Last week in a barrage of me making sense, I looked at fantasy starters whose ERAs will get worst. Well, do onto others or turnabout is fair play or some other cliché leads me to this post — the inverse of last week’s or fantasy baseball starters who will get better.  If you weren’t around last week, I mentioned what FIP is; don’t really feel like going into it again and regular readers will tire anyway, so go back and read last week’s.  Anyway, here’s a list of pitchers with the biggest difference between their actual ERAs and their FIPs. (If your guy is on the list, it’s a good sign.  Some would even say you could go out and trade for some of these guys, you educated fantasy baseball owner you!) (Note, Part Deux:  Because the list didn’t reveal enough buy lows amongst the biggest differences between ERA and FIP, I skipped down the list after Randy Johnson for the last two.)

Ricky Nolasco – Difference between ERA and FIP is 3.45.  Nolasco was a preseason “sleeper” from some fantasy ‘perts.  (I put the unironic, toolbaggy quotes around sleeper because Nolasco was talked about so much by some that he really wasn’t much of a sleeper anymore.)  Nolasco also showed up on Rudy’s risky pitcher post.  At this point, he’s a bargain because he can probably be bought for a tall boy of Schlitz.

Gavin Floyd – 2.71.  That sounds purdy!  Yeah, until you realize his ERA is at 7.71 so a correction of less than three isn’t all that great.

Andy Sonnanstine – 2.63.  Falls into the same category as Floyd.  Sure, he should be better, but not really anything worth getting caca-cuckoo over.

Carl Pavano – 2.26.  Hmm… Maybe I should’ve ignored some of these schmohawks.  Guess I’m gonna have to turn this sucker to 14.

Justin Verlander – 1.93.  His ERA is at 4.29 and his FIP is at 2.36.  He has the fifth lowest FIP behind Greinke, Lincecum, Johan and Wandy.  Zoinks! (That’s a good zoinks, FYI.)

Tim Lincecum – 1.91.  Last week, we saw Johan was due for a slight correction, now we see on the other side Lincecum’s going to meet him somewhere in the middle.

Jon Lester – 1.76.  After last week’s buy/sell, I’ve spoken enough about Lester for at least two months.

Gil Meche – 1.72.  This one was surprising to me, so I went to look closer at his numbers and it does seem like he should be much better.  If you take nothing away from this post, I’d grab Meche off waivers.  He should be much better.

Josh Beckett – 1.71. This doesn’t surprise me.  Beckett’s numbers are terrible.  He’s not a terrible pitcher.

Scott Olsen – 1.61.  Blech.

Randy Johnson – 1.35.  Sorry, Mr. Mullet Man, but Randy Johnson has a better chance of winning an Edward James Olmos look-a-like contest than having a huge turnaround with a FIP of 5.51.

Javier Vazquez – 0.83.  Not a huge difference between his ERA and FIP, but, when you realize his ERA is at 3.71 and his FIP is below 3, it’s enough to get you very excited about Vazquez moving forward.  If his owner is fed up with his One Bad Inning Syndrome™, I’d try and buy him.

Ubaldo Jimenez – 0.78.  His FIP is 3.52, his K/9 is 8.02 and his BABIP is .332.  Coors is scary like Roseanne Barr sans makeup, but I’d take a chance on Ubaldo.

  1. Frank Rizzo says:

    Didn’t think it would come to this but I kicked The Mullet to the curb and I’m rolling with Jorge De La Rosa instead.

  2. Dingo says:

    Last week in a barrage of me making sense, I looked at fantasy starters whose ERAs will get worst.

    And you were on such a roll!

  3. CT Old School says:

    I had Hansen and Price waiting on my bench for a call-up and was barely meeting my minimum innings, so I traded Price for Nolasco. Hope it works out.

  4. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    I’m cautiously optomistic about Vazquez, but his apparent ability to never quite match his projected statistics despite outstanding peripherals makes me wonder. When you are “unlucky” for most of your career, when do we have to start taking another look at what’s luck and what’s not?

  5. Matt Sorrento says:

    Wandy for BJ Upton?

  6. JR says:

    Thank you, sir!

