The G-Sizzle Fizzle loses more carbonation as we head into September.  Grady Sizemore will undergo surgery prior to the end of the season.  This means you will lose him at some point this month.  The longer the Indians push him the more of a chance that he may not be ready for spring training.  The Indians are playing for $23 worth of trinkets right now so this is a no-brainer for them.  And a no-brainer is the Indians’ management specialty.  They called up Michael Brantley to eventually fill-in full-time for Sizemore.  Last night, Brantley played left field (went 2-for-4, batted 9th).  In 115 games in Triple-A, Brantley had 43 steals.  He’ll probably be a liability on average, but for those steal-starved teams out there — SAGNOF!  Anyway, here’s what else I saw yesterday in fantasy baseball:

Hanley Ramirez – Left with a tight hamstring.  Had one of those last Thanksgiving on the Hormel.  Had to chew around it.

Michael Young – His hamstring is a little more serious with a strain.  If I had to guess, I’d say he’s headed to the DL.  Though, knowing the way Young loves his 200 hit seasons, he may just play gimpy.  Hehe, I said gimpy.

Neftali Feliz – Has one earned run, 26 Ks and ONE WALK (caps for emphasis and the guy reading over your shoulder) in 19 and two-thirds innings.  Holy heffin hey!

Josh Hamilton – 2 HRs yesterday to bring his season total to ten.  Almost as big a bust as the one he was seen licking whipped cream off of.

Chris Davis – 5-for-8 in yesterday’s doubleheader with a homer.  And no strikeouts!

Tim Hudson – Last time he pitched in the majors, I titled the post, “Whoscow for the Hudson,” and he went off to see, Dr. Freeze.  (Oddly, in the post where Hudson was injured, so was Michael Young.  They’re cosmically linked, I tell ya.  Kismet, I say.  When Michael Young slides, Tim Hudson’s pants get dirty.)  Hudson’s line this game (5 1/3 IP, 2 ER, 5 Ks) is almost exactly what I would imagine you’ll get from him the rest of the season.  Iffy five inning games.  Worth it in some leagues, not in others.

Jorge Posada – 2 HRs yesterday.  Why doesn’t he have a “de la” in the middle of his name?

Carlos Guillen – It pains me to keep saying nice things about Guillen, yet here he is again with another homer.

Andy Marte – Now has 4 homers in the last seven games.  I dropped some schmohawk for him in one of my leagues.  This is a trust exercise.  Just fall into Marte’s arms.  He’ll catch you.

Carlos Carrasco – 3 IP, 6 ER.  Was in my September call ups Markie Post-thingie.  I said I liked him for next season.  Never said I liked him for this one.  Okay, I did like him for this one, but that was last December.

Cole Hamels – 9 IP, 3 baserunners, 9 Ks.  Hey, Cole, nice of you to join us for September.

Jonathan Sanchez – 6 IP, 1 ER, 8 Ks.  His walks aren’t a thing of beauty, but you know what is?  His collection of air sickness bags? No, I’m going to tell you, random italicized voice.  His Ks.  He has 145 Ks in 132 1/3 innings.  That makes him ownable everywhere.  Well, except in 4 x 4 leagues, but no one plays them anymore, do they?

David Wright – Went 1-for-3 in his return as he wore an American Gladiator helmet.

Andy Sonnanstine – 4 IP, 3 ER, 2 Ks.  Glad to see he didn’t lose his lack of stuff in the minors.

Garrett Jones – Another homer.  Argh, I’m actually excited for Pirates.  Okay, pop quiz, hot shot.  Who’s been more valuable this year, Garrett Jones or Ryan Ludwick?  You infer the answer.

Mike Carp – Called up for the M’s and should see a decent amount of time.  He has moderate pop, not a great average.  Outside of deep leagues (>12), I’d just wait to see.  (BTW, that’s a greater than symbol and a twelve.  Not some kind of weird teenager texting language meaning a heart next to a coat hanger or something.)

