Our weekly Friday Fantasy Baseball Feature, Buy Low/Sell High is back after an offseason layoff.  When asked what this fantasy baseball feature did during the offseason, it said this, “My family and I got together with the Fantasy Baseball Keeper posts’ family and we rented a Cruise America RV.  Spent most of our days touring ice fishing spots in Montana and our nights were spent swapping wives.”  Alrighty then!  To get everyone on the same page, I like the Buy guys.  I dislike the Sell guys.  Now I’m not saying to actually sell all the guys in the Sell section or to drop them.  Lots of times I’m simply saying to expect their current positive vibe to turn negative.  Also, if Alcides Escobar is in the Buy section (which he is!) and Berkman is in the Sell section (there too!) that doesn’t mean I recommend you trade Berkman for Escobar.  Everything’s relative, Einstein.  Anyway, here’s some guys to buy and sell for the 1st week of the fantasy baseball season (start the games already!):


Alcides Escobar – He stole 16 bases in 45 games this winter down in Venezuela.  (Ugueth Urbina did the same, but it was with a firearm.)  Brewers should bat Escobar 2nd in front of Braun and Fielder.  100+ Runs, 40 steals and a middling average aren’t out of the question.

Francisco Liriano – Liriano Dutch Oven’d your team last year.  You couldn’t even look at the pitching stats some days because of the stench he left.  Guess what, loyal Razzball reader?  That was last year.  Liriano looked tremendous in Winter Ball.  Continued that in Spring Training.  More –>Liriano sleeper.

Mat Latos – You ever just find yourself whistling for no apparent reason and you’re like, “Man, I’m off meth and I’m happy.  Go figure.”  That’s how I feel with Latos.  He makes me emoticon in my pants.

Cameron Maybin – Maybe he was too hyped last year and now people are sticking their toes in the water before jumping.  It’s cool and all, but I’m a certified lifeguard.  Jump, I’ll save you if you need it.

Colby Rasmus – Yes, this is the part of the program where I point out guys that you swore were ready for the majors last year then disappointed.  Remember that when you’re going crazy trying to get Jason Heyward this year.

Travis Snider – Okay, done with last year’s failed crop of overhyped prospects that will make good this year… Well, there is Matt LaPorta.  Eh, I’ll save him for next week.

Shaun Marcum – The matchups won’t always be pretty and he hasn’t pitched in the majors since 2008.  This is a tentative buy because I imagine he’s going to give you a a bit of an up and down roller coastery season.   You can mark him (hehe… what?) down for a low 4 ERA and around 7 Ks per 9 innings.

Felipe Paulino – I admittedly flipped a coin between Paulino and Bud Norris.  Went with Paulino because he’s just slightly more mature.  They are pretty similar guys.  High strikeouts, high walks.  I’d grab him in NL-Only leagues and wait and see in mixed leagues.  Glass is half empty, he’s a righty Manny Parra. Glass is half full, he’s a righty de la Rosa.

Dexter Fowler – I’ve watched draft after draft where Fowler’s virtually ignored.  For shame.  He’ll give you Runs, Steals, a decent average and close to 10 homers.  He’s Feign Victorino.

Franklin Morales – What, you don’t like saves?  You’re crazy.  Huston Street just got injured again opening the newspaper to read about how he got injured last time.  Morales will be the closer for at least a month.  Then when Street is actually healthy, the Rockies will bring him back slowly (meaning:  he’ll only pitch in non-save chances) then he’ll regain the role.  Could be mid-May by then and Morales could have 12 saves.

Ryan Madson – See an 1/8 of an inch above.

Danys Baez – You can look an 1/8 of an inch above or you can skip that and just move 1/4 of an inch above.

Jeff Clement – A catcher with every day at-bats.  Awesome!  Clement’s never shown himself to be a decent major leaguer.  Less awesome!  You punt catcher and there’s nothing else out there.  Adequate!

Ian Desmond – Just writing his name makes my heart flutter.  I feel like Gérard Depardieu on the back of a moped.


Fausto Carmona – Obviously there was some kind of Faustian bargain made for his sudden reemergence.  That’s nice, Carmona sold his soul to pitch well in Spring Training.  Doesn’t he know Spring Training stats don’t count?  Dur.  This isn’t a sell as much as a don’t bother.  There’s so many pitchers out there, why are you risking this shizz on flippin’ Carmona? Let’s drop a pine tree from your rearview mirror and do a refresher course.  His most successful year came in 2007 when he had a 3.06 ERA.  That ERA should’ve been near 4 and he had 137 Ks in 215 innings.  Your drunk aunt that thinks you’re the mailman can get that many Ks in 215 innings.  Carmona is the new blech.

Jason Heyward – Sure, he’s mollywhopping with his pony sticks right now, but he’s like twelve years old.  Think about how long you waited for Justin Upton to show his tremendous promise.

John Maine – He seems like a good enough guy.  But right now he doesn’t look right.  I wouldn’t go near him with your team.

Lance Berkman – You don’t drop him, you don’t even trade him for ten cents on the dollar, you maybe trade him for ninety cents on the dollar.  Or you wait until everyone’s like, “Ooh, Berkman’s healthy again.  Jump up, jump up and get down!”  Then you trade him.

  1. Aaron says:

    Great post!

    Anyone have any thoughts on Robinson Tejada-(RP-Royals)?

  2. Atomic says:

    Drop Fernando Rodney or Juan Gutierrez for Baez (already have Madson)? 12 team mixed, with up to 4 active relievers each, so good to stash a few guys. Could also lose Gio Gonzalez. Thanks!

  3. Back to Minors says:

    I need a SS filler while Reyes does his thing for a week or so.
    Desmond or Escobar?

  4. Nate Marcum says:

    “Mark em for Marcum” was my slogan when I was running for class President. Got kicked out of race when I put my member in the ballot counter……she got in trouble as well.

    Thoughts on Padilla as a 2-starter for week 1?

  5. mapwheel says:

    Who do you like better? Alcides or or Desmond? Both look like they will bat 2nd. Desmond will probably have a little more pop and a little less speed. And I think batting in front of Braun/Fielder vs. Zimmerman/Dunn is a wash.

