The only people that are heaped with more scorn than nerds at Adams College are fantasy pitchers who are drafted in the top 6 rounds only to severely disappoint.  It may not be fair to the pitchers but it definitely offers up some bargains come draft time for those that can see that they are champions and will keep on fighting ’til the end.  Aaron Harang and Erik Bedard are your Louis and Gilbert.  Granted Harang was facing the Pirates, but a 3 hit no walk shutout with 9 K’s has got to be a great sign for those that gambled on a comeback.  Erik Bedard – who has been great when healthy – tosses 8 1/3 shutout innings agains the A’s with 3 hits and a walk.  Assuming these two can stay healthy (no small challenge for Bedard or a pitcher on Dusty’s staff), their fantasy owners will be eating pie this year.  Anyway, here’s what else we saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Brandon Webb – To the DL with a sore right shoulder.  I warned people back in February not to make this guy your top starter, “As for Webb, I’m legitimately worried about him.  So much of his value is derived from good Win karma,” but obviously the Eight Ball didn’t even predict things would be this bad.  For those thinking it’s a good Buy opportunity because his owners are now discounting him.  Let’s drop some Liquid Paper on your brain and correct that.  Pitchers + arm, shoulder or elbow injuries = Don’t Want.

Kyle Lohse – 3-hit shutout.  Coming off a 15-6 / 3.78 ERA with a low K rate (only 119 out of 200), he seemed ripe for regression in 2009.  Go with Lohse when he’s on a roll and don’t be afraid to bench or cut bait after a bad start or two.

Milton Bradley – Left Sunday’s game with a leg injury.  In other news, ice is cold.

Tom Glavine – Left rehab start with sore shoulder.  I don’t think anyone was actually waiting on this guy, but, if you were, postdate your expectations.

Evan Longoria – 5th HR this week.  Orioles pitchers don’t hurt anyone’s numbers except Orioles pitchers, but that is still an impressive first week.  I liked Longoria at the end of the 2nd round and felt he wasn’t that far off from Wright.  Color me vindicated.

Dexter Fowler – Joining in on the mean violin, hit his 2nd HR this week.  If he can continue to pound his way into the lineup, we might be looking at the NL ROY.  As I said about my Cinnabon today, that’s some kind of delicious.

Tim Lincecum – It’s called a panic move.  What, Grey?  What is? Trading Lincecum for fifty cents on the dollar. You need to be patient.  Though getting hit by the Padres is not a good sign.  He’ll get his K’s, but hope you’re not banking on 18 Wins happening again.

Kevin Gregg – Making even his owners wish Piniella would go with Marmol so they can drop him.  Don’t.  Not yet.  When Piniella says no more, then you can drop him. Not until then.

Rafael Soriano – Recorded the save yesterday.  I have him in two leagues.  Mike Gonzalez is iffy at best and usually injured at worst.  Soriano’s not much better, but he’ll vulture some saves.

Alfonso Soriano – Another HR, bringing his tally to 4.  I’m marking Soriano down as my NL MVP in my head.  Injuries always seem to befall him, but if he runs a little less and stays healthy he can have a monster year.  As I projected in my top 20 overall post — 110/32/85/.275/15 are crazysexysolid numbers for him.

Huston Street – Loses the game for the Rockies.  The Rockies really need Street to be their closer so they can trade him for a worthwhile piece before the trading deadline to make up for trading Holliday for Nadir Bupkus.

Brandon Inge – Another HR.  As Rudy told you the other night, Inge can help while hot.  No reason not to drop some lesser catchers for him — Navarro, AJ, Skinny Molina…

Chase Headley – He sounds like a porn star, but may actually prove to be a fantasy star this year as well.  HRs in two straight games are a good sign.  His playing time is all but guaranteed.  We’ve seen this kind of thing before – Kouz in 2007 – so we’re still a bit skeptical.  Like any hitter with promise, grab him off FA and see how he does for a week or two.

Chris Young – 7 IP, 4 Hits, 7 Ks.  Another quality start from Tally.  When I pegged him a fantasy sleeper, this is what I expected.  For real for real.

Randy Wolf – Randy like the Wolf!  Randy like the Wolf!  7 IP, 1 ER, 5 Ks.  Real tough to start him against Haren last night, but if you did you reaped some rewards.  If you continue to trot Wolf out against 2/3 of his NL opponents, you’ll reap more.

Trevor Cahill – Two solid starts for the 21 year old Athletic who hadn’t made a start past AA prior to this year.  His long-term future looks bright but 3 Ks and 8 BBs in 12 IP is a harbinger for a stormy short-term future.

