Matt Lindstrom was named the Astros closer.  Over/under on game-winning HRs given up to Pujols:  3.  Lindstrom had a 1.65 WHIP and a 5.89 ERA last year.  So, no, I don’t think he’s safe.  Would I own him?  Sure.  I also don’t think the Astros will have that many saves so it’s not worth holding onto Brandon Lyon, unless your league’s very deep or you don’t trust yourself to be the first one to the waiver wire to grab Lyon if/or when Lindstrom’s removed from the closer role.  Just think, better you wasted a low draft pick on Lyon than $5 million per year over three years.  Somewhere, Ed Wade’s toupee shrugs.  Anyway, here’s what else is going on in fantasy baseball:

Ian Kinsler – May start the year on the DL.  More like a month of May start.  Okay, if you’re not paying attention to my hints over the last two days of posts, I’m officially worried about Kinsler.  If he’s not good in April and not good in the 2nd half, when’s he going to be good?  May through June?  I’d pull up on the Kinsler throttle if I were drafting this weekend.  If you’re already pot-committed, I would just hold tight and hope for the best.  You don’t short sell your 2nd round pick, unless of course you’re getting a 2nd rounder back.  Why am I so worried about Kinsler and not, say, Reyes?  Reyes is coming two to three rounds later.  Reyes can run at full speed; Kinsler can’t run.  He hasn’t been able to run since March 12th.  Earth to Kinsler owners, that ain’t good.

Lance Berkman – The whole testing the knee thing didn’t go well.  His knee swelled up like fugu.  Doesn’t sound like he’ll be ready for Opening Day.

Nate Robertson – The Tigers are paying the Marlins $9.6 million to take Robertson.  This should be the sequel to Sophie’s Choice.  The Tigers deciding between an atrocious pitcher and almost ten million dollars.  “Well… It is ten million dollars and we are going to lose at least 70 games.”  “Nate Robertson could lose that many by himself.” “You’re right.  I’ll call the Marlins.”

Felix Pie – Officially named the Orioles’ left fielder.  Trembley said they’re just taking it easy on Reimold because of his Achilles’.  What’s up with him pulling a Kotchman with his Achilles’?  He had this surgery back in September.  Reimold is talented, but you can’t wait around for an injured sleeper.  In most leagues, I’d let him go and grab a different outfielder.

Kevin Millwood – I feel like everywhere he goes he’s the number one pitcher on his staff and that’s more of an indictment of his current team’s pitching staff than anything.  Behind Millwood on the Orioles staff:  Guthrie, Matusz, Bergesen and David Hernandez, who I believe starred opposite Kirsten Drunkst in Crazy/Beautiful.  Someone who’s obviously missing…

Chris Tillman – Didn’t make the Opening Day roster.  The Orioles are obviously playing for 2014.  Maybe the Tigers can pay for the Orioles to play some of their rookies.  If you own Tillman, you shouldn’t anymore outside of keepers and AL-Only leagues.

Ryan GarkoMariners placed him on waivers.  Really thought the Mariners would use him in their platoon and not Sweeney.  I was wrong.  Not the first time, won’t be the last.  Luckily, my mustache catches most of my mistakes.

David Freese – Tony La Russa took time away from saving chinchillas and officially named Freese the Opening Day 3rd baseman.  Went over what Freese can do at the deep sleeper post.  (La Russa also named Garcia the 5th starter.  He got some face time in this post.  Then there’s this post that you’re reading right now.  I mean, I’m assuming you’re reading it.  Otherwise, you’re just staring at the screen.  That’s a little weird.  Hey, is it distracting for me to talk to you while you’re reading?)

Mark Teixeira – Was hit by a pitch the other day on the elbow, causing a contusion.  When Tex was hit, Nick Johnson winced and nearly threw out his back.  Both should be fine for Opening Day.

Aroldis Chapman – The Reds are expected to send Chapman to the minors to start the year.  That’ll give Dusty only half a season to wear out his arm.  I have faith in Dusty though; he can get it done.  Dusty stockpiles arms like a mujahid.

Francisco Liriano – Will be the 5th starter for the Twins.  Now the guy who was standing next to the guy who was thinking about Liriano as the closer can get rid of his “I’m With Stupid” shirt.  Wanna read all about Liriano’s sleeper status, get on it.

