The title was part of a special Simpsons that Kim Jong Il commissioned where Ralph Wiggum’s mouth is jammed shut full of Korean bean paste.  Stupid American!  Last year in 317 ABs, Shin-Soo Choo had 14 HRs and 4 steals while batting .309.  Though, as I used to say to one ex-girlfriend, “Beware the small sample size.” Hmm… Maybe that’s oversharing.  Choo’s last two months were a bit-torrent, to incorrectly use the slang of the kids.  If you were to project Choo’s last year stats out over a full season with a full-time job, you get the wrong idea.  He’s not a 25+ home run guy.  The good thing (as of right now), he does have the full time job.  In 2009, we should expect Shin-Soo Choo to have less power than he showed, but more speed. Think more along the lines of 20 home runs and 10 steals. To give you an old school, random idea of who to expect, Baseball-Reference says Shin-Soo Choo is most like Marty Cordova.  That seems about right.  Marty went 16/11 in his 2nd year of full-time duty… (BTW, A big, warm Razzball welcome to Marty Cordova as he Googles himself. Hope you’re wearing your SPF while you tan.) …I’d think Shin-Soo Choo could pull off about the same as Marty C.   I’d put his 2009 projections at about 19/11/.280.  Not Ryan Ludwick from last year as Berry said, but helpful.  Anyway, here’s some more players to buy or sell this week in fantasy baseball:


Jason KubelJason Kubel turns 27 in 2009.  As David Copperfield might say, “That shizz is magical!”  Kubel’s not going to win fantasy baseball’s most valuable player award in 2009.  He may not win Most Valuable Twin in 2009, but he can give you usable HRs, Runs, RBIs and average.  I see Kubel’s 2009 projections as 70/24/70/.280.  No, that’s not incredible, but look at Jermaine Dye’s projections, 80/30/90/.275/3.  Sure, Dye’s way more of a lock for those numbers than Kubel, but there’s still a place for Kubel, even if he only plays against righties.

J.D. Drew – Going from Choo to Kubel to Drew is like going from yawnstipating to boring to hated.  Way to attract an audience, Grey!  Drew may be injured by the time you read this, if so, disregard.  If he’s not injured, he should be owned.

James McDonald – I prefer NL starters and love NL West starters.  In particular, much love for Dodgers starters since they should have support.  James McDonald may not be mixed league material, but he could get there real quick.

Joey Votto – Off to a hot start, and it will continue.  As I said in the top 20 1st basemen for 2009, he can jump to Berkman’s level.

Adam Lind – Just when you thought it was safe to start your AL pitchers against the Jays.  For this year, I like Lind better than Snider.

Matt Cain – I said somewhere that he could be better than Lincecum this year.  And that’s me vaguely attributing a prediction to myself!

David Murphy/Marlon Byrd – I’m telling you this platoon can get you… See number 302/3.

Chris Davis – Okay, he’s sucking dog balls right now.  Agreed.  Are people panicking?  Exploit the weak!  He didn’t suddenly lose his 30/100 potential.

Fred Lewis – Beans don’t burn on the grill!  Get up that hill, Lewis.

Manny Parra – I still have faith.  It’s waning gibbous, but it’s still there.


A.J. Burnett – If you really think he’s going to throw 200 innings this year, you’re fooling yourself.  You know what happens when you fool yourself?  You end like that guy who eats a lunchmeat sandwich out of a Ziploc bag and thinks he has friends, then no one shows up at his karaoke birthday party.  If you don’t know that guy… Lay off the lunchmeat!

Chris Getz – See a quarter of a centimeter below.

DeWayne Wise – These two suck.  Don’t worry, Guillen will move them both down soon as he *pinkie to mouth* wisens up.

Mike Aviles – My preseason predictions for him are 80/10/55/.295/10 — Do you know how boring that is in actuality?  You’re looking at three-quarters of a home run or three-quarters of a steal every week and a half to two weeks.  Belch.

Aubrey Huff – I hate to sell low on people, but if you can find a sucker leaguemate who thinks last year can happen again.  Unload the Huff.

Chris Ray – Outside of keeper leagues, drop this guy until he figures it out.

Bronson Arroyo – Carpal tunnel syndrome.  Hampers his pitching and guitar playing.  Two birds, one stone.

Edinson Volquez – I don’t own him in any league and I told you I was done with Volquez in the top 20 starters for 2009 post.  He’ll have better starts than his Wednesday one, but he’s closer to a 4.25 ERA pitcher than a 3.50 one.

Joe Saunders – He looked great in the Opening Day start.  He was facing the A’s offense.  They’re not so good.

Alex Rodriguez – Rather than a Sell, this is more of a Hold.  No, not because A-Rod seems like he would enjoy cuddling.  A-Rod is aiming for a late-April return.  Will he be the A-Rod from before the hip injury, but after his cousin was injecting him in the ass?  Will he return to in medias res injection levels?  Will he have a setback?  Will he say the hell with baseball and join Madonna on her “Buff Old Ladies” tour of Africa?   Do I even know what ‘in medias res’ means?  Lots of questions need to be answered.  But, guess what, Maverick?  If you own A-Rod, you’ve already invested in the draft pick for him.  You can’t go back on that now.  So rather than selling him for a 4th round pick you could’ve just drafted instead of him, just hold him and hope he returns to form.

  1. Grey

    Grey says:

    1st comment!

    Quick note

    The Daily roundup will return on Sunday night. If you haven’t been able to tell, I’m currently on vacay and I’ve been answering questions from the luxury of a hotel computer room. $2.50 a minute, sucka! So I’m here and around for some questions, but I’m also kinda not here and not around. I apologize, but there’s a lot of intelligent people in the comments that can answer your questions, as well. Use them. Thanks, and happy holidays!

  2. Steve says:

    @Grey: No apology necessary. Have a good one.

  3. Doug Ault says:

    Webb has a boo boo,Lackey too,Fielder can’t find the fence,………but that’s ok,you have a great vacation! ;-)

  4. Iceman says:

    Maholm or Owings for a spot start? I’m in a custom league that has QS, and I’m already behind on WHIP, ERA, etc.

  5. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Grey: Where are you that they charge $2.50 a minute for Internet? Laos?

    Happy Holidays, traveler.

    You know how one day you’re all sunshine-and-maximum-upside, and then you wake up the next day and you’re like, “Yeah, he’s droppable.”

    That’s me with Cameron Maybin. Since I already threw Chris Ray overboard, Maybin’s now at the top of my Ejection List. Playing time issues, rookie-adjustment issues…. In fact, if Kawakami throws well tonight, it’s a pink slip for Cameron. I’m going to have to call him into my office for a talk. “Cameron — hey, can I see you a minute?”

    Anyone care to talk me off the ledge?

    Also: Parks & Recreation. Thoughts?

  6. b00sh says:

    Im looking to take a flier in my deep mixed league..Who is a better option at SP. Zack Duke, Jorge DeLa Rosa or James McDonald….ps I already have jordan zimmermann stashed as well. Really diggin deep for some picthing help

  7. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    drop choo for lind?

  8. PhillyYorker says:

    Another Ray-dropper. In a holds/saves league him and Gregg seemed the like the perfect picks. Whichever way the wind blows they still have value. Unless, they pitch like Ray has. Could it just be a Yankee thing?
    Either way, I’m now on the Kiko Calero bus headed for Holdsville.

    Somebody, please wake up Chris Davis. He had a good game against Gallaraga last year, so hopefully today is the day.

    When, oh when, is someone gonna recognize that Varitek is gonna be the best value catcher in fantasy baseball this year. Having seen two games, tho neither of his dingers, he is crushing the ball. And considering his pride, last year and the off-season machinations of Kid Theo, he has every incentive to crush every fat pitch he sees.

  9. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Grey: we all need a vacation,,coming to palm springs in may,,,,drink 1 for me

  10. Hardcore Midget says:

    See Chris Ray in the Sell portion. Who do you pick up- Ryan Franklin or Manny Corpas?

  11. b00sh says:

    @HxC Midget: I would go with Corpas…The Cards pen looks like a mess. I am staying away completely. Plus Street will faulter at some point

  12. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Hardcore Midget: If it’s not a holds league, pick up Franklin. He’s at least in the mix for saves. Unless Street struggles, Corpas is purely a caddie.

    @PhillyYorker: My one obvious drafting mistake this year (so far) was Chris Ray in the 16th round. Outsmarted myself on that one — took too many Clever Pills. Oh, well. At least it wasn’t Lyons. And I made up for it with Gregg in the 19th.

    Enjoy your stay in Holdsville. I hear it’s a lot of standing around, keeping things just as they are.

