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We finish off the infield with the top 20 3rd basemen for 2012 fantasy baseball.  The 2012 fantasy baseball rankings from shallowest to deepest go shortstops, third basemen, catchers, 2nd basemen then 1st basemen.  That’s right, I think the catchers and 2nd basemen are deeper than the 3rd basemen.  3rd base gets the gas face.  In 2009, I punted 3rd base for Mark Reynolds late.  Worked out fine.  In 2010, I punted 3rd base for Ian Stewart late.  Didn’t work out fine.  In 2011, I really wanted a top 3rd baseman and punted Jose Bautista while targeting Pedro Alvarez, Ryan Zimmerman and David Wright, which taught me a valuable lesson.  I’m a moron.  (A very hurtful lesson, mind you.)  As with other top 20 rankings, I list where I see tiers beginning and ending and my projections.  Anyway, here’s the top 20 3rd basemen for 2012 fantasy baseball:

1. Jose Bautista – His projections can be found at the top 10 for 2012 fantasy baseball.

2. Evan Longoria – His projections can be found at the top 10 for 2012 fantasy baseball.

3. David Wright – This is a new tier.  This tier goes from here until Reynolds.  I call this tier, “We’re too early in a top 20 for question marks.  So why are there so many question marks?”  Honestly, how many times can we go to this Wright well?  The Wright well hasn’t paid whividends in a whery, whery whong time.  Stupid Elmer Fudd voice in my head.  The one non-scientific stat we have to look at is how he’s alternated good power years with bad ones and in 2012 we’re due for a good one.  Yeah, that’s so non-scientific it’s kinda silly.  The better news is The Great Wall of Flushing is coming down and in.  That’s definitely a cheaper way to acquire offense than signing Pujols or Fielder and more legal than accidentally bumping into players with a steroid needle.  How much the new dimensions will actually affect Wright’s power is threefold.  First fold, his “Just Enough” homers could increase.  Second fold, the park’s size may have got in his head and psychologically he may feel more confident about hitting at Metco and end up hitting more homers.  Third fold, there’s no third fold.  Who ever heard of a third fold?  2012 Projections:  85/24/100/.290/15

4. Adrian Beltre – Great lineup, great ballpark, one man who they call “The Guy Who Brings Them Towels In The Locker Room” sneezes and the whole team goes down with the flu for 15 days.  Yeah, I’m not sure why, but no one on the Rangers gets injured by themselves.  They’re like dominos.  Nelson Cruz goes down, then there goes Hamilton, there goes Kinsler, there goes Beltre… It’s a shame to blame one man but The Guy Who Brings Them Towels In The Locker Room does have shifty eyes.  2012 Projections:  75/28/100/.280/3

5. Pablo Sandoval – After wrestling to lose weight and change his name to Sandrectangle, Pablo embraced his girth and hit 23 homers last year.  Still this guy’s big question mark is where does he find pants that fit him?  Oh, and is the power for real?  It looks like it is plus or minus 2 homers from the 23 last year.  Maybe he can pass his cure of blimpotence over to Billy Butler.  Also, similarly to Butler, Sandoval’s got a way with the good average.  After a flukey injury sidelined him last year expect a nice step forward.  2012 Projections:  80/27/95/.320/3

6. Ryan Zimmerman – In my special no-no area, I have a tingling sensation that Zimmerman’s about to have a huge year.  He’s 27, an age when hitters really hit their prime, and he’s proven before that he can hit 30+ homers if he stays healthy.  Mummify him in bubble wrap and send him out to take grounders!  2012 Projections:  80/27/100/.290/5

7. Brett Lawrie – Yeah, I ranked him pretty high.  We’re going to talk about two hypothetical scenarios.  First scenario has you drafting Lawrie before your leaguemates.  All your leaguemates groan, they all wanted him.  Lawrie starts off the season slow and people are glad they didn’t draft him.  (Or he starts off fast.  Either scenario work for this scenario.  We’ll call these Scenarios 1A and 1B.)  Then he turns things around in 1A, everyone wants him.  Or he continues pounding the ball in 1B and everyone still wants him.  You could trade him for a much more valuable piece or you can ride the wave.  Second scenario (2A), you draft Aramis, he gets hurt in May and no one wants him, not even you.  Then Aramis comes back and hits, but still no one wants him because people don’t trust him to stay healthy.  Or (2B) you trade Aramis for less than his worth because you just want to be done with him and then he continues to hit and you get an ulcer.  In 1A and 1B, you have Lawrie or whatever you want (within reason and depending on what your state constitution allows).  In 2A, you have a piece you don’t even want and an ulcer (2B).  I also went over my Brett Lawrie 2012 fantasy.  2C click the link. 2012 Projections:  90/20/70/.290/24