Delmon Young – HR yesterday.  Just think, he didn’t hit his first home run last year until June 7th.  I know, not super reassuring, but it’s a positive.

Josh Johnson – Outdueled Johan Santana with a 1-run, 7K complete game.  We marked him as a prime comeback candidate after a lengthy recovery from Tommy John surgery.  If he keeps pitching like this, people will stop confusing him with the Casey kid from Dawson’s Creek.

David Aardsma – Nabbed his 2nd save already.  Not bad for someone who isn’t even the closer.  He’s ruining the joke that you can’t spell Aardsma without Triple-A.  That said, Morrow should have a fairly long leash so don’t expect too many more from Aardsma (an aardvark that’s short of breath?)

  1. Colin says:

    Alot of early predictions panning out nicely for Razzball…good job guys.

    Hey, any idea when Braun and Bruce will realize the season started a week ago??

  2. Steve says:

    Nice to have you back, Grey.

    With Rodney nailing down a couple of saves, is it time to dump Lyon for Soriano?

  3. Mowses says:

    I’m starting to get disappointed with Milledge and Kotchman. Would it be wise to drop them for Dukes and Hafner?

  4. JD, Too says:

    It’s Pacey, not Casey.

    Remember the time he called some guy “cowboy” and then got in a fight? No? Too bad. It was super-tough.

  5. PhillyYorker says:

    Gallardo v. the Reds today: Sit or Pitch?

  6. johnson21 says:

    In desperate need of saves and oversupply of OF. Trade milledge away for ziegler?

  7. Denys says:

    I get: Lance Berkman.

    I give: Sparkakis.

    Do it?

  8. @Colin: Assuming they stay healthy (Braun keeps getting little dings), I wouldn’t panic until May 10th. I really liked Braun this year (above, say, Sizemore and Miggy) and see no reason to question that yet.

    @Steve: Lyon is worthless unless he’s getting saves while Soriano at least provides solid WHIP/K’s as a set-up guy. I’d make the switch as Lyon just doesn’t have that Todd Jones moxie that won over Leyland.

    @Mowses: No way on Milledge. He showed too much promise last year to consider dropping. Plus, he’s assured of a starting position while Dukes is still fighting it out. Not to mention that Dukes’ could play Milton Bradley’s understudy in the production of “Ouchy and Grouchy”. Hafner is intriguing – more upside than Kotchman. If Hafner has 1B eligibility and your team needs power, go for it. If you say no to one of those two, hold tight on Casey.

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Tough one. For this year, I’m ranking Maybin #1 because he’s got the starting position + speed. But this Bonifacio at leadoff thing is pretty frustrating as a Maybin owner. Just hoping he gets hot and forces the Marlins’ hand. Headley is #2 because he’s starting. No speed or AVG potential though and he plays in Petcostone Park. Fowler at #3 b/c his playing time is doubtful. If the Colorado OF situation clears up by trade or injury and Fowler is guaranteed to play every day, he shoots to the top of this short list.

    @PhillyYorker: Sit. Only game worth considering sitting Gallardo is @COL.

  9. @Denys: I like Sparkakis better. Berkman has outperformed him the last year or two but Sparkakis is on the upswing and Berkman is teetering on the downswing. Berkman is 1B-only in some leagues which makes him less valuable in my eyes (replacement 1B better than replacement OF). But if you need 1B and find yourself stacked with OFs, it could be worth it.

    @johnson21: Eh. I’d hold tight and aim to get a closer off the FA wire. Too early in my eyes to trade a 1st half of the draft OF for a low-tier closer.

  10. Ceasar says:

    Motte and/or Corpas worth holding in a 14 team L?

    Fowler looks mighty tempting on that waiver wire.


  11. @Ceasar: Matters how set you are for saves but Corpas is droppable. Motte still is the favorite to get STL saves…

  12. B.J. says:

    Is Rodney a must add at this point? he’s looked surprisingly good so far.

  13. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    Welcome back, Grey. Hoppe you had a great vacation. then again, maybe you still are on vacation? If so, continue the great time, and continue to check in.

    You are starting to convince me to listen more closely to you. I had several opportunities to pick up Josh Johnson, who I had as a flyer last year towards the end of the season. I did pick up Carpenter in several leagues, and am quite satisfied thus far. I watched the game, and Johnson was superb. Although I don’t know if I would say that he outpitched Santana, who was also brilliant, but was sabotaged by a Dan Murphy dropped fly ball that was a harbinger to all Mets fans of the early Ron Swoboda years. BTW, this was Santana’s first loss since June 28th of last year.