Randy Wells – 6 2/3 IP, 0 ER.  Has a 2.90 ERA on the year with 133 1/3 innings.  Is his name in the Rookie of the Year convos?  Hmm, I just did, didn’t I?  For what it’s worth, and I guess it is worth something since you’re reading this, I think Wells is going to slightly disappoint next year.

Jeff Manship – 5 IP, 1 ER vs. the Called It A Day White Sox.  Besides having a last name that sounds like a cruise hosted by Adam Carolla, Manship has good control and decent K-stuff.  Listen, if the Twins start him, he’s probably better than most.  He’ll have the same growing pains as most rookie pitchers, but could have matchup potential.

Jorge de la Rosa – 6 IP, 1 ER, 6 Ks.  Another solid start from The dlR.  I hope the Rockies miss the playoffs just so dlR’s innings stay low(er) and I can draft him without worries next year.

Carlos Gonzalez – 1-for-4, HR and steal yesterday.  You know what I really like here?  Besides the homer, he was only on base once (a walk) and he stole a base.  That’s the kind of initiative we need in September.

Clayton Richard – 6 2/3 IP, 1 ER, 6 Ks.  If he didn’t pitch well in Petco vs. the Nats, there would have been problems.

Vicente Padilla – 5 1/3 IP, 1 ER.  It’s nice in the NL West, ain’t it?

Felix Pie – HR yesterday for his 4th homer in the last eight games.  No idea where the power is coming from.  Maybe Aubrey Huff left behind some corked bats.  Whatever the case, when the player’s hot, grab them.  By the time I write about him in the Buy section of Friday’s post, Pie may no longer be hot.

Adam Jones – Left the game with an ankle injury.  Is it me or is this guy injured every other week?  Maybe he’s doing it to get a prescription of medicinal marijuana.

  1. Lines says:

    Nice round-up, Grey. In reference to your previous post, Septober is a weird time of year. Never thought I’d be benching Halladay, but there he was, riding the virtual pine versus the Red Sox. Damn glad I sat him, actually.

    Anyhow, on that note, is it time to drop the sometimes-struggling AJ Burnett (18 runs in 16 innings) for someone who’s currently blazing (no, that’s not what I meant, Adam Jones) like Zito or Jeff Niemann? I’m leaning towards Zito on account of the schedule and just generally not-wanting to drop AJ friggin’ Burnett for Jeff who-the-hell-is-this-guy Niemann? Thanks!

  2. Lines says:

    PS, Screw you too, John Lannan.


  3. lifeontheside says:

    Should I drop Stephen Drew for either Adam Laroche or Chris Davis to fill my infield slot for the rest of the season leading into my H2H playoffs?

    Also, should I drop BJ Upton for Rajai Davis?

  4. Christopher says:

    It’s tough watching CarGo go while Quentin can’t seem to stop the 0-fees…don’t know how much longer I can resist…

  5. Tony says:

    What would David Wrights gladiator name be? And does he have a camera in his helmet like TURBO and the rest of those old juicers?

  6. Eric says:

    Hi there Grey.

    What do you think about the Kazmir-King Felix matchup tonight? Would you start Kazmir? And a more theoretical question: do you think a pitcher’s record against a specific team or in a specific ballpark take on less importance once he’s traded? Thanks.

  7. ScoutAbout says:

    H2H league with my playoffs starting next week. I lost Qualls so am down to Franklin and Howell as my closers. My options are to pick up someone who might vulture some saves (Downs, Chris Perez, Madson, Guzman, C.J. Wilson, Zavada, E. Vasquez and Schlereth are all available) or just punt the category and pick up additional starting pitching. The thought of dropping Franklin and Howell gives me hives and particularly with closers there is always the possibility that something changes very quickly, but playoffs are next week and I want to put myself in the best position to win. Thoughts? Do I just need to be talked off the ledge?

