A rejected title was, “BJ Stands For Blown Job.”  BJ Ryan was pronounced with a something-or-other injury to his something-or-other as he heads to the Disgraceful List.  A’la Lili Taylor in Say Anything, “JP Ricciardi lies…  He lies when he cries…”  Ever see anything like this?  JP Ricciardi always upgrades injury.  Slight arm trouble = end of year surgery.  God forbid Ricciardi ever says you need end of year surgery.  Scott Downs will take over the bulk of the saves, but Jason Frasor will be right there in the mix.  “Hey, Frasor, what are you doing there?”  “I’m in the mix!”  If someone in your league was quicker than you to grab Downs, grab Frasor.  Downs goes… Frasor!  Downs goes… Frasor!  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Carlos Quentin – Left the game after getting hit on the hand.  Supposedly just a day-to-day thing.  Maybe Quentin could wear that forearm protector like Iron Mike Sharpe.

Cole Hamels – Struck by a Prince Fielder liner.  Can’t you do anything right, Fielder?!  Hamels is said to be fine and should make his next start.  It feels like this is going to be one of those years for Hamels. He just seems cursed.

Dave Bush – No hitter through 8.  Then next game he’ll give up six earned in 5 innings.  Don’t even try to figure him out.  There’s a Sphinx in Milwaukee made of frozen custard and it says, “What is the deal with Dave Bush?”

Kyle Lohse – He heard his knee pop.  Headed for an MRI.  Sounds bad.  Actually, sounds good, because he shouldn’t have been on your team anyway.

Jerry Manual – He said after today’s game that besides Johan, all his pitchers stink and they’re all in danger of losing their spots in the rotation.  Maine, Livan and Curly aren’t doing it for you?

Jose Valverde – Said he should be back by Friday.  I’d hold Hawkins until you see a save or two from Valgreen’s.

Aaron Harang – 7 IP, 0 ER.  The Harangatuan is back! (About 10 months late for all my fantasy teams he ruined last year.  Old wounds!)

Joey Votto – 4-for-5, HR.  I said he’d move above Berkman for next year.  That shizz is documented.

Alex Rios – 1st home run yesterday.  Glad someone finally told Rios that the season has started.

Kevin Millwood – 7 IP, 4 ER.  You mean he’s not going to have a sub-2.00 ERA this year?  Aw, shucks.  I knew I shouldn’t have played the horn.

Chris Davis – Third homer yesterday as the race tightens between him and Reynolds.

Chien-Ming Wang – Struckout 11 with no walks in an extended spring training game.  Um, cool.  So only start him in games in Florida? He’s headed for the Disgraceful List too.

Joel Zumaya – Returning Friday.  Okay, but he’s still not going to be the closer for while unless Rodney drops a turd sandwich.  Then there’s Brandon Lyon to contend with too.  And Ryan Perry.

Wandy Rodriguez – 6 IP, 1 ER.  Grey, do you like Wandy this year? Random italicized voice, I’ve been saying I’m on the Wandwagon as for back as early February.  How about Verlander? *sigh*

Alberto Callaspo – Hitting .381 on the year.  I’ve long been a fan of Callaspo, even when he was back in the Diamondbacks organization.  He can be a cheap average source in very deep leagues (Think AL-Only).  He has very little speed or power though.

Ricky Romero – To the DL (POW!).  Brett Cecil will replace him.  Cecil has solid stuff, but he was getting hit hard in the minors thus far this year.  Unless it’s a very deep league, he’s not worth a flier yet.

Derek Holland – If he dazzles on Friday night against the O’s, you’re going to wish you owned him.  I’d grab him, bench him and then watch to see what his results are.  I.e.  He’s not long for the bullpen.

Brandon Wood – I got an idea.  Let’s bring up our prospect that has proven himself in the minors and then sit him.  Good idea, we don’t want to sit Chone Figgins.  He’s batting .246!  Idiots.