  6. Back to Minors says:

    @Nate Marcum: see last post

  7. Back to Minors says:

    @mapwheel: I just haven’t seen it anywhere that Escobar is in the 2 hole yet…Desmond is.

  8. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Aaron: Good stuff, but the Royals seem content with Farnsworth in the rotation

    @Atomic: Drop Gutierrez for Baez.

    @Back to Minors: Escobar for speed, Desmond for better rounded stats.

    @Nate Marcum: Ha! There was a post about two start pitchers right below this one. Padilla looks fine for the fist week.

    @mapwheel: See answer above to Back to Minors.

  9. Back to Minors says:

    HA…Yanks Nick Johnson injures knee. didn’t even make opening day.

  10. Howard says:

    Standard 12 team 5 by 5 auction last night, I have a few of your favorites Grey:

    C – Brian McCann
    1st – Michael Cuddyer
    2nd – Chase Utley
    SS – Jose Reyes
    3rd – Chipper Jones
    MI – Kelly Johnson
    CI – Ian Stewart
    OF – Grady Sizemore
    OF – Adam Jones
    OF – Alex Rios
    OF – Garrett Jones
    Util – Drew Stubbs
    Util – Lastings Milledge
    Bench – Maicer Izturis
    Bench – Delmon Young
    Bench – Orlando Hudson
    Bench – Jermaine Dye

    P – Adam Wainwright
    P – Justin Verlander
    P – Jonathan Broxton
    P – Clayton Kershaw
    P – Jake Peavy
    P – David Aardsma
    P – Ben Sheets
    P – Roy Oswalt
    P – Rich Harden
    Bench – Derek Lowe
    Bench – Brad Penny

    Thanks for any thoughts.

  11. Dingo says:

    Great post! Nice to see that I already have three of your “buy” guys on my roster (thanks, rounds 23-25!)

    I’m not thrilled about Franklin Morales, though, and Madson and Baez are both available on waivers in my league. Morales has the more definite hold on the position for now, but he’s also got a much stronger hold on being a crappy pitcher. Is it worth dropping Franklin for Madson?

  12. dave says:

    Do you like Paulino over Jamie Garcia?

  13. greenmountaincoffee says:

    Where do you think LaPorta bats in the order this season?

    Different stat contribution, but would you prefer Laporta over Maybin?

  14. Jared says:

    Great post! Love razzball

    In a very deep league, I need to choose 1 of Atkins, Glaus, Teahen, Rolen, Lowell, and Jake Fox. Who would you choose?

    I also need to chose 2 of Delmon Young, Melky, Milton Bradley, Coco Crisp, or CoJack. Thanks.

  15. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: Would you drop Ervin Santana, Clay Bucholze, or Kevin Slowey for Latos?

  16. majortommy says:

    Does Paulino’s back spasm issue scare you at all? I think I would rather have Norris because of this. Power pitchers with bad backs=trouble!

  17. uncdrew says:

    The highlight of the Grapefruit League game i watched last weekend was Gabby Sanchez taking Felipe Paulino deep. Chicks dig the long-ball and all, but I was at the game with a bunch of dudes. We had third row seats right behind the catcher.

    So after the jack I stand up, face the crowd behind me and yell “SCHMOOOO-HAWKS!!!”

    Most everyone ignored me except an 8-year old whose “Meh, sit down ya bum!” would have made his Jewish grandfather proud.

    It was a fun day.

  18. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Back to Minors: Ha, indeed.

    @Howard: You look a little too strong on steals (if Reyes is fine) and light on power. What’s Maicer Izturis doing? You lose a bet? Your pitching looks strong. Hopefully Sheets and Harden don’t infect the rest of your staff.

    @Dingo: I’d hold tight.

    @dave: Nah, just hadn’t spoken about Paulino so I thought I’d address him.

    @greenmountaincoffee: Bottom of the order… I’d take Maybin.

    @Jared: Choose one — Glaus Choose two — Bradley, CoJack

    @GopherDay: Rudy dropped Ervin for Latos in one of our leagues. I didn’t stop him.

    @majortommy: Neither are start right away in mixed leagues, but I’d take Paulino at this point.

    @uncdrew: Ha! That’s awesome.

  19. esteban says:

    @Grey: thought on dropping Daisuke for Latos?

  20. willclarkismyhero says:

    So is it safe to abandon ship (temporarily, at least) on Hart?

  21. penpen says:

    this is way late for the glossary definition from last post (and Her-bat-throw-dite is pretty awesome if long to write) but I just had to throw it out there:


    alright, I’m done!

  22. Dad says:

    @Back to Minors: @All: Anyone know the extent of the N Johnson “injury”? All i heard was he fouled a ball off his leg and left the game.

    You know you’re in a deep league when this matters.

  23. Exile in Dixie says:

    @willclarkismyhero: If you’re looking for solidarity, I can’t stop believing in Hart. Now Nate Schierholtz… that kid may not survive the Reckoning.

  24. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: First and foremost I thoroughly respect your knowledge. Glad to see you in full force (after a winter layoff).

    RE: reasons to trade pre-season:

    Much has changed in the ONE week since I drafted. New closer roles, injured players, some significant; managers have made FA pickups. I use Grey’s projections via the War Room to evaluate my projections and standing in the league. I enter FA changes as they occur. Needless to say there is much fluidity. Rather than trying to “take advantage” of other players, I look for a win-win situation. I have found a couple where each of us “wins” by moving up compared to the rest of the league.

    Unfortunately, I can see that others share your perspective and are hesitant to pull the trigger (both trade offers were rejected). I like my team also, so not a problem for me to be content working the FA list.

    Just wanted to share that there are reasons to consider a pre-season trade.

  25. GopherDay says:

    @Dad: I hope its severe. If he goes out, Grandy gets more at bats right in front of A-Rod and Tex. I won’t mind that at all!

  26. charlie batch says:

    matusz or latos?

  27. Asdrubal Bastardo says:

    Couple things….

    I seem to be the only person who believes in Feldman. I know wins are unpredictable, but I don’t buy a regression regardless. And you gotta love a guy whose top pitch is a cutter. What are your thoughts on him for this year?

