Sorry, but I’m going to open the vent for a millisecond.  Let’s go back to Stupid May Grey.  I was a point or two in front in one of my leagues, had a solid outfield of Adam Dunn, Carlos Quentin/Beltran and Rasmus.  I was within striking distance in steals and the news just came out that Jose Reyes would miss a few days, but avoid the DL.  I traded Dunn and Theriot for Reyes.  THE NEWS LIED!!!  I’ve filled in with Beckham for Theriot so no great loss there, but my outfield’s been shambles since — currently rocking Luke Scott, Fukudome, Teahan and the corpse of Carlos Quentin.  This is all thanks to Jose Reyes.  I know, this is the world’s smallest violin eating a burrito with a side of tears.  BTW, Jose Reyes is probably out for the season.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Luis Castillo – Injured himself walking into the Mets cemetery dugout.

Nelson Cruz – Was injured on the final play of the game on Monday.  Choose your own fantasy baseball report… One report says he’s day-to-two-days away from action.  Another report says he’s a day-to-two-days away from a 15 day vacation.

Bobby Jenks – To the hospital to have kidney stones removed.  Be cool if they removed a pet rock.  Thornton, Linebrink or Dotel, in that order, will probably fill-in for him.

Ryan Zimmerman – Day-to-day with a sore shoulder.  He should massage it with some coriander, cumin and a brine solution, Guy Fieri says that’ll cure any shoulder.

Geovany Soto – Due back today or tomorrow.  Oh, dubya-E-hockey sticks, guess The Jakie Foxx Experiment™ behind the plate isn’t happening.  A ‘pert can dream.

Vladimir Guerrero – If you saw him yesterday on crutches, that’s because he was activated from the DL.  The three stages of Vlad:  Wheelchair – DL, crutches – DH, pronounced limp – playing outfield.

Scott Baker – 7 IP, 0 ER, 4 Ks.  He’s been terrific in his last four starts. As terrific as this commercial?  No, but close.  (If you can watch that commercial less than 10 times, you have more willpower than me.

Yusmeiro Petit – 8 IP, 1 Hit, 4 Ks, if it wasn’t for Ronny Cedeno, he would’ve had a no-hitter.  See, those trades are already playing off.  Petit gets the Nationals next time out.  Must… stop… myself… from… picking…. him… up.

Ryan Roberts – 4-for-5, 2 HRs yesterday and a movie star name from the 1950s.  He has sneaky 10/10 potential, but probably not worth it outside of NL-Only leagues.

Krispie Young – HR yesterday, which was also his first hit in the last 7 games.  I miss you, Krispie.  Get well soon.

Garrett Jones – 0-for-4, Where’d you go, friend?  Is this about me putting you in the Sell category two weeks ago?  I’m sorry.  Come back, friend.

Brian Matusz – 5 IP, 1 ER, 9 baserunners, 5 Ks.  Great debut, and he’ll be a great one as the Mariners root for him to do much better than Tillman.  I’d still look to move Matusz.  His (the Orioles’) schedule in September is terrible and he’s still a rookie who’s prone to big ups and downs.

Jarrod Washburn – 5 1/3 IP, 6 ER, the same day he appeared in my FIP post.  Who’d a thunk it?  Well, I guess me kinda.

Dan Uggla – 1-for-1 with 4 walks.  Without looking it up, I’m going to say that’s a personal record.  And the Nats only gave up 2 other walks in the game.  Not really sure what any of that means, but I found it fascinating.  Oh my God, I’m turning into Jayson Stark.

Jason Hammel – 6 2/3 IP, 3 ER.  A 2.67 Away ERA.  Even away games that you think you shouldn’t start Hammel in, he pitches well.  (Besides, of course, his Metco disaster last week.)

Jonathan Sanchez – 7 IP, 0 ER.  They might not all be as gravy as this start, but I’d own him in all leagues at this point as it’s hard to argue with 107 Ks in 102 1/3IP.

Gordon Beckham – HR yesterday.  Batting over .400 in his past 7 games.  Entrenched in the 2 hole.  Give me your password and I’ll pick him up for you.

Derek Holland – 4 1/3 IP, 3 ER.  Ah, the tale of the rookie pitcher is told again.

Rajai Davis – Since he has full-time duty, he’s hitting over .400.  Yesterday, he stole 2 bases.  SAGNOF!

Will Venable – HR yesterday.  Get a load of Will.  He’s vying for Garrett Jones’s spot in the roundups.

Yovani Gallardo – 5 1/3 IP, 9 ER.  Ouch… Wait, what?  Ow.

Evan Longoria – 2 HRs yesterday.  As David Wright impersonates Chone Figgins and Mark Reynolds impersonates a toasted sandwich bearing an image of Babe Ruth, Longoria will still be my top 3rd baseman next year barring unforeseen injuries, though I would like to see him steal a bit more.