  7. SaltyBiscuits says:

    @Matt Sorrento: If you’re the one getting BJ, than yes.

  8. Doug Ault says:

    Beany(town) and Cecil

    A good mix tonite?

  9. Tenken says:

    “C) there is no C.” Just wanted to say this site is awesome and you are hilarious. Definitely the highlight of my morning routine.

  10. Probable Party Starter says:

    @Doug Ault: You know damn well Grey is going to cite “rookie pitcher” and “no”. And that’s me putting words in Grey’s mouth!

  11. SRM says:

    @Grey: Great read. I know this is only related to starters, but whadaya make of Kerry Wood? He’s been unlucky (BABIP of .391 / 25% FB/HR & a FIP 2.3 below ERA) and his 18K & 7 walks in 13 IP is solid, but last nights debacle has me thinking about dropping Ray for his heir apparent. Problem is, it doesn’t seem apparent.

    Would J Lewis be the right add?

  12. Grey

    Grey says:

    @SRM: He might be getting unlucky, but with closers, they don’t log the innings to correct things. Lewis would be my guess for a backup, but he’s been bad too.

  13. Hardcore Midget says:

    Someone in my league dropped Nolasco about two weeks ago. I scooped him up figuring ‘he can’t really suck this badly.’ I love seeing the stats that back this up, like how high is BABIP and LOB% are right now.

    Here’s hoping he starts to turn things around. Because my disaster of a pitching staff (thanks a lot Manny Parra, Scott Baker and Liriano) could use the help…

  14. Mann of Sandd says:

    Ibanez and Lowe for Halladay and Jenks? I really, really need pitching and would get the Halladay side. Have A-Rod, Tex, Bruce, Cantu and Vlad coming back to help ease the sting of losing Ibanez

  15. What do you guys think of Qualls now? If I remember correctly, you weren’t too high on him pre-season.

  16. DrEasy says:

    Can someone rank these OF schmohawks please?

    Cody Ross, Josh Willingham, Wladimir Balentien, Travis Snider, Colby Rasmus.

  17. cws05nuts says:

    More Lester!

  18. bobbo says:

    @Grey: Thanks for the middle reliever help in the other post. Just wanted to get your clarification on ranking for the following 4 guys (in a holds league):

    Zumaya, Wuertz, Nunez, Motte

  19. boyle says:

    Dropping the Mullet for Nolasco is a great deal then right?

  20. brad says:

    Nolasco or Uehara?

  21. brad says:

    @Mann of Sandd: yes. if the other guy accepts.

    @DrEasy: I’d do Snider, Rasmus, -end of tier 1- Ross, Willingham, Balentien -end of tier 2-.

  22. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @cws05nuts: Less mortar!

  23. Mike says:

    I want to trade for Lester in a 16-team keeper league…he would cost an 8th round pick in 2010, 5th round pick in 2011, and a 2nd round pick in 2012 (if you wanted to keep him that long)…so I’ll have to pay more than if it were a redraft league.

    What do you think of:

    Harden, Branyan & Encarnacion FOR Lester & Ian Stewart

    Lesrer’s owner likes Encarnacion. Branyan covers the him at 3B until Encarnacion comes back. I play it like I’m giving him the arm upgrade for the 3B upgrade.

    Too much to give up?

  24. Zebo says:

    time to buy soto?

  25. Mike says:

    @Mann of Sandd:

    love Halladay side…you have the bats to offset the loss of Ibanez

  26. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Zebo: As a Soto owner, I’ll say that having suffered through weeks (I traded for Soto shortly after the season started) of 0fers, I’m not going to sell him cheaply now that he might be turning it around.

    Now, the Soto owner in your league might just want to be rid of him, but I’m in it for the long haul.

  27. Ham says:

    Just a tip for anyone thinking about wagering on the Nats tonight. As a Maholm owner, every game I’ve started him in he has sucked. Every game I left him on the bench he has been Holm-tastic. Tonight… Maholm is rocking the SP. Bet accordingly.

  28. The Lincy one is scary.

  29. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Please rank:

    Peavy, Josh Johnson, Wandy, Oswalt, Liriano, Wainwright, Slowey

  30. Martin says:

    @ I’m Keith- i would do Peavy, Liriano, JJ, Oswalt, Slowey, Wandy, Wainwright, but i guess everybody has different opinions

  31. Martin says:

    nolasco or capps?

