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Rehabbing a broken hamate bone, Domonic Brown has sustained early power upon his return. With two home runs, a double and three singles in his first three games, he looks like he might be an exception to the rule about players losing power coming back from this injury. Pretty surprising since the hamate bone is at the base of the hand near the wrist with several bones nearly interlocking. Many players have had this injury and recovered, but power is generally sapped for the first year. If you can build the hype and flip him, that would be the safe play.

Other call ups of note Grey has mentioned, would be Vance Worley who had a decent outing with five strikeouts and six baserunners (4 walks). Alex White is another Zach Britton as Grey stated on Friday. This would be more than fair and I believe White will be better than Britton. David Cooper was a first round draft pick several years ago for the Blue Jays but hasn’t done much to inspire excitement, even with his hot start. Keep expectations in check.

Eulogio “Frankie” de la Cruz | RHP | MIL: Was part of the Miguel Cabrera trade from Florida to Detroit a few years back. He pitched in Japan last year and returned to America this year. In the 2009 Baseball Handbook, it stated he has a 94 to 96 MPH fastball with a plus changeup. Currently, he has a 27:7 K:BB ratio in 24 1/3 innings early this year at Triple-A. Rocking a gravity-charged 1.50 GO/AO; for career has always had a 1.00+ GO/AO ratio. Could be a sneaky prospect this year like a Travis Wood.

Clint Robinson | KC | 1B: Scouts project him as a Quad-A type player who has power to all fields with little to no defense. There are only so many options at KC for this type of player. He could be a potential call-up to stave off service time for Hosmer/Moustakas if Kila Ka’aihue continues to struggle. Currently sporting 6 home runs and a 15:10 K:BB ratio in 72 Triple-A at-bats.

Rex Brothers | COL | LHP: 20 strikeouts and four walks in 11 innings as a reliever at Triple-A. More a call-out if the Rox need to replace any arms.

Brandon Allen | ARI | 1B: His .257/.349/.419 slash line with six XBH (3 Hr) in 74 at-bats isn’t winning anyone over in the blahtoon of Juan Miranda and Russell Branyan.

Dustin Ackley | SEA | 2B: Speaking of struggling, Mr. Dustin “2010 AFL MVP” Ackley has been dreadful to the tune of .221/.343/.326 in 86 at-bats. His plate-discipline is keeping him afloat (16:16 K:BB).

Yunesky Maya | WAS | RHP: Besides a poor first outing, he’s pitched well: 18 strikeouts and 4 walks in 18 2/3 innings with 8 earned runs since an April 7th start. Should get a chance to start in the majors when an injury occurs, barring that the Nationals pitchers continue to throw well, which seems unlikely.

Scott Diamond | MIN | LHP: A spot start here or there. An extreme groundball pitcher (2.75 GO/AO this year in 20 2/3 innings). Drafted as a Rule-5 pick this offseason and then traded a lower prospect to keep his rights when placed at Triple-A to start this year.

Jemile Weeks | OAK | 2B: .333/.440/.547 in 75 at-bats with a 17:14 K:BB ratio. Similar skill-set to older brother – 20/20 potential. Too bad they share the injury bug too.

Trayvon Robinson | LAD | CF/OF: If Jerry Sands continues to struggle, the next prospect that could be called upon is Trayvon. He has a high average currently (.347 ave.) but 22 strikeouts in 70 at-bats. That has been his M.O. throughout his career. Has legitimate 20/20 ceiling when making contact.

Josh Bell | BAL | 3B: Speaking of bad strikeouts, Bell has a 23:2 K:BB ratio in 77 at-bats at Triple-A in the early going. Maybe the Orioles asked him to take lessons from Mini Donkey in the offseason.

Mike Minor | ATL | LHP: 29 strikeouts with six walks and five earned runs in 25 2/3 innings since being sent down. His sleeper status was prematurely released. Looks like he’s cleaning up that mess before the man crushes show back up.

Kyle Gibson | MIN | RHP: Continues to pitch better than the entire Twins rotation.

Neil Ramirez | TEX | RHP: He was a late exclusion from my last Minor League Review article. Throws a 92 to 95 MPH fastball an average changeup and the best curveball in the Rangers farm system. The Rangers promoted him from High-A to Triple-A after one start and he has gone 16 innings with 17 strikeouts and six walks. Ceiling is high if he can curb walks.

  1. Tony tone says:

    I really would love Jenile to come up and give Oakland something good offensively. Jesus even a crappy offense would be great to have at this point, and with out pitching it’s all we really need.

  2. AL KOHOLIC says:

    we want gordon,i dont think he comes up till sept. though

  3. Mike Smith says:

    How does Ian Stewart not get a mention? .419/.561/1.432 since demotion not too shabby.

  4. elwood blues says:

    Kyle Blanks’ .241/.300/.633 in 54 at bats in AA are troubling.. even when you consider his injury.

  5. elwood blues says:

    I was getting into this with AL K last night.. when do you think we’ll see Tray Rob.?
    He believes Sept., I say sooner.
    I am looking at grabbing him as a throw-in in a trade.

  6. brett says:

    @Stephen: You covered Paul Goldschmidt in Week 3 and he’s still on fire. What’s his timeline like? Could he be a June call up or will they give Allen the first shot?

  7. Clyde Prompto says:

    Howdy, Stephen. Do you think the Tigers will give Scott Sizemore another chance anytime soon? He’s hitting .417 with a .500 OBP in the minors right now, and Will Rhymes is playing like Will Rhymes.

