Now’s the time when we put all of our 2010 baseball predictions in one place.  Then in October we can look back at this and laugh.  Oh, and we will laugh.  Big, bellowing, seat of your pants laughs.  Hindsight is indeed 20/20.  But where’s the harm in setting ourselves to look like jackasses?  We run a fantasy baseball blog, after all.  Grey’s picks in RED.  Rudy’s picks in BLUE.  Anyway, here’s our predictions for baseball’s post-season awards and whatnot:

AL Pennant WinnerMinnesota Twins – The Yankees would’ve been the easy choice here, but I’m a small market kind of guy.  Some would call me a hero.  Who?  I’m not sure.  Nevertheless!  I think Slowey and Baker have huge years, the bullpen is deep enough to take the Nathan blow and they have enough bats to beat the sorry AL Central pitching staffs.

AL Pennant WinnerNew York YankeesUnless I’m getting some type of odds on this thing, I’m taking the Yanks.  They were fortunate last year with the injury bug given their age but their team is perfectly built for that stadium and got Curtis Granderson and Javier Vazquez without giving up anyone with short-term value.

NL Pennant WinnerLos Angeles Dodgers – May be the only time a team with the Opening Day starter, Vicente Padilla, is chosen to win the pennant.  Contrary to their choice for Opening Day, they have a solid staff for a playoff series and enough offense to beat any NL team on any given day.

NL Pennant WinnerColorado RockiesI can’t go and pick a repeat of last year’s World Series so I’m going to assume the Phillies’ 2nd half of the rotation and bullpen collapses.  I think the Cardinals are the only team in the NL Central that can win it and just feel that Wainwright/Carpenter won’t pitch more than 300 IP total.  The Dodgers’ have absolutely no SP depth behind Kershaw/Billingsley.  So I’m going with the Rockies.  Great depth, players with youth/upside, and no major weaknesses.

World Series ChampionDodgers – Still never been to a World Series game and would like to go.  Thank you!

World Series ChampionRockies – The Yankees can’t beat expansion teams in the World Series.

AL ROYScott Sizemore – Who’s going to steal at-bats from him?  Ramon Santiago?  The Ram-Santi?  C’mon, the Ram-Santi sounds like a shawarma place.

AL ROY –  Brian MatuszThe two Detroit rookies (Sizemore, Austin Jackson) both have potential but will be weak on AVG.  Any support might cancel each other out with Matusz winning the award with a 12-10/4.00 ERA/150+ K type season.

NL ROYStephen Strasburg – Lots of times the ROY doesn’t start the year with the club, I think this will be another time.

NL ROY – – Jason Heyward – A .280 / 20 HR season should do it.

AL Cy YoungFelix Hernandez – He’s going to win at least one of these awards one of these years, why not this year?  Rhetorical!  (For what it’s Wuertz, I almost picked Slowey.  I’m crazy… like Jake Fox!)

AL Cy YoungFelix HernandezThere’s a lot of competition with Greinke, Verlander, Sabathia, Lee, and Lester but I’ll go with F-Her too.

NL Cy YoungClayton Kershaw – His team can get him Wins, he can get Ks and his home park doesn’t hurt.  Plus, he pitches against the Padres and Giants every third game.

NL Cy YoungRoy Halladay – He’s going to enjoy his first year in the NL.

AL MVPEvan Longoria – If Longoria can buoy his average and the Rays can sneak into the Wild Card, I like Longoria’s MVP chances.

AL MVPJoe Mauer – Any catcher who can hit .330+ and 20+ HRs gets my vote.

NL MVPChase Utley – Pujols is too obvious for me.

NL MVPAlbert PujolsPujols is too obvious.

Now put your picks in the comments and we’ll look back on this in October and mock each other.

  1. GTS says:

    Robot Jones!!!

  2. GTS says:

    I don’t own him I just like saying that.

  3. Denys says:

    My love for Garrett is only supplanted by Grey’s love of Ian Desmond.

