Ohmigod, Grey’s totally going against Rudy’s risky pitcher post?  They are so fighting.  I hope Rudy rips off Grey’s stache.  $5 says it’s not real. Uh-hum.  I can hear you, random italicized voice.  I’m actually typing you!  My bad. So, yes, Jon Lester is a risky pitcher.  But at this point, he’s also a buy.  His ERA’s 6.31.  That’s ridunkiculous from where it should be.  He’s pitching well (minus some ill-timed long balls), tremendous K-rate, solid walk rate.  A pitcher who is pitching well and has a 6.31 ERA is such a crazy buy, that I wouldn’t be surprised if his owners weren’t even selling.  But, on the other hand, they’re smarting from his earned runs.  They may see LaTroy Hawkins or Jason Bartlett and be like, “Hey, Lester’s killing me, why not take a guy that at least has been good?”  That’s why you prey on those suckas.  This is why you have brass balls and you just chucked one at your mean lady neighbor who keeps bugging you when you turn the Dropkick Murphys to eleven and put it on repeat.  I’m a sailor peg!!!  And I lost my leg!!!  I love that song.  Wait, what was I saying?  Oh, yeah.  Lester — get him, within reason.  Anyway, here’s some more players to Buy and Sell this week in fantasy baseball:


Justin Duchscherer – If he’s on waivers and you can stash him on your DL, stash away.

Koji Uehara – I mentioned his delicious tacos and WHIP the other day then afterwards I think I heard a pin drop.  What, no love for Koji?  1.12 WHIP and 32/7 K/BB in 42 and two-thirds innings.  Get on the taco truck!

Nolan Reimold – “Weiters, you gotta see the meals they give you!  And the towels… They’re not hard from dried glue!  Oh, and I saw the guy that played Bunk in the stands.  Markakis is gonna take me to Dick’s Last Resort tonight.   Oh, it’s all so wonderful.  I’ll try to write again soon.”  Reimold has about 20 homers and a .280 if he were to play every day for the rest of the year.  I think he falls about 8 homers short of those projections.  If he gets hot, you might be able to flip him.

Chris Coghlan – Has the best opportunity to impress because the Marlins will give anyone a fair shot.  Shoot, they’re still waiting on Hermida!  Coghlan can give you middle infielder numbers at 3rd.  15/15 might be his ceiling for this year.

Gerardo Parra – Rookie Nookie is alive and well.  Hinch says Parra will see time.  Might be because he wants to put his stamp on the team.  Who’s Hinch?  Not important.  Parra can run.

Mat Gamel – The end all be all.  The big mah-hoff.  The head cheese.  The one guy I would’ve benched for a month in a keeper league.  But he has no playing time.  It may be too early for him.  But in deep leagues if you’re sitting on a random schmohawk middle reliever, and Gamel’s available, it’s worth the two week gamble to sit him on your bench and see what he does.  Don’t drop the Queen for the Rook, but you can drop a Pawn.

Ricky Nolasco – Another risky pitcher.  He’s either hurt or he’ll be much better.  Again, I’m not saying drop Cueto to grab him.  But Nolasco’s owners are definitely fed up with him, so it would pay to buy him very cheaply now and hope for a correction.

Rich Hill – Could be on his way back.  Honestly, I’m not picking him up in any league.  I’d pick up three Randy Wolfs and five Gaudins (Hey, I’m an art collector!) before I picked up one Rich Hill.  He’ll have tough match-ups, his meltdowns are legendary, I’m just not that brave.  I can understand it in deep leagues, just won’t be me.

Ian Stewart – With Alex Gordon on the DL, someone’s gotta be my crush.

Jerry Hairston Jr. – He’s hot right now.  Not sure if it’ll last, but it doesn’t hurt to take a two week flier on a middle infielder.

Emmanuel Burriss – George Papadapolis owns him.  Why won’t you?

Ryan Madson – Lidge has been a mess.  Something’s up.  Ain’t his value.

Juan Cruz – Shouldn’t be on waivers in any league that counts saves.  Soria has shoulder trouble.  ‘Nuff said.  Or enough, if you’re a completist.

David Aardsma – Will be getting saves by next Monday.  May get them for the next month.


Joakim Soria – Don’t trade him (or drop him) right now.  But at the first sign of good news or when he returns, I’d explore trade offers for him.  When a team checks to see if there’s structural damage on your closer’s shoulder, it’s not good news no matter the results.

Any Schmohawk The Nats Put In the 9th Inning Role – I’m one of the biggest save vultures you’ll ever meet.  I own Dan Wheeler for crimey sakes!  Still, I’m not going near this one.  Kip smells, Hanaratty, Bye-mel… None of them.

Brian Roberts – He has 5 steals and 3 times caught.  He’s 31 years-old.  Maybe he lost that extra step that makes all the difference.  If you’re banking on 40 steals, you might want to look at trading Roberts and picking up Burriss.

Jason Bartlett – Let’s see, he’s batting .369.  He’s a .285 hitter.  He has 5 homers, that’s tied for his career high.  He has 9 steals.  Maybe he gets to 30.  So you’re looking at a guy who’s bumping his head on his ceiling and you wanna get on his back? Not unless you wanna fall for the old banana in the tailpipe.

  1. Mike says:

    New to the site…love it BTW; I’m looking for a 2B upgrade (own Kelly Johnson), and want to go after Lester. Is offering up Derrick Lowe & Johnson too much for Lester and Ian Stewart?

  2. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mike: I like that deal for you.

  3. Falcon says:

    is Hart and Nolasco for Halladay a balanced trade or highway robbery?

  4. Nick says:

    @Grey: Stick with Lowell as Aramis Ramirez replacement or go with Blalock, Blake, Rolen or Reynolds?

  5. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Falcon: I’d want Halladay, it’s sorta fair.

    @Nick: You can stick.

  6. Mike says:

    Grey, thanks for the quick response; Now I have another that you might biatchslap me for…just yesterday I traded Lindstrom & Matt Harrison for Soria, (16-team, redraft, H2H-Points league). And no, Cruz isn’t available. Is your dislike for Harrison and Lindstrom enough for you to approve what I did, or no? I went and picked up Kiko Calero and Ramon Ramirez to hold me over until Soria comes back.

  7. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mike: It’s not great, but I do dislike Harrison, so you’re okay.

  8. AL KOHOLIC says:

    grabbed uehara yesterday,been wandering about duch,had him last year,jumped on reimold for his short stint,saying reimolds going back asap.but ik really like uehara,he`s pitched against yanks twice,texas twice,boston,tampa and L.A,faired nice and opponents gotta get easier

  9. Mann of Sandd says:

    Which side would you prefer in the following deal? Manny and Cliff Lee for Ibanez and Brett Myers? Player trading Ibanez has A-Rod and Tex with Vlad coming back.

  10. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Mann of Sandd: dependson who can fill in for manny(deepness of league)but if you have a decent sub,i like manny/lee

  11. I’ve heard Uehara won’t go deep into games. Still worth it even if the wins may be low? Wins are partial to luck obviously, but in this case I’m not sure if that’s true.

  12. airlifting says:

    a wire reference…best damn blog out there.

  13. @Mann of Sandd: There are probably 5+ pitchers in FA I’d rather have than Myers, I’d take Manny/Lee

  14. Zebo says:

    why is Kiko Calero being talked about so much? I can’t find much on him. What’s he doing? Closing for the Marlins?

  15. cws05nuts says:

    @Grey: Nice double edged sideswipe at the fish and Hermida. Is striking out a Coghlan problem at all?

  16. sean says:

    @Grey: Gaudin? Really? The dude with 70s porno bush on his chin? The dude who just walked SEVEN guys last night?

  17. Mike says:

    @zebo: Lindstrom is shaky; Calero is underrated and could succeed given the opportunity

  18. Eric H. says:

    Would you offer any of the following for Lester: Vazquez, Harden, Slowey, Liriano, Jered Weaver, Lowe?

  19. Would Jered Weaver be considered a Hold for this week? I would like to trade Weaver and Crawford for Braun and Lester, as the other owner seemed open to the idea of dealing around Crawford-Braun.

  20. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: You like Uehara or Dooksheer better than Meche, either-or, or both?

  21. Grey

    Grey says:

    @bpasinko: It’s not a problem if he gives you solid Ks and a solid WHIP. Well, I mean it is. But it can be overlooked.