  8. A2K says:

    So if it came down to A White or V Worley, who gets the nod?
    Does enough of an edge exist that V Worley is available now and A White needs to clear waivers?

  9. Giant JJ says:

    I look forward to this article every week. Thanks! Would you trade either Sherzer or Brett Anderson for Aramis Ramirez? 20 teams

  10. Evan says:

    Do you know when the estimated ETA is for Kyle Gibson?

  11. Evan says:

    Also, when is your guess when Mike Montgomery gets called up?

  12. Worst articles ever..

  13. Stephen says:

    @tony tone: ha.
    @AL KOHOLIC: Dee Gordon would be nice. don’t see him coming up unless they aren’t in contention.
    @Mike Thomas: Ian stewart is not a rookie. still dually noted.
    @elwood blue: re: Blanks – Mhm. Concur re:Robinson -.mid summer. Gordn will be Sept.
    @Clyde Promto: I almost wrote a blurb on Scott Sizemore. the lack of Rookie eligibility made me remove him. I think the Tigers will have to give him another shot if he continues to hit.
    @A2K: Alex White without debate.
    @Giant JJ: Thanks. I would not trade those pitchers for Aramis.
    @Evan: Gibson: June. re:Montgomery: I think with his early season struggles that he’ll be overlooked when the Royals need a starting pitcher Danny Duffy would be my gut call for their first stud pitching prospect call. Duffy nearly received a blurb today.

  14. DiscoD says:

    Pedro Alvarez was just dropped. Should I lose Marlon Byrd or Adam Laroche to pick him up off of waivers?

  15. theguarantee says:

    Think Sizemore is worth a flyer in a deep league the way the Tigers/Rhymes have been struggling? Have a basically wasted roster spot and there isn’t much available. He’s been hitting a ton and unless they’re serious about Raburn at 2nd I don’t know what they’re waiting for. On top of that, he seems like the only possibility as a legit 2 hole hitter they have. Think if he gets another chance he hits a little?

  16. Jose Tartabull says:

    Five point Toss-up Question:

    You are looking for the Minor Accomplisher with best upside for an AL-only 5×5 keeper. Two of these will disappear before you select, so how about your Top 3 faves:

    Kyle Gibson
    John Lamb
    Nick Franklin
    Jason Kipnis
    Miguel Sano
    Jean Segura
    Gary Sanchez
    Anthony Ranaudo
    Jurickson Profar
    Chris Archer
    Danny Duffy
    Christian Colon

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom. Hope this is an OK place to post this Q.

  17. muchacho says:

    @Stephen: What about Bryce Harper? Any chance he gets a call up soon? He’s hitting .333/.432/.681 so far, albeit in single A.

  18. ltf says:

    James Darnell is a spec that deserves mention. He’s not going to move Headley off of 3B, so the Padres need to move him to RF and get that bat in MLB.

    @Jose Tartabull:

    1. John Lamb- His curveball improves and he can be one of the top 20 pitchers in your AL league starting 2012.

    2. Kyle Gibson- Could be as good as John Lamb fantasy-wise, but the forearm injury and his pitching motion worry me in his long term projection. Definite boom or bust spec.

    3. Jean Segura- You’ve got a lot of other options listed that aren’t too far behind him, but he has the defense to stick at MI, and the power and speed to already project as contributing in fantasy. I really love Nick Franklin as a ballplayer, but Segura is ahead of him here.

    Ranaudo is a nice arm that can break out this year, but he has no reason to be in A ball. I’d love to see him develop his curve more, because a 6’7″ inch guy throwing 12-6 curves from top arm slot will make boys quit baseball. The Red Sox have a lot of specs to keep an eye on: I haven’t followed up on Kalish’s shoulder injury, but I love his swing. Looks to be .280 hitter with about 20 HR, but he gets his body out in front of his swing and pulls a lot more than I like. Middlbrooks and Hassan are both off to great starts in AA and look to break out this year. Chris Balcom-Miller is well under the radar. He doesn’t grade out too high with scouts, but his groundball and strikeout rates are so high, he needs to graduate to AA. I love watching CBM pitch. Chris Hernandez probably won’t project too well for fantasy, but he is an elite groundball pitcher that I’ve followed since his college days at The U. Smart pitcher.

    Oswaldo Arcia. Learn the name if you are in an AL only league and draft that man. Twins players can fool a bit below AA because of the leagues their farm system plays in, but Arcia’s bat is too good to be ignored. I was talking about him last year, but he is steadily gaining notoriety as this season progresses. I’m assuming he isn’t taken in your league.

  19. ltf says:

    @muchacho: Harper will probably be in AA by the all star break. After this year, it’s 1-3 years until he is in MLB. There’s no reason I can see that being accelerated, especially considering they just dealt with all of the hype surrounding Strasburg last year.

  20. kg says:

    @Grey :
    Who should I drop one of Chacin, dlR or Ogando?

  21. Stephen

    Stephen says:

    @theguarantee: Yes.
    @Jose Tartabell:1)Segura, 2)Lamb, 3)Gibson (I don’t have worries over his prior injury. He does not have the 9 k/9 upside like Lamb)
    @muchacho: Harper will be promoted to Double-A by mid-summer but not the majors this year. At best would be a September call up. That’s a long stretch.
    @ltf: If Darnell continues to hit, he’ll force their hand. As for your top 3, I would concur for the most part.

  22. Jose Tartabull says:

    @ ltf / @ stephen – Thanks for the assist; John Lamb says thanks for the props.

  23. theguarantee says:

    Sizemore up, Rhymes down. I do have a bit of a Tigers guy…and he called this one right…so don’t give me too much credit.

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