    I’m also thinking of dropping Rios and picking up an additional starting pitcher before next week. Rios is my only offensive bench player but I figure if there is an injury to one of my offensive players I can pretty easily replace Rios off the waiver wire at this point. I’m not sure why I would carry a hitter who just sits on the bench for the playoffs when I can strengthen my starting pitching for the playoffs. Possible SPs are Neftali Feliz, Zito, Smoltz, Niemann, Kawakami, Penny, Blackburn). Who do you like going forward?

  8. Influawesome says:

    I’ve got Adam Jones and Joe Blanton, should I drop them to pick up Cole Hamels (who was dropped due to July/August suckitude) and Chris Davis/Andy Marte/some other schmohawk for the playoffs?

  9. Tony says:

    @Influawesome: i’d grab cole for blanton no doubt…. you dont have anyone worse than blanton or adam jones to drop? def’ly snatch up cole, he might have been saving up for some down the stretch/postseason magic.

  10. Chi Hustle says:

    RrrR! That’s easy. It be GaR-R-R-Rett Jones in a wash. But where should he go next year?

  11. jerkstore says:

    I’ve had iannetta as my catcher all year (I think there was a post early in the season about treating a catcher like a scab, leaving him alone, etc.) I probably left him alone too long, but I think the strategy was better than trying to change catchers every other day depending on who was hot. But now I’m fighting for 2nd place (and a first round playoff bye) in H2H league and I’m looking for a catcher who might give my team a little boost. Any thoughts on Carlos Ruiz or Miguel Olivo?

  12. DrEasy says:

    Hilarious post, Grey! I think even my neighbors heard me laughing. Those hamstring jokes never get old.

  13. steamer says:

    Trying to set up my SP for H2H playoffs. J. Sanchez it out there, but looks like he’ll get the Brewers, Dodgers & Arizona twice, & Padres. Would you drop Pineiro for him? I’ve also got Haren, Bills, Carp, Floyd, Blanton.

  14. big o says:

    blalock goes 7 for 7 tonight , hitting 3 homers , and plays 3rd base like brooks robinson .

  15. Frank Rizzo says:

    Grey, I know you stated to me you take McCutchen over CarGo but I switched back to CarGo based on last night. McCutchen had 4 walks and 0 SB’s. CarGo had 1 walk and a SB….plus a HR. I’ll roll with CarGo for now.

    I would like to eat about 20 of the hottest wings I could stomach, wash it down with tobasco sauce, and about an hour later take a dump on Chris Davis’ head. Screw you Davis!

  16. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @steamer: i go with sanchez. the 2 az matchups and the sd matchup are good ones. the dodgers aren’t raking like they were early in the season, and the brewers could easily mail it in, and really outside of fielder and braun, who in that lineup scares you?

    @ScoutAbout: i definitely wouldn’t punt the category. SPs are great for Ws and Ks, but too many mediocre ones can kill your era/whip.

    @Christopher: how is cargo still available in a league?

  17. Critter Nagurski says:

    so marte over davis if you need a plug in at 3b?

  18. danimal35 says:

    With the Mike Young hamstring, I am gonna need a 3B…drop Snider, BJ, or Rios off my bench for Guillen, Lowell or Izturis? H2H, playoffs nstart next week.

  19. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @danimal35: i’ve been on the guillen train the last few weeks and he’s playing well. i’d probably drop snider of the trio you listed just because he’s the least likely of the 3 to possibly bust out with a monster month.

  20. Howie says:

    Classic Josh Hamilton line.

    And I do still play 4×4. No Sanchez (dirty or otherwise) for me.

  21. In the too-little, too-late dept.: My team hit four homers last night! Four! Thanks to my revamped OF, now with 66% more Carlos! (Gonzalez and Guillen.) I wish I’d had some young blood all year, rather than old farts like Jerome Dye. Bleeech.