    I asked a week earlier about meche or capps and you said capps but does this recent post change your side?

  32. JR says:

    @DrEasy: Rasmus.

  33. bobbo says:

    @I’m Keith: I see it Peavy, JJ, Liriano, Wandy, Slowey, Oswalt, Wainwright (but the last 4 are all real close IMO)

  34. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Hardcore Midget: Hopefully

    @Joe Morgan sucks: I said this in early February, “This might be my number one closer on every team and I’ll be more than happy with that. I love guys who have been around the block and are getting their first shot at closing. They’re almost always underrated.”

    @DrEasy: Rasmus, Snider, then as Brad said.

    @bobbo: Zumaya, Wuertz, Nunez, Motte

    @boyle: Nolasco

    @brad: Nolasco

    @Mike: Too much.

    @Ham: Ha!

    @Martin: I think you can get Meche for cheaper than Capps, so no. Nolasco should be cheaper than Capps too.

  35. Martin says:

    medlen, zimmerman, or marshall in order

  36. Doug Ault says:

    @DrEasy: Snider is on the verge of being sent down

  37. Tom says:

    Grey, This is actually related to your post (Nolasco is in it)

    I want to ditch Cruz for a better OF, but I know I need to give a pitching upgrade to the other owner to receive an OF upgrade. So, I’m thinking of dealing Wainwright/Cruz for Nolasco/Hart-or-Hawpe-or-Adam Jones?

    Are any of those other OF’s worth losing Wainwright, or should I just keep Cruz?

  38. is CQ gonna play for CWS tonight?

    can’t see on ESPN, sick of this foot business WTF!

    and votto is still frickin dizzy? Gimme a break, don’t these guys know how to pound a beer and get back after it!!!!

  39. hey, wondering your opinion on this offer….was offered ubaldo for DLee, do you like?..he also has scherzer that Id prefer but would be a hard sell considering DLee is DLee….should losing Weeks make me want to get value from my old broken down players while I can?

    Thanks; mets suck

  40. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Martin: Medlen, Zimmermann, Marshall

    @Doug Ault: Thanks for sharing!

    @Tom: Keep Cruz

    @Tony Y: CQ was cleared to pinch hit.

    @matthole: I think you should do better for Lee.

  41. NM i have stat tracker HA, it should be up soon….

    although i am sick of the DNP’s!!!

  42. @Grey: cleared to hit but he won’t be in the field? hmmmm…

  43. I know this is a baseball site, but who do you take in the Cavs/ORL game with cavs giving 9 pts?

  44. BigFatHippo says:

    @Tony Y: Ha!

    Kahlil Ghreehn needs to pound beers to get over his anxiety attacks, what a joke. You’re a major league ballplayer, what do you have to be anxious about?

  45. @BigFatHippo: exactly some of these dudes need to swap out the vagina-ade for some beer….

    Beer heals all ailments, at least thats what i tell myself each time i booze….

  46. Doug Ault says:

    @Grey: I’m getting concerned about Cruz, I got him as part of a package last week and he’s either been sitting or doing nothing.

  47. Oh and I love how Volquez won’t pitch friday now most likely because of his back… I am going to see MY TRIBE vs. the reds friday and saturday in cincy and I’m not gonna see cueto, voltron, or harang now, votto is dizzy won’t see him probably, i wont see carmona, cliff lee and gradys hitting like a girl….

    should i even go? jesus, i’m fired up right now dammit!


  48. need to do some spring cleaning, falling behind on pitching, any suggestions on who to target for any of these yahoo’s: Baker, Maholm, Edwin Jackson, John Maine, David Price—-what is a fair deal for Rodney, Wandy or J.J. using aforementioned? (BTW 5X5)

  49. BigFatHippo says:

    @Tony Y: Grady will be OK, we’ll just drop him to the 2 spot cause it’s like, way different than the 1 spot.

    That’s it, I’m gettin a beer.