  4. 1000 bonus points to Grey for the ‘Being There’ reference. Nice start by Pedroia yesterday, I drafted him for RCL with a bit of reluctance as hes not really a guy I would target normally but I needed a 2b there with some speed and Phillips was gone the pick before. Maybe it will work out for the best.

  5. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GTS: It is a fun nickname.

    @elijah: Hey, two people caught it.

  6. Denys says:

    Is Robot Jones a candidate for ROY? Cuz that’s my pick right there, right now.

  7. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    It’s totally irrational, but there’s actually a part of me, on Opening Day, that watches and thinks, “Damn, Julio Borbon is oh-fer-one. I guess that pick was a mistake.”

  8. @Grey:

    I guess you approve of me having both Longoria and Kershaw on my RCL squad! Yeah me! Shoot, I even got Sizemore too.

  9. Lava says:

    Votto also homered. Glad I got him in my auction league. Hooray!

  10. Go Joey go!

  11. Denys says:

    THAT’S TWO! Wooot Garrett!

  12. ThePoonTycoon says:

    jesus christ robot jones

    why didn’t i draft you in any of my leagues when you were sitting there nice and cheap?

  13. BSA says:

    @elijah: Pedroia would be psyched to hear his name mentioned as a speedy 2nd baseman. He and Youk had a bet 2 years ago about who was the slowest on the team between he and Youk.

  14. Grey

    Grey says:

    Mini-mini Donkey!

  15. Nathan says:


  16. Rizzo says:


  17. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Grey: STEWART STEWART OMG the legends were true!

  18. Howard says:

    My new team name is “Robot Jones Blow-up Doll”. Holy Toledo.

  19. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    I’m actually mad at Hawpe for scoring on that wild pitch. Didn’t he understand MOUNT STEWART was coming to the plate, TO CRUSH THE BALL??

  20. bobbo says:

    Robot Jones! Mini-Mini-Donkey!

  21. Nathan says:

    And wait… did Brad Hawpe score from 2nd base on a wild pitch to rob Stewart of another RBI? That seems to be what Gameday is telling me.

  22. AdamH says:

    Haha I love that everyone came on here STAT just to say


  23. Back to Minors says:

    Ian Desmond!!…..oh wait…

  24. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nathan: Yes, Hawpe did. The slowest man on Earth, but Zaun was going after the ball, so there’s that.

  25. Denys says:

    But let’s not get carried away. It’s Vicente Padilla after all…

  26. @Grey:

    The Boston Burro, heh.


    He can get 15 SB, thats all that matters to me. The point being really, normally I woulda taken Cano over him but I had no steals guys drafted at that juncture.

  27. Lava says:

    Stewart and Votto. A good day for team Razzball.

    (And we all need to take shots)

  28. Nathan says:

    @Grey: Must have been one hell of a wild pitch.

  29. Jeez my ESPN warmup team for the RCL (another 12 team roto) I have Robot Jones, Stewart, and Pujols, 4 HR already.

  30. Beau says:

    Robot Jones and Rasmus in util spots 1 and 2 in $$ league, too bad they have to play another 6 months. Either way, im tickled pink!

    WTF does that mean anyways?

  31. sean says:

    Maybe I’m baseball deficient, but it seems like there’s been a ton of fantasy-relevant HRs already today (Pujols, Rasmus, Votto, Robotx2, Konerko, Wright, Howard, Lind, Vernon, Stewart)

  32. Dingo says:

    With Quentin and Vlad on my team, I’m kicking everyone’s butt in HBP today.

  33. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @sean: yeah, a friend and i were just joking that there must be some new undetectable ‘roids on the market and the players are keeping it on the dl.

  34. Lava says:

    Meanwhile, my team that does NOT have Votto and Stewart is 1/7 with a whole lot of nothin’. Clearly it’s because I didn’t take either of those two.

  35. sean says:

    I know it’s against Johan, but Maybin doesn’t resemble anything close to a major league hitter (3k, 100% awful ABs)

  36. @sean:

    Johan’s demise seems to have been reported a bit prematurely.

