Justin Morneau has a stress fracture in his lower back.  Joe Mauer missed a month of the season with back pains.  I understand the Twins are a small market team with fiduciary concerns, but it might be a good investment to provide firmer mattresses for the team.  Punto can continue to sleep on the couch, if you like.  Morneau will be out for the season.  In non-keepers, you can drop him.  Cuddyer will start at 1st; he hit a homer yesterday.  Since Morneau was hitting .201 Post-All-Star Break, this isn’t the worst news for you.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Brian Fuentes –  If he were on the Phillies, he’d be hailed as having one of the greatest seasons a closer has ever had.  But when you’re the closer for The Town that Bobby Grich Built, you need to save at least 60 games with a 2 ERA.  41 saves and a 4 ERA just ain’t going to cut it.  Scioscia’s a tinkerer — Howie Kendrick’s hot…  Okay, we’re going to start Maicer Izturis! — So the latest is that Fuentes could lose saves to Kevin Jepsen.  I don’t think Jepsen will collect more than a few, but if you’re in a tight race for saves, you may want to grab him.

Reid Brignac – 4-for-4, HR and 3 RBIs yesterday with his first start in a week.  It would be wise for the Rays to give Brignac at-bats.  Though teams aren’t always wise.

Matt Wieters – 1-for-3, batting .265 on the year with 5 homers.  February Grey emailed me this, “I’m preparing Wieters to Posey comparisons.”

Adam Lind – Hit his 29th homer yesterday.  In the preseason top 80 outfielders post, I said, “Lind could be worth owning in all leagues.  That’s no idle compliment.  Man, you really know how to make a beanbag your own. That’s an idle compliment.”  And that’s me quoting me!  I also harped on him in April telling everyone to grab him.  Next year, there will be comparisons of Wieters for 2010 to Lind in 2009.  Trust me, when a big time prospect fails, I’m all over them.  Ask the People Against the Fantasy Ownership of Alex Gordon.

Jason Frasor – 1 IP, 2 ER and the blown save.  Well, that’s one way to get Downs put back in the closer role.

Bronson Arroyo – 7 IP, 1 ER.  Has a near 2 ERA in the 2nd half of the year.  Yup.

Jay Bruce – Returns from the DL.  I’m going to say Jay Bruce is the best outfielder in the history of the world.  And I’d be lying.  Jay Bruce is perhaps the most underperforming outfielder in the history of 2009.  That’s closer to the truth.  Jay Bruce can not help you whatsoever.  That’s lying again.  Jay Bruce might be able to give some slight value in deep leagues.  Yes, that sounds about right.

Brandon Phillips – HR yesterday.  Now has three straight 20/20 seasons.  Cust kayin’.

Brett Tomko – 9 IP, 0 ER.  Whatever Tomko’s stats are smoking it’s probably not legal.

Cliff Pennington – 2-for-4, and hitting near .450 in the last week.  Plus, his name sounds like he wears plaid trousers.

Ryan Dempster – 8 IP, 0 ER, 5 baserunners.  Has given up 4 earned runs in every other start for almost a month now.  If I were a betting man, I might say 6 IP, 4 ER vs. the Cards for his next start.

Carlos Gonzalez – 2-for-5, one steal.  He hit a huge dip over the weekend, going 1-for-11, but hopefully that was just a matter of playing in Petco.  No one wants to provide offense in Petco, it’s just the way it is.

Tim Lincecum – 7 IP, 1 ER, 11 Ks.  I’m still undecided, but I might draft Lincecum in the first round next year just to see how it feels to own him.

Ricky Nolasco – 5 IP, 7 ER.  It’s nice and all to have a solid K to walk ratio, but walk someone if it’s going to help you avoid giving up 7 earned runs!

Clayton Kershaw – Out at least 10 more days.  He originally hurt himself shagging flies.  Last person to hurt themselves like that was Jenna Jameson.

  1. TheGreatVeto says:

    I hate the A’s

  2. Eric says:

    Ciao Grey: When you’re figuring out whether or not to start a pitcher, how much do you weigh (a) how well he’s been pitching compared to (2) his history against that particular opponent or in that particular ballpark? It’s a theoretical question specifically related to John Lackey, who has been lights out lately but who gets knocked around by the BoSox, especially when he’s at Fenway. I’m about on pace for my innings limit.

  3. Eric says:

    Oh, and I hate the A’s as well. I have to be honest about these things.

  4. big o says:

    only a true A ‘s fan would have picked up tomko for a pitch-and-ditch .

  5. Lines says:

    Goddamn A’s.

  6. Vince says:

    I’m in the 2nd round of playoffs in my H2H league. Which pitcher would you drop to pick up Kuroda?

