There are so many bad puns I’m tempted to lead with… but we’ll just leave it at, Yusei Kikuchi. Who Say Kikuchi? We say KIKUCHI! I know, that was horrible. And actually, we don’t say Kikuchi. At least not both of us. I mean we do, but to varying degrees. Yup, Ralph and I are split. So help be the tie breaker! If nothing else, watch the video, because I truly believe we teach you more about the latest Japanese import than you likely knew before you press play. And if you like this piece, scroll down to the links for the other guys we’ve covered so far in our 2019 Fantasy Baseball Video Draft Guide.


Josh James Patrick Corbin German Marquez Mitch Haniger
Cedric Mullins Yoan Moncada Adalberto Mondesi
  1. LenFuego says:

    He seems kind of Marcus Stromanish to me, maybe with a smidgen more swing and miss. That is a guy I respect, but am not going out of my way to add to my fantasy rotation.

    • Andy Singleton says:

      @LenFuego: Stroman’s going 20 spots later! A lot less swing & miss, but I like em both.

  2. Ian says:

    Love this series. You’re picking some great players to discuss. Maybe I missed it, but will you be doing a Chris Carpenter one?

  3. Harley Earl says:

    I didn’t get the feeling at all that you and Ralphy were split. Andy seemed to be more positive in his assessment but Ralphy seemed on board too, just not to the extent of targeting him every draft.

    Appreciate the video. I like Kikuchi too, and I agree with both. If you get him around 150 in the draft, that’s good value for what you’re spending your pick on. Risk is worth it. But it depends on my roster and my needs also, so not necessarily a piece I’ll have to have.

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