    I am concerned about Webb, and yes, you warned us. I also want to kick myself for choosing Lincecum twice over Santana, although I think that he will work himself out of this funk. But getting tattoed by the Padres?

    Recently picked up Fowler, and hope your projections come through.
    Watched Bonifacio against the Mets as well – the guy can fly, and creates excitement as well as runs. I think that he may be the real deal.

    Anyone who saw Marma and Gregg last night must be scratching their heads as to Piniella’s thought processes. Carlos was filthy, and Gregg was eminently hittable.

  14. Ceasar says:

    @Rudy Gamble: Thanks, Rudy. I’ve also got Broxton, Qualls, and Villanueva.

    Giddy up, Dex.

    Thanks again. Just an outstanding site.

  15. 123 says:

    Who do you like better for now and in the long run, Hamels or Peavy?

  16. stynyr says:

    Harang is available in my league. My SP’s are:



    Frank Francisco

    Drop an SP or RP for Harang?

  17. Matt says:

    Corpas, Wheeler or Soriano?

    I added Fowler when I learned he made the team and my life has been happier since. He’s not up with the big club to sit on the bench. It looks like Seth Smith is the odd man out in Colorado.

  18. stynyr says:

    Also considering trying to send Chipper Jones and Mark DeRosa for Aramis Ramirez and then pick up Felipe Lopez. Any advice?

    I will begin to use the forums for this type of shizz when I get approved.

  19. Ceasar says:

    @stynyr: Yup. I’d lean Kershaw over Slowey since you’ve got ample Ks. And because I’m a Twins fan.

  20. Luke says:

    @stynyr: Wow, so you’re in that 2% of leagues where Harang is available. I’m surprised he wasn’t picked up by the 8th inning of that game last night even so. And, any precious seconds you waste right now are seconds where somebody else could be clicking a button to pick him up! Hurry, my man, hurry!

  21. stynyr says:

    Slowey or Kershaw to drop!?!?!?!

  22. Tony B. says:

    I actually dropped Maybin for Folwer yesterday…

    I’ve watched both play this year and Dexter seems to have a real clue when he’s on the field, Maybin however, has struck out nearly everytime I have seen him at the plate. Fowler had Chad Durbin so messed up yesterday while he was on 1st base, Durbin I think threw over 6-7 times. I have to assume Hurdle throws “The Laboratory” in CF again today against Lilly and the Cubbies.

    Also, I’m pretty excited about Anibal Sanchez now after seeing his start against NYM. I know he racked up the pitches (90 something thru 5 innings, but he buckled down in some tough situations).

    Here’s to hoping Swisher finds enough playing time to get back his magical 2006 year of 35 HR and 90 RBI…

  23. stynyr says:

    Dropped Kershaw for those interested

  24. Tarasco'sSecretStash says:

    @styn, it’s a tough call. In a keeper league I don’t think there’s much question you drop Slowey, but for this season I could see arguments being made for either. Kershaw’s only 21, which is usually a harbinger for inconsistency, while Slowey has freakish control and should be more like the pitcher he was in August and September last year. But Kershaw’s got lights out stuff & k’d 8 & a half/9 as a 20 year old rookie, so despite the potential for growing pains this year the sky’s the limit for the kid. I’d probably have held onto Kershaw, but ‘s definitely close…

  25. I just dealt Markakis/Cruz for Haren/Quentin. Good deal? I like Cruz to bust out, but the dude is gonna go into some mad slumps? I needeed to strengthen my pitching some, my hitting was already stacked, win win i think?

    Slowey is on waivers in my league, I can’t believe that…. drop lyon to get him? I’ve got lyon, rodney, jurjjens, wang that I can see dropping, no one else is expendable….


  26. ABell says:

    speaking of pitchers w arm issues, I got offered Hamels for Sparkakis this morning. Thoughts? I am OF heavy, but what’s up w Hamels’ elbow?

  27. Eric says:


    I’d drop Hanrahan to pick up Harang. I prefer having starters over closers though. 3 is enough in a 10 or 12 team league.

  28. JR says:

    @Tony: Yes.

  29. knighttown says:

    Edwin Encarnacion just got dropped in my 10 team league. 3B/CI is not exactly a need with Chipper and Beltre starting and super sub, Felipe Lopez and Ian Stewart also eligible but a bargain is a bargain.

    Do I bother dropping any of the above for him or Wieters or Justin Upton or Good Face or Maybin…geez that’s alot of Schmohawks.

