The stolen base market is put into two categories: Billy Hamilton and basically everyone else.  Capitalizing on the “everyone else” is the problem.  The dreaded ebb and flow theory of SAGNOF is a beer served at room temperature.  Yeah, at its core, it is still a beer, and yes some beer is served at room temperature.  I know there will be some beer snobs that chime in and say “blah, blah this about micro brews and room temperature”.  My response is nothing, you are on ignore.  Come hang with me and you will see dudes that know how, like to, and will drink.  Ask Prospector Ralph, he knows we can bang.  Anyways, grabbing a SAGNOF guy on the waivers is a tumultuous beast.  Trying to say that he will steal or he will get on base to actually attempt to steal the base…  It’s a crap shoot outside of stolen base wizard Billy H.  Even when looking at the usually candidates from the preseason and their potential for stolen bases, they are down.  The stolen base as a whole is almost as dead as being in Buffalo Bill’s well.  We all drafted Trea Turner for his 50-plus SB potential.  To date, he has 11, and is on pace for 44.  Charlie Blackmon has gone from 43, to 17 last year, to 4 this year.  He has basically turned into a RBI machine and it shows by him being the MLB leader in the category.  And don’t get me started on Jean Segura or Jonathan Villar… go trade for Dee Gordon, Billy Hamilton or anyone else in the top-5 and quell all your stolen base woes.  Trying to make up on the category but nickle and dime’n is the worst ideas since screen doors on a submarine. In case you think I am pushing pork pies and you don’t wanna listen, here is a fancy chart for catchers to abuse for streaming, and some more SAGNOF tidbits.  Cheers!

Name SB CS
Francisco Cervelli 28 6
Austin Hedges 25 10
Willson Contreras 24 12
J.T. Realmuto 24 12
Stephen Vogt 24 6
Salvador Perez 23 7
Derek Norris 20 6
James McCann 19 6
Jett Bandy 18 2
Matt Wieters 18 5
Jonathan Lucroy 17 9
Russell Martin 16 3

Cameron Maybin
– Still only owned in 27% of RCL leagues despite looking shiny lately hitting in front of the Trophy Fish.  You think anyone would look better there, or is it Cam’ron being all “killa”?  Well, I guess we will see with Trout on the DL for a month or more.

Byron Buxton – If there was an ebb and flow poster boy, it is this cat.  Goes from hyped to garbage and back again three more times, then actually carves out 4 steals in the last 15 for the Twinkies.  I am perplexed and need to go lie down thinking about is weeee’s and boooo’s.

Rajai Davis – His playing time is blah and he has the same amount of steals as octogenarian Chase Utley.  The ship is sailing my SAGNOF-king friend.

Leury Garcia – I am starting to like this guy.  Gets on base 33% of the time and for an middle of the road offense gets his pretty well.  I just wonder how much the White Sox will give him time wise with the youth movement coming.

Yolmer Sanchez – Is part of that aforementioned youth movement, and has 2 steal in last 15 games.  More of a name for later instead of now, but that is what this post is all about.

Erasmo Ramirez – Got the save in extra innings, and the started the next day.  Only the fourth time it has happened since before my mom graduated high school.  Nothing really to see there just a cool stat.

Huston Street – He is off the DL soon.  Also, in a eerily similar news story he will be back to being useless soon enough…or will he Mike Scioscia?  As he twirls his mustache Snidely Whiplash style.