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Here, friend, are some catchers that I will be targeting at my 2019 fantasy drafts after the top options are gone.  I’m not going to get into the strategy of punting catchers.  Been there, half-drunkenly wrote that years ago.  Click on the player’s name where applicable to read more and see their 2019 projections.  This is a (legal-in-most-countries) supplement to the top 20 catchers of 2019 fantasy baseball.  Now, guys and five girl readers, I am not saying avoid catchers like Yasmani Grandal if they fall, but to get on this list, you need to be drafted later than 200 overall, and, to preemptively answer at least seven comments, yes, I will go around the entire infield, outfield and pitchers to target very late.  Anyway, here’s some catchers to target for 2019 fantasy baseball:

Danny Jansen (218 NFBC ADP, 225 ESPN, 296 Yahoo) Here’s what I see with the Jays’ lineup:  Garbage but eventually Cavan Biggio, garbage but eventually Dante Bichette Jr., garbage placeholder for Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Randal Grichuk, utter garbage, total garbage, Freddy Garbagalvis, and severe garbage, then Danny Jansen.  If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, Jansen could be hitting cleanup or in the two hole by as early as April 15th.

Welington Castillo (241 NFBC, unranked ESPN, 291 Yahoo) Where’s the boeuf?!  Right here, actually.  So, you know what’s up with him, but here’s something.  I think I need to go on another Jon Jay Wikipedia-like crusade.  Explanation:  Some other schmohawks started calling Jon Jay “The Federalist” about five years after I was calling him that, and took credit in Wikipedia.  Well, nuh-uh.  Wasn’t happening on my watch, so I had it changed on Wikipedia.  Ever since I had Jamie Kennedy steal a movie from me (true story that is too embarrassing to recount) I don’t let people plagiarize me.  With that said, Welington’s Wiki page now says his nickname is Beef.  I guarantee I was calling him that shizz first.  Don’t make me pay a Wikipedia editor on the black market in some dark web chatroom like a really bad episode of Mr. Robot to have it changed.  Don’t.

Jorge Alfaro (242 NFBC, 217 ESPN, unranked Yahoo) I cannot believe more people aren’t picking up what I’m putting down for Alfaro.  He hits the ball far.  It’s in his gee dee name!  How ALFARO will it go?  ALFARO, that’s how ALFARO, it will ALFARO go.  I’m tempted to not even mention another catcher to put the proper focus on Alfaro.  Frank Sinatra sang in Forget Domani, “Let’s not forget about Alfaro,” and Sinatra was dead before Alfaro was alive, so explain that if Alfaro isn’t worth owning.

Willians Astudillo (244 NFBC, unranked ESPN, unranked Yahoo) If you were wondering, the 244 in parenthesis is still ADP, not his weight.  That’s much higher!  I was talking to Rudy recently — we talk, y’all! — and he was saying he doesn’t understand how Astudillo gets any playing time this year.  I kinda agree, especially with the addition of Marwin Gonzalez.  Though, I’m reminded of Juan Soto last year.  We have no idea what the year has in store for anyone, which is why I wear a helmet everywhere I go, but, my neuroses aside, what I mean is Astudillo has no job right now, but are all the Twins going to play 150+ games each?  *whispers* No.

Francisco Mejia (251 NFBC, 280 ESPN, 293 Yahoo) Back in November, I gave you my Francisco Mejia fantasy.  It’s still fairly accurate.  Prescient ain’t just a word I use to sound smart!  Mejia needs that coveted playing time, but, as I just said above for Astudillo, no one knows what Hedges is going to do, and maybe the Padres try Mejia at first base, after the worms gang up together and attack Hosmer for hitting so many ground balls.  Worm gangs conspiring, “It’s nice to have a partner in grime.”  A worm who isn’t sure if a life of grime is for them, “Are you trying to bait me?”  The preceding was brought to you by Highlights Magazine.

John Hicks (345 NFBC, unranked ESPN, unranked Yahoo) *wavy lines* I’m going to write a sexy blurb for John Hicks.  *wavy lines*  Whoa, that was the least sexy dream I’ve ever had.  *wavy lines* Roseanne Barr, in a bikini, hands me suntan lotion.  *wavy lines*  Okay, not the least sexy dream ever!  Hicks is currently weak-side of Grayson Greiner, who is known more for his manor than hitting, and Hicks would pick up ABs if something happened to Miggy.  Or, rather, when something happens to Miggy.

Carson Kelly (447 NFBC, unranked ESPN, unranked Yahoo) In 151 Triple-A games in the last two years, he hit 17 HRs and .275 (thereabouts, I didn’t do the math; okay, I did the math for the power, but not the average).  Sounds to me like Kelly is an easy top 15 catcher, especially considering a top 12 to 15 catcher is pretty much unownable.  We’re all trying to get that top eight or better catcher.  Kelly could have that upside.  He’s in a similar boat to Jansen.  I call that boat, The Goodshizz Lollipop.  Diamondbacks have a few less garbagey hitters, but there’s still room for Kelly to be hitting as high as cleanup by midseason, if he hits.  Arizona Diamondbacks’ PR team, “We’re less garbagey than the Jays?  That could work!”