Josh Hamilton hits the DL and could be out for two months.  I’m not one to say I told you so, but… Man did I call this one!  Schadenfreude, snitches!  Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.  Really, no one could’ve saw this coming…. Except me!  Sorry, hiccup.  Of course, Hamilton’s injured.  He was abusing his body like Pookie for five years of his life.  Hey, great that he’s snuffed out the glue sniffing, but that takes a toll on your body.  Look at Courtney Love.  She’s like 40 years old and she looks older than the 75-year-old guy who turns on the lights for your bowling lane.  Then you throw in the fact Hamilton can’t take painkillers for fear that he might relapse so he’s stuck taking Airborne… Bleh!  All adds up to trouble.  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Edinson Volquez – Yesterday, I said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Volquez ends up back on the DL.” And that’s me quoting me breaking bad news to you again!  Turns out the finger numbness was elbow tenditis.  Pitchers with arm troubles yadda yadda yadda.  It ain’t good, guys and two girls that I know of that read Razzball.  (The Ladies love the ‘stache!)  Volquez is not a buy low.  I hope you all listened when I said not to draft him this year.  The Reds are spinning it so it sounds optimistic, saying he should be back in two weeks.  Um, wasn’t that what they said two weeks ago?

Zach Duke – 7 IP, 1 ER vs. the Mets.  Kinda surprised the Mets were able to find nine guys for Duke to face.

Milton Bradley – Fun for all ages strained his calf running to first.  Umpires around the league won’t have to look over their shoulder for the next few days.

Jesus Flores – Gonna be out for the season.  Bummer as the Flores Fan Club was just picking up steam with Randy Flores joining.

Troy Glaus – Swinging a bat next week.  Wasn’t he just about to get shutdown for the season?  Anything to get in the papers… in the papers.  If you have an open DL spot, I’d stash, but expect nothing.

Jordan Schafer – Was demoted for Gregor Blanco.  This one hurt me hard in my Razzball league.  Schafer was leading the world in sucking the first two months of the season.  I’m going to look at Chris Burke next.  Hopefully, Burke sees enough time to prove his invaluability.

David Murphy – 2-for-4, one steal.  I grabbed Murphy in one deep league to fill in while Beltran digs on the swine.  I don’t recommend Murphy for 12 team leagues yet, but deeper leagues can look at him.

Joakim Soria – Returns from the DL.  Not soon enough as Cruz began to sputter.

Asdrubal Cabrera – Left the game with a shoulder injury.  Get well soon, Asdrubal.  Your name makes me giggle.

Evan Longoria – Left the game with a tight hamstring. He’s day-to-day, and should be fine after Tony Parker draws him a nice hot bath.

Randy Wells – 7 IP, 1 ER, and a no-hitter into the bottom of the 7th.  I wonder if he’s related to Dan Haren.

Derrek Lee – HR yesterday. Now has his average up to .253.  I know, big whoop!  But, and I might be alone on this island, I think he’s got a month or two hot streak in him.  Not an insane .400/40 homer-type streak, but a hot one nevertheless.

Roy Halladay – 9 IP, 4 ER, 14 Ks and 133 pitches.  He looks like Howdy Doody, but he’s a machine.  I am Rowdy Halladowdy and I must kill Sarah Connor.

Joe Saunders – 5 1/3, 6 ER.  Saunders is the new blech.

Kelvim Escobar – Will start this Saturday vs. the Tigers.  I have him stashed in one league.  Probably be a game time decision on whether I start him.  It’s not a 12 team league.  I wouldn’t start him there.  Not worth the headache.  Just wait to see how he does the first time out.  Honestly, I don’t have high hopes for him to stay healthy, but he’s worth a flier.  The nice thing about Kelvim Escobar is that when he’s been healthy, he’s been effective.

Alex Rios – HR yesterday.  Now .471 over the last 7 with 2 HRs.  Hey, looks like a little razzing has got Rios running through it.

Rick Porcello – 4 1/3 IP, 3 ER and pulled after 84 pitches.  This doesn’t seem very Leylandian.  Was it bring your grandson to work day for the Tigers?

Matt Joyce – 3 homers now in 5 games.  What, Gabe Gross is going to steal time from him?  I now own him in three leagues.  I lost Gamel, a middle reliever schmohawk and Krispie, respectively.

Ben Zobrist – The verse is, “The Zo hit another homer.”  The refrain is, “Of course, he did.”

Kevin Slowey – He’s now 8-1 after a 6 2/3 IP, 2 ER performance.  Ladies and gentlemen of the comments, I’m just a simple fantasy baseball ‘pert.  I do not understand your ways.  Your world frightens and confuses me, especially when you ask me if you should trade away Slowey.  What I do know is Slowey’s been excellent.

Manny Parra – 4 IP, 10 ER.  I said to Sell him last Friday, so I’m absolved of this.  But in one deep league, where there’s few options, I had Pena, Parra, Peavy and Wolf go yesterday.   That’s 23 earned runs in 11 and two-thirds of an inning.  Instead of buying me a daiquiri, perhaps we should go for cyanide.

Jake Peavy – 1 IP, 4 ER. Had the flu.  A’la Ralph Fiennes, “I pardon you.”

Antonio Bastardo – 6 IP, 1 ER.  If only his first name was Ubaldo, then he’d officially have the most badass name in the history of the planet.  Solid major league debut, but it was against the Padres.  I wouldn’t start him against the Dodgers next time out, but I’d grab him in deep leagues to see how the Bastardo does.

David Hernandez – 5 1/3 IP, 5 ER vs. the Mariners and, no, Ichiro didn’t hit 5 solo shots.

Dexter Fowler – Not only has he stopped hitting, but he’s not stealing either.  He has a lot of promise in keepers, but in one year leagues you need to be looking elsewhere.

Miguel Tejada – 4-for-6 and leading the National League in batting.  Here’s a preview of Friday’s Buy/Sell:  Miguel Tejada – Sell.

Vin Mazzaro – 6 1/3 IP, 0 ER in his major league debut.  Mazzaro’s from Hackensack, En-Jay.  Fun fact:  That’s where Grey was born.  Betcha he knows where to get a great slice of pizza.  Okay, nostaglia out.  I wouldn’t pick Mazzaro on any team.

Randy Wolf – 6 IP, 5 ER.  He’s been too good up until this point, so I didn’t cut him in any league.  Though I felt like cutting myself.   RIP, Frankie from The Real World: San Diego.  You more compelling than Irene “I’m Crazy From Lyme’s Disease” any day.

Tony Pena – 2/3 IP, 4 ER.  I know Tony Pena.  You, friend, are not him.  Goodbye!