    Second, Sizemore for Lind? Who wins if my team is power heavy, decent steals, and below average…. average


  28. Back to Minors says:

    @Dad: i don’t know. supposedly just a bruise, but with him it will turn into some fungus that eats at his leg and he misses half the season.

  29. Euroalien says:

    Thanks Grey!! Way to make me feel good……. lol I’ve got six of the buys on either my RCL or $$$ team!! Let the games begin….. :)

  30. Grey

    Grey says:

    @charlie batch: Latos

    @Asdrubal Bastardo: re: Feldman – Bleh — Sizemore

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: BTW, I saw your idea for an autodraft league. Love the idea. I had an idea with a poison pill rule. Everyone drafts one player for another team and the other team has to keep that player active all year.

  31. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Simply Fred: BTW: had no problem with the rejection. They might be able to get MORE with another deal, have a different plan of action, etc.

  32. Lines says:

    Was anybody else just tickled pink to see Mo hit Felix Pie in the ankle? Or am I the only idiot who still has Reimold on his roster?

  33. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Lines: Unfortunately, hitting Pie is not a fix for Reimold’s achilles.

  34. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: Ha! That would be good! Welcome Luis Castillo…Or maybe you could enamer them by filling in their 1B with Mike Avilles or something. Or an injured guy/someone who won’t play?

  35. GopherDay says:

    @Simply Fred: Eating some pie would be nice though…

  36. Steve says:

    @Grey: Just repeating myself from the other day. Checking in on Latos v Kennedy. Still tomahto-tomato? It’s for like the eighth or ninth pitcher spot in my 14 team h2h league so not a make or break choice…

  37. Juice says:

    Would you drop any of Sheets/Bailey/Marcum for Latos?

  38. Rick Dempsey says:

    Jon Rauch……what do you say Grey? I have Madson as my third closer right now. dump him?

  39. @Grey: Just been offered AGon and Carpenter for Pujols. What do you think? I’m so in love with Albert, that it’d be hard to part with him but that seems like a good deal – especially if/when AGon’s dealt.

  40. Sos says:

    Vazquez(8th rd keeper next year)/Grandy for Lince/Eithier. Who wins or fair? Stan 12 team and the other three can’t be kept next year at all

  41. William says:

    Hey Grey, this is my 12 team H2H Roto team –

    C- Geovany Soto
    1B- Prince Fielder
    2B- Ian Desmond
    3B- David Wright
    SS- Elvis Andrus
    OF- Matt Kemp, Jason Bay, Curtis Granderson
    UTIL- Carlos Quentin
    B- Chris Davis, Sean Rodriguez

    SP- Johan Santana, Cole Hamels, WandyWagon, AJ Burnett, Johnny Cueto, Clay Buchholz
    RP- Heath Bell, David Aardsma, Mike Gonzalez, Franklin Morales

    Should I trade Wandy Rodriguez straight up for Gordon Beckham?

    I drafted Scott Sizemore but dropped him for Sean Rodriguez after getting sucked into the S-Rod hype.

  42. JoeC says:

    @Lines: No, I also still have Reimold on my roster. I have to believe that Pie will play himself out of a job soon enough. I’m patient. I can wait.

  43. Roman says:

    After reading your great post, I think I should dump Carmona especially now that I look at the wire in my 10-teamer. Who should I pick up for him?

    D. Price
    D. Lowe
    E. Santana
    T. Hudon

  44. Martin says:

    My team is low on SB and i’m looking to pick up escobar (i have tulo starting at ss). Should i drop snider, reimold, fowler, or jose lopez for escobar?

  45. Lines says:

    @JoeC: Yeah, that’s my theory too. I mean, Reimold’s problem is that he’s “not 100%” but Pie’s problem is that he’s “not very good at baseball.”

    @Grey: Do you foresee more out of Latos than you originally projected? His K/9 was unreal in the minors, but he never played above AA. And his control during his time in the majors last year was suspect (I should know, I had him on my team). I’ve never seen him pitch, so I only have the numbers to go by. I’d hate to miss out if he’s gonna be this year’s Tommy Hanson, but if he’s just this year’s Jordan Zimmermann, I think I can wait. Just curious.

  46. and1mcgee says:

    liriano or harden for this yr?

  47. Professor Chaos says:

    @Grey: How about Slowey for Liriano? I know you like them both.

  48. charlie batch says:

    what are your realistic brett gardner expectations this season?

  49. Mike says:

    Which side would you rather have: Ian Stewart and Jon Sanchez or Nolasco and Rickie Weeks?

  50. and1mcgee says:

    @Mike: Nolasco and Weeks, no doubt.

  51. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GopherDay: Think you gotta go for the home run (or lack thereof) and grab someone that will play and be awful.

    @Steve: Here’s the thing, Latos = better upside, bigger downside. Kennedy = better chance of just being usable. Go for Latos.

    @Juice: I’d go with Latos of Marcum.

    @Rick Dempsey: Madson’s fine for now. Still don’t know the Twins sitch.

    @ThreeFingersBrown: It’s fair, I’d hold tight.

    @Sos: Lincecum side.

    @William: I’d take Beckham.

    @Roman: Price

    @Martin: I’d lose Reimold.

    @Lines: Hey, Zimmerman wasn’t terrible, just unlucky. Latos might be wild, but he has good upside.

    @and1mcgee: I wouldn’t own Harden.

    @Professor Chaos: Slowey

    @charlie batch: Decent Runs with the chance for great runs if he can shimmy to the top of the order. Great steals, eh average.

  52. Grey

    Grey says:


  53. David_C says:

    I guess you forgot the team Paulino will face the 1st week..
    I wouldn’t recommend Paulino just yet . He has a good fast ball but it’s mostly straight and his other pitchers aren’t refined enough..

  54. William says:


    the Rauch announcement is why I always yell out “SAGNOF!” and run around the dining table in my boxers.

  55. Grey

    Grey says:

    @David_C: I didn’t forget, it’s why I said wait and see in mixed leagues.

    @William: Ha!

  56. paulzone says:

    pick a CF (cats: r, hr, rbi, sb, errors, gidp, avg, obp):

    stubbs, fowler, gardner, gutierrez, austin jackson, rasmus

    don’t want to get killed in avg and obp.

