We’ve reached the end of the NL Central, and with only one division left to cover I’d say it’s been a productive offseason. The redbirds are in good shape down on the farm – as you’d expect. The top two specs should be flipped and flopped according to your window of opportunity. Reyes will start contributing this season, while Gorman – who I think is the better overall prospect – won’t be ready for harvest until late 2021/2022. Since Opening Day is an ungodly March 28th this year (hooray for postponed games!) I’ll put out a list of prospects you should know for redrafts this Wednesday. Best thing to do is just stay seated and keep refreshing this site until then. No need to burn those precious calories moving.

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1. Nolan Gorman, 3B | Age: 18 | ETA: 2021
To give you an idea of how close Gorman and Reyes are in my mind, they’re ranked 28th and 33rd overall in my Top 100. You’re basically choosing between hitter/pitcher and far away/help me now. Gorman did unkind things to opposing pitchers in his pro debut – hitting .291 with 17 homers in 275 plate appearances. He struck out a lot (28%) but also walked a lot (12%) so I’m not super concerned. He’d be the first guy I take from last year’s new crop of talent – big fantasy potential from the left side of the plate and the diamond.

2. Alex Reyes, RHP | Age: 24 | ETA: 2019
Reyes has been around forever as a prospect mainly due to Tommy John surgery et al. That’s Latin for “I have had a lot of trouble staying healthy thus far.” Before being shut down in 2018, Reyes racked up 46 strikeouts in 27 innings pitched. That’s the sexy potential/ceiling – a frontline starter with big strikeout numbers. However, there is also the very real possibility he’s a reliever with big strikeout numbers, and also the non-zero chance he can’t stay healthy and is completely worthless. I don’t take those types of gambles, but I also haven’t left my house in a decade so take it with a grain of salt.

3. Jhon Torres, OF | Age: 18 | ETA: 2022
Torres might have just as much upside as Gorman. He’s a solid power/hit combo who slashed .321/.409./525 (not a typo) in 185 rookie league plate appearances. I don’t see his name around much, so he might not be owned in some shallower formats. I’d scoop him up if that’s the case. If he keeps this up in High-A etc. against better pitching, his stock will do that thing where it goes up really fast. Then you’ll look really smart even if you’re not wearing glasses.

Grade B

4. Elehuris Montero, 3B | Age: 20 | ETA: 2021
This Cardinals farm is your typical white middle-class preschool roster…Andrew, Dylan, Dakota, Jhon (dyslexic parents – not his fault), Alex, Malcolm, Randy, Lane and Nolan. Imagine the culturally unresponsive teacher’s frustration when she gets to the new transfer student – Ele…Eleho…Elehue…well sweetie we’ll just call you Elvis okay? Love you though! You’re so ethnic! Montero split time between A and High-A ball and, well, went HAAM. For kicks – .315/.371/.504 with 16 homers. Yup. He good.

5. Malcolm Nunez, 1B/3B | Age: 17 | ETA: 2023
If a prospect on your roster can’t vote, serve in the military, or buy a pack of Newports, you need to be patient with their progress. Luckily, Nunez seems to have a lot of potential and should be worth the wait. Already graded as an above average power bat with a good approach, Nunez hit .415 with 13 homers in 200 rookie league appearances last season. It gets better though. He also paired a 15% strikeout rate with a 13% walk rate. Nunez is Spanish for ‘pick him up’.

6. Andrew Knizer, C | Age: 24 | ETA: 2019
They’re not saying boo when a catcher appears in a top ten. They’re saying boo-urns. As in, it boo-urns like chlamydia when I realize I just drafted a catcher in anything higher than the 20th round. Knizer is decent though. He can hit and get on base, even if there isn’t much power to dream on. Even with a banged up Molina, I doubt we see Knizer before September.

7. Dakota Hudson, RHP | Age: 24 | ETA: 2019
Hudson is more likely to make an impact in 2019. He’s on the 40-man, has a double-plus fastball, and threw close to 140 innings between Triple-A and MLB last year. He made all of his appearances as a reliever for the Cards in 2018, but the recent injury to C-Mart has left an opening in the rotation to fight for. Hudson won’t have to be coddled like Reyes, but he also struggles with his control, which might pin him to the ‘pen.