Dan Haren – 7 IP, 3 baserunners, 1 ER, 7 Ks.  After the game, Haren said, “That Tony Pena was an imposter.”

Chad Qualls – Was available last night for the save.  Unfortunately, there was no save.  I’m still looking at you, Pena.

Mark Reynolds – 0-for-4, 2 Ks.  Like clockwork, this guy gets to .260 then he tumbles to .230.  It’s the patented Reynolds Whap.

Raul Ibanez – 2 HRs yesterday.  He don’t need no stinkin’ Citizens Bank.

John Maine – Supposedly, a Mets TV crew member has swine flu and has infected everyone, except Mr. Met.  The Mets said Maine should be cured by Friday.  And, as we know, when you cure the swine, you get prosciutto.  Ah… That never gets old.  Never!  Now don’t forget to tip your waitresses.

Carlos Beltran – Also with Swine.  Now I know how the flappers felt when they thought they lost their shortstop, Arky Vaughan, with Polio in the summer of ’35.  Grey, see, I’m starting Arky, but Skeeter Newsome is on waivers and I’m in a ten way tie for first in homers with 3.  Should I make the switch, see?

  1. agarthered says:

    I have Jayson Werth riding my bench right now (starters are: Adam Jones, Crawford, Bruce, and Beltran) and only have Heath bell as a closer. A guy in my league has put Houston Street, Valverde, or Kerry Wood up for grabs for an OF, which closer would you go for?

  2. DrEasy says:

    “And, as we know, when you cure the swine, you get prosciutto.” Is that how the Mets ended up with Jamon Martinez at short stop?

    (see DrEasy, this is why you don’t get the ‘stache and the glory. Your jokes are lame.)

    I dropped Pena and picked up Joyce. I’m going to cycle through Willingham, Luke Scott and Joyce till I can sell high on one of them to get a decent infielder.

    So, if Qualls was indeed available, why didn’t they bring him in that bases loaded situation (or even earlier) and went with a rookie?

  3. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    So you are a Hackensacker – don’t know if the pizza is as good as Hudson Cty, though. Jersey City pizza rocks.

    I’m older then the average R’Baller, but contrary to rumor, wasn’t around when Arky pllied his trade. Second highest average for SS in HOF (Honus Wagner was first) Didn’t know he had a polio scare, though.

    Traded for Beltran, BFH gives my 100 Razzball points, and now he and Maine, whom I own in 3 years, have Swine Flu, and I haven’t even had a chance to play him. And my Mets are going down like a village in Europe hit with bubonic plague in the middle ages. Every day, Omar comes around the clubhouse with a wheelbarrel, chanting “Bring out the dead. Bring out the dead. Plus, I had picked up Pena in several leagues, and endured whatever happened to Peavy. Do you have any of that cyanide to spare?

    Patented Reynolds Whap – one of three awesome phrases today. The rest is just very good.

    Question – drop Howie Kendrick, who used to be yawnstipating but is now just crap, and pick up Adam Kennedy?

  4. Rob says:

    which side do you like better in this trade:

    sizemore and votto for a. gonzo and a. bailey?



  5. Tony says:

    Haren Screwwwwwwed! COM’NNNNNNN!!!!

    Eithier benched for the first time in a month, DONG! OF COURSE! Sonovabench! Dude hasn’t hit a homerun since May 4th?????

    Guys i’ll let you know when i’m benching, bruce, holliday, and eithier, they always seem to go at least 2-4 with a DONGER when i do! FRICK!

    So is qualls alright or not. I swooped up Pena last night. Thank god its a yahoo league and I couldnt insert him until today. Which right now i dont know if i want him in? And like whatshisface said “if qualls was available why did they go to some rook after pena”

    Is TULO droppable yet? Seriously i passed roy halladay to take his bum ass…. still kicking my own ass…. i hate tulo, go break a bat….

  6. Tony says:

    @Rob: if sizemore is hurt worse than a 15 day DL (as in surgery) and votto stays “dizzy/depressed” the AGON side isn’t looking horrible… but if size/votto come back…. hands down that side… just depends, risk reward….

  7. Rob says:

    I would be getting the size/votto side. Thats why im hesitating to take it. The problem is that I cant wait two weeks to make the deal cause then it wont be on the table regardless

  8. Bristol says:

    Come on Grey! You disappoint me! Usually when baseball lobs you a softball, you crush it out of the park. Antonio Bastardo? It’s so easy…..TONY BASTARD!!!!!

  9. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @Rob: very high risk, very high reward.

    if you are sitting nice in the standings and don’t have any glaring holes, not way i make this trade. if you are sitting low in the standings or have managed to maintain your current standings with lucky WW pickups that have kept you afloat, but you know the bottom is falling out any day now, then i’d have to give this a long look.

    i’d let it sit a couple days and see if sizemore’s elbow is responding or not.

  10. Rob says:

    @ Tony
    @ ThePoonTycoon

    Thanks guys. Based on your advice, I think I’m gonna keep gonzo for now.


  11. mikey boy324 says:

    grey f lopez or peralta in a 12 team h2h league?

  12. Gareth says:

    @DrEasy: Gold. Brilliant. Grey, you were pretty good too.

  13. Schlitzy says:

    They called him Grey two times cause he said everything two times.

  14. anon says:

    I have Tulowitzki at SS and now that he may be hurt I’m thinking it could be time to sign a replacement and stop riding this one out. I have Alexei so the replacement can be either SS or 2B. I’m looking at Ian Stewart, Jose Lopez, Willie Aybar, Emmanual Burris, Craig Counsell, Renteria, and Collapso on the free agent list. A veritable collection of schmohawks, I know.

    I have guys like Joyce and Gaudin rostered right now that I can drop so nothing of value will be lost. Another idea I had, anyone think stashing Jed Lowrie is worthwhile or Tulo still more valuable moving forward?

  15. Hardcore Midget says:

    Looking for an OF to replace Hamilton (hopefully only for a few weeks).

    Who do you like, in a 12 team H2H that has R, H, RBI, HR, SB, TB, OPS and XBH:

    JD Drew
    Dexter Fowler
    Scott Hairston
    Aaron Rowand
    Jason Kubel
    Gerardo Parra
    Nolan Reimold

  16. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Hardcore Midget: drew will put up numbers when healthy and reimolds getting ready for interleague play but hairston is hard to beat right now,more possible upside with reimold though

  17. Influawesome says:

    In a 10 team, mix, HTH, I have Uggla, the Cuban Missile, and the Zo. Who should be the odd man out?