B.J. Upton – 1-for-5, 4 Ks as he was dropped to 7th in the order.  Just get to 12/45 and you’ve done your job.

Johnny Cueto – 5 2/3 IP, 5 ER.  I sat him yesterday.  Yay! (<–sarcasm)  I hate having pitchers I can’t start ever.  I might be dropping Cueto in a 16 team league, and, trust me, when I drop someone in a 16 team league, there is no one to pick up.  Dustin Nippert anyone?

Tom Gorzelanny – 7 1/3 IP, 1 ER.  That’s nice.  I wouldn’t pick him up with your team.

Albert Pujols – 2 HRs, 5 RBIs.  Maybe he’s feeling Mini-Donkey breathing down his neck.

Joel Pineiro – 5 IP, 7 ER.  April came and went and you chalked Pineiro’s hot start up to a fluke.  May came and went and you figured any day now Pineiro would breakdown.  June came and you thought maybe April and May were real.  July flew past and you had it, enough was enough, you had to pick him up.  I mean, his next start was against the Mets, for deity sakes.  It was the most elaborate Punk’d ever.  And he got you.

  1. and1mcgee says:

    i can’t help but comment when no one else has….. the Mets cemetary with strikethrough font jab was lol

  2. Eric says:

    G’morning Grey.

    Multi-pat question here: Would you start Price at home tonight against the red-hot Sox? Davis against Pitt?

    Which SP do you like more down the stretch: Richard, Davis (ARI), Snell, Gaudin?

    And do you see any of these disappointments doing anything worthwhile this year (non-keeper league): Ordonez, Atkins, Hamilton, Khalil Greene, Krispie Young, Chris Davis?

    Many thanks.

  3. Steve says:

    Great work as always, Grey. If you were up any later, I’d almost be asleep before you.

    Are you able to schedule your posts for publication, or do you put them live as soon as you finish them?

    Pineiro gets the Pirates next – gotta keep him around for that, no?

    BTW, I saw on TV that when Pujols is up with the bases loaded this year he is 7-for-9 with five grand slams.

    And he bats .400+ in his career with the bases loaded with something like 140 RBI or something crazy.

    He has perhaps the most risible surname in sports – but no one is laughing.

  4. david says:

    What kinda line are we expecting from De La Rosa tonight @Philly?

    Do the ice cream and cake! Yay!

  5. Racehorse says:

    Grey, what does you crystal ball say about Wilkin Ramirez and Michael Saunders? BTW, use your deep mixed league crystal ball. Thanks in advance!

  6. ThePoonTycoon says:

    thanks yovani.

    randy wells, mat latos, and brett anderson manage to give me a low WHIP, sub-2.00 ERA, 2 Ws yesterday, and you just roll right in a shit the bed.

    i’ve been trying to trade your ass for over a month. honestly. straight up for guys like nolasco and lester back when your ERA was sub-3.00, yet you’ve been shot down repeatedly. i couldn’t/wouldn’t trade you for anything less, because at least you’d give me Ks even if it came with a 4.50/1.35 ratio in the 2nd half. now it looks like we are stuck for the rest of the season. and i can’t really bench you between injruies and other assorted disappointments. so i beg of you, please limit your blowups to the 5IP, 5ER variety. it will hurt much less for you and me. thanks.

  7. big o says:

    drive-thru : boston’s north-end has some of the best italian food on the planet . adam laroche never had enough time for a sit-down meal .

    diner : pujols at the plate , facing a 3-course meal … (ty steve , for comment #3)

    dive : what jose reyes is taking this year .

  8. Mr. Rickey says:

    Grey – Sadly, your Pineiro comment describes EXACTLY what happened to me – picked him up and started him this week – Mets/Pirates seemed like a sure thing. When I turned on MLB network last night, I thought seriously about switching hobbies – maybe paint-by-numbers would be more relaxing.

  9. JRT says:

    Since we are speaking of tiny violins that no one cares about, how ’bout this.

    I started YoGA, talked myself into Hochevar (again after last week) and I finally dropped Krispie yesterday.

    I can’t wait for football season.

  10. mrbaseball says:

    Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder, upset at getting beaned by Dodgers pitcher Guillermo Mota, tried to barge his way into the Dodgers’ clubhouse after tonight’s game – no it wasn’t to get to Moto – he heard Domino’s Pizza just delievered 7 pies

  11. ThePoonTycoon says:

    who was the guy that yesterday said he talked his wife out of picking up petit for a spot start and instead convinced her to go with holland? maybe she should be giving him advice.

