These are the leading hitters in the major leagues for April.  Do I think every hitter does the same thing every year?  No, I don’t.  But hitters do tend to follow patterns.  If these players were good in April last year, there’s at least a chance they will be good this year.  Also, as I went over in this spring training stats post, just because a hitter isn’t hitting in March doesn’t preclude a big April.  Anyway, here’s some top fantasy baseball hitters for the month of April:

Adrian Gonzalez – 22 homers pre-ASB in 2008, 24 homers in 2009, 18 homers in 2010.  Just wait until A-Gon starts getting crap in September and October for not being “clutch.”  Yeah, I put douchey quotes around a word, sue me.

Jorge Cantu – Was good for power the last two Aprils.  Was not good in any other month.  That’s Was (Not Was) for you crazy 80’s kids.

Bobby Abreu – As I went over the hitters that did well in April, there were quite a few that A) Did not do well the rest of the season and B) Are older guys that obviously tire as the season progresses and C) There’s no C.

Torii Hunter – See above, not C.

Alfonso Soriano – Has been better in the first half the last couple of years.  (Couple is a sneaky way of saying two, yet making it seem like it’s more than two.  Girlfriend, “How many dollars did you leave on that thirty dollar bill?”  You, “A couple.”)

Justin Morneau – April’s been historically his 2nd best month after May.  He’s Te(i)x’s other half.

Pablo Sandoval – I forgot he hit well last April (.368, 3 homers).  Probably because he did so well trying to erase any memory of it with his next five months.

Brad Hawpe – Has always been a 1st half hitter.  Let’s see it in San Diego though where he might not be *pinkie to mouth* Hawpy.

Ryan Theriot – In April 2009, .317, 5 steals.  Last year in April, .337 and 5 steals.  Knowing La Russa, a good April in the leadoff spot this year for Theriot could cement him in that spot for the whole year.

Kosuke Fukudome – 4 homers, .338 in April of 2009; 5 homers, .344 last year in April.  But then he says Fuk u to May!

  1. Wake Up says:

    What no Teix?

  2. Dexter says:

    To Grey et al. Just drafted, 14 Team, 6 x 6 roto
    (OBP, QS). Any suggestions/criticisms would be
    welcomed. Thanks
    C: Salty
    1B: Teixeira
    2B: Phillips
    3B: Longoria
    SS: Andrus
    CI: Lind
    MI: Espinoza
    OF: J-Up
    OF: Krispie Young
    OF: Tabata
    OF: Snider
    OF: Morrison
    UTIL: Colvin
    SP: Hamels, Liriano, Billingsley, Vazquez,
    Zimmermann, McDonald, Beachy
    RP: F. Cordero, Lyon, Rodney, Uehara, S.

  3. Nuke LaDouche says:

    Hey Grey,

    Would you drop Niese to grab Madson or Contreras? I have Kershaw, Haren, Marcum, Volquez, Chacin, D. Hudson, and Kennedy already. My closers are pretty solid too but I figure I have more than enough starting pitching.

  4. Eddy says:

    Ha! Fukodome’s blurb is great.

  5. Jesse says:

    Yeah yeah, everyone knows H2H leagues aren’t as statistically integritous as Rotos, but for those of us in a league willing to sacrifice a little fairness for the fun of Head-to-Head, what about Razzball doing a piece on the batters who’ve perform best over Aug. and September?

  6. zzzzzz says:

    thoughts on my draft?
    OF-J-Up, Holliday, Werth, Krispie
    U-Tabata, Snider

    SP-Lincecum, Oswalt, Hudson, Marcum, Scherzer, Lilly, Chacin, Beachy…

    oh 10 team h2h mixed

  7. thepizzaman says:

    12 team dynasty 5 x 5

    C—Soto, G ($17)
    1B—M. Cabrera ($50)
    2B—Uggla, D. ($21)
    3B—Zimmermann, R. ($26)
    SS—Escobar, Alc. ($20)
    MI—Figgins, C. ($15)
    CI—Sanchez, Gaby ($14)
    OF—Bay, J. ($16)
    OF—Jackson, A. ($13)
    OF—McCutchen, A. ($14)
    OF—Soriano, A. ($7)
    DH—Kubel, J. ($13)