  57. uncdrew says:

    I like Lincecum > Vazquez and Eithier > Granderson.

    But I’m just a bum.

  58. @Grey: Thanks. I value your opinion highly. It’s an OBP league, so Albert = extra win

    *takes a shot in celebration of Rausch being named closer and goes to grab Padilla for the week*

  59. paulzone says:

    clement or AJ Pierz for my catcher?

  60. nick m. says:

    i have one roster spot – i know morales isn’t the closer once street comes back, but do you still like him better than capps? or should i get capps since he is supposed to be the closer (despite his bad spring and rumors of people waiting in the wings)?

  61. willclarkismyhero says:

    @Exile in Dixie: I know what you mean. I could hold on through the trade rumors, but an Edmonds/Gerut/Hart trident in right field? Yuck.

  62. MikeE says:

    Homer Bailey, Correia, Lannan or Duke as my last starter for week 1?

  63. timSTi says:

    @Grey: Im in a 12 team H2H that has a 9 pitcher max on your roster. There is 7 active P spots so you can obviously only have 2 on your bench. My staff is Lester, Hamels, Nolasco, Garza, Slowey, Correia, Aardsma, Marmol, M.Gonzalez.

    Is Correia droppable in this type of situation for a weekly 2 start pitcher with favorable matchups? Looking at Padilla this week.

    Also, Latos is a free agent. Should I just drop Correia for him and leave my pitching staff as is? It’s a non keeper league. Thanks bud.

  64. SamYo says:

    I dont know if its been said here already but Brett Gardner is the full time left fielder for the Yankees.

  65. Grey

    Grey says:

    @MikeE: Correia

    @timSTi: Padilla if you need two starts, Latos if you don’t.

    @SamYo: Thanks for the heads up!

  66. @Grey: Sucks dude. Well Rausch is hardly Mariano. I can see him easily losing the gig to Guerrier.

  67. The Hebrew Hammer says:

    @ Grey
    I’m reposting my team/message for your ease, sorry for clogging the board with my team more then once. After I posted earlier you asked me how many teams were in the league. 12.

    “So, here’s my team. For the most part, I like it as I went offense heavy early and have a whole stable of pitchers, except I could seriously use another closer (the dash for closers was so intense, I spent $25 on Nunez and Frasor) so I have 3 hopeful MRs. Let me know what you guys think.
    Also, 2 people picked up 2 catchers (1 has ianetta/wieters, another has posada/suzuki, so hopefully I’ll be able to upgrade C. Also AJ P is shockingly available if Clement sucks)

    5×5 $260. 5 keepers. (12 teams)
    C- Jeff Clement
    1b – Ryan Howard
    2b – Chase Utley
    3b – Longoria
    SS – Alcides Escobar
    OF- Grady Sizemore
    OF- J. Upton
    OF- Nelson Cruz
    DH- K. Youklis
    DH – Dexter Fowler
    Bench – Jake Fox

    SP – C. Kershaw
    SP – W. Rodriguez
    SP- Ted Lilly
    SP – Scott Baker
    SP – Joel Pineiro
    SP – Filthy Sanchez
    SP – Aroldis Chapman
    SP – Gio Gonzalez
    RP – Leo Nunez
    RP – Jason Frasor
    RP – Mike adams (anyone know which reliever has the lead in taking over the closers role when bell is traded?)
    RP – Matt Thornton
    RP – Brandon Lyon
    DL – Erik Bedard

    Also, Ian Stewart. No longer a sleeper. He went for $18. Nuts.
    @ sean. Thank you for your post yesterday about Sagnof shortstops.
    And thank you Grey. Daiquiris to follow.”

  68. Mark says:

    Clement minor league numbers suggest he should hit 20-25 hr’s as a major leaguer in his prime. But his k/bb suggest he will be slump prone.

    I saw you evaluation of Cantu is projections and other posts, but isn’t last years lack of pos post April due to his injury? Every number from the minors and previous years where he has gotten the playing time tells me he is a 25 homerun hitter with a solid average and a good batting eye. What am I missing on your hate with Cantu?

  69. timSTi says:

    @Grey: In regards to that 12 team H2H league I mentioned, with the 9 max Pitchers, you see any holes? I have a major woody for this team. Just traded Heath Bell, Adam Lind, + Jimmy Rollins, for HanRam + Matt Garza. How do you think it sits now with Correia possibly being replaced by Latos:

    EverCab (MI)
    Robot Jones (CI)
    Nelly Cruz
    Fowler (U)
    Snider (U)
    Sizemore (Bn)
    Headley (Bn)

    Correia or Latos

  70. timSTi says:

    @timSTi: Sizemore (Bn) = Scott Sizemore

  71. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Mark: Think value in Clement is at C, not 1B.

  72. Dr. Orlando Schadenfreude says:

    So my rotation is: Josh Johnson, Kershaw, Billingsley, Baker, Price, Slowey, Wade Davis and Harang.

    I’m eyeballing Ervin Santana on waivers . This there anyone on the list worth dropping for him or am I just going to make a risky pitching staff even riskier?

  73. Grey

    Grey says:

    @ThreeFingersBrown: Eh, they were last round selections. No worries.

    @The Hebrew Hammer: You’ve use the forums before, what no more? Team looks fine on hitting, but probably will struggle for average. The pitching looks a little sloppy. You might need a 3rd and 4th starter.

    @Mark: He’s hit 25+ homers for two years and 15 homers for two years. So not exactly consistent. If you want to think last year was an injury for five months, then try him out. He could hit 25 homers. He’s kinda like the Juan Rivera of 1st base though. Even if he hits 25 homers, no one will respect it.

  74. timSTi says:

    @SamYo: ESPN New York reported earlier it was just a contusion(bruise) and he’ll be fine.

    Also Willie Randolph (MIL bench coach) was on the Michael K show and he confirmed that Corey Hart and Jim Edmonds would be splitting time in Right Field. Glad I got sniped a few picks before I wanted Hart.

  75. Grey

    Grey says:

    @timSTi: Looks good, go with Latos.

    @SamYo: Ah, yes, the Johnson injury.

  76. uncdrew says:

    Hell, I might add Gardner just to get a Sunday, game 1 jump on everyone — drop him the next day.