  12. mrbaseball says:

    Johnny Cueto – I dropped him in a 12 team league a while ago but he did sign a contract with another fantasy Manager –

  13. mrbaseball says:

    Dan Uggla – 1-for-1 with 4 walks – without the 4 walks he would have went 1 – 5 – he wants to become the new The Greek God of Walks

  14. mrbaseball says:

    Brian Matusz – if he was in the tampa bay orginization – it would have been 3 more years before he made his debut

  15. mrbaseball says:

    Brian Matusz – if he was in the tampa bay orginization – it would have been 3 more years before he made his debut

  16. Josh says:

    Do da ice cream and cake. I can only watch it twice before putting myself at risk of my boss noticing.

    What the hell is up with Longoria? On the year in 11 G vs the sox he has 24 RBI. In the other 91 G he has 57 RBI. At this point Francona should just walk him every AB. Over 2 RBI per game isn’t fair.

  17. mrbaseball says:

    Gordon Beckham for Chad Billingsley in my 20 team keeper league trade 2 months ago doesn’t look as good as it once was

  18. Mark says:

    Petit was pitching against the Pirates. The same pirates that have Steve the Pirate from Dodgeball playing shortstop. It might be a move to get whoever pitches against them going forward.

  19. JaHerer says:

    Just got an offer of Grienke, McCann, and Lind for my Justin Upton and Josh Beckett…it’s a deep 12 team keeper league. What side do you like better?

  20. gleeksquad says:

    Sandoval or Lee th rest of the way? I have a deal where i could get either one + Lackey and Garza for Gallardo and Hawe.

  21. gleeksquad says:

    That’s Sandoval or Derrick Lee in my above post

  22. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @JaHerer: keeper or non-keeper? in a keeper format it’d be hard to give up upton. in a single year format i’d probably want the grienke side, escpecially if you have a hole at C.

    @gleeksquad: do you need a C? definitely sandoval, cause unless you have mauer or maybe mccann he’s a definite upgrade for you at C.

  23. gleeksquad says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: sandoval doesn’t qualify at C in ESPN leagues. Just 1b/3b…

    @jaHerer: I think it depends on if you’re trying for a win this yr and need the upgrade? I wouldn’t give up upton in that deal in a deep 12 man considering he’s almost a top 10 player and i think greinke comes back down to earth and isn’t this dominant next year.

  24. bobbo says:

    @JaHerer: Upton and Beckett and it isn’t even close for me.

  25. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @JaHerer: yeah, glossed over that it’s a keeper league, no way i’m dealing j-up unless the discussion includes pooholes or hanley coming back my way.

  26. bobbo says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: Since I value your opinion, I’ll ask your advice on this one…

    10man Keeper where we keep 5 offense, 3 SP, and 2 RP… I have Lincecum, Sabathia, Peavy, and Wainwright. Do you deal Sabathia, Peavy, and Rollins for Hanley and Josh Johnson (then keep Lincecum, Johnson, and Wainwright)? I sort of like the fact that they are all NL pitchers, but feel like it might be too much…

  27. Moneybrawl says:

    Since all my teams are in 1st because of your advice, I have only 1 problem left: I can’t stop watching that commercial. It’s been 213 times now and counting. Plus I don’t even like cake!

  28. gleeksquad says:

    @bobbo: I would defiantly do that deal. I’m a big JJ fan and getting one of the big 2 seems like a no brainer to me. It’s still a 2 keeper for 2 keeper deal b/c u can’t keep peavy, sab and wainwright. No brainer to me.

  29. ScoutAbout says:

    Always look forward to your roundup in the a.m., Grey. Didn’t get to read the FIP post from yesterday until this morning. No, no, no, please don’t tie Wandy to the FIPing post!

    With Downs back on the DL I only have 2 closers (Franklin and Qualls). I really need one more to compete. I could pick up C.J. Wilson but he’s really all that is available on waivers. I’d have to drop a SP (options incl. Floyd, Jared Weaver, Hanson). Not sure that’s the thing to do for a short-term solution like Wilson. Anybody closer-in-waiting that has a really good shot a landing a longer-term gig that would be worth dropping one of those SPs for?

    Other option is to trade for a really good closer to (hopefully) get me through the remainder of the season and the playoffs (our deadline is Aug. 16). In addition to the above SPs I have Wandy, Wainwright, Josh Johnson, Lackey and Nolasco. My offense is Sandoval, Howard, Utley, Longoria, Alexei, Kemp, Rios, Ellsbury, Quentin, Votto and Rollins). Any advice looking at a trade that would net me a really good closer? I want to set myself up for a good playoff run. 12-team, H2H league. Should I just punt saves maybe?

  30. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @bobbo: i’d do that.

  31. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @ScoutAbout: i’d hope quentin puts together a nice run between now and aug 16 and try to flip him before his foot blows up again.

  32. ScoutAbout says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: I like that idea but doubt anyone in my league would go for it. For some reason OFs are notoriously hard to deal in this league.

  33. Jordan73 says:

    My last start out of Gallardo before I swapped him, J. Shields, and Frank Frank for Andrew Bailey and Randy Wells was his 1 BB, 11 K gem. Thankfully, he went back to underachieving.