    My SPs are : Lester, Ubaldo, Billingsley, Hamels, Nolasco, Price, Kazmir, Ervin

    My RPs are : Street, Morales, Frank Frank, Frasor

  7. struggler says:

    Looking for a spot start tomorrow to make up for the damage Nolasco reeked: Mujica vs ARI, Davis @ SD, Norris @ CIN, Laffey @ MIN, Blackburn vs. CLE
    Davis @ SD would be a no brainer but he’s been terrible the last month. What do you think?

  8. Nathan says:

    Wow, a Wonder Twins reference? Awesome. Though “form of a waterbed” might have been more apt.

    What do you think about Gallardo vs. the Cubbies? ERA/WHIP is super-important in the playoffs, but my pitching staff has turned into a bunch of high K, high WHIP guys (Gallardo, Sanchez, Scherzer) and low K, low WHIP guys (Carpenter, Arroyo, Pineiro), so I need to stay competitive in K’s too.

  9. Yowza says:

    Would you guys keep Lind or B. Upton for next year?

  10. Doug Ault says:

    The best move I made all year was trading Nolasco for Josh Johnson.It’s too bad it was followed by a bunch of lousy moves.

  11. Grey

    Grey says:

    @TheGreatVeto: Me too.

    @Eric: I wouldn’t start Lackey. I weigh how well he’s been and his opponent the most, then his history. But I don’t mess with the Yanks or the Red Sox.

    @Vince: Price

    @struggler: Davis

    @Nathan: Sealy Posturepedic? I’d start him, but he’s very risky because of time off.

    @Yowza: Upton

    @Doug Ault: Sounds like you had a good move sandwich. Lose the bad move bread and you’ll be all right.

  12. Tony says:

    @Yowza: i’d keep LIND, i dont even own upton but he’s dissappointing. Is he gonna flip the switch and be a stud? I dont know. I guess you’d probably have a better chance of grabbing LIND tho in the draft. Depends on your leaguemates.

    Personally I see Lind repeating and getting better, Upton has been hyped way too much ever since his hot streak in the 2008 playoffs.

    If he’s sucked because of his shoulder, then let me see him put up some big numbers for a year.

  13. VanHammersly says:

    Grey, which start do you prefer this week in H2H: Hudson in ATL vs. the Phils or Kuroda at home vs. the Pirates? Punt?

  14. Grey

    Grey says:

    @VanHammersly: Kuroda, but I guess you can punt if you don’t need to start either.

  15. stumanji says:

    Choose 1 to sit: C. Lee, Ibanez, Ichiro, Rajai, Choo, A. Hill

  16. Grey

    Grey says:

    @stumanji: Davis if you don’t need steals, otherwise Ichiro.

  17. stumanji says:

    I need steals, so I’ll sit Itchy and his empty average. Thanks, Grey.

  18. Telemachus says:

    Arroyo for fantasy cy! What a July pickup!

  19. GhostfacePrzybilla says:

    I’m surprised there was no ‘carrying the team’ reference in the Morneau/Mauer post. Kubel and Redmond alone could bust a few disks.

  20. GTS says:

    Bench Blanton vs WAS? Seems risky.

  21. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GTS: I’d sit him after he got hit hard by them last time out.

  22. Grey

    Grey says:


  23. Roger Dorn's Nemesis says:

    @Grey: Looking for some start/sit advice on some SP’s. I’ve got ground point-wise that can easily be made up or lost in era, whip & k’s. Wins don’t matter for me. 11-team league where I’m battling for the last money spot & I have 113 innings left on the year before I cap out:

    Scott Baker vs CLE – planning on starting him; the tribe is beat up & he’s pitched well the last couple months
    Lackey vs BOS – planning on sitting him b/c of the Sawx
    Wainwright vs FLA – I can’t ever sit him
    Wolf vs PIT – wanna start him but having 2nd thoughts; PIT kinda blows, but he might be rusty
    Yovanni vs CHC – planning on sitting him since he hasn’t pitched in forever & hasn’t been good outside of k’s for the last couple months

    What’s your take? Agree/disagree? Appreciate the help as always..

  24. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Roger Dorn’s Nemesis: In your case, I’d start Baker and Wainwright. In most cases, I’d start all but Lackey.


  25. Vince says:

    @Grey: Thanks!

  26. DT says:

    I can’t agree more with thinking about drafting Lincecum next year just to know what it feels like.

  27. Craig says:

    Will the Twins put Morneau on the DL?
    I know with expanded rosters, there’s less urgency.
    Still, the Tribe did it quite recently with Sizemore, so there must be some incentive.

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