Vladimir Guerrero – Jayson Stark, who I thought only collected odd baseball nuggets, reports that an anonymous source says Vlad isn’t coming back in a month.  Stark’s source says, “How’s he coming back in a month from a torn pec?  When those offensive linemen get that injury in the NFL, they’re out for the year.”  Looks like you shouldn’t draft Vlad for your fantasy football league either.  This is obviously very bad news for Vlad owners.  Couple of things about that statement.  1) Why an anonymous source?  Is that news that hush-hush on the QT?  2) That “scoop” sounds really ancedotal.  3)  Why does an anonymous source need to tell Stark this?  The Angels, or any doctors on ESPN’s payroll, or any doctors in the world couldn’t tell us that a torn pec would cost Vlad a few months?  This is all so baffling to me.

  1. Steve says:

    Great round up as is the norm. Any thoughts on E-Jax?

  2. john says:

    (A few hours before today’s games):
    *Ring Ring*
    -“Hi, Mr. Rios, this is the front desk calling. We just wanted to apologize as we misplaced a message for you from April 6th.”
    -“Well, okay, thanks. Whats the message?”
    -“Uh, the season starts today.”
    -“Yes, we’re very sorry. Now if you’ll excuse us, we are still trying to get a hold of a Mr. Uggla and Mr. Fielder. Apparently, we lost a lot of messages that first week of April.”

  3. Drev says:


    What are your current thoughts on the line Abreu will end up with?

    He has been a pleasant surprise thus far with his average and eight steals, but I’m a bit concerned about his lack of power. If I’m not mistaken, he only has two extra-base hits, both doubles.

    Normally I wouldn’t worry about a player’s stats this early in the season, but a few facts have me worried about Abreu’s power numbers. In his previous three years as a Philly and a Yankee, he only had 15, 16, and 20 HRs. This year, he has less lineup protection and plays in a less homer-friendly park…and he’s a year older.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  4. AL KOHOLIC says:

    dropped a couple no bodys for holland,i need pitching and sanchez getting skipped this start and yes it was tough but i dropped(wisper)lohse

  5. Sabs says:

    @john: Don’t forget Mr. Phillips — apparently he put up the “Do Not Disturb” sign two weeks ago, now we’re afraid he fell asleep in the tub.

  6. Moonlight's Grahams says:

    No love for C-Bill? how very un-Grey-esque-hyphen. JoVoTo had himself a day with the much more feared .146 batting Encarnacion than “Do not disturb” Phillips. Fine management Dusty.

  7. Steve says:

    You’ve only got room for one hyped pitching prospect – is it Hanson or Holland?

    It’s my H2H 12-teamer and I’d be dropping Hanson to get Holland…

  8. Rick Dempsey says:

    Dave Bush going to into a two-start week against the Pirates (Maholm) and the D-Backs (Webb). Granted they’re two aces but I’ll choose to think that he’ll be riding the wave through the week. Looks like I’ll be learning the hard way according to you but hey, my pitching has already been Chien Ming Wanged!!!

  9. Rick Dempsey says:

    By the way……..you’re way off with LaTroy Hawkins. There isn’t a flatter fast ball out there for a middle reliever unless you want to consider any of the nimrods the National have been pulling up lately. I’m sure there’s some sort of ebonics reference to pulling a LaTroy Hawkins and choking or something. Franklin, Downs, anybody but Hawkins.

  10. Rob says:

    Another great 80’s reference had me rolling on the floor – Iron Mike Sharpe’s forearm protector. Wasn’t he introduced into the ring as “Canada’s greatest athlete”?

  11. Tony says:

    so when is HOLLAND starting? I am not seeing him as the SP listed on espn.com?

    I know Felix is throwing well, but com’n Rays get my boy Shields ONE RUN at least, pathetic….

    Gives up one earned run, on a first batter DONG to ICHIRO in the FIRST inning, then cruises, but the Rays don’t score….

  12. ron mexico's papi says:

    @Grey: What’s the deal with that Rios cat anyway? Is he just going to be one of those guys who NEVER puts together the type of season he is capable of?

    As for Holland, Rick Porcello or Derek Holland?

  13. Bob from Germany says:

    I was a little bit confused about the line “If he dazzles in his START on Friday”. I nearly added him. Last second i saw the name of the slow douchbag named Vicente Padilla in the previews and i noticed that this must be a missunderstanding cause of my bad english :-)

    do you guys think, Holland will make the rotation in the near future (speaking of a few weeks)?

