are awful, need help there if Im going to make a run. Just traded for Cliff Lee, so need to drop a Pitcher. Back of my rotation is D Hudson, Ubaldo and Niemann (niemann is a revolving door spot, 10 team lg so usually decent plug n plays are available). Is there any reason I should keep Ubaldo over a revolving door matchup play spot?

  86. Feeding the Abscess

    Feeding the Abscess says:

    One start Hanson (assuming they don’t shelve him) or two-start EJax? He’s got the Brewers at home this time, as well as Colorado for a second start at home.

    Could also throw out Norris instead of Hanson.

  87. schlitzy says:

    Who is the best option at 3B for the ROS? I’ll have to pay $25 to cut whoever I pick up so I can’t play the hot hand.

    Jesus Guzman, Valencia, McGehee, betemit

  88. Exactly says:

    which side: d. lee, freese, oswalt or dunn, kuroda?

  89. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Grey:Ive been waiting for the Vogelsong correction all season,but Ive finally caved and traded for him(therefore ensuring the correction).Anyway,I got him for a midround draft pick so its low risk.Anyway,generally speaking,do you trust him for the rest of the yr?

    10 team 8×8 h2h

  90. MouseRat says:


    Which of these (admittedly crappy) catchers do you think has the best chance of being worth something for the rest of the year in a weekly points league:

    Humberto Quintero
    Michael McKenry
    Josh Thole
    Kelly Shoppach
    Ryan Hanigan


  91. Howard says:

    @Grey What are your thoughts on James Darnell? I think he’ll get playing time now that Headley is on the DL. Would you take him over Mcgehee?

  92. knighttown says:

    How much of an upgrade is CC over Kennedy? Ian’s been a horse but can he keep it up? Would you add Boneface and C-Bills to Kennedy (guy needs steals and wins) to make it happen?

  93. schlitzy says:

    @Grey:sorry, i should have been mas clear about the 3B replacement question- I’m trading an un-keepable longoria for a keepable heyward so I must pick up a new 3B. i’m in 1st by 13 points and way up in HR and RBI so I really just need a decent filler that won’t kill my avg.

    Jesus Guzman, Valencia, McGehee, betemit

  94. Wilsonian says:

    Are you sure you wouldn’t deal Heyward for Jennings? It’s a 16 Team H2H Keeper (we keep 5). Heyward basically plays 3-4 times a week.

  95. elwood blues says:

    Will swapping Marcum for Vogelsong hurt me in Wins, ERA, or WHIP?

    Vogelsong’s peripherals seem to be creeping up. I can’t spare a big drop off in those catergories.. but I may need to make the trade to get a Headley replacement,, Mcgehee.

  96. zzzzzz says:

    Bench Pineda @ TEX in 10-team?

  97. McBainus says:

    @Grey: Someone is offering me Greinke for Zimmerman. I have Reynolds as my other 3B. I am 50 innings under the pace to reach the 1500 IP cap.
    Actually the trade he offered is Wiggy and Greinke for Zimmerman and Goldschmidt…this is a not a keeper league.
    Your thoughts?

  98. Steve says:

    @Grey: Gotta go Kubel over Vlad for an RF slot in H2H right now, right?

    What about Kipnis over Espinosa?

  99. Grey

    Grey says:

    @McBainus: It’s fair, I’d take Zimmerman.

    @Steve: Kubel…. Kipnis…

  100. Wilsonian says:

    Good start to the week…I’m in 1st, playing the guy in 2nd, and he has Seth Smith…

  101. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Henderson Alvarez, who Stephen mentioned in Minor Accomplishments yesterday, rumored to be starting for the Jays Saturday.

  102. Grey

    Grey says:

    @VinWins: Thanks for the heads up!

  103. herschel says:

    boo dan hudson.

  104. kangaroo hops says:

    Bourgeois is stealing from neither the rich nor the poor. No SBs in a week. Is it time to drop him for JJ Hardy or JD Martinez? Our H2H league has two keepers, and I envisioned Bourgeois setting the base paths afire, vaulting him into sleeper status, but I’m not seeing that happening.

  105. Wilsonian says:

    @herschel: second…

  106. Wilsonian says:

    @kangaroo hops: definitely Hardy, and maybe Martinez. I’m actually looking at dropping him right now for Freese or Martinez.

  107. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: drop Bourgeois for any of the following: Freese, JD Martinez, Davis, J. Weeks, EYJ, or really any Joe Schmo?

  108. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Wilsonian: Do you need steals? Young… Power? J.D.

  109. Wilsonian says:

    @Grey: here’s the lineup – Napoli, Konerko, Lawrie, Reynolds, Andrus, Hamilton, Stanton, Heyward, Hardy, Espinosa, Bourgeois – BN, J. Montero – BN.

  110. kangaroo hops says:

    @Wilsonian: I’d look at EYJr. I don’t know this Joe Schmo guy, though–is he any good?

  111. Steve says:

    Well, I sure cooled Iannetta off.

  112. elwood blues says:

    vogelsong, you’re not easing my fears about you.

  113. Wilsonian says:

    @kangaroo hops: he’s gotta be better than Bourgeois.

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