Camelot is the supposed castle and court of the legendary and romanticized King Arthur. Over time, it’s come to mean “any idyllic place or period, especially one of great happiness.” My view of Camelot is best expressed by Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Which seamlessly transitions to Ben Gamel (25.7% owned – increase of 9.7%). As you can see, I had some difficulty with this week’s post. Gamel has definitely made the Mariners and fantasy owners happy. He’s batting .313/.364/.449 with six home runs, 56 runs scored, 36 RBI, and three stolen bases. You want legendary? Since 1871, Gamel is currently ranked 22nd OVERALL in BABIP with a .410 mark. Ty Cobb has two seasons better than him and Babe Ruth is seventh with a .423 mark. For some useless information that could possibly net you money at a bar or something, Ross Barnes has the two greatest BABIP seasons of all-time with a .438 mark. What does it mean? Well, that number is coming down. It’s like the probability of Snap trading below it’s IPO price. It was bound to happen because all the VC’s and funds that got in for a $1 or less were going to unload some of their shares for a huge profit at the first opportunity. Now, that doesn’t mean that the shares are going to zero. In fact, look at how Facebook and Twitter traded around their IPO’s. Ok, back to Gamel. It’s very encouraging that he’s hitting both lefties and righties well. In fact, he was in the two-hole when the Mariners faced off against Chris Sale. With that said, he still only has six home runs and three stolen bases in 364 plate appearances. What’s the upside here? TRASH

Here’s what else I saw over the past week:

With the trade deadline, a bunch of relievers were moved. As a result, SAGNOF was in full effect. Brad Hand (44.5% owned – increase of 27.1%) and Shane Greene (16.9% owned – increase of 14.9%) saw their ownership numbers jump. Trevor Rosenthal (35.4% owned – increase of 18.6%) has just been lights out and supplanted Oh. I won’t go too deep into these situations because Smokey breaks it all down in his Closer Report. Smokey is a TREASURE

Bradley Zimmer (36% owned – increase of 25.4%)

I wanted to write about Zimmer but Lance did an amazing job breaking him down here. Just go read it. Lance is also a TREASURE

Charlie Morton (54.3% owned – increase of 14%)

I usually don’t write about pitchers in this post because most of the ownership changes are due to streaming and/or two-start pitchers. With that said, Morton stood out to me because he’s only owned in 54% of leagues. He pitches for the Astros, so the win probability is high. He throws mid-90s. Y’all know my need and love for speed. He has a K/9 of 9.88, which is 15th-best in MLB, and swinging strike rate of 10.2%. He does have a slightly elevated walk rate of 3.46, but he’s a ground ball-inducing machine (50.4%). He totally neuters lefties, but righties do have some success against him. With that said, the xFIP against both are around 3.80. Morton’s next start is against the Rays, which strike out the third-most against RHP, and probably explains the jump in ownership. I think Morton is better than a streamer, though. TREASURE



  1. woodzler says:

    Is there an new Closer Report coming out soon?
    I´d like to know more about Rosenthal and Knebel.

    weekly H2H Points, pick two:

    • Son

      Son says:

      @woodzler: Rosy and Brit

  2. mikeMaher

    mikeMaher says:

    Ross Barnes was the man. I remember when he…Ok I don’t know who Ross Barnes is.

  3. Let Us Now Praise Famous Death Dwarves says:

    don’t understand why hand’s numbers went UP, unless there are that many shallow leagues where people could just drop him BEFORE he was assumed traded (and he wouldn’t have closed had he been) and then readd him. none of my competitive 12 team leagues was he dropped in though. i myself earlier in year had dropped him in saves only leagues after maurer got that job back, but he was scooped up by others in every case before maurer was taken out of that role/later traded.

    • Son

      Son says:

      @Let Us Now Praise Famous Death Dwarves: I’m with you. Best guess would be that, due to all the movement, people may have been churning their roster in order to get what they perceived to be the best situations.

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