    @cws05nuts: “Is striking out a Coghlan problem at all?” Huh?

    @Eric H.: Nope. I’d offer Theriot or the Yunel or the Morrow or the random outfielder who’s hot. I wouldn’t offer a starter.

    @sean: Gaudin (at home)

    @VanHammersly: I’d want Braun there as long as you’re good on steals.

    @ParkCyde: Thanks for the heads up, but what were you doing there?

    @BigFatHippo: Both, if healthy.

  22. Atomic says:

    To add Uehara, who goes? – Masterson, Cecil, Holland, Martis, Wheeler, Ray or even Reynolds (backing up Chipper)? I imagine Holland, but I kinda like him for SP/RP vulture stats.

  23. Thunder Dan says:

    @bpasinko: @AL KOHOLIC: I’ve been an Uehara owner for his past three starts in my deepest league. From what I’ve read, he starts games out on fire. He definitely gets more hittable as the game goes on, though — all his earned runs seem to come in the fifth or sixth innings. Don’t know if it’s because of fatigue or if the hitters just have a better idea of what to expect once they’ve seen him a few times.

  24. Eric H. says:

    Bench Jered Weaver at Texas on Sunday?

  25. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @Thunder Dan: agreed,and that and the fact its baltimore leads to less w`s,but he`s already went against top teams

  26. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Atomic: Yeah, Holland.

    @Eric H.: Yup

    @ParkCyde: This was one of the reasons why I was so annoyed with ESPN. Yahoo links to us to try and help us out. On the other hand, ESPN asks us to do an interview with them for publicity for their site, then they badmouth us when they’re not happy with how it turns out. Has anyone ever seen ESPN fantasy link to anyone? Ever? Not sure why I decided to vent to you, but you carry the burden. Thank you.

  27. Eric H. says:

    How about the flyball pitcher Slowey at Yankee Stadium?

  28. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Nice rant, get in a dig at ESPN every chance you get.

    Can we play there again next year?

  29. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eric H.: Ugh, don’t like it either. Sorry. I would start Weaver over Slowey, actually.

  30. BigFatHippo says:

    @BigFatHippo: I meant at Yahoo, cause they gave a shoutout to Razzz…….

    Oh, you know what I meant, you’re me………..

  31. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: The nice thing is outsiders can get to teams at ESPN, that was the main catalyst. Seriously, how could ESPN say to us, we didn’t link to them enough? You’re freakin’ ESPN. Link to us, you douchebags. Ugh.

  32. Joel says:

    Did anyone catch Ian Stewart’s rzips this season?

    422 AB
    22 HR
    66 R
    76 RBI
    7 SB
    .275 AVG

    I’ll take that. Now get some OF playing time for the triple eligibility.

  33. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: No, you meant ESPN. They suck. Yahoo linked to us and Behrens has us in a league. They’re good people. (Even if I don’t agree with everything they say.) ESPN on the other hand, says to us we should be linking to them for publicity. How dare they?

  34. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Somebody’s got his hackles raised.

    Forgot that Yahoo won’t let outsiders in, we’ll do ESPN next year, but I don’t have to like it.

  35. AL KOHOLIC says:

    damn dropped reimold (he`s going back soon)and hes against grienke for hoffpair and frikin hoffs game gets ppdalready had crackhead bradley serving a 1 game manny,he didnt want to serve his suspension when he was hurt.retard

  36. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Joel: Love me some Stewart.

  37. @Grey: Is Berry a little jealous that he left his own site and can’t say some of the thing he wishes he can? I also think it really eats him up inside that everyone loves Bill Simmons.

    @AL KOHOLIC: I think Uehara got hurt and relieved in 2007, then 2008 he was a starter again coming back from injury. So the innings/stamina may not be there. I think if you have wins Uehara is a sweet addition. If you’re ratios are good maybe there is a better option available?

  38. Eric says:

    Should I drop Meche for De La Rosa or stick tight?

  39. Eric says:

    Thanks Grey. Will stick with Meche.

  40. Eric says:

    What about picking up Chris Duncan for Elijah Dukes? I’m leaning towards sticking with Dukes because of the stolen base potential. What do you think?

  41. Steve says:

    Anyone know if Votto is back today?

  42. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    Uehera, Duchhhhhhereerer or Rich Hill? The college graduate in me says Duchs! The wasabi in me says Uehera! The Pabst Blue Ribbon in me says Hill!

  43. Ernie Imbroglio says:

    I’ve got a Larish with no place to put him (having Longoria and Lowell at 3B and CI in an AL-only league will do that). I’m looking to shore up the MI. Should I nab Jayson Nix, Adam Kennedy, or Bobby Crosby? I’m leaning Nix, but my brain has turned to mush.

  44. IowaCubs

    IowaCubs says:

    @Grey: Ok… someone in my league must be reading the Razzball. How much do I need to pay you to email me those buy/sells in advance??

    Next options: Hill v. Duchs? (sounds like a class action lawsuit)

  45. @Eric: Dukes may not have the green light to run much longer. He’s only 2-8 in SB attempts thus far. But still, I like Dukes over Duncan.

  46. sean says:

    Good news re: Josh Zoltar: The Palm Beach Post reports that Marlins SP Josh Johnson (shoulder weakness) played catch Friday and will throw his normal bullpen session. “Just a one-day thing,” he said. “Things feel good today. I’ve got no problems today.”

  47. Grey

    Grey says:

    @sean: I really hope they’re not lying.

  48. tylenol38 says:

    Koji Uehara or Braden?

  49. vinko says:

    Did you see Ortiz’s line yesterday? 0/7 with 12 men left on base. Can’t remember the last time dude hit a donk! sell,sell,sell?

  50. Doc says:

    @vinko: Who’s going to buy?

  51. Bamboo Cheetah says:

    Tim Linc and Felipe Lopez for Prince Fielder and AJ Burnet.

    6×5 League (+OPS). Thoughts?

  52. vinko says:

    @Doc: Good point! Think he’s headed for my razz team!

  53. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Bamboo Cheetah: I’d take the Fielder side, with pause. And only if I really needed a 1st baseman and had pitching to spare.

  54. PJTres says:

    grey…i have too many OF’s (bay, bjupton, lind, dukes, pierre, coco, ethier)
    no one will trade me for my excess, but i think i need some pitching…

    do i drop someone??? if so who…and who for?

    cecil (who id prob have to use my #4 waiver on) /pelfrey/ sonnanstine?

    My pitching is greinke, shields, garza, jurrjens, jered weaver THATS IT!

  55. Grey

    Grey says:

    @PJTres: Be good if you could trade one, but I could see dropping Coco for a pitcher, but none of those. How deep is this league?

  56. Got offered Carlos Beltran for Alex Rios and Carlos Pena, would this be too much to give up?

    I have Ryan Howard at 1b, so don’t play Pena there any. For OF, I have Markakis, Quentin, Mclouth, Justin Upton and Choo in a play 3 OF and 1 UTIL set up.


  57. Yeah, I’m mainly trying to decide if the headache of setting my lineup each night is worth it.

  58. Zebo says:

    Will Cain and Wainwright come around? Is Wainwright going wrong this year too?

  59. PJTres says:

    @Grey: Its a 12 team keeper…but with decent size benches…

    other pitchers (than cecil, sonnanstine, pelfrey) that are out there are snell, richhill, matt harrison
    and i just traded FOR bay (a 2 for 1) and the other guys is dropping armando gallaraga when the deal processes…i could grab him when he clears waivers? ugh…none of them are particularly enticing, but thats teh situation… thanks.

  60. G says:

    Trade Span or BJ Ryan for Lester. Would either be fair?

  61. Infamous says:

    Mags for Lester?

    And should I start Cecil tonight against the CWS?

  62. vinko says:

    Flores just hit the DL and I need a replacement in a 2 catcher league. Here are a few possible replacements: Diaz, Hundley, Olivio, Mathis, or Nieves. Thanks

  63. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Zebo: I hope they come around, since I’m heavily invested. Their peripheral numbers don’t necessarily say so.

    @PJTres: Lose Coco for Cecil if he pitches well tonight.

    @G: I’d want Lester over both of them.

    @Infamous: I’d wnat Lester. It’s risky, but I think you gotta start him.