  34. bobbo says:

    @ScoutAbout: If you can get any closer that is secure in the job for Alexei, I’d do it. Or possibly Sandoval if you could find a decent replacement catcher on the wire.

  35. ScoutAbout says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: Although I might be able to deal an OF with speed, which I guess would be Rios because I’m not giving up Ellsbury or Kemp. I guess Alexei is also a possibility. But I think I’d need to get a top closer in return for any of those guys.

  36. sean says:

    “BJ, don’t worry about where you bat in the order. Just worry about compiling some stats for Sean’s fantasy squad,” said Matt Kemp.

  37. ScoutAbout says:

    @bobbo: Suzuki, Iannetta, Salty, Y. Molina are about the best available. None of them can really “replace” Fat Pablo, but I have quite a bit of power as is. But I’d probably rather give up speed because I have it in spades.

  38. Dad says:

    @Grey: Preferred SAGNOF: Fowler or Rajai??

  39. cHRIS says:

    No Sparkakis shout out?

  40. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @bobbo: i agree, move alexei if you can, and just plug rollins into SS. i wouldn’t sweat getting a nathan/rivera either. go for a ryan franklin type donkey corn. as a franklin owner, i’d consider that deal.

  41. bobbo says:

    @ScoutAbout: Is Thornton available, with Jenks out for a while he might be able to fill in for a while…

  42. ScoutAbout says:

    @bobbo: Thornton is available. Is picking him up short-term worth dropping a SP (maybe Floyd, Hanson, Jared Weaver)?

  43. ScoutAbout says:

    @bobbo: Just checked rotowire and Jenks is only expected to miss a few games.

  44. Keeper league -ish question: this is the last year that Sandoval will have Catcher eligibility, right?

  45. adamh says:

    Greys gonna have quite a laundry list to answer to when he returns… Good luck, Grey!

  46. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @VanHammersly: yeah barring him suddenly getting C time. buster posey will probably get some PT in sept though, and likely would get the call should something happen to molina between now and then.

  47. bobbo says:

    @ScoutAbout: Reyes was supposed to only miss a few games… I say pick him up and hope for an extended vacation for Jenks. We all know Ozzie is crazy…

  48. sean says:

    @bobbo: @ScoutAbout: I just picked Thornton up. I think you have to hope that if he’s not totally right and the Sox are chugging along with Thornton that Ozzie won’t rock the boat. It’s not like Jenks was lighting it up in July…

  49. Atomic says:

    @ScoutAbout: That’s quite a lineup for a 12 team league. Can’t you just drop Downs for Thornton or Wilson? If Downs is in a DL slot, who replaced him? I would rather pick up a scrub than bust up your lineup over a closer, could get the same amount of saves from Wilson. But if you have to trade, then I concur with moving Alexei or Sandoval.

  50. ScoutAbout says:

    @Atomic: I made some good trades and waiver wire pick-ups early in the season (Ellsbury, Rollins, Alexei, Quentin and Longo were all either trades I made or straight off the waiver wire). I brought Quentin off the DL when I moved Downs to the DL, which is why I would need to drop someone to pick up another closer.

  51. bobbo says:

    @ScoutAbout: You really need to try to move a combination of Quentin, Sandoval, Alexei, or those 3 SP (probably Hanson has most trade value) in my opinion. If you aren’t willing to flat out drop any of those SP, you’re sort of stuck where you’re at.

  52. airlifting says:

    my nearly 8+ ERA (gallardo, piniero) in 20+ innings was acceptable yesterday because when you’re in first place, but 3rd to last in wins, you get somewhat frustrated your lead is 0.5 points instead of 5 because of some elementary, bullshit stat. thanks, wins.

  53. Elbert says:

    if Reimold & Seth Smith were both available pick up for 4th OF slot in H2H league that counts BB+OPS+TB+regular 5×5 elements, which is better option going forward?

  54. Elbert says:

    also for rest of season/ same league, Barmes or Lugo for rest of season?

  55. Grey

    Grey says:

    @and1mcgee: Hehe

    @Eric: No on Davis and Price. Richard — Hamilton.

    @Steve: Thanks! Post them live. I’d keep Pineiro for that start. So true on Pujols…. Actually I still giggle a bit.

    @david: Best commercial ever! It’s about as risky as a start you’re gonna find in an away game. I’d go cautious in 12 team leagues and shallower.

    @Racehorse: Michael Saunders – probably overmatched. Wilkin – steals, and worth owning if you need them.

    @ThePoonTycoon: I feel that rant.

    @big o: Wow, that was awesome.

    @Mr. Rickey: Yeah, I imagine it happened to a lot of people.

    @JRT: How could you on Hochevar?

    @mrbaseball: Ha!

