Later, Hawai’ian.  Hello, Eric Hosmer.   Or as Hosmer might say, “W’oh!”  In Triple-A this year, Hosmer had 3 homers and 3 steals in 98 ABs.  Year before, 20 homers, 14 steals between Double-A and High-A.  Bye, A!  The average has been great too.  He looks like Votto to me.  To take that comparison past the point where it’s still making sense, Votto had 24 homers, 7 steals and a .297 average his first full year.  He was 24 though, Hosmer is 21 — I’ll pinch your cheeks you’re so young, you!  If Hosmer hits 24 homers with a .297 average this year, I’ll shave my ‘stache, glue it to the middle of my forehead and tattoo lips below it.  He’s just a bit too raw.  Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t own him everywhere.  You take the rookie flyer because if it pans out the trade value inflates like Butler’s moobs after he drinks a quart of milk.  Conservatively, I’ll give Hosmer 17 homers, 6 steals and .280.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Brandon Lyon – Lyon was the lead until Hosmer got the call.  Rudy came up with titles and everything, so you get a bonus lead-in today.  Discarded titles were, “Lyon Sent To Vet,” “Lyon Caged, Astro Fans Rejoice,” and, “Astros Stop Lyon To Themselves.” Lyon has a torn rotator cuff.  They should get the doctor that made Lee Majors bionic cause Lyon needs all the help he can get.  Mark Melancon is the man to own in Houston, though the word out of the 5th ward is Ed Wade’s Toupee is trying to lose every game the rest of the season, or at least his GM’ing makes it seem that way.  Seriously, he can’t even pick out a decent toupee and he’s going to GM a major league team?  He looks like a Computer Science teacher who’s still teaching BASIC.  Melancon isn’t the meow’s cat or anything.  His fastball is kinda whatever, but he gets some Ks, groundballs and Lyon is out.  I’d own Melancon everywhere, he could run with the job all year.

Melky Cabrera – Hit his third homer to put the pressure on Justin Morneau to keep pace.

Josh Johnson – 7 1/3 IP, 5 ER, 12 baserunners, 7 Ks.  Was clotheslined today by his manager after leaving Johnson in until he gave up a 3-2 lead.  Michael Dunn proceeded to make it a Hart Attack by letting two inherited runners come in on a Berkman HR.

Eduardo Sanchez – Got the save.  He’s the closer!  Maybe!  He might have the job until he blows it.  Or not!  He’s worth owning for the off chance La Russa has made up his feathered-hair covered mind.  “Look at my hair!  It falls naturally like the feather in Forrest Gump.”  Whatever, La Russa.

Albert Pujols – 3-for-3 as Nick Punto played 2nd base.  See, Punto was playing today and not able to don Pujols’ jersey and take an 0-for-4.  I’m the monkey-fightin’ Oliver Stone of fantasy baseball ‘perts!

David Price – 8 2/3 IP, 0 ER, 4 baserunners, 10 Ks.  Maybe he knew what he was talking about in not knowing what I was talking about.

Brennan Boesch – 2-for-3 with his 2nd homer.  Or a Boesch & Bomb.  Bee tee dubya, 2 homers after over a month isn’t great.

Jose Valverde – 1 IP, 1 ER.  Give Al Alburquerque a chance!  Santa K, New Mexiclosero!

Brett Myers – 5 2/3 IP, 6 ER, 12 baserunners, 4 Ks.  Not to toot my own horn — though if I could I’d never leave my house — but I never bought into Myers’ early success.  Take that, snitches!

Jason Bourgeois – 2 steals.  Holy SAGNOF, Batman!  He’ll be in this afternoon’s Buy/Sell.  You can hardly wait.  No, you!

Homer Bailey – 6 IP, 1 ER, 5 baserunners, 7 Ks vs. the Astros.  Was a pretty easy matchup, but I guess it’s safe to get him back in your lineups.  To be honest, I’ve sorta lost my patience with Bailey and won’t be adding him anywhere, which, of course, means he’ll be terrific.  It’s reverse psyching-out-yourself psychology.  Or maybe it’s confirmation bias.  Or maybe I should’ve paid attention in Psych 101.

Jay Bruce – 3-for-4, 3 Runs and his 6th homer.  I’m not lucky, I’m Bruce’d.  Yes.