  18. ScoutAbout says:

    ‘It ain’t good, guys and two girls that I know of that read Razzball. (The Ladies love the ’stache!)’

    Yes we do, Grey! And so few men wear them so well.

    So I don’t totally trust that Qualls’ forearm issues won’t continue (like you’ve said, pitchers + arm trouble = risk. I also picked up Pena in a Yahoo league so his meltdown last night didn’t effect me. If Qualls continues to experience forearm issues who is the pickup now with Pena pissing himself when he got an opportunity?

  19. Zebo says:

    who got balls to start harang at the birds?

  20. EffenHooEr says:

    Anyone here actually believe in an Atkins comeback? He’s taking up space on my 10 team H2H league and my trigger finger is itchy.

  21. arthur says:

    The Mets have the swine flu. Funny…and sad. More funny tho.

  22. Ham says:

    If Mazzaro was in the know, he would of been hitting up “White Mana” on a daily basis. Unfortunately that probably would of led to him becoming slovenly obese as opposed to a major leaguer.

  23. Stephen says:

    Quite the lengthy post. Quality over quantity was the motto I remember from last year. Still stellar beyond anything found elsewhere.

  24. Stephen says:

    @Zebo: Harang is must start starter, even with Dusty “pitcher killer” Baker.

  25. Tony says:

    @anon: man i’m in that same boat, i own TULO bleeehhhhh…. and alexie.

    I hate tulo, i’m about one inch away from booting him now, and especially if this injury turns into anything. What a waste of a 6th round pick. I thought for sure last year was a fluke, but it looks more like 2007 was a fluke.

    @Hardcore Midget: i’d go rowand or reimold.

    @EffenHooEr: atkins was dropped in my DEEP 12 teamer, someone else snatched him up, same with Fat Papi….

  26. Dr.Phil says:

    Being a bit of a homer, why no Cody Ross,Hanley Ramirez or Dan Uggla from last night?

  27. ron mexico's papi says:

    So, I just did a HUGE trade in my home league. 10-team, mixed. Rosters are C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, 4 OFs, CI, MI, UTIL, 2 SP, 2 RP, 5 P, 4 bench spots and 2 DL spots. My team needs were SBs and SVs (the only definite closer I had before this was K Rod). Opinions on the following?

    I got: Victor Martinez, Jonathan Broxton, Erik Bedard, Denard Span and Aaron Hill

    He got: Chase Utley, Hunter Pence, Yovanni Gallardo and Pablo Sandoval


  28. Teef says:

    Better add to replace Hamilton: Scott Hariston vs Mark DeRosa?

  29. Scott says:

    @Teef: I would say Hairston, but he nearly tore his biceps yesterday. Listed as day-to-day, but stay tuned.

  30. Teef says:

    Yea I just saw that too. I’m not really sure what to do in my situation –

    My team is:
    R. Martin
    C. Russell Martin
    1b. Miguel Cabrera
    2b. Alexi Ramirez
    SS. Ryan Theriot
    3b. Alex Rodriguez
    OF. Carlos Quentin
    OF. Shane Victorino
    OF. Josh Hamilton
    Util. Lance Berkman
    Bench: Magglio (but i just got BJ Upton for him straight)

    1.Roy Halladay 2. Jake Peavy 3.Yovani Gallardo 4. Erik Bedard 5. Franciso Liriano 6. Adam Wainright 7. Tommy Hanson
    1. Heath Bell 2.Kevin Gregg 3. Houston Street 4. Trevor Hoffman 5. Andrew Bailey

    Right now I have Quentin and Hamilton on the DL.

    I’ve went through some options I have and this is what I’m looking at.

    1. I could drop someone and just pick up the hottest hitting OF until Quentin hopefully returns on the 10th. I’d prob end up dropping Bailey and grabbing Rowand or something

    2. I could Drop someone and pick up De Rosa who I will try and use for a week or so in the OF then try and pacakge him/theriot/possible closer pacakge to get Cano from an owner who has Tulo toiling.

    3. I could play a man down in the OF for the rest of the week and keep everyone I have and just hope that Quentin comes back on the 10th.

    What do you guys think? Also, if I am dropping someone is it Bailey, Hanson or Liriano?

  31. AL KOHOLIC says:


  32. Tarasco'sSecretStash says:

    Derek Holland or Ricky Riccardo Romero for the rest of this season?

  33. ThePoonTycoon says:

    dukes comes off the DL just in time to be my hamilton replacement. i may drive over to dukes’ place and start babysitting him to make sure he doesn’t kill someone the rest of the season.

  34. jbatkins says:

    Hey guys, I’m new in my league and I still can’t make decisions for myself…
    It’s a pts league (so, relevant to this question, steals aren’t nearly as important as in a roto league, and the league seems to be won on R/RBI/HR), would you rather have Adam Lind or Shane Victorino? I feel like Lind may have already peaked, whereas Victorino’s pretty steady in hits and R, especially batting in front of Utley/Howard/Ibanez/Werth. But Lind clearly hits more HRs. Who’d y’all rather have? And would you rather have Matt Kemp than either of them?

  35. jbatkins says:

    @ThePoonTycoon: You better bring a pretty large gun, just in case.

  36. Teef says:

    @jbatkins Kemp, Victorino, Lind

  37. Tony says:

    @sean: votto could also just learn to drink a beer or 7 and he’d be fine…

  38. Tony says:

    @ron mexico’s papi: i dont think you won out, he got the best player the best pitcher and the best OF’er… only downgrade was the catcher swap and he got a .300 hitter?

    much rather have the utley, pence, gallardonuts side…..

  39. Euroalien says:

    In a 12 team, 5 x 5 Keeper League (Max. 8 Keepers) I’m looking at a trade offer of Mauer & Damon for Lincecum & Soto….. Knowing I need hitting help to be a serious contender this year, is this a fair offer? Mauer is a stud, but in my view Damon is playing over his head right now…… can he keep it going or will he turn into another Bad Papi?

  40. Grey

    Grey says:

    @agarthered: I wouldn’t trade any of those guys for a closer.

    @DrEasy: Ha, Jamon — Nice. I liked it. re: Qualls — Cause that was the 8th. He probably wasn’t ready.

    @Paulie Allnuts: Ha, nice rant. And thanks for the kind words. I’d lose Kendrick for Kennedy.

    @SP: Ha, that’s funny they thought he was a machine too.

    @Tony: Sure, depending on options.

    @Bristol: He’s got no father!

    @mikey boy324: Lopez

    @Schlitzy: Hehe

    @anon: J. Lopez is hot right now. I’d go with him.

    @Influawesome: NIce username. I’d ride Zo and Uggla for now, but I wouldn’t drop Alexei.