  37. Grey

    Grey says:

    @sean: Yeah, Maybin doesn’t look good.

  38. Beau says:

    So who is this year’s Bonaficio, ive gotta pick him up so i can sell him and a sagnof to some schmowner for beckett or cc.

  39. Nathan says:

    Quentin scores on a wild pitch. Too bad it wasn’t from 2nd base — that may have made the universe implode.

  40. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Beau: Could be Carlos Gomez.

  41. Another Masher for Pujols. That team now has 5 Hr’s already.

  42. sean says:

    Pujols has to be juicin

  43. Dingo says:

    geez, Pujols! Who do you think you are, Garrett Jones?

  44. AL KOHOLIC says:

    johnny bench after alberts 2nd hr,why are we throwing this guy strikes,id walk him 3 or 4 times a game

  45. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @elijah: rasmus smashed his and stole a 2nd hr from rolen

  46. @Grey: Nah, not Gomez…has to be somebody with no history of failed expectations in fantasy baseball. Goodface was perfect, everyone loves the idea of an unknown minor leaguer setting the league on fire (especially pyromaniacs).

  47. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    Between my toggling back and forth from Yahoo! to here to Yahoo! to here, I had a brainstorm:

    I feel like we’ve always needed a nickname for the frequent commenters, the peripheral groupies, the deranged misfits that make up the larger Razzball community. (You know, like how Clay Aiken has Claymates. DON’T ACT LIKE YOU DON’T KNOW.)

    In other words, all the familiar faces that aren’t Grey or Rudy, i.e. don’t sport mustaches or awesome hair and baseball brains bigger than the whole outdoors. Sure, we could be called Razzballers or the razzeratti or the razzoteriat or Far from the Razzing Crowd. But those lack poetry, a certain pizz-razz.

    Then it came to me:


    Like Robot Jones’ day today, just let it soak in.

  48. Beau says:

    Is it asking too much for rasmus to go deep again?

  49. Beau says:

    Whats the likelihood I could follow all these games as closely and with as much excitement all season without going insane and/or losing my job? Which would come first?

  50. anon says:

    Anyone notice that YAHOO’s stat tracker is actually updating at a reasonable speed today? Anyone seen any flying pigs? Did hell freeze over? ::knocks on wood::

  51. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    Marcum is owning the Rangers through four. This time of the year totally kills me because I’d have to abandon ship on Sheets, Hughes, or Cueto to pick him up.

    Should I hold tight?

  52. Beau says:

    @anon: Of course it lists players as either 0, 50, or 100% owned, so theyre still staying true to doing things the yahoo way.

  53. Dingo says:

    Ha! Crapolanco just crapped all over Batista’s intentional walk of Rollins

  54. anon says:

    hahaha crapolanco grand slam

  55. GopherDay says:

    STEWART!!!! Oh wait…got here a little late. Oh well!

    I checked my team and Pujols has his 2 homers and Stewart has his…and the guy with Robot Jones benched him!!! Good day!!

  56. Back to Minors says:


  57. sean says:

    A Crapolanco salami. Blech.

  58. Eddy says:

    Yea, it looks like Crapolanco caught wind of how much we rank on him here at Razzball

  59. Iceman says:

    Non-keeper h2h league: drop Chapman for Marcum?

  60. GTG says:

    Dodgers over Yankees in 7
    NL MVP: Kemp
    AL MVP: ARod
    NL Cy: Halladay (duh)
    AL Cy: Slowey (crazy)
    NL ROY: Desmond
    Al ROY: Sizemore

  61. bobbo says:

    Who intentionally walks Rollins to pitch to Polanco? Don’t the Nats know that guy is roiding?

  62. GopherDay says:

    Halladay finds it humorous that the Nats are considered a real MLB team…

  63. GopherDay says:

    Wright has a homer…I’m feeling better about him already.

  64. Dingo says:

    Bases loaded for Stewie…

  65. Nathan says:

    Stewart up with the bases loaded…!