8. Alex Rodriguez – When I was doing my research for A-Rod, I was looking through some of his past years — 52 homers, 18 steals in 2001, 57 homers and 9 steals in 2002 — how again did we not know there was steroids in baseball?  I mean, every BBWAA member is saddened and disheartened and synonym now when they talk about these players besmirching the good name of baseball.  Why weren’t they saddened etc. when it was going on?  Wasn’t it obvious?  I wasn’t bothered because during these years I was smoking weed.  Was every BBWAA member high?  Any the hoo!  A-Rod’s presumably clean of the clear now, but his body is breaking down because of the years on it.  That’s his question mark.  Can he stay healthy?  I have my doubts.  2012 Projections:  70/24/85/.270/5

9. Aramis Ramirez – When Aramis signed with the Brewers, I went over my Aramis fantasy.  I wrote it while karaoking to Air Supply’s Even the Nights are Better.  2012 Projections:  75/25/95/.295

10. Kevin Youkilis – Okay, basically no 3rd baseman can stay healthy.  I think something that gets lost in the Sawx hype is The Greek God of Can’t Walk Half The Time has hit less than 20 homers over more seasons than he’s hit above 25 homers and has never hit more than 29 homers.  Pablo Sandoval, who’s 7 years younger than him, has as many 20+ homer seasons.  Youuuuuuk is a good name for people who like names.  For people who like players to actually hit, he’s not as good.  2012 Projections:  75/19/85/.270/3

11. Michael Young –  Went over Young’s projections in the top 20 1st basemen for 2012 fantasy baseball.

12. Mark Reynolds – Went over Reynolds’s projections in the top 20 1st basemen for 2012 fantasy baseball.

13. Emilio Bonifacio – This is a new tier.  This tier goes from here until Roberts.  I call this tier, “You should draft someone else.” Went over Bonifacio’s projections at the top 20 shortstops for 2012 fantasy baseball.

14. Ryan Roberts – Went over Roberts’s projections at the top 20 2nd basemen for 2012 fantasy baseball.

15. Mike Moustakas – This is a new tier.  This tier goes from here until Stewart.  I call this tier, “The good news, but it comes with degrees of risk.”  This is the good news because 3rd base is about to get infusion of talent.  To use a phrase that sounds like a cliche, brighter days are on the horizon.  Whether it’s Moose, Valencia, Stewart or Gamel, one or more of these guys should provide sneaky value.  Obviously not all of them will, so choose wisely.  I wrote a Moustakas 2012 fantasy post already.  It’s six parts brilliant and one part dumb.  It’s up to you decide which is which.  2012 Projections:   60/20/80/.270/4

16. Danny Valencia – Valencia, California is also known non-ironically as Awesometown.  So I suggest we call him Danny Awesometown.  Makes you more excited about Valencia, doesn’t it?  No?!  Geez, you’re tough.  How about the fact he can hit almost 20 homers and get maybe three steals?  That gets you going, doesn’t it?  All right, how about Danny Might-Be-Solid-Considering-How-Late-You-Can-Draft-Him-town?  2012 Projections:  75/18/85/.265/3

17. Mat Gamel – Here’s what I said earlier this offseason, “No one likes Mat Gamel.   The Brewers wanted to try Gamel in Spring Training last year and he was 30 pounds overweight.  Lay off the mayonnaise, doode.  His Triple-A manager said he’s “hard-headed.”  (No one ever said that of Justin Morneau.)  I get this feeling with a beat provided by that Gamel is gonna go the way of Matt Murton.  I hope he doesn’t.  I hope he gets a real shot at 1st base in Spring Training.  I think now that McGehee is gone he will.  Even if all Gamel does is hit homers and make errors.  In 2007, Milwaukeeans called that The Braun Exacta.  I propose the Brewers correct Gamel’s defensive problems similar to how the Rockies went to the humidor.  They should put The Vacuum in Miller Park.  Whenever the visiting team is hitting, you turn The Vacuum to suck and watch as everything is hit to the left side.  The Vacuum sucks so Gamel doesn’t blow.  He had another great year at Triple-A — 28 homers, .310.  He looks like he’s more than ready with the bat.  Definitely will be someone I’ll look at late in drafts for my corner infidel spot.  Could get a cheap 25 homers and a .290 average.”  And that’s me quoting me!  In the end, Gamel is either going to give you 25 homers or 2 homers and you have to drop him because he’s lost the job.  2012 Projections:  60/25/75/.290