Corey Hart – Melvin said Hart’s not guaranteed a job.  It’s something to take note of, but I think this might just be trying to light a fire under him.  Who else are they going to?  Jim Edmonds?  I think he’s a MLB Network commentator.  Jody Gerut?  She screwed up my order at Friendly’s last week.

Mat Latos – Continued his real solid spring, which was briefly interrupted by arm issues.  If he’s made their fifth starter, it’s a hodgepadre with upside, aka giddy up.

Jamie Moyer – Named the Phillies 5th starter.  In related news, dirt’s old.

Cody Ross – Might open the season on the DL.  Might be the best thing that happens to you if you own him.  Now you can pick up someone else.

Eric StultsDodgers sold him to a team in Japan.  Is this the player to be named later for Kuroda?  Japan is littered with Rocky Dennis Fan Clubs so it’s unclear if the Japanese team knew which Eric Stults they were getting.

  1. Den says:

    Grey, already had my draft. In light of the rare genius of Dusty Baker, would you drop A. Chapman for Latos?

  2. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    “When Tex was hit, Nick Johnson winced and nearly threw out his back.”

    It’s 12:30 a.m. West Coast time and I just figuratively (well that’s because a guy ain’t gonna get any sleep if he is drinking coffee at this time of night) spit coffee all over the keyboard.

    Can a guy fall asleep laughing?

  3. Gareth says:

    Ryan Braun, the Kansas City Royals relief pitcher who has yet to throw an inning in the bigs, is owned in 2.7 per cent of ESPN leagues.

    I mean, honestly.

  4. Gareth says:

    Oh, and can we PLEASE start with the games soon? I’m going absolutely stir crazy.

  5. Terrence Mann says:


    You know some scandalous sneaky focks are trying to trade Braun for 2nd round picks….happened a few years ago in fantasy football with “the other Ricky Williams”. Dumbasses fall for it.

    Anyway, I’m sure that Rocky Dennis would get laid a lot in Japan, being a tall white dude and all.

  6. Ryan Beariot says:

    Hey Grey

    so i drafted this team in that AL-only 8 team league i mentioned previously. however, cbs failed and we didnt get any bench spots at the time of the draft, so we’re adding them in another draft in the next day or so. lemme know what you think i should add.

    C – kurt suzuki
    1b – justin morneau
    2b – SEAN ROD
    3b – evan longoria
    ss – elvis andrus
    of – nelson cruz
    of – fra gu
    of – nick swisher
    util – chris davis

    sp – jon lester
    sp – matt garza
    sp – brett anderson
    sp – shaun marcum
    rp – joakim soria
    rp – brian fuentes
    rp – jon rauch
    rp – matt thornton

    now i obviously need some speed (which is why i’m thinking scott podsednik or failing that, chris getz (other available speedsters: brett gardner, willie bloomquist, vernon wells, randy winn, nick punto, and ick on down)) and as its a 1250 IP max, i need some starters too (but then, we all do). i was thinking of targeting fernando rodney as a fuentes backup (we have 6 bench spots and 3 minor league spots), andy pettitte (for the wins and the not terrible other numbers), maybe gil meche, duchscherer, maybe gio gonzalez, maybe travis snider as another hopeful hitter, and debating justin masterson as a SP role reliever.

    so other than that, do you see any pressing needs? guys in the free agent pool who are tops at their positions:

    run leaders: jack cust, jd drew, vernon wells, alberto callaspo, mike cameron, jermaine dye, ortiz, podsednik

    hr leaders: similar guys as above, add in inge, matsui, juan rivera (who i’m meh on), hank blalock, luke scott

    rbi leaders: similars, kouzmanoff (but do i need another 3b with longoria playing most of the games there? i doubt it), jhonny peralta, jim thome (who’s not really playing)

    sb leaders listed above.

    sorry this entry is long, but other than the SB and average help of podsednik, any thoughts to add there? or does my team look relatively alright? Thanks for the help, love the site!

  7. BSA says:

    Good Morning All,
    As I read about Millwood, who I rode for a bit last year as my ace, I continue to think those Orioles have no chance of making it interesting in the AL East.
    Cody Ross tops the list named – Guys to Drop and Watch Go on a Hot Streak, Pick Him Up and he goes 0 for 30! Cody Ross just say No because I am sure I will say yes at some point. When I am gritchin about it here in August please reference me back to 3-31.

