As Yogi Berra once famously put, “It’s like deja vu all over again.” Yogi also said, “Can you give my son, Dale, a job?” But no one ever talks about that Yogi-ism. This might be a first for me, we’re back with another Carlos Correa 2023 fantasy baseball outlook. This time, it’s for real. I think.

At the 11th hour, the Giants claimed Carlos Correa’s physical revealed an issue. What issue? Oh, just, ya know, something or other. Giants claimed it was from Correa’s time dating back…Dot dot dot. Pre-MLB. This is becoming more and more dubious. Are we going to get Correa’s origin story where he hurt his wrist on a garbage can in junior high, and vowed revenge against all garbage cans, planning to beat them? Giants are the ones with the injury, they got cold feet! Got ‘em! Honestly, would’ve loved to be a fly on the wall for the Giants’ front office convo:

“13 years? This is nuts, can we back out?”
“Sure, we’ll say we found something on his physical.”
“We’re the team that signed Mitch Haniger, and we’re backing out due to an injury risk?”

So, enter stage right: MLB’s own Montgomery Burns, the Mets’ Steve Cohen. “Mr. Cohen, are you sure you want to give Correa $300 million-plus over 12 years? It’s going to cut into your formaldehyde shark money.” That’s Cohen’s financial advisor.

Carlos Correa goes to the 1927 Mets. They’re more stacked than pancakes at IHOP. They’re so stacked Eduardo Escobar won’t even be a regular. Okay, he’s not exactly Howard Johnson, the player, not the motel, but I’m having a hard time imagining a team where he’s not an everyday starter. Maybe the Phillies once Bryce returns. Any hoo! It’s a great lineup, and Correa no longer looks like a diamond in a lineup of zirconia. Metco won’t help Correa; he couldn’t hit 27+ homers with the Crawford Boxes, so he’s not a great bet to do it now. He only once cleared 150 games too. The lineup with his on-base skills will be the biggest net positives. Still think he’s overrated for fantasy, and this isn’t going to help that. For 2023, I’ll give Carlos Correa projections of 104/25/83/.283/2 in 558 ABs. Giants fans, who are feeling down for what might’ve been, try not to think about the Mets too much, and just enjoy all those Wilmer Flores and J.D. Davis at-bats. Anyway, here’s what else I saw this offseason in fantasy baseball:

Seth Lugo – Signed with the Padres. The back-end of their pitching staff is Lugo (better as a reliever), Nick Martinez (better as a reliever) and Morejon (you guess what he is). If you guessed “better as a reliever,” you’re pretty good at this game.

Matt Carpenter – Signed with the Padres. Prolly the most toolsy hitter. Sorry, that was a bad pun, and has nothing to do with his actual ability. Practicing my DJ’ing. Sorry, that’s a bad pun too. DJ as in Dad Jokes. Hey, at least I copped to it, and well within my rights. Sorry, yup, also bad pun. 2023 Projections: 51/16/56/.251/1 in 367 ABs.

Austin Hedges – Signed with the Pirates. So, not only does that bury Endy Rodriguez further, it gets better! To make this move possible with Hedges, the Pirates had to cut Diego Castillo. Not saying Castillo is the next Trea Turner. I’m not even sure he’s the next Kevin Newman. But give him a chance! Man, the Pirates suck.

Brandon Drury – Signed with the Angels. The Angels made a bunch of mid-range moves this offseason. No, big ones. I guess, why bid on the Judge when you can buy off the Drury? So, the Angels just went and got Urshela, but I guess they’ve realized they can’t count on Rendon for anything. Smart thinking! Drury is a bit puzzling. He’s always been able to hit, just has not always hit, if you follow. I won’t discount what he did entirely last year in my projections, but he feels like a guy who will go 15/.240 and be a total bust. For 2023, I’ll give Brandon Drury projections of 61/21/67/.258/3 in 509 ABs.

Garrett Hampson – Signed with the Marlins. Finally out from under the Black cloud, Hampson will become a 15/40/.280 hitter. It’s all coming together! In three months, seeing Miguel Rojas beat Hampson out in Spring Training for a job, “Oh, Hampson needs a trade, clearly.”

Mychal Givens – Signed with the Orioles. Great for him, worst possible landing spot for us. If any team is willing to overlook a top three closer in baseball, and go to a guy that’s been on six teams in three years, it’s absolutely the Orioles. You should be SAGNOF’ing, but if you draft a closer high, you better pray for your Felix Bautista shares.

James McCann – Sent to the Orioles. Imagine being the guy invited to the party to set up the decorations, then right when the party gets good, you’re asked to leave. A kick right in McCann. Nice to see McCann finally get traded at least, after weeks of McCann leaks. *wry smile* McCann will be a backup in Balty-more, and be useless for fantasy.

Connor Joe – Traded from Rockies to the Pirates. Now, you know where he’d come from and where’d he go, Connor-eyed Joe. Rockies are clearing house for Sam Hilliard! Oh, wait, he’s no longer on the Rockies. Come on in, David Dahl! He’s gone too? Ah, well, there’s always Hampson…Oh, right, the Marlins.