  14. Affeldt Up Your Mom says:

    Are we supposed to buy low on Tulowitski, or trust that he’ll never be as good as his rookie year? And does anyone else think of Angel Berroa when they think of Alexei Ramirez? I still think Al-Ram bounces back, though.

  15. Dave says:

    Holland, what Holland? Where a Holland? Me no see a Holland anywhere.

  16. knighttown says:

    My Qualls + Beltre + Romero



  17. Billy says:

    trade advice Please

    16 h2h league, I Trade Qualls for Hafner? Qualls replacements are Downs or Zumaya… Hafner fills a DH hole that is occupied with Ben Francisco. my Other closers are Brox and Soria… thanks!!!

  18. Tony says:

    @knighttown: who you have at 3B if you deal Beltre? is this on the table or are you proposing this?

    as of now do it to get VOTTO, he’s money….

  19. Tony B. says:

    @Grey: I’m also seeing the Grilled Padilla starting tonight for the Rangers on ESPN & Yahoo and no mention of Holland taking his place anywhere (I’ve searched Rangers’ blogs/news sites all morning). Still, you have me excited as I can drop Wolf for him, but if not, I’ll hold onto Wolf for his next start @ SF. I also made the Snider to Ankiel switch this morning, always nice to have that power/OPS source on my bench just in case I need to plug and play him.

  20. Griff says:

    I have Downs in a league, and the guy with BJ also has Baker and Slowey. I’m thinking of offering Downs for Slowey. Is this a good sell high, buy low? Slowey’s K:BB is still excellent.

  21. AL KOHOLIC says:

    Hey,Grey said holland was starting friday and he`s never wrong,well usually never wrong,although there were acusations of shroom abuse,even if holland isnt starting friday,its not like i dropped a keeper for him

  22. nick m. says:

    If Wang goes on the DL, is Phil Hughes a good pickup to drop Perkins for? Or are Masterson or Zimmerman a better pickup. I’m thinking Hughes might be able to hold onto the job on a more permanent basis if he performs well…

  23. Billy says:

    Downs for Luke Scott? i need a DH… anyone?

  24. Griff says:

    @nick m.: Hughes’s playing time is more tentative than Zimmerman’s. The Yanks also have Kennedy, and you never know if Wang will turn it around and return to respectability

  25. The Giant Brain says:

    Who has the better season – Zimmerman or Cueto?

  26. johnson21 says:

    Word. DO you think Hughes is a better spec pickup or Holland? Also, is Fowler even rosterable anymore?

  27. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @ Drev – It appears that Abreu is evolving into SAGNOF

    @AL KOHOLIC – If I get up late in the am, you or Honk have already greedily absconded with all of the ’09 Jobacums. I did manage to pick up Wood, but he will never play, languishing on the bench for Cesar Izturis, he of the empty .190 BA. Maybe Brandon will have a Wally Pipp moment.

    @Grey – I heard Manuel’s lament after the game. It could be a long season for us Met fans. What did Rudy say – “Oswalt and Wandy and pray for Ghandi”? What do we say: “Santana’s fantastic, the rest are Razztastic?”

  28. Griff says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: Great motto for the Mets staff. As for the Mets outfield: Murphy’s Law.

  29. Matt says:

    Is Chris Getz worth getting as a MI? He has 3 steals so far.

  30. Dingo says:

    I think I know the answer to this, but am I absolutely nuts to consider benching Joba against the Sox? Yes, you’re always supposed to start your aces, but he looked wretched against the Indians last week. And the Sox are on a tear. Plus, Papi just warned him to stop pitching at Youk’s head, so I think chances are decent for a benches-clearing brawl sometime in the 3rd inning. Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking…

  31. knighttown says:


    At Tony:

    Beltre’s been my Util. I’ve got Chipper at 3B, Fielder at 1B and Teix at CI. Lots of super subs with 3B eligibility when Chipper comes down with Jockular Sphincteritis (Felipe, Stewart).