  8. Ryan Beariot says:

    @ BSA –

    did anyone think the orioles were going to make it interesting? i thought that’s what the rays were there for!

    and if millwood was your ace, what was the rest of your staff like?

  9. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Would you rather have Friese or Wood? I need steals and it an OBP league

  10. Real Tom says:

    Hey Grey, I just drafted in a 12 team 5×5 Roto. My team looks like your favorite players and Juan Pierre.

    C Iannetta
    1B Fielder
    2B Beckham
    SS A. Escobar
    3B Youkilis
    CI N. Johnson
    MI Scott Sizemore
    OF Holliday
    OF Granderson
    OF Werth
    OF CarGo
    OF Bruce
    Util Pierre (JUST missed Borbon)
    Util Headley

    Bench: Hardy (til Beckham has eligibility)

    P Hamels
    P Cain
    P Billingsley
    P Cueto
    P Sanchez
    P Lilly
    RP Soriano
    RP Aardsma
    RP Dotel
    RP Bard
    RP Perez

    Is it me, or will I have a horrible WHIP? Even so… this is my money league, and I think I just bought my wife a new pair of shoes.

  11. I drink your milkshake. says:

    Grey (or anyone else who’d like to chime in):

    What is your strategy for add/drops in April? How willing are you to play the hot hand and hopefully strike gold vs. drop the player you drafted late?

  12. BSA says:

    @Ryan Beariot: My team was a joke but with good management I went from 12th to tied for third. I was OK with that for my second year in the RCL. Plus Millwood might not have been my ace but he did help me pull some good numbers out of my coolie when everyone else was struggling.

  13. Ryan Beariot says:

    @milkshake – well, i imagine grey will add something about not dropping your stars who are underperforming and all, but personally i find there’s always someone replaceable on your team; a year or two ago i was watching the opening night game, and i saw that rauch was closing as opposed to whoever everyone thought it was going to be at the start of the year.

    i waited and didnt bite because i couldnt stand to lose someone with all the K potential of Juan Cruz on the royals. fast forward to the end of the year and rauch’s saves would have definitely beat cruz’s 5 something ERA. so long story short imo, there’s always someone you can cut for something better. don’t get too attached to your players a la little big league; sometimes you gotta let a guy go.

    @BSA – ah, kk. i’m not a fan of him, but i base that upon the fact that my league has several guys i’d rather have then him. but that’s me.

  14. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @I drink your milkshake.: it depends on a lot of factors…i would never drop a proven guy unless he’s suddenly looking old and worthless, usually the back end of my drafts/auctions are full of high upside guys i am taking fliers on anyway. i also think pedigree comes into play, like if snider comes out stroking, i’m trying to pick him up asap because he’s a big-time prospect and he might be the next .300-30-100 guy, but if luke scott has a hot april, i’m not tripping over myself to grab him because i know what he is. don’t go crazy, like don’t drop teixeira if he starts slow because someone is pulling a chris shelton out there (who was never a big prospect to begin with), but if the guys at the back end of your draft (the ian desmond, the scott sizemore, the random MR guy you are hoping eventually gets a closing role, etc) start out slow, then they are expendable.

  15. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Ryan Beariot: i wouldn’t exactly say juan cruz has ever fallen in the “stars” range of players. he’s pretty much exactly the type of expendable player i’m thinking about (MR guy you’d hope ends up with some save opportunities).

  16. Maitland says:

    I might be the only one glad that Berkman is going on the DL, just because my plan when drafting him was to grab a catcher when he first went on the DL.

    Granted, at this point, I can drop Corey Hart fairly easily, but, still…

    Anyone know the situation with Chris Iannetta and Miguel Olivo in terms of playing time?

  17. Eddy says:

    Can you clarify what you mean with Reimold when you say “in most leagues” you’d let him go? I’m assuming in anything other than 5 OF leagues?

    And would you flip Kinsler for someone right now or it’s too early for that? If so, I’m assuming that only a 2nd rounder would do correct?

  18. Maitland says:

    @Eddy: As a Reimold owner, the way I’m going to play it is just keep him around and if there is a hot hand out there, I won’t hesitate to grab him. Reimold doesn’t seem like the kind of guy you’d really regret losing if someone else did pick him up, and, in all likelihood is the type of guy where if you pay attention to him the most, you’ll know when to pick him back up more than most.

  19. Charlie says:

    Best insurance for Berkman at CI?

