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We already went over the top 20 catchers for 2010 and the top 20 1st basemen for 2010.  Today, it’s all about the top 20 2nd basemen.  The 2nd basemen pool is shallow (not as kiddie-sized as the shortstops, though it’s nearly as deep as 3rd basemen, but we’ll get to those).  To recap, this final ranking is from ESPN Player Rater with my comments.  The Player Rater allows me to be impartial while looking at how I ranked them in the preseason.  Anyway, here’s the top 20 2nd basemen for 2010 fantasy baseball and how they compare to where I originally ranked them:

1. Robinson Cano – In the preseason, I said, “With Cano going to be the magical 27 years old in 2010 when power tends to peak, I hope Cano can pull a high-20s homer season out of his hat.”  And that’s me quoting me!  A note on the projections vs. the final stats.  They’re actually close but since I predicted a 6th place ranking for those stats it goes to show you how weak offense was last year.  In 2010, 6th ranked stats got you ranked first.  Cust kayin’.  Preseason Rank #6, 2010 Projections:  90/27/100/.315/5, Final Numbers:  103/29/109/.319/3

2. Dan Uggla – Again, I wasn’t really that far off with my projections.  The average was much higher than I or anyone, including Uggla, thought he could hit.  Just reiterates my point that average is completely fluky.  Preseason Rank #9, 2010 Projections:  90/32/100/.250/3, Final Numbers:  100/33/105/.287/4

3. Rickie Weeks – And there’s the season we can get if Weeks were to just stay healthy.  Now someone put him in a bubble for the rest of his career.  Thank you.  Preseason Rank #14, 2010 Projections:  75/17/55/.255/15, Final Numbers:  112/29/83/.269/11

4. Kelly Johnson – Easily beat out Jamey Carroll for best 2nd baseman with a girl’s name.  Though Jamey does sound a bit cuter.  Anyway, back on January 4th, I said this, “”  Hmm… That didn’t cut and paste right.  Well, that’s the post URL, you figure it out.  If you didn’t know I liked Kelly Johnson in the preseason, you weren’t reading Razzball.  How’s dem apples?  Sour?  Sorry.  Preseason Rank #21 (though I said he was really ranked 14th, how’s that for hedging?), 2010 Projections:  85/15/65/.270/10, Final Numbers:  93/26/71/.284/13

5. Martin Prado – Went over him in the top 20 1st basemen post.

6. Brandon Phillips – Wasn’t a great year for BP, in every sense of the abbreviation.  He was headed for his fourth straight 20/20 season then the 2nd half of the season happened.  The HBP hit BP’s wrist and sent him Septumbling.  Preseason Rank #3, 2010 Projections:  80/22/95/.275/22, Final Numbers:  100/18/59/.275/16

7. Casey McGehee – He ended up beating his Dad by 18 spots.  Ended up giving a lot more value due to his RBI total, which isn’t something you can count on (see Prince Fielder for further reading).  I have a feeling McGehee won’t be overrated in the preseason, so he could still be a value play.  Preseason Rank #16, 2010 Projections:  55/17/65/.280, Final Numbers:  70/23/104/.285/1

8. Chase Utley – It hurts seeing Utley this low.  It’s like when your girlfriend stops returning your phone calls and then you sit outside her door only to find her come home with another man.  Not that I know anything about that.  Preseason Rank #1, 2010 Projections:  110/32/105/.300/15, Final Numbers:  75/16/65/.275/13

9. Howard Kendrick – And now we’re pretty much in the tomato-tomahto section of the program.  This is gonna come as a shock to people, but I think I’m ready to get on the Howie train for 2011.  Won’t reach too high for him because his power and speed still yawnstipate him, but I think he’s about ready for his coming out party, Ricky Martin.  Preseason Rank #15, 2010 Projections:  85/12/70/.310/12, Final Numbers:  67/10/75/.279/14

10. Omar Infante – Was actually more valuable than it seems from this ranking because you didn’t really own him for the whole year, you only owned him when he was hitting in the 2nd half.  So add Theriot’s April with Kinsler’s May-June and Infante’s July and August and you had a solid Frankeninfielder.  Preseason Unranked, Final Numbers:  65/8/47/.321/7

11. Chone Figgins – <sarcasm>I’m sure glad I finally owned Figgy this year after all the years I avoided him.  He will definitely be on my short list of guys I absolutely must own next year.</sarcasm> Figgy is my Bart and I’m Sideshow Bob.  Preseason Rank #8 for 3rd Basemen, 2010 Projections:  105/5/55/.295/40, Final Numbers:  62/1/35/.259/42

12. Ben Zobrist – Not as disappointing as it seems until you factor in where you had to draft him.  Oh, and very disappointing after his historic (for him) 2009 campaign.  Prepare to hear similar things next year with Bautista.  Preseason Rank #8, 2010 Projections:  75/20/85/.270/12, Final Numbers:  77/10/75/.238/24