  64. Grey

    Grey says:

    @vinko: Eh, none of those are obviously good, but grab Nieves for the time being to see if he can continue to hit while he’s out.

  65. Steve says:

    I’m happy to sit on Gamel in my roto leagues as I have other 3B options. In my H2H league, though, he’s my Aramis fill-in.

    How long do I give him to see if he gets worthwhile PT? End of the week?

    Or will he see plenty of DH action in interleague play?

  66. Robert says:

    Go with Kazmir tonight?

  67. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Steve: You need to hold him through interleague and I expect him to play every day during it.

  68. Mr Baseball says:

    Tommy Hanson owners are going to be upset that Medlen got the call up before him –

  69. vinko says:

    @Steve: Just heard Votto is playing tonight!

  70. Dingo says:

    If I’m looking to upgrade from Reynolds to A-Rod, and I’ve got Votto, Fielder, and Berkman as trading chips, does 1B + Reynolds for A-Rod make sense with any of these guys?

    I’ve got Vlad coming off the DL soon, so I’m not worried about the empty roster spot.

  71. Steve says:

    @vinko: Nice. Just waiting on Gamel-toe now.

  72. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dingo: I’d trade any of those guys straight up for A-Rod, but I wouldn’t put in the Reynolds bargaining chip.

  73. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @Dingo: I’d try Berkman first…..Votto’s rep hasn’t reached Fielder’s or Berkman’s yet (meaning you might have to throw in Reynolds), and Prince is younger and solid. Berkman’s still scuffling a bit and you never know if that wrist injury is really healed or not.

  74. what about getting hawpe with beltran for pena and rios? Thanks

  75. RT says:

    @Mr Baseball:
    Yes, I am one of those owners. WTF?

  76. Sabs says:

    How do we like Lester vis a vis Wainwright? Does a trade of Hawpe/Wainwright for Carlos Lee/Lester make much sense? I’m leaning toward no but interested to hear other opinions.

  77. Doc says:

    @Sabs: I’d take Lee and Lester in a heartbeat

  78. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Sabs: Vis a vis? Ha! I’d want the Lee side.

  79. Sabs says:

    @Grey: Who doesn’t love using some faux French (there, I did it again) to liven up a comment?

    Would you still like that trade if I told you the rest of my SPs were Gallardo, Bedard, Scherzer, Weaver, and Chris Young? Zut alors!

  80. Martin says:

    in the next two days I have Beckett @ Sea, Oswalt @ CHC, Joba Vs. MIN, Zimm Vs. Phillies, Slowey @ NYY, Parra @ STL, Marshall vs Hou

    I need about 4 (guesstimate) starts. Who would you choose?

  81. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Sabs: You’ll get no argument from moi. Yeah, I’d still like it.

    @Martin: Beckett, Joba, Oswalt, Parra, in that order.

  82. johnson21 says:

    Grey, Cecil or Hanson? Cecil is tearing shi* up.

  83. Joel says:

    I’ve been trying to clear roster space for quite some time.

    I moved Cliff Lee and Ryan Franklin for Jacoby Ellsbury.

    I don’t know if this helps me very much but basically, I’m a trade addict.

  84. should g.parra , d.fowler, n.morgan produce similar #s (maybe fowler little more power)….whod u want for a runs/sbs/ …..5th OF worthy?


  85. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    Holy crap….somehow I just now realized that the AJ Hinch managing the Dbacks is the same AJ Hinch that was a decent catcher (at least when I was playing Baseball Mogul in 2002) for the Oakland A’s.

  86. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mark: Yup, one in the same.

  87. Rick Dempsey says:

    @ Grey: What a call on De La Rosa……………if the rockies could only score a damn run on the bucs pen!

  88. JR says:

    *****Morrow removed as closer. The manager said Aardsma would lead a committee.

  89. BKK says:

    Its time for the reality show we have all come to know and love “The Nats Biggest C-Loser”

    Who will be today’s biggest loser?

  90. BKK says:

    @BKK: Well that didn’t take long.

  91. so this week is killing me…my hitting is solid…but what I thought was a strength in pitching i’ve had Nolasco/Josh Johnson/Shields/Danks starts absolutely destroy my ERA and WHIP…not too mention a rare Broxton debacle…now I have 5 innings of greatness and one inning of puke to look forward to from Oswalt tomorrow…C-Bills is the only one keeping me from going crazy

    and now I find out that Yahoo has a link to Razzball so all of the other turdbuckets in my league can find out about the wisdom of Grey…I mean awesome for Razzball but I don’t like it

  92. Ernie Imbroglio says:

    If Scott Baker is Lieutenant Colonel of Suck and Garrett Atkins is Major Suck, I think we can officially deem Scott Kazmir “Sergeant Suck” with a high probability of rank leapfrogging. 3 1/3, 10 hits, 4 walks, 7 ER. Stick that in your WHIP and smoke it. Big League Choo is on fire.

    Good thing I’ve got Kaz on the bench. And at this rate, soon to the waiver wire.

    I think we can also bestow an honorary rank upon Erik Bedard as Captain Hinky.

  93. BKK says:

    @danimal35: Are you limited by roster moves, if not then stream some pitchers the rest of the weekend and hope to catch some lightening to level off you ERA and WHIP. At least Lock up K’s and maybe W’s. I assume we are talking H2H.

  94. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Carlos Lee or Big Tex going fwd?

  95. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Drop the Hanson for Cecil?

  96. @BKK: Ya it’s H2H but I have nobody to drop unless it is one of those pitchers or Bailey…i have to give up on whip and era and hope to sweep hitting (doing that so far) and win Ks and maybe saves or HRs allowed…I’m still winning this week and am just over-dramatizing

    @Grey: you think we can make a secret link to real information and start giving horrible advice on this page for a while??

  97. Utley is 0-14 with 1 run this week…do I try to pry him from a possibly frustrated owner for Brian Roberts and R Franklin?

  98. G says:

    For rest of the year value, who’s better??….Hanrahan, Sherill, Hawkins or Cruz?

  99. Doc says:

    Capps craps on my team again. Is Grabow still second in line even though he sucks?

  100. Mr Baseball says:

    J. De La Rosa 10 big K’s and best of all no walks – Grey they use to laugh at you for having a J. De La Rosa bumper sticker but no more

  101. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Is Carlos Lee and Stephen Drew a terrible offer for Braun?

  102. Mr Baseball says:

    Grey looking forward on what you have to say about Kris Medlen – hope he is not the next Luke Hochevar and since you are good friends with Braves Management any reason they brought him up instead of Hanson

  103. Schlitzy says:

    Love the impromtu rant on ESPN’s wackness. The commentary from that site has been bugging me all day. Why do I read that garbage you ask? Oh you didn’t ask…well razzball.com is blocked at work and I need something other than the NY Post to read during lunch. But Reading about this new stat created by ESPN made me want to go all Office Space on my computer.

    “So for this week’s “Stat Talk” section of Hit Parade, I’ve come up a brand-new stat called “mass and momentum”: a ratings system that is both “value-based,” as well as “skills-based” in order to create a way to indicate which players may have already peaked, and which ones still have the “momentum” to continue on their current pace.

    First, we’ll assign each stat used in a standard 5×5 league a value based upon the total number of each that exists in the current major league universe so far in 2009. If there are fewer stolen bases than home runs by a factor of 1.6, then each individual stolen base will be worth 1.6 more than each home run in my rankings, and so on. (This is different from the ESPN Player Rater, where each statistical category is weighted equally.) This value is then averaged per at-bat and scaled out to the average number of at-bats for a regular everyday player, so that those with limited playing time do not get overvalued. We then rank the to-date accomplishments of each player to measure the speed at which he’s accumulated his stats so far this season. We’ll call this a player’s “velocity.”

    Next, we take the velocity and tweak it according to a complex formula based on each hitter’s skill set, determined by a combination of stats that measure patience at the plate, ability to put the ball in play, power potential and speed. This “weighing down” of the velocity creates a new value, called a player’s “mass,” and shows where each player’s true rank should be, taking away any “lucky streaks” unwarranted by an analysis of the individual skills exhibited so far in 2009.

    The last step for predicting future performance comes in combining the ranks of mass and velocity into a single stat called momentum. A number close to zero indicates that a player is performing exactly as expected so far in 2009. As the momentum gets more positive, the more likely it is that the player will be able not only to sustain his current numbers longer, but also to possibly improve upon them. And conversely, the more negative a player’s momentum is, the more likely it is that the player’s performance will come crashing back down to earth, unable to continue its ascent into the stratosphere.

