Dexter Fowler has been hotter than a junebug on the back of a furnace’s ass, or some other yokelism.  Dexter?  I hardly Fowler!  Huh?  In his last seven games, a .423 average and 2 homers.  He’s not good for anything more than the occasional dinger, which only sounds talk between a wife and her friends.  He is hitting on top of a lineup that puts up runs and he has speed.  While he’s hot, I’d grab him everywhere.  Don’t get left out in the cold.  Remember you can’t spell Denver without Dexter envy.  Or you can’t spell Dexter Fowler without DTF.  That’s Doubles Triples Forget about homers.  Anyway, here’s some more players to buy or sell this week in fantasy baseball:


David Murphy – He was nearly the lead for today’s Buy post.  That’s how much I like him.  You have to really strike a nerve about needing to be owned in every league to get the lead, but you have to come close to striking said nerve to almost be the lead.  Talk about the pinnacle of one’s career.  Put it on the back of your ball card, kid!  You almost made a Razzball lead!

Alex Presley – And he almost-almost made the lead!  Wow!  It’s raining praise like a church that mysteriously appears in the Bermuda Triangle! (<–Confusing comparison of the day!)

Alex Rios – He didn’t almost make any lead.  I kinda don’t even want Rios to do anything because I absolutely know it’s just going to cause people to come out of the woodwork next March asking about him. “Buh-buh-buh-but, Grey, sir, your almighty ‘stacheiness, Rios was good last September.  Big things in 2012, right?!”

Alejandro De Aza – Alejandro is hot like Mexico!  And just think, when he’s no longer worth owning, you can tell your friends you just did the Alejandrop.  Don’t get sad!  Imaginary friends work too!

Kosuke Fukudome – It’s the week of the hot outfielders, huh?  It reminds me of that week in 1993 when Jim Eisenreich was in the middle of a 7-for-12 stretch but Philly fans still wanted to throw batteries at him because he kept cursing at them.

Jon Jay – He has 2 homers and hitting .522 in the last week.  I got Federalisztomania!  What, no Phoenix fans?  You, “I thought French rock was a stale baguette.”  You’re such a snob!

Jason Kipnis – Nothing goes better with a bagel and cream cheese like Eli Whiteside.  But Kipnis is good for a nosh if you need a middle infielder.

Scott Sizemore – ESPN wrote something recently saying Sizemore could be a sleeper in 2012.  Way to take a stand!  Of course he’s going to be a sleeper.  The problem is the A’s need to move their fences in about 1.2 miles.  In all directions.  You could have a front row seat by 1st base and need binoculars.

Trevor Plouffe – His last name sounds like the sound a turd makes when it hits the toilet water.  Hehe.  Sorry, that’s juvenile.  But, seriously, he-effin’-he.  Um, so he’s been hot– Sorry, I have to move on.  His name’s just too ridiculous.

Juan Francisco – I spy with my little right eye a worthwhile add for right now in NL-Only leagues.  Since Rolen is following in Glass Chipper’s footsteps, I imagine Francisco will see the majority of the at-bats for the remainder of the season, which means he could become mixed league sexy.  Otherwise known as a swinger.

Dayan Viciedo – He’s done nothing but swing a hot bat since his call-up, so of course Ozzie benched him the other day.  Oh, Ozzie, you make me a little crazy.  *shaking fist at the sky* A little crazy!

Cliff Pennington – Has good speed and can teach you how to golf.

Dee Gordon – He’s good for steals.  Yadda3.  On a side note, I was thinking about how I can’t imagine Don Mattingly ever getting fired.  Maybe because I grew up in the tri-state area when he was a God, but I can’t picture any scenario where Mattingly is blamed for anything.  “Ooh, it’s Donnie Baseball, it’s his back’s fault the Yankees aren’t winning.”  The Dodgers will have to be folded into the Padres (and the Dodres still wouldn’t have a good offense) to get Mattingly out of his job.