    Gaby Sanchez
    Troy Glaus (leaning this way)

  20. Tony says:

    @I drink your milkshake.: i’ll say drop a late round flier for say another late round flier ish type guy i wanted to draft but just didn’t have room…. I mean if its someone you KNOW has potential, rookie, etc then take a shot…. i just dropped jake fox in my league for FREESE, i could really use the average and 20 HR’s at the CI slot. It all just depends, just make sure it makes sense and dont’ go dropping TULO because he starts slow in april/may or tex since he ALWAYS starts slow.

  21. Tony says:

    btw grey what do you think of dropping fox for freese? had to pull the trigger before fred and paullie wake up…. lol

  22. cnote says:

    Pick 2 of this group to fill 2 UTIL spots…Hart, Tejada, Krispie, Milledge, Francoeur, Clement (even though I don’t need a catcher).
    Please note, my league counts K’s as a negative stat for hitters. Based on this, I’m leaning toward Tejada (48 K’s in 09) as one of my choices, despite his across the board mediocrity.

    Charlie, I say you go with upside, meaning either Freese or Wood.

  23. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Maitland: As a (former) Reimold owner, I agree with you on every point… only I’m not keeping him around. He’s off all of my rosters. Of course, I’m in 10-teamers, so Kyle Blanks was available in two leagues where I had Reimold (probably the best replacement for Reimold you might find in FA), Fowler in another (he was a better fit for that team) and I already had a bench OF in the other league.

    @Eddy: Judging from past comments he’s made, I believe Grey is referring to 10 or 12-team leagues… or really, any league where you can find a serviceable replacement for him. As for Kinsler, doesn’t Grey’s writeup address your questions exactly?

  24. magicterp says:

    Does Ross going to the DL open the door for Stanton to be called up yet? Got an eye on that kid.

  25. Samsonite says:

    Who do I want, Trevor Hoffman vs Jason Frasor?

  26. ThePoonTycoon says:

    yeah, i think you have to sit on kinsler and hope he comes back after a week or 2 on the DL and plays well. you knew drafting him he has a lot of injury issues, and i can’t imagine someone else out there is gonna give up a healthy 2nd round quality bat for him, when they’ve got their 2B filled with cano ro stewart or someone.

  27. Mike says:

    Grey (or anyone else who’d like to comment)

    Thoughts on my 10 team H2H draft last night:

    C Napoli
    1B Fielder
    2B Uggla
    3B Zimmerman
    SS Bartlett
    CI Votto
    MI Stewart
    OF Upton
    OF Granderson
    OF Zobrist
    OF McCutchen
    OF Borbon
    UTIL Rasmus/Desmond

    SP J.Johnson
    SP Nolasco
    SP Billingsley
    SP Baker
    SP Hudson
    SP Sanchez
    SP Slowey
    SP Zambrano

    RP Marmol
    RP Francisco
    RP Gonzalez
    RP Lindstrom

    Thank you for your great advice!

  28. Commish Cauda says:

    ***20-team H2H-POINTS contract keeper league***

    What do you think of the following trade?

    Rickie Weeks (2011 contract)
    Mat Latos (2011) & Brendan Ryan (2010)

  29. Commish Cauda says:


    I would…Freese has a starting job at the moment, Fox doesn’t

  30. AdamH says:

    Hey Grey,

    Are you starting to get concerned about Johan at all or do you think he will be fine? Also, would you call him a good buy low candidate right now considering the way his spring is going? Thanks.

  31. Cain Fan says:

    Just a FYI. You can post your rosters on the forums part of the site and Grey is really good at getting back to you. I feel its an easier way to get feedback and not clog up posts, ‘cust sayin.

  32. MattW says:

    Have Reimold in my Util spot, and am considering dropping him. I am strong in power categories and decent in speed and am waffling between picking up Garrett Jones or Rajai Davis who were both surprisingly undrafted in my league.