Brandon Beachy – 6 IP, 0 ER, 5 baserunners, 9 Ks.  I’d say he’s going to be in this afternoon’s Buy/Sell but if you haven’t picked him up by now, you lose.  If you don’t trust me, look at his K/9 and K/BB.

Shaun Marcum – 7 IP, 1 ER, 6 baserunners, 8 Ks.  Member in the preseason when I made my off-the-wall prediction that Marcum would start the All-Star game?  His ERA is 2.06.  Cust kayin’.

Raul Ibanez – 3-for-4 with his 2nd home run in two games.  Super hard to get excited about this schmohawk, but he is currently hitting.  Hot schmotato’s come in all forms, ya’ll.

Ryan Sweeney – 5-for-6, 2 RBIs.  Sweeney wins the coveted prize of “I have absolutely nothing to say about him either positively or negatively.”  Show him what he wins!  A brand new 2011 Ellipsis! …

Shin-Soo Choo – 0-for-5, hitting .226 on the year.  Is he still drunk?

Peter Bourjos – 3-for-4, 4 Runs as he achieved the rare golden runbrero.

Mark Trumbo – Hit his third homer in his last four games.  Too bad the Sciosciapath only plays him four times a week.

Erick Aybar – 4-for-6, 2 steals.  Obviously just the sight of Varitek in the dugout gets opposing baserunners excited.

John Lackey – 4 IP, 8 ER.  Angels treated their old teammate like an inmate riot treats a cruel guard.  Shiv!  Shiv!  Shiv!

Jonathan Broxton – Has a bone spur on his elbow and is likely headed to the DL.  Don’t take my word for it.  Here’s what Broxton had to say, “I’m fat.”  Alrighty then!  I’d own Kuo, Padilla and Jansen in deep leagues.

Mike Pelfrey – 7 2/3 IP, 1 ER, 6 baserunners, 5 Ks.  Whatever, wouldn’t trust him, need to get dressed to go celebrate my Chicano brothers with tequila, moving on.

Eric Chavez – Has a broken foot.  So I ask you, Eric Chavez wants to tandem skydive with you, do you agree?  If you do agree, do you make sure your Last Will and Testament is in good order?

Jonathan Sanchez – 5 IP, 5 ER, 11 baserunners, 6 Ks.  Bochy said Sanchez is “drifting mentally.”  Bochy became concerned when Sanchez started playing his Nintendo DS during a 3-1 count.

  1. Steve says:

    Any title that’s got Lyon in it is fine by me.

    Though Lyon’s rotator cuff issue is very much last year’s news (emoticon)

  2. Racehorse says:

    Justin Smoak .315/.573/.983, 5 hr, 15/21 K/BB, in 89 ABs.

    Or as they say in Montreux, Switzerland…

    Swiss time was running out
    It seemed that we would lose the race
    Smoak on the water
    A fire in the sky!

  3. Just another guy says:


    Have you already forgotten your Homer Bailey theory? “Is it me or does it feel like he has a triumphant return to the majors every other month? Seems to go like this for Bailey. First start in the majors and he blows away the opposition. Starts four more times and gets rocked or injured. Then he’s DL’d or demoted. A month later, he returns triumphantly. Rinse and repeat.”

    And that’s me quoting you!

  4. Jimmy B says:

    I’m in a bit of a shituation at SS, waiting for Furcal to return. Right now I’m running Al Cides out there and I’m leaning towards holding him. Among players available are such glorious names as Alex Gonzalez, Jed Lowrie, O-Cab and Anhel Sanchez. Would you pick up either one of them or just hold Escobar?

    Also, I just bought low on the Big Donkey. Going through his numbers everyting except his slightly elevated K-rate looks fine to me, the GB/LD/FB% are close to where they should be and his BABIP and HR/FB% are way too low. What’d be your over/under for R/HR/RBI from here on out?


  5. Johnny Drama says:

    Thanks Royals for calling up Hosmer while I was partying with Turtle and Ryan Howard taking tequila shots. Of course ESPN runs a front page story and he is gone in an hour.

  6. anon says:

    start Scott Baker -vs- the Sox?

  7. Do you think Brennan Boesch is going to stay in the 3 hole? If he does, I think he has a breakout year. Thoughts?

  8. The Spaceman says:

    @ Grey

    No you didn’t! (Yeah, I said that) Bringing up AL AL like that, you trying to make me blush? Santa K, New Mexiclosero!! Woot!