    Speaking of Upton, what’s with that situation. Article I read said that the manager is only playing him now and then and when he does play it’s in the 8 hole so he sees a steady diet of breaking balls (before the pitcher).

  30. knighttown says:

    Carlos Pena was also dropped by the same dude…

  31. Wizo says:

    Millwood, two nice starts…tempting me to drop Edwin Jackson. Every three years he posts a nice season ERA, does the trend continue this year or hold on to EJacks?

  32. stynyr says:

    @Tarasco’sSecretStash: Well it’s gotta go through waivers so I can change it. I’ll have to see. Damn I hate this deciding shizz.

    @Eric: This may, however, solve my problem. However, it is an 8-team league. Strictly friends and family so we keep it tight. Am I still going with 3 closers? If so I will drop Hanrahan or Street. I am always afraid of P’s in COL.

  33. Zebo says:

    someone dropped Pat Burrell, do i drop Emmanuel Burriss for Pat? Before the season, I actually had Bonifacio, but Grey recommended Burriss over him, so I switched. Grey may still be right, but the good week from Bonifacio could be the difference.

  34. stynyr says:

    @Tarasco’sSecretStash: Still on waivers so I can change it.

    @Eric: It’s an 8-team league. Still drop Hanrahan?

  35. Tom says:

    I’ve often read here that I shouldn’t keep a bunch of bats on my bench, and I agree. But, alas, I’m a self-contradicting moron. I have some guys that could really help if they get more job security: The bench is Dukes, Stewart, Kubel, Gardner (SAGNOF), and F. Sanchez (only because Uggla just might bat .240, I have HR throughout the lineup and I might want to trade Uggla for SP later).
    My SP are Beckett, Shields, Wainwright, Cueto, Volquez and Snell, with Motte, Qualls, Francisco and Downs relieving.

    Should I drop someone on the bench for A. Reyes or E. Jackson? Or maybe just Snell for one of those dudes? I just wish Stewart, Dukes and Kubel played everyday.

  36. Grey

    Grey says:

    @B.J.: You should’ve added him when he was named the closer, so yeah.

    @Paulie Allnuts: I am back, and thank you. Wow, hadn’t known this was his first loss since June. That’s crazy.

    @123: Peavy

    @stynyr: Guess you ca drop Kershaw, but you need a deeper league.

    @Matt: Wheeler, Soriano, Corpas, in that order.

    @stynyr: I’d want Aramis there. And you’ve been approved now. We had a bit of a spam problem so I need to manually approve real users.

    @Tony Y: That trade’s solid for you. Well done. I’d drop Lyon for him.

    @ABell: Hamels was very overused this past year, and he’s injury-prone. I’d want Markakis there.

    @knighttown: He’s in the dog house right now. He’ll come out of it. Forget Edwin E. if you don’t need him, there’s no reason to stockpile these guys.

    @knighttown: That’s ridiculous. Drop Justin for Pena.

    @Wizo: I’d hold Jackson for now.

    @Zebo: Is he sitting on your bench? If so, drop Burriss for Burrell.

  37. cubbies299 says:

    Gray. Don’t I remember you saying you were drafting Aramis over Longoria in some formats? And what was that “do you want risk in the 2nd round or the tenth?” jazz. That’s hardly the most glowing endorsement of Evan Longoria. hey, I still luvya and your fantasy chops.

    Also, someone just dropped Francoeur in our league. Drop Lyon for him? or is he just crap at this point?

  38. Grey

    Grey says:

    @cubbies299: Yeah, maybe I straddled the fence a bit, but I still said “A full season of Longoria has me very excited. The Rays love to run and Longoria can hit 30 home runs with ease. If you think David Wright is a top ten pick, Longoria’s definitely in the top twenty. Honestly, I feel like Longoria’s headed for the 1st round in 2010 (when we’re all driving around in flying cars). 2009 Projections: 85/30/110/.275/7”

    Eh, don’t drop Lyon for him, not yet at least.

  39. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Hafner or Zimmerman, Zimmerman was dropped.

  40. big o says:

    am concerned about the relationship between pinella and that kokdesome guy , but with ice still being cold , can i afford not to have this guy ?

    would you start kokde before hide-n-seek matsui ?

    thanks , in advance .

  41. Grey

    Grey says:

    @big o: He was hot in the beginning of the year last year too. Ride him for the hot spell, but get ready to drop him.

