With the 2011 fantasy baseball rankings for every position done, we turn our lazy eye towards the top 100 for 2011 fantasy baseball.  These rankings may as well been co-written by George W. Bush because, if those 2011 fantasy baseball rankings were the bomb, this shizz is nu-cu-lar.  None of this top 100 for 2011 fantasy baseball is meant to surprise.  It’s just taking my positional rankings and putting guys in The Big Picture.  You really should read each ranking post because the blurbs in this top 100 are on the skimpy side because there’s so many of them.  Obviously at a hundred players, some guys just didn’t make it.  About 200 or so, to be inexact.  It’s okay, there will be a top 300 too.  Shortly, Sloth, you’ll have your Baby Ruth.  Not to get all biblical on you, but this is the gospel.  Print it out and take it to Mt. Sinai and it will say, “Win your 2011 fantasy baseball league, young premature balding man.”  Projections were done by me and a crack team of 100 monkeys fighting amongst themselves because there were only 99 typewriters.  Somebody buy Ling-Ling his own typewriter!  To help with your drafting, there’s also a list of players with multiple position eligibility.  Anyway, here’s the top 100 for 2010 fantasy baseball:

1. Albert Pujols – Someone should make up the t-shirts, “I’m a man and I love Poo-Holes.”  2011 Projections:  105/37/115/.315/10

2. Hanley Ramirez – Hopefully now that everyone who ever ball busted Hanley has been run out of town, he doesn’t put a life-sized, cardboard cutout of himself at short and watch soaps in the clubhouse.  2011 Projections:  100/26/100/.310/25

3. Miggy Cabrera – Let’s not forget Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle played the better part of their careers drunk.  Let’s just hope Miggy doesn’t burp right when he’s about to swing.  2011 Projections:  110/37/120/.320/5

4. Evan Longoria – No Tony Parker, no problem! 2011 Projections:  105/33/115/.280/10

5. Joey Votto – If you don’t draft Joey, you’re going to roo the day!  See what I did there?!  It’s Highlights humor.  Go with it.  2011 Projections:  95/32/110/.310/10

6. Ryan Braun – Outfield is shallower than you think and Braun’s the top guy.  2011 Projections:  105/32/120/.295/15

7. David Wright – It feels like he’s been at this game as long as Dre, but he’s still young.  BTW, if that line makes it on Detox, I won’t sue.  2011 Projections:  95/30/105/.285/17

8. Troy Tulowitzki – One hitter that I have in the top ten that I feel like I might regret drafting.  2011 Projections:  95/30/105/.280/15

9. Prince Fielder – He’s on one year and off the other.  This year it’s on like Donkey Kong.  2011 Projections:  100/38/115/.280

10. Adrian Gonzalez – I went over my A-Gon fantasy when he was traded.  For those keeping close eye on the rankings, A-Gon was originally ranked 18th and Crawford was here.  I never liked steals guys early, then after Rudy’s post about avoiding stolen base specialists in the top rounds, I decided on switching them.  2011 Projections: 100/37/110/.280

11. Mark Teixeira – To paraphrase my top 20 for 2011 fantasy baseball, even in an off year in 2010, he had the 8th most home runs for all players last year, the 11th most RBIs and the 2nd most Runs.  And that’s me paraphrasing me!  2011 Projections: 105/35/115/.280

12. Matt Kemp – I feel sorry for the people who think they’re drafting for 2010.  That was last year.  You need to look forward.  2011 Projections: 100/30/105/.285/22

13. Matt Holliday – Steady as he goes, Jack White.  2011 Projections: 95/27/105/.310/10

14. Ryan Zimmerman – I really like the path Zimmerman is taking to the first round.  Last year, 3rd to 4th rounder, this year 2nd rounder, next year he’ll be in the first.  That shows me a guy that I can rely on.  None of this crazy CarGo shizz.  Give me conservative in the first couple of rounds.  There’s time for exciting later.  2011 Projections: 90/32/100/.285/5

15. Alex Rodriguez – 30+ homers, some speed, in a great lineup and he frosts his hair, what else do you want?  2011 Projections: 90/32/110/.280/7

16. Ryan Howard – I’m like Bubbles looking for 40 homer hitters this year.  2011 Projections:  85/38/100/.265

17. Carl Crawford – I think The Dread Pirate is Crawford two rounds later, but Crawford is Crawford so there’s that.  2011 Projections:  100/16/110/.305/45

18. Carlos Gonzalez – I went over why I thought Carlos Gonzalez is overrated.  If you fold the post together a’la Mad Magazine, it’s a picture of boobs.  2011 Projections: 90/24/95/.285/20

19. Robinson Cano – Went over my Robinson Cano overrated thing-a-ma-what’s-it-to-you.  It hurt me soul a little to write it because I do like him.  I just don’t “first round like him” like him.  2011 Projections: 100/27/100/.310/3

20. Josh Hamilton – I’m still contemplating writing the Josh Hamilton overrated post or maybe I’ll just link to my 2009 overrated post of him.  Decisions, decisions!  2011 Projections: 85/27/100/.305/7

21. Justin Upton – At 23 years old, 17 homers, 18 steals and a .273 average.  Next year, he’s going to be a first rounder or fall far in drafts.  I’m saying he’s going to be a first rounder.  2011 Projections:  85/26/95/.270/20

