B_Don and Donkey Teeth are Goin’ Deep with the fantasy baseball pitching guru, Eno Sarris of The Athletic.  The guys discuss the RazzSlam format and ask Eno how he may attack the draft in more of a DFS style. Yeah, it caught me by surprise as well, but listen to see what Eno means.

The Goin’ Deep duo then ask Eno about some pitchers from his rankings that don’t line up with Grey’s rankings including Noah Syndergaard, Yu Darvish, Lucas Giolito and Patrick Corbin.  He tells us which pitcher he’s comfortable with in the 1st round and educates us as to what he looks for in his pitching targets.

  1. baby seal says:

    Gotta love Eno. Lotta people in on Thor. I can obviously see why, but it won’t be on my teams.

    He’s missing something mentally, and the inability to hold runners really fucks with his head I think. The slider has lost some bite and hasn’t been able to bury it. Totally possible this new pitching coach changes that… not to mention the injury history, but I just did.

    Guy who gets jacked up coming into the Spring bc his nickname is Thor just shows to me how troubling his perspective is, and hammers home that he’s a thrower, not a pitcher.

    Juan Soto’s roto value is like 10% thanks to the Mets and Thor. Not sure he’d get those double digit steals otherwise….

    • Grey

      Grey says:

      Screw Thor

      • baby seal says:

        I can’t believe these amateurs got Eno!

        But in all honesty, really like Eno’s approach here and making this data public. Just not sure that’s all I’d base my SP ranks on…

        It’s great to incorporate, but without know the biases and limitations of the data… many people are just going to F it up and misuse it.

        I’m not saying this is what Eno is doing, but it’s hard to know otherwise based on what he said. He knows pitch mix and sequencing is important. Sounds like he sort of ignores things he can’t quantify, which is a blind spot for sure. :)

        • baby seal says:

          Is it too late now to say sorryyyyy?

          haha, was a bit harsher than I meant and didn’t have time to edit. oh well. know he incorporates more than just those two factors.

          my main point was around other ppl taking that data and misusing it. I work in data analytics and this shiz happens alllllllll the time.

          another weird thing — talks a lot about aging curves and how that’s different than we once thought, and players are aging earlier now than they used to before. totally makes sense and is AWESOME research. But why you so in on Carrasco, age 33, coming off cancer?? That’s gonna be a no from me, dog!

          • B_Don

            B_Don says:

            No take backs here at Razzball, but I’ll accept your apology followed by more questions. haha Eno’s been coming on the podcast for a few years, way before he should have, if he should be now, but the fantasy baseball community is strong like that.

            I have Thor at 18 among SPs. I acknowledge last year was bad and he does pitch for the Mets. He also has a nasty pitch mix and there are questions with every SP this season.

            I assume the Carrasco question is aimed at Grey, but for my part, I don’t have any shares yet this draft season. NFBC ADP for February is the 104th player off the board. There’s at least 7 starting pitchers below him in that ADP that I prefer.

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