That’s a Shame (Bold Predictions) regained top spot after spending a week in second place. They hit just .240 with 10 home runs for the week, but somehow still managed to score 48 runs and collect 51 RBI.  Check out the Master Standings (you can also access them via the Leagues menu up top) to see where your team ranks in comparison to the other 767 teams through Sunday. The page now includes sortable stats.

The Top 10

1 That’s a Shame 107.6 2
2  MasterofGrond Waco Night Terrors 106.3 3
3 Slocemb If You Got Em 103.9 1
4  A Hill O’ Beans My Mustache Has a Mustache 103.1 14
5  mauledbypandas Josh Hamilton’s Fake Stache 102.5 7
5 Cali The Naysayers 102.3 10
7 The Ballbusters 101.3 14
8 Pitchers! 100.6 19
9 Your face ain’t got no saves 99.9 6
10 Pokey Reese 99.7 4

Movers and Shakers: radus badus 2 (Invisible Horse Riders) improved for the 4th week in a row, moving up 135 positions to 354th this week. New Zealand Steve reached the top 100 with a 66-place improvement as he battles in the very tight Original Recipe. As of Tuesday morning, his Grudy Gambrights are one of four teams within 4-and-a-half points of the first place Schmohawks. Trailer Trash Talkers (Champions League) had their 10th consecutive gain (5 places to 399th), but The Fuzz (You Say Potato, I Say Schmotato) streak of improvement ended at 8 weeks as they crashed to 523rd from 327th.

Free Agents:  Erasmo Ramirez ownership dropped slightly during the week, from 36 to 31 leagues. But with the news of his imminent arrival Monday, he was added in another 21 leagues, leaving him available now in just 12 leagues. Here are some other players whose ownership numbers changed in the last week.

 Player  # Lgs Chg
 Adam Eaton   46  +21
 Cody Ross   25  +22
 Carlos Quentin   40  +12
 Delmon Young   32  +24
 Derek Jeter   39  +16
 Gordon Beckham   38  +15
 Gregor Blanco   14  -28
 Ike Davis   56  +35
 Josh Willingham   25  -26
 Juan Francisco   58  +41
 Marcell Ozuna   55  +14
 Mitch Moreland   43  -13
 Oswaldo Arcia   21  -14
 Tim Lincecum   57  +12


League News: The ECFBL slipped a bit, leaving Cougars Welcomed alone at the top with a League Competitive Index of 105. International Razzball have 4 teams in the top 51. Something Something Mustache has the 7th and 13th best teams. Cracking The WHIP has 2 in the top 16, as well as the 64th place team. Household Appliances and Dubbels, Tripels and Bocks each have two teams in the top 25, while No Guts, No Glory features the 25th, 26th, and 27th place teams.

EXPERTS: Dr. Roto dropped a point, but still stretched his lead to 6 as Rudy stumbled. Team Roto had an ERA under 3 for the 5th straight week (2.98), and also had a league-leading 54 runs. Rudy was last in Average (.205), Runs (29), HR (5), and RBI (31). His pitching also struggled, finishing with a 4.59 ERA and 1.35 WHIP. Grey had a great week at the plate, leading the league with a .326 average and 55 RBI, while finishing second in the other categories (52 Runs/16 HR/11 SB). He also had a fine 2.13 ERA and superb 0.78 WHIP. Nick Minnix (KFFL) gained 6-and-a-half points to move from 9th to 8th after hitting .307 with 18 home runs. You can find all Expert League unofficial Week 14 stats here.

Writers: While Tehol Beddict’s pitching faltered (4.74/1.55), his hitting kept him in first place as he led the league with a .298 average, 53 runs, and 15 home runs. Joe Morris posted the top pitching numbers with an ERA of 1.89 and 0.92 WHIP. Sky and Smokey each gained 4 points, but there was no change in the standings. Check out all the writers’ week 14 stats.

Trades: Trading slowed down a bit during the holiday week, but 50 players were moved in 17 deals. Chris Davis was involved in a couple of big deals, for Andrew McCutchen in one and Clayton Kershaw and Kenley Jansen in the other. In another league, Kershaw brought back a couple of top closers, Aroldis Chapman and Mariano Rivera. Miguel Cabrera was sent with Greg Holland for David Freese, Joe Mauer, and Carlos Gonzalez. In Daily Bases, Yasiel Puig was traded for Felix Hernandez, and Matt Harvey was dealt for Carlos Gomez. Mike Trout, Matt Kemp, Gio Gonzalez, Justin Upton, Giancarlo Stanton, Jose Reyes, Jacoby Ellsbury, and Jason Heyward were all included in moves this week. You can check out all the trades in the Fantasy Baseball Forums. Look for the RCL under the heading “Everything Else.” Also, be sure to check the player rater for “Rest of Season” projections when you’re considering a trade.

