The inter-webs may something different, but I am here to learn you that it is going to be a committee instead of what the searched answer may be.  It’s not looking fantastic for Trevor Rosenthal as he was pulled from the game on Wednesday with an injury and then sent home for further testing.  So that leaves a “collage” of relievers chirping to get a shot and maybe a re-emergence of Seung-Hwan Oh.  My guess is that it becomes a complete match-up based issue for their skipper Mike Matheny.  (Name that I wanna hone in on here is Tyler Lyons though.)  This, after all, is the bullpen report and he does, like the aforementioned names, pitch from the bullpen.  Lyons, over his last 14 appearances, which coincidentally is after the last earned run he allowed, has pitched to the tune of a 0.00 ERA, 18 K’s (good for a 14 K/9), and only has allowed 2 hits and 3 BB’s, good for 5 baserunners against 44 batters faced.  If you don’t have a calculator watch handy, that is a .032 batting average against.  So in laymen’s terms, he has been awesome.  It is the holds post for the week, so he had 5 of those to boot.  Hot teams, breed hot bullpens.  It is a fact.  Chasing holds, find a team that is over .600 in win percentage over the last 15 games and roster any guy that is in the pen that sees leverage situations.  Returns will come.  Advice and morale of the story given, now onto some other factoids of deliciousness for the week in bullpen/holds news.  Cheers!

  • Aroldis Chapman… elite holds specialist.  Maybe.
  • Angels are hot.  Sounds like a B movie starring Erika Eleniak.  But besides the closer situation being in flux every third day, the consistency in getting there has been fantastic.  5 relief wins, 11 holds, 8 saves and a top-6 in baseball ERA over the last 14 games.  Buoyed by Yusmeiro Petit, Blake Parker and Kenyan Middleton both solid adds for holds leagues for the next few games.
  • Can Glen Perkins rise from the ashes to be a asset for the Twins again?  Back from DL, should see low level stuff to start but he has the pedigree just not the equipment anymore.
  • The Giants are eagerly waiting for Mark Melancon to save their season.  Hoping he can erase a 38-game lead by the Dodgers.  I am just glad he is back and gets some quality innings but not enough to make him be remembered by draft time next year.
  • Tyler Clippard is the guy until Will Harris gets off the DL.  Pitching fantastically in last 15 and tons of Holds opps ahead of Devo and Gregerson.
  • No one is desperate enough for saves or holds to invest in the White Sox pig-pen right now.  Friends don’t let friends where white sox anymore anyways.  so don’t do it for fantasy.
  • Sleeper reliever of the week: Hoby Milner of the Phillies.  Future closer in the bullpen abyss know as Philly.
Player Holds/BS App with Lead IR Runners/IR Scored
Taylor Rogers 26/3 36 25/4
Jacob Barnes 23/4 38 14/4
Nick Vincent 22/1 33 17/4
Jose Ramirez 21/4 28 14/3
Pedro Baez 20/1 31 15/1
Matt Barnes 20/2 32 15/2
Adam Ottavino 20/2 31 18/6
Matthew Bowman 19/3 27 34/8
Chris Devenski 19/5 36 34/9
Mychal Givens 19/4 31 29/7
Ryan Madson 19/3 30 13/2
Juan Nicasio 19/4 37 20/5
Dellin Betances 17/2 32 17/4
Carl Edwards Jr. 17/3 33 24/7
Ryan Buchter 16/2 28 15/7
Daniel Hudson 16/2 23 22/7
Tommy Hunter 16/0 23 21/4
Joakim Soria 16/7 36 7/3
Kyle Barraclough 15/3 29 6/3
Archie Bradley 15/4 26 24/4
Michael Lorenzen 15/3 25 16/3
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5 years ago

Addison Reed or Lyons? In a league with category or holds.

5 years ago


Very nice report, man!

Awesome stats on the inherited runners allowed front.