  13. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Grey: Hey Grey… you know there are good writers on this blog like Baron who could fill in if you/Rudy aren’t around to do it. Juz a thought

    @AnyoneListening: Kubel or Thames? I need power from a 5th OF. Seriously hurting in the power department right now in one of my leagues.

  14. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    Followup to the last Kubel v. Thames question. I also have Emannuel Burriss that I could drop and is currently spare parts. I think I need the HR/RBI/AVG more than steals.

  15. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @IowaCubs: There’s also a pretty good writer named IowaCubs. Awwww! And that’s called a group hug!

    re: Thames vs. Kubel. Seems like a choice between decent avg + moderate power (Kubel) vs. sketchy avg + bonus power.

    Which is to say, Thames can go on homer-benders (he hit 6 HRs in 5 games last June, as you may recall — and 10 for the month overall). So as a short-term fix, he can pay big dividends or he can go oh-for-the-week.

    I’d probably take Kubel now but grab Thames at the first donk-sighting. If your league has especially quick reflexes, maybe just take Thames now, especially if your other power-deficient OFers can carry him in the AVG dept.

    I will admit I don’t pay enough attention to the Tigers to know what the playing-time spits are, though. That’s your homework assignment!

  16. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @IowaCubs: Burriss is def. droppable.

  17. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    Bonus follow-up: Thames had 25 HRs in 316 ABs last year. If he gets enough playing time, he should top 30 this year. If you can stomach the .250 AVG, that’s basically Pat Burrell, which is not bad for a 5th OF.

    As Brad Evans might say, “Take a swim up the River Thames! This Tiger-Beat pin-up should leave owners as giddy as teeny-boppers, as he bops his way up the charts. Sprinkle a little parsley, sage, rosemary and Thames on your team! Marc-Us as believers!”

  18. Billy says:

    Just got an interesting offer. I only have 2 closers and just got offered Abreu and Capps for Ellsbury. My only other SBs would be coming from Beltran and Wright along with some other guys who have minimal speed. Should I take it?

  19. Christopher says:

    Drop Abreu for Lind???

  20. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Billy: Is there anyone else on the wire that you could pick up for cheap steals?

  21. @Billy: I would take that right away. I am not a fan of Ellsbury and you gain 10 homers along with those 30+ saves. I am all for it.

  22. cubbies299 says:

    Hey, someone just dropped Swisher in my ESPN league. I can pick up either him, Kubel, or Asdribble. Thinking Kubel, as him and swisher seem to have a similar skill set (nod to swish in power and kubel in avg), but Kubel’s getting PT

  23. Billy says:

    Thanks for the quick responses. I do have Gardner on my team but I can’t see ever starting him. Also available is Randy Winn, Rajai Davis, Fred Lewis, and Kaz Matsui. I’m afraid to pull the trigger on this because for some reason I really like Ellsbury, but am I a fool not to do this?

  24. Luke says:

    Who has more promise for this season? B. Butler or Milledge? It’s a keeper league but we only keep 5 players at the most so I doubt either would factor into being a keeper. I have Milledge but somebody dropped Butler.

  25. cubbies299 says:

    @Billy: Regardless of whether you do the trade, pick up Fred Lewis, and enjoy the fruit of his loins… and by that, I mean steals, you sicko

  26. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Billy: I think the trade suits your needs. I would go after Lewis if you accept it for 20 steals or so.

  27. Billy says:

    Also it’s a keeper league with 6 keepers. Thanks.

  28. albertalbert says:

    i’d take capps and abreu as well.

    i’m about to send chris ray on a vacation too. glad to see some chatter on holds because that’s what i’m in the market for. i like what kinko has done so far, but here is who is available for holds (we also count k/9):


    who do you guys like for holds?

  29. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Christopher: Hold on to Abreu.

  30. albertalbert says:

    btw – speaking of choo, i just benched him because nelson cruz was making me look like doofus with him on the bench. who else likes cruz more than choo this year?

  31. Luke says:

    @albertalbert: I’m definitely a big Choo fan but Cruz is primed for the bigger year. Cruz was taken like 8 rounds earlier than Choo in my last draft.

  32. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Billy: Short answer: Like, don’t love. You’re trading 4th round pick for two 10th round picks.

    Long answer: This is a pretty reasonable trade offer. If you believe Abreu (who is 35) will run as much as he did last year (i.e. 20 steals) then it’s a fair trade-off. There’s reason to believe he will maintain his steals, given that the Angels like to run more than the Yankees. However, Abreu likely won’t repeat his other offensive numbers, being out of the Yankees lineup.

    That said, as Troy Patterson pointed out, you’ll probably gain about 10 HRs (along with 40 RBIs and Capps 30 saves) while losing about 20 runs and 30 steals.

    THAT said, I’m not in favor of 2-for-1s in which you’re losing the best player, unless you’re addressing an absolute yawning hole in your lineup. This is called talent dilution, and it will kill you over the season. (I smell a post coming!) Because eventually you will find you have a team stocked with pretty good players, rather than a few great players, which makes it harder to make trades later.

    I’m also not a fan of making trades in the first week of the season.

    Capps is a good closer and will be a nice 3rd reliever for you, and Abreu should be solid if he stays healthy. You can make the argument for this deal. You can also make the argument for holding steady — or, at least, going back to him and asking for more, since this is the first offer on the table, and the season is still so young.

  33. @Billy: This makes a big difference, and tips me in favor of keeping Ellsbury. Abreu is diminishing returns.

  34. @Christopher: What IowaCubs said.

    @albertalbert: Cruz, Cruz, Cruz, a thousand times, Cruz. Until Cruz goes into an oh-fer-20 tailspin, keep him in the lineup. Choo is good but to my mind he’s borderline-droppable in 12-team mixed leagues. 20/10 is pretty boring in the OF.

  35. Billy says:

    Baron Von Vulturewins: Never even thought about it that way regarding a 2-1, but you are so right! I’m going to try to get more from the other guy but if I can’t I’m going to hold steady. Thanks!

  36. albertalbert says:

    luke –
    word on cruz was officially ‘out’ like a month ago. cruz went undrafted in my league (at the very beginning of ST, when the word was still ‘in’). i picked him up after reading about him (here). then he started rising in the mock drafts and now is owned by 73% of espn owners (from basically 0 when I picked him up). choo was drafted around the 16th round. fwiw, choo is owned by 85%

  37. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: In your shallow outfield league, I see what you’re saying about Maybin, but I’m holding tight for right now. Remember, April showers bring Maybin’s power.

    Thanks for all the well wishes. I’ll check in later today between coladas, but it looks like everyone’s Q’s are being A’d.

  38. albertalbert says:


    i’m a huge believer of benefiting from talent dilution, esp when i know i can’t win my league and ESP in my keeper league. i’d offer a ‘fair’ trade of two 9th rounder for a 3rd rounder. with our 8 keepers, i’m trading away guys that i’m not gonna keep anyway, then i get a shiny new keeper that i get all year. when we draft, i get to pick 9th rounders all over again.

    the other reason 2 for 1’s can be misleading is that people forget to factor in the replacement player playing for them, but i know no one here would ever do that….

  39. Seriously, though. A Shawn Hill roll call: who else is starting him tonight? I’ve got him going in both my 10-team NL only and my 12-team H2H, where my ERA has got nowhere to go but down before the week ends on Sunday.

  40. @albertalbert: Good points, especially for keeper leagues. I love two-fers, but only if I’m the one getting the best player, and giving up two lesser scrubs.

    @VanHammersly: Those seem like reasonable plays, but I wouldn’t spot-start him in mixed leagues.

  41. @Grey: Fair enough. But I’m going to need to pick up a 5th starter relatively soon (especially if some sleeper emerges). I’ve only got eight Ps right now, none droppable (stand-in closer Villaneuva comes closest) and I’ve got Bruce, Dye, and Wells in the OF in front of Maybin*. Also, a 2B logjam with Phillips and Bonifacio.

    I’m hoping GoodFace keeps it up long enough for me to package him to someone needing speed.

    *Not that he can’t outperform any of that trio, of course.

  42. Christopher says:

    @IowaCubs: @Baron Von Vulturewins: Is that like a “hold him close and snuggle up with him” kind of hold on to Abreu?? :) (Not that there’s anything wrong with that…)

  43. JR says:

    @boosh: I’m making a similar choice between McDonald, Purcey, Blackburn, and De la Rosa, and I’m going with McDonald. As Grey says, the NL West is nice. McDonald seems like a sharp dude who knows how to pitch, and he got some big-time seasoning in the playoffs last year. He’s my choice.

  44. Griff says:

    @ Baron

    Another talent dilution drawback: harder to pick up breakout players. Talent dilution not only makes trading more difficult, it also fills up your roster with just-good-enough-to-be-undroppable players.

    Much better to have studs and schmohawks than a bunch of mediocre players that you’d feel guilty dropping.