Marco Scutaro – Hitting .476 in September and…Ugh, don’t make me say anything else nice about Scutaro.  He’s hot as of right now, that’s all I got.

Edwin Jackson – Hasn’t had a bad start in over a month…Which makes me think he’s gonna have one tonight because I just jinxed him.  Stupid superstitions.  Anyone see where I put my rabbit’s foot?

Bud Norris – BTW, I just went over borderline fantasy starters for the next week, and, really, this late in the season there’s no reason to look more than one week in advance in most leagues.

Bobby Parnell – Own unless you’re in a British ex-con league with a No-Bobby rule.

Kenley Jansen – Word out of the mean streets of sunny LA is Jansen or Guerra could be the closer next year.  So those in deep keeper leagues who are looking to stick someone on their team for cheap this year that could have huge value next year, grab Jansen.

Jason Motte – Member during the 2010 preseason when I said Motte should be the closer?  So I was a year and a half early.  Well, here’s the thing, I time travel so much I sometimes forget what year I’m in.  BTW, invest in AOL, they’re about to merge with Time-Warner.


Fernando Salas – I could see holding him in some leagues where you’re very desperate, but in most leagues you’re looking at a guy that might get a save or two or might be closing out the seventh inning.  I.e., I’d prefer the apple sauce instead of the misspelled Mexican sauce.

Brandon Morrow – His next start is against the Sawx, who just mollywhopped him for 8 earned, and the Jays might limit him since he’s above his career high in innings.  You guys had a good run.  Get his address and go hide in his garbage can with a Jiffy Pop container over your head so you can see anytime you want.

John Danks – Who’s more infuriating than this schmohawk?  A three hitter followed by an 8 earned run game.  There’s gotta be better matchup guys on waivers.  Move on, there’s nothing to see here.

Jair Jurrjens – He’s out until the playoffs.  That’s nice.  Later!

Grady Sizemore – I guarantee you, with his stats, if his name was Crappy McCrapstein, you wouldn’t own him.

Adam Lind – I hate to outright drop a guy capable of a four homer week, but it seems like his wrist is sore and his power looks zapped, and not zapped like that awesome early 80’s movie with Scott Baio.  I wonder if him and Willie Ames are still friends.  They were like peas and carrots.  I bet David Aardsma is glad that Willie Aames devoted his prodigious talent to acting instead of baseball so he can stay first in the baseball dictionary.

  1. chata says:

    zap comix

  2. Joseph Sixpack Esq. says:

    Grey- Do you like Presley or Rios more for this weekend only? In H2H playoffs, am tied in SBs, 1 behind in HR and R. I would be winning going away against the other 2 playoff teams, which is neither here nor there.

  3. Rags says:

    Playing for next year in an NL-only keeper. Anyone I pick up off waivers would cost $8 next year.

    Which recently called up pitchers should I go for in what order?

    Surkamp, Pomeranz, Peacock? Bauer when he gets the call? Anyone I’m missing? (Strasburg and all the Braves prospects are already owned.)

  4. RandomItalicizedVoice says:

    I like Phoenix. Only the Wolfgang Amadeus album, though. But that’s a damn good album.

  5. Nick says:

    Danks and Gavin Floyd are two guys I can’t stand owning. Something about being a White Sox pitcher makes it so they go 2-3 starts where they’re ownable, and then suddenly they get blown up for 7 runs in 2 innings. I’ve started calling it getting Floyded whenever one of my pitchers does this.

  6. OaktownSteve says:

    Plouf(fe) is French for splash. You prolly mighta already had known that. That’s your daily cross-lingual onomatopoeia.

    Quit taking shots at the Oh Dot Co

  7. Supreme Court Justice David Souter says:

    Geo Soto or Jesus Montero for H2H playoffs?

  8. WhampWhamp says:

    have to activate rollins off the dl is it even worth it to keep him around if they are going to be cautious?… have ian desmond in there now, its a h2h playoff

  9. Patrick says:

    Playoffs Start next week and can only set lineups once a week.