    @ScoutAbout: Hey, one of the two! Pena, Rauch or Gutierrez — I’d hold Rauch at this point if you were in dire need, but I wouldn’t put him in my lineup.

    @Ham: Ha!

    @arthur: Thanks for the heads up!

    @sean: “Joe or Joseph” — That’s hilarious.

    @Dr.Phil: Sorry, was already running long and I didn’t feel like they needed mentioning for what they did. Though I almost mentioned Hanley leaving early.

    @ron mexico’s papi: I’d want the Utley side. Sorry…

    @Teef: DeRosa

    @Teef: Drop Liriano, add DeRosa.

    @Tarasco’sSecretStash: Punt? Romero, reluctantly.

    @ThePoonTycoon: He’s going to kill you.

    @jbatkins: Victorino, and I’d rather have Kemp than either.

    @Euroalien: That’s a solid offer.

  41. ron mexico's papi says:

    @Tony: I guess I disagree with you on the pitcher side of things. I think those two are about as even as they get, and Bedard has actually been better than Gallardo so far this year. He definitely got the better 2B and the better OF, but I got the clear cut better C (yeah, Sandoval hits for average, but he does NOTHING else) and I got a top 5 closer. I know he got the best player, but I filled serious team needs.

    Appreciate the feedback.

  42. bostonaccent says:

    @sean: Joey should go to therapy and then call himself Albert. I seem to remember that working out for someone once…

  43. Tony says:

    @ron mexico’s papi: hey if it helps you then thats good…. sometimes even if you lose in value you can gain in team needs….

  44. Shogun says:

    Sorry for posting another Hamilton replacement question, but….among these guys, who would you pick up: Cuddyer, Cameron, Hairston, Hairston Jr., Fukudome, Rowand, Nyjer Morgan, Byrd (shallow league). Thanks.

  45. Tony says:

    @bostonaccent: YES!!! Albert “joey” Votto!

    Thats great! Then maybe he can run down some kids in his SUV!!!


  46. BSA says:

    Rauch and Putz both seem like they’re struggling with some kind of shiznit.

    Rauch was pretty good to me last year until he got traded and yet Putz seems like an 09 Gagne.

    Which guy would you have on your bench?

  47. SRM says:

    @Grey: Need to make room for Dukes. Any clear drop candidate from these duds: Spilborghs, G Parra, Gamel, Isringhausen, Nunez?

    Drop a second for Joyce?

    Thanks as always.

  48. SRM says:

    @Grey: @Any and all: Here are my 3 trades this year:

    Gave up: Huff — Got: Gallardo (April 21st)

    Gave up: Torii Hunter/Mark Reynolds — Got: Berkman (May 6th)

    Gave up: A-Rod — Got: Santana (May 17th)

    I give myself a: W, L, TBD

    They all looked pretty good at the time, but aside from Gallardo I think I’d rather have my old team back. Agreed?

  49. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Shogun: Cameron

    @BSA: I’d grab Rauch, but bench him to play it safe.

    @SRM: Gamel if not a keeper, drop Nunez for Joyce. Drop Izzy if it’s a keeper.

  50. Grey

    Grey says:

    @SRM: I think those three trades are fine. Berkman one is still TBD too.

  51. SRM says:

    @Grey: Thanks. Sorry for the incomplete info. Non-keeper.

    Also, ” I am Rowdy Halladowdy and I must kill Sarah Connor.” Nice.

    @Shogun: Agreed with Grey, but keep an eye on Fukudome. Depending on needs, he may be a better fit.

  52. SRM says:

    @Grey: Ha! Go figure – they were all greyciously approved at the time. Thanks again for making my fantasy baseball experience not suck.

  53. BSA says:

    @Grey: Thanks – either way Putz put himself on mine and Manuel’s benches respectively with that last performance.

    Maybe he is ticked that KRod’s back spasms weren’t worse.

    My bench looks like the walking dead, so one more Relief pitcher, doesn’t matter. Hopefully Iannetta coming back lets me turn my second catcher into a viable relief pitcher and Reyes realizes he can run the bases without pain.

    Ugh – the clouds are dark right now for Dogs.

  54. EJ says:

    I need some advice on what to do with Chris Davis. Somehow I’ve garnered an unhealthy amount of patience for this guy. I really want him to succeed, but I believe I’m approaching the threshold. Not only are the 0 for 4s every night slowly working on me like Chinese water torture, I’m now worried his playing time will be severely diminished in the near future, as he already got benched 2 of the last 3 games.

    And with virtually zero bench space thanks to Manny, Reyes, and Bartlett, I can’t exactly stash him away until he shows signs of a turnaround.

    My question: Does he have any trade value whatsoever, or do I just drop and add. Is Matt Joyce a better option going forward?

  55. Zebo says:

    start harang tonight vs. the Cardinals?

  56. Zebo says:

    send hart + wieters for Kemp?

  57. Grey

    Grey says:

    @SRM: Thanks!

    @EJ: I understand your frustration. I wouldn’t drop him for Joyce, if that’s your best option. You might be able to trade him for another struggling guy — say S. Drew, Tulo or Soto, but you’re not going to get much.

    @Zebo: Sure

  58. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Zebo: Start Harang, get Kemp.

  59. JDub says:

    Ever since Aramis went down in one of my 12 team leagues, it’s been the story of revolving sucky 3b for me. Got offered M Lowell for Frank Francisco. I’m more than willing to sell Francisco, but should I try to do better?

  60. Grey

    Grey says:

    @JDub: If there’s no 3rd baseman on waivers, then that’s fair if you can spare Francisco.

  61. GTG says:

    Couple of trades in Big Blue Marble (Razzball Commenter League):
    First place team trades Sherrill, Hawkins, Valverde for Manny from last place team… First place team is going to crush us all…
    Eighth place team trades Hawpe, Barnes for Lidge from same last place team.

  62. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @GTG: yeah thats a tough one,he can pick up scab saves over the course of the season to stay afloat there,and when manny comes back(i own him in RCL LEAGUE)he`s loaded,funny thing is last place team is trying to do something got 2 closers(hawk and valverede=1 closer)then flips lidge for mediocre offense in hawpe and barnes,it`s not colusion by any means even though it really looks to work out great for the top team

  63. Tony says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: @GTG: its just people being dumb.

    I saw CC for papelbon dealt in my league. I guess in theory its ok, but come on… 5×5? saves are saves, CC is worth more than papelnuts… I offered Beltran for an ace, and i was wanting a Johan, Lince, or Halladay type. I woulda took CC, but he trades him for Papelbon…. idk not a good deal in my eyes.

