In an article so spicy it must’ve been translated from ESPN Deportes, Edgar Renteria and Orlando Cabrera are in a ‘bitter feud’. I’d make more fun of it but they are both Colombian and, well, those hombres know how to feud.

I hope they didn’t take any offense to me calling them middling infielders before the season (in fairness, Renteria has been good so far. Orlando, not so hot).

We can’t have the two best players from Colombia since Lou Gehrig fighting. They should settle this on the field. Here’s what I propose. One starts at third base. One starts at first base. They replace the chalk lines with lines of cocaine. First one to snort their way to home plate wins.

This is the worst shortstop feud since David Eckstein and Ben Zobrist quarreled over whose name sounded more faux-Jewy…..

  1. brad says:

    Hey I just pulled a tradde in my league and people are starting to bitch and moan. I traded Chipper Jones, Dana Eveland, Greg Maddux, and Jayaon Werth for Jake Peavy, Alex Gordon, and Luke Scott.
    Should this trade be vetoed?

  2. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    No trade should be vetoed unless it’s between best friends, brothers or convicts or something. Only under clear collusion or something silly should a trade be vetoed.

    People have the right to trade whomever they want whenever they want.

  3. Grey

    Grey says:

    @brad: You traded Chipper at his absolute peak, Werth has worked his way into a starting spot in the Phillies outfield, Eveland looks great so far and Maddux is definitely usable. For just Peavy, the trade would have been fair, but with Gordon too, it’s a bit lopsided, but nothing that shouldn’t go through.

    You definitely got the better end of the trade. Well done, hope it goes through for you.

  4. john says:

    Is Charlie Manuel going to do the smart thing and make Jenkins ride the pine?..I could really use Victorino’s runs and doubt I could trade him if he’s not going to be the predominant starter

  5. Grey

    Grey says:

    @john: Yeah, I’m doing a rant about this right now for tomorrow’s post.

  6. scott says:

    I’m thinking the same thing about the Flyin’ Hawaiian…he’s just not as valuable if he’s not playing everyday…I have to drop one guy right now as btwn him, Shawn Hill and Uncle Miltie Bradley (I’m assuming my #10 waiver claim is not going to get me the Nazi tomorrow)….With S. Hill pitching well tonight (and B. Myers and R. Hill pitching like arse) it’s btwn Flyin’ Hawaiin and Uncle Miltie….It’s a bench slot but I’d rather have a guy playing everyday (when healthy) and batting forth than an outfielder in a three-way platoon for two OF positions….

  7. john says:

    yea, thoughts exactly..i’ve got my waiver claim on Jobacum (i can’t decide which nickname i like more) and i’m actually considering droppin the Sittin’ Hawaiian and pickin up Quentin (who is STILL available in my league!)

  8. “We can’t have the two best players from Colombia since Lou Gehrig fighting.”

    That’s classic.

  9. scott says:

    Unless you need steals from Shane-o (I’m not as keen-o on shane-o right now — sorry Grey) I think you almost have to p/u Quentin at this point…he looks good, across 4 cats, will play everyday and plays in a hitters ballpark…pretty amazing he’s still available in your league

  10. scott says:

    sorry, that was @ John

  11. scott says:

    BTW, anyone else notice that A. Rios is hitting leadoff the last few days? S. Rolen is killin’ me! There goes the rbis and the mvp season…

  12. john says:

    Yea I’m about to consider it. I’ve got Furcal, Wright, Markakis and Phillips…so I’m good on steals, its just his 100+ expected runs that I needed….and I’m in a fairly shallow league with ppl who like big name players as opposed to new guys

  13. Lou says:

    A little OT guys, but can we get a Matt Berry bashing poll up? None of this backhanded bashing through Karabell.

  14. Grey

    Grey says:

    @john: If Quentin’s available in your league, then it’s hella (the kids say this) shallow or people just aren’t paying that close attention, so if you drop Victorino he should be there if you want to pick him back up. So I would grab Quentin.

    @scott: Rios isn’t a leadoff man, Rolen’s not a three hole hitter, the Jays will figure this out.

  15. @emmett – thanks…glad to see someone is actually reading the posts…

  16. john says:

    speaking of not reading posts…whats up with Pronk? He’s a bencher for me in fantasy but getting benched in real life can’t be a good sign (< yes, that had nothing to do with not reading posts :))

  17. scott says:

    @ Grey…the problem is there is no one else to leadoff in Toronto. I mean, I saw Matty Stairs leading off, that’s ridiculous.
    @ john….pronk has become untradeable….I’ve offered him and myers to several different teams and nobody will touch’em…Harang-no, cueto-no, I even offered them for ortiz…no dice…thinking about making a run at Billingsley….if I can’t get this rollercoaster ride (Mr. Bill) for pronk/myers then I give up.

  18. john says:

    yea, i haven’t even considered trading him. I’m just going to patiently wait until he turns it around. As for now, I’m perfectly content with Jackson as my 1B. I’m gonna assume Pronk will turn it around somewhat at somepoint cause even his ‘off’ year last year, he still got he still went 80/100/24

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