    That is all for now, enjoy your Friday sir and thank you as always.

    – The Spaceman

    N.B. ‘My name is from New Mexico. So, everybody thinks I am from here (the United States). There are no Dominican guys who have that last name’ – AL AL.

  9. The Spaceman says:

    @ Craigo

    Leyland will keep Boesch batting 3rd while he’s hot, then likely alter his lineup repeatedly all season. Mags, Raburn, etc. batting 3rd. As is now; I’m believing in Boesch as he is producing…but that could change tomorrow. You’ve got to be patient to own him, streaky as ever. For what my $0.02 is worth (2 cents?), I’m hanging onto him…

    -The Spaceman

  10. theevilempire says:

    Pick 3 to start tonight: Boesch, Damon, RRoberts, RRaburn, Span

    Have 4 PP pitchers today. Any I should NOT be starting?
    Gio @ KC
    Volquez @ Cubs
    Masterson @ Angels
    Baker @ Red Sox

  11. Jenkies says:

    Two mediocre catchers, but need to free up a bench spot: Montero and Wieters. 12 team keeper league, 5×5 plus OPS. Who to drop?

  12. Jenkies says:

    And followup: Avila over both Montero and Wieters?

  13. manfromearth says:

    Grey, do you throw Cain in SF against Colorado?
    Commenters league.

  14. SpecialFNK says:

    Nyjer Morgan broke his middle finger on a sacrifice bunt. Carlos Gomez back in CF. SAGNOF!

    Bourjos only has 3 SB with 4 CS.

    what do the Astros do with Carlos Lee? do they trade him, and if so when? what do they do with Jason Bourgeois? dude is producing. if Lee was moved they could have Bourgeois/Bourn/Pence in the OF. or do the Astros maybe platoon Bourgeois and Bourn since Bourn is TERRIBLE against LH pitching.

  15. pubscout says:

    Grey- Currently holding Padilla and Kuo. Drop Kuo for Melancon or no? Also, Bourgeois/Carlos Lee/Hosmer/PAlvarez/Delmon…I must drop one…who gets the axe?

  16. Chris says:

    I’m in a league that has no bench and we have limited moves for the year (around 10-15 – it’s more complicated then it’s worth explaining)

    I have C. Pena in a 2 year contract in the league. Should I drop him for E. Hosmer? How about J. Smoak?

    I cannot sit him and if I end up dumping Hosmer/Smoak later on it will make the contract more expensive with each move by $1.


  17. Tony says:

    Grey why is the SMOAK MONSTER not batting 3rd or cleanup?

    Ichiro .311
    L. Rodriquez .220
    Kennedy .274
    Olivio .208

    Good god, you have a bad team at least bat your best players higher in the line up!

  18. So how should I value Hosmer relative to Ike Davis? Alex Gordon? I’m worried about my two corner guys, if you can’t tell.

  19. Wilsonian says:

    Mornin’ Grey, few questions for ya on this Friday, Seis de Mayo:

    1) relative to my Wright and Pujols trade question yesterday. Who wins this one:

    Wright/CarGo/Dunn/Santos OR Pujols/Bruce/Stanton?

    2) all things being equal, in an 8 Team H2H Keeper, who would you rather have:

    Smoak or Norris? I know they’re two TOTALLY different things.

    3) if my RPs were this: Soria, K-Rod, Walden, Santos, would you drop Santos for Beachy?

    Thanks man!

    Any commenters wanna chime in, feel free.

  20. Steve Jeltz says:

    @ Grey,
    I have one start left for the week. Should I go J. Zimmerman @ FLA or Harangatang @ Petco vs. ARI?

    As for skydiving with Chavez…….I take that risk as long as I can pack the chute.

  21. Steve Stevenson says:

    Keeper league with OBP rather than average: Hosmer or Belt?

  22. Wake Up says:

    I’m guessing Gardner might make an appearance on the Buy side this afternoon.

  23. stynyr says:

    Hey Grey,

    Who would you drop for Beachy?

    My pitchers are:

    J. Zimmermann
    De La Rosa
    E. Jackson



  24. Michael Bourne says:

    Myers never made the Buy/Sell because you can’t sell crap for beans. (I tried) But you can make beans into your own crap. Dropping for Cueto’s activation asap.

