A Hill O’ Beans bounced back and regained top spot after just a week in second. My Mustache Has a Mustache hit .321 this week with 12 home runs and 10 steals, while on the pitching side they recorded excellent ratios with a 2.12 ERA and 1.09 WHIP. Mauledbypandas improved by 8-tenths of a point, but it wasn’t enough to hold on to first place. Should be a fun battle the final four weeks with several other teams close enough to challenge for the championship.

Check out the Master Standings (you can also access them via the Leagues menu up top) to see where your team ranks in comparison to the other 767 teams through Sunday. The page now includes sortable stats.

The Top 10

1 A Hill O’ Beans My Mustache Has a Mustache 110.1 2
2 mauledbypandas Josh Hamilton’s Fake Stache 109.4 1
3 Eh Team 107.6 5
4 Colicky Fuddruckers 107.1 3
5 Baseball Cougar 106.5 10
6 Pray For Rain 104.2 10
7 Cali The Naysayers 104.1 8
8  MasterofGrond Waco Night Terrors 103.7 7
9 Thats a Shame 103.4 3
10 Yellow Fever 103.2 6

Free Agents: Billy Hamilton, Taijuan Walker, Avisail Garcia, and Dustin Ackley were the most added players in the past week. Hamilton was picked up 41 times, and is now owned in 50 leagues. Walker was grabbed in 36, raising his ownership to 39 leagues. Garcia went from 17 to 51 leagues, while Ackley’s ownership jumped from 7 to 38. Matt Harvey and Danny Salazar were the most dropped players. Junior Lake, Justin Smoak, Kolten Wong, and L.J. Hoes were the most dumped hitters, with each dropped in just under 20 leagues.

League News: The ECFBL continues to set the pace with a League Competitive Index of 107, and now lead all statistical categories except for batting average. The 2012 RCL Champions League is now second with an Index of 105. There are some tight battles for league titles that will make for some exciting finishes. Twenty-six leagues have teams within 5 points of the leader. In Something Something Mustache, the 2012 overall champions, Rank Railheads, lead The BallBusters by a mere half-point. Hitter-Tron Legacy leads Pazzball Rodcast 104.5 – 103 in No Guts, No Glory. In Wily Young Delmons, MStark is leading Speed Merchants by one-and-a-half points, while Oaktown Steve is 2 up on Ben in You down with PEDs? The Champions League sees Random ItalicizedVoice 4 up on Big Magoo, with Worldwide Suicide another point-and-a-half back. It’s Raining On Braun Night is led by The Cream and the Clear, who are 2 up on Team Big Fun, while Pontiac Ducks are another point back. Original Recipe has a 3-team fight with Schmohawks Bob (92.5) edging Dog of a  Different Color (91) and SteveNZ (87.5). There is a 4-team battle in Myrtle’s Acres as A Man Named Brady (87) is just ahead of Foot’s Cold Sweat (84), Team SQUINTS (83), and Felons andMelons (82). There’s another 4-team scrum in RCL on PEDs with only four points separating MidWest Carnival Folk from Ottoneu Bay Stormtroopers, The Full Monty (Eddy’s team), and Giggity-giggity All right. And, with 4 weeks to go, it is still possible to come from further back to finish first, so good luck to all!

EXPERTS: For the tenth straight week, Dr. Roto is at the top of the heap with a 4-point lead. His ERA was back under 3 this week, but he managed only 3 home runs and 3 steals. Grey knocked Rudy out of second with a 4-and-a-half point gain, thanks to a strong week from his pitching staff. They recorded 7 wins with an ERA of 1.70 and 0.86 WHIP. Ryan Carey did him one better, adding 5.5 points on the strength of 1.40/0.84 pitching ratios. Rudy, now a half-point behind Grey, hit just .253 this week and had an ERA of 3.94 and 1.50 WHIP. Two teams have reached the Games Started limit of 180, which led to Francisco Liriano and Jered Weaver being available on the waiver wire. You can find all Expert League unofficial Week 22 stats here.

Writers: Tehol Beddict stretched his lead another 4 points to 23 after hitting .306 and stealing 15 bases. He also inched up to 14th in the overall standings. Sky cut Andrew Nordmeier’s lead to 3 in the fight for second, finishing the week with an ERA of 2.93 (compared to Andrew’s 6.82) and 1.12 WHIP (1.99 for Andrew). Check out all the writers’ week 22 stats.