22. Jason Heyward – Another guy you’re not going to be able to touch in drafts after this year.  If you wanna own Heyward and not have to pay a first round price, now’s the time.  2011 Projections:  100/25/105/.285/12

23. Andrew McCutchen – This guy will probably be an early 2nd rounder next year and not a 1st rounder because people are prejudice against Pirates.  Argh!  2011 Projections:  100/18/60/.290/38

24. Kevin Youkilis – A couple of birdies told me Youkilis is above Howard and Fielder on some ‘pert lists.  That’s cuckin’ frazy.  2011 Projections: 95/27/95/.300/5

25. Jose Reyes – I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m going to have Reyes on a few teams this year.  I can’t help myself from relatively young superstars that have lost a bit of their shine.  2011 Projections:  110/12/60/.290/40

26. Roy Halladay – I’m sure he’ll be great but if you draft him your offense is going to struggle.  That’s as bluntly as I can put it.  2011 Projections:  19-7/2.75/1.06/205

27. Ian Kinsler – Another guy I could see myself owning.  He was a first to 2nd rounder for years and now at the ripe old age of 28 he’s falling in drafts.  I don’t get it.  He’s the same guy you wanted for the past three years.  It’s not like he’s Rollins, who is legitimately getting up there in age for his skill set.  2011 Projections:  85/22/60/.270/17

28. Brandon Phillips – With this last ten or so rankings, I’m basically saying that I’m going to have a middle infielder from this group.  Be it Reyes, Kinsler, Phillips, Pedroia or maybe even Andrus, it’ll be one of them.  2011 Projections:  85/20/70/.270/17

29. Dustin Pedroia – I’m not worried about his injury.  Even if his foot is bothering him this year, he’s chewing through his cone.  2011 Projections:  105/15/65/.290/15

30. Justin Morneau – There’s a very good chance I won’t own Morneau this year.  He’s fine, I just find it hard to imagine myself leaving the first two rounds of any draft without a 1st baseman.  2011 Projections:  85/25/100/.285

31. Felix Hernandez – If Halladay were in the AL, I’d have F-Her above him.  2011 Projections:  16-12/2.80/1.10/220

32. Hunter Pence – A lot of people were like, “Whoa, Grey, dawg, you put Pence pretty high.”  Okay, no one actually said that, but what I try to preach is conservative picks early and upside picks late.  Pence isn’t ever going to hit 40 homers but being able to bank on 25/15 is nice.  2011 Projections:  90/25/90/.290/15

33. Nelson Cruz – The nice thing about Cruz is even though he can’t stay healthy he’s able to still put up decent numbers.  2011 Projections:  70/27/90/.285/15

34. Shin-Soo Choo – No one drops streamers and slaps their momma after drafting Choo.  Frankly, I’m worried a lot of people are going to draft Choo, grow bored and trade him for less than his value.  See, with Choo, you really have to be patient.  A 20/20 guy translates to around 3 homers and 3 steals a month; it’s not that exciting when you’re actually living it.  2011 Projections:  95/20/100/.300/20

35. Adam Dunn – Again, boring.  But I’ll take a boring 40 homer guy every day of the week and twice on Muesday.  2011 Projections: 80/40/100/.245

36. Dan Uggla – If you find yourself drafting CarGo, Weeks, Hamilton, Bautista, etc. etc. etc.  People are going to look at your team and be amazed when you lose your league.  When you draft Howard, Holliday and Uggla, people are going to yawn at your team and you’re going to win.  2011 Projections:  90/32/100/.265/5

37. Adam Wainwright – UPDATE: Went over Wainwright’s injury.  Don’t draft him. My gut is saying, “Wainwright is going to disappoint this year,” but since my gut is also saying, “I like chimichangas,” I’m having a hard time trusting it. 2011 Projections:  Nothing

38. Chase Utley – UPDATE:  Don’t draft Utley.  I still got love for you, Utley.  It’s just not the kind of love that finds its way on my fantasy team.  2011 Projections: 50/14/55/.280/5

39. Cliff Lee – The Adverb is the one player in the last three years I’ve said was overrated and didn’t disappoint.  I’m still angry at him, but I know it’s me not him.  It’s called growth.  2011 Projections:  16-6/2.95/1.05/190

40. Brian McCann – In two catcher leagues, I would draft McCann and I’d enjoy his 1st baseman-type numbers at catcher.  In one catcher leagues, you Reggie Roby catcher.  2011 Projections:  80/25/95/.280/3

41. Joe Mauer – I think I said this in the top 20 catcher for 2011 fantasy baseball but bear with me — or bare with me if you’re a nudist.  People (and ‘perts) playing fantasy are hilarious.  Mauer hits 28 homers and everyone but me says he’s a 1st rounder with 30 homer power.  I get bashed for saying it’s fluky and he shouldn’t be drafted that high.  He falls back to earth in 2010 with 9 homers and he’s now being drafted after Posey in some leagues.  People really need to try and stay a little more even keel.  Players fluctuate; they don’t suddenly become their peak every year (without steroids).  I’m farting in your general direction, Bautista.  2011 Projections:  90/15/90/.325/3