  25. @stynyr – Edwin or Cueto

  26. John Drunks says:

    yo dude,

    ace marcum is true filth. thanks for that suggestion! he is a stud.

    i have way too much speed and stiiiill trying to trade rajai. would u rather have kubel / lomo / boesch?


  27. Kwaz says:

    Would you rather own Eric Hosmer or Brett Wallace?

  28. Chuckles Tiddlesworth says:

    Regarding Marcum starting the All-Star Game, you better hope Halladay pitches the Sunday before …

  29. MattW says:

    @Grey/Al Kaholic/ThePoonTycoon:

    Guy wants to get my Reynolds (I have Wright and just picked up Hosmer), and I need starting pitching…which of these guys is a fair trade and worth making:

    D. Hudson

    Thanks as always

  30. mets fan says:

    Grey Scott,ibanez or byrd for my util spot?

  31. Hot Farmers says:

    Sweet write up as usual.

    My pitchers seem to be here everyday for the wrong reasons ugh!

    J. Upton for F-her who do you take?


  32. Travis says:

    Do you think Aybar will continue stealing bases at this clip?

  33. boomer19 says:

    Grey. Could you rank going forward? Gaby, Smoak, Hosmer and Ike. Thanks again. Have a steller weekend.

  34. Justin says:

    A: Fielder/Hosmer
    B. Votto

    keeper league where we keep 16. 16 team h2h.

  35. Steve Stevenson says:

    OPS league, rank the bottom-feeding catchers: Conger, Hundley, Olivo

  36. DHill Dragons says:

    Other than Brandon Beachy the only starting pitchers that have had more unfortunate W-L records despite a high number of quality starts are Justin Verlander and Dustin Moseley.

    If the Braves score a run here and there, and play a little better defense Beachy’s record would stand at 4-1 and he would be owned everywhere.

    As it stands, his misfortune is your opportunity to jump on him now before more of those quality starts turn into wins. His K’s and WHIP numbers are up there with the best of them, and his control is beyond his years.

    The window of opportunity is closing…

  37. Cain Fan says:

    I give Zambrano and Capps
    I get De La Rosa and Clippard

    I could do Nunez or Hanrahan instead of Capps but figure Capps has the least security. Thoughts??? Thanks guys!

  38. Mr2Bits says:

    Grey : In looking at the glossary, you need to update the “Cuddleboy” definition as Farnsworth is not a cuddle boy anymore.

    I’d also like to make a suggestion to add “Upper Decker”. Upper decker is when you go to someones house you don’t like and take a crap in the tank. Every time they flush, your crap reigns down through their toilet. It takes 100 flushes to finally get rid of the crap unless they want to scoop it out.

    An example would be “Jake Peavy is an upper decker” every time he pitches he craps all over my team yet people don’t drop him until he’s shitted on you for 10 starts.

  39. papasmurf says:

    Yeah Hosmer homers! Hosmer homers! Lets hear that twice tonight! Kendrys Morales might have just pulled a Wally Pipp for me; except… he had already been pulling a Wally Pipp for almost a year. I am still waiting for a Lou Gehrig.

    Ok, maybe it was a bit too early to empty that flask of whiskey…

    But if Hosmer does hit .280 with 12 homers, lets say, is he a keeper for next year? (Say, top 120?) Maybe I am better off using him as a trade chip than actually keep him.

  40. Fletch says:

    @Grey – Please rank in order: Garland, Pineiro, Stauffer, Cueto and Lowe…

  41. paddyman says:

    Hey Grey

    Awesome call on Marcum vs Beachy yesterday! Started both got 17k’s, 13 ips and they are helping this weeks ERA and whip after Gallardo let us down again. Tip of the hat to you sir!

    I have Pineda stashed on my farm and feel like I’m wasting him. My question now is who of the following would you drop to promote Pineda.

    Gallardo, Chacin, De la Rosa?

    Also I have the following closers
    Axford, Walden, Frankie raised to the second exponent, Sanchez, Melancon. Drew Bailey is stashed on my DL. Which of those Do you think I’d should drop when Bailey surfaces?

    Thanks again for all you do. I owe you a fat marguerita.

  42. potus says:

    @Mr2Bits Or also commonly referred to as the “Top Shelf” I think that has little more panache.

    Every time Gallardo(insert nearly all my pitchers here) pitches he gives my ERA/WHIP a big ‘ol top shelf..

    @ Cain Fan Is a function of weather or not you need SV’s. If not I likey.

