No Doubt

Name Team 1st Opp. 2nd Opp.
Shane Bieber CLE @NYM KC
Clayton Kershaw LAD TOR NYY

For the second straight year, the Topps card company struggled to remember which Bieber plays baseball and which one is a pop star. At least Shane seems to take it all in stride, just look at his uniform from last year.

Shane Bieber, along with the rest of the Indians, have been shoving in the 2nd half. Bieber had a great 1st half, but the 2nd half has been exceptional. He has a 2.88 ERA, 1.02 WHIP, and a 29.7% K rate. His 3.20 FIP and .289 BABIP also suggest that it’s not luck.


Pretty…Pretty Good

Name Team 1st Opp. 2nd Opp.
Stephen Strasburg WSH @PIT @CHC
Domingo German NYY @OAK @LAD
Trevor Bauer CIN SD @PIT

Since the start of July, outside of one start at Minnesota, Domingo German has been great. Of course, that doesn’t help your numbers recover from that Twins start, but with almost every pitcher getting lit up on occasion, it’s about what they do to help you regain those ratios.

Domingo German has done his part. Since the start of July, minus the Twins start, the Yankees starter has a 2.76 ERA and a 9.355 K/9. If it weren’t for the start at the Dodgers, he may even have moved up another tier.



Name Team 1st Opp. 2nd Opp.
Steven Matz NYM CLE ATL
Brendan McKay TB SEA @BAL
Wade Miley HOU DET LAA
Kyle Gibson MIN CWS DET
Zac Gallen ARZ COL @MIL
Aaron Sanchez HOU DET LAA
Reynaldo Lopez CWS @MIN TEX

It may be odd to see Wade Miley on here if you haven’t been paying attention. However, while he’s not your guy if you’re chasing Ks, Wade has been providing solid ratio help all season to the tune of a 3.11 ERA and 1.18 WHIP.


Refrigerator Chinese Take Out

Name Team 1st Opp. 2nd Opp.
Dallas Keuchel ATL MIA @NYM
Michael Wacha STL MIL COL
Ivan Nova CWS @MIN TEX
Marco Gonzales SEA @TB TOR
Chris Archer PIT WSH CIN

Another low K, ratio booster guy in Ivan Nova may be the take out order for the week. Over his last 5 starts, Nova has thrown 37 innings and given up only 2 earned runs over that time. Those numbers give him a 0.49 ERA over that time, but the underlying numbers don’t necessarily back up his performance.

Over those 5 starts, Nova has a 3.73 FIP and a 91% LOB, so, there may be some regression coming, but to be fair, Nova has consistently outperformed his underlying numbers due to his more contact, less strikeout style of pitching.


Place Your Bets

Name Team 1st Opp. 2nd Opp.
Joe Ross WSH @PIT @CHC
Spencer Turnbull DET @HOU @MIN
Andrew Heaney LAA @TEX @HOU
Sean Reid-Foley TOR @LAD @SEA
Dylan Bundy BAL KC TB
Jalen Beeks TB SEA @BAL
Cole Hamels CHC SF WSH

Free Streamonator Pick of the Week: Cole Hamels. Imagine this is more of a historical player evaluation because Hamels has been rocked in 2 straight outings.


So, You’re Saying There’s a Chance

Name Team 1st Opp. 2nd Opp.
Kolby Allard TEX LAA @CWS
Dillon Peters LAA @TEX @HOU
Edwin Jackson DET @HOU @MIN
Dakota Hudson STL MIL COL
Elieser Hernandez MIA @ATL PHI
Trevor Williams PIT WSH CIN

Something has happened with Edwin Jackson since he returned in July. In his 3 starts over that period, he’s gone only 14.1 innings, but has only allowed 3 earned runs. Of course, that 1.88 ERA comes with a 5.68 FIP, but rate stats should also be taken with a grain of salt in such small sample sizes.

One thing that has happened with EJax is that his velocity received a bump in July and is up to a 94.76 mph average from his mid 93 mph avg earlier in the season. He hasn’t shown this kind of velocity since 2015, so, maybe there’s a chance.


I Immediately Regret This Decision

Name Team 1st Opp. 2nd Opp.
Eric Lauer SD @CIN BOS
Zach Davies MIL @STL ARZ
Kyle Freeland COL @ARZ @STL
John Means BAL KC TB
Jorge Lopez KC @BAL @CLE


  • Padres appear to finally be going to a 5 man rotation and it seems like the rape button, Eric “Matt” Lauer gets 2 this week.
  • Gerrit Cole could get 2 starts this week, but haven’t heard an announcement from the Astros when he will return other than that they expect him sometime in the 4 game Detroit series. Would be a ‘No Doubt’ starter if he were to get 2.


Team Projected 2 Start Days Opp. 1 Opp. 2
BAL Monday, Tuesday KC TB
NYY Tuesday @OAK @LAD
TB Monday, Tuesday SEA @BAL
TOR Tuesday @LAD @SEA
CWS Monday, Tuesday @MIN TEX
CLE Tuesday @NYM KC
DET Monday, Tuesday @HOU @MIN
KC Monday @BAL @CLE
HOU Monday, Tuesday DET LAA
LAA Monday (Tuesday Doubleheader) @TEX @HOU
SEA Monday @TB TOR
TEX Monday, Tuesday (Tuesday Doubleheader) LAA @CWS
ATL Tuesday MIA @NYM
MIA Tuesday @ATL PHI
WSH Monday, Tuesday @PIT @CHC
CHC Tuesday SF WSH
CIN Monday SD @PIT
PIT Monday, Tuesday WSH CIN
STL Monday, Tuesday MIL COL
COL Monday, Tuesday @ARZ @STL
SD Monday @CIN BOS


  1. Handy Afterall says:

    In a locked, weekly h2h, would you start either/both these ‘serviceable’ two-starters over any of the one-starters below:


    Corbin @ pit
    Flaherty v col
    S. Gray @ mia
    giolito @ min

    Categories are w, k, era, whip

    Now that I’ve actually typed it out, I think I’ve gotta stick with the one-starters.


    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      Sometimes you just need to say it or type it out and the answer is there for ya. I’d like to get Gallen in there, but I think I’d go w/ those 1 start options you have instead.

      • Handy Afterall says:

        I made a mistake; sonny gray is going against San Diego, not Miami.
        It’d be nice to see McKay pitch to his potential against Seattle and Baltimore, but gallen’s the one getting the results so far.
        12 hours of flip flopping to go

        Have fun,

  2. Godfather of Assy says:

    In response to your Padres blurb, what the f is the “rape button”!?!?!? ?

    • B_Don says:

      It refers to Matt Lauer’s “privacy button” aka rape button that he had in his office before he was fired. Locks the door with the push of the button… I’ll let you take it from there.

  3. Kingslayer says:

    Thoughts on 2 start Joe Palumbo against Angels and White Sox?

    • B_Don says:

      Didn’t have confirmation it was Palumbo making the 2 starts when I put the list together, but he’d fit in the “There’s a Chance” grouping.

  4. B_Don says:

    Didn’t have confirmation it was Palumbo making the 2 starts when I put the list together, but he’d fit in the “There’s a Chance” grouping.

  5. Gary C says:

    Would you start Gallen over one start Wheeler (vs Atl)?

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      Yeah, I’d start Gallen.

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