    Nick Evan, Trumbo at first?

    For two Util spots and SS:
    Zimmerman, Francoeur, Andrus(SS), Axele Ramirez(SS), De Aza, Fowler and who ever I don’t start at first.

  10. Adam says:

    No Krispie Young in the sell section?

  11. B.o.B. says:

    Pagan or Murphy rest of the way?

  12. The Situation says:

    @Grey: Out of all of the starts you listed in your borderline list, can you name your top 2 or 3 starts? I need to make up a few innings and I’m just not sure which to use. I need wins with a side of era/whip. K’s not an issue. Thanks in advance broheim.

  13. mike says:

    your a genius period, thank god your alive

  14. Play Off says:

    Thanks for all you do.

    H2H Playoffs, Behind in AVG and OBP, and could use steals, runs and rbis which are close.

    I have Pagan, C. Crawford, A Jones, and LoMo.

    Available on the wire: Rios, Murphy, Presley, Morgan

    Should I make any changes for the weekend? I have 3 open moves.

  15. Lerryjee says:

    Is that really your picture. If so, awesome porn stache!

  16. Nightpandas says:

    Need 5 Keepers for next year (15 team roto league)

    Pujols, Kemp, Choo, Trout, Rollins, J. Zimmerman, U. Jimenez, Ar. Ramirez, Cuddyer, Kipnis, Dee Gordon, Fowler, Tabata

    Pujols, Kemp no brainers. What about the rest. No restriction on how long players can be kept.

  17. meow says:

    Getting close to last week: Pick 2 out of the following for next week points league:

    I own:
    Encarnacion (5 games)
    K.Jo (5 games)

    Hill (6 games)
    S.Sizemore (7 games)
    J.Lopez (8 games)

  18. Play Off says:

    Wait, Morgan over Pagan, even against C. Lee/Worley?

  19. Chunky says:

    Should I Hold off on starting Stauffer @ Arizona when I have Strasburg, Shields and Madbum on Sunday? I’m looking at Ws and QS, but want to maintain ERA and and a gorgeous WHIP for H2Hs.

  20. Hi Grey — As suggested, I’m dropping Crappy McCrapstein in my 20-team roto league and want to pick up a hot bat to take his place. My offense is pretty balanced between INF and OF, the need for speed and power. The one thing I don’t need is a drag on AVE.

    The position isn’t that important since he’d probably end up in the UTIL spot most nights. The choices you mention here who are on waivers in the league are: The King (Presley), Fukudome, McCrapstein’s namesake Scott Sizemore, and Plouffe.

    How would you rank these four?


  21. Wilsonian says:

    Ok, so sorry in advance for the whole team question, but I’m coming up on the beginning of my Playoffs after having a bye this week. Here’s my lineup:

    C – Napoli
    1B – Konerko
    2B – Lawrie
    3B – Reynolds
    SS – Tulo
    OF – Stanton
    OF – Gardner
    OF – Murphy
    UTIL – Hardy
    UTIL – D.Lee
    BN – Bourjos

    SP – Lester
    SP – Gio
    SP – Kennedy
    RP – Kimbrel
    RP – Walden
    P – Motte
    P – Parnell
    BN – Kuroda
    BN – Fister
    BN – Morrow
    BN – J.Garcia

    Here are the FAs: Presley, Fukudome, Sizemore, LoMo, Gordon, JP, Trout, Ibanez, Morel, Jansen, Wells, Porcello, Stewart, McDonald

    Categories: H, R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OBPS, W, L, SV, Ks, ERA, WHIP, Ks/9

    Do I make any moves coming into this next week?


  22. rascal says:

    Would you drop Jennings for Jon Jay?

  23. royce! says:

    Two notes of interest, though not to me:

    Rosario will get most of the starts over Ianetta.

    Stanton seems to have reaggravated the hammy. Or at least that’s my guess as to why he was pulled for a pinch runner.

  24. rascal says:

    Thanks for the help Grey!