42. Victor Martinez – I’m excited about V-Mart, but more because of what he brings to Miggy.  2011 Projections:  70/18/85/.300

43. Tim Lincecum – I’m concerned about Lincecum, but you know that from reading the top 20 starters for 2011 fantasy baseball.  2011 Projections:  15-10/3.20/1.18/225

44. Elvis Andrus – With this ranking, everyone that follows my top 100 will probably end up with Andrus on their team.  He’s so much later in ADP.  I’m fine with that, are you?  2011 Projections:  95/5/50/.270/45

45. CC Sabathia – Appropriate of nothing, but whatever happened to Chubb Rock? 2011 Projections:  18-10/3.40/1.20/190

46. Krispie Young – Again, everyone who takes this into a draft will come away with Krispie.  He’s about 100 picks later in most drafts.  I guess people don’t want a potential 30/30 guy.  Sounds good to me.  Also, if you know you can get Krispie hundred picks later, feel free to wait another 50 picks to draft him.  You don’t have to take him at the tail end of the 4th round to prove a point.  2011 Projections:  75/25/85/.240/25

47. Mark Reynolds – Another guy that is way later in ADP.  It’s odd to me how much a low average scares away fantasy baseballers (<–my mom’s term!).  Average is the flukiest category and yet it’s all some people seem to see.  Reynolds also falls into what I said for Mauer.  How does someone go from being drafted in the 10th round in 2009 to the 2nd round in 2010 back to the 10th round?  People need to chillax.  Reynolds was never a 2nd rounder, but 35 homers and 12 steals at 3rd base isn’t a 10th rounder either.  2011 Projections:  80/35/95/.235/12

48. Adrian Beltre – As I said in the 3rd base post and elsewhere, you really have to make sure you have a decent 3rd baseman.  It’s a bad crop, Beeks.  2011 Projections:  80/24/95/.285/7

49. Jon Lester – Here’s the point where I’m trying to get my first starter.  Keep in mind, I’m only drafting one of these guys.  Continued in the next blurb.  2011 Projections:  17-9/3.30/1.18/220

50. Clayton Kershaw – So just because you see Lester, Kershaw, Liriano and Gallardo together, it doesn’t mean draft all four of them.  Or even two of them in back to back rounds.  Continued in the next blurb.  2011 Projections:  14-8/3.00/1.15/220

51. Francisco Liriano – It’s just the way I arrange my draft sheet, which this is.  If I draft, say, Lester, then I’m basically crossing Kershaw, Liriano and Gallardo off my sheet unless they’re around in another three or four rounds.  Continued in the next blurb.  2011 Projections:  15-7/3.15/1.18/220

52. Yovani Gallardo – No, that’s all I wanted to say about that.  2011 Projections:  16-9/3.30/1.24/220

53. Jimmy Rollins – I’m not drafting Rollins this year unless he falls further than this.  See the Jon Lester blurb for what I’m drafting as we head into the next round.  2011 Projections:  85/14/65/.260/20

54. Derek Jeter – Jeter reminds me of something.  You’ll never sleep with as many women as you’d like to? No, random italicized voice.  He reminds me to mention that you really should read the individual blurbs in each ranking post.  Jeter’s ranked here but as I said in the top 20 shortstops for 2011 fantasy baseball post, I’d never draft him.  I’d watch someone else draft him here.  Remember I only get one pick per twelve and I’m not drafting a shortstop here.  2011 Projections:  105/12/65/.280/15

55. Michael Young – Same thing goes for third basemen or really any position.  Just because I have Young at 55 on my draft sheet, if I already have a 3rd basemen, I’m not drafting him for s’s and g’s.  2011  Projections:  85/17/80/.280/5

56. Jayson Werth – Went over my Werth fantasy when he went to the Nats.  2011 Projections:  75/25/85/.270/12

57. Ichiro Suzuki – He could be sitting there in the 20th round and I’m not sure I’d draft him.  2011 Projections:  85/5/40/.320/32

58. Alex Rios – Member when he went by Alexis?  Way back in 2009.  Maybe I should go by Gre with an umlaut over the e.  2011 Projections:  85/17/80/.270/20

59. Andre Ethier – The reason why I’m loading my draft sheet here with outfielders I wouldn’t draft is because I’m taking my first starter around here as mentioned in the Lester blurb.  Hopefully, I already have one outfielder.  BTW, there will be a post of my ideal team coming soon and a post of the guys I’d actually draft.  Oh, and the Ethier overrated post for your consideration.  2011 Projections:  80/25/90/.295/3

60. Casey McGehee – To get all repetitive on your ass, since I’m taking a starter around here, I’d draft McGehee but not for a few more rounds. 2011 Projections:  75/24/90/.280

61. Jered Weaver – We’re now in group of pitchers that I probably won’t own because I’m banking on having one from my first grouping.  2011 Projections:  15-10/3.40/1.15/195

62. Josh Johnson – When he’s healthy, he’s so good.  But he has a hard time staying healthy.  He’s like the best of times and the worst of times — hey, did I just make up that expression?  Nah, probably not.  2011 Projections:  10-7/3.15/1.10/160 in 150 IP

