Hani-ger! Hani-ger! Hani-ger! Is how I chant the Mariner outfielder’s name, reminiscent to another breakout in history. But, was it really a breakout? I mean… he was healthy. Yay! But, the numbers themselves were exactly the same. Is this real life? Oh is it ever! And we have some juicy nuggets to share with you that’ll make you walk around chanting Hani-ger! Hani-ger! Hani-ger! yourself. Watch, learn, comment, discuss. Then go watch another one of these little camera experiments we’ve been throwing together, only go watch another player. (They’re listed below to make life extremely easy on you).


Patrick Corbin Josh James German Marquez
Yoan Moncada Adalberto Mondesi Cedric Mullins