These are the leading hitters in the major leagues for April.  Do I think every hitter does the same thing every year?  No, I don’t.  But hitters do tend to follow patterns.  If these players were good in April last year, there’s at least a chance they will be good this year.  Also, as I went over in this spring training stats post, just because a hitter isn’t hitting in March doesn’t preclude a big April.  Anyway, here’s some top fantasy baseball hitters for the month of April:

Adrian Gonzalez – 22 homers pre-ASB in 2008, 24 homers in 2009, 18 homers in 2010.  Just wait until A-Gon starts getting crap in September and October for not being “clutch.”  Yeah, I put douchey quotes around a word, sue me.

Jorge Cantu – Was good for power the last two Aprils.  Was not good in any other month.  That’s Was (Not Was) for you crazy 80’s kids.

Bobby Abreu – As I went over the hitters that did well in April, there were quite a few that A) Did not do well the rest of the season and B) Are older guys that obviously tire as the season progresses and C) There’s no C.

Torii Hunter – See above, not C.

Alfonso Soriano – Has been better in the first half the last couple of years.  (Couple is a sneaky way of saying two, yet making it seem like it’s more than two.  Girlfriend, “How many dollars did you leave on that thirty dollar bill?”  You, “A couple.”)

Justin Morneau – April’s been historically his 2nd best month after May.  He’s Te(i)x’s other half.

Pablo Sandoval – I forgot he hit well last April (.368, 3 homers).  Probably because he did so well trying to erase any memory of it with his next five months.

Brad Hawpe – Has always been a 1st half hitter.  Let’s see it in San Diego though where he might not be *pinkie to mouth* Hawpy.

Ryan Theriot – In April 2009, .317, 5 steals.  Last year in April, .337 and 5 steals.  Knowing La Russa, a good April in the leadoff spot this year for Theriot could cement him in that spot for the whole year.

Kosuke Fukudome – 4 homers, .338 in April of 2009; 5 homers, .344 last year in April.  But then he says Fuk u to May!