    QUESTION! No real need to keep extra offensive players when I could have an ERA/K/WHIP stud like Neftali Feliz. I’ve got Holliday/CarGo/Guillen in the OF; with Cabrera/Wright/Borbon at 1B/3B/Util. Soriano and Votto are on the bench.

    Are either Soriano or Votto droppable at this point for an arm?

  22. MC says:

    drop Rios for Matt Diaz? i’m so sick of this clown. he’s been awful since joining the Sox. yet he might come close to 20/20.

  23. @danimal35: Personally, I’d drop Rios — the ChiSox have the look of a given-up team, and Rios never had much fire in the belly to begin with. What a disappointment that team/player/contract is!

  24. Tony says:

    I chris davis going to go from the most hyped player of 2009 to the sleeper pick of 2010? Or is his name just to known now and he’ll still go early?

  25. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Lines: Thanks! I’d go with Zito if you don’t need the Ks.

    @Lines: Ha!

    @lifeontheside: Sure, go with Davis on both instances.

    @Tony: Ha! Maybe call him Gap Power?

    @Eric: Actually, I’m starting both in the same league. If Kazmir sucks, he’s getting dropped. I think if a team hits him, they hit him, nothing to do with what jersey he’s wearing.

    @ScoutAbout: I wouldn’t drop them, I’d grab Downs. Lose Rios for Smoltz.

    @Chi Hustle: Ha! Probably in the 4th tier OF area, around 120 to 140. Doesn’t mean he won’t out perform that, but that’s probably where he’ll go.

    @jerkstore: I’d go with Ruiz.

    @DrEasy: Thanks!

    @steamer: I’d lose Floyd for Sanchez.

    @big o: Ha!

    @Frank Rizzo: That’s cool, understood.

    @Critter Nagurski: I’d go with Davis.

    @danimal35: Drop Snider for Guillen.

    @Howie: Thanks! re: Dirty or otherwise — ha!

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: 66% More Carlos – Ha! Not crazy about dropping them, but if a pitcher coudl make a huge difference then lose Soriano.

    @MC: Go for it.

    @Tony: No, he should be a sleeper next year, as long as he doesn’t turn it on too much this month.

  26. Christopher says:

    “@Christopher: how is cargo still available in a league?”

    Hmmmm…this is a competitive league, for the most part; 12-team, H2H yearly. But there are really only only 2 or three guys who do any kind of research (that I can tell – it’a a guess on my part). And none of them know about Razzball – and I plan on keeping it this way.

    As far as I can tell, CarGo isn’t on anyone’s radar…except mine, and I’m considering dropping Quentin for him…

  27. brett says:

    I’m in a H2H league with standard 5×5 categories, except OBP instead of AVG. D Wright’s eligible to come off the DL, but is he worth dropping either Gordon Beckham, Jack Cust or Nelson Cruz for? Which one? I have a surplus of outfield talent so i’m leaning toward Cust or Cruz. what do you guys think?

  28. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Christopher: Sounds like a 3 outfielder league. Some play with 5 outfielders.

    @brett: I’d lose Cust for him.

  29. Christopher says:

    @Grey: You’re spot on: 3 OF, 1 UTIL

    Right now, it’s Q, Abreu, Victorino, Rajai Davis and Votto for those 4 slots.

    Still looking at CarGo…

  30. Jif & The Choosy Mothers says:

    Any insight into whether Sean Rodriguez could be the starting 2B in TB next year? Any keeper value in a deep league over, say, Travis Snider or Matt LaPorta or Carlos Quentin – assuming the first two are priced about the same and Quentin a few dollars more? (I know this information isn’t the easiest to work with.)

  31. Dingo says:

    I hate to be a pest (okay, that’s a lie), but that’s actually a less than symbol, not a greater than symbol.

  32. Jif & The Choosy Mothers says:

    Follow up: Please rank best 2B eligible for next year: Weeks, Stewart, Sean Rodriguez, Eric Young Jr.