    C—Mesoraco, D. ($1)
    3B—Chisenhall, L. ($4)
    CI—Uribe, J. ($9)
    OF—Brantley, M. ($6)
    2B—Ackley, D. ($7)

    SP—Kershaw, C. ($22)
    SP—Cain, M. ($33)
    SP—Cahill, T. ($14)
    SP—Romero, R. ($16)
    SP—Pelfrey, M. ($12)
    RP—Bailey, A. ($20)
    RP—Rivera, M. ($32)
    RP—Uehara, K. ($11)


    SP—Lowe, D. ($10)
    SP—Pineda, M. ($10)
    SP—Porcello, R. ($8)
    SP—Parker, Jar. ($5)
    RP—Hensley, C. ($3)
    RP—Kuo, H. ($6)
    RP—Mejia, Jenrry ($6)

    I like my chances for competing this year and especially in the future with some nice young talent that is cheap. I appreciate any feed back, thanks

  8. Dingo says:

    Important question — is it less douchey to put words in quotes if you only use single quotes? I want to say yes, but my heart says ‘no’.

  9. Eddie says:


    Would you recommend dumping Miguel Tejada for Alex Gonzalez or Cliff Pennington? Tejada just got dropped to 8th in the lineup and he’s hitting in a home ballpark that suppresses power. H2H points league that values power much more than speed (A solo HR is worth 6 points, a SB only 2, and every CS is -.5)

  10. Jason says:

    Talk about breathtakingly profound analysis…

    “If these players were good in April last year, there’s at least a chance they will be good this year.”

    Another victory for Razzball SEO!

  11. JD says:

    Hey what do you think of Nate McLouth this year? Is he worth a late round flier in hopes of him bouncing back?

  12. Whaddya think of my team? 13 team mixed 5×5, round selections below (*indicates keepers from last year hence their value slots):

    C: Saltalamacchia (round 27)
    1B: Morneau (3)
    2B: Uggla (9*)
    3B: Longoria (1)
    SS: Desmond (11)
    CI: McGehee (5)
    MI: Alcides Escobar (20)
    OF: Rios (7*)
    OF: Kemp (2)
    OF: Choo (16*)
    OF: Andres Torres (14)
    UT: Morrison (18)
    UT: Colvin (21)
    Bench: Chris Johnson (22)
    SP: Oswalt (8*), Liriano (12*), Billingsley (4), Kuroda (13), Volquez (15), Kennedy (19), Beachy (25 — was Minor, whom I cut to get Beachy)
    RP: Axford (6), Nunez (11), Rodney (17), Hensley (23), Jepsen (24), Romo (26), Joel Peralta (28)

    Thanks for the feedback Grey! This is the razzballiest team I ever picked, I tried to stay ‘on script’ with your rankings and advice and stay away from the old fogey types.

    Also would you cut Joel Peralta to pick up David Hernandez in Arizona?

  13. poop says:

    Grey what are you thoughts on Kyle McClellan have not seen anything so if you mentioned him already lo siento

  14. xtremehulk says:

    Drop Minor for Cashner or hold for Jair to get injured?

  15. JoeyP says:

    Jorge Cantu should open the door and get on the floor, than he should walk the dinosaur.

  16. mapwheel says:

    Pretty good “list”, Grey. I can see you really did your “research” on this one. Keep up the good “work”.

  17. Nice “don’t trade for list.” Sorry to keep up with the theme inquiry for the day, but in a small 10 Team H2H League with a starter staff of Kershaw, Gallardo, Hanson, Marcum, Gio, Peavy, Vazquez and Bedard, and relievers Marmol, Kimbrel, Rodney and Chapman, I’m tempted to give up on Vazquez who’s looking all too like last years pathetic version of himself and grab one of Rauch or Madson. I can DL Peavy when the time comes, so I’d prefer to hang onto him. Show patience with Javier, or show him the door? & if so, for which potential season long/not just April closer? Thanks Grey. & the Mr. Wendal reference coughed up some coffee this AM.

  18. —also could grab Beachy…thanks again.