  33. majortommy says:

    Grey 12 team 5×5 roto draft last night. I wanted to go with one more starter but could not pass up all the late closer(interim) and Chris Davis at the end. Latos, Kennedy, Wade Davis and Homer Bailey are available. Would you drop anybody for any of these guys?(p.s. please don’t hate on my Jeter pick, feeling very sensitive today, my business was flooded last night and I could use some good vibes.)
    1. (5) Mark Teixeira
    2. (20) Roy Halladay
    3. (29) Ryan Zimmerman
    4. (44) Derek Jeter
    5. (53) Adam Lind
    6. (68) Nelson Cruz
    7. (77) Clayton Kershaw
    8. (92) Ricky Nolasco
    9. (101) Carlos Mármol
    10. (116) Julio Borbón
    11. (125) Jay Bruce
    12. (140) Gordon Beckham
    13. (149) Frank Francisco
    14. (164) Carlos González
    15. (173) Miguel Montero
    16. (188) Mike González
    17. (197) Jason Frasor
    18. (212) Octavio Dotel
    19. (221) David Price
    20. (236) Ian Desmond
    21. (245) Chris Pérez
    22. (260) Chris Davis

  34. DavidSouter says:

    I’m actually considering dropping Soto for Clement in one league, and Russ Martin for Clement in another. I should get ahold of myself, right?

  35. Maitland says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: Definitely agree that Blanks is probably a solid replacement for him. You mentioned Fowler, how do you think he’ll be this year in general? I was looking at him yesterday because I think I need more speed on this team.

  36. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @DavidSouter: i wouldn’t drop soto for clement until you see how their seasons go. i personally think martin is garbage these days, but i would probably hold on to him too until i see clement in action. if i end up being the last guy in my league to draft a C, i’ll probably take clement, but he would have to be the 11th or 12th guy off the board for me to take him.

  37. Gary says:

    @grey: I have Jay Bruce, Dexter Fowler, Carlos Gonzalez, Travis Snider and Colby Rasmus in my OF. How many become decent players/breakout in a 12-team mixed league? Thanks

  38. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Tony: I’m awaaaaake…. I like this jumping the gun without Grey’s approval.

  39. Dingo says:

    That Mujahideen line is awesome. I would be remiss, however, if I did not point out that Mujahideen is actually the plural form. A single radical Islamic “freedom fighter” would be a Mujahid.

  40. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Den: Sure

    @Simply Fred: Hehe

    @Gareth: Ah, the ol’ other Ryan Braun trick. Hey, I’ll trade you Ryan Braun for Adam Dunn… Oh, hellz yeah! Then you realize you just traded Adam Dunn for Ryan Braun, the pitcher.

    @Terrence Mann: Yup

    @Ryan Beariot: This sort of question is much better handled in the forum. I’d lose an MR for Podsednik.

    @BSA: Yup

    @Jif & The Choosy Mothers: Thanks!

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: Freese is better for OBP.

    @Real Tom: Your WHIP will be weak, you could use another starter. Your hitting looks solid and Pierre. You’ll be weak on steals once you lose Pierre, or stop playing him.

    @I drink your milkshake.: Poon’s got some good things to say.

    @Eddy: Yes, re: Kinsler. Reimold’s playing hurt and losing time to Pie. There’s got to be something better in 14 team leagues or shallower.

    @Charlie: You can play Glaus for a week.

    @Tony: Go for it.

    @cnote: Freese, Tejada

    @magicterp: Don’t think so.

    @Samsonite: Assuming drafted at same spot — Hoffman.

    @Mike: Team looks short on power and high on speed for an H2H team. Your pitching looks very solid, I probably would’ve went not quite as strong there.

    @Commish Cauda: I’d take Latos.

    @AdamH: Buy low.

    @Cain Fan: Yup

    @MattW: Jones

    @majortommy: Sorry to hear about your business, that sucks. Must be on the East Coast, huh? You don’t look like you have anyone right now to drop. In fact, you did well. Real solid team. Probably too strong in pitching, so you can trade an arm down the road. But right now your hitting doesn’t look lacking, so well done.

    @DavidSouter: The Poon knows what it’s talking about.

    @Gary: 2

    @Dingo: Gotcha.

  41. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    Grey – 15 Mill for a MR gig? Nice work, Astros. Drafted Lyons strictly on his contract. Your posts are more depressing by the day. Six of my guys were hit today; Lyons, Chapman, Reimold, and Berkman, Kinsler, and Hart. On the plus side, you give us immediate info, and if one works in a New York Minute, you might even get your choice of replacement in your RCL. Dumped Lyons and Reimold promptly. You DID tell us to pick up Lindstrom, I believe.

    Thanks, as always.

    Nicked Johnson is a prime candidate for the Moises Alou Reverse-Ripken Award. Alou once hurt himself jogging back to the Mets dugout, and was on the DL for almost a month.