  64. AL KOHOLIC says:

    i agree,saves are nice but i wouldnt give up a offensive gem or above ave. sp for one and cc is way above ave.

  65. Benny Argo says:

    Yo Grey

    I traded away Werth for Hamilton straight up today. Was I an idiot for taking the risk on? I have decent depth, at least enough to hopefully weather the storm.


  66. Tony says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: yep and the guy who traded for the saves has the BEST pitching in the league, took like 6 SP’s in a row, and his offense is PUKE……

    so it totally made sense to trade your staff for a RP? (sarcasm)

    He has like 12’s in all pitching cats and saves was an 8? whatever…

  67. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Benny Argo: Eh, it’s not great, but if you had the pieces for the risk it’s not awful.

  68. Swass says:

    Is it alright to drop Tulowitzki in a 12 team mixed league? My team is pretty set, so I can afford to wait him out, but I just don’t care at this point anymore. Not many FA options out there, but of the bunch, who would you take a look at:

    Brendan Harris
    Jerry Hairston
    Clint Barmes?

    I’m partial to Harris and I’d guess the majority of people here who say Hairston, but he’s one of those guys I just don’t like seeing on my team. All opinions are welcome, please.

  69. DrEasy says:

    I have 3 hot outfielders for two spots, and I want to trade one of them before they go back to their normal selves:

    Willingham, Joyce, Luke Scott

    I want to make an offer for a slumping SS:

    Tulo, Drew,

    Which combo would be a fair one and have a chance to be accepted? My league isn’t really the trading kind. I’m thinking Luke Scott for Drew. But maybe the window of opportunity on Drew has already passed.

  70. Swass says:

    Also, is Matt Joyce starting everyday? What’s his deal?

  71. Andy R. says:

    @EJ: I’m in the same boat with you as I have Davis filling in for Votto. I would wait just a little longer with Davis if I were you. I watched each of his at bats last night and I dont think reading the play-by-play does him justice. He was K’ed by a nice inside fastball in his first AB but his 3 subsequent at bats he crushed balls to the track. According to the announcers, there was little to no wind last night – otherwise we may have seen 2 donks by Davis.

    Long story short – Davis looked alot better (to me at least) last night than he has the past couple of weeks. Turned a corner, maybe? .225 here we come…

  72. AL KOHOLIC says:

    ATTN;grey has been ask 100 times this week weather or not to drop tulo,if theres any at all on the ww then yes dump him and try to improve your team,this isnt a proven stud here,1 good year 2 years ago,he`s healthy and stinking,5 hr`s hairston jr has 7 or 8 and is a sb threat,zobrist or barnes are better plays now

  73. SRM says:

    @Any/All: FWIW, if you’re looking for some cheap wins, Blackburn has a pretty damn easy schedule coming up with @Seattle/@Oakland/Pit coming up. Won’t help in K’s, but he’s only given up 3 ER in his last 20 IP.

    Just a thought.

  74. SRM says:

    @Andy R.: Thanks for the inside scoop. Davis is single-handedly killing my team. After stockpiling 3B eligibles, I traded away A-Rod, Huff & Reynolds and kept Davis. I wish I would have dealt him when the stock was higher. Still, I’m definitely holding.

  75. agarthered says:

    Jayson Werth and Brian Roberts for Utley (I’d be getting Utley)?

  76. AL KOHOLIC says:

    getting the best 2nd bagger,if you can afford giving up all the steals

  77. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Swass: Joyce is starting, and I’d grab him over those other schmohawks, unless you need a MI, then I’d hold Tulo.

    @DrEasy: Try and trade all three for Drew, don’t think it happens though.

    @SRM: Thanks for the heads up!

    @agarthered: I’d want Utley.

  78. Greg says:

    Regarding Bastardo… interesting article today on Fangraphs. I wouldn’t trust him yet since he only used two pitches and is lacking an out pitch. He won’t make my team for now.

  79. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Greg: plus he has some tough matchups coming up dodgers and red sox

  80. Greg says:

    Trust Outman vs. CHW (worst team in baseball pretty much)?

  81. TonyC says:

    Drop Gamel, S Hairston or Joyce to pick up C Davis in a 14 team, non-keeper league?

  82. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Greg: I’d give him a whirl if you need a spot start, but I don’t fully trust him.

    @TonyC: Drop Gamel.

  83. airlifting says:

    @Greg: you think the pirates are better than the white sox? that’s insane.

  84. Panti Jose says:

    Hey Grey, even if I need bags, would you still not look at Fowler?

    Also, Reimold or Francisco for the rest of the year? Thanks as always for the great advice.

    Your friend,

  85. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Panti Jose: I’d look at him for steals, but I’d also stay on my toes for other potential steals.


  86. martin says:

    tejada or s drew?

  87. Greg says:

    Need to plug in one of these 3B while Longoria is out for a few days: Beltre, Mora, Boni, Kouz, J Hairston, or Fontenot.

  88. searched for Roy Oswalt, and I’m not sure what you think of him. Is he turning it around or are you not buying at all? Think if I offer Vernon Wells and Fmart to him the other owner should accept?

  89. Grey

    Grey says:

    @martin: Drew reluctantly.

    @Greg: Beltre

    @bpasinko: I think he’s not as good as he once was, i.e., #1 fantasy pitcher. Now he’s closer to a #2 to 3. That trade is fair.

  90. Mike says:

    *16-team, mixed, H2H-Points League*

    Which SS would you rather have moving forward…Theroit or Furcal?

  91. Mike says:

    EDIT: Theriot

  92. Mike says:

    EDIT-EDIT: Rank’em moving forward:

    Zobrist, Theriot, Furcal, Stephen Drew, Cristian Guzman

  93. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mike: Drew, Furcal, Theriot, Zobrist…

  94. Matt Sorrento says:

    Is Hank Blalock worth picking up as Chipper insurance? I’d be dropping Bush for him. Or should I pick up Hanrahan for Bush?

  95. Sam says:

    Who do you want in a keeper league, Conor Jackson or Garrett Atkins?

  96. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Sam: i dont see either of them being a [email protected]Matt Sorrento: if you have room,you might want them both,hanrahan is closing,saves are saves,but blaylock could help out with the old man chipper probably missing 40+ games

  97. DrEasy says:

    @Matt Sorrento: Chipper’s toe is apparently feeling better, so he’s likely not going to sit against LHP anymore. If Blalock is on your waiver wire it means your league is shallow enough that he’ll likely still be there if really need him. Personally, I’d keep Bush.

  98. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Matt Sorrento: I’d grab Hanranananannan.