  50. @BigFatHippo: hahaha i know, the tribe is lost, they’re lost like jay bruce on an outside offspeed pitch….

    i hate to say it but its time for wedge to go… I want a Ozzie Guillen type guy, i want someone with some spark, some damn balls!!!!

  51. @BigFatHippo: im already one up on ya on the beers hippo…. f’n tribe

  52. BigFatHippo says:

    @kR Express: If you package any of those guys include Price, that’s the only way you’ll get a front line pitcher for those guys.

    Aim high to start off, see how much your league values Price.

  53. @BigFatHippo: Pass

    maybe the tribe could bring back doug jones or eric plunk? the Plunkmeister would be great?

    damn tribe! time to go get another beer! and eat, i keep forgetting to eat when i’m drinking!

  54. Ham says:

    8×8 H2H (2b,3b,OBP added O stats)

    adam jones and aaron hill for rollins? what side you taking? or is it wise to go after Reyes with his value maybe being down due to hamstring problems.

  55. BigFatHippo says:

    @Tony Y: Pork chop in every bottle…………

  56. BigFatHippo says:

    @Ham: I wouldn’t give those two guys for Rollins, go for Reyes.

  57. JDub says:

    Love the post today – a note on Meche. I am a huge follower of the Royals and yes, he is definitely better than he’s been showing. However, after watching him the last several starts, I can’t help but believe he’s injured. He’s had the trainer come to the mound a couple times while he’s out there, and articles on the Royals website point to back/fatigue problems. Wouldn’t be surprised if a trip to the DL happens soon.

  58. Drev says:

    Nolasco > Wolf > Meche? What’s the right order here?

  59. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: re: Valentine — Ha!

    @Doug Ault: He’s real streaky, just gotta ride it out.

    @JDub: Thanks, and great to know. Yeah, I don’t suggest people play much for Meche, but if he’s on waivers, he’s worth a look.

    @Drev: Wolf, Meche, Nolasco

  60. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Wow, Nolasco behind those guys huh?

    See post 32, is Zebo right with those rankings in post 33? If so, I gotta do some reconfiguring with Liriano.

  61. Grey

    Grey says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: @BigFatHippo: Peavy, Liriano, Wandy, Josh Johnson, Oswalt, Slowey, Wainwright…

    Nolasco can be in front of Meche, they’re very close.

  62. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Thank you, that’s more like it.

  63. Drev says:

    @Grey: Why so high on Liriano & low on Wainwright relative to those others?

  64. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Drev: Not low on Wainwright, those are good pitchers. I feel like Liriano’s walks are correctable and he’s been unlucky with lots of men who get on base scoring. Also, his homers should come down.

  65. Martin says:

    would u start medlen tommrow vs. the rockies?

    Also do you like Liriano over Oswalt in a league with W, L, K, ERA, WHIP, K/BB? I just feel like with oswalt you know what your always getting

  66. Drev says:

    @Grey: Is Liriano throwing enough sliders to recapture his success of old?

  67. Elbert says:

    @Grey: i know your distaste to Pavano, but now we’re in middle of Yankees-Orioles game, having watched J. Guthrie getting hammered 3 straight, so here it goes:

    J. Guthrie or Pavano or Kyle Davies or Brad Penny?

  68. Dingo says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Javier Freaking Vazquez.

    3 IP, 0 H, 0 BB, 6K

    Now watch me jinx the rest of his start.

  69. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Martin: I would start him. I’d just hold Oswalt.

    @Drev: He’s not going to be the pitcher he was pre-TJ in the immediate future.

  70. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Someone dropped Morrow in one of my leagues, worth picking up or stay away?

  71. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Elbert: Davies, Guthrie, Penny, Pavano

  72. Dingo says:

    @naughtandcross: Carl Reynolds just swiped bag #4. I really don’t get it — is it a Paulino thing?

  73. @Dingo: I have no clue. I’m almost more impressed that he has two hits tonight. :)

  74. Mark Reynolds was just dropped in my league a couple days ago, still hasn’t cleared waivers, worth the pickup? I know he has the power, tonight he has speed? LOL i could drop frenchy?

    do it do it, i know i’m not risking much by dropping francouer, but do i even wanna mess with Reynolds 200K’s?