8. Dylan Carlson, OF | Age: 20 | ETA: 2020
Carlson is a solid average hit/power right fielder who can attack pitchers from both sides of the plate. Take that, platoon-happy managers! He has a good approach and put up a .348 OBP in 2018 with a 12% walk rate and a 17% strikeout rate. The ceiling is 20+ homers in an everyday corner outfield role.

Grade C

9. Lane Thomas, OF | Age: 23 | ETA: 2019
Thomas put up outstanding numbers AA and AAA in 2018 – 27 homers, 17 steals. The damper is that this power burst came out of the clear blue sky and most reports still have him pegged as a fourth outfielder in the big leagues. Another glitch is his health history – which isn’t exactly…healthy. He’s on the 40-man and could see some action this summer in St. Louis.

10. Randy Arozarena, OF | Age: 24 | ETA: 2019
Arozarena crushed in AA (.396) but struggled a good bit when he was promoted to AAA Memphis (.232). He’ll likely start the 2019 season there and I doubt we see him before September. His profile is pretty balanced (a touch low on power). Last seen getting helped into a cop car shouting, “I thought this was America!”. Nevermind…wrong Randy.

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  1. Big league choo says:

    10 team dynasty 5×5 OBP saves+holds

    1) My starling marte/ohtani dh/sp for trout

    2) drop Ken Giles for matt Barnes?

    3) peter Alonso for Honeywell/heaney

    Love the prospect articles. Thanks for helping me ger tatis jr in the same league.

    • Luke Skywalker says:

      @Big league choo:

      1) Nobody in their right mind would take this offer. Marte wrong side of 30 and might be most overrated player per ADP. Terrible offer but a fool might bite!

      2) Giles, he’s sole closer there

      3) Alonso, his power and an OBP league he may be top 10 by end of year at 1st.

      • big league choo says:

        @Luke Skywalker:
        Ohtani is 24. his closest hit comps are stanton/judge. Per razzball player rater OBP leagues he is no.11 hitter right behind judge in $/game. His 150 IP of ace numbers (not this yr) plus 20+ hrs and 8ish sbs in 300 ABs is really valuable. Hes one of the most impressive players if not the most ive seen in my life. Marte i am definitely trying to offload unsuccessfully so far before he has 0 value. Pirates team is awful they should move him for a prospect haul.

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      1) Trout
      2) eh, sure
      3) Alonso

      no problem!

  2. Earl says:

    Does anyone want to take my spot in 2019 MLB RCL #4 draft tonight?

    I will not be able to participate. If not, I will just set to autopick from large queue and what not.

    Let me know ([email protected]). Thanks

  3. ichirosan says:

    Hi Mike,

    16 man H2H dynasty league with OPS and QS. My team is still rebuilding, but should be competitive next year. I’ve been offered either Dylan Cease or Mike Soroka for Estevan Florial. I’ve always been wary of pitching prospects, but I do have a glut of OF prospects, as I also have Robert, Mesa and Alvarez. Thoughts?

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      I’d take Cease.

  4. Landisimo3 says:

    Great Stuff Mike…

    12 team roto / keep 10 + 10 farm

    Im in complete rebuild retool mode ..

    Trade my Khris Davis for Gorman and the 1st overall pick?

    My farm is
    Jesus Sanchez

    Thank you as always !

    • Mike

      Mike says:


      That’s tempting. I’d hold Davis though. That’s the kind of deal that will keep stalling the competitive window.