  33. royce! says:

    Re: Manship: one could make all of the same assertions about Duensing. They have remarkably similar #s in the minors (k/9s hovering around 5-6, BB/9 around 2-3, FIPs around 3-4).

    I’m going with Duensing for now (due to Hudson having come off the DL, I’d have to drop 2 players to add Manship) and hoping for the best.

  34. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Jif & The Choosy Mothers: I wouldn’t keep him over those guys, but he should be the 2nd baseman next year. I’d go with Snider over LaPorta.

    @Dingo: Hmm… Truth’s out. I’m part moron.

    @Jif & The Choosy Mothers: Stewart, Young, Rodriguez… Could change next year, but as of right now.

  35. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: Yeah, similar thing could be said for Duensing, agreed.

  36. Tony says:

    CLiff Lee or Halladay next year? Who would you take first….

  37. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony: Halladay

  38. Antrim Warriors says:

    what are the chances Peavy pitches agains this season?

  39. Tony says:

    @Grey: hmmmm i’d almost go LEE next year, he’s going to be with the Philly’s they have him at 8M for next year, I just think he’ll be nasty with a solid team. Kinda like he’s doing right now. For some reason i feel an arm problem or something coming from DOC….

  40. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tony: In fairness, I wouldn’t own Halladay because of how high he’ll go, so I may end up with Lee before Halladay, but I see Halladay going before him in a draft.

  41. Tony says:

    @Grey: Ya i agree Halladay will go before Cliff Lee, but I’d rather own Lee. Better value, about the same pitcher, better team, and he doesn’t play in the American league EAST….

  42. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    G-Jo* with a dinger already.

    *Garrett Jones

  43. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Grey: In honor of Isaac Asimov, Will Smith, and Tom Brady’s ex, I present the 3 Laws of Robot Jones:

    (1) Robot Jones must always hit home runs.
    (2) Robot Jones must always steal more bases than expected.
    (3) Robot Jones must always talk in a creepifying, flat tone that reminds everyone that you can’t trust a robot.

  44. spencer says:

    hey are you starting both Billingsley and Scherzer? they’re facing eachother, and yes ERA is a big deal and so is WHIP.

    do you start beckett as well?

  45. Grey

    Grey says:

    @spencer: I’d start Bills and Scherzer.

  46. spencer says:

    it’s so tempting to start josh though……because he could easily be amazing…..ah….it’s killing me. i had Bailey going today so that was good, but

    i have a 1.84 ERA, you’re saying don’t risk it? or should i pitch beckett first,see what he does, and then depending on that start/bench max?

  47. BSA says:

    ***minor update if anyone is still adjusting rosters today***
    Sox versus Rays tonight –
    Papelbon will not be coming in if there is a save situation
    Wagner isn’t pitching in back to back games so he is out.
    If there is a save situation it will probably fall on Bard’s shoulders, especially considering the Sox grooming him for the role in a couple of years when Paps is out of town and he is Beckett’s wing man – Beckett is always on the top step of the dugout when Bard comes in.

  48. Tony says:

    @spencer: i’m starting beckett even tho’s had had what 3-4 horrible starts?

    But i’m also 21 pts ahead in my H2H league, locked up first place, a bye and the $500 dollar reg season pot (patting myself on the back) so i dont care….

    you almost have to start him, he’s gonna turn it around… i dont think you want him on ur bench when he does… BB’s have been killing him.

  49. Grey

    Grey says:

    @spencer: With a 1.84 ERA, I’d go for it.

    @BSA: Thanks for the heads up! But what about Saito?

  50. BSA says:

    I have not sat Beckett or Hamels yet this year and have rode the roller coaster.

    As I look at my SP over the last 15 days my worst stats come from:
    Beckett and Halladay
    best numbers:
    Zito, Hamels, Arroyo
    middle of the pack that haven’t hurt me:
    Buchholz and De La Rosa

    In Boston they have been tinkering with Beckett’s mechanics “not pitching downhill enough” for the pitching coach.

