Tommy Hanson is having his next start pushed back.  Well, it’s not official yet according to the Braves.  But they read Razzball, so we’ll just say it’s official now.  Even if Hanson’s next start isn’t pushed back, it should be.  On Saturday he looked like Rocky Dennis trying on a fitted ball cap.  If you got nothing nice to say, say nothing.  Athletes live by that adage.  So when the media asked Hanson about his shoulder after the game on Saturday, he refused to talk about it.  Earlier in the year, Hanson went to the DL with rotator cuff tendinitis.  A’la Paul Hogan, “That’s not a red flag… THIS IS A RED FLAG!”  My best guess is he’ll be on the Disgraceful List by this time tomorrow.  What time am I writing this?  Geez, a little in my business, no?  Let’s just say it’s prior to dinner, but after my afternoon Cheetos break.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Jason Kubel – 3-for-4 with his 9th homer.  He now has three homers in the last six games.  When I say hot, you say schmotato… Hot… Schmotato… Hot…Schmotato… Pot…Schmo– Gotcha!

Jesus Guzman – 2-for-5, 2 RBIs and a steal.  Has now hit in 9 out of his last 10 games.  Jesus obviously feels right at home with the Friars.

Chase Headley – Out for 6 weeks with a fractured pinkie.  His Inky, Blinky and Clyde are said to be resting comfortably.

Heath Bell – 1/3 IP, 3 ER and the blown save in Metco.  If you’re upset about your treatment while a Met, that’s not exactly how you prove people wrong.  Cust kayin’.

Jason Bay – 1-for-3 with his 2nd homer in three games, and he’s also 6 for his last 11 as he spices up the Mets’ lineup with a little of the old Bay.

Mike Minor – Hasn’t been all peaches and cream so far for Minor, but he could take Hanson’s place if he is indeed bumped.  Hey, when a pitcher is struggling and bumped from a rotation, we should call that bumping uglies.  Okay, carry on.

Alex Gonzalez – 1-for-5, 3 RBIs and his 10th homer.  He’s now hit in 9 of the last 10 games, which is a polite way of saying he’s hitting around .280 in the last ten games.  Maybe Adam Dunn is the only one impressed by that.

Scott Baker – 6 IP, 5 ER.  Sounds like he’s headed to the DL again.  Too bad, so sad.

Jeremy Hellickson – 7 1/3 IP, 1 ER, 9 baserunners, 7 Ks.  ERA now sits at 3.05 to go with a 1.14 WHIP.  His Ks are a little low, but Hellickson’s having a, um, hell of a year.  I could see the Rays being conservative with his innings towards the tail end of the year once they’re (un)officially eliminated.

Carlos Carrasco – To the DL for the 2nd time with right elbow inflammation.  He still has a suspension to serve too, so that’s ‘bow biding.

Shin-Soo Choo – Hitless in his first rehab game.  Sounds like he picked up right where he left off!

Gordon Beckham – 1-for-4 with his 9th homer.  As he crossed home plate, he should’ve bit Matt Wieters’s arm off to punctuate how this homer was him rising from the dead.

Alex Rios – 2-for-4 with a steal.  Speaking of zombies, he must’ve got a talking to from his agent last week about how much money he won’t earn if he continues to lollygag because he’s 7 for his last 13.  Though I wouldn’t be exactly confident in trusting him again, i.e. if you pick up Rios, you may get all wet.  Spanish pun point!  Or puno!

John Danks – 6 1/3 IP, 4 ER, 7 baserunners, 7 Ks.  Is it me or is it every time Danks or Gavin Floyd seem ownable, they write “I stink” in their own excrement on the walls of your fantasy team?

J.J. Hardy – 3-for-4, 4 RBIs and his 20th homer.  If you would’ve jumped out of DeLorean in April and told me one of my best pickups in multiple leagues would be J.J. Hardy, I would’ve called you a mental patient or said I had a bunch of teams not doing very well.  The latter’s not exactly untrue, assuming I know my latter from my former.

Josh Johnson – Threw for 10 minutes yesterday.  Sweet, now if he can get in one pitch every three seconds, he’s ready for big league action!

J.D. Martinez – Homered on Saturday and went deep again yesterday.  And that’s about all the enthusiasm I can work up for an Astros hitter.  I mean, their corner outfielders right now are J.D Martinez and J.B. Shuck.  Where’s I.P. Freely?

Daniel Hudson – 3 IP, 4 ER, 11 baserunners, 1 K and 3 more unearned runs for the ticker shock.  Still, against the Astros?  Really?