    Who would you pick between Lincoln, Leake, and Harang for their next start?

  25. Dr. Zach says:

    Any chance Jesus Montero could be better next week in a 6 gamer than the slumping K-ridden Carlos Santana? He does face 3 LHP Furbush Vargas Cecil.

    I would have to drop one of my OF schmohawks to get him- possible drops are Werth, Duda (7 games each) or Bourjos (6).

    Finally would you start Lincoln (STL AT LAD), Porcello (AT CHW AT OAK) or Minor (VS FLA) or Leake (VS Cubs)

    Points league.

    Thanks, Grey.

  26. Ray says:

    Acosta came in for the save today over Hardcore Parn by the way (and promptly blew it)..might be a changing of the guard?

  27. Mark says:

    So, um, looks like the Rockies are benching Chris Iannetta for Wilin Rosario. Can I just say: FUCK SEPTEMBER BASEBALL!!!! I wish someone in Colorado could have clued me in, being that I owned Iannetta and the only guy ahead of me in my league has already added Rosario. Who would you take as a replacement of the following (trust me, no one better is available): Pierzinski, Jaso, Salvador Perez, Josh Thole, Devin Mesoraco? I went with Perez for now, might add Pierzinski, but he was who my competition dropped to add Rosario so I’ll have to wait a day or two for him to clear waivers. Not sure any of the other guys have enough of an upside/playing time combination to be worthwhile…..

  28. Rabbit says:

    Nice Jim Eisenreich–Tourette’s reference there. I get the feeling you’re going more and more obscure with the references to see who catches them, an endeavor I wholly support. I generally pick up on your 70s, 80s and 90s pop culture references, but I don’t think I get more than 50% of your current ones. Full props on being referentially dexterous from Kanye West to Wild Wild West (the original). Go ahead, knock this battery off my shoulder. I dare you.

  29. I got sonovabenched and tickershocked by McCarthy today.

  30. LT says:

    H2H playoffs next week – need to replace Cuddyer. For 1 week who would you pick – Options are Bay, Matsui, Jon Jay, Ibanez, De aza – thanks

  31. TheNewGuy says:

    Whats the deal with my angels pitchers facing the Yankees, seem to have done it many times already this season. Would you trust Haren today and Big Erv tommorow against them? Neither have been lights out recently. Need Wins and K’s and not sure how likely they will be, especially W’s.

  32. chata says:

    ozzie’s running adam dunn nothin’ out there , yet again , today .

    his line will be …. 2 k’s … a fly-out …. and a 2-run dinger
    off of carmona .

    that’s right .
    i’m calling this shot .

  33. Steve Stevenson says:

    Pls rank Guerra, Motte, Bailey ROS.

  34. Wilsonian says:

    Would you rather drop Morrow than J. Garcia? I doubt I’m even pitching Morrow next week. Or I could drop them both to pick up JP and Presley to have my bats lined up. I doubt I’d pitch either for the rest of the season, now that I think about it.

  35. jack says:

    need steals but I don’t need to get killed in avg! next week do I start Pennington (7 games), Nyjer (4 games vs Righties), or Venable (3 sure starts vs Righties, but they have been playing him some vs Lefties)? Also Kipnis or Zobrist? thx

  36. charlie batch says:

    would you rather have brandon allen or kipnis on your roster as your utility, in 16-team h2h playoffs?

  37. Steve says:

    If Scherzer can’t mow this Twins lineup down, we may as well all pack up and go home.

  38. Fletch says:

    In a bit of trouble. I lost Cruz and now it looks like Stanton too. It’s playoff time and I need an OF. Who do you like out of these 4 OF for the next couple of weeks: Bay, C. Lee, Fowler or Bonifacio?

  39. Fletch says:

    @Grey: In a bit of trouble. I lost Cruz and now it looks like Stanton too. It’s playoff time and I need an OF. Who do you like out of these 4 OF for the next couple of weeks: Bay, C. Lee, Fowler or Bonifacio?