  75. @Tony Y: If you’re league doesn’t count K’s, who cares? He’s potentially Adam Dunn plus 15-20 SBs… On the waiver wire? I’ll take him all day, everyday.

  76. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Do you count K’s in your league? What do you care if he K’s or grounds out? Pick him up, he’s way more valuable than Frenchy. Reynolds may get 1B eligibility in a week or two also.

  77. Adam says:

    Medlen, Zimmermann or Happ for a pickup in a pitching-starved league? Or would a safer middle reliever (Wuertz, Calero, Howell) be a better bet?

  78. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Adam: Try Medlen for tomorrow or Happ for next week.

  79. @mgeoffriau: @naughtandcross: Its a deep 12 team H2H league. We have 10 offensive cats, 10 pitching cats.

    Offensively we count:

    Runs, 1b, 2b, 3b, HR, RBI, BB, K’s, Avg and SB’s

    So the way i look at this league guys who hit for average are huge. Counting individualized hits, K’s and average is against Reynolds, but the fact he hits for as much power as he does at 3B?

    Kinda tough, but like someone said if its for francouer? why not?

    IDK what do you think now you know our stats….

    is my league crazy with 10×10 haha?

  80. Griff says:


    Is Kazmir droppable in a ten team league? He’s singlehandedly blowing up my ratios every week. I was gonna bench him tonight, but if I can’t start him against Oakland at home….

  81. Its awesome because you actually root for a guy to hit a triple or a double or whatever… I love it way more than roto. Alot more strategy especially in the pitching side of things, we count losses, and have a 32 inning MIN, so there’s alot of strategery involved!

  82. BSA says:

    Breaking News out of Boston——-

    Ortiz has hit his first homer of 2009.

    It has been like watching olive green paint dry – very ugly!

  83. Cecil and De La Rosa both Hochevar’d on me tonight. Serves me right I guess.

  84. BSA says:

    I now have to add that it is no big deal.

    Cecil either hit the wall – gave up a single and two HR right after Ortiz or
    he lost the zone because he was the first.

  85. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @naughtandcross: I am also getting filleted by De La Rosa.

    No one to blame but myself on this one.

  86. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Griff: Yeah, lose him. I hate him right now.

  87. timSTi says:

    So glad I benched Cecil tonight. First time this year I’ve made a correct sit or start decision. I deserve a daquiri. Shall we @Grey?

  88. brad says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: and the umpire. de la rosa gave up a sixth run inning consistently throwing sliders, middle of the plate, at the knees that were called balls. he moved them up about an inch and still ball. with a different ump (or a better adjustment by de la rosa) it’s a 0 run inning with a couple of strikeouts.

    i’m a braves fan starting vasquez tonight, but i wouldn’t give up on de la rosa if i owned him. he looked ok to me, just unlucky, and then he let his frustration get the best of him.

    i’m not trying to remove all blame from de la rosa, a better more experienced pitcher would have adjusted. just saying hold onto him for another start or two.

  89. brad says:

    @brad: not sixth run inning. six run inning. sorry.

  90. @timSTi: I let the fact that this would be the first Cecil start I could actually watch on TV cloud my vision and I paid dearly.

    Now to figure out who to drop de la Rosa for.

  91. timSTi says:

    @naughtandcross: I must say that being a Red Sox fan played a big part in sitting him. I hate watching one of my pitchers go against the Sox.

  92. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @brad: Good to know, thanks.

    Tempting to dump him after this blow-up — 5BB tonight after 1 in his last two starts combined! — but he’s been sneaky good for almost a year. Since last year’s All Star Break, he’s got 103 Ks in 108.2 innings, allowed just 86 hits, and posted a 3.23 ERA and 1.29 WHIP.

    That doesn’t include tonight, of course.

    Then again, I’ve got 5 better starters than him already, so if Gamels/GParra/Tommy Hansen become too hard to resist, Jorge and I will part ways, not so amicably.