18. Ian Stewart – Incredibly, I’m willing to give Mini Mini Donkey one more chance, especially if he’s being drafted late enough.  For a late round flyer what does Stewart have over, say, Pedro Alvarez?  He’s had a full season where he hit 25 homers.  That’s one.  Why him over, say, Freese?  Same reason.  Over Prado?  Same reason.  Stewart also his sneaky 7 to 10 steal speed like his mentor, Mini Donkey. 2012 Projections:  60/24/75/.245/7

19. David Freese – This is a new tier.  This tier goes from here until Edwin Encarnacion.  I call this tier, “My New Year’s Resolution was to not see the movie New Year’s Eve and to draft a 3rd baseman before this tier.”  2011 World Series MVP David Freese has little power, no speed and the hype of changing his name to 2011 World Series MVP David Freese.  Oh, and he can’t stay healthy.  Sounds like he should be the mayor of Awesometown.  2012 Projections:  55/15/65/.290

20. Martin Prado –  The other day Prado showed up at my window singing The Promise by When In Rome.  He was trying to curry favor with me because he knows that his lack of power and speed makes me not want to draft him ever.  When he was done singing, I still didn’t want to draft him but I did invite him in for some risotto.  I have a big heart!  2012 Projections:  80/12/70/.300/5

After the top 20 3rd basemen for 2012 fantasy baseball, there’s lots of names, but these five stand out:

Edwin Encarnacion – He’s either going to stay healthy and hit .250 with 25 homers or get hurt and have 15 homers and .250.  In most leagues, you’re not going to hold onto him if you draft him so why bother?  Go for upside with someone else.  2012 Projections:  60/20/70/.255/3

Scott Sizemore – UPDATE:  OUT FOR THE YEAR You really shouldn’t have Sizemore on your team outside of AL-Only leagues, and even there he leaves a lot to be desired.  Here’s the deal — dealio, if you’re trying to sound hip but aren’t really — 3rd base is not a deep position and if you’re this deep you don’t have many options.  Sizemore had his best season last year with a 11/5 season and that looked like it was ceiling, and with a ceiling like that who needs floors? (<–I think that makes sense.  Think about it.)  2012 Projections:  65/10/70/.260/7

Lonnie Chisenhall – I already went over my Lonnie Chisenhall fantasy.  I counted six typos.  2012 Projections:  65/20/80/.250/3

Casey McGeheeCasey McGehee is a Baha Man.  He was a guy who looked destined to be a utility man, had a huge season and people started inserting Casey McGehee into the poem, Casey at the Bat.  Turned out he was a utility man who lucked into a big season and those same people wished they didn’t use pen when inserting his name into the poem, so they changed McGehee to MacDonald and told everyone they did a mash-up of Casey at the Bat and Old MacDonald.  2012 Projections:  60/16/70/.260

Pedro Alvarez –  Yes, Casey McGehee might steal his playing time.  What I think actually happens is Alvarez or McGehee goes to first base and the other plays — I don’t know — third base.  Last year all went wrong for PeAl (hmm, that nickname doesn’t really work).  The first year he had a 30.8% K-rate, but he was buoyed by a .341 BABIP.  When his BABIP came back to earth, his K-rate left a crater the size of the Grand Canyon in his average.  He needs to cut back on his Ks or he’s going to be back in the minors, carrying his own bags and staying in dumps with no running water.  Well, that sorta sounds like nice hotels in Pittsburgh, but you catch my drift.  2012 Projections:  60/18/75/.240

  1. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    Where’s Beltre?

  2. LA Sound Guy says:

    “Huh-huh. Dude, A-Rod just hit a 900 foot jack!”