  40. busta says:

    Thanks for the help Grey – help me pick pitchers who’ll hopefully get W’s:

    Pick 4 SP:
    Kershaw (1 start v. Ari)
    Masterson (2 starts @Tex,@Min)
    Myers (2 starts Phi, @ChC)
    Britton (2 starts TB, LAA)
    Kennedy (1 start @LAD)
    Cueto (1 start ChC)
    Gallardo (1 start @Cin)
    Hellickson (1 start @Bos) – no thanks

    Pick 2 RP:
    Marmol (7 games [email protected],3Hou)
    Bailey (7 games 3LAA,4Det)
    Perez (6 games [email protected],[email protected])

  41. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Grey:10 team 8×8(TB’s,XBH,OBP)….which one should I start tonight?

    Crawford @TB(Hellickson) or Beltran vs LAD(Eveland).

  42. McBainus says:

    @Grey: Start Wade Miley vs. Stauffer tonight (in Arizona)?

  43. BlinkULDHC says:


    Got my first week of playoffs (12 team, H2H, 5×5 league), and with HanRam out, I need to clean up my SS sitch….

    Do I go with Cliff Pennington? Or should I pick up Dee Gordon? Other candidates are Jason Bartlett, Darwin Barney, Bloomquist, Sean Rod, Infante — all the usual suspects.

    My only SB threats are Kemp, A. McCutchen, Kelly Johnson.

  44. Trevor

    tggq21 says:


    I need a spot starter for my 5×5 ,H2H game tomorrow.. Which one looks more promising for Ks, and a WIN.

    Miguel Batista vs. CHC
    Everett Teaford @ SEA
    Anthony Vasquez vs KC
    Jake eWestbrook vs ATL
    Drew Pomeranz vs CIN

    Thanks Black n Yellow!

  45. BlinkULDHC says:

    @Oilcan Giuseppe

    Sounds like what I’m going to do. Just scary with Gordon, since if he doesn’t hit, he has ZERO value.

    He doesn’t walk at all… so that neutralizes his speed, and he won’t get those 0-2, 2 BB, 1 R, 1 RBI type of box scores.

  46. BlinkULDHC says:

    I’m not sure I’d dump Brandon Morrow just yet.

    For whatever reason this season, he’s pitched far better on the road than at home:

    Away: 69.2 IP, 47 H, 5 HR, 80 Ks, 23 BBs, 2.97 ERA, 1.00 WHIP, .188 BAA

    Home: 83.1 IP, 97 H, 13 HR, 97 Ks, 35 BBs, 6.91 ERA, 1.58 WHIP, .284 BAA

    Those are elite numbers on the road. Yeah, the problem is that his next road start is at BoSox on Tue 9/13, and then the Jays won’t be back on the road until Fri 9/23 @TB. But for spot starts, I’d keep an eye on him if you’re still in the playoffs.

  47. chata says:

    this sounds rather incredible , but it’s factual .

    in my h2h league , one quarter final match-up :
    team A … 107.1 innings pitched …. and one more SP on sunday
    team B … 90.2 innings pitched ….. and 5 more SP’s on sunday .

    of course , there’s still time to stream a few more pitchers .

  48. Steve says:

    Thurston and Lovey’s little boy may have just helped me take a big step to the semifinals…

  49. Wilsonian says:

    Time to cut ties with JJ Hardy? He’s pretty much useless these days…

  50. Wilsonian says:

    And what’s your take on Niemann’s start v. Baltimore on Monday? Roll the dice, er what?

  51. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Grey:Ubaldo’s treated me well recently,but his home/road splits have been awful since the trade.Do you like him today in a 10 team 8×8 league?

  52. Chinaski says:

    hey grey,
    Would you start both santana vs. NY and shields vs. BOS?

  53. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    uh oh….Strasburg is throwing fastballs at only 91-92 MPH,and they have the long reliever warming up in bullpen.