    @ThePoonTycoon: You in the beginning of the season, “Play fantasy baseball, it’ll bring us together.”

    @Josh: Best commercial ever.

    @Mark: True, and the Reds look pretty hopeless too.

    @Moneybrawl: Ha!

    @ScoutAbout: Sorry on Wandy. Was with great regret.

    @sean: That’s hilarious!

    @Dad: Rajai

    @cHRIS: I am Sparkakis!

    @airlifting: Hehe

    @Elbert: Smith if you can handle a guy that sits vs. lefties. Barmes

  56. Rick Dempsey says:

    @Grey: I also own Johnny Cueto…….would you drop him in a 10 team league if the pitchers available were: Clayton Richard, Ricky Romero, Jonathan Sanchez, and John Lannan. If so, who would you pick up?

    Also, I’ve got JJ Hardy on my team and the breakout seems to not be coming…………would you drop him for either Everth Cabrera, Emilio Bonifacio, Martin Prado, or Cristian Guzman? If so, who would you pick up?

  57. Beau says:

    What do you guys think…just got offered Gallardo and Justin Upton for Carlos Lee and cain in a 10 team 6×6 (ops and QS) league. I could use the most help in avg/r/ops and pretty much all pitching categories other than Ks.

    I want to counter because this trade doesnt seem to do much for me, but the best pitchers he has are wainright and shileds. He does have kemp, which would help. Anyone see a match?

  58. Art Vandelay says:

    Would you trade a donkey corn for Njyer Morgan (was offered Qualls)? I’m close in both steals and saves, so the real question is whether Nyjer is about to turn into Willie Mays Hayes and kill my average going forward (which is also a close category). He’s currently my UTIL, with possible replacements being G. Jones, Beltre, Edwin, and assorted schmohawks (14 team league).

    Would you do that deal? Any feeling on whether Nyjer is due for a big drop-off?

  59. Art Vandelay says:

    Err, that was supposed to be “would you trade Nyjer for a donkey corn”, not the other way around. Sorry.

  60. Lava says:

    Talk about staff infections. Gallardo pretty much ruined Vasquez’s nice outing last night.

  61. @Grey: nice call on thornton, got the W last night too….
    oth pujols and mini-donk are able to hit homers at shittyfield with no problem, does that make you wonder about Wrights lack of power stroke?

    Usually, he turns it up the final two months of the season for the playoff push, but i dont see the mets making a run this year and his lineup is awful….

    If I dont need steals, is wright all that valuable for runs and power #s?

  62. Curly Day says:

    Am getting my a__ kicked in era and whip thanks to Bills, Danks, and especially Cueto. Have Lannan and Gaudin pitching tonight wanting to see if either has it. Should I drop anyone for Jonathan Sanchez?

  63. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Rick Dempsey: Lose him for Richard. Drop him for Everth for steals, Prado for everything else.

    @Beau: I’d take the Lee side there, but try and get Wainwright instead.

    @Art Vandelay: I’d trade Nyjer there if you need saves, but I don’t think he’s going to stop running, but his average may come down.

    @Lava: Yup

    @matthole: It does make me wonder about Wright. Gotta think he’s not that valuable for power at this point.

  64. Lines says:

    @Grey – Right there with you, on two counts. I flipped J-Roll and Kershaw for Reyes back in May, and I was so proud of myself… And then I found Pineiro floating free last week, and patted myself on the back for picking up someone so solid, so late in the year.

    Also, I actually wrote “punch Evan Longoria in his stupid head” on my to-do list for today.

  65. Curly Day says:

    Different team than prior post, I have 1B Howard, 3B A-Ram, and CI Votto. I picked up Huff off of waivers last week, not sure how he was released, but I have no were to play him. Since I probably could not flip Huff, should I try and trade one of the CI’s for something or keep Huff on the bench? I have a tenuous hold on first in this H2H league.

  66. @Grey: as wright goes yard….

  67. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @matthole: @Grey: Regarding Wright….has anyone heard rumors of the Mets moving the fences in next year, like Detroit did after Juan Gone complained about it? I know Wright’s a team player and all, but he can’t be happy about going from a 30 HR guy to a punch-and-judy hitter.

    The reason I ask is that the league leader in my Yahoo keeper league has Wright….he might be willing to move him this year, and then I could reap the rewards if the Mets move the fences in.

  68. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Curly Day: Depends what you need and what you can get for one of the other guys.

    @matthole: Yeah, I’m watching the game. Cohen says that was his first opposite field homer in the new park. For a guy that goes that way, that’s not great. After all, we’re in August.

    @mgeoffriau: Juan Gone, “I can only stick myself with so many needles.” I haven’t heard anything about that other than rumor and conjecture.

  69. Bristol says:

    Grey – that is a great commercial, but I prefer the Diretv commercial where the guy says “Looks like someone just leveled the playing field” and then makes that face at the end. Laugh everytime and can’t get enough!