    St. Louis says he is tipping his pitches.

    If he is in and blows like has the past couple of weeks you know Francona leaves him in for 7-8 innings to soften the blow to his, and your, numbers.

    Which is good because you know he is only pitching to help his FBB managers.

  51. spencer says:

    eactly that’s the way that i feel, that he will still go a pretty good distance.

    he also always packs on the K’s, and i’m making a playoff run, the way i’m seeing it now, is all or nothing AKA


  52. spencer says:



  53. spencer says:

    my ERA now sits at 2.3 because of stupid Homer Bailey giving up 3 ER in 6 IP. still goin?

  54. BSA says:

    @Grey: Saito has been too up and down this year. There isn’t a lot of trust there. Lately he has been rocking it but his last time out against TB was 1 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, and 2 K’s in 1.2IP.
    Bard word is from one of the Globe Writers.
    Saito laste pitched on the 30th while Bard hasn’t touched the ball since the 28th.

  55. Grey

    Grey says:

    @spencer: Thanks for the heads up!

    @BSA: Gotcha.

  56. BSA says:

    I am not a gambling man but if I was I would say Beckett for 7.2 and Bard for 1.1.

    Last game against TB Bard came in for the Save but got a BS taking it into extra innings.

  57. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BSA: That’s seems a bit optimistic, but could be.

  58. knighttown says:

    My 5th OF spot has been a mess since I moved Choo for Rivera. HRs and RBIs are locked up completely. I desparately need average then runs then stolen bases. I dumped Car-Go after his Ginsu injury. I went with Fukudome for a week and now have just dumped him for DeJesus. Please rank the three with the qualifications I gave you.

    Also, Aybar’s been shiite lately. Dropping him for Ryan Roberts grey-approved?

  59. BSA says:

    @Grey: My T-shirt says “Life Is Good” on the front and “Optimist” on the back.
    I’ll check back on this tonight.

    Thanks for yesterday’s post on September moves.
    It forced me to rethink and bring in some AVG and Speed while focusing on ERA and WHIP in the RCL.
    I dropped Burrell for Venable and Jeff Baker for Tatis. We’ll see!

  60. Grey

    Grey says:

    @knighttown: CarGo, Fukudome… Go with Roberts.

    @BSA: Cool, hope it works.

  61. BSA says:

    @knighttown: @Grey:
    Eavesdropping and moved Maicer Izturis for Roberts.

    Hey here is a simple question but I didn’t know the answer at the trade deadline –
    When do you make the call is “locked up”?

  62. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BSA: At certain point you should be able to look at certain categories and know if you can gain or lose points in those categories.

  63. Antrim Warriors says:

    If there’s a save opp tonight, my guess is Pap gets it. Tito didn’t rule him out.

  64. Dude says:

    Need HR/RBI. Zorilla worth holding onto at SS or should I drop him for Barmes and his long homestand at Coors?

  65. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Grey: we have to consider mr. jones a keeper dont we?

  66. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dude: I could see making that switch.

    @AL KOHOLIC: For the right price, definitely.

  67. BSA says:

    @Antrim Warriors: As a strategist he won’t rule anything out but it is September and even though they are going for the win they are also trying to rest for October.

    He threw 2 innings last night.
    Francona didn’t rule it out yet earlier Pap said “he probably won’t pitch.”

  68. Dude says:

    Tight race for runs and SB. Erick Aybar, Callapso, Elvis, Everth Cabrera? non-keeper.

  69. Antrim Warriors says:

    @BSA: it was 2 innings but only 28 pitches. Recent outings…8/28 he had a 28 pitch save and got the save on 8/29. 8/24 he had a 23 pitch save and go the save on 8/25.
    He’ll be in for the save tonight. But enough of this, it probably won’t even happen LOL!

    everybody keep up the good stuff.