  45. @Griff: Another excellent point. Last year I missed out on McLouth and Quentin because I kept thinking guys like Francouer and Zimmerman would come around. Ugh.

    ALERT: Brandon Webb is going to see Dr. Freeze, aka Dr. Andrews. Ruh-roh. This + missing next start + insurance companies won’t underwrite his contract extension (it’s true!) + has been bad since last August = Brandon Webb owners should be very, very nervous.

    Don’t shoot the messenger, folks.

  46. PhillyYorker says:

    @Billy. Sorry for a late response but I was out looking for a job. (Job=an activity which interfers with Fantasy Baseball management.)

    I would definitely take the deal. Not based on numbers or analysis but on my own two peepers. Ellsbury looks absolutely lost at the plate and I wonder how long the Sox can keep him at the top of the order. The appeal of Ellsbury, who I kept in my keeper league, is steals steals and a few dingers. But I think his steals are going to diminish due to lack of opportunity. He’s just not gonna get on base that often. I swear if you look in his eyes at the plate he lacks all confidence in what he is doing. Thankfully, I took a flyer on Coco Crisp in the later rounds and I think he is gonna provide Ellsbury like production in every category, including steals. Meaning, I’ll be surprised if Ellsbury breaks 40 this year.

    Meanwhile, the Pirates look like gamers and Abreu, while on the downslope, should still provide 20hrs/20steals/90rbis.

    Besides, in my experience there is a dearth of trading in fantasy baseball. Why have your entire genius be based on the draft? Good luck.

  47. JR says:

    Someone should be jumping on Yusmiero Petit in the Razzball league!

  48. TomJ says:

    No one has mentioned Chris Duncan. I think he could have a good year. If the Cardinals can ever find a solid platoon mate for him, watch out. Duncan can’t hit lefties. Unfortunately, Rasmus is better against righties as well. Too bad. That could have been a great platoon. In the early going the Cards are simply using 4 OF’s for 3 spots. The Cards should acquire Matt Diaz, or a like player, that murders lefties to platoon with Duncan. They can give Rasmus a chance next season.

    Ok, ok, I’m just thinking out load.

  49. cubbies299 says:

    Which 2 of these guys do you start?

    Gordon v Pettite, K Morales v. Wakefield, Lewis v. S Hill, Chris B vs Mcdonald

  50. Zebo says:

    has anyone watched Alexei Ramirez and Ellsbury this season? Do they look completely lost? Those schmohawks are my 4th and 5th picks, seems like I made a big mistake.

  51. Joe says:

    I dropped Jason Motte for Tommy Hanson. Stupid?

    I think drafting Motte was a mistake I shouldn’t have made, because I already knew that LaRussa is an idiot when it comes to giving players defined roles. He just *loves* to over-manage and it looks like that’s what he wants to do with the bullpen, again, this year. Besides the fact that Motte absolutely sucked in his one outing, then LaRussa failed to give him the chance to get back on the horse in the game yesterday.

    I don’t think Hanson is 2009’s Tim Lincecum as some have anointed him, but I think he could be an above-average starter when he’s called up after Glavine gets injured/sucks.

    For now, I’ll have to rely on my remaining two closers for Saves: Frank Francisco, whom I love and think will have a solid year and Troy Percival, who on the other side of the ledger, makes me nervous every time he pitches (I also have Garza, so watching Percival try to close out Garza’s potential win last night was like ice skating on eggshells).

    Looks like I’ll be one of the vulture Save hunters for the rest of the year. Sigh.

  52. Eric W says:

    @Zebo: Cant comment on Alexi but Ellsbury looks completely over powered. With no power to speak of pitchers are just pounding the inside of the plate and he keeps jumping out of the way even on obvious strikes. Would not be surprised to see him get dropped to the the bottom of the order.

  53. albertalbert says:


    i’m holding motte for now. he’s a young guy with a lot of talent, and he’s going to get saves, even if larussa doesn’t commit fully to him. one bad outing isn’t proof enough to drop. he did really well in ST, and it’s not like the cards are sitting on a much better option.
    larussa said motte didn’t get in yesterday because of the matchups in that inning, which is probably true.

  54. Probable Party Starter says:

    Sleepers! That’s where I’m a Viking!
    ANybody want to chime in on my backup OF situation of Chris Young getting the heave-ho for Lind?

  55. Probable Party Starter says:

    I think even Suttcliffe pointed out Ellbury’s “happy feet”. Not good for guys owning him (ie not me). I wish I could insert a Family Circus cartoon here to emphasize my point.

  56. cubbies299 says:

    @Probable Party Starter: you dropped Chrisby young for Lind? Ouch. Why does everyone hate Krisby so much?

  57. Probable Party Starter says:

    I haven’t dropped him yet. But he’s looked like el-crappo and his track record does not give me warm and fuzzies.

  58. Billy says:

    Hold on to Motte.

    The Cardinals organization is trying to put a lot of emphasis on building from within, and the Cardinals really want to see Motte as their closer. Although Tony shows bias for his veterns, Ryan Franklin just doesn’t have the stuff and Dennys Reyes is only a lefty specialist…who is also about 100lb overweight.

    Motte has the stuff and the minor league pedigree (110ks in 66 IP in AAA in the the hitting heavy PCL) and the support of a new-ish GM and an aggressive director of scouting (Jeff Luhnow)…I say hold on to him.

    Got another interesting offer for a Blockbuster…Fielder/Ellsbury for Texeria/Abreu/Capps. Any thoughts?

  59. Luke says:

    Someone offered me Wainwright for Chris Davis. I like Davis but his start to the season certainly has me thinking about this trade… he started the day today by hitting an inning-ending double play.

  60. BKK says:

    Just a little tip for some of the newer commenters to the site. You see the little return arrow beside the date and time under each commenters RAZZBALL handle. If you click it, it inserts the “@whoever:” for you.

  61. Billy says:

    @BKK: Ha good to know. Thanks.

  62. BKK says:

    @Joe: Personally, I pulled the pin on Motte yesterday. In my 10 team hd to hd league (which counts holds), I jettisoned Motte for Villanueva who was still floating around out there.

  63. Doc says:

    @Luke: I wouldn’t do it. Give him time.

  64. Billy says:

    Nevermind on that additional offer with tex and prince…Guy pulled it as soon as he offered it.

    Motte is probably droppable in a 10 team league b/c Larussa will likely not send the same guy out everyday…but I do think he is worth holding on to in deeper formats and keeper leagues.

  65. sjglauber says:

    I have Motte and Chris Ray, bleh. Holding onto to both, though.

    I was expecting to see a Kyle Davies mention here. He pitched pretty brilliantly yesterday and is definitely flying under the radar. Drop Mark Teahen (why am I waiting for his 2b eligibility, really?) for Davies or find another half-closer?

  66. JR says:

    @Joe: Absolutely go for Tommy Hanson. Not only is he a strikeout machine, Kevin Goldstein at BP says the Braves have a plan in place to get him 120 IP in the majors this year. Glavine is just a placeholder right now.

  67. BKK says:

    @Luke: I wouldn’t. It is still way too early. Look at all the guys on other teams that haven’t got a hit yet. Patience, you drafted him in the 7th? round for a season of success not the 1st week of success.

  68. RT says:

    patience is a virtue, but man, no ian stewart again. unreal.

  69. jsp2014 says:

    what’s everyone’s least favorite out of Rasmus, Snider, Gardner? I have too many OF and want some more Tommy Hanson in my life.

  70. @BKK:

    Personally, I’ve pulled the pin on the entire Cardinals bullpen for at least two or three weeks. It was too emotionally draining.


  71. Doc says:

    Galarraga is having a good game against Texas.

  72. Iceman says:

    I’m benching Davis tomorrow to try and send him a message. There are no free rides on this team. Take nothing for granted.

  73. BigFatHippo says:

    @Iceman: Hehe, got room for a big fat Prince?

  74. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Zebo: Patience.

    @Probable Party Starter: Patience.

    @Luke: Patience. Dude. Patience.

    I can’t believe all y’all are considering making roster moves or trades based on three games. If you liked him enough to draft him in the 4th/5th/6th round, you should like him enough to suffer through 10 hitless at-bats.

    When someone offers you Wainwright for Davis, imagine what that owner is thinking: He’s thinking, Boy, Davis’s owner’s probably getting nervous. Probably sweating it out. Maybe he’ll overreact. Maybe I can swipe Davis for cheap. DO NOT FALL INTO THAT TRAP.

    You should be offering those kinds of trades, not accepting them.

    @jsp2014: Definitely Gardner. Why does anyone like this guy? Because he’s on the Yankees? He’s a kind-of speedy 9th-place hitter. His ceiling is so low, it’s like Adam Lind’s floor.