Weekly Leaders

A Hill O’ Beans’ bad team (30th overall), Smuttynose Winter (Dubbels, Tripels and Bocks), put up the best hitting line this week with a .351 average, 51 runs, 16 home runs, 56 RBI, and 10 steals. Ian Desmond (.480/6 RBI/2 SB), Salvador Perez(.391/3 HR/8 RBI), and  Yasiel Puig (.458/2 HR/3 SB) were most impressive, but Prince Fielder (.364/6 Runs/4 RBI), Brandon Phillips (.360/7 Runs/4 RBI), and Coco Crisp (7 Runs/3 HR/5 RBI/1 SB) were also key performers.

Average: .369 (Bill The Butcher – Razzball4Life)
Runs: 56 (Don Drappers – Champions League, Sask Stealers – You down with PEDs?)
HR: 17 (A Tale of Two SAGNOFs – Bold Predictions, WAR Machine II – Humm Baby, Rolen with Malhomies – Last Chance)
RBI: 58 (A Tale of Two SAGNOFs – Bold Predictions, Trailerpark Romeo – Night of the Living Zombinos)
SB: 19 (Dog of a  Different Color – Original Recipe)

JJ Waiver Weavers (Robust Herd) took pitching honors for the week, striking out 81 in 92 innings with 9 wins, 8 saves, an ERA of 2.64, and 1.07 WHIP. Their ace, Zack Greinke, won 2 games and struck out 16. Danny Duffy, Francisco Liriano, Charlie Morton, and Taijuan Walker combined for 26 1/3 scoreless innings, 4 wins, and a WHIP of 0.76.

Ks: 90 (the remains of the bay – Beef SAGNOF!, Baseball Cougar – Night of the Living Zombinos)
Wins: 10 (Major League – No Go Romo)
Saves: 10 (DOGG E STYLE ltd – Smoke’ Em If Ya Got Em’, Team Sparticle – Something Something Mustache, Ty Cobb Salad – Hu Are Yu?, The Buzz – Modesto Nuts)
ERA: 1.01 (40 IP min) (Gottlieb’s 98th Infantry – American Heritage Baseball)
WHIP: 0.65 (40 IP min) (Charlie Says – Household Appliances)

Daily and full season stats are available, and in the fantasy baseball forums there are team and league of the day threads, as well as the top batting and pitching lines.

91/314 (.290)
53 R/13 HR/44 RBI/10 SB
100.1 IP
77 K/9 W/2.78/1.22/5 S
EVIL EVIES ( ECFBL) gained 55 positions to 61st overall in week 22, their 4th straight gain in the standings. Brandon Moss was the offensive star, hitting .364 with 8 runs, 4 home runs, 11 RBI, and one stolen base. Alex Gordon (.344/6 Runs/7 RBI), Mike Trout (.429/1 HR/1 SB), and Ian Kinsler (.360/5 Runs/3 SB) also made key contributions. Justin Verlander and Cliff Lee combined for 20 strikeouts in four starts (25 innings) with an ERA of 2.16, but recorded only 1 win. Ricky Nolasco had the best outing with 11 Ks in 8 shutout innings. Ryan Dempster, R.A. Dickey, Rick Porcello, C.J. Wilson, and Ross Ohlendorf were also streamed successfully. Koji Uehara earned 3 saves, while Joe Nathan added a win and a save.
  1. Grey

    Grey says:

    Here I come!

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @A Hill O’ Beans: @Grey: But are you ready for the pressure of a pennant race?

  2. A Hill O' Beans says:

    115 points in my RCL and I’m barely in front of the overall RCL standings by 0.7! Now that is a good battle right there Vin.

    I’m thinking, within my league, I still have a point in ERA, and maybe if Billy Hamilton and Jarrod Dyson are feeling generous, a point or 2 in SB that I can make up. Then some points in the ranking points that I can surely make up too. I’ll be holding on to first place tight now since it looks like Josh Hamiltons Fake Stache can make up more than a few points within his RCL.

    Oh, and thanks for the shout out to my crappy team. They used to be top 15, but only top 30 now??? Come on, what the hell am I doing there. Heck, they’re not even first place in their RCL either. Slackers!

    Thanks Vin!

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @A Hill O’ Beans: Don’t be too hard on yourself. There’s always next year.

  3. mauledbypandas says:

    It’s been a hell of a race so far. Good luck to everyone and thank you Vin for the countless hours you have put into this.

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @mauledbypandas: Yes, it has been great so far. Good luck the rest of the way!

  4. Simply Fred

    simply fred says:

    ECFBL leads in ALL cats ‘cept AVG. What, the rest of you sleep?

  5. Elijah says:

    Up 2 pts, not bad.

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @Elijah: Top 20 is pretty impressive.

  6. Razztastic says:

    Thanks Vin!

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