  43. Eddie says:

    @Grey: Who are you more confident in this week? Gallardo @ the Cardinals on Saturday, or Dempster at home vs. the Reds on Sunday?

  44. Daniel C. says:

    No Shane Victorino in todays round up? He had a slam and legs. That’s gonna hurt the flyin’ hawaiian’s feelings

  45. Grey or anyone: Is it collusion if two managers who are both in two different roto leagues make a trade that favors one manager’s team in one league and the other manager’s team in the other league? They aren’t grossly unbalanced trades … I doubt either trade would ruffle a lot of feathers on its own … let’s say 60-40 in favor of Team A in the first league and 60-40 in favor of Team B in the second. But to me it still seems unfair to other managers who can’t make a deal like that because they aren’t in both leagues.

    What do you guys think?

  46. tHe sHiT says:

    @Grey: Answering your questions from the other day…im good, just working hard and yes still at LAX. It gets very fun with all the good looking women, (i call it scenery), and the overall diversity of our passengers. So, now to the fantasy baseball part of this post: drop Garza for Beachy? Also, drop Bourjos for Hosmer? I know they are different players, just want the best overall production. TGIAF! Thanks dude!

  47. mets fan says:

    Grey desmond or beckham for my mi spot?

  48. ujoh says:

    I’ve been sonofabenched by Bumgarner AND Beachy this week now. Benched both in favour of Harang’s 2 starts at Petco (vs PIT and ARI). I’ve already dropped Harang. I don’t care if he Ks 14 guys this weekend, I’m not picking him back up.

  49. My apologies if this has been discussed already….

    As a Lyon, Boggs and Cordero owner, saves are thin… there any reason for me to pick up Nathan off waivers?

  50. Clueless says:

    Hey Grey,

    In an AL Only Ten Team Standard:

    What do you think of in just terms of pure value for the rest of 2011:

    Longoria, Lackey, Olivo for M Young, Brett Anderson, Shoppach.



  51. chata says:

    i wish melvin mora would retire …. soon

  52. Reubs says:

    What can you tell me about Collmenter? Worth a look?

    Deep NL-Only, transaction fees limit streaming pitchers, no bench but unlimited DL. Here’s my pitching staff:

    Cain, Marcum, Wilson, Lohse, Garland, Zito (DL), Narveson, Stauffer, Boggs and Sanchez. Need Ks and wins, and saves are like gold in my league. Do I drop a starter and pick up Collmenter? I’m afraid to drop Boggs because one blown save and Sanchez might be out.

    I’m also +1 OF with Gibbons coming off the DL, so I might try to make a trade…

    Thanks guys!

  53. Any info on this Brandon Gyer kid that Tampa just called up? has pretty good minor #’s…

    won’t be anything more then a short term solution due to the Upton suspension i’m guessing.

  54. ujoh says:

    Trade just went down in my league…..

    Wright/Tulo/Frank Frank/Rauch for K-Rod/B.Wilson/Jacoby/Shields.

    There are no words.

  55. bobbo says:

    @Grey: Drop Jurrjens for Beachy? Drop Crisp for Burriss (kid is runnin’ runnin’)?

  56. Chinaski says:

    Grey, will Wells get out of this slump anytime soon? He is a carreer .277 hitter, is he going to be able to raise his average back up to that level?


  57. Fletch says:

    Is Dunn for Scherzer a fair deal? I would get Scherzer.

  58. birrrdy! says:

    One of your best columns ever, Grey. Couldn’t stop laughing. Informative, yet funny. You are a true fantasy baseball (and blogging) gem!

    Thanks for figuring out a way to do this for a living.

  59. Berkman for Pres says:

    Trade Berkman straight up for V mart or Elvis?

  60. Hans says:

    Trade Hosmer for Morneau? I have to right? Morneau is terrible right now, but he has to turn it around..

  61. Jeff says:

    Brandon Beachy is pitching in a superb level. Is he for real? I can’t believe that a guy that went undrafted in college and wasn’t considered a top 10 talent in the Braves system a year ago, is pitching like an ace.
    I got Beachy in a keeper league and I’m thinking about trading for Eric Hosmer but I’m not sure. Would it be a fair trade? Is Beachy a sell high candidate?
    Eric Hosmer is probably going to be a stud but a prospect is always a prospect until he shows the opposite.