  42. Tom says:

    What would I be losing/gaining in an Uggla for DeRosa swap? I don’t think I’ll do it straight up, but he’s such an average killer and my whole team cant really afford that. What MI could I trade for and ask for an upgrade elsewhere without feeling too horrible? ie: Uggla and Bench Dude for MI and the new and improved Bench Dude 2.0.

  43. nick m. says:

    Looking to drop Motte for another 2-start pitcher (Pelfrey and Carpenter are my others with Beckett, Liriano, Wainwright, and Bedard only getting one start this week) and hopefully keep that a revolving door as the matchups present themselves – should I go with Glen Perkins or Kyle Davies? Or stay away?

  44. @Ceasar: Drop Corpas then. You’ve got enough for top 1/3 in points in saves.

  45. dtv says:

    I get Jon Sanchez and Arredondo for Kawakami? Holds and Quality starts count. Which side do you like?

  46. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Welcome back!

    Why can’t I find any minor league history on Dexter Fowler? Is he in the witness protection program?

  47. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Just traded Uggla and Broxton for my main mancrush Utley! First trade of the year feels good. Now I have an excuse for that poster of Chase above my bed :)

  48. @Tom: You need to take some perspective on Uggla. He’s not predestined for another .240 year. He’s put up higher AVGs in years past and I’d consider him a .260. Let’s say DeRosa is a .290. Figure Uggla is 1/12 of your team’s ABs. The net impact is .30/.08 or .0035 in average. That’s worth something (my pre-season Point Shares estimate their AVG difference at 1 point in a 12 team league). But Uggla’s contribution in R/HR/RBI vs. DeRosa will be worth more than a point. I’d say Uggla is worth on average 3 points in the standings vs. DeRosa. Just matters what you’re getting back in return to gauge whether it’s a good move…

    @nick m.: I’d hold off for a week.

  49. Jobacum is making his first start tomorrow at home against STL. In my 12-team H2H league, I’ve got him on the DL and would like to activate him today.

    Drop Motte or Franklin (or, stand pat and keep Max on the DL for now)? My other bench guys are Maybin, Milledge, and Fred Lewis, and I can’t really justify dropping any of them right now.

  50. BigFatHippo says:

    @Rudy Gamble: Ahhh, thanks. Baseball-Reference doesn’t even have him in the system.

  51. JR says:

    @BigFatHippo: You’re gonna like what you see.

  52. dtv says:

    @Rudy Gamble: Its a 12 team league with 40 man rosters. Very deep league… My pitching staff is already: Halladay, Peavy, Floyd, Jurrjens, Cain, Volstad, Cook & Wellemeyer. I don’t mind trading away Kawakami for a lesser SP and a great set-up man… and I do realize the only scoring category that Sanchez will do better than KK in is in K’s (ironic). My team is not desperate for holds yet, since I have Downs, Rauch, Pena and Wade, but it seems like it would help me get more bats or SP in my weekly lineup with a more stable and definitive set-up man. Arredondo is not equivalent to a closer honestly, but he is probably the best set-up man to have besides Marmol and maybe Kuo in a league that scores holds… The guy I am trading with also has Rafeal Soriano, who is also a strong possibility as well.

  53. sean says:

    Why is Alexei still batting 8th? Did he stuff Ozzie’s wife?

  54. JavaBeanHead says:

    –Welcome back Grey & Rudy,
    Can you rank these guys please : Parra,Kawakami,J.Sanchez,Porcello
    (I picked up Parra off waiver for E.Jackson).
    Would you drop one of those four guys for someone like Anibal Sanchez,Cahill,Wolf,Brett Anderson,Pelfrey,Colon,Duke?
    I have one to many starters (7) so I probably should drop 1 or 2 and just pick up 1 if advised.
    –anything new to add on Lowrie (read comment in rankings). Was thinking of maybe adding him if he starts hitting, and dropping Burriss.


  55. Grey

    Grey says:

    @dtv: I’d make the trade.

    @sean: Probably

    @JavaBeanHead: Parra, Kawakami, Porcello, Sanchez.

    I’d drop Sanchez for Wolf.

    If Lowrie hits, then he’s a definite add, but right now he looks lost.

  56. Luke says:

    In a keeper league where we keep 5 players each year, somebody just dropped Wieters. Is it worth cutting Milledge loose for taking a shot with Wieters?

  57. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Luke: I’d hate to cut Milledge, but Wieters would be more valuable of a keeper.

  58. Maitland says:

    @sean: I’m guessing it is because Ozzie was talking the other day about adjustments Alexei had to make in his 2nd year and blah blah blah, but, I mean, he’ll be batting 2nd at some point, no?