Weekly Leaders

Team pizzashrapnel (Wily Young Delmons) moved up 106 spots to 387th after hitting .301 with 58 runs scored, 14 home runs, 15 stolen bases, and an RCL-best 63 RBI this week. Robinson Cano (.375/6 Runs/3 HR/10 RBI) and Desmond Jennings (.414/9 Runs/1 HR/6 RBI/4 SB) had great weeks to lead the way, while Eric Hosmer (.360/6 Runs/5 RBI) and Ryan Zimmerman (.346/5 Runs/8 RBI/2 SB) also made significant contributions.

Average: .371 (Si’s Beaver Rebellion – You down with PEDs?)
Runs: 59 (Narragansett Cupcakes – The Big Rzepczynski, base knoxx – Something Something Mustache, Team OOGOTZ – Razzball League)
HR: 19 (Los Angeles GreenSox – Is it next year yet)
RBI: 63 (Team pizzashrapnel)
SB: 17 (Claycord Ding – Double Platinum Haters, Smuttynose Winter – Dubbels Tripels and Bocks, Brown Eye Bombers – You Say Potato I Say Schmotato, My Mustache Has a Mustache – Greys a BITER)

Tacoby Bellsbury ( MDK) put up a great pitching line this week with 6 wins and 6 saves, 62 strikeouts, an ERA of 1.17, and a WHIP of 0.96. Clayton Kershaw (11 K/0.53/0.47) and Jered Weaver (11 K/0.66/0.95) each won 2 games, while Phil Hughes added a fifth win. Travis Wood, Hiroki Kuroda, and Josh Johnson also had fine starts. Koji Uehara had a win and a save, and Rafael Soriano picked up 3 saves. Pabst Blue Ribbon (Dubbels, Tripels and Bocks) had an equally impressive line with 6 wins and 10 saves.

Ks: 91 (Team Minnix – Experts)
Wins: 9 (Dusty Two Sacks – Modesto Nuts)
Saves: 12 (West Reading Phillies – Razz Canada, Old Milwaukee – You Say Potato I Say Schmotato)
ERA: 1.13 (40 IP min) (The Left Arm Of God – American Heritage Baseball)
WHIP: 0.60 (40 IP min) (Itinerant Flatfoots – Go Big or Go Home)

Daily and full season stats are available, and in the RCL forum there are team and league of the day threads, as well as the top batting and pitching lines.

Baltimore Scorioles
92/286 (.322)
56 R/15 HR/52 RBI/7 SB
77.0 IP
58 K/4 W/2.57/1.21/7 S
Baltimore Scorioles (Real fake sports) were solid in both hitting and pitching this week. Jayson Werth hit .400 with 7 RBI to pace the offense, while David Price pitched 2 gems for half of the Scorioles’ wins. Price allowed just 1 run and 11 baserunners in 16 innings and struck out 15. Bartolo Colon, Martin Perez, Miguel Gonzalez, and Francisco Liriano also had good outings. Jacoby Ellsbury (.360/4 SB), Allen Craig (.444/6 RBI), Josh Donaldson (.361) and Raul Ibanez (.381) also chipped in. Cody Ross was picked up on Saturday and quickly contributed 5 hits and 3 runs, along with a stolen base.
  1. tbox311 says:

    Baltimore Scorioles represent!

    – hope i can keep it up, its been a battle this year with Dickey Price and Kemp drafted.

    thanks for the shout out fellas and keep up the good work.

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @tbox311: Congratulations. Looks like Price will be the only 1 of those 3 to help you.

  2. A Hill O' Beans says:

    Finally in the top 5 with one of my two teams Vin! It’s nice to see.

    The scary thing is that My Mustache has a Mustache has 6 points that it’ll be pretty simple to pick up if they keep rolling (Ks / SVs / WHIP), then another bunch that with some work they could make up as well.

    First place here I come…

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @A Hill O’ Beans: Congratulations! And both teams in the top 20! And they both led the RCL with 17 stolen bases last week. Amazing.

      Good luck with the quest for first!

  3. Here’s hoping Braun gets my team out of its hitting slump. Guys like Hunter Pence and De Aza have gone ice cold and Moobs Butler still hasn’t fully gotten on track.

    • VinWins

      VinWins says:

      @Rudy Gamble: It’s crazy how a whole team can stop hitting. I had the 2nd worst average (a different team than the one that had the 2nd worst ERA last week) at .195.

      And the lineup hasn’t been touched in a month on the team that led the RCL at .371.

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