  70. Caw Caw Eagle Claw says:

    There goes Niese!! I really is a cemetary at shitty field!
    You cant make this up, they should maybe think about forfitting the season before something happens to Wright

  71. Stephen says:

    @Grey: Try finding a pitcher in a 20 team league… That’s even worse then a 16 team league.

  72. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Stephen: You should try my 42 team league…’s even more difficult.

  73. sean says:

    @Caw Caw Eagle Claw: What happened to Niese? The Curse of the Shirtless Bernazard is in full effect!

  74. Grey

    Grey says:

    @sean: Awesome curse name. Was a leg injury, looked bad.

  75. Caw Caw Eagle Claw says:

    @sean: he was trying to make a play at 1st base.

  76. sean says:

    @Grey: with purchase of MLB Extra Innings, you should get the pass for the internet games… I need something to do at work!

  77. christopher says:

    Grey, who do you like for a spot start this week, Volstad against the Natsy Boys or Cecil against the O’s?

  78. Grey

    Grey says:

    @sean: I have Direct TV, so I see all the games.

    @christopher: Neither? Cecil…

  79. @Grey: 5×5 12 team roto, do you think its feasible to catch up to a 20 runs, 6HRs, 50-100RBI, 7 Win deficit? Those are the amounts that Im out from the leader in the respective cats….

    Also, I need to gain ground on AVG from around .274 to .279 range…and Inge has been batting 190 over the past month.
    Both Montero and Iannetta are on waivers…prefer either over Inge and would you then cut or bench Inge till his leg issue is straightened out?

  80. Grey

    Grey says:

    @matthole: Sure, it’s feasible. Inge’s leg issue won’t be fixed this year. Lose him for Montero if you can handle him splitting time with Snyder. Iannetta won’t do you any average favors.

  81. Martin says:

    gallardo or wainwright?

    also would u start clayton richard tomorrow against the mets at PETCO? It sounds like a match made in heaven

  82. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Martin: Wainwright. I am starting Richard there.

  83. In a 12 team keeper, I’ve already wrapped up a bye in week 1 of our playoffs but am still hoping to improve for this year and next. I’d like to get Utley and Beckett from a last place team that’s dealing. Do you think that McLouth, Sandoval, and Jose Lopez is a fair haul? I’d still have a Braun, Kemp, Hawpe, Bourn, Reinold OF without McLouth.

    I’m reluctant to deal Sandoval but have Soto coming back from the DL this weekend. I also know Sandoval’s value will be no higher this season b/c of catcher eligibility.

  84. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Where does Reyes go in next year’s draft? He’d likely cost me a first round pick to keep him.

  85. timSTi says:

    No matter how hard I try I can’t lower my era/whip or get a win. C-Bills & Gollardo have been f’ing me hardcore. So I make a trade for Johan and he hasn’t been much better. And then Pineiro gets porked at metco last night. I know it was overdue with him. Bah. Do I need to make any moves or should I just ride this staff out?

    Johan, Cbills, Gollardo, Wandy, Wolf, Pineiro, Jimenez & Burnett?

    In a 10 team 5×5 I’m currently 2nd overall with 75 points 5 behind 1st and 15 ahead of 3rd. My stats look like this:

    R- 9 HR- 10 RBI- 9 SB- 8 BA- 6 W- 6 S-9 K-8 ERA- 4 WHIP- 6

  86. Grey

    Grey says:

    @timSTi: In a ten team league, I think you can find guys off waivers to replace Wolf and Pineiro, depending on matchups.

  87. timSTi says:

    @Grey: So you think I should keep my eye out for good spot starts and constantly pick up and drop the best situational pitchers?

    You’d have to think Cbills & Johan will pick it up, no? Also hoping Burnett brushes off his last start and goes back to last years 2nd half self.

  88. Grey

    Grey says:

    @timSTi: I think at this point, it’s important to have the best pitchers going, not worry about waiting for guys to come around. Hopefully Johan and Bills will.

  89. MJB says:

    Which 3 do you keep for 2010 in a 5×5 out of the following: Berkman, Jeter, A Soriano, B Abreu, Pence, R Harden, J Shields? Any that standout as being more locks than the others? Im very meh on my last 3

  90. Grey

    Grey says:

    @MJB: Berkman, Pence, Soriano…

  91. Grey

    Grey says:

    @MJB: Oh, and none of them stand out. Yeah, sorta meh.

  92. Martin says:

    can u rank burnett, gallardo, wainwright, lester, oswalt, lackey, hamles?

  93. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Martin: Wainwright, Hamels, Lester, Gallardo, Burnett… They’re all real close though.

  94. timSTi says:

    @Grey: These are the top 10 pitchers over the last 30 days in my 10 teamer. Any worth a look over wolf or pineiro?