  75. BigFatHippo says:

    He and Pena anchoring my corners, what the hell was I thinking?

  76. RT says:

    @BigFatHippo: you were thinking that Davis was going to hit 25-30 donks…. which is exactly what he is going to do. he’s just not going to hit them all in April.

  77. BigFatHippo says:

    @RT: I didn’t drink the Donk Davis kool-aid, Prince is my 1B, Carlos my CI.

    All of these guys are so streaky they make you reach for a second helping of Prilosec and drink it down with Maalox. Everybody’s having so much fun bitching about Davis, I just wanted to come out and play.

  78. BSA says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins:
    Yah Know ever since I starting spending my Spring, Summer, and Fall here everyone has become Doode.

    At work (middle school) I catch a kid soing something stupid – “Doode”
    They do it again when I turn my back – “Dooooode!”

    I was starting to wonder where I picked it up.

    Kind of like realizing that my RCL team may suck but they don’t suck like last place bad. I come here and see the comments re: trades etc and then consider your comment about having a team of middle of the road guys who aren’t bad enough to drop out right but not big enough studs to say Shahzaam that’s awesome.

    Very frustrating. Especially when they can’t hit the broad side of a barn in week one.

  79. BKK says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Well Said.

    For me, Gardner is a necesary evil. A stop gap for steals at the moment. Had I moment of mental clarity, on Monday, I would have dropped him for Mr. Goodface, I hesitated and now He resides on someone elses roster until he comes plummeting to earth (aka. when he stops hitting against any other pitching staff other than the NATS.)

  80. Luke says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Actually, the owner put the trade out last week, before the season started so that wasn’t his motive. This is a weird league w/o CI and I have Pena on my bench so I was thinking that interchanging them wouldn’t hurt me that much while bringing me a decent #2 SP. I’ve left the trade on the table for a week or so to consider.

  81. RT says:

    sneaky.. i actually have him and he is the least of my worries… still need a closer in the pen.

  82. PWNightmare says:

    Cruz just went deep.

  83. BKK says:

    @BigFatHippo: My turn whine about my 0 fers. DeRosa, Alexei… 0 for 22. Solid MI production.

  84. BigFatHippo says:

    @RT: I feel ya, I have Percy, Downs, Franklin, Lyon (Lyin?), Arredondo, Nunez. AAAAHHHHHHHH!

    @PWNightmare: Cruz, a light at the end of the tunnel.

  85. BSA says:

    Don’t even talk to me about Solid production. How about some production. Some would be nice….

    I am counting on baseball being a game of averages.

  86. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Luke: Well, think of it this way: What round did you draft Davis in? And what round did he draft Wainwright in?

    I’m guessing the answers are something like 6th (for Davis) and 12th (for Wainwright).

    So basically this is like going back in time one month, and you saying “I’ll trade you my 6th round pick for your 12th round pick.” And him saying, “Uh, okay.”

    You can certainly consider shopping Davis or Pena, but Davis hasn’t lost six rounds of value in one week. And Wainwright hasn’t won the Cy Young quite yet. Hold tight. Davis will get his donks.

    @BKK: No other options? I’d prefer Nyjer Morgan over Gardner. Or Orlando Hudson, who’s suddenly got it in his head to steal 3 bases in a week, when he stole 4 all of last year.

    @RT: Hear hear!

    @BigFatHippo: Think of it this way. Prince will get his 35 HRs. Pena will get his 35 HRs. Each one they don’t hit in April is one they’ll hit later on. It’s like storing away nuts for winter!

    @BSA: Dude!

  87. RT says:

    I’ll match your Franklin and raise you a Kuo, Casilla and Meredith
    Worst part is that nobody in my 19 teamer will trade their closers.. They would rather finish last with a lot of saves. Don’t get it.

  88. jsp2014 says:

    @JR: @Baron Von Vulturewins: Thanks for taking the time to respond. I’m not looking to argue with you, but you said you don’t understand why anyone likes him, so I’ll give you my reasoning.

    I’m in some leagues where I see Gardner being useless, and others where he’s very valuable. In deep leagues where you can account for his lack of pop, I think he can be very valuable. He has a .390 OBP in the minors, and should get a decent amt of AB in that lineup despite hitting 9th. So I think there is a lot to like. He is much more than kind-of-fast. I think you’re selling him short in your analysis. Anyone who can steal 30+ bases has the potential to have huge roto value.

  89. BKK says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Nyger Morgan, I think I’d rather have a light hitting Yankee than a light hitting Pirate…already taken any way.

  90. jsp2014 says:

    RE: Davis, I just don’t understand why anyone would draft a guy with a 70% contact rate if they can’t live with streakiness.

  91. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @jsp2014: It all depends on how deep your league is. But I can’t see owning him in anything shallower than 16-team mixed. Obviously, AL-only is different.

    But if it’s 30 steals you’re after, I’d rather get them from an MI like Burress than clog up on OF spot with Gardner, who might barely touch 40 RBIs this year. The opportunity cost of having an OF like that is very, very high.

    He can be useful in certain formats, but I do think the perception of him is warped by the fact he wears pinstripes. If he played in Kansas, no one would go near him.

    @BKK: I’ll take the leadoff hitter over the #9 hitter. Lead-off hitters score 90 runs, almost by default. Gardner won’t score 90 runs from the 9-hole.

  92. BigFatHippo says:

    @RT: Peeps fall in love with saves, as long as I finish middle of the pack (roto league) I’ll take it.

  93. BigFatHippo says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: That being said what do you think of these schmohawk RPs, can I live with them?

  94. BSA says:

    Gotta love MLB TV being free in the first week. Off to watch Hamels.

  95. Zebo says:

    I trade my Derrek Lee and Ellsbury for his Prince Fielder and Alexis Rios?

  96. BigFatHippo says:

    @Zebo: In a heartbeat.

  97. BigFatHippo says:

    @BSA: How do you get MLB TV free, it wants me to sign up for a package.

  98. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Zebo: Yes, that’s a very good trade for you. See — a panicking Prince owner! Take advantage of that whale!

    @BigFatHippo: Do you have a choice?

    I could live with them all, save Nunez. I don’t think he’s in the mix in Seattle in any serious way.

    I like Downs for occasional saves and as a BJ-injury insurance plan. Franklin — I agree with much that has been said here about LaRussa/Cards pen. It’s a mish-mash.

    Arredondo should be useful for ratios, even without saves. Percy — I don’t see Leyland going with a rookie closer, unless everyone else including an unretired Dan Petry flames out.

    re: closers — they are tough to come by in deep, attentive leagues. But if you own this whole group, you’ve done a pretty good job of assembling a speculative bullpen — some of these bets should pay off.

  99. jsp2014 says:

    @BigFatHippo: MLB Extra Innings (on TV, not computer) is free through Sunday. It should be a block of 15 channels on your guide, possibly marked NHL Center Ice. $169 for the whole season. $1 a day. So worth it imo.

  100. Joel says:

    I tried to avoid Nelson Cruz like the plague, but he was there when my 15th rounder rolled around.

    Glad he was!

  101. BSA says:

    @BigFatHippo: Not MLB TV online it’s MLB extra innings freeview. I am watching with Directv channel 726. The commercials in between innings are for Comcast.

  102. BigFatHippo says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Yeah thanks, they cost me virtually nothing after shootin my wad for Grady, Utley, Prince, then having to fill in all other spots. Should be an interesting ride.

    @jsp2014: Ahhh, TV. Is that the thing in the corner that’s always talking to me?

  103. Endless Summer says:

    I have a pitching staff of Lincecum, Webb, Beckett, Shields, Vazquez, Gallarado and Cain. Who would you trade for Pujols or Cabrera? I might accept Lincecum and Webb for Pujols.

  104. Ceasar says:

    Love the site.

    I’m currently in the midst of an ill-advised bout of over-managing and I’m powerless to stop it.

    If you had to pick two of the following three to supplement a collection of late-round SP in a 14-team league, who do you like:

    Edwin Jackson
    Kyle Davies
    Tommy Hanson

    Many thanks.

  105. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    Hate to crow, but I got no one else to share this with: I’ve got four Razz starters going today — Kris Benson, Ponson, Marquis, and Scott Richmond of the Jays — and all four have been/are getting pounded so far.

    It’s a good day to be bad.

  106. Eric W says:

    ugh Hamels looks terrible topping out in the high 80’s and getting crushed.

  107. jsp2014 says:

    @Eric W: yeah this is ugly. fly ball after line drive after flyball after line drive. they need to take him out.

  108. PWNightmare says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Did you start Pavano yesterday? 81.00 ERA. Razztastic!

  109. Doc says:

    Hamels getting hammered

  110. BSA says:

    Wow this is great. I have Hamels, he’s getting pounded. I have Iannetta – he pops up. WTF!