    @Sam: Atkins, but I agree with AL. They’re not really keepers at this point.

  99. Stephen says:

    @Greg: Loved the article. It was pretty stellar. I just found that website that they get the pitching graphs from and it is rather interesting. But you gotta like the name Bastardo!

  100. ChCh says:

    @Grey: How would Alexei compare to them?

  101. Teef says:

    Hamilton replacement :

    Derosa vs Dukes?

    Grey, if you remember my last question, I was planning on proposing derosa/theriot for cano but the owner loves cano and won’t let him go.

  102. Grey

    Grey says:

    @ChCh: I’m sorry, compared to who? Those shortstops above? He’d #1.

    @Teef: Dukes… Tough break on Cano, but I wouldn’t give him to you for those two either.

  103. Matt Sorrento says:

    @DrEasy: That’s the thing. It is actually a fairly deep league (12 team 32 roster spots) and Blalock would probably be the best player on waivers after he clears. The team that had him dropped him for Aaron Rowand.

    But if Chipper is feeling better, I’d rather have a semi-useful reliever than a 3b wasting away on my bench.

  104. Joe from Point Pleasant says:

    @Grey: Great article today. The prosciutto joke cracked me up! Anyway, I have a quick question for you. I have Pedroia as my 2bman and I have noticed that the guy who owns Ian Kinsler is starting to become very frustrated with him as of late. Do you think it is a good idea to try to get Kinsler off his hands for cheap?

    I know that Kinsler never plays more then 130 games, but I don’t buy into that idea that he will magically get hurt right at the 130 game plateau. Pedroia himself is battling a groin pull lately.

    What are your thoughts? Who will produce more the rest of the way, can Kinsler stay healthy, and what caliber player should i add to Pedroia to get I-Kins?

  105. Teef says:

    @Grey – Yea, I was hoping his frustration with Tulo would force his hand a little bit. He was the guy I traded Magglio for Upton straight up so I was hoping he’d be willing to do a clean house thing.

    I’ll grab Dukes

  106. Mike says:


    Thanks. As a follow-up, I’m curious on where Y. Escobar fits in? A head of the class?

    Escobar, Drew, Furcal, Theriot, Zobrist?

  107. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Joe from Point Pleasant: Thanks! I’d prefer Kinsler over Pedroia. I think you shouldn’t have to add much, maybe a Brain Freeze, or a Donkey-corn at most.

    @Teef: Cool

    @Mike: Drew, Furcal, Escobar, Theriot…

  108. martin says:

    I guess i started a ss trend but how would you rank alexi ram, furcal, tulo, drew, young, hardy, jeter, peralta, tejada

  109. Teef says:

    Jeter/Young/Alexi/Tejada/Peralta/Hardy/Furcal/Drew/Tulo is how i’d do it.

    maybe hardy/furcal flipped based on needs

  110. Dumbmutt says:

    Only start 2RP weekly H2H. Broxton and Fuentes but Soria coming off DL. You have Soria as Brain Freeze right now. Soria over Fuentes if he stays healthy?

  111. Grey

    Grey says:

    @martin: Alexei, Drew, Young, Jeter, Furcal, Hardy, Tulo, Tejada… I agree with Teef though, it depends on needs for some of these guys.

    @Dumbmutt: I’d start Fuentes over Soria for this week. By next week, Soria could leapfrog him. Like to see him be dominate in a game or two first.

  112. anon says:

    Grey – you’re the man. Thanks for your advice this time, and all of the other times I have been too impolite to thank you! I appreciate it every time.

  113. Mike says:


    *16-team, mixed, H2H-Points League*

    Thanks for the re-ranking. I was just offered Y. Escobar for Lind & Clayton Richard.

    Tulo is my current SS, and guys like Brendan Harris, Julio Lugo, Nick Green and Edwin Mayonset are the best free agent fodder.

    Do I take the plunge? As far as a bat to replace Lind, I have Cody Ross, Marlon Byrd and Nyjer Morgan on my bench. Encarncion coming back soon too.


  114. Mike says:

    or instead, I could trade Lind for Hardy & Napoli (Soto is my C)

  115. Grey

    Grey says:

    @anon: You’re welcome.

    @Mike: I’d prefer to trade Lind for Hardy/Napoli. I wouldn’t do the Escobar trade.

  116. wreckless says:

    How hard should I be trying to sell Ibanez right now? What caliber player could I hope to get? Top 25? Top 50?

  117. Grey

    Grey says:

    @wreckless: I’d want at least a Top 50 player for him. He’s in a lineup and park where he can have a special year.

  118. jk says:

    who gets dropped first, asdrubal cabrera or mr volquez?

  119. Grey

    Grey says:

    @jk: Asdrubal

  120. jk says:

    or better yet, i dropped cabrera for juan pierre and volquez for duke.

  121. airlifting says:

    buchholz is available in my 14t league. unfortunately i am also sitting on hanson to be called up. with only one offensive back up (hermida) and two DL’d guys (breadwincarnacion & votto), would you drop:

    beckham (sorry, wishful-thinking sox fan that the josh fields experiment will shortly end)


  122. ChCh says:

    @Grey: Yes, thanks for all that SS rating; as a result I traded Hardy + Furcal for Alexei + Drew.

  123. Grey

    Grey says:

    @jk: Gotcha, wouldn’t drop Volquez though.

    @airlifting: I’d hold.

    @ChCh: You’re welcome.

  124. Mike says:


    What about Encarncion for Furcal?

  125. Doc says:

    Volstad and Bruce for Beckett?

  126. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mike: I’d want Furcal.

    @Doc: It’s fair, depends on need.

  127. Doc says:

    @Grey: Thanks

  128. new says:

    How would you rank these pitchers going forward: K. Escobar, E. Jackson, Z. Duke, J. Washburn?

  129. Grey

    Grey says:

    @new: Jackson, Duke, Escobar…

  130. Mike says:


    Thanks for the help. Sorry for all the variations of the same tune.

    Which deal do you like the best?

    (1) Get Furcal FOR Encarnacion
    (2) Get Hardy & Napoli FOR Lind
    (3) Get Stephen Drew FOR Lind

    (H2H-Points League)

  131. Ashley says:

    Tom Glavine was just released by the Braves.

    Tommy Hanson, please….? I’m getting tired of waiting. What do you think?

  132. jsp2014 says:

    @Ashley: Medlen was supposed to be a placeholder for Glavine, only so Hanson wouldn’t have to get sent back down. With no Glavine, I have to expect Hanson will be called up shortly.

  133. Steve says:

    @Grey: In the 10-team keeper where I have Drew, Al-Ram and Cano for 2B/SS/MI, it’s safe to drop Dribble (snigger), no?