    Anderson, Sanchez, Niemann. Garland, Blanton, Baker, Zito, DeLaRosa, Cecil, Arroyo, Petit? Anderson’s been pretty nasty his last few starts but isn’t getting much for wins with Oakland backing him.

  95. timSTi says:

    Sheffield just left the game after hitting a gapper. Escorted down the runway by a trainer. The poor mets. Though they’re beating up the Cards pretty good right now.

  96. Grey

    Grey says:

    @timSTi: dlR in away games, Anderson, Sanchez and Baker, all over those guys, in that order.

  97. Caw Caw Eagle Claw says:

    The Curse of the Shirtless Bernazard continues!!! Down goes Sheffield

  98. timSTi says:

    @Grey: dlR is @ Philly tonight. Should I wait for his next start, or go ahead and grab him now? Would be dropping Wolf for him as I gotta give Pineiro another shot vs Pitts.

  99. Grey

    Grey says:

    @timSTi: I’m starting him tonight in a 12 team league, but I’d sit him in a 10 team league.

  100. MJB says:

    @Grey: Hah thanks! The good news is the first 6 keepers are good (A-Rod, Utley, Reyes, Votto, Reynolds, Greinke). Going to do my best to sell a combo of the border-line guys for a clearcut top-7 keeper.

  101. jamiesonmj says:

    beckham to keep #2 when ramirez returns?

  102. Grey

    Grey says:

    @MJB: Cool

    @jamiesonmj: Depends on how he hits. To start off, probably.

  103. Robert says:

    @Grey: Need your wisdom again. The owner who has Crawford and Victorino is willing to trade one of them for a power hitter or a decent SP. I should be in 8th after this week and the goal is 6th. Do I need what Crawford or Victorino have to offer? Can I afford to give up a power hitter or SP? I don’t think I can afford to give up a power guy. My team- Napoli, Morneau, J. Lopez, Wright, S. Drew, Votto, Rios, Bay, Bourn, Cruz, G. Jones, Aram, Beckham, Wieters, Beltran Nolasco, Wainwright, Vazquez, Lackey, Jurrjens, Price, Kaz, Liriano(going to drop him for Lindstrom). Thanks

  104. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Robert: You don’t need them.

  105. Robert says:

    Thanks, Grey. I offered Wright and Wieters for Braun. The guy is in last, so he is thinking about it. You would green light that trade, correct?

  106. Billy says:

    Who would close in CLE, if Wood is traded?

  107. Steve says:

    I’m starting BOTH Venable AND Blanks in my OF in the RCL today.

    How did it come to this?

  108. sean says:

    And Gaudin is taking a shit in my mouth…

  109. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @VanHammersly: if the guy in last place accepts that deal, he’s gonna be in last place next year.

  110. @ThePoonTycoon: I absolutely agree. But let me demonstrate some of the trades he’s already made this year:

    8/4 – his Adam Jones & Ian Stewart to get Marquis & Bobby Abreu
    5/12 – his Cole Hamels to get J.D. Drew & Ted Lily
    4/3 – his A-Rod & Danks to get Hamels & Corey Hart

    I’ll cut him some slack because he inherited a pretty mediocre team from a previous owner; however, it’s scary that this guy is a fantasy baseball blogger, too.!

  111. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @VanHammersly: YOU ARE IN A LEAGUE WITH AJ MASS!??!

  112. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @VanHammersly: i will say though, in his defense the aroid deal in april didn’t look nearly as bad then as it does now given hamels and hart hadn’t both shit the bed yet, and aroid return/impact was still in question.

  113. Frank Rizzo says:

    Anyone who started Gaudin this afternoon did not heed my warning from the past. Take caution when your pitcher is up against the Braves or Angels. They will cut your heart out.

    The Twins in the Metrodome would also apply here.

  114. Been offered Ludwick for V-Mart. Could replace the Catcher with Doumit, Soto, or Iannetta. Does Holliday (who’s actually one of my other OFs) with the Cards increase Ludwick’s value (more than the Vmart with the Sox increase) to make this tempting? & if so, which of the replacement catchers might you choose?
    Made me laugh this AM Grey, despite owning Alexei, Neli Cruz, Kinsler, R. Zimm, Stewart (DNP), & pitchers Gallardo & J.Johnson (who felt the need to start the 8th as to not cover for the Gallardo debacle); an unbelievably bad start to the week…thanks for the perspective.

  115. sean says:

    @Frank Rizzo:

    ATL is in the bottom third of the league in runs scored. They are a middle-of-the-pack offense on the road. Not really seeing any empirical data to support your hunch… Gaudin is proving to be consistently mediocre moreso than the Braves proving to be any sort of offensive juggernaut.

    The Angels are the highest scoring team in the league, so that’s a bit of a don’t-eat-yellow snow tip. And the Twinkies are fifth in the league for home offensive output, so kind of the same boat.