63. Justin Verlander – Trade for him on May 1st if you can.  He’s a white man’s Mercurio.  2011 Projections:  15-10/3.50/1.18/210

64. Ubaldo Jimenez – Something I haven’t mentioned before, but now is as good a time as any.  I think I’m falling into the same trap as others and overrating Ubaldo’s 1st half last year.  We’re never going to see that again.  Rather than a top 15 starter, Ubaldo is probably closer to a top 20 starter.  Hey, I’m splitting hairs with Ubaldo.  (<–pun point!) 2011 Projections:  15-9/3.50/1.20/195

65. Kendry Morales – I’m praying to your deity of choice that I don’t need to take Kendry, i.e., I’m hoping I have a 1st baseman already.  2011 Projections:  80/26/95/.290

66. Cole Hamels – Seems to be underrated this year considering he just had a season of 3.06 ERA and 211 Ks.  Oh, I know!  Because he only won 12 games.  Yeah, that’s a good reason to avoid him.  It’s not like he plays on a good team or anything.  2011 Projections:  14-10/3.40/1.18/190

67. B.J. Upton – A weird thing that I’ve realized recently is I like B.J. (hey, what guy doesn’t?), but I don’t think I’ve ever owned him.  In any league.  Ever.  Maybe that’s why I like him.  But that’s conjecture, strike it from the record.  2011 Projections:  95/17/75/.250/40

68. Shane Victorino – Here’s a guy that I end up owning in at least one league every year.  Pair Victorino with, say, Pence and you have a balanced 40/50 heading into the 2nd half of your outfield.  2011 Projections:  90/12/65/.285/32

69. Rickie Weeks – The other day I saw that his ADP was in the 30’s.  That’s so laughably absurd I don’t even think I’m going to bother writing an overrated post for him.  I’m just gonna point and laugh.  2011 Projections:  85/18/65/.250/14

70. Carlos Marmol – My love for Marmol requires two tissues and a pillow flip.  2011 Projections:  5-3/2.90/1.20/120, 40 saves

71. Neftali Feliz – I will say that with how high I’m putting Marmol and Feliz there might be an outside chance I actually own one.  2011 Projections:  5-2/2.75/1.00/90, 40 saves

72. Roy Oswalt – I wish I had better Photoshop skills… Or any Photoshop skills because I’d make a cool graph showing how players go up and down every year in the draft but their value remains constant until they hit their career decline.  If someone wants to make this graph for me, you’ll be paid in Croatian kunas.  2011 Projections:  15-8/3.35/1.16/175

73. Joakim Soria – I’m going to draft Leo Nunez and an array of other schmohawk Brain Freezes.  It’s how I roll.  See next blurb for more.  2011 Projections:  2-3/2.50/1.00/75, 40 saves

74. Heath Bell – It’s not just that top closers fall apart, though they do, it’s more that there’s so many top donkeycorns in later rounds.  Shoot, you can get a bunch of donkeycorns off of waivers during the season.  See next blurb for more.  2011 Projections:  3-4/2.90/1.18/85, 40 saves

75. Brian Wilson – Hmm… No, that was all I had to say about closers.  2011 Projections:  3-5/2.80/1.20/85, 40 saves

76. Zack Greinke – He took a similar offseason path as Beltre.  Was pretty sure I was avoiding them in November then they went to favorable environments, but because people overrate the smallest bit of positive news, Greinke looks a bit overrated this year.  2011 Projections:  15-9/3.50/1.18/200

77. Pedro Alvarez – Here’s my go-to 3rd baseman if I’ve Mr. Bungled 3rd base up until this point.  2011 Projections:  70/27/85/.260/3

78. Aramis Ramirez – My back up 3rd baseman if someone reads Razzball and reaches even further for Pedro Alvarez.  2011 Projections:  75/25/90/.280

79. Jose Bautista – I read an article that explained his 2010 power surge.  In April of 2010, he had Moises Alou pee on his hands.  2011 Projections:  70/25/80/.240/5

80. Jacoby Ellsbury – It would have to be a very3 power heavy team for me to draft Ellsbury or Gardner.  It could happen.  Cust kayin’.  2011 Projections:  90/7/70/.290/45

81. Brett Gardner – SAGNOF!  2011 Projections:  105/7/55/.270/45

82. Jose Tabata – Cheap Victorino.  I will call you, Shane Bargainrino.  2011 Projections:  90/6/40/.280/40

83. Colby Rasmus – Reminds me a bit of Pence (and he might be more expensive than Pence in some drafts).  2011 Projections:  95/25/80/.265/15

84. Jay Bruce – The other day someone asked in the comments who I thought this year’s CarGo was going to be.  Let’s see, a player who is drafted in the latter half of the top 100, has a world of ability and hasn’t shown all of it yet?  They call him Bruce.  Could be a first rounder next year.  2011 Projections:  85/32/100/.270/7

85. Pablo Sandoval – Right now, his ADP is 146.  Yes, he went from a 5th round pick last year to a 12th round pick at the age of 24.  I think I need to do a whole post on the “What have you done for me lately aspect of fantasy baseball drafting?” trap that you should not fall into.  2011 Projections:  70/18/80/.305/3