  59. sean says:

    I’m looking at Rasmus, Swisher, Stewart, Lewis and Milledge for two spots.

    I picked up Swisher and dropped Milledge just to play the hot hand; I’ve been holding onto Stewart until he gets MI eligible so I can plug him in there; and I don’t like having to guess right on whether Rasmus is going to play…

  60. JavaBeanHead says:

    Thanks Grey <3

  61. Zebo says:

    start Jobacum against STL?

  62. Luke says:

    I just wanted to note that the Phillies HOF announcer, Harry Kalas, died before today’s game in the broadcast booth. As a lifelong Phillies fan, this is horrendously sad and heartbreaking. Phillies games will never be the same to watch.

  63. Frank Rizzo says:

    FYI – Just heard on Chicago radio that Aramis will be sitting today due to back stiffness. Now I’ve got to choose between either Chris Davis or Mark Reynolds. Either could sit. Davis for general suckiness and Reynolds for his horrible defense.

    Also, the weather is looking real bad in Chicago at the moment so there’s a chance for a rain out.

  64. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Carpenter or Randy for BJ? Is Carpenter a sell high or is he for real?

  65. Frank Rizzo says:

    …..and another thing, Dexter Fowler is again in the starting lineup for Colorado today.

    I know nothing about Seth Smith. How much of a fight will he put up with Fowler pushing for time? I’m ready to pounce on Fowler if he’s gets a starting job.

  66. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Luke: Wow, that’s really sad. He was one of the best in the booth.

    @Frank Rizzo: Start Davis

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: He’s a solid pitcher but he’s also very injury prone. So you’re trying to trade Carp for BJ Upton? I want Upton, but no one would do that trade.

  67. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Frank Rizzo: Smith will be the fourth outfielder by May and Fowler will be the starter.

  68. Nick says:

    Grey, with Ray choking to start the season and Devine DL’d who should I pickup? Villanueva, Nunez, Downs, Aardsma & Lyon are all available. My other closers are Jenks, Hanrahan & Motte.

    Devine is on my DL not taking up space but is it worth having him even on my roster?

  69. PhillyYorker says:

    R.I.P. Harry Kalas. The voice of my sporting heart.

  70. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    damn I meant Rand/Carp and Victorino for BJ. I need brain pills today

  71. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Grey: Really Grey? Davis has shown 0 signs of life to this point while Reynolds is connecting more frequently. Is it just that talent wins out or do you know something?

    Fowler by May. I’m currently rostering Kemp, Hunter, and Maybin. Bonifacio’s in Maybin’s way right now but a lot can change by May. I guess I’ll stand pat unless the tide is turning and Dexter is “getting it” faster than Maybin. So far that looks like the case.

  72. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Nick: If he’s just in your DL spot, there’s no difference if you don’t need the DL spot.

    Drop Ray for Downs.

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: I want the BJ side.

    @Frank Rizzo: You’re talking just today, right? Reynolds is facing a righty and Davis is facing the O’s. It’s not ideal to be sitting one, but if that’s your situation you need to roll with it.

  73. Doc says:

    Drop Casilla or Fontenot for Fowler?

  74. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Grey: Aahh. Got it. Reynolds is historically bad against righties. I only looked at his 2 for 4 lifetime against Wellemeyer but that’s a small sample size. I guess I’ll give Davis another whirl. I don’t want to be stuck finding out later tonight that Reynolds is benched with Tracy and Tony Clark starting instead.

  75. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Doc: Either one, dealer’s choice.

  76. p0rk burn says:

    Start Wang v the Rays? My gut/head/heart(/Wang?) says no. Longoria is probably going yard on him tonight.

  77. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @ Luke – not a Phillies fan, but have spent many hours listening to Harry Kalas. He was excellent, in my book. He will be missed.

  78. p0rk burn says:

    @Grey: Fine. Drop Parra for Jobacum? Again, I think no but its a boring day at work.

    The rest of the staff is Chris Young (thanks waiver wire!) Bedard, CC, Bills, and JJ.

  79. p0rk burn says:

    Damn, I really want to click buttons on my fantasy team.

  80. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    @pork burn – yeah, it’s an obsession of mine as well. And far too often, I wind up kicking myself for acting impulsively.

    @Luke – they are having a nice tribue to Kalas before today’s game.

  81. Frank Rizzo says:

    looks like quentin’s wrist is feeling alright today.

  82. agarthered says:

    @Grey I just picked up Hafner in my league, merely are a bench spot. Three HR’s so far, what do you think of him now? If hes already mashing, then maybe his injury problems really are behind him?