  19. ritzer says:

    After nogotiations i have been offered
    give Morneau, Kinsler and Oswalt
    I get Agonz, Dan Hudson and L Scott(i can leave him out and pick up Bourjos/Ibanez/McLouth/ N Walker)
    My team b4/ aft
    b4: 1B Morneau
    2B Kinsler
    ut Hill Pagan
    Sp – Hamils, Liriano, Oswalt, Marcum, Gio Gonz, Zimmermann, I Kennedy, Niese.

    Aft: 1B Agon
    2B A. Hill
    ut Pagan Lind
    Sp – Hamils, Liriano, Marcum, Gio Gonz, D. Hudson Zimmermann, I Kennedy, Niese.

    I’m Natalie Imbrugliaed.

  20. Busta says:

    I have two DL spots that will be used later this week. 12 team H2H points league w/weekly locks favoring power hitters…have 2 bench bats (Nishioka/Tabata) and 4 bench P’s (Vazquez/Beachy with Cueto/Bailey going to DL for a stint). Starting P’s are Kershaw, Gallardo, B.Anderson, I.Kennedy, RP’s are Marmol and Perez. Should I grab more P’s or another bat? WW options:

    Bats: Ibanez, D.Brown (DL), R.Davis, L.Scott, Morse, Kaaihue (Pena is my 1b starter)

    Arms: B.Norris, Wolf, Niese, Porcello, Bailey (DL), Stauffer, Pineda

  21. Hey Grey — feliz friday.

    Just drafted from the 14 hole in my 14 Team, 6 x 6 (OPS, Holds) H2H league, 30 man rosters. Even though Ive won this league the last few years, Im always very critical of my draft — appreciate your take if you get a minute… I punted closers, fyi.

    C: C. Santana
    1B: P. Fielder
    2B: A. Hill
    3B: ARod
    SS: Alexei Ramirez
    IF: C. Pena
    OF (3): J. Upton, J. Heyward, J. Tabata
    Util (3): J. Bay, N. McClouth, C. Maybin
    SP (6): Y. Gallardo, R. Oswalt, D. Hudson, J. Chacin, I. Kennedy, T. Stauffer
    RP (6): M. Adams, C. Sale, K. Jansen, J. Benoit, S. Casilla, O. Dotel
    BENCH: H. Bailey, M. Pineda, S. Burnett, J. Santana


  22. Wilsonian says:

    Homer Bailey to the DL with a sore vagi…er…shoulder impingement.

  23. Question #2 —

    Andrew Cashner just landed the 5th spot in Chicago’s rotation. Loved his peripherals in the minors, he was also somewhat effective as a high K/9 guy in late inning relief duty last year.

    Can you throw out some projections for him?


  24. 9-7 says:

    12 team mixed keeper H2H point-based. Should I give up Greinke ($37 salary, i know, too much) for I. Kennedy ($2 salary) and Gardner ($1)… also I was offered Swisher ($2) in turn I give up Strasburg ($4) and Zimmerman ($2) I drafted Zimmerman and Minor on this team, of course. Feel free to chime in Grey, et al.

  25. ritzer says:

    @Grey Natalie Imbrugliaed – Torn

  26. cashmoney says:


    would you trade Kershaw/Dunn/ Tori Hunter for Holliday/Howard?

  27. Carns says:

    I am going to drop one finger air quotes at the bar tonight on stupid, unimportants words in my sentences like ‘did’ and ‘of’ and ‘see’.

    What’d you give Gamble the day off? I was looking forward to an Expos Minor League Review.

  28. JP says:

    H2H weekly.

    Drop Fuentes for Madson?

    My thoughts are that Madson’s a better pitcher on the better team, but Contreras might get closing duties. (Week 1: PHI plays Astros and Mets)

    Fuentes is the worse pitcher on a worse team, but he has virtually no competition for closing in Oakland, so he’s guaranteed save opportunities. Plus, knowing Bailey’s injury history, he might keep the job all year. (Week 1, OAK plays Mariners and Blue Jays)

  29. Whiskey Diet says:


    Auto-drafted money league team. (Don’t ask how it happened, I am more than displeased) But, I’m still going to win assuming you don’t quit your day-job so thanks ahead of time.

    Pick 3 OF to keep:

    Adam Jones
    Andres Torres
    Nick Markakis
    Logan Morrison
    Peter Bourjos

    Also I got 3 SS: Alexei, Jeter, or Furcal for the long term? Drop the others or UTIL them?