  93. knighttown says:

    I’ve got a nice pitching staff for an 11 team league; Beckett, Cain, Vazquez, E. Jackson, Weaver, Oswalt and Scherzer. That’s 7 guys deep so I can be selective about match-ups and still max out my yearly innings. So who do I start over the next two days:
    -Oswalt vs. Brewers
    -Weaver @ Dodgers
    -E. Jackson vs. Texas
    -Scherzer @ Florida

  94. BigFatHippo says:

    @naughtandcross: Drop Cecil for Josh Outman, the name alone fits and he’s just gonna get better.

  95. paulzone says:

    Justin Upton or Nelson Cruz?

  96. BigFatHippo says:

    @knighttown: Oswalt and Max.

  97. Ham says:

    Anyone watching the Braves game, was wondering if they just took out Javy since its a blow out? I mean he was only at 73 pitches through 5

  98. bobbo says:

    @I’m Keith: I might need to revamp my earlier pitcher rankings. Liriano is really starting to piss me off with his 2-face ways. He is sucking pretty hard tonight (of course I started him).

  99. bobbo says:

    @Ham: I’m not watching, but I’d guess it was due to the blowout and the fact that he sat for like 9 hours in the bottom of the 4th. Probably kept him in for the 5th to qualify for a win and then shut him down (I hope, cuz I have him).

  100. BigFatHippo says:

    @paulzone: Ooooh, tough call.

    I think Cruz ends up with more HR and RBI, but Upton with better avg and OBP. SB should be about the same.

    Shit in one hand and cover it up with the other.

  101. bobbo says:

    And there goes Liriano… walkin people and giving up grand slams. I swear he only pitches well when I bench him. SON OF A …..

  102. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    ugh Liriano looking terrible again, 3.2 ip 7 er, F i knew i should have benched him

  103. brad says:

    @Ham: I’m flipping b/w Lebron and the Braves. I am fairly confident that’s why, the Rockies announcers haven’t said anything about it. He sac bunted in the 5th and then didn’t come out to pitch the sixth. Of course there was about half an hour and 7 or 8 runs in between his bunt and the top of the sixth, so he may have gotten cold, and there was no need to run him out.

  104. Jpm says:

    I was offered Cruz and Jenks for Quentin. What do you think?

  105. Steve says:


  106. Colin says:

    You gotta love Gallardo. Either pitches a gem or pitches like ass…like tonight. He should have schooled he Astros tonight like everyone else does. Unreal.

  107. Steve says:

    @Colin: Dude got run over by the Wandwagon!

    Get out of the way!

  108. bobbo says:

    Liriano is officially riding the pine until he can string together 2-3 good starts. Let’s just hope that happens sometime before freakin’ August.

  109. Ham says:

    @brad;bobbo: yeah thats what i figured. thanks fellas

  110. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @bobbo: yep, killed my Wandytastic day

  111. big o says:

    up to my nipple rings in quicksand , and all of a sudden , i’m in a listening mood , so here goes :
    e(yawn) stewart or elvis for MI ??

    thanking you , in advance .

  112. Colin says:

    Wow thank you Seth McCrap for the extra earned run via a single from the OPPOSING PITCHER. You can’t make this crap up. Unbelievable.

  113. Colin says:

    @Steve: I should have known better than to start Yovani after that debacle of a rain out last week DAMMIT TO HECK.

  114. BigFatHippo says:

    @Steve: Wandy makes me very happy!

    Francisco Loseriano makes me want to shoot up the whole neighborhood, look out kids, crazed hippo on the loose……………..

    Kidding, I wouldn’t really do that………….. would I?

    Maybe, shit, I hate fantasy baseball, gonna take up skydiving, it’s safer. Or rhinoceros tipping………………

  115. bobbo says:

    As much as I hate Liriano, at least this is only fantasy baseball. I’m sure Manny Acta is about ready to jump off a ledge because his relieving corps has flat out lost his team like 10 ACTUAL games this year. God they are bad.

  116. royce! says:

    What do we make of Ziegler getting the save? Is he back as closer or was he in so that Bailey, who pitched 2 innings yesterday, could take the day off? Please dear God let it be the former…

  117. Who has two thumbs and started Liriano, Cecil, and de la Rosa? This guy!

  118. Dexter says:

    After hating missing out on Cecil, glad to see his blowout!