  62. chata says:

    anyone have a link to ==> easiest catchers , or teams , to run on ?

  63. Eng says:

    Having lost 5 (five) key players to the DL, I’m paranoid about further injuries. If it meant dropping L Scott to add Lindstrom as Street health insurance, would you do it?

  64. Clueless says:

    @ujoh: that is screwed up. Wright or Tulo is worth almost all of the other guys combined.

  65. sawx10 says:

    @ Rudy Gamble
    @ Grey

    Start Masterson tonight?

  66. chata says:

    scott is going to get his shoulder checked out

  67. Ed Nugent says:

    hererra or espinosa?

  68. dan rydell says:

    trade help. 14 team league

    would trade away:
    Jose Tabata, Mark Reynolds, Clay Buchholz

    would get:
    Shin-Soo Choo, Pedro Alvarez, Brandon Beachy

    any thoughts?

  69. Schmohawks Bob says:

    In a standard 12 team mixed league, would you hold Liriano or start to use the position to stream with pitchers like Beachy, Norris, Kennedy, etc.?

  70. PublicEnemy#1 says:

    16 team league with Sv/hld as a category.

    I have Verlander, haren, Pineda, DHudson, Volquez, McCarthy, Duensing and Beachy as SPs. I could use an SB boost.

    Do I deal Melky cabrera and Beachy for Madson and Victorino?

  71. Wilsonian says:


    What did you think of my trade offer of Wright/CarGo/Dunn for Pujols/Bruce/Stanton?

  72. frank rizzo says:

    So I picked up Hosmer and I’ve already got a guy in one of my leagues offering me Morneau straight up for Hosmer. Is Morneau going to turn things around or is Hosmer the better play?

  73. bogbert says:

    Grey, leftover questions from last night. (1) What’s your take on Morneau? Will he turn it around? Drop him for Reynolds, Wallace, Bourjos, or others for the UTIL spot?

    Also, (2) I read what you wrote last night re: Tabata/Ibanez, but just wanted to confirm: drop Tabata for Ibanez (or Venable or Bourgeois)? SAGNOF…

  74. Steve Stevenson says:

    In a limited moves league (fewer than 20 left for the season), is Avila enough of an upgrade over Iannetta to justify the move?

  75. Combo says:

    Incredibly Beachy still a free agent in my league. Who can I drop to get him? Lilly, Wood, Liriano, Gio Gonzalez, or Lohse. Lohse seems obvious… but he’s been so good and Liriano so bad.

  76. bravo says:

    Hi Grey,

    Start Gallardo @ STL? It’s kind of scary…

  77. frank rizzo says:

    That link to Price’s twitter is awesome. I think I really like that guy now…..a lot!

  78. Mark says:

    I’m diggin’ Bailey this year, had him in the lineups for two of my deeper leagues and he’s on my radar in smaller leagues. His triumphant return last year was far more extended than previous ones had been. When he came up in the second half he struck out 59 guys in 58.1 IP and walked just 18. And it probably doesn’t mean a whole lot, but his rehab run was almost identical statistically to the one he had last year, and both were quite a bit better than he’d handled Triple-A hitters in previous years. He’s still pretty young too. Obviously, he’s a health risk, but I think the talent is finally turning into results when he’s on the field. I actually think he has a bit more short term upside than Cueto, but the risks he carries make Cueto a bit more appealing for now. I’m on board with Bailey for a 3.75ish ERA, 1.20ish WHIP, and 120ish Ks in 135ish innings. The only thing holding that projection back from seriously useful in standard sized mixed leagues is the IP total, so that’s a risk definitely worth taking in larger formats. Between Gordon, Bailey, and LaPorta, we may be in for the year of the post hype sleeper.

  79. Scott Z says:

    Why does the twiiter link-up happen 6 hours after the post drops? Then I have to read 100 comments to make sure no one has usurped my inanity. But today no one has, so Yay! Grey, your writing is ALways ALittle querque, but that’s why we AL come back. If you had led with Brandon Lyon, the title should have been: “On the DL, the mighty DL, the Lyon sleeps tonight.”

  80. J Rich says:

    grey, is that a nicki minaj reference in the jay bruuuuuce blurb?

  81. Terrence Mann says:

    Very nice. Hosmer looked like the real deal. Haven’t had time to check razz recently but its nice to see you’re keeping up the funny. Rudys Schierholtz comment about made me crap my pants.

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