  66. GopherDay says:

    Is stattracker still stat crappy for everyone?

  67. Dingo says:

    Meh, I’ll take the sac fly.

  68. Nathan says:

    In play, run(s)….!

    But it’s a sac fly. Oh well, I’ll take it!

  69. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: We need a “Mini-mini Donkey Stalker Thread” It would get a lot of attention here! Ha!

  70. GTG says:

    My Razzball team is 0 for 10, with 5 Ks. The Spa is mine.. MINE MINE MINE!!!

  71. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GopherDay: Hehe

    @GTG: Yeah, my Westbrook’s looking real nice.

  72. Nathan says:

    Is anyone actually watching the Rockies game? How does Ubaldo look?

  73. Tom Reale says:

    Crapolanco…best power hitter in baseball?

  74. I’m out of control…I’m already trying to figure out who the next Ian Stewart will be…

  75. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nathan: I’m watching. Eh, not that sharp.

  76. Nathan says:

    Padilla just intentionally walked Jeff Clement to get to Andy LaRoche. I hate you, Padilla.

  77. Meh, whats wrong with Josh Johnson today, 4 BB in 5 IP.

  78. Grey

    Grey says:

    Buerhle just did a Magic Johnson pass to 1st.

  79. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    @Grey: Thanks. One more Marcum query. Dotel, Capps, Nunez, K. Wood, and Morales are all on waivers.

    Drop Aardsma for Marcum until I see which SP pans out?

  80. Tom Reale says:

    @Nathan: NL CY = Jimenez

  81. Professor Chaos says:

    Drop Chapman, Alcides, or Desmond for Marcum? 12 team H2H non-keeper

  82. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Yo Soy No Bueno: Sure, I could see that move with all of those closers on waivers.

    @Professor Chaos: Chapman, but you shouldn’t have droppable MIs on your team either.

  83. @Grey:

    Whats with all this Marcum talk? What am I missing?

  84. Grey

    Grey says:

    @elijah: He’s just pitching well. Nothing really. Everyone picking him up will be dropping him when he faces the Rays, Sox and Yankees.

  85. wily mo says:

    just dropped romero for marcum. opening day!!!

  86. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    @Grey: A perfect game (6ks) through 6 @ Texas is pitching pretty damn “well”…no?

  87. @Grey:

    Oh there was an ESPN piece on him, no wonder.

  88. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    Jeff Clement — intentionally walked.

    The legend grows.

  89. Go CarGo! He seems to like the leadoff spot today.

  90. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Yo Soy No Bueno: True, very well. And Buerhle’s has like 6 perfect games.

  91. Dingo says:

    @Grey: Also an HBP… and now a walk.

  92. KarlJ. says:

    Crap, I benched Marcum today on my RCL team
    I do have Santana and Robot Jones though

  93. rederic says:

    Brandon Phillips just stole 3rd made no sense at all down 3. I think he may have drafted him self in fantasy.

  94. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    @Grey: Point taken.

  95. Stephen says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Can I be part of this group or do I write too many articles.

  96. Nathan says:

    Gomez now 2-3 with a run and a SB…

  97. Eddy says:

    Quentin is quietly putting together a nice game.

  98. Yo Soy No Bueno says:

    @Grey: Much less likely he gets picked up now. Maybe I did everyone a favor?

    My apologies to anyone with a Shaun Marcum jersey.

  99. Denys says:

    Dudes. Pick up Marcum, wait for another good start (that hopefully comes) and trade his ass. DUHHHH!

    Drop a bench-warmer you’re not going to use anyway… An Ian Desmond, for example.

    And let me explain. Grey can’t be right about two Ians. So if Stewart is good, Desmond won’t be. If Ian McKellen is a good actor, then Ian McShane is a shit one. (go ahead, IMDB him, I’ll wait…) etc.

  100. Nice work on the Jinx, got me a 3 run dinger!

  101. Stephen says:

    @Stephen: EDIT: question mark (?) instead of a Period (.)

  102. Eddy says:

    What do you use to watch all the MLB games?