  134. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ashley: Less than two weeks away is my guess.

    @Steve: Yeah, lose him.

  135. Prince says:

    @Grey – This is to clarify a previous recommendation, but drop Napoli for Snyder until I can take Iannetta off the DL? Napoli isn’t playing tonight.. Thanks

  136. Steve says:

    No Tex tonight.

    Apparently he’s suffering from a stress-related illness – something to do with having spent the better part of yesterday having to look at Vincent Padilla.

  137. Prince says:

    @Grey: Thanks, and just realized Snyder is up against Bills tonight, so I’ll take the 0/0 from Napoli for today.

  138. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Is it? Could it be?

    Wait for it…………

    Christmas in June!!!

    This is like getting the Red Ryder BB Gun I always wanted, but got Scrabble instead. I can spell much better than the average person but never got the chance to lose an eye…..

  139. BigFatHippo says:

    @Steve: Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts!

  140. Steve says:

    @BigFatHippo: There’s nothing that food can’t fix.

  141. BigFatHippo says:

    @Steve: Depends on what you’re eating, a turd sandwich fixes nothing………..

  142. Steve says:

    @BigFatHippo: Clearly our definition of what constitutes ‘food’ is different. ;-)

  143. martin says:

    who do you like as the rays closer moving forward. I think JP howell may get a shot

  144. martin says:

    and scott hairston is now on the DL

  145. martin says:

    and last comment joyce or reimold???

  146. sean says:

    victorino or bj upton going forward?

  147. Greg says:

    start dukes, bourn or reimold tonight?

  148. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: Ha!

    @martin: Wheeler, Nelson or Howell, in that order.

    Ugh re: Hairston


    @sean: Victorino

    @Greg: Depends what you need. I’d go with Bourn.

  149. Ashley says:

    Tommy Hanson promoted.. Pitching on Saturday =)

  150. Doc says:

    Atlanta Braves prized pitching prospect Tommy Hanson is being called up in place of Glavine and will start on Saturday vs. the Brewers.

  151. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ashley: @Doc: Nice! Thanks for the update!

  152. Doc says:

    from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette – Nate McLouth has been traded to the #Braves

  153. Aaron Pil says:

    @Doc: Does this signal a McCutchen call up?

  154. Doc says:

    Guessing this means McCutchen will get the call

  155. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Doc: Nice, that helps one of my teams.

    @Aaron Pil: I think he will.

  156. Zebo says:

    why is Jacoby dropped to 8th in the order? He is not that bad.

  157. Doc says:

    @Aaron Pil: @Zebo: I think because his obp was low

  158. Mclouth to braves for 3 prospects

  159. RT says:

    Just picked up McCutcheon :)

  160. Steve says:

    Trade pending in my H2H league – Abreu for Quentin. What say y’all?

  161. RT says:

    Superman… AKA Tommy Hanson just called up and will start Saturday

  162. Grey

    Grey says:

    @matthole: Yup, someone mentioned above.

    @RT: Yup, someone mentioned above.

    @Steve: I’d want Quentin.

  163. Ashley says:

    McCutchen.. Who cares. Seriously, what’s the big deal? I see a really poor man’s McLouth.

  164. Steve says:

    @Grey: So would I, but it’s fair-ish though, right?

    I’m just calibrating my level of outrage.

  165. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Ashley: He’s Dexter Fowler in Pittsburgh.

    @Steve: Yeah, it’s fair-ish.

  166. RT says:

    I earned Fowler’s 9 steals and then traded him and Bedard for Beltran. I have no problem doing that again.

  167. Doc says:

    @Grey: Is he 5 stolen bases in a game Fowler or hit like sh*t Fowler?

  168. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Doc: He’s a rookie. Speed humps ahead.

  169. Ashley says:

    @RT: He’s a top prospect in a mediocre organization. But everyone drools over the phrase “top prospect.” He has average speed and below average power. Don’t think people should be jumping on board until they actually see some production out of him.

    If Jake Fox, LaPorta, Maybin, and whoever else can’t do anything… I have no reason to believe McCutchen is worth owning, much less getting excited about his promotion.

  170. RT says:

    I don’t disagree. But his (and Hanson’s for that matter) trade value will never be higher than today. If he gets a good week, other’s will be the ones drooling. It’s not McCutchen that will make a difference on my roster, but the player I will get when I potentially trade him. If he stinks, I drop him. And what did I lose? A holds guy who will be replaced with another holds guy. Like I said Beltran for Fowler/Bedard. I do a deal like that every season with a “prospect”.

  171. RT says:

    ps. I am already trying to trade Hanson and he doesn’t even start until Saturday.

  172. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Any reason to hold Dook-sheer in a dl spot with Hairston going on the DL?

  173. BigFatHippo says:


  174. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Alas, espn hasn’t placed him on the dl yet so I can’t move. Unless I can pull off a Rook to pawn 3 or some such shizzzz.

  175. Ashley says:

    @RT: Hanson’s trade value isn’t higher today than will be at any other point in the season. Is it higher now than it would be if he goes 7 innings, 1 er, 9 K’s on Saturday? No. So I can’t agree with your point.

    And what do you expect to get for McCutchen before he even plays?? Only an idiot would trade someone of decent value for an unproven prospect.

  176. BigFatHippo says:

    @Ashley: Ha, you’re a Braves fan aren’t you?

    I’m a believer too, I’m keeping him unless someone blows me away with an offer. Wish I had him in my keeper league.

    Tradin Tom in for Tommy, let the youth movement begin…………

  177. RT says:

    You’re kidding right? With all the hype around Hanson right now? And that fact that every website going has him pegged as the second coming of Jesus himself… The transaction was announced and i’ve had two offers already. It’s not weather or not he is going to be great, it’s that the hype machine itself increases his value for you. Every league has a person who follows those sites like it is gospel. If he is great – good on Hanson. If he fails on Saturday, yes, his value will be lower. I am comfortable with my staff, so if I can get another bat for Hanson, I do it. If I can add him and get a great bat, even better.

    He’s a rookie. Ups and downs. So yes, thank you to Yahoo, ESPN, Foxsports, Bill James, et al…. his value is massive right now.

    As for McCutcheon, I am picking him up with the hope he steals 5 bases in one game… Wait, that won’t happen… Uh. Ahem. Fowler. Cough. Cough. Beltran < Beltran. So I pick him up, he goes off for a one week. I deal the hot shot. And tada!! He comes back to earth

    It’s an 19 team league which makes this a GREAT strategy for me.