  54. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    strasburg out after 3 innings.Not sure how many pitches he threw but there seems to be something weird going on.

  55. C.O.C. says:

    Hey all. @Grey: Whats the deal with Beckett this week? It’s the second of three rounds in my playoffs and I could start Strasburg in his place, but it wont do me much good if he doesn’t pitch deep enough to be eligible for the win (H2H). My other options are Colon, Phil Hughes, and I think Teheran is available in FA.

  56. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    I grabbed Fister for his two starts this wk,and he has almost singlehandedly got me to the championship w/ his two great starts this wk.I am actually gonna win this matchup 8-7.I won K’s by two,and innings pitched by 2/3 of an inning.What were the odds of getting 15 innings and 18 K’s from him?

    Along w/ getting Alex Gordon straight up for Nolasco,Fister was possibly my best move all yr.yup….it will forever be known as the Fister move(hehe).

  57. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    Grey/anyone else….I own Rollins in a yahoo league.I have had him on the DL.He came off the DL a few days ago,but I still have him in my DL spot.shouldnt yahoo be prompting me to drop someone,or adjust this somehow?….is there something obvious Im missing here?

  58. Wilsonian says:

    Can you rank who you would rather play this coming week:

    DLee, LoMo, Ibanez, Smoak, Murphy, S.Sizemore, Scutaro, Duncan, Arencibia, Goldschmidt, Bourjos, Hardy (I just dropped Hardy yesterday due to his shittyness, so he’s on waivers until Tuesday)?

    Currently have the first 5, need to know if I should make some changes.

  59. elwood blues says:

    NL 4×4 keeper league.. I need to catch the guy in front on me in wins, while maintaining my high spot in era and whip.

    I can activate Volquez.. and drop Nolasco? Nolasco will have the Braves twice and the Brewers in the coming weeks.. He did get a win this weekend, only because the Marlines scored 13 runs.
    Does Volquez help me?

  60. Exactly says:

    need a DH, who do you like out of Carp, Bay or Rios?

  61. L-Boogie says:

    Regardless of position, De Aza or Viciedo in 12 team 5×5?

    Thanks dude.

  62. Eddy says:

    Matt Moore is going to join the team tomorrow. Hearing it’s going to be a relief role initially.

    Probably means nothing to many at this point, but I just salivate with anything including Moore.

  63. Steve says:

    That’s a feeble effort from the Mets there. Could have done with the vulture win for Accosta.

  64. The Sequential Hermaphrodite says:

    With all the injuries, is Youkilis still worth owning for the rest of the year in 10-team leagues? Who would you rather own Youkilis, Fowler, or Bourjos?

  65. Steve says:

    So much for Stinson slowly building his confidence.

  66. busta says:

    Thanks again for all your help Grey! 4 positional Q’s to cap off the season:

    SS: Jesus Guzman (6; [email protected],3v.Ari)
    Ian Desmond (7; [email protected],3v.Fla)
    Scutaro (6; 2v.Tor,4v.TB)

    2B and 3B (sorry to keep asking still on fence) I own:
    Encarnacion (5; [email protected],3vNYY)
    K.Jo (5;[email protected],3vNYY)

    Hill (6;[email protected],[email protected])
    Sizemore (7;3vLAA,4vDet)
    Infante (8;[email protected],[email protected],[email protected])
    J.Lopez (8; see above but DTD)

    UT: A.Jackson (7;[email protected],[email protected])
    D.Murphy (6;3v.Cle,[email protected])
    or any of the above players better than Jackson

  67. Allen says:

    The popular SS question:
    H2H league, HR, R, RBI, SB, OBP. Current lineup is Avila, Fielder, Lawrie, Gordon, Longoria, Kemp, McCutchen, Fowler, Murphy, Hosmer. On the bench are MiniDonkey, BPhillips, Do I keep Gordon in there, or do I go with Scutaro or Guzman. I’m thinking I stick with what I’ve got, unless there’s a strong opinion to switch it up.

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