86. Aaron Hill – I already went over my Aaron Hill sleeper whosie-macallit.  2011 Projections:  80/25/85/.275/5

87. Mike Stanton – When Mike Stanton swings, baseballs get their wings.  Oh, and I dropped a Mike Stanton fantasy post too.  That post is rotten with drool.  2011 Projections:  70/32/80/.250/7

88. Curtis Granderson – As mentioned in the top 40 outfielders for 2011 fantasy baseball, I like Grandy but his splits are terrible.  Then people started talking in the comments about his great September.  Okay, if he were 23 years old, a great September is nice.  He’s going to be 30 in March.  He had a nice September, that’s it.  He can’t hit lefties.  2011 Projections:  70/25/80/.260/15

89. Adam Lind – For what it’s Wuertz, I like Lind more than the projections I gave him.  I was being conservative.  I think he can hit 35 homers again.  (BTW, this ranking of Lind is contingent on him having eligibility besides UTIL.)  2011 Projections:  80/27/90/.270

90. Alexei Ramirez – I’m pretty bored with the shortstop position this year.  If I have my druthers — and really why can’t I?  Someone else wants my druthers? — I’ll just draft Alcides Escobar around pick 300 and call it a day with shortstops.  Or maybe Desmond around pick 180.  Something like that.  2011 Projections:  80/17/70/.280/14

91. Rafael Furcal – Know you’re going to get oh-Furcal’d for at least two months.  2011 Projections:  75/8/45/.280/17

92. Stephen Drew – Here’s the thing:  I like Drew this year, but how pot-committed do I want to be to that “like?”  Probably not this pot-committed.  I might grab my next starter or 2nd outfielder around here in the draft.  2011 Projections:  90/24/70/.275/7

93. Carlos Pena – Went over my Carlos Pena fantasy when he went to the Cubs.  I wrote it while bathing in a metal tub.  2011 Projections:  70/35/95/.235/3

94. Billy Butler – I can’t for the life of me figure out why people like Butler so much.  Is it the moobs?  Oh, I know!  Again, what is with you people and average?  You want around .275 for your team.  You don’t need .300.  2011 Projections:  80/20/90/.310

95. Buster Posey – I’m not messing with Posey this year, but even I have to say this is a really low ranking.  “Damn, February Grey.  You so crazy!”  That was January Grey phoning in from a jail in Colombia.  Should’ve never muled.  2011 Projections:  75/18/80/.310

96. Paul Konerko – You should be very thankful that you drafted Konerko last year.  One of the top value picks.  Yet, you can’t make up for last year by drafting him this year.  Really, you can’t.  2011 Projections:  70/24/85/.265

97. Grady Sizemore – On one hand, I’m pretty concerned about how long it’s been since he was productive.  On the other hand, he’s still young.  With my third, lesser known hand, I’m scratching myself.  2011 Projections:  90/18/65/.270/22

98. Drew Stubbs – Already dropped a Drew Stubbs fantasy on ya.  Read it on the john to multi-task.  BTW, at last glance, his ADP was 152.  That’s a steal.  2011 Projections:  95/18/65/.260/32

99. Corey Hart – Corey Hart looks Amish.  Not as much as Khalil Greene looks weird, but close. (Oh, no, Khalil reared his ugly head again!)  2011 Projections:  70/21/80/.260/10

100. David Price – Price is, um, overpriced this year.  And I think I’ve figured out fantasy baseball trends.  Everyone overrates wins and average.  The two flukiest categories.  To quote Spaceballs, “I can’t believe you fell for the oldest trick in the book!  What a goof!  What’s with you man?  Come on!”  2011 Projections:  14-10/3.60/1.22/185

  1. danimal35 says:

    I’ve had BJ every year since we have both played (fantasy) baseball …most frustrating player I have ever owned…but I will own him again this season because one of these years, he’s gonna make me forget about all the cursing at the stat-tracker after two “swinging strikes” followed by a “strike (looking)”…he’s gonna make me cry tears of joy and give me an MVP season!

  2. Steve says:

    Aw, this is where it all starts coming together. This is the pork gently smoking on the Weber.

    Great stuff, Grey. The fight for 1Bs in the RCLs is going to be something to behold.

  3. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    “Jose Bautista – I read an article that explained his 2010 power surge. In April of 2010, he had Moises Alou pee on his hands.”

    Classic stuff. Coffee-splurted-out-of-the-nose-stuff.

    Why do we all keep chasing Jay Bruce’ first month of his career? Can’t get that sweet swing out of our mind.

  4. Mets fan says:

    Grey in a 12 team h2h league what’s the earliest you would draft your corner infielder?

  5. Craig says:

    Grey, Miggy for CarGo in a dynasty?

    Also, great stuff here with these rankings

  6. NewBVick says:

    “Highlights” preparing you for the day you lose your pencil in the trunk of a tree.

  7. Grey is there any truth to the rumor Wainwright has a balky elbow? Heard he might have to be monitored at start of spring training which is a shock to me since I have him as a keeper.

  8. Bartaksu says:

    “Also, if you know you can get Krispie hundred picks later, feel free to wait another 50 picks to draft him. You don’t have to take him at the tail end of the 4th round to prove a point. ”

    You’d be surprised how many people miss this point when looking at (or discussing) rankings.