    How long would you think Chapman would be in the minors? With his stuff, experience, and contract, I wouldn’t imagine too long.

    @Simply Fred: Fred, your spittle travelled all the way to the East Coast, and just hit me on the chin. Next time, direct it towards the Pacific Ocean. BTW, our RCL now thinks that we have a secret source of info within Grey’s compound. I told them that it was the Meter Maid. Grey hired her for services unknown…

  42. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dingo: And thanks for the claro.

    @Paulie Allnuts: Yeah, Alou was a character. Aroldis — June

  43. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Gary: odds say 2 or 3. i’d probably rank the likelihood of a breakout as bruce > cargo > rasmus > snider > fowler.

  44. Dingo says:

    Now that I’ve got my nitpicking out of the way, here’s a question: In an 11-team league that counts Hits and OPS, where would you target Jose Reyes? My feeling is that OPS increases his value relative to standard 5×5 leagues, but I’m not sure by how much. Would it be crazy to reach for him in the 3rd round and handcuff him with EverCab at the end of the draft?

  45. Dingo says:

    @Grey: Happy to help! I wouldn’t want your numerous Taliban readers to feel neglected.

  46. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: Aroldis has something like a “we have to pay him $10 mill up front if he is up before … (something like June)” in his contract. Noted it in posts when he first signed, but not wanting to peruse back to it. You get the drift. At this point I’d be surprised if he came up before June.

  47. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: League-mates have us confused with teacher’s pet–Steve.

  48. preptime says:

    Rasmus or Ian Desmond over Corey Hart?

  49. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Simply Fred: But, don’t be surprised if I snag Chapman as soon as you drop him… :-)

  50. KarlJ. says:

    How many RCL leagues are we up to now?
    To this day, my crowning achievement in Fantasy Baseball is losing to porkburn in the original 16 Team RCL 2 years ago by .5 point when the stat tracker originally said I had taken the title.

    @Paulie Allnuts: Alou also fell off a treadmill one year and missed an entire season. He was most famous for peeing on his hands to avoid blisters.

    So did anyone watch Shawn Michaels retire the other night?

  51. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Simply Fred: That may be hard to do, as I own him in my Yahoo League, not my RCL:)

    Yes, I do remember that financial piece concerning Chapman.
    So Steve is the TP? waddayaknow.

    Actually, I think that Grey is pretty Democratic. I don’t see much people-pleasing going on around this site. If my team, or plan, is crap, I wanna know it. You know that about me, by now. And Grey pulls no punches. Ego deflation is good for my team.

    BTW, Happy Passover, to all who are celebrating.

  52. Ryan Beariot says:

    @ Grey

    then i’m off to make a forum topic in the roster rants section.

  53. Howard says:

    Can anyone recommend a good site where I can find and/or join a money league, and hopefully avoid fellow razzballers?

  54. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @KarlJ.: Wow, Karl, you are a True Razzball Original! I think that we should have a Razz Hall of Merit, perhaps located in Hoboken, where the True Hall of Fame should be located, right at Elysian Fields, buried under the ruins of the Maxwell House Coffee Plant. There should be a photograph of you and the Original Crew, perhaps in yellowed daguerreotype. We could have plaques for all the significant figures in our vast array of characters.

    I knew about the treadmill incident. Peeing in his hands is a new one on me.

  55. sean says:

    @Howard: I started playing Draft and Play at Fanball. Better payouts and fewer headaches than CBS. Not thrilled with the interface, but I’ve seen wackier drafts there too.

  56. Jackie says:

    Love the Jody Gerut joke!

    Can you please rank in order? Connor Jackson, JD Drew, Felix Pie.

  57. Jo says:

    @Grey: You haven’t said much about brett anderson this spring, but I’m thinking he’s a good “wannabe sleeper/Mid-round pick”. What do you think about the guy???

  58. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: That’s quite an assemblage of hits to your roster. I have been updating the War Room as trades are made. You have dropped from #2 to #8. The new leader in the clubhouse is Roger Dorn’s Nemesis (without making a move!).

  59. kwak says:

    With Desmond locking up the SS job in WASH, how do you rank the tempting late MI SSs:


    I’m gettting a broner for Desmond and his slept-on-itude and considering taking him over these other two. Am i crazy?