    You forgot Beltre, Baker (That’s the pot calling the herb green).

    Nice job otherwise.

  3. GlennGulliver says:

    Did Beltre not make your top 20? :)

  4. Jose Reyes says:

    Where would the soon-to-be eligible Hanley rank?

  5. Big Mike says:

    Love the Lawrie one … so true!

  6. max power says:

    Where is Beltre?

  7. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Went over Reynolds’ projections in the top 20 1st basemen for 2012 fantasy baseball.

  8. xrayxtals says:

    I was all excited to see Beltre 3rd :(

  9. Pubscout says:

    The Rangers revealed that Beltre is having visa issues and his real name is Fausto Carmona.

  10. Rory says:

    Gamel’s defensive struggles were mostly attributable to throwing errors from 3B. Moving him to 1B, I expect he’ll be fine there and actually an upgrade over Prince who was a lousy defender.

  11. yep, I said it says:

    As we know, Javier Vazquez is “leaning towards retirement.” With a deadline approaching to trim rosters in a deep dynasty league, I have to decide soon whether to let him go. What’s your gut feeling? Is he going to suddenly come out from hiding and sign a 1-year deal the day after I cut him, or should I play it safe and hold a roster slot for him, realizing that his last half-dozen starts last season were amazing? Cheers!

  12. That guy says:

    Beltre may not be top 20 fantasy 3B(not sure how though), but we all know he can ball his ass off.

  13. Black Beard says:

    In a vacuum, would you rather keep Pence or A-Rod?

  14. Giacomo says:

    If 3rd base is so much shallower than 3rd, how come Michael Young is 9th in 1st baseman rankings and 11th here?

  15. TommyR says:

    Re: ARod: And in 10 years, the writers will be saying the same thing about Bautista that they’re now saying about steroids and one and two past 20. Really good write up on Beltre!

  16. ray says:

    @simply fred:
    You have to think Beltre is 3rd in these rankings, no?

  17. Catz says:

    If you could keep one of the following…Lawrie or Hosmer? I’m leaning toward Hosmer.

  18. CT Old School says:

    Glad to see you busting out Baha Man mere days after it’s inclusion in the glossary…keeps it crescent-fresh.

  19. The Talented Mr. Dope Man says:

    @ray: @simply fred: I would think Beltre is #7 and pushes A-Rod down to 8. Just my guestimate however. One could argue to rank him above Lawrie, but i just think Lawrie’s steals make him the more “attractive” player to draft.

  20. xxxthetoadxxx says:

    Beltre is likely #4. Anyone who would rather have Sandoval over him is crazy.

  21. xxxthetoadxxx says:

    Beltre: 82/32/105/1/.296
    Sandoval: 55/23/70/2/.315

    Beltre has better lineup above and under him and better home park.

  22. TheNewGuy says:

    Great work Grey (barring the Beltre ommision… im sure you’ll fill us in), these rankings are really useful in determining sleepers and nightmare picks as I call them.

    I’ll be after a top 6 guy (7 including Beltre) this year but if I miss out I’ll be targeting either Reynolds (should be underrated in my OBP league) or Gamel as a late flyer.

  23. The Talented Mr. Dope Man says:

    @xxxthetoadxxx: this is true. I didn’t realize sandoval was up there… hahaha. good call man

  24. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Beltre — Think when I was moving things around by cutting and pasting, I accidentally cut him. “I will cut you!” Anyway, fixed. Thanks for the the heads up!

    @LA Sound Guy: Thanks!

    @GlennGulliver: He’s there.

    @Jose Reyes:

    @max power: He’s there.

    @VinWins: I’m gonna say I’m still hungover from my birthday and leave it at that.

    @Pubscout: Ha!

    @yep, I said it: I’ve only heard he’s retiring.

    @Giacomo: Cause there’s like 25 1st basemen to choose from and 5 third basemen.

    @Catz: Lawrie

    @CT Old School: I try.

    @TheNewGuy: Thanks!

  25. KeeblerMN says:

    Whoa, whoa…. I just discovered Michael Young has 2B eligibility in my league (14 starts last year, we only require 10)… Where do you rank him in the top 20 2B?

  26. royce! says:

    Uh, dude, you forgot Juan Uribe. According to the projected lineups I’m seeing, he’s going to be hitting right behind A.J. Ellis, so…he might get a few more walks?