  9. Tony says:

    What else do I want outa AROD? i want camryn diaz to feed him popcorn…. oh wait…..

    I really hope Brian Wilson falls to me in one of my drafts. I wont take him early, but I REALLY enjoy listening to him talk in 3rd person and he has a sweet beard.

    #79 cue wily mo

    Grey whats your AB projection on GRADY?

    Great top 100. Copy. Paste. Into the fantasy notebook it goes.

  10. Fantasy Bridesmaid says:

    Braun’s projections are better in every way over Longoria except for one less home run…is the higher ranking for the position?

  11. Fantasy Bridesmaid says:

    To add to my already awesome point, his numbers are better than Votto’s in every way except for AVG. Are you just anti semetic?

  12. Swagger Jackers says:

    Highlight of the post: April of 2010, he had Moises Alou pee on his hands.” Almost an actual LOL at work.

  13. RandomItalicizedVoice says:

    How much do I like Grey’s top 100 for 2011?? I think Moises Alou definitely must have recently peed on Grey’s ‘stache.

  14. AdamH says:

    I love the “druthers” lines the best. They always crack me up.

  15. Scott says:

    Looks pretty close, but Ubaldo or Hamels in 2011?


  16. AdamH says:

    If you leave the first two rounds without a 1B for some reason, which guys are you really targeting in the 3/4 rounds?

  17. CT Old School says:

    48. Adrian Beltre gets a Trading Places quote. You need to do an entire post spoofing Jeopardy’s Potent Potables category: Potent Quotables.

  18. Eddy says:

    Great post Grey!

    You rank Pedro Alvarez over ARam, yet expect ARam to have better numbers. Now, I just want to confirm: is it because that’s ARam’s ceiling, but Pedro’s floor?

  19. ScottyM says:

    Drinking the kool aid and wearing a I <3 Andrus thong is very dangerous. I like him, but not at #44.
    He does not have a stranglehold on the leadoff spot with that OBP. His SB success % declined markedly last year. He hit 0 homers in 2010? ZERO homers? I would like my SS to at least chip in 5-7 HRs. That allows one of my other projections some fudge factor like hitting 25 instead of 32 this year. His slugging % was .301, WTF? A good leadoff hitter bats .301 not slugs it.
    Rickey Henderson is rolling over in his hyperbaric sleeping chamber: "Elvis, this is Rickey calling on behalf of Rickey. Rickey could have hit 200 leadoff HRs if he played half the games in Arlington."

  20. John says:

    Yay! Finally the holy grail is released.

  21. carlos marmLOL says:

    I don’t want to be “that guy” with the whiny b-b-but you won’t take x but you will take y at a higher draft spot.

    I wouldn’t draft Andrus or Jeter AT ALL in the leagues I’m in but this is concerning:

    44. Elvis Andrus – With this ranking, everyone that follows my top 100 will probably end up with Andrus on their team. He’s so much later in ADP. I’m fine with that, are you? 2011 Projections: 95/5/50/.270/45

    54. Derek Jeter – […] I’d watch someone else draft him here. Remember I only get one pick per twelve and I’m not drafting a shortstop here. 2011 Projections: 105/12/65/.280/15

    Not sure why Jeter is unwanted 10 picks later, esp considering SAGNOF. I realize they’re at opposite ends of the aging curve and Andrus could go yahtzee with that line up behind him, assuming that’s the justification?

  22. paddytwotimes says:

    I do not think Detox is ever coming out. I do not think it exists.

  23. Tony says:

    lol i’ve posted twice no and its not going up? odd

  24. Tony says:

    and of course that post… LOL

    @BKK: i hear ya, arod is wow, arod…. camryn just got knocked down a few pegs.

    Whats your draft spot? I am #9.

  25. Rhymenoceros says:

    Reggie Roby! Ha! What a great line.

  26. Back To Minors says:

    So who’s the guy this year that you find yourself aiming to get in the middle to late part of the draft? Last year it was Stewart, year prior was Reynolds.

  27. Rhymenoceros says:

    Grey, I agree with you about the blah-blahbity-blah about shortstop. I am totally on board with a late Desmond or Escobar pick. My question is can I reasonably Reggie Roby both SS and C? I’m feeling that if I pass up on the shortstops, then I should take a McCann/Mauer type. What do you think?

  28. Jamez says:

    Taking Miggy over Pujols feels like taking Chris Johnson over AP. Not necessarily the wrong move, but…

  29. Steve Stevenson says:

    How high does Dunn rise in an OBP league–top 20 or so? Thinking of grabbing him with my early 3rd round pick because I doubt he’ll be around by late 4th. Would you rather have Hanley-Dunn or Miggy-Reyes with your 1st and 3rd round picks in that format? (2nd round depends on whether one of the top CI falls–if not, probably an OF)

  30. Rabbit says:

    @Grey: You didn’t think anyone would get your Trading Places line? C’mon, give your (older) readers some credit. Why just this morning I got up and thought “Porkbellies…I’ve got a good feeling about them today.”

  31. Dracula says:

    Am I the only one concerned about the fact that Stubbs had 28 HR in 1,588 at bats in the minors?

