Wowza, the last few days have sure been a wild ride and now we’re left to deal with the fallout. For Juan Soto, if anything, it changes his situation for the better because he’s now on a team that’s trying to win with a supporting cast to match. Not a whole lot you can do with this information if you don’t already have him because there’s no way another manager would give him up at this point. A new member of Sexy Dr Pepper’s new team is one of this season’s bigger surprises. Brandon Drury is in the midst of a breakout season but this move looks like it could be a downgrade for him. The park isn’t as hitter-friendly but playing time could be a bigger concern with that stacked lineup. He can play all over defensively but he definitely has more competition now. I won’t say to dump him but I am keeping a close eye on how the lineups are constructed. Grey already went over all the trade deadline fallout and although not specifically points-focused he goes over who gets a boost and who takes a dive from changing teams. Now let’s get on to some names to look for on the waiver wire.

Steven Kwan – I’ve been on the Kwan train all season, even when he struggled way back in May. He still doesn’t have the power bat that you usually want from a points league hitter but that hasn’t stopped him from scoring 54 points over the past couple weeks. He just hits singles but those add up.

Jorge Mateo – Unlike Kwan, Mateo does have some pop. In fact, he’s hit more home runs in the last two weeks than Kwan has all season. That’s not really a high bar to clear but it’s nice to know that he brings some of that to the table. He is widely available and has speed but unless he can raise his batting average he won’t be able to take full advantage. Projections don’t love him but if you need short-term or deeper league help, he’s hot right now.

Jeimer Candelario – 42 points in two weeks isn’t too shabby. Most of that came over a one week stretch and his past seven games have not been as pretty. While he’s not a power guy, he does have 4 of his 10 dongs over that stretch. Can’t say I’m super excited to grab him, but he’ll do in a pinch.

Trent Grisham – Not sure what to make of this. On one hand, he’s given you 40 points over the last couple weeks. On the other hand, he just hasn’t been very good this year on the whole. There have been some good weeks but mostly he’s been a disappointment. All that aside he swinging the bat well right now and that makes him interesting.

Seth Brown – If you need help at first base or outfield, he could be your man. He has a sluggers profile although he hasn’t quite shown that this season with only 15 dongs, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him approach 25. Not eye-popping in this day and age where plenty of guys have surpassed that total already. Those guys are already rostered so that leaves us with Seth. He might not blast 30 but 20 points each of the past two weeks would have been useful.

Trayce Thompson – His hot bat has forced its way into the Dodgers lineup of late. I like him for as long as he can hold down a regular spot. His last week has been rough which may shake things up but he can still be a deeper league add or if you have an extra bench spot just for the upside.

Jose Trevino – Everyone needs a catcher right? Maybe you already have a top 5 guy, but if you don’t, Trevino’s 31 points over the last two weeks make him a top 8 option. Pick him up and he just might hit a few home runs for ya.

Luis Gonzalez – Some of his playing time has come due to injuries to other players but he has been earning his spots. You won’t be getting a league winner, not that you would expect that a guy who only scored 30 points over the past two weeks. Quite the ringing endorsement, I know but we’re really digging deep into the wire here. He can give fifth outfielder points with some upside.


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