Homer Bailey – 3 IP, 5 ER.  Aren’t you glad you listened to me and didn’t pick him up?  Oh, you didn’t listen.  Well, I guess you’ll blame that on me too.

Jay Bruce – Homered yesterday.  How does he go from 12 homers in May to next to nothing for two-plus months?  Does he want to be maddeningly frustrating?  Because that’s about as much fun as trying to say maddeningly.

Seth Smith – The Lisper’s Nightmare went deep twith.

Placido Polanco – Said he hopes to play through a sports hernia.  That takes balls.

Bobby Jenks – Undergoing a colonoscopy.  Ironically enough, Colon just got his Jenks tested.  It required turning to his left and coughing.

  1. Yo Momma So Uggla says:

    The wheels are coming off the proverbial wagons on all of my teams. Buy you an apple-tini if you can fix ’em.

  2. TheNewGuy says:

    On pace for 52 innings over my projected 1600, and got Danny-boy Haren at the House next to the House that Ruth built today. Skip these kinda starts, or focus on skipping my lesser guys starts (Ogando, Stauffer) down the stretch to get my innings back in line?

  3. TheNewGuy says:

    Also in a different league where no IP limits, risk Pineda at Texas? Im weakest in WHIP and W’s…probably not then…

  4. Oilcan Giuseppe says:

    D. Hudson seems to have gone from a guy who tended to dominate,and threw in the occassional clunker,to a guy who could go either way,to the point where he’s getting lit up by a borderline double A squad.Maybe Im overreacting,but I just expected more from him this yr.

    Also,yesterday I said something like “Ive been waiting for the Vogelsong correction all yr,and finally I was so desperate for SP that I traded a midround draft pick for him-thus ensuring the correction comes immediately”….and of course yesterday he gives up 5 ER to Pittsburgh.He hadnt given up more than 3 ER in SIXTEEN straight starts,and all but two were 2 ER or less.

    anyway,two questions Grey:generally speaking,do you see Hudson as a strong option for next season?

    also,10 team 8×8 h2h,which is the best option for UTL spot,Willingham,Chipper or Boesch?

  5. mike says:

    grey whta stats do you look at to ddetermie when to start a pitcher? did not sdee the hudson river dry up yesterday in houston..

  6. Boston Fans Are Stoopid says:

    “The Lisper’s Nightmare went deep twith.”

    That’s outstanding.

  7. Chris says:

    it’s possible Rios could be fantasy-useful for the season’s last 7 weeks? Lord knows he’ll turn into an icecube if I pick him up, but here’s an interesting note ~~ White Sox OF Alex Rios told that he recently altered his approach at the plate, which he believes has led to greater success. He went 2 for 4 with a homer, two RBI and two runs scored in Sunday’s series finale against the Twins, and has gone 6 for 12 (.500) since implementing his new approach on Wednesday. “I hope he keeps swinging the bat like that, we need it,” said White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen. “I don’t know what he did, I never asked him what he did. I told him the other day to raise himself up. I don’t know if it was that, but the last couple days, he’s swung the bat better.” Rios said that moving his hands higher in his stance has made the difference.

  8. Aaron says:

    I picked up Liriano for a start against Boston. This will be a good one.

  9. potus says:


    J.Peralta or E Young Jr.? In need of RBI/R’s/AVG….

    Did JJ ‘throw’ 10 minutes consecutively? Or did he have ‘help’?

    Have Chin-Soo-Goo & JJ ever been in the same movie? Perhaps they can drag Morganna out of retirement and do a shoot.


  10. Chinaski says:

    Hey Grey,

    I am thinking about dropping Danks for either Kipnis or Lawrie. I have too many SP and i feel like i could always find a good spot starter on the wire whenever needed. On the batting side i have only one bench player . What do you think? Should i go for it? i prefer Kipnis over Lawrie btw.


  11. Steve Stevenson says:

    It’s OK to go ahead and drop Zimmermann in a H2H league for Cecil, right? Probably not using Zimm the next couple weeks, and then he’s supposed to be shut down (the Nats wouldn’t lie to us, right?). Would like Cecil’s 2 starts this week. If they’d just put Hommy on the DL today I wouldn’t need to drop anyone.

  12. MOSES says:

    no ones talking about Kyle Blanks? Rather have him then Carp?

  13. TheNewGuy says:

    Luke Hochevar: Breakout or hot schmotato?

  14. Wierd. Picked up Rios (for the unproductive and unpronounceable Bourgeois) on Sunday cause I thought he might be one of us. Very perceptive as always Grey.

  15. Robert says:

    @Grey- Can I trust Garza vs Nats?

