When I first started writing One’s Man Trash, I would go through the most added/drop list at ESPN then highlight a bunch of players that stood out to me. As time passed and evolution did its thing, I would hone in on one player and do a deeper dive. Since it’s the beginning of the season, and the sample sizes are small, I’m going back to my roots. Enjoy.


David Fletcher (3B/2B/SS/OF – LAA) – 73.1% owned – increase of 38%

Fletcher lives!!! In 23 PA, he’s slashing .556/.609/.667 with 1 stolen base. The walk rate is 17.4% while the strikeout rate is a paltry 13%. The BABIP is .625! Lol. He’s obviously not going to maintain that level, but Steamer has him projected for a .283 batting average with 2 home runs, 3 stolen bases, and 24 runs. That ain’t bad for the leadoff hitter for the Angels. Fletcher led the league in swinging strike rate last season with a 3.2% number. This season, he’s at 2.3%. The contact rates are all elite. In this shortened season, Fletcher could lead the league in batting aveage and runs scored if the stars align. Finally, he’s eligible at four positions, which is huge in this Rona-infested environment. TREASURE

Aaron Hicks (OF – NYY) – 44.3% owned – decrease of 19.9%

What are people doing? Seriously? Hicks has a .176 wOBA with a 33.3% strikeout rate, but he’s accrued 9 plate appearances. 9!!! My four-year old daughter can count to 9. If I put both hands up and start curling each finger after counting, I still have one remaining. Crazy. Hicks has power and will score and drive in plenty of runs. He’s batting either second or fifth in the juggernaught that is the Yankees lineup. TREASURE

Scott Kingery (OF/3B – PHI) – 63.4% owned – decrease of 13.9%

The aforementioned Hicks only has one run scored to his counting stat line. So does Kingery and his wOBA (.190) is under .200 like Hicks. 12 plate appearances!!! The BABIP is .111. I get it that people are amped for the beginning of the season and the shortened nature has induced FOMO, but this is out of control. While Kingery batting towards the bottom of the lineup sucks, he still has 5 HR/5 SB with 20 runs and 20 RBI potential. TREASURE

Greg Holland (RP – KC) – 19.9% owned – increase of 19.9%

Holland has been a popular add because he notched a save on the 25th of July. And he struck out three batters in the process. Incumbent closer, Ian Kennedy, was used in the sixth and seventh innings, so the job is Holland’s, right? Well, in the following game, Holland was used in the seventh inning while Trevor Rosenthal was brought in for the eighth. I have my doubts that Holland will get many saves. TRASH

Jackie Bradley Jr. (OF – BOS) – 31.6% – increase of 24.6%

This is the year, right? I feel like every season we fall for the bananna in the tailpipe. Bradley has opened the season scorching hot with 4 runs, 3 RBI, and a .461 wOBA. Here’s the thing, though. He did most of his damage against the putrid Orioles pitching staff. With that said, he did go 21/8 last season and could contribute 6 home runs, 3 stolen bases, with 20 runs, and 20 RBI. That’s not bad. I want to label him a TRASH, and in the context of where he’s at now, it’s appropriate, but he’s not complete trash and could be a TREASURE in the right context. Confused? Yeah, me too.

Willie Calhoun (OF – TEX) – 41.7% owned – decrease of 12.3%

On the season, Calhoun is hitless, but he showed that he’s a very good hitter last season. .269/.323/.524 slash with 21 home runs and a 15.7% strikeout rate. The chase rate is low, contact rates remain excellent, and swinging strike rate is low as well. I’m confident that Calhoun will heat up sooner than later. He has 10 home run with 25 runs and 25 RBI potential. TREASURE