    Much obliged.

  30. zzzzzz says:

    Which would you want: Hellickson ($1) or Latos ($8)?

  31. royce! says:

    Latos to miss a start with shoulder soreness. Black said “it just popped up.” Even though it’s not in the worst context, I don’t like to hear about things “popping” when speaking about pitchers. Unless it’s when they’re inducing a pop up, I suppose.

  32. potus says:

    @ everyone:

    Pick one to drop – Romo, Fuentes, Contreras, Madson


  33. robert mcilhatton says:

    hey i saw this article on platoon players and it makes a lot of sense. If you can draft a guy like ian stewart or garret jones and then draft his platoon partner and get pretty nice stats. For example if you draft garret jones and start him on the days where there is a righty, you’ll get 15 homers, 59 rbi, 41 bb, 42 r, and a .260 avg. add those stats with matt diaz’s 5 homers, 15 rbi, 7 bb, 21 r, and 273 avg in only 121 ABs last year against lefties. doubling diazs stats to more accurately predict how many ABs he will get in ’11 and you have a line of 25 homers, 89 rbi, 55 walks, 84 runs, and a .265 avg. from two guys that will get drafted very late or wont get drafted at all. I was wondering if you knew a website where you could find a depth chart and see any platoon situations. thanks

  34. royce! says:

    But Mariano Rivera also had it in 2005, and posted a 1.38 ERA and 43 saves, so… ignore my last post?

  35. robert mcilhatton says:

    and that was a down year for both of them in the average category, diaz has a career average of .335 against lefties and jones has a career .282 against righties so the average might be around .300.

  36. Dean says:

    @Grey or anyone else with an opinion: I was just offered Daniel Hudson for my Rasmus in my QS/OBP 5×5 keeper league. I’m concerned I might be a bit light on SP. Do you make the deal with the following OF/SP:

    OF: Kemp, JUpton, Gardner, Rasmus, Venable

    SP: Hanson, Maurcum, Lilly, Wandy, Kennedy, Chacin, Zimmerman

    Thanks as always for any help.

  37. Dean says:

    @Grey: On a related note, what are your thoughts about the following term:

    Rosterbation – the act of trading for the sake of trading, generally in the preseason, to pass the time prior to opening day. Is most effective when there is an absence of current statistical data to justify the transaction.

    Of course the nomenclature could use some wordsmithing but you get the idea.

  38. DrEasy says:

    I made big mistake: initially decided not to play fantasy baseball this year due to some stupid New Year’s Eve resolution. Is it too late to join a decent Yahoo roto league anywhere? Not much time left for drafts, but if you have a spot have mercy on me and email me at: doctorrum [at]


  39. Dean says:

    maybe rosterbating has a better ring?

  40. DrEasy says:

    @ Grey: Oops, didn’t know my email address would be converted to a link that spammers will probably delightfully abuse. Any way you can delete my previous post, please?

  41. royce! says:

    Rosterbating seems to close to Chronic Mastertrader. Probably applies to the same owners too.

  42. Dean says:

    @royce!: good point. I did a quick glance and didnt see any overlap but if thats already there then the term is clearly covered.

  43. fitz says:

    Beachy lights out again but guess everyone should completely avoid him because his name isn’t Mike Minor.

  44. Dean says:

    Although after a closer look they are different acts. I find myself compulsively looking to improve my team after the draft and before the season starts but mostly just out of boredom. I’m not trying to deal Jose Contreras and Brandon League for Soria.

  45. Dean says:

    Beachy or Stauffer?

  46. Dean says:

    @royce!: I dont think it needs to be limited to preseason. Making trades just for the sake of making trades. Theres at least a couple of guys in every league that over trade while not necessarily addressing needs just for the sake of shaking things up. I know I’m guilty of this.

    To your point, I think the vast majority of Razzball terms require some sort of definition to round out their context.

  47. chata says:

    glad to see that you fellows have this debate well in hand .

  48. Mr2Bits says:

    Not going to lye, I just had sex on the Beachy.