    I’m not bitter that I started Gaudin, I swear…

  116. Frank Rizzo says:

    @sean: …….so the Braves cut your heart out? You have my condolences.

  117. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Who to drop for Soto’s return off the DL:

    Miguel Montero, Garrett Jones, Nolan Reimold, Ty Wiggington

    …or wait a couple days to see how Soto looks this weekend?

  118. @ThePoonTycoon: Haha, good guess! Mass probably would’ve dealt Rodriguez for Vernon Wells, though.

  119. Jobu's rum says:

    I’m done with Gaudin. His game is a crime against nature.

  120. Steve says:

    @Steve: And I’m kind of glad I did!

  121. GTG says:

    I have my pick between Ibanez and Bay in a trade… What should I do?

  122. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: Ha!

    @sean: He’s actually been better in away games. BTW, I’m done with him in all leagues.

    @zombie: I’d want V-Mart.

    @mgeoffriau: See how Soto looks.

    @Jobu’s rum: See comment to Sean.

    @GTG: Bay

  123. Ham says:

    Start Liriano tonight?

    Also is the opposite side of the FIP on its way?

  124. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ham: No on Liriano. Tomorrow on FIP.

  125. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bristol: Hehe… Ice cream and cakey cake…

  126. Steve says:

    All my teams are dying.

    But to be more specific, is there any reason to keep Barmes at MI when Lugo is available.

    Not the magic cure-all, but still…

  127. struggler says:

    @Grey: Rzepczynski is throwing a nice game vs. the bombers. Do you like him or Matusz rest of the way? Or drop Marmol for him? Handcuffing Gregg right now but doesn’t sound like it’s necessary.
    What do you think?

  128. Russell says:

    Beckham or S. Drew the rest of the way Grey?

  129. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Just saw on the ESPN ticker that Parnell got the save…anyone know why?

  130. mrbaseball says:

    hey man has any body picked up Venable

  131. mrbaseball says:

    anyone know why? – did he pitch 3 innings

  132. Steve says:

    @mrbaseball: Yup. And he’s been venerable thus far.

  133. mrbaseball says:

    three ways to earn a save

    He satisfies one of the following conditions:
    He enters the game with a lead of no more than three runs and pitches for at least one inning
    He enters the game, regardless of the count, with the potential tying run either on base, at bat or on deck
    He pitches for at least three innings

  134. mrbaseball says:

    Justin Lehr went 9 innings and a complete game

    Jan 28, 2005 … Lehr, ranked the A’s 21st-best prospect prior to the season by Baseball America

  135. mrbaseball says:

    J.A. Happ 10 K’s and complete game win giving up zero runs and I heard they wanted to put in the bullpen and bring up the Old Man Pedro — pedro has not pitch that kind of game since the days of the Midget

  136. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    I know the save rules, just didn’t have the box score handy on my blackberry. Thanks for the info.

  137. Robert says:

    @Grey: Is Price trustworthy now, or only at home?

  138. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Robert: Seems like he’s found a groove.

  139. Harley says:

    @Grey: 15 team mixed, standard roto, for OF spot: Tony Gwynn Jr., Sheffield, or Fukodome?

    Then, please rank in order: Velez, Ryan Roberts, Steve Pearce, Venable, Fred Lewis, Mike Jacobs. Would you use all 3 OF’s above over these bums?

    Thanks, appreciate all the hard work.

  140. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Harley: Think sheff got hurt again

  141. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Harley: Fukudome – Venable, Velez…

  142. Steve says:

    @mgeoffriau: do a pretty good app for BlackBerry.

  143. Robert says:

    I saw the line for Lindstrom, but did anyone actually see the game? Did he look good or were those hard outs?

  144. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Robert: Didn’t see it, just got back from dinner.

  145. Robert says:

    OK. Going to pick him up and hope for the best with move #42.

  146. pjtres says:

    grey… in a keeper league- was offered aroid straight up for my longo… am i crazy for thinking about it?

  147. Grey

    Grey says:

    @pjtres: I’d want Longoria.

  148. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    wandy/berkman for Kendry/Javy Vazquez, looking better with berkman’s injury looking? I would be getting Kendry..

  149. john says:

    I can’t decide if I should use my last add for this week on a pitcher or a hitter in my H2H league…My opponent has 9 offensive players tomorrow, I only have 4. We both have 6 pitchers left to go this week but he has all his add’s left, so he could easily stream a pitcher or two and I’m only up on IP by 1.

    Any suggestions?

  150. john says:

    @Grey: Yea, his team went off tonight and since he has so many more players going tomorrow he might leave me in the dust offensively, which is why I’m on the fence.

  151. Colin says:


    Why does it have to be a lingering type pull…what happened to a good old hammy tweak? ARGH.

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