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Who doesn’t like Milwaukee?  I grew up in Chicago and never made the trek to Milwaukee until I was in my college years…well I have been on my way to Milwaukee a few times, and on that road (the famous Highway 41) there was a place where you could buy both porno and bongs (which, as a high school senior, was pretty excellent); so that’s usually as far as me and my friends would travel.  I don’t know if it’s still there since every other gas station sells bongs now and VHS tapes aren’t a thing anymore I doubt it.

Over the years I’ve appreciated Milwaukee for lots of reasons: Summerfest, Irish Fest, and Miller Park that even has a little league field in the parking lot!  A number of years ago I ate some excellent burritos at a diner (with a metal detector) late night in Milwaukee that had the skinniest security guard with the thinnest mustache. He got into it with the people sitting in the booth next to ours; two sizable, scantily clad women, who proceeded to grab him and hit him while they were sitting in the booth and eventually took it outside with him.  They slapped him around some more although it wasn’t more than a scuffle.  After it was over, a buddy of mine bought the larger of the two women a rose (because at 2 am of course there is a guy selling roses, right?).  She was not pleased.  She took the rose but was not pleased about it, and yelled at him.

But enough about me and Milwaukee and more about the two hot young studs (don’t be dirty).  Over the last two weeks Domingo Santana and Keon Broxton have posted an OPS of 1.244 and 1.260, respectively (or dis-respectively, if you want to be a jerk about it).  Santana for power, Broxton more for speed and both are solid adds if available in your league.  Santana is owned in 13% of ESPN and 24% in Yahoo! leagues while Broxton in 44% of Y! and 25% ESPN.  Both guys have been teasing us for a while, but they’re hot, and I can’t resist them (I thought I told you to get your mind out of the gutter).  The Brew Crew travels to San Diego and on to Wrigley the next week, so the power may be lacking, depending on which way the wind is blowing.

Don’t look now (which means you should look, no wonder English is such a hard language to comprehend) but Ryan Schimpf may actually be decent. In an OPS league he should already be owned but a 1.183 OPS and .270 average over the last couple weeks along with nine homers and 17 RBIs is better than say, Rougned Odor, is giving your team thus far (I didn’t like typing that as I have Odor on a few teams).  Schimpf is owned in only 9% of ESPN and 24% of Yahoo! leagues and travels to Chicago to play the White Sox then home against the Brewers (which you already knew if you read the previous paragraph, but I’m mentioning it just in case you skipped right to the juicy Schipf cocktail).

If you’re needing catching help (or can carry two catchers) let me point you in the direction of Cameron Rupp, a guy who I wanted to draft but then he got hurt.   While he probably won’t play every day for a bit he’s an OPS and homer guy owned in 13% of Yahoo! and 7% of ESPN leagues.  The Phillies travel to Texas then Pittsburgh the next week.

Let’s check in with my two main guys this season (I won’t rest until they are more universally owned), Ryon Healy and Josh Bell.  Both have enjoyed a pretty decent last couple weeks, with Bell (33% Y! 15% ESPN) hitting three homers, scoring nine runs to go with an .896 OPS while Ryon (55% Y!, 25% ESPN) also hit three homers in three games in a row, one the walk-off variety.  He’s coming around, and Bell has been around, so catch them before they’re gone!

On the trade front a guy who has been doing poorly thus far is Anthony Rizzo.  This isn’t the first season he’s started slow and he’s a guy I’d make an offer on if I were you.  Unless you have an awesome 1B…but do you have awesome Utility guys?  Oh, you have those too?  Then don’t trade for him.  But I am sending out feelers, so there.  Also Adam Duvall has been doing well but should also be on your OPS league radar as a guy to trade for; I only see bright lights, medium-size city for him going forward.  He looks like he’s following the young Jay Bruce path from here on out.

So faithful Razzballer or Razzballette, what have we learned this week?  That I’ve had some fun times in Milwaukee?  Yes, that’s true.  What about fantasy baseball?  Oh yeah, that.  Said it before, but keep those end of roster spots fluid.  Most of these guys mentioned have been (or are) available at some point since your draft, and most over the last couple weeks.  Ride the hot hand, see if you can foresee the next one (or just read Razzball) and win your league!

  1. Pousse-Pousse says:

    In a 5×5 + OPS, do you like Schimpf or Hernan Perez as a MI guy for this next week to fill in for Story?

    • Phil B.

      Phil B. says:

      @Pousse-Pousse: I go schimpf. Better match ups and will be in the line up. Good luck

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