  32. Eddy says:


    #Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez indicated Kimbrel/Venters closer arrangement is legit possibility, cited RSoriano/MGonzalez tandem in ’09”

    One word: ugh.

  33. Eddy says:

    followed by:

    “But #Braves’ Gonzalez also made it clear he’ll see how things look in spring. Kimbrel could be primary closer or share duties w/ Venters.”

  34. BKK says:

    @Tony: I’m hitting seventh. Yes, we will likely be cursing each other all draft!

  35. Tom says:

    hmmmm just got position #9 in a 12 team H2H Mixed – what do you guys think?

  36. Steve Stevenson says:

    Back on the OBP league kick, how much value do you see from Carlos Santana this year? Seems to me he’d be similar to Posey (with his higher OBP compensating for fewer R and RBI) at a much more palatable ADP.

  37. pubscout says:

    Grey: Hamilton/Ubaldo for AGone/Marcum. Which side do you like? Thanks.

  38. Calogero says:

    Surprised to see your take on Aaron Hill and other guys who had down years in 2010 and then see that Dan Haren wasn’t on your list. But then again, you went very hitting-heavy in the last 30 spots, so he was probably one of the first guys after #100.

  39. Looks great, can’t wait to dig in.

  40. Dirty Jersey says:


    considering the shortage of power…
    with the 12th pick in a shallow 12-team league (3 OF, no CI or MI), if Wright doesn’t fall to me I am toying with picking Howard and Fielder (or Tex) for my 1B and UTIL slots.

    Thoughts on this strategy? Downfalls?

    The site rocks! you helped me to a championship last year (wife spent it already or I would give you a cut) and I am sticking with you again for season 2! – promise to buy u a drink if i win it again this year!

  41. Bobby Nice says:

    @Grey: I’m perplexed with 3B this year. I’m thinking about holding out until the 6th – 7th round for either A-Ram or Alvarez, who ever is left at that point. In your rankings though you have M. Young up at the 55 spot. With his roster spot and trade rumors in mind, do you think he’s safer to go with 1 or 2 rounds earlier? I know he can hit and the Rangers lineup will be sick, but if he’s left on the Rangers and platoon’s for 3B, 1B, and DH, will that hurt his AB’s at all?
    In the end, I think I’ll end up with Alvarez probably in round 7, and….That’s…OK, ’cause he’s young enough, strong enough, and gosh darnit, people like him.

  42. brad says:

    Okay, I’m ready for some baseball. Here are the dudes I’m planning to keep in my 14tm h2h points league.

    The draft round at which I will keep them in parentheses.

    A-Rod (2) Must keep someone from rds. 2-5
    J-Up (9)
    Weeks (15)
    Reynolds (17)
    CarGo (22)

    This would leave Garza (7), Weaver (8), Sanchez (10), and Feliz (12) on the table as far as pitchers go. It would also leave Kelly Johnson (20), and David Murphy (21) on the table. Would you keep any of them instead of Weeks?

  43. Tom says:

    Hey Grey – who do you think I should keep – 12 h2h mixed just for 1 year
    Im figuring between Feliz and Elvis

    Feliz, Neftali
    Andrus, Elvis
    Napoli, Mike
    Cueto, Johnny
    Guerrero, Vladimir

  44. Steve says:

    I interrupt this scheduled programme to conduct a quick bit of market research. I work for a mobile carrier in the mobile content space and there’s this new (it’s not actually new, but it would be new to us) product that’s just been pitched to us. So…

    Does anyone know what a ringback tone is?

    If so, have you ever bought one?

  45. Freddy says:

    Would you trade Carlos Santana and Hellickson for Heyward? I know it is a good trade but I love Santana and catcher position is so thin.

  46. The Vaporizers says:

    Quick keeper league trade question.

    Trade Mark Reynolds and Desmond Jennings

    For Ryan Howard

    What do you think? I like Jennings long term, but Howard this year.

  47. mets fan says:

    grey i know you like howard more then most but arnt you concerned with his protection i dont see pitchers giving him much to hit this year with werth gone?

  48. Wilsonian says:

    Ok, it’s finally back to me in my 16 Team H2H keeper. Here are my categories:

    H, R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OBP
    W, L, SV, K, ERA, WHIP, KS/9

    Here’s my team:

    Napoli, Dunn, Hill, Wright, Andrus, Hamilton, Heyward, Tabata, Lester, Marcum, Gio, Cueto, Kimbrel

    We play C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, UTIL, UTIL, SP, SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P and have 5 bench spots.

    I’ve got a pick, and then two guys will pick, and then I have another pick (that I acquired via offseason trade). I’m targeting EJax and Raburn with these two picks. Good choices? Should I target something else? If you agree with EJax and Raburn, which one should I take first, i.e. which one would you be happier with on my team if the other one happens to make it to me? Thanks as usual for all your help.

  49. Tony says:

    @BKK: ha it doesn’t matter what you just told me, you pick before me so you can do whatever you want! And you’re right it really ALL depends on how Yahoo! ranks these guys. I remember last year they came out with all the big 1B bats like 11-15, it was insanity! haha…. sitting on the turn was like xmas.

    lets just hope Cano, Cargo, and maybe halladay go early, or before me I should say…. hell throw Tulo in there too! That leaves ALOT of what I want….

