When I went over the top 20 2nd basemen for 2009 fantasy baseball, I mentioned that it was really shallow, but actually a bit deeper than the list of the top 20 shortstops for 2009 fantasy baseball.  Well, proof is in the pudding, so here’s the pudding.  We’ve already gone over quite a few top 20 lists already and they can be found in the 2009 fantasy baseball rankings.  Also, here’s a list of every player who has multiple position eligibility and our 2009 fantasy baseball player rater.  Anyway, here’s the top 20 shortstops for 2009 fantasy baseball:

1.  Hanley Ramirez – Already covered him in our top 10 for 2009 fantasy baseball post.

2.  Jose Reyes – Already covered him in our top 10 for 2009 fantasy baseball post.

3.  Jimmy Rollins – Already covered him in our top 20 for 2009 fantasy baseball post.

4. Alexei Ramirez –  This is the next tier and it goes down to Furcal.  I call this tier, “Really? These are the top shortstops?”  Alexei may not be eligible in all leagues because of less than 20 games at shortstop.  Either way, I already covered him in our top 20 2nd basemen for 2009 fantasy baseball.

4 1/2.  Stephen Drew –  Okay, when you see Stephen Drew at number four and a half overall for shortstops, you’re asking yourself if this is a vote for Drew or an indictment of the 2009 shortstops.  That’s a fair question and I’m glad you posed it.  What do you think?  A bit of both?  Wow, we are totally in sync.  Okay, what did I eat for lunch?  Nope, chicken burrito.  In 2009, Drew takes a step forward.  2009 Projections:  85/24/80/.280/7

5.  J.J. Hardy – Personally, I’d like to see Alcides Escobar get called up and I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens by the trade deadline in July with Hardy going to a contender.  Maybe to the Dodgers to replace an injured Furcal.  2009 Projections:  85/25/80/.275/3

6.  Jhonny Peralta – This Silent H comes in at sixth with the other Silent H coming at 18th.  The scary thing is there’s been years where they’ve flip-flopped in the rankings.  Peralta doesn’t come without some risk.  Be forewarned, fantasy baseballers!  2009 Projections:  85/25/90/.270/3

7.  Troy Tulowitzki – Let’s put Tulo’s 2008 season into a strait jacket and then submerge it into Houdini’s Milk Can.  2009 Projections:  65/20/85/.285/5

8.  Derek Jeter – After you choose Jeter in your 2009 draft, make sure you tell your wife so she can pat you on the head.  2009 Projections:  110/12/70/.305/12

9. Rafael Furcal – I already went over Furcal for 2009 when he returned to the Braves for a minute (not an Urbandictionary “minute,” which is actually a long time.) He’s going to be a steal for his draft position or he’s going to go kaboom like peanuts in abnormal lemonade.  2009 Projections:  95/15/65/.285/35 or 25/6/40/.390/7 and a seat next to Nomar on the DL.

10.  Michael Young – Here’s a new tier that goes from Young to Renteria.  I call this tier, “Boring.”  I say boring because their best years are behind them and, for a few of them, their best years weren’t even that good.   As for Michael Young, when I say empty, you say average.  “Empty…”  “Average…” I will say this in Young’s defense.  Look at his projections compared to Jeter.  Not that different, huh?  2009 Projections:  100/10/85/.310/10

11. Miguel Tejada – I want a new drug.  One that won’t spill… One that won’t let me hit .280 with 13 home runs and 66 RBIs… Or that comes in a pill… 2009 Projections:  90/15/75/.285/7

12. Orlando Cabrera –  Him and Renteria have similar power, speed, average and they want to kill each other.  2009 Projections:  90/7/65/.280/20

13. Edgar Renteria – Two enemies forever entwined in the 2009 fantasy baseball rankings.  2009 Projections:  80/9/70/.285/12

14. Yunel Escobar – This next tier is called, “What do you get when you mix nothing with the slightest bit of upside?”  This tier goes from here to the end of the list.  If you’re digging through the middle infielder bin at Filene’s Basement, you’re much better taking one of these schmohawks than one in the last tier.  These guys may not outperform them, but at least there’s a chance.  2009 Projections:  90/13/65/.300/3

15. Mike Aviles – Already covered him in our top 20 2nd basemen for 2009 fantasy baseball.

16. Ryan Theriot – The Riot is actually not a bad late draft sleeper.  It’s nice to get 25 steals out of your MI spot and The Riot can potentially give you that.   2009 Projections:  90/2/40/.295/25

17. Yuniesky Betancourt – How does an outside chance at a 10/10 season sound to you?  Yawnstipating?  Yeah, me too.  2009 Projections:  65/10/65/.280/10

18. Khalil Greene – This H is silent, but deadly to your average.   2009 Projections:  65/20/80/.235/5

19. Emmanuel Burriss/Asdrubal Cabrera – Already covered them in our top 20 2nd basemen for 2009 fantasy baseball.

20. Clint Barmes – Honestly, I could’ve put about ten different names here and they would have all been as uninspiring.  2009 Projections:  75/12/55/.270/12 (<–real optimistic)

After the top 20 shortstops for 2009 fantasy baseball, there’s a lot of names but two stand out:

Elvis Andrus – Some would even call him a 2009 fantasy baseball sleeper.  Hey, wait a sec, I called him that!  If the Rangers get Vizquel, it hurts Andrus’s value, but, as I already said, Andrus probably wouldn’t be up for opening day anyway.  2009 Projections:  55/3/35/.250/20 in 50 games.