  111. Doc says:

    Friggin Lind with another HR. Glad I didn’t pick him up!

  112. Endless Summer says:

    Time to trade for Hamels! I do love panicky owners in April.

  113. jsp2014 says:

    @Endless Summer: I think panic is definitely justified for Hamels.

  114. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Endless Summer: No, that’s the beauty of Razzball! This is actually a good day for me!

    If only I owned Hamels too!

  115. Endless Summer says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: lol, ahhh! I just read about that. lol, an excellent day then. Carl Pavano making Andruw Jones looked good has been my Razzball moment of this young season.

  116. Dingo says:

    Is Pronk Back?

    I hope so, cause I just dropped Chad Tracy for him.

  117. Endless Summer says:

    @jsp2014: I didn’t mean to direct it towards you. Sorry about that. I just meant since his first start was a bad start I can make a run at trading for Hamels.

  118. Eric W says:

    @jsp2014: I am gona blame it all on the thin air in Colorado to stay sane.

  119. Luke says:

    @Jesse: I saw that play and was watching the Rockies broadcast too. I think you’re right that he was called out because he was hit by the ball while in fair ground. That would make it a dead ball and the runners would have to return to their bases (which is what happened). I’m not 100% sure what they really called but that probably was it.

  120. James says:

    Hafner? He went deep last night, again today, and had a double. All I read about him was that he lost weight, which I assumed was steroids. Plus, DRs found nothing wrong with his shoulder. I checked some Indian’s message boards and heard the same. Does anyone have any information about him?

  121. Endless Summer says:

    @James: I wish I did James. Old player skills + steroids rumors = me staying away from him until I see a lot more. One series against the Rangers is a start.

  122. cubbies299 says:

    Hey, just got offered Beltre/S Baker/Lilly for my Gordon/Gardner/J Weaver. Thoughts?

  123. Doc says:

    @cubbies299: I don’t like the trade for you

  124. jsp2014 says:

    @cubbies299: Beltre and Gordon are comparable in value, as are Lilly and Weaver. That just leaves Baker for Gardner which obviously favors you, so it seems like a good deal but maybe one of those trades where you’re trading for the sake of trading. In my experience, I usually regret making those types of trades. There’s a reason you have Gordon and Weaver and not Beltre and Lilly.

  125. Endless Summer says:

    Well said jsp. I can’t really make heads or tails of the trade, and you gave a much better answer than I could have…which begs the question why did I type this response at all!

  126. Endless Summer says:

    I’ll try again. From #106:

    I have a pitching staff of Lincecum, Webb, Beckett, Shields, Vazquez, Gallarado and Cain. Who would you trade for Pujols or Cabrera? I might accept Lincecum and Webb for Pujols.

  127. BSA says:

    Anyone still on Phil/Col? Huge day for Werth. Meaningless in a sense but still good to see.

  128. James says:

    I think that is a bit much, but Webb is a question mark right now. I guess you have to understand his situation before discussing his value, which isn’t clear.

  129. James says:

    I think that is a bit much, but Webb is a question mark right now. I guess you have to understand his situation before discussing his value, which isn’t clear.what type of league is it?

  130. Doc says:

    Gregg is killing me

  131. p0rk burn says:

    @Doc: He’s one of the few bright spots on my auto-drafted RCL team. I wouldn’t have taken him but he sure is producing.

  132. p0rk burn says:

    Once again Uggla is looking good in the early months. Sell him before June arrives.

  133. BKK says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: You make a good point, but I’d still rather have Gardner over Nyjer. There is no way Nyjer scores 90 runs. I have had my eye and Fowler, lead off today again, good at bats. Gardner is now a distant memory. Besides, I already have Pettitte (who helped counter the mess Verlander and Motte made on my ERA and WHIP, today) and 1 Yankee is enough for any of my teams.

  134. JR says:

    In a keeper league where I want both current production and production over the next 2-3 years:

    Rasmus, Fowler, or Schafer?

  135. BigFatHippo says:

    I can’t handle Salty’s high K rate in a 10 team roto, hitters k’s count. Dropped him for Yadi, just gonna stick with him all year.

    My team has Prince, Sizemore, Pena, Ludwick, Cruz: All with a propensity to whiff!

    Who should I look to trade? Any of these guys? Who would be a good target? Preferably high avg/obp guy.

    Counting on you Razzball nation!

  136. BigFatHippo says:

    @JR: Rasmus

    He’ll be the next Sizemore, with possible 400 ABs this year and a full time gig forevermore.

  137. Doc says:

    Kuroda on the DL with oblique

    Crede just hit a HR of his old team and the very old Contreras

  138. Frank Rizzo says:

    Interesting. This is the first I’ve been on the site today. This morning I dropped Choo for Lind myself. Now I read this. I feel good about it. In a 10 teamer there’s enough talent that it won’t hurt me. Doubt Choo will even be picked up right now.

    Lind is starting on fire and batting 5th. I like that. He’ll be backing up Braun and filling my utility position for awhile until Chris Davis pulls his head out.

  139. Frank Rizzo says:

    I wish there was an ETA opportunity because I forgot to mention how brutal my offense is this week. Howard, Davis, Jay Bruce, ouch. My pitching staff is keeping me alive h2h but my offense may lose this for me.

  140. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ceasar: Edwin Jackson &
    Kyle Davies.

    @Dingo: I don’t mind that even though I have my reservations about Pronk. Remember it was just the Rangers.

    @Endless Summer: You’re overpaying for Pujols. One of those plus a smaller piece (say a closer) is enough.

    @BigFatHippo: Wow, those are a ton of Ks. Look to trade Ludwick or Cruz for a Conor Jackson or a Mags-type. Maybe Prince for Holliday or Berkman.

  141. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Prince for Berkman I like but doubt he’d do it. I’ll look to move Ludwick, should be takers in my league.

    Thanks, and enjoy Vacay!

  142. PhillyYorker says:

    Apropos of nothing: Ryan Howard hit into 3 dp’s today. All in front of Werth who went 4-4. All those K’s don’t look so bad.

    Just a disgruntled Phillies fan.

    Oh, and screw you Gregg!

    I feel better.

  143. agarthered says:


    How about Hafner two jacks in two days, worth keeping an eye on.

  144. AL KOHOLIC says:

    hammel,motte and r.perez,,had them 3 pitch today,,5.1 ip-16 hits-12 runs-20.25 era-3.38 whip,,give me a bullit

  145. PWNightmare says:

    @porkburn: I have the same auto-drafted struggles. I’m kind of into the challenge, though. Keeps me on my MLB toes.

  146. Colin says:

    Holy crap McDonald looked like ass tonight. I knew once he walked a pitcher that came over from the AL that the wheels would fall off. I was a little high on him as well, but after this debacle, I’m going to drop his lanky ass and go with someone safer like Anibal Sanchez.

  147. struggler says:

    sooooo…I’ve got a closer or two too many.
    Bell, Qualls, Lindstrom, Gregg, Percival.
    Who do you drop?

  148. jsp2014 says:

    Scot Shields just got a 4 out save. FYI for anyone scrapping for saves.

  149. Colin says:

    Speaking of saves. Can someone please tell me why the F my closers can never get a 123 inning. Mike Gonzalez just blew the save against a horrid team. What the hell is wrong with this guy? Someone??

  150. jsp2014 says:

    It also looks like Aardsma is going for a 6 out save with Morrow getting the save yesterday (I think it was yesterday).

  151. p0rk burn says:

    @Colin: He’s Mike Gonzalez. That’s what’s wrong with him.

    Speaking of which, Lindstrom didn’t look too hot tonight either.

  152. The Dude says:

    Lind just got dropped by a guy in my league…should I use my #1 waiver priority for him?

  153. p0rk burn says:

    @The Dude: Do you need an outfielder? Who are you dropping? Would he play? Pick him up if you need him.

  154. The Dude says:

    @p0rk burn: Don’t really need an OF – Have: Holliday, Kemp and Hart. If I were to pick him up I’d play him in my Util spot and switch between him, Conor Jackson and James Loney – whoever is the hot hand.

    I’d drop Anthony Reyes, or J. Sanchez if he stinks it up tomorrow…

  155. p0rk burn says:

    @The Dude: Sounds like you know what to do. Generally its better to have excess pitchers than batters, but Lind is worth grabbing. I’d go with Reyes and use Sanchez for the spot starts. Dude has Ks like p0rk has burn.

  156. john says:

    drop thome for lind?…Thome’s on my bench and only gets in when Votto or Fielder don’t play so its not an urgent thing, but if Lind could be this year’s Carhamilwick, I wouldn’t mind getting on board

  157. Mexican Avalanche says:

    Would a Burnett-for-Davis swap seem reasonable?