  60. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jackie: Jackson, Drew…

    @Jo: Threw a lot of innings last year; I’m wary.

    @kwak: Sure, grab Desmond. Everth has more steals though, if that’s what you’re looking for.

  61. Stephen says:

    @magicterp: He needs more time in the minors to fill some holes in his high strikeout swing. Earliest ETA, late August.

  62. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Maitland: I think Fowler is one of many guys that is worth taking a chance on. That said, I am in nine 10-team leagues and I only drafted him once… and I’ve now grabbed him as a Reimold replacement (a Re-mold, if you will) in a different league. So I guess I’m saying that I like a bunch of the other “could be”s better. I value power upside more than speed upside.

    @DavidSouter: Yeah, get a hold of yourself immediately. Soto and even Martin are better options right now. Wait for Clement to get some ABs before you jump on board. I had to take him in one league where there are NO other viable C options, but I’d rather be walking on solid Clement than playing with wet Clement.

  63. GTS says:

    Best bench player to have: Fowler, Headley, or Austin Jackson…

    Need a replacement for Kinsler for now: Kelly Johnson, Theriot, Aybar…

  64. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @GTS: Best bench player depends on the team. Why do you need a replacement for Kinsler now? Did Selig move opening day up (not putting it past him)? Seriously though, can’t you wait until you can slide him in a DL slot and then fill 2B without dropping anyone?

  65. KarlJ. says:

    @Paulie Allnuts:
    Thanks but I do not belong in the discussion with the true originals like pork, Doc, Baron, Steve, etc. I just was lucky enough to be invited to participate in the 1st one.

    @Grey: Yeah Michaels lost to Undertaker at Wrestlemania the other night. The stip was that if Michaels lost he had to retire. With most of my favorites from my youth either dead or retired ( Andre, Piper, Snuka, Stone Cold, Rock, HBK) I am starting to feel old.

  66. GTS says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: Just looking ahead because I’m sure Kinsler will miss time. Best bench player does depend on the team you’re right but I guess I wanted Grey to rank their potential…

  67. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GTS: Johnson

    @KarlJ.: Guess that means The Undertaker is still undefeated.

    @sean: Too bad he’s not ambidextrous.

  68. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Simply Fred: What trades? Nobody has made one as yet. All that is gone on so far is managers dropping schmohawks with downside and picking up schmohawks with upside. there really hasn’t been anybody dropped that I would want on my team. And that has dropped me from 2nd to 8th? Kinsler missing a bit of time, shouldn’t mean a hill of beans. Cliff Lee should be back soon. I did take a hit with Lyon, though. I admit that I could be feeling the first effects of a fellow manager putting a Hoodoo curse on me, but I am not in distress, at least as yet. I suppose the War Room doesn’t like me dumping starters that are really streamers, for theoretically I lose wins, but if it is that sensitive to minor changes, then I would think that there is a glitch that hasn’t been accounted for as yet. i could pick up equivelants in a NY minute. The War Room apparently has a prejudice against MR’s. They create K’s, lower WHIP and ERA, and give you an occasional win or save. This is not H2H, where my moves would have been borderline idiotic.

  69. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @sean: Hmm… did Madson just become more valuable than Rauch? (<– not rhetorical… looking for opinions).

  70. Commish Cauda says:

    @Paulie Allnuts:
    You guys referring to your RCL? If so, what “War Room” do you speak of? I don’t see one on my RCL homepage, (League #6). Or are you talking about your league’s message board?

    I love my RCL team, BTW. To quote Homer Simpson, after observing how many lottery tickets he bought:

    “I can’t lose…hehe”

  71. Commish Cauda says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: I would say Madson was more valuable than Rauch even BEFORE that news broke…

  72. Euroalien says:

    @I drink your milkshake.: I got burned last year by dropping both Morales and Butler too early. If I’d have held on to them I would have finished in the money in my league. So this year I’m going to be holding on a little longer…..

  73. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Commish Cauda: Possibly, but I see the Twins’ closer role something Rauch can make his own if he does well in April (plus I think he’ll get the opportunities, literally and figuratively, to do so), whereas Madson was going to the bench as soon as Lidge returned.

  74. Commish Cauda says:

    @Euroalien: I dropped Morales too early too last year. Sigh.

  75. Commish Cauda says:

    Grey, what do you think about offering a scared Reimold owner Cameron Maybin straight-up in a 16-team, H2H-POINTS league?