Jed Lowrie – “Hey, what’s that you just put into your back pocket?”  “Jed Lowrie.”  “Why?”  “I want an outside chance at a 10/5 season.”  Long pause.  “Oh.”  2009 Projections:  75/10/80/.260/5

  1. Eric W says:

    mostly crusty bagels at this position I see. drew has been going very late in all the mock drafts i have done i think his brother gives him a bad rep. side note any chance we are going to see a schmohawk shirt in that store of yours now that could easily separate me and 20 bucks.

  2. Doug Ault says:

    Not one Blue Jay……….go away JP,….just go away

  3. Tony says:

    I think TULO bounces back big, him, drew, and Hardy are my targets…. The top 3 are kept in my league. I picked up Alexie last year but i’m leary of him this year. Don’t know why when i owned him all of last year, but something says stay away to me, huge upside, just a little unknown and raw….

    I also read a good article somewhere about Peralta batting cleanup for about 90 games and thats why his stats bumped? Normally he wouldn’t hit there and the bump in the order increased the stat line?

    Thoughts…. with vmart back, hopefully hafner, possibly a Laporta call up, where does the silent H bat?

  4. Grey, it doesn’t seem like your rankings match up with your projections. Is this on purpose? Rafael Furcal’s projections would value him above Stephen Drew and possibly Alexei. Jeter’s projection also appears more valuable than Tulo’s, Peralta’s and Hardy’s. Are you plugging in your projections into point shares to actually value the players and then rank them in order?

  5. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    This is a very realistic list, Grey. Nice work.

  6. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    Oh, one more name that you could have added as long as we’re going there… Brandon Wood. Let’s say that he gets his shot. I’ll be adding him in deeper leagues especially if Bill James gets his wish and he ends up 23/10.

  7. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eric W: Drew totally gets a bad rap because of his brother.

    re: Maybe on the shirt. Need to talk to the designer.

    @Doug Ault: I forget. Has there been one Blue Jay in any of these rankings so far?

    @Tony: Maybe there’s something to that, but if Peralta’s a six hole hitter in 2009, it’s where he hit even better than the four hole last year (sports.espn.go.com/mlb/players/splits?playerId=5527), though in less at-bats.

    @Mike Podhorzer: The projections are simple, cold math equations. The rankings are my feelings on where I’d draft a guy. For instance, Jeter is more valuable than Tulo according to the projections, but Tulo also has more upside, which is more interesting to me at SS.

    re: Point Shares — My rankings/projections. Separate entities. I look them over when I’m forming my opinions, but these are my opinions.

    @sean: I think a Vizquel insurance policy means they don’t trust Andrus, which makes perfect sense. As I said in last week’s sleeper post, he throws balls away and he’s not that solid on average. He could hit .250 with 35 errors. Not great for real baseball. But have 40 steals, good for fantasy baseball.

    @IowaCubs: Thanks, and Wood’s getting his own write-up at some point.

    EDIT: Typo, boyz.

  8. Grey

    Grey says:

    @sean: Sounds scary, but doesn’t sound like something that will effect him for baseball. I think he’ll be fine for Opening Day.

  9. 101 M.P.H. says:


    Stop and think about it: why pay $13,000,000 per season for Adam Dunn when you could sign 7 John McDonalds for the same amount of money? In case you weren’t aware, John McDonald “really loves baseball” and has a “passion for the game”.

    That his “passion for the game” somehow translated into a .210 batting average and .524 OPS last season is beside the point…

  10. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: I’ve yet to see one,but only Doc and Snyder should be in line for any consideration,depending on the catagory of course.

    @101 M.P.H.: These are dark times my friend,very dark.The only avenue for injecting some blue chip(pun intended) talant is by trading Doc.

  11. Grey

    Grey says:

    Eff-why-who, Vizquel signed with the Rangers.

  12. Steve C. says:


    I’m in a very, very deep NL only 5×5 keeper league. We can keep players for a couple of years, but they eventually become “free agents”. Such is the case this year.

    On your list, the only available SSs this year are Reyes and Drew. Since we’re based in NYC, many owners have a man crush on Reyes.

    I already have Hanley, so I don’t really need a SS. Would it be worthwhile to overpay to get Reyes, then turn him over for some real good players? Or, should I save my money for other needed positions (e.g. 1B/3B).

    Thanks, in advance!

    Steve in NYC

    “Indecision is the key to flexibility.”

  13. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve C.: I wouldn’t overpay to get Reyes if I already had Hanley. God forbid something happens to Reyes and then you wasted all that money on him when you didn’t really need him. Grab a 1B or 3rd Baseman. Also, I changed your name to Steve C. since there is already a Steve in the commenter database.

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