  158. Arthur says:

    Shin Soo-Shoo? Shin Soo Whoo?
    Denard Span available in Honey Nut Ichiros? Batting over .300 with a jack? Had 19 steals in less than 300 ab’s last year? Sign him up for my speed challenged team.

    After waking up…oh crap. Shin Soo Shoo, I want to choo choo choo chooose u off the waivers.

  159. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Arthur: Sure, try him out.

  160. vinko says:

    While Kuroda’s practicing T’ai chi on the DL, either or these two worth a flier – Marquis/Owings?

  161. cubbies299 says:

    Okay, Grey. I’m man enough to admit I made a mistake by acquiring Adam Laroche. He has to be the most frustrating player that should probably not be owned. His upside is mini Uggla, which makes him mini mini Dunn. That said, I have morales’ 1B eligibility in a day. However, I noticed Chris Duncan hanging out there on waivers. Do you think I should drop him for Gardner or Kubel? Branyan’s/Chad Tracy are also on waivers with 1B eligibility, but I feel like Morales definitely trumps those guys.

  162. Pops says:

    As a former LaRoche owner, he is indeed a treat to own after the first of July.

  163. Grey

    Grey says:

    @vinko: Nope

    @cubbies299: They’re two very different players. If you need the possibility for speed (and really who doesn’t?), grab Gardner. If not, grab Kubel.

  164. Bob says:

    I Rod or Ramon Hernandez until G. Soto returns?

  165. cubbies299 says:

    Sorry, Grey. I meant add Duncan for Kubel or Gardner. I own them both right now.

  166. RT says:

    I just got offered Kerry Wood for Lind. In a 19 teamer and I am closer-less. I have Franklin, Perez and Casilla. And I hate, hate, hate paying for saves. But, who likes giving up 18 points in one cat?


  167. I thought it was cool you had the Kubel write-up. He has my favorite profile picture on yahoo baseball. (Picture at website link)

  168. BigFatHippo says:

    Why I love Halladay:

    7 pitches, 4 strikes, 3 ground ball outs.

  169. BigFatHippo says:

    Ho hum, just another day at the office.

  170. Pops says:

    @RT: I’d hold onto Lind and scour the waiver wire until you find a guy to help you make up ground in that category.

  171. p0rk burn says:

    Man Blalock is pissing me off on my bench. All this production and you know he’s going to get hurt. The problem is I have Aramis at 3rd, Teixiera at first, Votto in the CI slot. So I have to juggle Blalock and Co-Jack in the utility. Dilemmas.

  172. Martin says:

    hey grey what do u think of cliff lee. I am going to try and get him since he is getting rocked once again. I feel that he still posses some sort of talent from last year and he certainly should end up with an ERA in the high threes.

  173. @p0rk burn: You’ve got OFs better than Co-Jack? Well…based on those CIs, sounds like a 10-team league. If that’s the case, I’d think of dropping Blalock for another pitcher or packaging him in a two-for-one to upgrade another position…

    @Martin: I’d consider him in the 21-30 range in SPs. If you can trade a hitter that you don’t really need (like Pork Burn’s Blalock) – maybe with the SP you would drop if you had him – it’s worth a try.

  174. Eric W says:

    Did any one know there were two LaRoche’s on Pittsburgh?!?! Thought I was having a huge dejavu moment when I saw one come right up after the other.

  175. Martin says:

    ya i agree i offered somebody a Jd drew, pettite combo for him

  176. p0rk burn says:

    @Rudy Gamble: The OF is Carlos Lee, Raul Ibanez, and Abreu. It is a ten team league so the talent is deep. I don’t know if I could get anything for him just because the league generally won’t do a trade unless its ridiculously in their favor. Co-Jack and Blalock were both picked up to hedge my CI injury risks.

    If I could get a closer or a nasty MR for Blalock I’d definitely pull the trigger. I don’t think I need a starter as I have CC, Josh Johnson, Bedard, Bills, and one Chris Young that happened to be on the waiver wire during his first start.

  177. G says:

    I need help finding another fantasy baseball blog that I used last year that I totally forgot. They had like a fantasy player of the day and the rotoworld thing on the side. Does anybody know what Im talkin bout

  178. p0rk burn says:

    @G: Blasphemy!

  179. cubbies299 says:

    Do you trade Alex Gordon/Gardner for Bedard/Baker?

    My utils right now are Ibanez/Hawpe, and I have Lewis/Morales/Gordon/Nyjer/Gardner on the bench

    My SPs are Hamels (worried)/ Kazmir/ Lowe/ Vazquez/ Weaver/ Price when he comes up.

  180. agarthered says:

    I really wish Bruce, Alexei, and Ryan Howard would pick it up today.

  181. cubbies299 says:

    @cubbies299: Can anyone please give me some quick advice on this? Thanks a lot y’all.

  182. BKK says:

    @cubbies299: You have two of the same player in Gardner and Nyjer, so no loss there. Bedard could have a great bounce back year. I am not a big Scott Baker fan, but, I’d say you come out ahead and I’d do that deal.

  183. G says:

    fuck i need to know that website it was this entertaining blog that had good stream options and errthing. Please somebody have ne idea been googling this shit for hella long and still aint found it

  184. BKK says:

    @agarthered: I benched Alexei today until he shows me he his righting the ship. Also benched Verlander today…the positive part is that he pitched well. The negative, I left a 8K, 1.8ERA, 1.2WHIP on the bench and probably a W.

  185. Bob says:

    Trade – Who gets the better side of Chris Davis for Garrett Atkins?

    Waiver Move – Which crappy C should I roster until Soto returns – Irod or Ramon Hernandez?


  186. F-Rod K’s the side…can he hold on to this gig longterm? and thanks Grey for making me pick him up last week

  187. cubbies299 says:

    Aaron Hill or Nyjer Morgan?

  188. cubbies299 says:

    @Bob: That trade is the kind that really doesn’t sit well… It seems like the trade that could either blow up in your face or be a solid move. If you want that kinda pressure, go for broke with Chris Davis. If your team’s already a bit too risky, go Atkins.

  189. cubbies299 says:

    a walk on 4 straight pitches, then a K on 3 straight to the next guy. Liriano really wants to keep us guessing.

  190. AL KOHOLIC says:

    b.j. ryan blows up again,,tough call i have him in 1 league and downs in the other,,

  191. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bob: I’d prefer Davis, but it’s apples for apples, no reason to do it. Prefer Ramon.

    @cubbies299: Hill

  192. Ashley says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: What’s the tough call? Whether or not to drop someone who has an 85 mph fastball and 21 ERA after 2 appearances? Yeah.. That’s a toughy…

    Grey, the difference between this site and the morons at Yahoo! is summed up with what you wrote about Chris Davis.

    Yahoo! hypes up players like him all spring, then after a bad week they say “sell”. It’s retarded. Glad you haven’t jumped the ship yet.

    8 K’s in 18 ab’s is annoying, but I’ll stay patient. Unless you think I should add Beltre or Scutaro for him. I’ll give him another week, as long as he makes progress (2+ hits next week) I’ll keep him a little longer.

  193. RT says:

    Can somebody talk me down of the ledge…. No Stewy again for the Rox. I had hoped his hot spring and prospect status would keep him in the lineup (at least) 50%-60% of the time. I may need to troll for a better 2B than Burriss.

  194. Bob says:

    @Grey: Thanks. I have Atkins in this league. I was thinking it might be a “buy low” situation but as you and Cubbies pointed out, it’s probably not worth it.

  195. agarthered says:

    Sexy Alexei with some hits today, and Bruce with 2 rbi’s! Now it’s Howard’s turn..

  196. p0rk burn says:

    Paps is not looking like the round 6 pitcher most people pegged him to be.

  197. agarthered says:

    Napoli aiming for 3 here haha.

  198. JR says:

    RT: You’re one injury away from a stud 2B.

  199. RT says:

    @JR: Oh, I hear ya there… But how is this guy not getting AB’s? It really is mind boggling.

  200. BigFatHippo says:

    How do ya Humble Houston?

    El Hombre!

  201. JR says:

    @RT: But your odds are good. If Helton OR Atkins OR Barmes OR one of the outfielders go down, he’ll significantly increase his at-bats.

  202. AL KOHOLIC says:

    Phat Albert goes off,,and ashley-no i wont drop ryan yet,you dont drop rollins if he goes 0-20 either,158 games left,i dont mind switching guys like church for lind and such but ive leaned to have a little patience

  203. BigFatHippo says:

    @Ashley: If I may add to what Al said, don’t drop Davis either, especially for Scutaro.

    Don’t go anywhere near Scuter unless you’re in a sixteen teamer. Then just walk within sniffing distance and smell the mediocrity…….. and slowly turn and walk away.