    Keeper league question: anyone know ceiling on rasmus, snider, fowler? I also have Stewart and Gamel and am soon going to need to part ways with one or more as snider and fowler are going pretty cold. But I dont mind holding onto them on the bench if they are worth it even if they are sent down for a month or so.

  119. cubbies299 says:

    Should Cecil be dropped in a 14 team mixed? Would you drop him for Marshall @ STL or just to make a standard add. Also, Coughlan’s been yawnstipating and I have Bri Rob. Drop him for Parra or Nick Johnson?

  120. BigFatHippo says:

    @big o:

    “I have had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn’t it.”

    Groucho Marx.

    I zagged. But BF Hipp is starting JA Happ, good call………..

  121. BigFatHippo says:

    @naughtandcross: HA! I got that. Too crude to comment on.

  122. Grey

    Grey says:

    @royce!: Bailey was worked the night before for a ton of pitches.

    @Dexter: Rasmus 15/10, Snider to the minors soon, Fowler 10/30

    @cubbies299: No, this was a tough start. Marshall is a lot safer though, if you need that sorta thing.

  123. I kept saying Mark Reynolds should have 15-20 steals this year.

  124. Hes getting better in the field too, made some great plays tonite

  125. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @Elijah: I snagged him tonight as he had just been dropped. Now I can have Davis v Reynolds on my team!

  126. royce! says:

    @naughtandcross: This guy too! Killed my Wandy buzz.

  127. Steve says:

    @BigFatHippo: Can you hear me Hippo? Can you hear me?

  128. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Gamel pinch hits and gets a 2 RBI double……Hall K’s in his next at bat.

    Come ON!

  129. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Sampson got the save again, should I snag him for vulture saves?

    My trade of Heath Bell and Marmol for Peavy is raising a big poop storm in one of my leagues. It’s a holds league.

    I am getting Peavy and the other guy offered the trade since he has way too much good pitching. Worth a Veto?

    I am in first and have won this league two years in a row, so I am fairly sure that is the driving force behind this.

  130. PJTres says:

    can you tell me in what order you like these SP in a keeper league?

    Greinke, Kershaw, Gallardo, Webb

  131. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Is Garrett Atkins droppable in a 12-team mixed league? I ask because apparently Jose Reyes just limped off the field and I have a feeling I’m going to need to pick up a SS.

    Honestly, it’d take a solid 3 or 4 day hot streak to consider playing Atkins again….is he worth rostering?

  132. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @mgeoffriau: he could def be dropped, who are you thinking about picking up?

  133. Justin Upton is really really gonna be great if he doesnt get hurt. Think Pedro Guerrero with blazing speed and should be a Plus outfielder in right with his cannon arm.

  134. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: Emmanuel Burris just got dropped yesterday, I was thinking he’d make a nice fill-in for Reyes. Also taking a look at Lugo, but haven’t decided if he’s worth rostering.

  135. And another 2 run moonshot for Mark Reynolds. What a doubleheader!

  136. Tom says:

    I love Reynolds. I called him A-Ram of the 17th Round and another owner stopped talking to me. I still stand by it. His numbers, apart from the average, really boost my team.

    For someone whose numbers are fairly easy to predict, he might be the biggest bargain out there. I’m not counting Hill, Adam Jones or others who were bigger question marks. It was always very likely that Reynolds would hit 25-30 HR, 90+ RBI, and 15+ steals, with a 240-250 avg. Yet he went so late in every draft I saw. I love it when a low avg scares people away.

  137. Yep. Its not that his numbers are that good so far (tho they are) its where he was available.

  138. I got in a huge argument with a guy who drafted Adam Dunn in r6, kept comparing it to the Reynolds pick in r20, Reynolds is Dunn with a little less power, but gets steals AND is a 3b.

  139. big o says:

    i ‘m afraid that if i ask grey another question tonight , he may end up on rudy’s risky expert list due to a significant increase in his work-load .
    but , i have to know , tonight …. with carpenter off the DL , do i drop hoffpauir or andruw ??

    obviously i was hoping d. lee/milton or c. davis would have retired by now .

    so , who is my bench player ?
    going with whomever you say …. but it has to be decided soon .

    thanks , guys

  140. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    I love Reynolds as well, and own him in two leagues. One of the best bargains in the draft.

