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Even after harvesting the farm to add star-level MLB bats (Marcell Ozuna and Paul Goldschmidt) each of the last two off-seasons, the Cardinals’ system remains solid. 

We’ve known for years the Cards get more out of their fringe types than just about every organization. We even invented a phrase to encapsulate this quality, letting “Devil Magic” explain everything Cardinal for years before the Astros and Dodgers captured the zeitgeist. You’ll still hear the phrase, but not every ten minutes like once upon a time. These days, we know everyone’s just cheating and hacking and scratching and clawing for every little inch of advantage they can get, but hey, that’s the American Dream personified via sport. Better to ask forgiveness than permission. You can always find a fall guy no matter how ugly it gets. (See: Correa, Chris)

That’s a link to just one story, but the whole saga is pretty good lore if you get on an injustice kick.

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We’ve reached the end of the NL Central, and with only one division left to cover I’d say it’s been a productive offseason. The redbirds are in good shape down on the farm – as you’d expect. The top two specs should be flipped and flopped according to your window of opportunity. Reyes will start contributing this season, while Gorman – who I think is the better overall prospect – won’t be ready for harvest until late 2021/2022. Since Opening Day is an ungodly March 28th this year (hooray for postponed games!) I’ll put out a list of prospects you should know for redrafts this Wednesday. Best thing to do is just stay seated and keep refreshing this site until then. No need to burn those precious calories moving.

Please, blog, may I have some more?