What is up party people? The trade deadline is almost upon us and that means rumors are flying. Obviously, the biggest name in the mix is the man, the myth, the legend Shohei Ohtani. No matter where he ends up he will be great unless that team for some reason decides to make him a one-position player. Stranger things have happened but that would make absolutely no sense to limit his talents given what it would require to pry him away.  Editors Note: With last night’s trade it seems like the Angels are going for it and holding onto their superstar.

Amed Rosario is reportedly headed to the Dodgers as I write this. There’s no doubt a move to LA represents an upgrade in bats around him. His season numbers aren’t amazing but they have been solid. I expect his batting average to rise into the .270-.280 range, in line with his career average. With that improved supporting cast of course comes an increased opportunity for runs or RBIs depending on where he slots into the lineup. Either way, he has a splendid opportunity.

Cody Bellinger is rumored to be on the move and honestly, any team that picks him up would be fortunate to do so. You really have to love how well he has rebounded. I had my doubts about him but it’s hard to argue with the numbers he’s put up this season. The biggest difference I’ve seen in his game is that he’s cut the strikeouts. That’s huge for him, especially after the last three seasons. Power is down from his early career numbers but he should push for 30 bombs. Best case he ends up on a better offense. Worst case, he keeps doing his thing.

Chas McCormick is on a nice run of late. Yeah, that’s definitely boosted by his .395 average the last two weeks but, he’s proven to be well worth a spot in your outfield. Based on his season he should be on way more rosters.

CJ Abrams finally looks like the top prospect we were all promised. Touched on him last week and since then all he’s done is hit .320 with a couple bombs. If he’s out there I’d add him and see what happens with him on your roster rather than someone else.

Ha-Seong Kim looks good right now, but his outlook could be very different in a week. I honestly have no idea what the Dads are going to do at the deadline. They’ve spent more than enough in the past few years and certainly have the talent to compete yet find themselves below .500 and looking up at three teams just in their own division. Basically a long way of saying they could be buyers or sellers and either outcome could impact Kim. As it stands, he’s a solid middle or corner infield option, and as long as he sees playing time that should continue.

Nico Hoerner slumped a little bit there or did it just feel like he did? Must have just felt that way because he’s been pretty darn good this year.

Wilmer Flores is a streaky hitter but when he’s hot he’s hot. The power will come in bunches so knowing when to start him will be a struggle. There’s value here but more for deeper leagues.

Triston Casas really should be on more rosters than he currently is. On ESPN he sits at an almost laughable 34%. CBS is a bit better at 56% but that still feels low. He has made real changes, as so eloquently put by our very own Coolwhip. If he’s still available in your league, add him right now.

Alex Kirilloff might be good. Is he? Let’s find out. He did miss a game due to a shoulder injury but the prognosis is favorable. Looks like a hot schomato but that helps your team too.

Lars Nootbaar is not just on this list because he has a sweet ass name. He’s actually been pretty good for points leagues. None of his numbers stand on their own but you can’t hate his production.

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