    I had both De La Rosa and Cecil, but at least kept the latter on the bench, as per Grey’s suggestion. Thus, I felt only half the pain.

    Ticket Teaser of the day – Marlins beat ‘Zona 8-6 in 1st game of a doubleheader, and are tied 7-7 in the 2nd game in the tenth. HanRam – 0-9.

    Question for ye knowledgeable commenters – Is it officially time to give up on Jose Lopez? Kelly Johnson, who is hot now, seems to be at the beginning of one of his typical streaks and is available as a FA. Iwamura and Fontenot are the only other vaguely appealing options.

  141. Holy Mini Donkey’s Go Reynolds Go

  142. Steve says:

    @Grey: Didn’t say anything earlier as I didn’t want to jinx it, but nice call on Gaudin.

    There is a serious sonavabenching going on in my H2H match-up – my opponent has Reynolds on the bench…

  143. Steve says:

    I have Qualls and Meyer – aaarrrggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Elbert says:

    watching “Yvonne” pitched today made me vomit… damn you Yvonne, damn you fluffing J. Lopez….

    i hate fantasy baseball, it drives me nuts…. haha

  145. Ham says:

    @Steve: I have Qualls and Lindstrom. Ive been win teased twice in these last 2 IP. Best case scenario was the Lindstrom win with Pena’s runners scoring, but then Qualls was awesome and got out of it. Followed by Qualls in line for the win, and Qualls not being awesome. LAST CHANCE DBACKS, GET ME THAT QUALLS WIN!

  146. Steve says:

    @Ham: I’m with ya, bro!

  147. john says:

    Reyes is absolutely killing me, either be hurt and go to the DL or don’t be hurt and play like a man, make a decision!!

    Guzman, Escobar, Hariston Jr., Peralta or Barmes to give me some SS help while Reyes figures out if he has a pair?

  148. Elbert says:

    @Elijah: so what were your argument w/ that guy about Dunn vs. Reynolds?

  149. Steve says:

    Must be a tough day for the D-Backs though, with all that Schoeneweis business going on.

  150. Ham says:

    Look at the kid Parra battling. Come on Upton

  151. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Am I greedy for wanting to see Reynolds get another plate appearance?

  152. john says:

    @mgeoffriau: am i greedy hoping that plate appearance is a grand slam?

  153. Steve says:


    I have him too!

  154. Ham says:

    THERE WE GO UPTON! Alright who’s closing this mess out. Dust off your Slaten jerseys!

  155. AMazing doubleheader, best Ive seen in ages.

  156. @Elbert:

    Basically that he overdrafted Dunn in r6 when I got Reynolds in r20 who was the same player playing 3b.

  157. Ham says:

    Atkins is set to come of waivers tomorrow. I got waiver 12, do I make the add and drop Morrow? I have 6 other closers.

  158. To make it perfect, Im of course playing the guy this week who mocked Reynolds in HtH ;)

  159. DrEasy says:

    Stephen Drew with another awful day. Is he a buy-low candidate? If so, what should I offer? I’m thinking Rich Hill or Jason Frasor + Coghlan. Is that too low?

    My Gaudin stream worked to perfection! I dropped him for Aceves, a temp job to maybe get a hold or a vulture win, and next I’m going after Outman.

  160. Grey

    Grey says:

    @DrEasy: Seems a bit too low, but it’s worth a shot.

  161. Prince says:

    @Grey, I’m leading in steals, low in BA/R/RBI — would Konerko be better than Cameron at the UTIL spot? Projections seem similar for both.

    @DrEasy: Drew .. yeah, awful day to say the least.

  162. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Prince: Yeah, go with Konerko.

  163. Adam says:

    Ian Stewart or Hairston Jr. as a temporary Reyes fill-in?

  164. papasmurf says:

    I snapped Nolasco off WW as someone waived him. He’ll be my #6 and if he can maintain a low 4’s ERA going forward I’d be happy as I would only start him vs. bad teams anyhow. Oh I am getting psyched at my team as my pitching staff is tops in W, ERA, K, and WHIP.

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