    Beachy 6.0IP 2H 1BB 6K 1.13 ERA this spring

  49. wiudavis says:

    M. Wieters $29
    B. Butler 2 $10
    K. Johnson 1 $5
    J. Reyes $54
    P. Alvarez 3 $5
    B. Phillips $39
    A. Pujols $119
    J. Upton 2 $11
    J. Werth 1 $22
    C. Young $25
    B. Harper $10
    G. Sizemore $1
    B. Matusz 3 $10
    U. Jimenez 1 $42
    M. Scherzer 1 $11
    F. Rodriguez $18
    J. Broxton $6
    J. Hellickson $20
    R. Nolasco 1 $13
    Y. Gallardo $21
    B. Morrow $13

  50. wiudavis says:

    I did not mean to post that message just yet. Anyway that is my team of a 10 man 10×10 with a $500 cap. The guys with numbers before their value were keepers. This is a dynasty league and we must determine our new players “contract lengths” before the season starts. Weiters was also required to keep. I was curious what your thoughts are of my team. Here is my bench.

    M. Reynolds
    B. Abreu
    J. Bay
    M. Pineda
    J. Benoit
    O. Dotel
    F. Rodney
    M. Capps

  51. wiudavis says:

    You are way to fast with your replies : )

    I am missing a Mike Minor or Zimmermann….I know this..haha

  52. Steve says:

    Or the keeper auction

  53. BPro says:

    Hey Razzers,
    I wanted to roster 4 RPs until I know more about the Nunez/Hensley scenario – but I need another SP with Morrow aching. Who would you rather drop of Nunez, Lyon and Hanrahan.. I know they are all Brain Freezes but it’s pretty bleak for closers out on the market.


  54. Martin says:

    @grey-just completed a 12 team mixed league draft. My team is


    SP-Daniel Hudson
    SP-Javi Vaz
    SP-Edwin Jackson
    SP-Tim Stauffer

    I like my team a lot but I feel like I need better closers and maybe less OF depth. Any suggestions who to trade and for whom?

  55. LMack says:

    For the record, Dusty Baker better not hit Jay Bruce leadoff.

  56. DonSlaughtOnslaught says:

    “Rosterbating” was coined by the television series The League. They used it to refer to bragging about your roster during and after the draft.

    Wouldn’t want people to think Razzball is taking terms from other sources.

  57. elwood blues says:

    Is Latos keepable at $10??
    or do I try to trade him for something, anything.. I may be able to get Jordan Zim.. or should I just hold onto Latos and sell later?

  58. the rockstar from mars says:

    just finished my draft, 12 team-mixed-h2h, what do you think?

    C – Ianetta (21 round)
    1b- Cabrera (1-3 pick)
    2b- HIll (11)
    3b- Alvarez (6)
    SS- Al. Escobar (15)
    Dh- Lind (9)
    Ut – Reynolds (8)
    Of – Kemp (2)
    Of – McCutchen (3)
    Of – Tabata (12)
    Sp – Kershaw (4)
    Sp – Gallardo (5)
    Sp – Hamels (7)
    Sp – Hughes (10)
    Sp – Kuroda (14)
    Sp – E. Jackson (18)
    Rp – Kimbral (16)
    Rp – Hanrahan (17)

    Bench- Grady Sizemore (13)
    Rafael Furcal (19)
    Edinson Volquez (20)
    Matt Capps (22)

  59. Eddy says:

    I didn’t read through all the comments, so maybe this has been mentioned, but Werth is slated to hit 2nd in the lineup this season. Don’t think it makes a real difference though.

  60. Wilsonian says:

    Ok, so I’ve got me a few Cincinnati injuries on my 16 team H2H rotation and need to see what I do here.

    SP – Lester
    SP – Marcum
    SP – Gio
    RP – Kimbrel
    RP – Hanrahan
    P – League
    P – E. Jackson
    BN – Beachy
    BN – Cueto
    BN – Bailey

    Bailey and Cueto are both slated to start the season on the DL, and I only have room for one. Who do I drop Bailey for:

    McClellan, Tillman, Arrieta, Harden, Nova, Blanton, Hammel, Leake, Porcello, Narveson, Dice-K, Luebke, Buerhle, Harang, Zito, Wells, Kuo, Soriano, Hensley, Jansen?

    I know, shizz options. Standard 5 categories plus losses and Ks/9.

    Thanks man.

  61. Tweener says:


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