    As for whether it’s been proposed, the guy is winning with a “1” for saves and just dropped Gregg so he’s desparate for saves. I mentioned a “saves for bats” deal as a message and said I’d like to do Qualls+Beltre+5th SP for one of his top tier bats (Sizemore, Kemp, Votto, Kinsler, Quentin, Pena).

    He laughed at Grady, Kins, CQ and Kemp but said he’d be “willing to do it for Votto or Pena”.

  32. johnson21 says:


    I would bench Joba against the Sox, just like I will bench Wainwright against the Cubbies today. I benched Wainwright at Wrigley, last week too and also Shield’s first start. You gotta bench your guys when your gut is saying NO way!

  33. Griff says:

    @Dingo: I’m benching Joba in a league with a 1250 IP limit for the year. If you’re in a head-to-head, then it depends on how your opponent is doing.

  34. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: you got me with absconded but if it means vulturing up possible impact players,then yes,unfortunatley i can only do this because im already stuck with 3 or 4 bums of no fantasy use, on my roster ,hey burning the candle at both ends is rough ,but if i want to win the Latin 9 league,its going to take some work,those guys are good!!

  35. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Griff – I love Murph’s bat, but I haven’t seen such atrocious play in the OF since the early days of Ron Swoboda, who once was hit in the head by an outfield fly (guess I’m showing my age.). He really looks like a buffoon out there. If Sheffroid of the wagging bat can still hit, Murph will devolve into a part time OF and PH.

    More rants on Brandon Wood. Can anyone make any sense out of what Scioscia is saying here? Is he planning on running for political office?

    “We need situational hitting. We need on-base (percentage) to feed the middle of our lineup,” Scioscia said when pressed yet again Wednesday on his decision to let Wood sit. “There are some things we’re trying to bring along that our lineup needs above and beyond just power. Brandon’s time is going to come. But right now, we’ve got some bats we’re trying to bring along to get some continuity in our lineup beyond just the power aspect.”

    Situational hitting? What situation does Izturis’ .286 OBP with no power fit into? Wood hit 3 dingers in 4 AAA games, which is about a year’s worth of power from Maicer.*

    *In my first rant, I mistakingly took Cesar Iz for Maicer Iz. Cesar. of course, is the powerful one of the duo, with 1 dinger this season.

  36. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Griff: yeah,Jaba`s stuff is there,but his confidence seems missing,5 walks in 4 plus innings,i think ill sit him also,unless Grey or Rudy think other wise

  37. Tony says:

    @Dingo: lets hope for the brawl

  38. @Steve: My thoughts exactly!

    The apparent good news on E-Jax: Undone by crap defense. 4Ks in 5IP.

    The apparent bad news: 8 hits in 5? Walked in a run?!?!

    His ERA’s still under 3.00 and I’m still buying!

    We need an All E-Jax, All the Time sister site to Razzball. Maybe ejaxhq.com.

    I’m pretty sure its not taken.

  39. @Steve: My thoughts exactly!

    The apparent good news on E-Jax: Undone by crap defense. 4Ks in 5IP.

    The apparent bad news: 8 hits in 5? Walked in a run?!?!

    His ERA’s still under 3.00 and I’m still buying!

    We need an All E-Jax, All the Time sister site to Razzball. Maybe ejaxhq.com.

    I’m pretty sure its not taken.

  40. Dingo says:

    @johnson21: @Griff: Thanks. I’m in a roto league with a 1450-inning limit, but I’m already 24 innings ahead of the pace, so I can afford to be cautious.

  41. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @AL KOHOLIC – yeah, absconded is just a nice way of saying that you are a vulture, but all of us Latin Niners have to stay up at both ends of the candle; weren’t we the league of rooks? ( Don’t tell that to Honker, or she’ll go on a tear again.) Actually, I am proud of your work ethic between shots of Jack Daniels with beer chasers. At any rate, your team is doing far better then my own, so give a guy a break! And I’ll match you schmohawk for schmohawk.

    BTW – we need a name for those players that are playing razztastically, but are on the Waiver Bubble, and we develop angina figuring out whether they should go down the FA shute. You know, all of the Khalil Greene’s and Mike Avilies’ of this world.