    With 4 teams this year, flipping back and forth between several Gamedays at is a bit tedious. I’m thinking of upgrading and I wanted some advice on what’s the best direction to take

  103. Denys says:

    Marcum just got rocked in the 7th anyway.

  104. AL KOHOLIC says:

    cruz says,welcome back

  105. sean says:

    @Grey: I have to disagree. He’s working at 96 (hit 99), and he’s only given up one hard hit ball (to Braun). The way he just froze Fielder was massively impressive.

  106. Eddy says:

    @Yo Soy No Bueno:
    Nelson Cruz waves hello from my RCL team :)

  107. sean says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: this is my boom stick

  108. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: Direct TV

    @Denys: It’s okay, I think everyone knows the Deadwood guy too.

  109. GopherDay says:

    @Yo Soy No Bueno: You know what!! This is killing me.

    Marcum gives up a homer to Cruz.

  110. Grey

    Grey says:

    @sean: He made Braun look bad too, but the shadows might also be playing into it. He still has great stuff, it’s not like I don’t like him. But I don’t think he’s been that clear with his pitches. Few mistakes.

  111. sean says:

    just heard that mini-mini-donkey hit his HR on a 3-0 pitch. Marbles.

  112. Grey

    Grey says:

    @sean: Yeah, he did. Gallardo laid one in.

  113. sean says:

    feliz pitching in the 8th in arlington. gonna take a peek.

  114. Eddy says:

    Channel 213, MLB Network?

  115. Eddy says:

    Nevermind, I’m pretty sure you use MLB Extra Innings, just looked it up

  116. That ‘Lets have Padilla go opening day’ idea sure was a winner.

  117. danimal35 says:

    @sean: not looking good

  118. rederic says:

    if the Nat’s wanted to put strass on a triple A team why didint they just keep him on the nationals?

  119. Cain Fan says:

    AL Pennant: Yanks
    NL Pennant: Rockies
    WS Champ: Yanks

    AL ROY: Wade Davis
    NL ROY: Mat Latos

    AL Cy Young: Jake Peavy
    NL Cy Young: Ubaldo Jimenez

    AL MVP: Mark Teixeira
    NL MVP: Matt Kemp

  120. Eddy says:

    So anyone else facing a H2H team that has Pujols?

    Dude is killing me. Not to mention he had Youk and Cano go for him last night.


  121. danimal35 says:

    @sean: but at least he has more than a K/inning

  122. sean says:

    @danimal35: yeah, i think i need to go purge.

    @Grey: Ubaldo lucked out again. I’ll take it, but I’m not quite so impressed with the way he’s had baserunners all day.

  123. john says:

    Thank you Colby Rasmus and Macha for helping me easily switch the blade on the guy in shades.

  124. Drew says:

    AL Pennant: New York Yankees. The champs improved a ton over the offseason and had the good sense to let Matsui and Damon go. If the Red Sox are able to trade for Adrian Gonzalez, it could throw a wrench in things.

    NL Pennant: Colorado Rockies. Superb all-around team. I think the Phillies will have a tremendous season but falter in the playoffs.

    World Series: New York Yankees. This is the best team they’ve had since the dominant late 90’s squads.

    AL ROY: Austin Jackson, Detroit Tigers. Leading off, he’ll swipe tons of bags. Old school baseball dudes will drool over him.

    NL ROY: Jason Heyward, Atlanta Braves. Don’t want to look foolish by going against the grain and making a sexy pick.

    AL Cy Young: Felix Hernandez. I don’t think this will even be a contest unless someone else racks up a ton of wins.

    NL Cy Young: Ricky Nolasco. OK, ignore what I said before about not wanting to sound stupid. So many strikeouts, so few walks. I just can’t resist.

    AL MVP: Alex Rodriguez. 30-100 despite missing the beginning of the season with injury? I think he could get 40-120-20 in 2010 unless they figure out a way to test for HGH.

    NL MVP: Albert Pujols. He might cure cancer too.