  70. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dude: EverCab

  71. mr baseball says:

    hey grey no rush for your answer if you are doing a article on him tommorrow

  72. Grey

    Grey says:

    @mr baseball: I’d make him my catcher for next year in that deep of a keeper. He will be covered in tomorrow’s roundup too.

  73. vinko says:

    Either of these two pitchers worth a flier on Thursday, Cahill v Seattle or Garland v Ariz? Thanks

  74. Grey

    Grey says:

    @vinko: I wouldn’t go near either in most circumstances. There’s some places I would though. Need more info — you need Ks? Wins? ERA? WHIP? Can’t risk a bad start?

  75. Dad says:

    @Grey: Tejada is killing me and he’s all i’ve got at SS right now.

    Is alex gonzalez, lugo, hardy, guzman, betancourt or callaspo an upgrade until/if he turns it around?

  76. Dad says:

    @Dad: Wow, stepping back, that is an awfully untalented group of SS’s. Wiggington is just 1 game played (out of 10) away from SS eligibility in Yahoo, for what little that’s worth.

  77. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dad: Yeah, that is a pretty bad group of SSs. Guess try Callaspo for Runs/average, if you need that. Or Hardy for power, but negative average.

  78. Steve says:

    @mr baseball: Is that Josh Hamilton in the background?

  79. Maximus says:

    Garrett Jones goes deep again!?

    Grey, you are dead on with 90% of your predictions (which is pretty remarkable) but you have to admit you were dead wrong on Jones (at least for this year). I almost listened to you when you suggested to drop Jones but he has really been an awesome addition to my UTIL spot.

    Grey, have you ever seen a 28 year old have a breakout season like this? I mean he is averaging a HR every 16 AB’s!

    Also, thanks for the advice of picking up Rajai. That guy is one of the best late season SAGNOF additions in fantasy history.

  80. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Maximus: Ludwick last year was old for a rookie. Technically, I was the one who told everyone to grab him in the first place, but, yeah, wrong about him going cold.

  81. Colotov Mocktease says:


    H2H playoffs start 9/14, in exhibition mode until then….for OF, Choo, CarGo or Milton ‘Mr. Cub’ Bradley. For IF depth, which two of Beckham, Chris Davis, or Carlos Guillen (concerned about Pujols/Aramis resting in the last three weeks).

  82. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Colotov Mocktease: Good to check in around 9/13 for these questions, but right now no on Choo and no on Beckham.

  83. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Steve: boy steve,and to think i really thought beckett could win our keeper league for me,thank you for not trading him to me,

  84. mr baseball says:

    Detroit 70-61 (Road: 27-39) 1:38pm ET

    Tampa Bay 71-60 (Home: 42-22) FSD, FSFL

    DET: E. Jackson (11-6, 3.09)
    TB: W. Davis (0-0, 0.00)

  85. BSA says:

    Ugh in Tampa!
    My shirt is in the fire pit right now.

  86. BSA says:

    @Grey: Yet Lyon, Rauch, and a respectable 1.17 from Beckett got me another WHIP point.

  87. BSA says:

    I would call Hugh’s Save – Cheap!

  88. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BSA: Ha!

  89. BSA says:

    @Grey: Wish I could sell Hughes save for a W since I punted saves in the RCL.

  90. DrEasy says:

    Sit Carmona against Detroit tomorrow, I assume?

  91. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BSA: Not sure if you can barter that.

    @DrEasy: I wouldn’t.

  92. Steve says:

    @BSA: @Grey: Four wins yesterday and still he wants more. Sheesh.

  93. pallet says:

    Rank Napoli, Montero, and Posada going forward?

  94. Grey

    Grey says:

    @pallet: Posada, Napoli…

  95. DrEasy says:

    @Grey: You wouldn’t sit him, or you wouldn’t use him? BTW, thanks for the Stubbs recommendation, it’s paying off already!

  96. Grey

    Grey says:

    @DrEasy: Wouldn’t start him there.

  97. BSA says:

    @Steve: Success breeds desire for more. :)

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