  83. p0rk burn says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: That is why I limit it to shuffling schmoes. Perhaps that should be a glossary entry – “Shuffling Schmoes: dropping one schmoehawk for another in the hopes that yet to be seen upside will materialize.”

    One such move was dropping Yadier today for Inge. In the long run it doesnt matter because I’m sitting with Mauer (dammit) on the DL and, either way, Yadier isn’t going anywhere if I want him back. If Inge keeps it up even better.

  84. Grey

    Grey says:

    @agarthered: @Paulie Allnuts: @p0rk burn: Yeah, if someone’s hot, they’re worth a spot, as long as you’re not dropping anyone of importance. Pickup Bonifacio, drop Aviles, pickup Inge, drop Yadier, pickup Hafner, drop some other schmohawk, etc. These moves shouldn’t hurt you at all because the guys you are dropping aren’t of use to anyone. Just don’t drop a guy that is of use.

  85. Frank Rizzo says:

    @Grey: So then was dropping Choo for Lind a stupid move Grey?

  86. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Frank Rizzo: Nah, they’re interchangeable. Lind’s hot, grab Lind.

  87. Tom says:

    I wouldn’t mind those 80 RBI that Freddy Sanchez had two years ago. Any chance he approaches that? I need to drop him or Burriss, but I don’t know who would be better long term.

  88. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom: If you don’t need the steals, grab Freddy.

  89. Luke says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: Yeah, I noticed. I’m at work so wasn’t able to watch the whole thing but have it queued up for later. I can’t believe they put together those things so quickly. It happened an hour before the game and all.

  90. Falcon says:

    I have a huge hole at 3B. Stinkin it up with Teahen right now.

    I was offered Sandoval& Arod for Beltran/Carlos Lee. Not taking that, but i countered for Arod/Crawford.

    Still leaves me with Braun, Hart & Murphy in the OF – adding Crawford.


  91. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Falcon: I think you’re giving up too much still. I’d want Lee and Beltran.

  92. Falcon says:

    yeah, it was a verbal. I dont think I want to do that.

    But its mentally draining to platoon Teahen & FLop # 3B.


  93. jp says:

    should i drop justin upton for dukes (who’s a free agent)?

    all of these DNPs/talk of being sent downs for upton are driving me nuts. it’s a league with only 2 bench spots, and it’s getting hard for me to justify keeping upton on my bench. thoughts?

  94. vinko says:

    Stults, Cahill, or Moseley worth a flier in a 14 team league? Have to find a replacement for Kuroda. Unfortunately, the garbage has been sifted through fairly well.

  95. p0rk burn says:

    Hmm Okajima is starting to piss me off. Cut him loose for Aardsma? We count holds so The Jima had value because of that, but not if hes getting shelled. Last year this is a no brainer. This year . . . not so much. Worth the holds and the rare Aardvark save?

    Don’t worry, almost time to go home so you’ll be rid of me.

  96. PhillyYorker says:

    Pork, I dropped Okajima already (in a holds league too) but have yet to find a decent replacement. Someone dropped Perez from Cleveland. Aardsma is another to look at.

    Any thoughts: Perez or Aardsma?

  97. Nathaniel_g says:

    Still think Alexei outperforms Pedroia?
    And how much higher do you have Nolasco than Chris Young(SD)?

  98. d2bnz says:

    Earlier in the thread phillyorker asked about sitting Gallardo at Cincy today …….is it a profitable tactic to consider sitting an ace pitcher when he is visiting a hitters park? I own Gallardo as well and next week he pitches at Houston surely we’d a gem or two with K’s

  99. d2bnz says:

    sorry……miss a gem or two with K’s

  100. Grey

    Grey says:

    @PhillyYorker: Aardsma

    @d2bnz: I don’t sit ace pitchers when at all possible. Wouldn’t sit Gallardo there.

  101. Martin Bawden says:

    hey, I know its impossible to find the next cliff lee, but do you see any players who can come out of nowhere and have a great season?

  102. sean says:

    Dexter or Rasmus? I can use speed. Yes, that kind.

  103. sean says:

    o-dog worth a mi flier? 3/3 hitting in front of mannywood

  104. BKK says:

    @Paulie Allnuts: You should start clicking more buttons in the Latin 9. We need some more action.

  105. Grey

    Grey says:

    @sean: Depends what you’re dropping to get him. He’s pretty boring though, not much speed, no power.

  106. Martin Bawden says:

    I can trade furucal for billingsly and then capps/broxton/valverde for johnny peralta. I kinda need speed but should i do it? The three closers above are the ones I have

  107. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Martin Bawden: I like the Furcal trade, but don’t like the three closers for Peralta.