    Beltre on the other hand should find his way onto your team, how is he out there?

  204. cubbies299 says:

    Ahhh. I gotta pick up Jorge De La Rosa. Don’t ask why. Drop Gardner or Nyjer? Again, don’t ask why. Just a hunch

  205. BigFatHippo says:

    @cubbies299: If you have to, drop Gardner, I would, I like Morgan playing every day.


  206. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @cubbies299: i`ll take morgan,,ride him till he proves he cant hit .250

  207. Doc says:

    Bonifacio with another multi hit game

  208. BSA says:

    Petit is filling in pretty nicely tonight. 5k’s after 3.

  209. BigFatHippo says:

    @BSA: Blam, then he gives up a dinger to O Dog.

    O Dog, man, gloat over that!

    @Doc: If you have him, trade him now, dontchathink?

  210. BSA says:

    @BigFatHippo: Yeah, the story of the year – O Hudson on my bench.

    I got the itchy trade finger.

  211. BigFatHippo says:

    @BSA: Oh Man, that’s gotta hurt. Hehe

    Did you offer me one?

  212. Doc says:

    @BigFatHippo: I still think it would be hard to get too much value for Boni yet, but if you could I’d do it.

  213. BSA says:

    @BigFatHippo: Yeah, I’m laughin alright. Then I kick the water bowl across the room.

    Nah, I’m doing so sheety I’ve lost all my creativity. I’m waiting until I hit bottom before I have a fire sale. HA!

  214. BigFatHippo says:

    @Doc: Unfortunately I missed out on him in both leagues, but those are guys I love. Start hot, flip em for a piece you need, (closer?)

    That would be so easy right now.

  215. BigFatHippo says:

    @BSA: I’ll throw sumpin at ya and see if it sticks. (Don’t sniff it)

    I’m a chronic mastertrader, time to get started.

  216. BSA says:

    @BigFatHippo: You and I are swirling in the same direction.

  217. BigFatHippo says:

    @BSA: Most guys don’t even have 25 ABs yet, I’ll bide my time.

    Check your e-mail.

  218. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Doc: damn,#1 ranked player this year so far,that`ll change ,but i`ll take the hot start and hopefully a surprise great year,

  219. BSA says:

    @BigFatHippo: That’s why I am sitting here stewing. Sucks to drop so quick waiting for the upside of the game of averages. Heading over there now.

  220. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @BigFatHippo: roob wants albert and boni and lilly for santana,,i traded albert in one league for howard and furcal,solely because i was sb weak,really weak,,i`ll keep him in the other one,lucked into boni in both

  221. Doc says:

    Marmol warming up for save opportunity after Soriano hits a 2 run HR to go up by 1 in the 9th.

  222. Doc says:

    Marmol gets the save. I think he’s the new closer.

  223. p0rk burn says:

    @Doc: I let Soriano go in a league where we kept three bats. I went with Carlos Lee, Kinsler, and Teixiera. I’m hoping (like a jerk) that he misses significant time per his usual, otherwise that will end up being a dumb move. That is what happens when you cut ties with a guy because he burned you for two seasons, he comes back to burn you again. Jerk.

  224. Doc says:

    @p0rk burn: That’s understandable. I’m hoping he stays healthy, but that’s not his m.o.

    Gregg is killing me. I have him on a bunch of teams. Marmol on none.

  225. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @p0rk burn: yeah,i let davis go this year ,in a 7×7,strikeouts count against hitters and i figure he`ll k about 170+ times,270 possible ave. but 250 also possible,kept gallardo and jaba again,,they better pitch a50+innings each or im done with those two

  226. Doc says:

    Sanchez has 5 K’s in 2 innings

  227. AL KOHOLIC says:

    thats 150 innings

  228. p0rk burn says:

    @Doc: Lou will say its because Gregg just pitched. Even then, Marmol will be in line for saves this season if Gregg is already “overworked.” I won’t be surprised when that switch is official, though.

  229. Doc says:

    @p0rk burn: Yeah, the heart of the Brewers order was coming up. And he was having a hissy fit over the crappy bullpen play. Gregg may still get some chances, but he’ll have to do some fancy pitchin’.

  230. p0rk burn says:

    @Doc: I want him but the only league he’s available in I’m stacked at pitcher. I’m thinking of dropping Parra.

  231. AL KOHOLIC says:

    lou will rock them back-n-forth,1 or 2 below ave outings and the other one takes over a few days and on and` on and on,if you look around the league ,a bunch of closers struggling a bit,cooler weather,not much spring work etc. they`ll get it going soon

  232. Doc says:

    @p0rk burn: He then gives up a HR to Henry Blanco!

  233. G says:

    Should I try to trade Derek Lee for Votto. I know the time is shortening and is there even a chance the other guy will do it?

  234. john says:

    H2H League 1st week:
    My stats: 31 R, 13 HR, 39 RBI, 1 SB, 98 TB, .371 OBP…

    you’d think with those stats i’d be winning fairly handedly offensively, instead i’m getting destroyed! 6-0

    His stats: 40 R, 14 HR, 41 RBI, 6 SB, 110 TB, .400 OBP…

    I hate these kinds of weeks and it had to be the first of the year..

  235. john says:

    @G: i have Votto, and i’d consider that trade for a minute, but in the end wouldn’t do it..Votto is off to too good of a start and has more upside, imo

  236. BigFatHippo says:

    Sorry to change the subject but…

    Just got done watching Soul Men, awesome, funny, kinda sad. Rest in Peace, Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes.

  237. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @BigFatHippo: howd you do taday hippo

  238. Doc says:

    @G: You could try, but I kinds doubt they’d go for it. Lee just doesn’t have the power Votto does.

  239. BigFatHippo says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: I’m cool, it’s early. Saved by a Prince. I’ve barely had anybody pitch yet dude.

  240. BigFatHippo says:

    @G: @Doc: Gotta throw in an extra piece for that deal, if you got multi closers or steals with no power, throw one in.

  241. G says:

    Someone just offered me Soto for Beckette and I already have Molina. Im guessing your answer is hell no b/c its catcher and pitcher. Just wanted to see wat u think

  242. G says:

    How should I persuade the guy that Lee is better?

  243. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @G: soto is hurt,probably not bad but stilli couldnt do that,becket looks great ,he could draw you a victor a decent sp and a closer

  244. AL KOHOLIC says:

    peavy awesome through 8,,i needed that bad,,my rp`s have killed me,plus hammel toe`s debautchery the other night

  245. G says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: yeah closers are horrendous today..had Ryan, Hanrahan and Ziegler on one team

  246. BigFatHippo says:

    @G: Sorry, the link didn’t work but Soto may have to go on the DL.

  247. AL KOHOLIC says:

    peavy still great game but some dummy sent him out for the 9th2 hits and a run before bell saved him

  248. p0rk burn says:

    @Doc: Hah, yeah thats why you wait for the game to play out before doing anything rash. Parra it is.

  249. Colin says:

    Note to Carlos Villanueva:

    Alfonso Soriano = good

    Throwing him a fat one down the middle = bad

  250. yoshinorimike says:

    that surreally became two home runs to Blanco! I had to double check, thought it was a typo…

  251. big o says:

    go ahead …… grab ’em .
    they’re calling your name .
    maybe we can get a new glossary term out of it ===> the $30 bag of macadamias .

    hope you’re having a good time .

  252. sean says:

    Time to ditch L-Millz yet? he seems like a second-half only guy.

    SAGNOF is pounding me (Lyon, Ryan, Villanueva, and Morrow have all had at least one blow up this week).

  253. Grey

    Grey says:

    @big o: Thanks!

    @sean: Maybe, who’s available?

  254. cockyphoenix says:

    Wow! Good call on Davis; he was actually a free agent in one of my leagues this morning

  255. RT says:

    Chris Perez… 2/2 in save chances in Memphis so far…. Just sharing.

  256. SP says:

    I traded Napoli, Cust, Volstad for Sandoval, Francoeur, Jurrjens in a R, HR, RBI, SB, OBP, SLG, W, SV, K, HLD, ERA, WHIP with 18 teams. Thoughts?

  257. Dingo says:

    @SP: If your league counts OBP and SLG instead of AVG, then Napoli and Cust are much more valuable than they normally are. I’m not so sure you made out too well in that trade.

  258. Dingo says:

    @Grey: It was more Pronk’s HR and 2B against Toronto that got me excited… but then again, today he’s wearing the Golden Sombrero against David Purcey, so perhaps my exuberance was a bit premature.

  259. G says:

    Now the guy just offered me Webb for Beckett. Hard decision but will Webb return to last year’s form. Yes or no?
    thanks in advance

  260. Frank Rizzo says:

    Damn. Josh Johnson. Hello Cy Young.

    Nice rebound from Shields today too.