13. Ian Kinsler – It’s people like Kinsler that will abuse Obamacare.  Actually, I don’t even know what Obamacare is.  I’m ignorant, ya’ll!  Kinsler will be one of those players next year that will reward his current owners and totally piss off all his owners from 2010.  Preseason Rank #2, 2010 Projections:  110/29/80/.270/34, Final Numbers:  73/9/45/.286/15

14. Mike Aviles – Wanna know how pathetic the 2nd basemen were?  You really only needed two great weeks to get ranked in the top 15.  Luckily for Aviles’ owners, those weeks came at the best time of the season.  I accept this H2H trophy on behalf of all the men and women in the Armed Forces, and Mike Aviles.  He rocked!  Preseason Unranked, Final Numbers:  63/8/32/.304/14

15. Marco Scutaro – This — along with Prado’s ranking — is another one of those places I don’t fully agree with ESPN’s Player Rater.  Raburn, Pedroia (for half a year), even Aaron Hill would be above Scutaro if I had my druthers or if I knew what druthers were.  Preseason #15 for Shortstops, 2010 Projections:  70/11/80/.275/7, Final Numbers:  92/11/56/.275/5

16. Placido Polanco – Member all the people in the preseason that were like, “Yo, Grey, check it!  Polanco’s now in Citizens Flank and in a good lineup!  He’s the bomb diggity!  March commenter out.”  Yeah, and Polanco gave you another yawnstipating season.  Preseason Rank #17, 2010 Projections:  100/10/70/.300/10, Final Numbers:  76/6/52/.298/5

17. Neil Walker – Okay, this is a glass half full or half empty test.  If you see Walker ranked here and think about how great Walker was, you’re an optimist.  If you see him ranked here and think about how polluted the womb of 2nd basemen is, you’re a pessimist.  Preseason Unranked , Final Numbers:  57/12/66/.296/2

18. Juan Uribe – You ever see this guy swing?  He shortens his swing on an 0-2 count about as well as JWoww covers her chest.  Preseason Unranked, Final Numbers:  64/24/85/.248/1

19. Jeff Keppinger – Blanco Polanco ranked in the top 20?  Case closed, 2nd basemen are found guilty of being awful.  Preseason Unranked, Final Numbers:  62/6/59/.288/4

20. Ryan Raburn – Is it weird that I’m already excited about him for 2011?  No?  Cool.  Okay, is it weird that I’m typing this in the nude?  No again?  Sweet!  Raburn finally saw a fair number of at-bats in the 2nd half when he hit .315 with 13 homers.  Someone get my man Raburn a full-time job… Or just send everyone on the Tigers not named Jackson, Boesch and Cabrera to the Bermuda Triangle on vacation.  Preseason Unranked, 2010 Projections:  65/22/75/.265/10, Final Numbers:  54/15/62/.280/2

  1. Dr. Orlando Schadenfreude says:

    Chone Figgins might have been the #11 second baseman this year in most leagues, but he was number one when it came to Razzball and it wasn’t even close. And that fellow commentators, is how bad second base was this year.

  2. Bum Juice says:

    There’s probably not enough daiquiris in the world to get you to start doing this, but it would be so very awesome if you would start including AB in your projections. Even rough ones, rounded to the nearest 50 AB would be super helpful.

  3. Steve says:

    I’m repeating myself here, but Keppinger is so bad, he wasn’t even any use in Fantasy Razzball.

    Amazing to see KJ’s numbers – and how good they ended up being. I owned him all season in a couple of leagues and he went through more than a couple of soul-crushing slumps.

    Thankfully he seemed to come out of them in a pretty big way.

  4. Howard says:

    druthers: –nounInformal.
    one’s own way, choice, or preference: If I had my druthers, I’d dance all night.
    Great new word Grey: Frankeninfielder definitely has to be a part of the Razzball glossary!

  5. VinWins

    VinWins says:

    Following up on my Average table – I realize Pena’s power hitting is valuable to your team.

    Just wanted to show that a poor average can lower your team average by 5 points over the course of 7500 at bats, which can cost several points in the average category.

    While I know it is just 1 category, for some reason I still hate those “average-killers.”

  6. Rhymenoceros says:

    It’s crazy to me that Ian Stewart didn’t make this list. In my RCL, I’m glad some dude drafted Stewart before I could get my filthy paws on him. I had enough headaches (not including the hangover I’m nursing right now) to deal with on my team, and despite that he’s the mini-donkey, I imagine he was a major pain in the ass.

  7. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dr. Orlando Schadenfreude: Yeah, and shortstops were worse.

    @Bum Juice: I’ll take it under consideration.

    @Steve: Agreed… I ended up sticking with him and he was useless. Would’ve been better switching to about a dozen other guys.

    @Howard: Thanks… Yeah, frankeninfielder is good.

    @VinWins: Yeah, gotcha.

    @Rhymenoceros: To be fair, before he missed September, he was ranked 12th. So you take the first five months then replace him with someone and it wasn’t as soul crushing.

  8. pjtres says:

    i have j-upside in a keeper league but have the ability to trade him and jered weaver for josh hambone. i cant keep all my guys anyway (since we only keep 6, and i have 5 spots taken already)

    i guess what im asking is, would you rather have upton or hamilton going forward for the next 2-4 years.