    I love being in first place. Too bad it’s usually just for the first day of the season.

  77. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    How much do you like Sammy Gervacio?

    Last year – 21IP, 25K, 6HLD, 2.14 ERA, 1.14WHIP
    This spring – 12 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 2 BB, 15 K

    Do you like him over Masset or Gregerson in a holds league?

  78. Chris says:

    Let the games begin, indeed! But wait! Who’s my 2B? I’m in a deep 14 team mixed league and took a hit a second. We all love Desmond (eligible at 2B), but do we love him more than….
    Scott Sizemore
    Kelly Johnson
    Sean Rodriguez
    Chris Getz
    Casey McGehee…?
    Did I mention that its an OBP league? NO? Well it certainly is. Does that mean KJ is the favorite? Oh I hope it’s not so.

  79. Lava says:

    @Grey: I’ll take a shot for that one too. That committee sure got dissolved quickly.

    I’m guessing Rauch is pretty stable now, but is Guerrier worth holding onto in an 18 team league?

  80. Grey

    Grey says:

    @uncdrew: Ha, yeah, I could see that one day add.

    @Cheese: Yeah, over those two.

    @Chris: I’d gamble on Desmond. I do like Johnson though.

    @Lava: I’d hold him there for now.

  81. Mike says:

    Rickie Weeks or Ian Desmond?

  82. matthole says:

    @Grey: loooooove the buy/sell happy its back.. picked up carmona as a flier last week in RCL; feels like itd be like the walk of shame im front of my leaguemates if i drop carmona now that you posted him as a sell; he’ll be nestled on my bench till he proves himself in reg. season. In fact, with the doodes im weary of (even price) i think it may be best to let them chill on the bench till they prove themselves so youre not in a big hole out of the gates in ERA/WHIP if they implode (use setup men instead)…..sound strategy or more damaging?

    also, desmond or sizemore for MI?

    @GopherDay: HA! love me some pie too

  83. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Simply Fred: Sure, I can see making trades but really, what can change between the draft and opening day? Unless it’s someone being named closer — say, you swapped Latos for Rauch yesterday (in which case, bravo) — any trade now is essentially based on no information. It’s like Quasimodo Perez Hilton: all hunches and rumors and gossip.

    Someone might hit 2nd or 8th? For how long? Someone’s having a great spring? Who cares? Look who had a great spring in ’09. (Schmoes. Look it up.) David Frees is a nice guy? I don’t give a shit. Ian Desmond is a good father? Flub you and go home and play with your kids.

    I just feel like pre-season jostling is just like April panic (Must get BONIFACIO!) except worse, because NOTHING’S HAPPENING.

    But you know. Some leagues are different.

    @Grey: Thanks! I like the poison pill. Like in Hearts, when you can pass two cards to the left, and that guy has to keep them. Except instead of the Queen of Spades, it’s Willie Bloomquist.

    An auto-draft league would actually offer a much wider range of possible strategies: For example, front-load your list with only SPs. Corner the market on aces, then start swapping toward a balanced team.

    Now that’s a league with some pre-season trading!

  84. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Smokey, you around?

  85. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mike: Weeks

    @matthole: Desmond. Yeah, you bench him then he’s going to pitch well. Then you start him in the next game and he’s going to kill you.

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: It reminds me of ten or so years ago when Rudy and I would have to autodraft our teams. Was like Christmas morning but you’d always have at least five or six turds stuck between your presents.

    @Cheese: I’m sure he’ll check in on his post when he gets out of work.

  86. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    @Grey: Ok, so you recommend writing on his post instead of here?

  87. Adam says:

    Drop Reimold for Desmond/Kelly Johnson (already have Theriot at MI), Snider, LaPorta, Gardner or Bradley?

    Also, does Baez have a better chance for saves than Guerrier after the Rauch announcement? Or are they both bleh-inspiring enough that I should hitch my wagons to a better Mr. B or Ian Kennedy?

  88. matthole says:

    @Grey: do you like the idea of benching suspect guys till they prove themselves or do you just throw them out there (ie price, cueto, correia, ian kennedy, etc)

  89. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Cheese: I would.

    @Adam: I’d grab Snider. I’d go with Baez.

    @matthole: I generally start everyone, but matchups could play into certain guys.

  90. robertloblaw says:

    reimold, milledge, or cojack?

  91. Grey

    Grey says:

    @robertloblaw: Reimold if Pie can’t go. Otherwise, CoJack.

  92. brad says:

    Trade my Braun + Morneau for his Pujols + Rolen? My immediate thought is too much, but I dunno. . . small league, here’s the rest of my offense.

    10 tm 6×6 roto

    C Matt Wieters
    1B Justin Morneau
    2B Scott Sizemore
    3B Ryan Zimmerman
    SS Ian Desmond
    CI Gordon Beckham
    MI Alcides Escobar
    OF Ryan Braun
    OF Justin Upton
    OF Curtis Granderson
    OF Carlos González
    Util Jason Heyward
    BN Garrett Jones
    DL Lance Berkman
    DL Jose Reyes

  93. matthole says:

    @Grey: not sure if youre aware but nick johnsons already hurt….fouled a ball of his foot

  94. brad says:

    @brad: other hitting stat is OBP

  95. brad says:

    @Grey: what would you think about countering with braun, morneau, heyward for pujols, bj upton, nyjer?

  96. brad says:

    @Grey: i meant to say, “Thanks! what would you. . . .”

  97. Joe B says:

    @Grey: CJ Wilson as a starter this year… you buying or selling?

    I’m thinking of a hopeful line of:

    150IP 140K 60BB 4.00 ERA 1.30 WHIP

    Not bad, but not great… get him out of Arlington and the ERA comes down a bit.

  98. Matt B says:

    With Reyes on the DL, better start in h2h 5×5 this week: Desmond or Tejada? Desmond might get picked up if I drop him (keeper) but maybe that’s not a big deal w/ Reyes as my starting SS.

  99. Grey

    Grey says:

    @brad: You don’t want Upton and Nyjer on the same team. You’re welcome. Emoticon.

  100. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    EvCab or Desmond for MI?