  16. Tony says:

    nice seeing a little JB Schuck in the column, OSU grad, from mid-ohio, actually comes back around to he High School I coach at and others in the area and gives hitting lessons. GOOD DUDE.

  17. bensomi says:

    I’m actually feeling upbeat about Houston. I like their outfield now… guys with upside! Bourgeois, Shuck, Martinez can all hit. Also, more upside for their infield. I’m glad they got rid of Blanco Polanco! I think now that they are “officially” out of the running, they can give some prospects some much needed experience.

  18. Jack the Ripper says:

    h2h points league…playoffs approaching. What (bum) SS to go with the rest of the year? (I lost Drew):::
    R Andino
    S Rodriguez
    I Desmond
    A Gonzalez
    C Barmes
    E Renteria
    M Scutaro
    T Plouffe


  19. Beau says:

    Keeper league trade question:

    10 team 5×5 players are kept in round they were drafted and move up each year.

    I need SB, AVG, RBI. I was offered Halladay (not keeper eligible) for Hamels (keeper eligbile) basically in order to keep him off the 3rd place team (I am in 4th).

    I was also offered (by the same owner) Kemp and his 11 round pick for Jennings and my 21st round pick.

    Next year I am planning to keep stanton, santana, jennings, harper, trouth, and jered weaver. All late.

    1)Should I do both trades or just the hamels/halladay swap?
    2)Am i overplaying the keeper strategy my hanging onto harper and trout while they sit in AA?

  20. Deeeeeez Nuts says:

    Morneau or Kubel down the stretch?

  21. Eddy says:

    We starting EJax and Marcum against each other? Or only one? None?

  22. royce! says:

    I won a FAAB waiver claim for Trayvon Robinson in a deeper league, and considered immediately turning around and dropping him for JD Martinez. Since that would be embarrassing, I ended up dropping someone else. Is there a glossary term for dropping someone immediately after burning a claim on them? Probably not, because everyone here except me is too smart/sober to put in unnecessary waiver claims.

    But whaddya think of this synonym for Disgraceful List–Shizzabled List?

  23. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Grey & Community, AKA “Anyone Who Might Know The Answer”:
    Did ESPN change the way they handle pitching stats once the Games Started limit is reached (roto)? It used to be, none of your pitching stats counted after you hit the limit (starts or relief appearances). However, an owner in my league reached the limit about a week ago and I just noticed last night that 5 Ks from two relief pitchers were added to his total.

  24. Beau says:

    RA Dickey a decent stream against SD or is that too cute? I need K’s and not much else.

  25. ernie says:

    Should I start Haren today @ NYY?

  26. Chillmodious says:


    Getting your Jenks tested sounds painful. Almost as painful as deciding whether to drop Headley or hold him for a possible playoff return. If a drop is advisable, would you pick up Giavotella, Jemile Weeks, or Mike Carp?

    Thank you.

  27. Dad says:

    @Grey: Would you drop Niese or Liriano for Minor in a standard H2H league or hold?

  28. Marqo says:

    2 outta 3!

    Oswalt, Nolasco, Scherzer

    Categories: W,WHIP,ERA,K

  29. Wake Up says:

    # 130 Wake Up Says:
    July 16th, 2011 at 7:53 am

    Following in the Cueto train of thought…

    BABIP .237/ LOB 80.7%/ 55% Fastballs…..mmmbop, mmmbop, mmmregression…

  30. hankp says:

    Just got an interesting trade offer. Guy offered me Hanley and Marlon Byrd for CarGo and Rafael Furcal. Would you take that?

  31. Garfunkle says:

    Is Jason Heyward still worth keeping in smaller mixed leagues?

  32. Will says:

    is this a fair trade for a keeper league? Seems a little one sided to me.

    Longoria, Greinke, and Carpenter for Youk, Lester, and Colby Lewis

  33. dan rydell says:

    solid info and humor as always grey.

    any thoughts on dealing mark reynolds and krispie young for brandon phillips and howie kendrick. I’m comfortable in HR’s and could use the 2b and BA help.

  34. Bourjos says:

    Brandon Wood : Breakout or hot schmotato?

  35. Derrick says:

    I am looking to move Jennings (non-keeper) because he is on my bench. My OF is Crawford, Bruce and J. Upton. I am looking to target a SP for him. Is a guy like Cueto a good target for him?

  36. Nick says:

    Hate Floyd/Danks. I’ve owned Floyd on multiple occasions, and typically he’ll give me 1-2 good starts before he periodically gives up 7 runs in 3 innings and murders my ERA for the week. Whenever a pitcher does to me now I call it getting Floyded.

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