    I’ll be using this as my basis for the analysis that follows, and I hope you’ll come along for the ride. Fasten your seat belts … here we go!”

    I apologize but I feel better now.

  104. BKK says:

    @danimal35: That is actually the worst place to be…that your players are just lousy enough, that you feel you can’t drop any of them. Really hampers your ability to react to a bad week from your starters.

  105. BKK says:

    @Schlitzy: You know what’s funny. We get 15 minutes of news and sports before the Novel screen of Big Brother tells us that we’ve shot our wad for the day. However, Razzball flys under the radar. I am usually too busy to camp here during the day but funny how some sites get blocked by IT dept’s and others don’t.

  106. Schlitzy says:

    @BKK: yeah after reading this garbage i sent an email to IT asking them to block ESPN.

  107. Prince says:

    @Schlitzy: Hah! Yeah, that “Massmomentum” thing was a true load of shite ..

  108. Doc says:

    Percival pitching in the 7th

  109. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @Doc: nice call, have to watch this one……

  110. Doc says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: of course he gets a 1-2-3 inning. Not sure what this means.

  111. Doc says:

    Gonzalez blows Vazquez’s win and Capps blows Maholm’s win. That Blows!

  112. BigFatHippo says:

    @Doc: Looks like I traded Percy just in time in both leagues. Think Wheeler’s the guy?

  113. Doc says:

    @BigFatHippo: I hear he needed the work, but I don’t know why he was used in the 7th. Howell has better stats, but Wheeler has been a closer.

  114. Doc says:

    Night of the blown save. Lidge again.

  115. BigFatHippo says:


    Is 2009 the year of the crappy closer or what? Excluding $12 Salads, damn near every team is playing musical closers, or Chinese Fire Drill at the stop light in the 9th.

    Do what I did, package two crappy closers for one solid one, then pick up another crappy closer, Aardsma, Cruz, Wuerth, etc….

    Offer say, Percival and Downs for K-Rod. Trust me, it works, I pulled that off in my auction league. Good luck and good fishing.

  116. Doc says:

    @BigFatHippo: Sounds like a plan. I’ve been offering closers for starters and decent hitters with no luck. 2 schmosers for 1 big salad closer is good.

  117. vinko says:

    Utley seems to be having a tough week.

  118. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @BigFatHippo: Or do what I did, send Bell of in a package deal and get Morrow back 2 days before he loses the job.


  119. Schlitzy says:

    Nathan on the verge of blowing…

  120. Doc says:

    Zobrist with another HR

  121. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    Don’t think I can drop Morrow yet…..drop CJ Wilson for Wheeler?

  122. Schlitzy says:

    Nathan Blown

  123. BigFatHippo says:

    @Mark: See, that’s what I’m talkin bout. Don’t package, don’t target the Morrows of the world, simply deal 2 for 1 Nathan. Especially if he blows Liriano’s start tonight. Your conversation should go like this…..”But I’m giving you two closers that could get 20 apiece for one that could get 20 more from here on out. That’s 40 for 20, and I really like your team name BTW, Man-Roid is hilarious, creative and original, keep up the good work.”

    OK, you might want to come up with your own conversation, I got nuttin that doesn’t involve beer as bribe.

    @Schlitzy: Deal for him now, see one inch above………..

  124. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @BigFatHippo: Yeah, but I can’t complain really….the entire deal was Werth, Beltre, and Bell and I got Carlos Quentin and Brandon Morrow in return.

    I’d love a moratorium on steroid-related team names though….it’s not funny.

  125. Martin says:

    gill meche or matt caps?

  126. Doc says:

    Have Mauer and Sandoval. Sell high on Mauer? Another friggin HR!

  127. BigFatHippo says:

    @Mark: So, the deal was Werth, Beltre and Bell (a potential Salad) for Quentin. Not sure you win that one my man.

    re: Moratorium on names, our frickin league name is A-Roids, go figure. I’d rather it be Assterhoids………

  128. Doc says:

    Adrian G with another Donk! The guy should never be pitched to in that lineup.

  129. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @BigFatHippo: Beltre was on my bench…Chipper, Mark Reynolds, and (DLed) Alex Gordon are on my roster. Werth….well, let’s say this hot streak has been a little painful to watch, probably comparable to the kind of pain you feel when your left heel is bruised — oh wait, that’s a funny thing, that’s the same injury Quentin’s been suffering from…….

    Yesterday, I had Quentin, Crawford, Jose Reyes, and Manny all on my bench, just staring at me.

  130. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @BigFatHippo: Oh yeah, meant to add — to start this season, my league had an “A-roids”, “roid free zone”, and a “roid rage”.

    I brought it hard with the gas cans and machetes and named my team, “UguethWhatYouDeserve”…..but I’m undergoing a temporary renaming, “Manny Being Banny” until July 3rd.

  131. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    CJ Wilson with a 1 out save…guess I won’t be dropping him……….

    …..I did discover the solution to this closer problem tonight…..it’s called red wine.

  132. BigFatHippo says:

    @Mark: Ouch, that’s gotta hurt. My foot just started bleeding when I read that.

  133. BigFatHippo says:

    @Mark: Ha, and cold beer!

  134. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Wheeler pitched the ninth in a tie game and best of all, BJ Upton 3-5, 2B, 1HR, 2SB!

  135. Steve says:

    Will Happ start tomorrow if he’s pitching tonight?

  136. BigFatHippo says:

    @Steve: No, they’ll start someone else. Get him out of your lineup.

  137. Steve says:

    Uehara, Parra or Masterson for Sunday?

  138. Doc says:

    from Rotowire

    Percival pitched a scoreless seventh inning on Friday night, allowing no baserunners but striking out one batter.

    Manager Joe Maddon mentioned that he was upset at the seven day lay-off that Percival received in between his last two appearances. This outing was early, but the Rays were down and manager Joe Maddon was looking to get him more work.

  139. BigFatHippo says:

    @Steve: I have Uehara and Parra, I’m starting them both.

    Masterson, eh, dropped him 2 weeks ago.

  140. Prince says:

    Wow. Lester is definitely not courting me right now. What’s with him, he hits a rough spot and just implodes. Unbelievable.

  141. Elbert says:

    hey guys, Hermida or Matsui or Dejesus moving forward?

    can’t seem to find a solution with these guys… i have to consider BA, TB, BB, RBI, HR, OPS, etc…

  142. BigFatHippo says:

    @Prince: Thanks for the “Fish called Wanda” reference last night. Forgot about that movie, gonna rent it tomorrow and watch it with the kids. I’ll tell em to thank Prince and they’ll go….”Huh?”

    @Elbert: Matsui all the way. Godzirra!!!!

  143. Dingo says:

    Okay, I’m trying a new approach:

    How about trading Reynolds + Votto for David Wright? Would you accept that trade?

  144. Elbert says:

    @Dingo: if you can pull it off, of course do it. But i doubt the trade will work…

  145. G says:

    For rest of the year value, who’s better??….Hanrahan, Sherill, Hawkins or Cruz?

  146. Prince says:

    @BigFatHippo: Hah! Sweet, enjoy! Great flick ..

  147. PJTres says:

    When is Ben Sheets forecasted to come back if all goes well?
    Update says he is due to check in w/ Dr. Andrews this week to try and get the ok to start his throwing program…

  148. PJTres says:

    @ last comment (obv. needs to sign with a team too) just wondering. hah

  149. Grey

    Grey says:

    @danimal35: You can try, don’t know if it’ll work.

    @G: Hawkins for right now, wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Cruz.

    @Mr Baseball: I know!

    @Doc: Grabow, probably.

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: Not at all.

    @Mr Baseball: I bid on Medlen in my NL-Only ($1) and lost. One or two speed bumps and he’s gone for Hanson though.

    @Schlitzy: Ha! Yeah, bunch of nonsense over there.

    @Martin: Capps

    @Steve: Cheap Happ and Wheeler wins, woo-hoo!

    @PJTres: August, maybe.

  150. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @Grey: Thanks! The guy emailed me back super pissed off and I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t crazy. Not saying it’s an amazing offer, but didn’t think I deserved the rant. No Sizemore for me I guess.