  101. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Joe B: Yeah, out of Arlington, I’d be more optimistic. I went over him the over day as a starter. Search Wilson.

    @Matt B: Desmond

  102. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Yo Soy No Bueno: EverCab por speedos, no fuerza, Desmond por poco dos.

  103. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: Thinking long term…(Ervin and Latos cost like the same amount to keep) Who would you want? Like for the next couple of years.

  104. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GopherDay: Latos! Nah, it’s a toss-up at this point. I’d probably go the safer route and go with Ervin.

  105. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: Thank you very much! I’ll probably just stay caput.

  106. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    @Grey: Thanks. What kind of average do you project for Desmond? Is he also likely to put up a decent OPS?

  107. Black love says:

    Who do you like better for 4th OF Snider or Rasmus?

  108. Jake says:

    Hey Grey, thank you for mentioning Marcum. Guys in my draft thought I was nutty to pick him. Anyway, I need your advice. I just drafted in my money league 12 team, 5×5 except we sub out avg for obp, and instead of 5of we have 3of and 2 util. I picked 12th and my roster is:
    c- napoli
    1b- howard
    ss-reyes (i do believe)
    of- n.cruz, quentin, c.gonzalez (col),
    util- i.stewart, a.soriano
    bench- g.jones, c.maybin, d.young
    sp- j.johnson, ubaldo, billingsley, oswalt, e.santana, marcum
    rp- h.bell, r.madson, f.morales, d.bard, f.rodney
    is this horrible or at least competitive? pitchers just flew off the board in this draft, esp. closers.
    Oh, and I have to give thanks (yeah that sounded lame) for your site and predictions. Seriously, you called a lot of the crazy shite people do in drafts. Some dude took Crawford 5th overall! Crazy.

  109. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jake: Thanks for the kind words! I like how your team looks, don’t think your pitching staff looks horrible. Hopefully Ervin or Marcum step up then you’ll be set, if not, you hit the waiver wire, you’ll be okay. At least your hitting is solid.

  110. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: It’s kinda like Grey said: You wake up Christmas morning with…

    Some teams went heavy on power. They realize they have an abundance. If they trade a little away, they are still on top in power.

    Some teams are heavy on speed. Find out they didn’t need as much as they thought.

    A good match for both teams to give a little of their strengths to gain a lot in their weaknesses.

    The discussion doesn’t mean much, since I don’t see a lot of trading going on anyway. Just think some folks ARE MISSING AN OPPORTUNITY.

    Cust Kayin’

  111. Eddie says:

    16 team H2H, my pitching has been hit hard with injuries to Lee and Dice-BB. What do you think of Mike Leake? He just got named the Reds’ #5 starter.

  112. Eddie says:

    Forgot to mention: It’s also a keeper league. Thanks for the help, Gray.

  113. Nick0rz says:

    Hey Grey. Same question as @Eddie, but in a non keeper league.

  114. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    With the Garko signing, is it worth going after Chris Davis at a slight discount? His owners must be concerned despite what Washington is saying about Garko NOT taking ABs away from Davis.

    Or do you think there should be some concern and we should stay away?

  115. buge hoobs says:

    You seem to be recommending Latos in some way or form to everybody that has asked so far, so I guess it’s my turn.

    Do I drop any one of these for Latos in my 10 man, 5X5, start any 7 (2 of mine will be RPs) league?

    J.Santana, Wandy, C. Lee, AJ.Burnet, Buchholz, P. Hughes, Slowey, Porcello

  116. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Commish Cauda (formerly Mike): “This will hurt Davis’s Runs and RBIs a bit, but you weren’t drafting him for those stats anyway. Last year, Davis hit .189 and 4 homers in 122 ABs vs. lefties. You’re going to miss those numbers? Nah, Garko’s doing you a favor. So you might have to grab a waiver wire flier when the Rangers face a lefty-heavy staff, but if anything this helps Davis. He might now jump the .250 turdle. “

  117. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    @Simply Fred: @Grey:

    sorry Grey…thanks Fred

    I took eight screaming 10-year olds into NYC this afternoon to see the circus for my daughter’s birthday party…my mind is mush

    I actually read this morning’s article…I just didn’t remember. This morning feels like a year ago…

  118. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    which side for H2H-Points league?

    Zimmerman & Pavano
    Jose Lopez & Brett Anderson

  119. paulzone says:

    @Grey: okay then, last question, fowler or pierre?

  120. Adam says:

    @paulzone: Pierre for more speed and average, Fowler will probably have less steals but he can hit 10-15 HR too

  121. Whelp did my big money 13 team regular +INF and 5 OF…5×5 roto on tuesday…here’s the scoop…

    I decided to work between Rudy’s point shares and Grey’s ranks…which pretty much made me load up on POWER…

    SP was NO WHERE to be seen…so I figured the hell with conventional thinking and grab some closers for value/trade bait.

    Not so much of a question but Jesus…what can I do other than trade for a starter and some speed? Unless I pick up Podsednik and drop one of my current starters/guerierr

    Big Cuntry

    C – Jeff Clement 22. (278)
    1B – Prince Fielder 1. (9)
    2B – Dan Uggla 12. (148)
    SS – José Reyes 4. (44)
    3B – Ryan Zimmerman 3. (35)
    INF – Ian Desmond 19. (243)
    OF – Matt Holliday 2. (18)
    OF – Curtis Granderson 5. (61)
    OF – Nelson Cruz 6. (70)
    OF – Raúl Ibañez 9. (113)
    OF – Colby Rasmus 18. (226)
    UTIL – Adam Dunn 7. (87)

    SP – Kevin Slowey 13. (165)
    SP – Johnny Cueto 14. (174)
    SP – Ervin Santana 16. (200)
    SP – Kevin Correia 20. (252)
    RP – Heath Bell 8. (96)
    RP – Francisco Rodríguez 10. (122)
    P – Brian Wilson 11. (139)
    P – Octavio Dotel 15. (191)
    P – Matt Guerrier 25. (321)

    BENCH – Phil Hughes 17. (217)
    BENCH – Ricky Romero 21. (269)
    BENCH – C.J. Wilson 23. (295)
    BENCH – Ian Kennedy 24. (304)

  122. Grey

    Grey says:

    @the fake tom: If Reyes gets 40 steals (conservative), you have about 135 steals. That’s only about 15 steals off where you need to be to be average. And I gave Ibanez and Rasmus only 5, conservative again. So that’s not bad as long as Reyes shows up this season. The power is obviously there. You can grab some steals off waivers, I wouldn’t worry about that. Your pitching is weak though. You need huge dividends from guys that are risky. I’d consider trading Holliday for Halladay or Lincecum, not in that order. If you can’t get either, then start working your way down the the starter rankings.