  42. @Baron Von Vulturewins: Jackson will get you a ton of strikeouts, but if you see any signs of trouble with control, I would try to sell. Jackson has been teasing fantasy owners for a few years now with his killer stuff…I just don’t trust him enough to believe that he can sustain it.

  43. Tom says:

    I just got offered Schumaker, Lackey and Crisp for N. Morgan, Uggla and S. Downs.

    Schumaker sucks, but the other two are certainly upgrades. How soon should I reject this?

  44. Bristol says:

    Let’s get back to the Holland talk. What say you Grey? Guilty as charged?

  45. mc serch says:

    @Dingo: I’m thinking about benching Joba as well. Seems like Ortiz is trying to get in the kid’s head (which is not a bad strategy, really). As a consequence, it seems to me that two things are most likely to happen: [1] the kid’s emotions get the best of him, he’s wild, walks a couple and then grooves a few that are smoked; or [2] he steps up and pitches lights out. I’m on the fence right now but leaning towards sitting him. [email protected]Paulie Allnuts: The B Wood sitch is really puzzling. I’ve been following it pretty closely. It seems like the local media was laying it on pretty heavily and screaming to bring the kid up. Maybe this is Scoscia’s [sp?] way of pushing back a little bit. I dunno, but it doesn’t really make any baseball sense to sit your top offensive prospect who tore it up pretty good in the spring and then started the minor league season on fire. Let the kid hit for a week…see what happens.

  46. @Tom: Reject away. Not loving this trade for you.

    Nyjer and Coco are more or less a wash. But you’re giving up the best player (Uggla) in order to get an SP (Lackey) who hasn’t thrown a pitch yet this year.

    This trade is basically: Uggla/Downs for Lackey.

    Don’t like that at all. He should be offering you Lackey plus something just to get Uggla.

  47. @Tom: Just to continue the thought, his side of the trade is classic Early Season Swindle: Target a struggling star (Uggla) and a no-name but useful part you covet (Downs); offer a name-brand star you’re doubtful about (Lackey) and a guy who started hot with gaudy numbers you think will bedazzle your league mate (Nyjer).

    Elephant-gun this trade, pronto.

  48. Probable Party Starter says:

    I too am pondering benching Joba (along with Porcello, Dempster and less-inclined-to Kazmir) and actually thinking about bailing on SP for the rest of the weekend (H2H) where I’m sitting at a sub-1 ERA and my opponent is at 2.4. The only reason I’m remotely thinkin about this is because I’m wrecking him in offense.

  49. Vince says:

    Drop Maine for Hughes? (12 team, roto, 5×5 league)

  50. Zebo says:

    Romero got dropped. Drop Hawkins, pick up Romero, and DL Romero to pick up Freddy Sanchez, to start Sanchez so I dont start Brandon Wood at SS everyday? I have no hitting bench besides Wieters.

  51. ron mexico's papi says:

    @Zebo: You definitely need to get someone on your bench that is actually in the major leagues and playing every day. How deep is your league?

  52. RT says:

    Hey all… Would you move Jeter/Fowler for Woods/Tejada?

    What does Miggy’s second half look like??? Same crapola as last year?

    * consider very deep league and I am closer-less outside of Franklin.

  53. sean says:

    Not one to object to trades, but there’s one in my league that’s Kemp for Lincecum straight up. Thoughts?

  54. @Zebo: Sounds reasonable, if you don’t mind punting on Hawkins.

    I don’t like Hawk as a long-term saves option, btw, just b/c he’s always sucked when given that role in the past.

    @RT: No. You’re giving away the two best players in that foursome.

    @sean: It’s fair. They weren’t that far off in value this year (Linc = 1/2 round; Kemp = 4/5) and could easily switch by next year’s draft.

  55. ron mexico's papi says:

    @sean: I see that as a very fair trade, especially if the guy getting Kemp needs some offense and the guy getting Lincecum needs some pitching. I’ve seen much, much worse.

  56. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I had written something, but then erased it. Yesterday’s start was pretty mediocre. Defense didn’t help him. If yesterday was his first start of the year, we wouldn’t be having this convo. But he deserves another one or two.

    @john: Ha! Very nice.