    Good move or kind of just a wash?

  76. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @Commish Cauda: Commish, you have to ask Fred. I am not a number cruncher; it hurts my head. Rumor has it that the War Room is esconced under 100′ of concrete, with a vast warren of multi-connected tunnels, with all of baseball’s statistical imput going back to the 1869 NY Atlantics upset win over the Cinncinatti Redlegs; this data has all been placed inside The Cray XD1 Cluster with Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Opteron processors. Only Fred and Rudy can operate it.

  77. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Grey: At what Reyesian discount does Kinsler become draftable? 4th round in a 12-teamer?

  78. Buge Hoobs says:

    I drafted Kinsler in 3rd in my 10 man 5 X 5 (29th overall). Would you rather drop T. Snider now to pick up Barmes for my MI slot, OR wait until Kinsler inevitably goes onto the DL, hopefully before my weekly roster deadline, possibly losing out on Barmes and then settling for Aybar? Or am I just overthinking things, Jonesin’ for the season to start already? I have B. Roberts in 2B and after 5 days my G. Jones will qualify for the MI slot, so this is just a temporary roster change.

  79. Commish Cauda says:

    @Grey: Wow, thanks Grey. I guess I am even undervaluing Maybin a bit.

  80. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Grey: No change in your Rauch > Madson opinion from yesterday?

  81. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Awesomus Maximus: Madson moves up with bad Lidge news. He’s over Rauch now.

  82. Commish Cauda says:

    ***16-team, H2H-POINTS League***

    We start 5 SPs and 2 RPs (counts HOLDS and QS as well as typical pitching stats).

    My staff:

    SP: Lincecum, Nolasco, Lilly, Kuroda, Latos, Hammel, Pavano, Rowland-Smith
    RP: Soria, Wagner, Mike Adams

    (1) I think I need some SP help. You agree?
    (2) If so, what do you think of this trade:

    Soria & Maybin
    Chris Perez & Jonathan Sanchez (or Matusz)

  83. GopherDay says:

    Grey, or anyone…Do y’all think Webb is worth a pickup? He was dropped the other day, and I’m thinking about grabbing him and stashing him on the DL whenever he gets there.

    The league set up might make him valuable. He was drafted in the 14th round this year, so I would be able to keep him in for a 12th round pick. (Unlimited Keepers btw) And I wouldn’t be dropping anyone important.

  84. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Commish Cauda: Really wanna lose Maybin, huh? That looks fine for you, I think you can get a better SP for Soria though.

    @GopherDay: If you have room on your DL, sure.


  85. Commish Cauda says:

    @GopherDay: depends on the league size, but if he doesn’t cost you anything, he’s worth a shot. He’s a lottey ticket, plain and simple.

    All it takes is a dollar and a dream…

  86. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @GopherDay: If you have an open DL spot why not. Could always drop him later if you need the room he never comes back.

  87. Buge Hoobs says:

    Correction: G. Beckham (not Jones) to become MI eligible in 5 days. Oops! Thanks for the speedy reply.

  88. Ben the M says:

    Your list is why every year I regret setting my draft too far ahead of the season. Dang Kinsler….

    I do have a chance to make less mistakes in my 20 team 5×5 h2h keeper league (6 keepers) draft that is coming up. All of the keepers are locked in and I am putting together my draft sheet. I have the #3, 7, & 19 picks in the first round, and was wondering if you could rank these guys for their overall keeper value (the top 11 on my draftsheet)


  89. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Grey: Yeah, my thinking, as well. All the save ops for most of April > most of the save ops in all of April.

  90. matthole says:

    @Simply Fred: @Paulie Allnuts: you guys are too funny. Reminds me of the movie “Grumpy Old Men” the way you two go at it…both of your teams and roger dorns look real solid (as do others)….war room = BFD let the games begin!

    Happy Passover Paul and to the rest of my fellow Tribesman

  91. Herb Urban says:

    I’ve been offered Dustin Pedroia straight up for Kinsler in a dynasty league that counts OPS and XBH. Do I take it to rid myself of Kinsler’s nagging injuries or just suck it up for a month with Orlando Hudson or Cliff Barmes until Kinsler returns?

  92. sparts says:

    Hey Grey, love the site.

    With Hart not guaranteed a job, would you take him or Rasmus for a 12 team roto league?

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