  178. RT says:

    Edit: Fowler less than Beltran

  179. BigFatHippo says:

    ESPN just caught up to Razzball, therefore I was able to DL Hairston, activate Dook-sheer, add McCutchen, drop Dook-sheer and let the chips fall where they may.

    Sometimes ya just gotta say……..”Upside!”

  180. BigFatHippo says:

    @RT: I would think in a 19 team league, Hanson and McCutchen have more upside than anyone else you can get. Especially in a keeper. Though I agree 100% with your philosophy if it’s not.

    Why were they not owned yet?

  181. RT says:

    In a 19 teamer – totally correct. I’ve been stashing Hanson all year. I may keep him, unless I can package him for Martinez – which I have been trying to do with the guy that offered me Inge. I just picked up McC as I was watching the Braves game and they announced the deal. He has been on and off rosters all year. Non keeper.

  182. BigFatHippo says:

    Elvis is off and running, he’s about to leave the building, please exit peacefully………


  183. BigFatHippo says:

    @RT: If he does what Ashley thinks, which is totally possible, then I could see dealing him, but aim high. He’s the real deal.

    McCutchen could be a stud in a 19 teamer, some of your leaguemates are probably rostering Seth Smith types ferchrissakes………

  184. RT says:

    Tru dat. Either way, I win :)

  185. vinko says:

    @BigFatHippo: are you starting Happ tonight?

  186. Ashley says:

    @BigFatHippo: I’m not saying I expect him to go 7 innings, 1 er, 9 K’s.. But he could. And if he did, his value would definitely be higher after that game than it is now.

    In a 19 team keeper, I wouldn’t be the least bit interested in trading Hanson. I’d much rather keep my fingers crossed that he’s the real deal.

    But do as you wish.

  187. martin says:

    @grey- hanson or reimold?

  188. martin says:

    @grey- sorry bout that i meant mccutchen or reimold

  189. BigFatHippo says:

    @vinko: I’m rolling him till he fails, but I’m in panic mode so if you wanna sit on the road go ahead. If you’re cool in era and whip.

    Remember, he was a top prospect along with Hamels and looks to be earning the job, but proceed with caution.

  190. sean says:

    @Aaron Pil: Called up today.

  191. BigFatHippo says:

    @Ashley: I hope he does, RT’s in the 19 teamer not me, and it’s not a keeper so he could really get top value if Hanson puts up good numbers. Just like you said, good call.

  192. vinko says:

    @BigFatHippo: Agreed, I’ve both Tally and Happ tonight and I’m torn like and old shirt. Thanks

  193. JR says:

    *********McLouth traded to Braves; McCutchen called up.

  194. Grey

    Grey says:

    @martin: Apples and oranges, Reimold is power, McCutchen is speed.

    @JR: Yup, was mentioned above.

  195. RT says:

    Ian Stewart is back. Jack.

  196. JR says:

    @Grey: Wow. Not only late, but super late. Carry on.

  197. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Freddy Sanchez postponed tonight, plug n play Ian Stewart, Donk!

    Thanks for the gumball!!!!!!

    Been painful owning him though. Thankfully we have a very deep bench.

  198. Greg says:

    @JR: Razzball is faster than CBS, ESPN, Yahoo!, etc. :-)

  199. Greg says:

    Not a bad outing for Outman…

  200. AL KOHOLIC says:

    anyone know why huff had a 2 run hr and now doesnt?

  201. BigFatHippo says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Cause it was Beltre, ha!

    I never quit you Adrian, yo Adrian, now you’re my boy…….

    Let’s ride!

    Huff homered too Al, don’t feel left out.

  202. jsp2014 says:

    Gordon Beckham got called up. Prob qualifies as SS in all leagues, but will probably play some 3B for the superfecta.

  203. Doc says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Instant replay I think

  204. Ham says:

    @jsp2014: Yeah just saw that, does one dare make the double hype McCooch / Beckham add in one night?

  205. jsp2014 says:

    @Ham: it’s been said before, but rookies are the crack of fantasy baseball.

  206. Ham says:

    @jsp2014: haha yeah, i have yunel at SS, and while he has been fine I defy you to name a more boring fantasy player to own

  207. Moonlight's Grahams says:

    I completely punted catchers and ended up with Jesus Flores. Omir Santos looked good at the time but then I sobered up. Any suggestions?

  208. Robert says:

    Drop Tulo for Beckham???

  209. DrEasy says:

    Drop Adam Kennedy for Beckham? I’m thinking yes.

  210. Wizo says:

    which side? Adrian/Peavy/Jenks or Dunn/Greinke/FrankFran

  211. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Wizo: It’s even, I’d take the Peavy side.

  212. DrEasy says:

    Wow, can’t believe I managed to grab both Hanson and Beckham today! Especially since I only manage a single team! Thanks Razzball!

  213. Stephen says:

    @jsp2014: I essentially said that in my league about 10 minutes ago. I should be stoked for rookie call ups since I write the articles, but even I am a little overwhelmed with all this rookie nookie, STD contracting, obsessions going on tonight and this last week.

  214. DrEasy says:

    The Yahoo! fantasy experts completely fell asleep at the wheel during this rookie frenzy, busy that they were with the football stuff. Maybe that’s how I managed to beat my league to the pick-ups.

  215. Bud Selig says:

    I’ve got Rollins and Alexei platooning SS due to the slow starts, Aaron Hill 2b, and Zobrist (outfield).

    I would like to trade away two of these guys looking for an outfielder or starting pitcher. If I’m trading Hill, what should I be looking for?

    Disclaimer: Picked up Hill on waivers in 2nd week, Aram owner got impatient, and just dropped fowler for zobrist, not really needing the power over speed but he was just the best available.

  216. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bud Selig: I’d trade Hill and Zobrist for nothing short of a 2nd tier outfielder. Think Victorino, Grandy, etc. Or a 2nd tier starter. Think Shields, Gallardo.

  217. Steve says:

    @Grey: How do you like J-Zimm against the Giants tomorrow?

    It’s for my H2H where I have Wandy going but my opponent has Carp, Buehrle and Bush. I’m up 2-0 in Wins, 32-10 in Ks, 3.20-4.60 in ERA and .97-1.40 in WHIP.

  218. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: I do like him there, but it doesn’t seem worth it for your team.

  219. Grey

    Grey says:

    @DrEasy: Happy to oblige.

  220. The Dude says:

    Any chance Zumaya takes over the closer role in Motown?

  221. G. Beckham or Gamel for really just a bench spot…I really don’t have a legit 3B (Pablo/F. Lopez) and Mat isn’t proving to be…should I hold pat or give her the boot for the new hotness?!?

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