    @Drev: Angels love to run, looks like he’ll cruise to 25-30 steals. He’s not hitting more than 20 HRs. But 20/30 season looks pretty solid, and he’s always been good with OBP, and average.

    @Moonlight’s Grahams: Eh, it’s a long season. Not going to mention him every time out. His status didn’t change.

    @Steve: Hanson

    @Rick Dempsey: Hawkins is terrible. When did I say he was good. He’s just getting saves, that’s all that matters.

    @Rob: Yup.

    @Tony: Meant Padilla’s start would become Padilla. Was terribly confusing when I reread it this morning. Sorry, was very late when wrote it.

    @ron mexico’s papi: Think it’s too early to write off Rios’s career, let alone season.


    @Affeldt Up Your Mom: I’d buy low on Tulo. His 2nd half was still solid last year.

    @Bob from Germany: I think he’ll be in the rotation in under two weeks. Also see apology to Tony, your English is much better than mine. (Insert emoticon.)

    @Dave: See comment to Tony.

    @Tony B.: Come out all wrong, meant when Padilla gets lit up and Holland “starts.” I apologized above to another Tony.

    @knighttown: I’d want Votto.

    @Billy: Think you can do better with Qualls. Downs for Hafner is fine.

    @Tony B.: Hold Wolf.

    @Griff: I’d want Slowey there.

    @The Giant Brain: Zimmerman

    @johnson21: Holland over Hughes, What happened with Fowler? Still seeing 4 games a week. In deep leagues, that’s good.

    @Matt: Getz is awful.

    @Dingo: I wouldn’t bench Joba.

    @Tom: It’s a needs trade. Personally, I’d want the Uggla side.

    @Bristol: My apology was up there to Tony.

    @Probable Party Starter: Sounds more like a strategy move. If it helps you win, I’d go for it. In H2H it’s more about your matchup.

    @Zebo: Go the Sanchez route.

    ***Again, apologies for the confusion. I will now go fall on my sword.

  57. RT says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins:
    Little more insight Baron? Fowler has been riding my bench – OF is Bruce/Manny/Dye/Vittorino. I am last in Saves and no Schmohawks to be had…. Also, tweaked the actual deal to get Swisher

  58. Teef says:

    I just accepted my Adam Jones and Aaron Hill for his Lance Berkman

    I have Alexi on my bench and I don’t really lose to much but I quickly accepted as soon as I saw it and now I’m having a little doubt looking back at Berkman’s horrendous 2nd half last year – .259 7 homers 30 rbi and his slow start this year – could he be starting to show signs of age and slowing down?

  59. Ashley says:

    I dropped Tommy Hanson for Phil Hughes. I’m 90% sure that Phil Hughes will succumb to the forces of the new Yankee Stadium, but what the heck, I’m a sucker for impressive minor league numbers and it doesn’t appear Hanson will be called up anytime soon.

    I don’t know why Quentin doesn’t already wear a shield on his arm like Bonds did. Quentin stands on top of the plate and has already been hit 3 times I think.

  60. NoonTime says:

    @Grey: There are no swords in baseball!! A more appropriate self flaggelation would be pulling a Clemens and rubbing hot stuff all over yourself in preparation for your next post!

  61. JR says:

    re: Hanson: Remember that John Perrota of BP spoke with a Braves official who said that the plan was to get Hanson 120 IP in the majors this year. Hughes (or Holland) has no such guarantee. Be patient.

  62. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    Does anyone have any thoughts on Ben Zobrist? He’s getting lots of playing time in right field and he has SS eligibility. He’s gotta get more AB’s than Brandon Wood right?

  63. p0rk burn says:

    @Ashley: The smart money says Hanson is coming up mid-May. The problem with the hot prospect pitchers is even a good first season isn’t really better than the pitcher you’ll drop to grab them. Volquez looked great when he first came up but his body of work as a whole didn’t out perform most other pitchers. The impact of a pitching prospect coming up isn’t exactly the same as a Braun or a Longoria. Yeah the majority of this doesn’t relate to your comment but I have to pretend I’m talking to someone.

  64. Teef, the real problem with Berkman is that this is a year ending in an odd number. It’s well documented he takes every other year off. You’ve been had!