  151. PWNightmare says:

    TOTALS: 14/38, 14 R, 4 HR, 16 RBI, 0 SB, .368
    TOTALS: 9.1 innings 8 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 7 K, 1 W, 2 SV, 0.96 ERA 0.96 WHIP

    And I end up -2.5 on the day?! Fuck you, Jesus.

  152. Colin says:

    Thank you Giants for putting Brian Wilson in a non-save situation on b2b nights only to get roughed up again.

    Here’s a tip for you managers out there that think you know baseball. Closers have a different mentality then other relief pitchers. They thrive on pressure situations and that means preserving a lead of 3 runs or less. They focus better when the game is on the line with a small lead not when its tied or your losing. They could care less about that. And if your closer gets killed the night before in a non-save situation don’t put him back out there the next night in another non-save situation. 49 pitches in 2 innings. Way to go, you have now just rendered Wilson unavailable for the rest of the 4 game series. Congrats and enjoy being swept by the Mets.

  153. Colin says:

    Grey, I got offered Lidge and Nick Johnson for Adrian Gonzalez. I am first in homers an RBI by 22 each and could use an elite closer. Johnson’s avg. and OBP ain’t too shabby either. What are your thoughts on Lidge and his slump? Would you do this deal in my situation?

  154. Rick Dempsey says:

    @Colin: Brad Lidge the fragile genius closer. I wish I could get Adrian Gonzalez for that punk.

  155. Elbert says:

    for those who picked up Reimol, be aware of comments from ESPN.com:
    “If Luke Scott (shoulder) and Adam Jones (hamstring) are ready to play this weekend, Reimold could return to Triple-A, the Baltimore Sun reports.
    Spin: Reimold went 1-for-5 in his major league debut on Thursday. The Orioles have made it clear they want him to play every day and it doesn’t look like the team is ready to commit to him on a full-time basis with the big league club. Both Scott and Jones missed Thursday’s game, so he just might be able to make it through the weekend. With Rich Hill making his debut on Saturday, the Orioles will need a corresponding roster move and Reimold could be the one sent down. It’s certainly a disappointment to those who snatched him up, but Reimold could return within a month if he goes back to business in Triple-A.”

  156. Griff says:

    @Colin: Take a dump on your mouse and see if that’s enough weight to depress your left-click button on the “reject” option.

  157. Griff says:

    At what point does Scott Baker become a buy low option? I may be able to swing him for Scott Downs straight up.

  158. knighttown says:

    In one of the worst Sonofabench nights of my young career I had my entire bench, Choo and Drew go yard, Choo for the second time in two nights. Also, i had Gonzalez blow (my) Vazquez win and CJ Wilson on the bench for his save. And I started Brandon Morrow for his two shittacular performances. I might take up bull fighting…it seems less stressful.

  159. Elbert says:

    @Colin: if i were getting Adrian by ridding N. Johnson + Lidge, I would be giggling at the sucka…. hope it’s not you on charity end.

  160. paulzone says:

    who would you rather have at SS – hardy or drew?

  161. paulzone says:

    one more, which closer out of gonzo, hawkins, cruz? I own gonzo right now.

  162. brad says:

    I’m trying to trade my excess in the outfield for pitching in a 16 team keep 6 league. I offered ichiro for hamels and he came back with ellsbury for hamels. that would leave me with lee, rios, and ichiro at of with probably one of kubel or dan murphy at util.

    ellsbury too much for hamels? or SAGNOF?

  163. brad says:

    @paulzone: drew, gonzales would be my picks.

  164. Grey

    Grey says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: Nice, that’s the kind of reaction you want.

    @Colin: Nice Wilson rant.

    I’d want Adrian Gonzalez there.

    @Griff: I’d take him for Downs, if I was set in saves. You can’t start him at first though, he’s been awful. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it stays like that all year.

    @knighttown: Ole!

    @paulzone: Drew — Gonzo

    @brad: I wouldn’t want Ellsbury for Hamels, plus you have Ichiro, Ellsbury’s not a good fit for your team.

  165. Schatzi says:

    @Grey and co.
    I’m gonna try and get Lester. The owner needs 2B/SS.
    I was thinking of offering my F.Lopez/B.Myers/M.Ordonez for his Rios/Lester. Do you like this trade for me?

    The owner with F.Hernandez also wants a SS, but I’d probably have to part with Al.Ramirez in order to acquire him.


  166. Vince says:

    I have Kelvim Escobar stashed on my DL spot. Smoltz and Duchscherer are in the FA pool… How would you rank those 3 pitchers?

  167. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Schatzi: I <3 that Myers trade for you.

    @Vince: Smoltz, Duchscherer, Escobar, in that order.

  168. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Start Wainwright today?

  169. Vince says:

    @Grey: Thanks!

  170. KarlJ says:

    Thinking of dumping Chipper Jones during this hot streak before he gets hurt again. What caliber Starting Pitcher can I get in return? Am I shooting to low by targeting someone like Bedard?

  171. Tony B. says:

    Guy offered me Jose Reyes and Sabathia for my Lincecum and Rollins, roll with, or stay with Lince and J-Roll?

  172. Grey

    Grey says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: Yup

    @KarlJ: A bit too low, yeah. I’d go for F-Her.

    @Tony B.: I’d take Reyes/Sabathia there. Reyes is way better than Rollins. Sabathia and Lincecum aren’t that far apart.

  173. vinko says:

    Did anyone see who is starting for the Dodgers today? Yep, Eric Milton.

  174. G says:

    Should I try trading Aaron Hill and Mark Reynolds for Kinsler while Hill’s value is at its highest. Do you really think Hill will keep up his performance the whole season. Is this a fair trade for me?

  175. Denys says:

    what does everyone think of X-Man’s possible return in June to the Yankees lineup? buy??

  176. PWNightmare says:

    Anyone starting Lackey today? I sort of wanna leave him on the bench to see how he does.

  177. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Please rank, Lester, Slowey and Wainwright. Thanks!

  178. wreckless says:

    Should I start Jered Weaver at Texas tomorrow? I’m sitting pretty in strikeouts and wins right now, so I’m just concerned about ratios. He’s been my best pitcher so far, but it seems like a dangerous matchup for him. Right now I’m leaning toward letting him sit this one out.

  179. Prince says:

    @PWNightmare: I’m benching him … Texas is tough, it’s his first start. I figure why take the chance. That said, I’m last in wins, so take my advice with a massive grain of salt.

  180. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    Did Gregg just lose his job to Marmol?

  181. BabyBeluga says:

    Apologies if you’ve been inundated with Manny trade questions (but I have one of my own).
    12 team, vanilla, 5 bench
    I can get Manny for Lilly and Choo?

    Considerations: my outfield (Bay, Ellsbury, Damon, A.Jones, Choo – C.Young on bench) – available on wire types – Headley, Rasmus, Hermida, Murphy, D.Young types.
    Pitching – Lackey, Lilly, Wainwright, Joba, Meche, R.Johnson – on the wire types – Jubaldo, Bush, Maholm, Kawakami, Snell…

    (my weakness has been my pitching ratios – I’ve been getting killed with the above, with Lilly being a bright spot)
    -but an opportunity to get Manny! hard to gauge what is correct value, any other fair offers I can make here or take it and run?

  182. pwnightmare says:

    @Prince: Yeah, upon looking at his splits, I decided to do the same. I’m 4 wins away from the lead & leading in ERA and WHIP, but I’m not feeling desperate enough to risk the disaster that could rain down upon Lackey in Texas.

    Meanwhile, Madson = D I S A S T E R!! (1 inning, 4 H, 3 ER)

  183. BabyBeluga says:


    Suffered the Madson punch as well – At least Lidge finally closed out a game.

  184. SRM says:

    @Simply Fred: Not yet at least. Pinella just defended him, blamed it on 3 days rest and said he’ll keep pitching him in the ninth in the on the post-game.

  185. wow i got madsoned and hawkins kicked me in the balls while i was down….

    i’m trounching the guy i’m playing but if this shizz keeps up i wont be!

  186. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @SRM: Wasn’t that said about Brandon Morrow just a few days ago? Lou might be telling the truth, but it still bears watching.

    Unfortunately, Marmol’s probably already owned in most leagues.

  187. BSA says:

    @Tony Y: Madsons line looked like Percy’s the other night. Ugh!