  108. bostonaccent says:

    Thanks for the five strikeouts, Randy. Don’t let the door hit whatever part of your freakish anatomy is closest to it on the way out…

    Is that some real pop from OHudson, though?

  109. BKK says:

    @Martin Bawden: I f you can get Billingsley for Furcal… I’d do that, but I wouldn’t trade three closers for Jhonny (I put muy h in the wrong spot) Peralta. Maybe 1 and it would be Capps of those three, although Brox and Val are closer in ADP to Peralta. They were all typically 9-11 round picks.

  110. RT says:

    Hey all. What do you figure is the wait time for Stew? I have Burriss keeping a seat warm at 2B and had hoped that Ian Stewart will eventually take over? Is this even realistic without an injury?

    19 team league, so not much on the wire.

  111. bubba chuck says:

    Shin-Soo Choo was just dropped. Is it worth dropping Maybin, Nady, or Milledge for him?

  112. Grey

    Grey says:

    @bostonaccent: No, he’s weak except for Runs.

    @RT: Well, you have to hold tight, but I think Stewart sees legit PT by mid-May at the latest.

  113. Martin Bawden says:

    NO, the trade would be the weaker closer of the three (only giving away one closer) for johnny peralta. I think its a good trade except the only other speed demons on my team is Holliday, Beltran, Jayson Werth. What do u think now?

  114. RT says:

    That’s what I figured, but Fowler kinda put a wrench in that plan.
    ‘In for a penny, in for a pound………’ as the WW is empty, so Burriss/Stew it is.

  115. Grey

    Grey says:

    @bubba chuck: They should all be owned, so you can’t really drop a guy who should be owned for a different one that should be owned. I don’t really like Nady though.

    @Martin Bawden: Oops, sorry. Trade Capps or Valverde for Peralta then.

  116. Frank Rizzo says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The Bird died. My very first baseball game as a kid was watching The Bird pitch in Tiger Stadium.

  117. sean says:

    Cbills is DEALIN

  118. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Frank Rizzo: Wow, lots of sad news this first week of the season.

    @sean: Hopefully it’ll be like that all year.

  119. johnson21 says:

    Can you please rank the following pitchers: Brett Anderson, Cahill, Davies, Duke. Thanks!

  120. Martin says:

    would u give up a gordon and pettite for Johnny Cueto?

  121. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Martin: If Gordon’s a bench guy and you need pitching, sure.

  122. Martin says:

    and last question, Choo for Wandy or Gordon and perhaps Pettite for Cueto

    which one is better?


  123. sean says:

    Pelfrey and Wang in a race to the bottom

  124. cockyphoenix says:

    chien-ming blahng

  125. Cubbies299 says:

    Anyone that watched duke today have any comments? Is his stuff legit this year?

  126. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Cubbies299: He’s not worth it outside of NL-Only leagues.

  127. RT says:

    Did anyone else pull C.Davis from the lineup today b/c he wasn’t initially in it? Yea’mon!

  128. Cubbies299 says:

    Got any low %owned guys that might be worth a flier then? Only guys on the wire are shawn hill, purcey, romero, de la rosa… God I hate 14 team mixed. I’m falling behind fast in k’s

  129. RT says:

    Anybody have news why Hawpe was pulled today in the 5th?

  130. RT says:

    @Cubbies299: If you can live with Purcey’s peripherals, he will have a tonne of K’s. I know what it’s like in really deep leagues. Anyone else on your staff to balance him out?

  131. Cubbies299 says:

    yea. Kazmir, hamels, lowe, vaZquez, weaver. Think I can take the purc?

  132. Cubbies299 says:

    @RT: he sometimes loses play against lefties. They were playing lilly so I’d bet it was that

  133. RT says:

    @Cubbies299: If I may ask…. with a rotation like that in a 14 teamer, why do you need Purcey? Your K rate will be fine with those guys. Maybe a big K guy in the pen — Cruz or Kuo

  134. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Worried at all about Tex? Wrist injury can’t be a good thing can it, or is he a buy low.

  135. Steve says:

    @BigFatHippo: Depends who you’re trying to buy him from ;-)

  136. BigFatHippo says:

    @Steve: Hey, no peeking from the kiwi crowd. Not even gonna offer now. The RCLLORD is tough!

  137. Steve says:

    @BigFatHippo: Sorry, man.

    But eternal vigilance must be our watchword.

  138. Mike says:

    Why not Votto for early NL MVP?

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