    Seriously, though, did you leave Chipper off the list intentionally? I imagine that some leagues play with an unlimited amount of DL spots, so he could be useful there! (Again, seriously, it is amazing that according to the network that shall go unnamed his value was right between Youk and Wright, and above Zimmerman. What a bummer last year was for 3B.)

  27. royce! says:

    @KeeblerMN: 7 1/4.

  28. Wake Up says:

    Where is your belt Ray? “I don’t know check my arm. Georgia, Georgia!”

  29. vinko says:

    Is Nolan Arenado anywhere on your 3B radar for larger leagues or is he apt to spend more quality time in the minors? Casey Blake gives me the mopes.

  30. Wake Up says:

    For your team, who is playing 3B? Bautista or Longoria if you go 3B in the 1st round?

  31. Jay29 says:

    How can you say C is deeper than 3B? If you compare the 12th C and the 12th 3B (or the 20th and the 20th) it’s not even close. Put it this way: if you had an open UTIL slot, who are you going to take, Saltymocachino and Moustakas?

  32. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jay29: Moose… He also hit 5 homers last year in 338 ABs, so while you may want him more there’s nothing saying he’s going to be better.

  33. royce! says:

    @Jay29: I would say this about what makes a position “deep” or “shallow”: for a 3B, there could be a drastic difference between what value you get from picking someone in say the top 6 compared to 20th pick- for example, if here you picked Zimmerman instead of Prado. For C, if you were to pick someone in the top 6, there’s a greater chance that someone originally ranked much worse could yield you a comparable or better season. For example, Avila v. Salty or Martin. Put another way, the talent pool for C does not drop off so steeply in the later rounds.

    Comparing who’s ranked 15th between 3B and C does not address the issue, because one must compare values between players from the same position, not different positions. Of course no one is advocating burning a UTIL spot on a C.

  34. Derek in Utah says:

    Zimm will be tops this year. Just a gut feeling.

  35. Jay29 says:

    @Grey: Compare any ranking in 3B to any equal ranking in C, and the 3B is gonna come out on top 9 times out of 10. Sure there’s no guarantee for one individual player to outperform another, but we have to make our best guesses.

    Who would you want in a UTIL spot?
    McCann or Longo
    Soto or Youk
    Arencibia or Reynolds
    Suzuki or Prado

    Sorry to get up in your face, because I love reading your stuff, but your projections disagree with your opening paragraph. Third base is shallower than it was 5-10 years ago, but it’s still deeper than catcher.

  36. KeeblerMN says:

    @royce!: Yeah, I should have checked back at that post.. I’m assuming someone made that realization after the original post and it was updated. It will be interesting to see how much he goes for at auction this year.

  37. JeffFromTallahassee says:

    I agree that 3rd is shallow this year. If I miss out on a top 7 3B, I’ll cry myself to sleep just before reexamining my priorities. At catcher I would be perfectly happy if I ended up with Mesoraco, Martin, or Ramos.

    There aren’t really that many sleepers at 3B that have a good chance at finishing top 10 in the position, while there are plenty of catchers, 2B, and even SS who can.

  38. Albert says:

    Grey, I think you missed Giacomo’s point. How are there 10 better 3B’s than Mike Young, but only 8 better 1B’s? Either 1B is shallower than 3B or Mike Young isn’t really the 9th best 1B (or he should be ranked higher at 3B).

  39. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jay29: I agree with royce! (His exclamation mark, not mine.) Catchers is deeper vs. other catchers. It’s not as shallow as 3rd base. 3rd base is a minefield.

  40. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jay29: Think about how many 3rd basemen in the top ten weren’t even good last year.

  41. The krukker says:

    Good questions about A-Rod and steroids. We’ve got a looming crisis bigger than the looming housing market crisis that everyone ignored a few years ago. At what point do we hold Bud Selig responsible? I’m going to be furious if he’s voted into the hall on the first ballot. He claims that he didn’t know about the extent of steroid use. This statement makes him either a liar or grossly negligent. From what I heard from a former Indians farmhand who roomed with a 1st round draft pick, all of the top draft picks were forced to receive weekly “shots” or lose their signing bonuses. I think we’re still in the infancy of understanding the steroid era and Bud Selig has been lying his butt off for years about what he knows. Bud shouldn’t get in if Barry and the other cabbage patch kids don’t get in.