  123. Calogero says:

    Got offered David Price and Chris Davis for Johan – pull the trigger or stand put?

    12 team 6×6 (holds and OPS) H2H. I have Chase Headley starting out at 3B, a pitching staff with Greinke, Johan, Garza, Ervin, Buchholz, Homer and Masterson. So I’d probably benefit from Davis over Headley (who I’d drop) but I might be weary to throw Price in as a main cog for a SP staff that has only Greinke and Garza as known commodities. So it really depends on how you value Johan for 2010 and whether you’re confident that either Davis won’t get swallowed up by the attrition rate endemic to the Hee Seop Choi Club for Hacking Gentlemen or Price will take the step forward to being SP2 quality. What do you say?

  124. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Calogero: I’d want a lot more for Johan.

  125. nick m. says:

    what are your thoughts on aubrey huff having a bounce back this year batting cleanup for the giants? he seems to be having a decent spring…

  126. PaddyTwoTimes says:

    @ Gray

    I do not know if anyone said this, there are way too many comments, but….

    Have you been watching 102 Dalmatians or Uranus lately, only way that reference makes sense.

    If it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense.

  127. @Grey: not worried about the AVG at all? Might be able to get Lincecum and cano for Holliday, uggla, someone…

  128. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:

    16-team, H2H-POINTS league

    I have to drop someone….who goes?

    Carl Pavano
    Colby Lewis
    Jason Hammel


  129. Commish Cauda (formerly Mike) says:



  130. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: I give: Halladay, Zimm, and Rafael Soriano. I get: Johan and A-Rod.

    I’ve got 5 closers and the other guy has K-Rod and Bailey. Do you like it for me?

  131. Bill Lumbergh says:

    Better SP for the bench in a dynasty league: Kennedy or Paulino?

  132. Terrence Mann says:


    LOL at all of them. You can be a dick when it comes to criticizing a crap roster.

  133. PaddyTwoTimes says:

    Guess my wittism was last. Try and try again

  134. GopherDay says:

    @Terrence Mann: Well, I mean he looks at them all day. Props for being creative and witty all through the day!

  135. Terrence Mann says:


    Not criticizing criticizing. Earlier he asked a guy if he lost a bet and that’s why he had Macier Izturis on his roster.

    Just cracks me up.

  136. Steve says:

    20 hours til the RCL Original Recipe draft. The tension is…


  137. artie says:

    Was just offered Kemp for Werth/Pierre. I get Kemp.

    18 Team League, so Pierre’s steals could be huge.

    Am I nuts to be thinking about turning this down?

  138. robertloblaw says:

    which side would you have?

    latos/j.sanchez or span?

  139. Grey

    Grey says:

    @artie: I’d take Kemp. You can get someone like Nyjer Morgan for a cheap piece if you want. So you take Kemp here then trade someone like, say, Dotel for Morgan.

    @robertloblaw: Span

  140. Erock says:

    Is Howard/Pedroia for Haren/Nolasco crazy? Autodraft stuck me with horrendous SP. Have Morneau and Cano on the roster as well. Thanks again as always.

  141. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Erock: I wouldn’t do that.

  142. 3rd Period Points says:

    1st year with FAAB in my league and the guy whose wife is 8.8 months pregnant with their first gremlin just dropped Alcides. Not his fault–he probably hasn’t read anything but Dr. Spock since January. How much of my 100 bones should I bid? My SS is Elvis Andrus aka Don Cortisone. Thanks for the best roto blog in the multi-verse!

  143. arussell1983 says:


  144. 3rd Period Points says:

    Just to be clear, I have an open roster spot and would not be dropping anyone…

  145. Bob says:

    @Steve: Looking forward to the RCL Original League draft as well. Tension, is well, bearable, here as well…

  146. Grey

    Grey says:

    @3rd Period Points: Your first sentence sounds like she gave birth to Alcides. Hehe… Don Cortisone – Ha! Bid $3.

  147. GTS says:

    Just had another draft last night taking over a last place team in a keeper league. I’m wondering if you think I have a chance this year. 10-team 6×5 (w/ OBP and W-L).

    C – Napoli, Mike C ANA
    1B – Votto, Joey 1B CIN (KEEPER)
    2B – Phillips, Brandon 2B CIN
    3B – Youkilis, Kevin 1B BOS
    SS – Rollins, Jimmy SS PHI (KEEPER)
    OF – Span, Denard CF MIN
    OF – Upton, B.J. CF TB (KEEPER)
    OF – Werth, Jayson RF PHI
    UTIL – Bruce, Jay RF CIN
    UTIL – Pena, Carlos 1B TB

    P – Baker, Scott SP MIN
    P – Billingsley, Chad SP LA
    P – Dempster, Ryan SP CHC
    P – Greinke, Zack SP KC (KEEPER)
    P – Nolasco, Ricky SP FLA
    RP – Bell, Heath RP SD
    RP – Valverde, Jose RP DET

    OF – Borbon, Julio CF TEX
    OF – Davis, Rajai CF OAK
    P – Correia, Kevin SP SD
    P – Price, David SP TB
    P – Romero, Ricky SP TOR
    P – Slowey, Kevin SP MIN

  148. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GTS: Hey, any relation to GTL? You look a little light on speed, not sure if that was the intention because of the added OBP. (I didn’t count Davis or Borbon, because if you’re playing them then you’re not playing someone else.) It is a strong team overall though. Pitching’s real solid and the hitting looks fine, besides the aforementioned caveat.

  149. GTS says:

    @Grey: No, not related to GTL. Thanks for the advice! Hopefully I can make some trades to pick up some slack in my weak areas as the season goes on.

  150. GTS says:

    @Grey: Actually it’s OPS not OBP so take into account slugging percentage.