  65. p0rk burn says:

    @IowaCubs: Zobrist sucks, thats why we’ve been ignoring this question for the last couple of days. Look at his career stats. Seriously, Zobrist? Nobrist.

    Now I’m going to get yelled at for breaching our agreement to see how long we could make you ask about Zobrist before giving up.

  66. Schatzi says:

    @Grey: Last night you said you liked the Pena side of a deal I was considering. I was hoping you could follow up on it for me.
    Would you still do that deal if H.Bell was in that deal instead of R.Soriano?

    —Bedard, D.Lee, F.Lopez and H.Bell for C.Pena, Mauer, Ethier and Dotel.

    —Also, would you trade Maggloi Ordonez for Liriano?

    PS: Overbay is swinging the bat like he did in 2006. Note: He only starts against RHP. Just the way Cito rolls. He starts Millar against LHP and almost never pinch hits.
    eh, whatever works, keep doing it Lord Gaston.

  67. Probable Party Starter says:

    Start Lind or Corey “Sunglasses @ Night” Hart today?

  68. Eric H. says:

    Who would you rather have? Jordan Zimmerman or Phil Hughes?

  69. Tom says:

    @p0rk burn: I think you mean Cueto, because Volquez did outperform most other pitchers last year. His second half was a little lame, but his overall numbers certainly outperformed most guys that you would have dropped for him, deep league or not. over 200 K’s with a 3.6something ERA, even with that WHIP and those walks, were fine numbers.

    Im still working on a Lowell trade, and I keep coming close but not getting what I want. I just got offered Liriano, Al-Ram for Hardy/Lowell/Volquez. Lowell could put up huge numbers in that lineup, but he technically could get injured tomorrow. What does everyone think?

  70. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony B.: Yeah, Holland looked solid the other night. The Rangers crapfecta of starters will give way sooner than later. Thanks for sharing the link.

  71. Ashley says:

    @p0rk burn: Yeah I was kinda confused as to what you were talking about. My overall pitching is pretty solid, so I was just stashing Hanson. But it sounds like Wang will be put on the DL and Hughes will get the start on Monday, so I’ll give him a shot. If he gets pounded as I suspect he will, I’m assuming I’ll be able to drop him and get Hanson back.

  72. @RT: Sorry — when you said Woods, I thought you meant Brandon Wood, not Kerry Wood.

    If it’s Kerry Wood, I like it better — though there is a big drop-off from Jeter to Tejada. If you have Tejada at SS, I predict you’ll be combing the wire for SS by July.

    Even if it’s Jeter/Fowler for Tejada/Wood/Swisher, I still don’t love it. Saves is an easier need to address than MI, and I think you’re just creating a headache for yourself.

  73. RT says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins:
    Hmmmm.. Ok. I appreciate the extra analysis. I have Lugo stashed, figuring I would play the hot hand at SS with him and Tejada. I know, that doesn’t sound attractive… But, in an 18 teamer, Saves are treated like Gold.

  74. RT says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins:
    Also carrying Burriss and Stewy…. I figure I can make up some runs and HR when Stewy becomes my everyday 2B

  75. @Teef: Monster trade. No regrets.


    @IowaCubs: @p0rk burn: I’ll disagree on Zobrist. He’s showing power and Maddon seems to like him. He could be like Eric Hinske from last year, except with SS elig. In a deep league with MI slots, that’s worth something. I’ll peg him at 18-20 donks this year FOR REALZ.

    @p0rk burn: Who was the last touted pitching prospect who had a real game-changing impact in his first year? I love the rookies, but Hamels, Kershaw Scherzer, Lincecum all delivered promising but relatively mediocre stats in their first year. Then there’s guys like Buccholz and Hughes who nosedive.

    Plus, top prospects are so babied now — 5 IP starts, pitch counts, etc.

    Seriously — the last big-impact guy I can remember is Felix in ’05, who actually put up about 8 good starts at the end of the year. But I must be forgetting someone, right? Was Jered Weaver a raw rookie the year he went wild?

    Oh, also Liriano, pre-injury. He was monstrous.

    I’d still not get to excited about Hanson.