  42. The krukker says:

    When I said, “all of the top draft picks”, I meant “all of the top draft picks in the Indians organization”. I doubt they were the only organization engaging in this sort of thing though.

  43. Jay29 says:

    @royce!: Catcher has a weaker replacement player statline than 3B. The top C has a weaker statline than the top 3B (and at every rank on down). That makes me think that 3B is deeper, that C is a “scarce position.”

    Now, position scarcity is a much more complex term than it’s normally assumed to be, because it really comes down to comparing every player to the replacment player at his position.

    So what does Grey’s saying “C and 2B are deeper than 3B” really mean? That there’s a better chance for value to be found further down the line? That he doesn’t want to spend for a top player at C and 2B? Fair enough, but I don’t think that’s the way I would use the word “deeper” to compare positions. More like — “I recommend going with sleepers at C and 2B, and going with the top 3B.”

  44. Jay29 says:

    @Grey: Yeah I see your point. I just would’ve explained “deeper” more, in that there’s a huge drop off at 3B from the top few to the last few, whereas C and 2B have a more gradual decline from top to bottom.

  45. Eddie says:

    Anybody remember a few years back when Karabell was pimping E-5 as a “35-40 HR hitter”? Yeah…..

  46. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Albert: There’s a lot of 1st basemen after Young. A guy like Freeman would’ve been ranked for 3rd basemen.

    @The krukker: He had to be lying. There’s no way 15 guys hit 50+ homers a year with some hitting 60+ or 70.

    @Eddie: Yup

  47. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jay29: I see your point.

  48. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jay29: There’s also the whole issue of the corner man, so some teams could have two 3rd basemen which just chops this position further. But that’s a separate point.

  49. ChillmanCometh says:


    What are the chances that the Nationals end up with Prince and does that effect your projections for Zimmerman? I’m thinking he ends up closer to 88, 30, 110, .300, 5 if Prince has his back.

    I have Zimmerman in a keeper league, and I’m crossing my fingers that the Nationals are the team that ends up with Fielder.

  50. Grey

    Grey says:

    @ChillmanCometh: I like him a lot, but his biggest issue is himself not the hitters around him. It won’t hurt him to have Fielder, though. Could add an extra 10 RBIs and 15 runs.

  51. Grey

    Grey says:

    ***THERE’S A NEW POST****

  52. ChillmanCometh says:

    @Grey: I agree, it seems like the guy can’t stay on the field either because he really isn’t (2 of the last 5 years he missed 50+ games), or he seems to disappear for long stretches. But during his career he has never had another valued bat in the lineup to protect him or give him more opportunities to drive up counting stats, which is what makes my fantasy loins tingle. Add that with Bryce Harper and his bat bag filled with eye black on their way…

  53. Blue Bomb says:

    Better add Miggy Cabs to this list.

  54. Indeed hes #1.

  55. Me says:

    So I take it you’ve never been to Pittsburgh..

  56. Zach O says:

    There is no way that I think that Micheal Young should be placed at #11 for fantasy baseball. For the real game, that is different. There is just something that Young can do in fantasy that he can’t do in Arlington. That is that he can play everywhere in the infield. This is useful because if you get an elite third baseman such as Bautista, Longoria, Beltre, or Zimmerman he is probably eligible to play anywhere else in the infield.

    With Fielder going to Detroit, Cabrera is expected to move from first to third. There no doubt that he would beat Bautista for that #1 spot. Miguel is also arguably the best player in baseball with Pujols. Because of that Cabrera would have to be the best third baseman in fantasy baseball. Also the whole Hanley Ramirez situation. With Reyes going to Miami he is supposed to move to third. how much do you think moving to third will effect Ramirez? With taking that into effect, where would you rank him on this list. I would say probably in the #3 or #4 spot.

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      Hanley needs to not hit terrible like last year, no matter where he’s fielding. As for the switch of positions, I don’t think it affects him mentally. He’d be right after Longoria on this list.

  57. Steve says:

    My 3B is C. Davis. I was offered, Gamel and Giavotella for Kipnis. Do I do the trade or hope for the best with Davis 12 team roto, ESPN.

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