  50. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Here are my league settings
    16 teams, 8×8 (H, BB, SLG, HLD, K/9, QS)
    ******NO BENCH******
    C, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI, LF, CF, RF, OF, OF, Util, SP(x5), RP(x4)
    1. You always mention that average is a fickle thing and not to chase it. However, in my league H and SLG are directly affected by AVG, so would you be putting a little more emphasis on AVG in my league (if so, how much?)
    2. 32 catchers will be drafted. McCann is ranked #40 and you write “In two catcher leagues, I would draft McCann and I’d enjoy his 1st baseman-type numbers at catcher.” Would he remain ranked #40 (aka a mid 3rd round option) or would you ever take him earlier?


  51. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Grey, not sure if you read this over at rotoworld yet (they’re going over under and over-rated 1st basemen). I figured this would give you a good laugh


    Ryan Howard (Phillies)/Prince Fielder (Brewers) – These two ended up with pretty much the same fantasy projection for me: I have Howard at .271-39-122 and Fielder at .277-38-116. Those are fine power numbers, but with the batting averages, they just don’t justify second-round selections. Howard hasn’t topped .280 since his .313 season in 2006. Fielder has come in at .276, .299 and .261 the last three years. It’s a side effect of home run totals dropping: most of those balls not leaving the park turn into outs, not doubles.”

    They also go on to state that Morales is underrated, and Dunn is also overrated because of his low average.

  52. LMack says:

    Christmas in February. Loving it.

  53. JoeC says:

    Hey Wilsonian, how about you just let Grey take over your team? I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone ask for advice pick-by-pick in a draft. Where’s the fun in that?

    I guess I just put on my grumpy pants today. Maybe it was the effect from the fantasy mag I read the other day that had Juan Pierre as the 11th-rated outfielder, with Rajai Davis right behind him at #12. I seriously laughed out loud when I saw that.

    I have no idea how some of these guys stay in the biz (but then again, I bought the magazine, so who’s the chump?!).

  54. corey says:

    @ Grey- I see you have B.J. Upton at 67 and Drew Stubbs at 98, aren’t they pretty close to the same player? Why the big gap in draft position?

  55. BKK says:

    @Grey: Sorry to blow your cover.

  56. Pat says:

    This was a great list.

    Thanks Grey.

  57. Tomas says:

    I’m surprised Greinke is so low. He’s gotten a lot of hype because of the trade, but I still think he’s going to be underrated on draft day and via projection systems because of his fluke ERA in 2010. Even Bill James only gives him a 3.57 ERA projection.

    Considering he has more upside than any other pitcher in the major leagues, is moving to a contending team for the first time in his career and, depending on your opinion of peak ages, is entering his prime, I’m not sure there’s a pitcher I’d rather have in 2011.

  58. Dirty Jersey says:


    Sorry to repeat, but I don’t know if I got my point across:

    What do you think of using the 12th AND 13th pick on power 1Bs?

    WIll that leave a team too short elsewhere?

  59. Steve V says:

    In holding with your theory being conservative in the first couple rounds, do you consider J. Upton and Heyward conservative picks at the end of round 2 (picks 22, 23)?

  60. Johnny Cueto says:


    I have been offered Jason Heyward (5th round) for my Carlos Gonzalez (4th) in a 12 team keeper league. I am tempted to do this. The rest of my offensive keepers are solid: MCab, Teix, Utley, Alvarez, McCutchen. What are your thoughts?

  61. Jake says:

    Hey Grey, Awesome job as usual! Just had our 12 team draft and I was picking from the 11th spot. Here goes, as always I appreciate any thoughts or ideas on trades to improve my lineup:
    C- Posada
    1B- Howard
    2B- Kinsler
    3B- A-Rod
    SS- S. Castro
    OF- Heyward, Pence, Krispie
    Util- J. Bay, A. Lind
    Bench- A. Hill, Robot, Chipper
    SP- Liriano, Gallardo, Billingsley, Dempster, Stauffer
    RP- Axford, Hanrahanananan, Chapman, Meek, Clippard

  62. Nate says:

    How would you rank these 4 outfielders in the order of which you would draft first?

    BJ. Upton

  63. Troy says:

    I’d like to sign up here for the Forums but when I get to the part of the registration where it ask me to complete the question,”Razzball.com is dedicated to fantasy…” I can’t seem to give the right answer to complete my registration.Is there anyone who could tell me how to complete that please?

  64. Eric says:

    110 rbis for Crawford? is that a typo?

  65. Jangle says:

    When was the last time this was updated? Just curious, drafting tomorrow…

  66. Derrick says:

    I get – Hanley
    I give – Marmol, Gallardo and Andrus

    My team
    1B – Miggy
    2B – Phillips
    SS – Andrus
    3B – Reynolds/Pedro Alvarez
    OF – Kemp/Justin Upton/Tabata and Swisher
    Util – Fielder

    SP – Brett Anderson/Gallardo/Volquez/Dempster/Zambrano/Liriano/Gio/Kennedy/Edwin Jackson/

    RP – Hanrahan/Broxton/Valverde/Marmol/Contreras/Lidge (DL)

    Do I accept this offer?

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