    FYI – Tigers homer here, if Inge is still sitting on your waiver wire I’d strongly consider picking him up….especially at catcher. The Tigers pregame did a story on him earlier this week about how he worked hard in the off season changing his stance almost completely, compacting his swing, and keeping his head still. I know he could just be on a streak right now but it’s worth the pick up if you have room. If he’s figured it out he could be a huge boost to your offense. The guy’s got power.

  261. AL KOHOLIC says:

    found a way for the closers to stop blowing games,harang and josh johnson complete games

  262. Frank Rizzo says:

    @G: There’s no way I do that right now. If Webb paid a visit to Dr. Andrews, it’s no joke and means Arizona is worried. Absolutely not if it were me.

  263. BigFatHippo says:

    @Frank Rizzo: Just added him in the RCL, why not, 1 week in, I’ve already had three catchers.

    I hate catchers!

  264. Steve says:

    @BigFatHippo: Curses! Was just going to do that!

    @Y’all: Is there any point in owning Lyon now?

  265. BigFatHippo says:

    @Steve: Scooped!

    Lyon was sharp today, albeit in middle relief. Maybe he tunes up there till Rodney has his annual breakdown.

  266. Steve says:

    @BigFatHippo: As long as he’s getting Holds, I guess I can hang on to him in my H2H league, although there are much better MRs (on better teams) on the wire…

  267. Steve says:

    @Steve: Not that he got a Hold today, but you know what I mean.

  268. BigFatHippo says:

    @Steve: Hey, he got me a win today in moneyball! I needed that.

  269. Steve says:

    @BigFatHippo: So he did. I had him benched, but it shouldn’t cost me. I’m way ahead in my match-up.

    Still early days, but loving my $5 Harang so far…

  270. BigFatHippo says:

    @Steve: Put him in relief Dusty! Yeah, that was a good buy. You spent your money wisely. I, on the other hand, spent like a drunken sailor.

  271. BigFatHippo says:

    Taking a break from baseball, wow, is anyone watching the Masters?

  272. BKK says:

    @BigFatHippo: You see Tiger bank that shot off the tree. I can do that. That was awesome.

  273. BigFatHippo says:

    @BKK: Hehe, I usually hit it into the woods when it’s time to piss. Then can’t find my way out.

  274. Dingo says:

    What do people think about Raffy Soriano’s save today? I know Gonzalez had pitched the two previous days, but then again, so had Soriano. Is this probably a one-time thing, or would it be sensible to drop Manny Corpas to pick him up?

  275. BKK says:

    @BFH: I don’t think that was Tiger’s mission in the woods today. Although he seemed to have trouble finding his way out too.

    Maybe he is human after all, I thought for a minute he was going to make his characteristic final 4 hole charge after going birdie, birdie only to undo it with a bogie, bogie to close out his tournament.

  276. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dingo: One time thing, but Soriano’s good to own anyway, if you have room.

  277. My offense is fairly stacked and I’ve been offered Quentin/Haren for my Markakis/Cruz…..

    Do i do it? My starting pitching is Beckett, Shields, wainwright, wang, jurjjenns, and iv’e got some sagnof rp’s…

    12 team yahoo H2H league 20 cats, 10 pitching 10 hitting, Quality starts is a cat along with most of the normal cats…

    I always hate trading hitting for pitching but I think i’m selling for a good price on cruz? I think he’s semi legit, but I dont think he’s gonna keep this up LOL and if i’m gonna get a good “sell high” deal this is it?

    ps lost the last year because i was weak at pitching, also playing a role in my decision!

  278. Steve says:

    Who’s closing in Seattle? I’ve grabbed Aardsma in one league, but is Morrow still the guy?

    Apologies if I’ve missed something…

  279. BKK says:

    @Steve: Its still morrow.

    From CBS: Despite two early saves, Aardsma is not the Mariners closer. That job still belongs to Brandon Morrow. Morrow saved Friday night’s game, which is why manager Don Wakamatsu went with Aardsma on Sunday. Aardsma’s other save was a two-inning save. He’ll get a few opportunities like this during the season but is still only worth using in leagues that reward true middle men.

  280. Endles Summer says:

    I think Jordan Zimmerman is going to start by the end of the week for the Nationals. Anyone interested in him? Cito Gaston is batting Travis Snider 9th and asked him to bunt today.

  281. Endless Summer says:

    I think Jordan Zimmerman is going to start by the end of the week for the Nationals. Anyone interested in him? Cito Gaston is batting Travis Snider 9th and asked him to bunt today.

    oops, I spelled my name wrong on the previous post…

  282. My offense is fairly stacked and I’ve been offered Quentin/Haren for my Markakis/Cruz…..

    Do i do it? My starting pitching is Beckett, Shields, wainwright, wang, jurjjenns, and iv’e got some sagnof rp’s…

    12 team yahoo H2H league 20 cats, 10 pitching 10 hitting, Quality starts is a cat along with most of the normal cats…

    I always hate trading hitting for pitching but I think i’m selling for a good price on cruz? I think he’s semi legit, but I dont think he’s gonna keep this up LOL and if i’m gonna get a good “sell high” deal this is it?

    ps lost the last year because i was weak at pitching, also playing a role in my decision!

  283. JavaBeanHead says:

    End of rotation help needed:
    I need help on deciding on my 4,5,6 and probably a 7th starter. Currently they are Porcello,E.Jackson and J.Sanchez,Kawakami. Would you drop any of these 4 for the following?
    Pettitte,Anibal Sanchez,Pelfrey,Parra(Parra,Pelfrey will be a FA tomorrow unless claimed),Fartolo Colon,Duke,Uehara. Cahill,James Macdonald,Arroyo,Wolf,Brett Anderson,Dave Bush

  284. Doc says:

    What do you all think of Delmon Young? Someone dropped him. I’d probably drop Edwin Jackson for him.

  285. AL KOHOLIC says:

    note to all,glavine left minor league game in 2nd inning due to shoulder problems,got hanson now,he k`d 10 in 5 innings last outing

  286. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @Tony Y: Gotta do that trade. It’s a great sell on Cruz, he’s never done it for a full season. Haren and Quentin are studs, and Haren is very consistant

  287. BKK says:

    @Doc: Bleh 60/10/60/10/.290 in a crowded Twins outfield. I’m passing to grab Fowler, Rasmus or some other dude who hasn’t already squandered his upside potential.

    But that’s me.

  288. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    is Hafner for Real?

  289. BKK says:

    @Tony Y: I tend to lean with @I’m Keith Hernandez:. You get a 4th and 5th rounder for a 3rd and 11th rounder. Not a bad deal if you have lots of hitting and you need a solid pitcher.

  290. sean says:

    Fred Lewis on the WW… pick up?

    Current OF: Ibanez, Quentin, Rios, Victorino with Ian Stewart, Swisher, and Rasmus sharing two spots at 5th OF/U.

  291. BKK says:

    @sean: I’d take him over both Swisher and Stewart. Swisher is getting part time at bats, Stewart isn’t playing much as the Rockies prefer Barmes defense. Lewis bats everyday near the top of the line up and can offer you double digit homers and steals.

  292. sean says:


  293. jsp2014 says:

    @sean: That’s what I get for laughing at Milton getting hurt already. Reed Johnson finds a way to hurt me.

  294. Endless Summer says:

    @sean: Hmmm, you think I can trade Brandon Webb for Prince Fielder? Prince started slow last year and I got him in a steal of a trade.

  295. Endless Summer says:

    @sean: I’d go with what BKK said or dig deeper for Dexter Fowler if you need SB. I think Colorado trades Hawpe, Fowler takes over CF, and the rest platoon the corners.

    I’d much rather have a starter like Lewis than wondering if or when Stewart or Swisher will play. Stewart is worth considering if the PT situation opens up as he would be great to plug in at 2B.

  296. johnson21 says:

    what do you all think of me dropping wayrod (wandy) for kyle davies? also, should i drop motte for either nyer morgan or dexter fowler? im in serious need of steals… thanks!

  297. Grey

    Grey says:

    @johnson21: I don’t like the Wandy switch to Davies, but I could see the dropping of Motte for Fowler.

  298. johnson21 says:

    @Grey: Thanks Grey, I appreciate your comments and look forward to your updated posts after your vacay. This is yet another reason why I should cancel my ESPN insider account.

  299. johnson21 says:

    what do you all think of dropping bonifacio for aaron hill? thanks!

  300. Grey

    Grey says:

    @johnson21: Didn’t you just say you needed steals? Hold Bonifacio.

  301. James Legdae says:

    Dude just offered me Lind for Youkilis… I DO have a backlog at 1b/3b/utl and a hole at LF (Have Snider there now ironically… or is that just coincidence?)

    I dont take this deal do I?

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