  188. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    Frank Francisco placed on the 15 day DL!

  189. BabyBeluga says:

    Is CJ Wilson really going to close out the games? He can be so brutal for your ratios… anyone else to pick up here?

  190. BSA says:

    Lackey ejected?!! Hits Kinsler and gets tossed?!
    Welcome back!!!!

  191. Grey,

    Great site. I know you were big on Cain pre-draft, but his peripherals are not looking great right now. With his ERA and WHIP still looking decent, would you move him for Lester.

  192. Grey

    Grey says:

    @G: It’s fair, I’d want Kinsler.

    @Denys: Sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes down again within a month.

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: Slowey, Wainwright, Lester

    @wreckless: I think you should sit him.

    @BabyBeluga: I think that’s a fair offer for Manny, but your pitching may struggle without Lilly. I don’t think you should do it.

  193. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @BabyBeluga: Everyday Eddie and the pu-pu platter.

  194. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BostonBeerman: I wouldn’t move him for Lester, but I would consider trades moving him.

    EDIT: Now I see it. I’m dumb.

  195. Interesting. I have Chris Davis at 3B this year in a keeper, so I think I might shop Cain around for a respectable 3B for next year. Zimmerman…hahahaha!

  196. @grey: why so high on slowey?

  197. Slowey will come around. I am in a league with command ratio and there are not too many better than Slowey. Even with a well….slow start, he is at 6.75 K/BB

  198. johnson21 says:

    abreu or bedard. Who do you prefer, Grey?

  199. Grey

    Grey says:

    @matthole: As the Bostonbeerman said, solid K/BB rate.

    @johnson21: Apples and oranges, depends on needs. All things being equal, I’d take Abreu before Bedard though.

    EDIT: Word.

  200. BabyBeluga says:

    Given the state of my pitching – should I pick up Maholm? one of these other characters? Time to perhaps drop R.Johnson or will I regret that later?

    Pitching – Lackey, Lilly, Wainwright, Joba, Meche, R.Johnson – on the wire types – Jubaldo, Bush, Maholm, Kawakami, Snell…

  201. James says:

    Oh no he didn’t! Grey, you can’t use the Rudy Risky Pitcher card anymore!

    Anyway, I like Lester as a buy low candidate only because he is a Red Sox. They wouldn’t have allowed him to pitch that many innings last year if they didn’t think he could handle it this year. For example, the Red Sox claimed Clay Bucholz would have been cut off during his no hitter if he reached a certain amount of pitched. I don’t really believe that, but it shows they are very aware of these numbers. Plus, Lester has three years of pitching substantial innings (’05 148.1, ’06 127.3, and ’07 153.2) before last years 210 inning career high, which could be a reason they expect him to be able to perform this year.

  202. Elbert says:

    Damn Aaron Cook, now i wish PIT-COL game will be canceled…

    freaking Cook just Cooked me over…. now I’m thinking of dropping Cook for Ohlendorf/ Pavano/ Bucholz…

  203. Thank you Randy Johnson for sucking enough to offset Luke Hochevar. What a trooper.

  204. Bamboo Cheetah says:

    What are everyone’s thoughts on Edwin Jackson for the remainder of the year? I recently dropped Hughes and picked him up. I also picked up the Duke and stashed him on the DL with Escobar. I’m hoping one of them pans out.

  205. Doc says:

    Parra or Swisher for a bench spot?

  206. Doc says:

    @Doc: Sorry, G. Parra

  207. James says:

    BC: If you take a look at Edwin’s numbers they should come down a little (BABIP and IFFB%). Plus, he does have a solid pedigree, which would lead anyone to expect him to be solid going forward. However, one potential problem could be that fact that he is only throwing fast balls and sliders, which probably isn’t sustainable.

    I would wait a little and see if you can spin him for someone with less concerns.

  208. James says:

    BC: I really should have said go up (ERA will rise), but I think you understand by the tone of my message.

  209. Martin says:

    Zimmerman, Bush, Marshall, Hanson, and Medlen in order por favor

  210. SRM says:

    Scherzer finally wins! That’s reasscherzing!

    14th try’s the charm. MLB.com says Scherzer went 6.0 innings but Baseball Tonight and my Yahoo! league says 5.1, anyone know which is right? It’s a 6×6 with QS’s.

  211. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Doc: Swisher for power. Parra for speed.

    @Martin: Zimmermann, Hanson, Marshall…

    @SRM: “reasscherzing” — Ha!

  212. AL KOHOLIC says:

    damn got me again,howard up bases loaded 1 out,called the frikin game happened to me last time with pedroia coming up

  213. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @SRM: 6.0, that’s the only way it could be if you add up the remaining innings for the relievers. I don’t know what’s going on Yahoo and Baseball Tonight.

  214. AL KOHOLIC says:

    votto,out of the game in 4th,queesing due to previous flu

  215. Kinsler is awesome but remember he gets hurt…

  216. @SRM:

    It was definitely 6 IP. THere was some screwup since 2 guys got thrown out trying to advance but they were out!

  217. Oh and go Scherzer. Thats why I drafted you.

  218. paulzone says:

    beckett blows. gives up a hr to a yuniesky. wtf. killing me.

  219. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: You better be right about Koji Uehara, the Shenobi warrior.

    I’m starting him, Parra, Halladay and Lowe tomorrow. Pandora’s Box be damned…………..think I’m gonna like it.

  220. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @BigFatHippo: i got danked last night and then nathan of all people to boot,like 4 inn. 11 runs,,wang woulda been proud

  221. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    @BigFatHippo: I’m starting Uehara and Peavy tomorrow….but Slowey’s getting the bench in Coors Field East.

  222. BigFatHippo says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Danked,,,,,,,,,, nice. No need to worry about Nathan, good trade.

    @Mark: Uehara, Koji!!!!!!

    My ten year old named him the Shenobi warrior, I said, Drake, is a Koji a Pokemon or a Yu-gi-oh? Dad. He’s a Shenobi!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No idea what that shit means, just sounds cool…………

  223. James says:

    @Eli: Kinsler’s injuries have been pretty flukey – sports hernia, foot injury, and a thumb injury from sliding into 2nd base. I wouldn’t expect an injury this year, but stranger things have happened.

    Did anyone watch Danks last night? What the heck happened? All I could muster from some news reports was he potentially tipped some pitches, but that sounded like a bad excuse.

  224. big o says:

    so i hit that stretch where every freaking team that i own , and every player seems to have “esta cagado” .
    the highlight was the hawkins / gregg debacle that was a “fait complet” by the time i got home from work , tonight .

    it’s so bad that i don’t even wanna watch the volquez game , cuz i have money on it .

    so , i’ve come to my “cheers” , thinking “who’s norm ?” (b.f. hip ??) … but of course , no one is “norm”al .
    and i’m half wishing i had freak’s # on speed-dial , so i could blow up my house .

    and up to the plate , you saunter .
    like the bartender at the “goody-goody club” , during my softball days of the ’70’s , who served up narragansett on draft , YOU , my mustachioed friend , deliver .
    wait for it …………..>
    dried glue .
    HA .

    and , of course , we’re both sailing on the s.s. josh j …. so good luck with THAT .

    so , as lenny would ask george ===> “tell me about the rabbits , george !! ”
    only , in this case , substitute c . carpenter for the rabbits , please .

    thanking you , in advance .

  225. AL KOHOLIC says:

    volquez leaves with tightness in his back

  226. Doc says:

    Volquez hurt

  227. BigFatHippo says:

    @big o: Cheers, big o, always nice to hear from ya.

    “Norm, how’s life treatin ya?”

    “Like a baby treats a diaper.”

    My favorite line.

    Bugs Bunny gives the greatest performance of “Of Mice and Men” by the way. And Carp will be back Friday vs. KC. Healthy, and dealing, get him in your lineup.

  228. AL KOHOLIC says:

    didnt look to bad,but he wenched after a pitch and they pulled him,votto left to,still dizzy(flu)

  229. AL KOHOLIC says:

    this just in,,,big poopi cant hit without the juice

  230. BigFatHippo says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Big Poopi? Haha

    Might need to juice on some Metamucil.

  231. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @BigFatHippo: no birth certificate,age 30,,hehe

  232. Prince says:

    Start Kershaw @ FLA tomorrow? Thanks …

  233. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: Shenobi!