  5. Smokers Delight says:

    Hi Mike – – Love the series. I particularly like the regular stream of content that I can read through the cold Canadian winters. I am a recovering prospect junkie still wanting to build from within. I play in a pretty deep 12 team AL only auction 5×5 that uses OBP. We have a 10 round Ultra where I always choose to draft prospect hitters or fill ins for an injured roster slot. I’m going into the second year of a 2 year rebuild with Royce Lewis, Julio Martinez and Alex Kiriloff in my minors. I also have Gleyber and Mondesi cheap on my active who I will be signing next year. I had to activate Kyle Tucker so I am throwing him back at 10 bucks because I will get either him or Wander franco with the second pick.
    I have 5 picks in the first 2 rounds. I never take pitchers because they always burn me or don’t have value before their contract needs to be extended. IF you could have any 5 of these players in a dynasty, who would you want . The first 4 picks hold a salary of 10 in a standard auction which only is an issue when I activate them but they need to be worth the money.
    Vidal Brujan
    Nick Madrigal ( do I want both if I can get them even with my holdovers?)
    Sean Murphy (C time to develop and value at 10?)
    Ronaldo Hernandez
    Jarred Kelenic
    Evan White
    Leody Taveras
    Trevor Larnach
    Yu Chang
    Daz Cameron
    Bubba Thompson
    Brayan Rocchio
    Nick Solak
    George Valera
    Shane Baz
    Isaac Paredes
    Shed Long
    Khalil Lee
    Jordyn Adams
    Shereten Apostal
    Ryan Mkenna
    Antobio Cabello
    Zack Colllin
    Jordan Groshans
    kevin Smith
    Julio Rodriguez
    Myles Straw
    Kevin Paredes
    Myles Straw ( worry he may end up traded to NL)
    Seth Beer ( i hear he can really hit and was a steak for the Astros)
    Ryan Noda (my sleeper crush as a Jays fan)

    Preference is for anyone who will have a starting job by 2021

    If you see anyone I am missing let me know. Yes the Tuckers Guerreros and Eloys are held and this list is pretty accurate by most list orders.
    I would appreciate a look see and some recommendations. Which 5 or 6 would you love to have off this list disregarding my comments

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      Thanks! I’d go Madrigal, Brujan, Taveras, Kelenic, and Beer.

  6. Dazed and Confused says:

    Dynasty lge standard 5×5 12tm h2h

    Adonis Medina or Dustin May??

    • Mike

      Mike says:


  7. Aufan says:

    Love these previews!

    Question for you…12 team h2h dynasty..his travis shaw for my chris paddack and ryan mcmahon.

    I have villar at 2b and matt carpenter at 3b (senzel on the bench).

    Do you like this deal? Outside of paddack i dont have much in terms of pitching prospects (10 prospects ..matt manning and nate Pearson are other 2). Thanks!

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      Thanks! Yeah it’s not bad. If you’re in it this year I’d take it. I like Manning and Pearson so you’re in good shape.

  8. Harley Earl says:

    You wouldn’t take a chance on Reyes?

    Not one roster spot for this season? You’re out of your mind. He’s well worth the risk. Draft him late, and smile from ear to ear at the end of the season saying “I told you so.”

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      After the 20th round in a redraft? Maybe. Before that? No thank you. I think his ADP is like the 16th or 17th round.

      • Harley Earl says:

        @Mike: I’ll be telling you I told you so in a few months!

        • Mike

          Mike says:

          *takes entire bottle of WaitMate*

          • Harley Earl says:

            @Mike: I love Reyes in the 16th round!!!

            • Mike

              Mike says:

              Sir…I’m going to need you to calm down sir. Sir!

              • Harley Earl says:

                @Mike: Haha!!!

                Keep up the good work. Agree with everything here (except Reyes! lol).

                • Mike

                  Mike says:

                  Thanks man!

  9. nightpandas says:

    Hey Mike,

    15 team keep 11 my keepers lock tomorrow night

    r h sb rbi hr k obp slg / w l era whip k k/9 qs sv

    My 11 right now are: Vlad, Eloy, Tatis, Ohtani (pitch), Inciarte, Lucchessi, Castillo, Wheeler, Heaney, Meadows, Ohtani (Bat)

    Others are: I Happ, Desmond, CSantana, Adell, Markakis, DPeralta, Hamels, Soroka, Kopech, JUrias, Sheffield

    Would you swap any out? I am looking more towards 2020.

    • nightpandas says:

      @nightpandas: I have 6 first round picks and 2 seconds in our 10 round draft as well

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      Nice team. I’d consider Happ over Heaney

  10. thatguy says:

    Is Mercado considered graduated?

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      Oscar? I thought they traded him but I could be wrong.

  11. Quintero says:

    Would you replace Buster Posey with Danny Jansen in dynasty league this year with a win-now team? I have Willians Astudillo on my minor league roster. You and Grey both like Jansen a lot. Thanks mate!

    • Mike

      Mike says:

      Yup I would.

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