  151. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    Grey, I just got offered Justin Upton straight up for Justin Verlander. Here is my current squad in a 12 team H2H. What are your thoughts? Is it a no-brainer? Do I have enough in the back end of my pitching staff?

    1b: Mark Reynolds
    2b: Jose Lopez
    SS: Elvis Andrus
    3b: Gordon Beckham
    OF: Matt Holliday
    OF: Matt Kemp
    OF: Nyjer Morgan
    UTIL: Adrian Beltre, Kyle Blanks, Alcides Escobar, Jason Heyward or Todd Helton
    SP: Felix Hernandez
    SP: Justin Verlander
    SP: Jon Lester
    RP: Frank Francisco
    RP: Jon Broxton
    SP: Mat Latos
    SP: Fausto Carmona
    SP: Brandon Webb (DL)
    RP: Bobby Jenks

  152. Slam says:

    Hey man, I’ve been following your posts pretty hardcore, drafted last week in a 12 team 7×6 (BB’s, Slugging, Qs), kind of a weird format, favors power hitters. This is my lineup. I had second pick, took A Rod instead of Han Ram, as a yankee fan I am convinced A Rod is going to hit 50 bombs, but most would disagree. My biggest dilemma is middle infield, can’t decide if I want Ian Desmond or Alcides Escobar, I am short on speed, but with this format it might be worth more to have a more well rounded player like dessie. Would be great to get your opinion. Thanks for all the help.

    c – G Soto
    1b – Votto
    2b – Asdrubal
    ss – Desmond
    3b – A Rod
    mi – Ian Stewart
    ci – Zimmerman
    of – J. Upton, J. Bruce, C. Quentin, D. Span
    Util Julio Borbon
    BN Chris Davis

    SP – Lester, Nolasco, Hamels, Liriano, Slowey, E. Santana, Scherzer, Valverde, Aardsma, Dotel, Mike Gonzo, Madson

  153. Principal Blackman says:

    Should I trade Mark Reynolds for Ryan Zimmerman straight up, in one of my h2h leagues, to a guy that has Jose Lopez slotted in at first base? I personally like the trade because I don’t like Reynols for another 20 stolen bases, and without that, he’s not nearly the player Zimmerman is imo.


  154. Howie Met Your Mother says:

    an addendum to my prior post, I also have Clay Bucholtz.

  155. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GTS: Looks a little better for OPS than OBP, so there ya go.

    @Howie Met Your Mother: I’d take Upton there.

    @Slam: No problem. I’d go with Desmond i that format. Your pitching looks very strong, perhaps stronger than your hitting. Your hitting doesn’t look bad, just a bit light on speed, but in that format, it’s for the best. Overall, solid team.

    @Principal Blackman: I’d want Zimmerman too.

  156. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    Thanks for the advice Grey! I think I’m going to accept, but i’m just real concerned about my lack of pitching depth after Lester and Felix.

  157. Lone Wolf says:

    Hey Grey, wanted your opinion on this trade. My hitting and pitching are pretty equal at this point, so consider it in a vacuum. Categories include OPS and K/BB. I give Sabathia, Granderson, and Marmol for Upton and Hamilton. Thanks

  158. Lone Wolf says:

    Justin Upton, that is.

  159. Griffey24 says:

    Hey Grey the site is always a great read just wondering if you could give some thoughts on my team. 12 team roto.

    C-Geovany Soto
    1B- Miguel Cabrera
    2B-Robinson Cano
    3B- Gordon Beckham
    SS- Yunel Escobar
    LF- Matt Holliday
    CF- Jayson Werth
    RF- Adam Dunn
    Util- Garret Jones
    BN- Adrian Beltre
    BN- Alcides Escobar
    BN- Jason Heyward
    BN- Franklin Gutierrez

    SP- Jon Lester
    SP- Matt Cain
    SP- John Danks
    RP- Bobby Jenks
    RP- Matt Lindstrom
    P- Carlos Zambrano
    P- Ryan Madsen
    P- Randy Wolf
    BN-Francisco Liriano
    BN- Mat Latos

    We also have FPCT, TB, OPS and L, QS, HRA

  160. Andre the Giant says:

    Dutch Ovened, that’s hilarious. I think I might have to finally tell a few of my buddies about this site.

  161. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Griffey24: I think for that shallow of a league your hitting should be a bit better, it’s not terrible though. Yunel’s not worth owning. Neither is FraGu. Not sure what you’re doing with Beltre and Heyward either. To draft all of those guys you’re not going to use, you could’ve drafted some better pitchers. Your pitching doesn’t look strong enough. I’d see if you can turn some of your bench hitters into a decent starter.

  162. Ryan says:

    @Grey, what is your projeceted line looking like on Maybin?

  163. Swapnil says:

    Hey Grey,
    What do you think abt Kazmir.. What Numbers do you think he finishes with this season? Everybody is pretty low on him for this year? Hes gone to a good organization and he’s a strikeout pitcher…. If he can get it all together can he become a soft ace?

  164. Howard says:

    Hi Grey, Need to pick up an OF to replace Bradley for 12 team H2H:
    Maybin, Fowler, Stubbs, Snyder, D. Young, S. Rodriguez? Thanks.

  165. Fuzzy Dunlop says:

    Is Alex Gordon worth keeping on my bench or am I better off picking up Brandon Wood? Standard 12 team 5×5 league. Thanks.

  166. Ryan says:

    Chris Young, Ben Sheets, or Scott Kazmir-Whose got the biggest upside this year?

  167. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ryan: None? Sheets

  168. Ryan says:

    What about Ervin Santana do you particularly like…i like Liriano, Harden and David Price better than Ervin

  169. Howard says:

    Mr. Grey, Been readin your shizz all day. Don’t know how I got here (you know how the net is, you click on a link and…voila..razzball!), but I sure have a better idea of where I’m going. I feel bad about dumping some old guys with no upside and looking forward to dreaming in Sanchezzz Tekkkkknicolor. Thanks for the hours of mirth and peerless prognostications! I’m managing four teams (2 H2H and 2 Roto) am a longtime Expos fan (love the references to Ron Leflore!) and looking forward to a great season!

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