    @big o: I think Carp’s going to return only to break down again in less than a month. I wouldn’t be relying on him to right the ship.

    @Prince: I would.

  234. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    IS Chris Ray worth rostering or should we drop him for someone who can vulture saves?

  235. DrEasy says:

    I sometimes think I’m playing in the Razzball league when it comes to my ERA and WHIP. I’m a proud owner of Randy Johnson, and an ex-owner of Hochevar and Hughes. Tavarez also made a guest appearance for me once, just to give up 5 earnies if I recall correctly. But I don’t want to recall correctly.

    Time to punt Big Unit? Or will he feel good pitching in Seattle next?

    I have Rich Hill on my DL (well, gotta use all your DL spots, right?), and I could drop R. Johnson to make room for him. I’m sure Rich Hill will also honor my ERA and WHIP like the other schmohawks.

  236. brad says:

    @Grey: i think i may not have been clear, or I’m misreading you. i would be recieving hamels – giving up ellsbury. ichiro is part of the reason i need to do a trade like this.

    however, if i’m taking your comment correctly, you would advise me to pull the trigger on the offer that gets me hamels for ellsbury. (roto keeper league) right?

  237. Nick says:

    @Grey: Hey so next weeks lineup I’m going against what looks like Cordero, Lindstrom, Wilson, Greinke, Lee, Lohse and Verlander. Who should I counter with from my roster…

    Peavy, Beckett, Bills (home NYM), Wainwright (home CHC), Franklin, Jenks, Hoffman, Downs, Danks (Home MIN), Bedard (Home LAA possibly), Slowey (Home CWS).

    The first 7 are who I currently have in for next week. Like Wainwright fixing his mechanics last start and he did well against CHC home last time around. Bills also did well against the Mets last season. Danks has killed my team since trading for him with Abreu (although hes been bad too).

  238. Steve says:

    @Grey: You still holding Cook? Or is he Cook-ed?

  239. anoraxx says:

    I´ve been hesitating for some time to pull the Lester trade but seeing it at your column it´s a no-brainer. Stephen Drew for Lester? Doable?

  240. Prince says:

    I’m still worried about Kershaw today, and probably always will be. Do you think any of the following, as FAs, would be preferable for the long haul? Baker, Pettite, Ubaldo, Price, Porcello, Nolasco

  241. cockyphoenix says:


  242. johnson21 says:

    who is the best add: Hill, Ducheserer, or Maine?
    Also, please rank: Coco, Bourne, G. Parra, Gamel.


  243. Grey

    Grey says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: Yeah, lose him. He’s a mess.

    @DrEasy: You’re worried about your ERA and WHIP and wanna start Rich Hill? At this point, it’s a coin flip with Johnson. But Johnson’s looked awful. Go at least with the guy who’s looked okay.

    @brad: I’d want Hamels over Ellsbury.

    @Nick: I’d put Slowey in for Hoffman.

    @Steve: Didn’t he have four quality starts in a row before his explosion? Maybe I’ll bench him next start, b8ut I’m not dropping him. At least not in 15 team leagues. No idea who’s available in your leagues though.

    @anoraxx: Sure

    @Prince: I’d want Kershaw over them.

    @johnson21: Duchs — Bourn, Gamel, Parra…

  244. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Start Slowey today?

  245. cubbies299 says:

    You starting Parra @ St. Louis today?

  246. San Jose says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: I find myself in the same existential dilemma. So far, on the bench.

  247. paulzone says:

    who would you be willing to give up for Michael Young, reyes, hanley or rollins? i could go two or three players for one of them but don’t want to give up the farm either.

    beckett, garza, jered weaver, ervin santana, bills, haren
    drew/hardy, j upton, chipper, victorino, kemp, cano/hill, berkman, ibanez

    looking for a package with a realistic shot of getting one of them as the owners need pitching

  248. Martin says:

    would try to sell high on choo or juan pierre right now? How much could i get in return for them

  249. vinko says:

    Sorry if this is repetitive, but what do you make of TB’s closer’s role?

  250. Nick says:

    @Grey: Sorry, Slowey is not playing CWS but Milwaukee next week (Home). Still put him in over Hoffman?

  251. mgeoffriau

    Mark says:

    This is going to be complicated but I just got 2 interesting trade offers and I need advice. First one:

    I give Carl Crawford and Wandy to get Victor Martinez and Brian Wilson.

    Background info is that my C and 1B are Soto and Atkins, and I’m heavy on starting pitching and low on closers.

    The second offer (different owner):

    I give: Atkins, Manny, Gamel, Peavy, and Javy Vazquez
    I get: Furcal, Nelson Cruz, Kelly Johnson, Joe Nathan, and Ervin Santana

    I’ve been trying to evaluate this one by crossing out equivalent pieces…I think Atkins for Furcal is even or a win, I think Gamel for Kelly Johnson is even or a win…that leave Manny, Peavy and Vazquez for Nelson Cruz, Nathan, and E Santana. I just think that’s a bit too much. I think Santana is at best even with Vazquez, which means Manny and Peavy for Nelson Cruz and Nathan? Ugh.

  252. emporers monkey says:

    I live something like 1200 miles from Oakland and I can’t watch the goddamn Detroit game because of a regional blackout? The game is not on any other station on my satellite. Are they doing this to prompt me to drive 15 hours and buy a ticket to the bastard? Directtv sucks dog dick.

  253. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Slowey! Sonovabench!

  254. BigFatHippo says:

    @I’m Keith Hernandez: Weaver! Sonovabench!

    I sat him in his first start against Boston and he threw a gem, now I sit him at Texas and nobody can hit him……….

    I think the Weaver name just throws me off, keep thinking he’s Jeff. Or that fat Jered guy that eats all those sandwiches,,,,,,,,,

  255. BigFatHippo says:

    @Mark: I don’t like either trade.

  256. Bamboo Cheetah says:

    I just executed this trade in 6X5 (+OPS) mixed h2h league. I’d be curious to hear everyone’s thoughts.

    Fielder and Sizemore for Bay, Lincecum, and F. Lopez

  257. vinko says:

    Kershaw is working on a no hitter!!

  258. Nick0rz says:

    I’m tired of having one of these guys on the bench when they have a big game… Should I trade Davis, Wright, or A-rod for an SP, and what sort of SP should I go for?

  259. BigFatHippo says:

    @Bamboo Cheetah: I could see either side if it helps both teams. Fair trade. Just curious but did you give Fielder and Sizemore?

  260. BSA says:

    What happened to Longoria? Pitcher pinch for DH?

  261. BSA says:

    Never mind here it is – Manager Screw Up!
    The Rays listed two third basemen on their lineup card on Sunday, causing them to lose their designated hitter.
    The plan was for Evan Longoria to DH and bat third on Sunday, but he was listed at third, along with Ben Zobrist. Since he didn’t take a position in the top of the first, the Rays have now had to go to starting pitcher Andy Sonnanstine as their No. 3 hitter.

  262. paulzone says:

    is rollins worth me giving up beckett / chipper / victorino? i tried the same 3 dudes for hanley and it was rejected. more info on previous post…thanks all.

  263. Bamboo Cheetah says:

    No, I’m receiving them.

  264. BigFatHippo says:

    @BSA: Ha, wonder if that’s ever happened before? The team should fine Maddon if they lose the game.

  265. BigFatHippo says:

    @Bamboo Cheetah: Ahh, then I like it. Sizemore’s OBP can go nowhere but up.

  266. BigFatHippo says:

    @paulzone: That’s too much for Rollins.

  267. Prince says:

    @vinko: Kershaw! Sonovabench!

  268. paulzone says:

    @BigFatHippo: i was feeling that it was too. maybe beckett / cano / hardy…i have hill at 2b…

  269. BigFatHippo says:

    @paulzone: Yeah, do that. But it’s unlikely he’ll bite. If Beckett was pitching better it would help.

  270. BSA says:

    Hippo – Carrying the load today. I think everyone is still sleeping. I know my bats are.

  271. Bamboo Cheetah says:

    @BFH: Three reasons I did it: keeper league (upgraded to two people I’d like to keep longterm instead of one plus a borderline), the league values hitting over pitching, and Billingsley and Greinke as my next best pitchers (Wainwright, Cueto, Volstatd, E. Jackson in the hole, the Duke and Escobar on the DL).