  9. Max says:

    Uggla is the man. Dunn production (-5 HR or so) and consistency at 2B with a discount in draft price. I’ll take him in the 7th-9th every year.

    I’d like to have Cano, but I doubt he’s worth the late 1st/early 2nd price tag vs Uggla’s probable 7th…

  10. Grey

    Grey says:

    @pjtres: Upton

    @Max: Agreed, Cano is going to be expensive next year and Uggla’s always underrated due to perception about average, unless he’s traded to the Rockies or somewhere advantageous..

  11. Andrew says:

    Cano projected to go late first round next spring. It seems like just because he’s the top 2B, he’s risen to the first round. I don’t think he’s deserving of a top ten pick yet. I’d still prefer to go with a safe 1B like Teixeira over Cano, position scarcity be damned.

  12. Critter Nagurski says:

    re: AB projections:

    might work?

    i think i have to keep a $30 utley again this year over $3 adam jones, $1 colby lewis and $4 rajai, right?

    (6×6 with ops and k:bb with ~25% inflation. qs in place of w and nsb in place of sb)

    too much of a philly fan to have clear judgment on the matter!

  13. rob says:

    What about Aaron Hill? 26 HR’s, terribly low LD% and BABIP. A small step up in performance mixed with some luck could put him at least into the 80/28/85/.250 territory.

  14. 1st Season Manager says:

    Hey, Grey. I want to thank you for your help this year. Got 2nd out of 14 teams. Too bad my team went cold during the final week.

  15. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Andrew: Definitely agree with that. Was nice when he was a 4th rounder, not next year.

    @Critter Nagurski: Yeah, you gotta go with the stud.

    @rob: Sure, for next year.

    @1st Season Manager: No problem, too bad the team petered out.

  16. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    I hate how Kinsler is on fire for the post-season. I was giddy about the idea of all my league mates writing him off next season and getting a delicious “buy low”… mais non.

  17. Bum Juice says:

    @Critter Nagurski: Yeah, those help, but they also come out very late (end of March this year, I believe?)

  18. big o says:


    in my 14 team keeper league , we keep 6 players going into 2011 , and will begin our draft starting with round # 7 .

    last year , we kept only 4 players .

    just wanted to brag about picking cano , with my 5th round pick in 2010 .

    no jinxes , no reverse-curses , no health issues , please .
    appreciate your help , in the past , and going forward .

  19. Steve says:

    @big o: Only because the last guy to own my team took Zobrist two picks earlier!

    No way I let that happen. No way.

  20. big o says:


    zobrist was pretty hyped , going into last season
    (by some) .

  21. Moonlight's Grahams says:

    Polanco and Nolasco from me, March commentator. You remember me well.

  22. daggenberry says:

    Where is are favorite Sparky Anklebiter??

  23. Max says:

    @Awesomus Maximus:

    don’t make me look up things. english only, frenchy!

  24. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Max: ?????????!

  25. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Max: Przepraszam!

  26. Dom says:

    Classic post!

  27. sean says:

    If anyone is interested in participating, I’m going to start to compile the statistics needed to “win” in public cash rotisserie leagues. I’d like to be able to classify by service, number of teams, and daily or weekly transactions. Please contact me at [email protected] if you’d like to share your league data and receive the results.

  28. sean says:

    @sean: Restricted to MLB player universe and 5×5…

  29. Steve says:

    @Grey: Man, if these are the top 20, there’s a lot of 2Bs round the league that need to take a good, hard look at themselves.

  30. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I hear ya… Was a tough year for 2nd basemen with 4 of top 5 dealing with injuries.

  31. Steve says:

    @Grey: I’m guessing you’re pretty underwhelmed by all the hitting positions this year.

  32. sean says:

    @Grey: there was a strategy rampant in a lot of my high value leagues where contrarian managers punted power. I think punting any categories is awfully risky, especially categories that co-dependent on each other (as opposed to a niche category like SV), but they faired pretty well overall. Do you think it’s a viable albeit risky strategy going forward based upon the light power numbers this season, or was this a strategy that only worked because of how out of whack the power numbers were this year?

  33. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Yeah, not the greatest year for hitting.

    @sean: I’m not a fan of punting anything.

  34. Steve says:

    @Grey: Couldn’t let this post pass without a reference to Figgy (that prick).
    Our hate for him is perfect. You hate him for what he didn’t do and I hate him for what he did.

  35. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I was waiting for that.

  36. Steve says:

    @Grey: Aww, you stayed up specially.

  37. Matt Crapps says:

    I accept this H2H trophy on behalf of all the men and women in the Armed Forces, and Mike Aviles.

    LOLLLL Mike Aviles easily won my two week H2H championship round for me and probably 2/3 of the other leagues going on Yahoo. good thing i stashed him weeks prior to Hanley going down.

    if i see him at a game i’m going to scream H2H MVP at him

  38. i’m still convinced pedroia was staging a genuine mini-power-breakout. stupid foot.

  39. Hahahaha – Grey thanks for reminding me why I came in 5th this year…I had both Kinsler and Utley…what a mess.


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