    @Tom: If you can spare the SS, I’d do that trade. Liriano will be better than Volq this year, and I’d rather have Al-Ram than either Hardy or Lowell.

  76. @RT: Understood about the deep league, but between Lugo and Tejada, they only have four hands, and none of them get particularly hot.

    Plus, if you’re going to trade Jeter, I bet you can get a much better closer than Wood — like Soria. Wood is fragile, don’t forget.

  77. Ashley says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: I don’t think Hanson will completely dominate, but he should be good for strikeouts and a decent ERA. And I’m in a keeper league, so that gives him a little more value.

  78. Probable Party Starter says:

    @Ashley: I’m in a similar situation, but stupid David Price is languishing in the minors.

  79. RT says:

    The Liriano to Hanson comparison is actually a good one. I think Hanson’s K rates are higher and their walk rates being quite similar. Without checking my facts (please feel free to criticize), I recall Liriano pitching about 120 innings in his rookie year. 150Ks plus/minus?? If Hanson came up and did that — irrespective of WHIP and ERA — he could put a lot of people over the top in their leagues.

    That said, he could also be a slow starter aka Lince, Max, Kershaw, etc.

  80. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: @p0rk burn: Yeah, I’m watching Zobrist for playing time. Seriously, you could do better with Elvis Andrus (my current MI)?

  81. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Len Kasper of WGN/CSN (cubs broadcast) has been using the noun “Doinks” instead of homeruns this year. Just thought you should know.

  82. @IowaCubs: Tell him it’s donk, not doinks. GEEZ AMERICA WILL YOU EVER GET THINGS RIGHT??

    @IowaCubs: Wait, you have Andrus? I’d keep Andrus over Zobrist unless you don’t need steals and do need donks/doinks.

    @RT: I think there’s a lot of value to be extracted from Jeter, what with the hot start and the Yankee Stadium is the New Coors meme. But I wouldn’t trade him unless you have a solid replacement. Solid, thy name is not Lugo.

    @Ashley: Keeper leagues, different story. I am intrigued by keeper leagues, though the Strasburg Mania would drive me nuts, me thinks.

    @RT: Rookies are usually good for Ks. But the ratios! Yowch!

    Hard to tell when another Liriano 1.0 will come along, but you’re likely better off taking the much more boring option, i.e. carry a middle reliever who’ll give you 9+ K/9 and great ratios. Dotel, Arredondo, Andrew Bailey etcetera.

  83. Prince says:

    @Grey: “Again, apologies for the confusion. I will now go fall on my sword”

    Thanks, that made my morning. Not you falling on your sword, the humor.

  84. RT says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins:
    Some people think Hanson is better than Liriano. Seriously. I’m not sure where I sit, but i think Hanson’s ratios will be better than you think. I don’t have him, I’m just addressing some of the chatter.

    I also think FL was older than stated when he came in the league, so it’s a hard comparison to a kid. I think Hanson is for real. How real is the question. In a keeper he is on my roster for sure. I think he is a better stash than Holland — especially in the National league.

  85. Prince says:

    Anyone know of a good place to go to get hitter-batter matchup info?

  86. Tony B. says:

    @Prince: I use Yahoo’s MLB player pages, they typcially have a history of a pitcher versus a hitter for daily games and you can search back 5-6 years even more at times.

  87. Prince says:

    @Tony B.: Thanks Tony, I appreciate the info.

  88. AL KOHOLIC says:

    i love it,the mets sayiong pelphrey,perez and maine could be demoted to minors,who do they think will pitch,they have refused to get quality armsin there and now its going to burn their great offense.i own no mets,so sink you dirty bums sink

  89. p0rk burn says:

    @Tom: Volquez did perform better than Cueto and wasn’t complete crap over the course of the season, but his entire body of work didn’t justify the hype based on the first half. I may have overstated his decline last year but I stand by the idea that most hyped up pitchers don’t provide the jump in production that prospective bats do. Sure, you can find value in them, but the danger is in giving up a sure thing chasing the dragon. Perhaps Kershaw is a better example.

    Even Volquez is not the Braun of pitchers.

  90. p0rk burn says:

    @p0rk burn: And BVV agrees so that means I’m right.

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