  272. BigFatHippo says:

    @Bamboo Cheetah: Nice catch then. Bills and Greinke are better than Beckett, keep them forevah. Wainwright’s gonna get better too, he had a mechanical flaw that Carpenter helped him find in film study. His arm slot was too high and he wasn’t getting any movement on his fastball, looked great yesterday but the hitters forgot their bats. Kinda like BSA’s hitters…………..

  273. BigFatHippo says:

    The Fat Prince of Mil-ler!!!!!!!!

    Eh, it’s against my team but who cares. Prince!

  274. BSA says:

    @BigFatHippo: That’s is the most annoying conundrum of Fantasy Baseball

  275. BigFatHippo says:

    @BSA: Tell me about it. I’ve got Parra starting in both leagues and Prince as my 1B in my auction. Much needed dinger there.

    I’m a Hamstrung Hippo right now, Adam Jones, Ludwick, Reyes and Nyjer all with issues.

  276. BigFatHippo says:

    *************Carpenter Update****************

    Should start the game Wednesday. He’ll be limited to 75-80 pitches. Proceed with caution, Cardinals aren’t scoring a lot of runs lately.

  277. EffenHooEr says:

    First off this site is flipping awesome. (Thanks Grey et al)

    So my offense (yeah, both power AND speed wise) is pretty weak. Weakest links: Atkins and Dukes. I’m thinking of dropping Dukes for Bourn. Thoughts? (Please rank Dukes, Atkins, and Bourn).

    Also, I have Napoli slotted in as my C for now, but also have a Wieters on my bench. Who do you think has the better remainder of the season once Wieters gets some PT? (I have tried to trade Wieters, but my league is trade-averse and Sandoval is available on FA, indicating that no one is really looking for a replacement at C (a 10-team mixed league)).

    Thanks in advance.

  278. BSA says:

    Hippo – You know why Sampson is still in and not Hawkins?

  279. BigFatHippo says:

    @BSA: No idea, maybe Cooper doesn’t trust Hawkins after 1 hit yesterday? Doesn’t seem fair, I wouldn’t drop Hawkins.

  280. BSA says:

    @BigFatHippo: Nah I won’t. I’ll probably hold him for one week after Valverde returns.
    Bard and Okey are doing what I need for MR. Seems Tito is playing one each day managing innings.

  281. Mark says:

    I need everything offensively and saves in my pitching stats. Who would you rather have Gamel (on free agents) or Ryan Madson (on my roster)?

  282. Steve says:

    @Grey: Oh. Of course. I’ll go stand in the corner.
    @BSA: Not everyone! Not feeling so good so off work today and looking after my 4-year-old who’s sick too. Sorry about the trade, but would rather stand pat for now.
    @BigFatHippo: I’m gaining on you! Well, sort of. In the toilet in the keeper, though.

  283. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Mark: Woah, another Mark. I’ll give it up and switch to mgeoffriau.

  284. Marr says:

    Who looks to be less crappy going forward: Galarraga or Zimmermann?

  285. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Martin: Nothing, maybe an awful closer.

    @vinko: Percival, Wheeler…

    @Mark: I want Crawford and Wandy there. I want the Peavy side.

    @Nick0rz: Trade A-Rod for a top one.

    @EffenHooEr: Thanks so much! Lose Dukes for Bourn. Atkins, Bourn, Dukes…

    I’d just go with Napoli and wouldn’t waste space on my bench with Weiters.

  286. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Marr: Zimmermann.

  287. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Grey: Thanks Grey…that’s what I figured. I sent counteroffers to both managers.

  288. Steve says:

    @Grey: Peavy wins! Peavy wins! I had Scherzer in the RCL and Beckett in the keeper yesterday too. And got even got a win from Parra in my H2H league today.

    I’m all giddy.

  289. James says:

    Surprise surprise – Weeks is hurt. How about Mil moves Hall to 2B, where he has starting experience, and give Gamel the 3B job? You won’t know what you have until he can consistantly get at bats. Def? Gamel at 3B can’t be much worse than Braun at 3B.

  290. paulzone says:

    rollins or michael young from here on out?

    categories: r, hr, rbi, sb, avg, obp, gidp, errors

  291. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @Steve: I feel your joy, sad how my ace pitching like an ace makes me feel so happy…..

  292. paulzone says:

    @Grey: the owner who has him is in very bad shape with injuries. he needs another pitcher and some serious offense.

    i am offering beckett/cano/hardy

    my choices are from:

    beckett, garza, jered weaver, ervin santana, bills, haren
    hardy, j upton, chipper, victorino, kemp, cano, hill

    do you see a better deal for me?

  293. Grey

    Grey says:

    @paulzone: Him? Huh? What’s the deal?

  294. paulzone says:

    @Grey: the deal would be:

    beckett/cano/hardy for rollins

    or should i offer a different combo to for rollins (the players i can part with are above)?

  295. Dumbmutt says:

    Derosa, Ass-dribble, Felipe, Stewart for 2B. Espn saying Derosa hits well at both stadiums this week. Just picked up Weeks to fill in Alexei and that didnt turn out well.

  296. Grey

    Grey says:

    @paulzone: That’s too much for Rollins.

  297. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Dumbmutt: You were the one that jinxed Weeks! I’d go Felipe.

  298. Zebo says:

    Corey Hart is killing me, what kind of hitter can he fetch?

  299. Zebo says:

    Also, start Cain against the mets?

  300. feel like a shmo for not pulling the trigger on weeks and fowler for tulo….worth upgrading fowler to crisp to not deal with DL weeks? or too rash…


  301. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Zebo: Hart — Maybe a headache at a different position — Think Alexei. Start Cain.

    @matthole: How does Fowler to Crisp help you with Weeks? Not sure I follow.

  302. Zebo says:

    drop Asdrubal for Hardy?

  303. Steve says:

    @Grey: On a not-entirely-unrelated matter, are you starting the Wolfman tomorrow?

  304. @grey: A tentative deal was in place that had me sending Fowler and Weeks for Tulo….With Fowlers poor production he asked for me to send over Crisp with Weeks instead….I thought that was too much for me to give up for Tulo alone….but, now with Weeks future in the air would you concede and trade him and crisp for tulo….assuming, hes still willing….

  305. Dumbmutt says:

    @Grey: And the reverse jinx will be complete if Atkins starts to get hot now. Wish I had some extra Ibanez pixie dust left over for Alexei.

  306. @grey: Thanks…

  307. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Could I have 10,000 marbles please?

  308. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Ha! Just watched Animal House, thought you’d get it.

    Reyes not playing again tonight, wtf! Calf cramped up on an airplane? I thought they only did that in tiny little kennels…….

    Jose Reyes => Veal Parmesan?

  309. Doc says:

    I need a second baseman because Uggla is about ready to put me in an early grave. I have an abundance of good SP — Hamels, Lincecum, Verlander, Johnson, Lowe, Cueto, Weaver, Cain, Volstad, and De La Rosa. I am willing to trade away one of the top ones for a good 2B. Who would you recommend targeting and giving up? One guy has both Phillips and Pedroia on his team. I doubt anyone wants Uggla.

  310. paulzone says:

    i own both cano and hill. which one would you rather depart with in a trade?

  311. Elbert says:

    @Bamboo Cheetah: I definitely am drinking Kool-aid on Zobrist already, picked him up earlier this week, unfortunately can’t use him until tomorrow….

    Zobrist is at least better than what I have in 2b/ss slot — Chris freaking stupid Getz.

  312. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Doc: Trade Johnson and Volstad for Phillips?

    @paulzone: Whichever gets you more. I’d think Cano would.

  313. paulzone says:

    @Grey: my latest offer was cano / victorino for beltran

    other offerings: berkman/garza or weaver for tex, berkman/victorino for morneau

    i dont think any fly but i need to either trade or dump someone to activate e. santana. I think yahoo will make me remove him from the dl at some point??

  314. BigFatHippo says:

    @paulzone: If I’m not mistaken I think you have up until Ervin makes one start. When a player on your dl enters a game you can’t make any roster moves until you activate him.

  315. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Is Corey Hart worth a waiver add?

    He was just dropped, I can afford to lose Nick Johnson or Zumaya for him as a bench spot. I have Adam Jones, Grady, Cruz in a 3 man OF with Ludwick on DL.

  316. Steve says:

    @BigFatHippo: Even in our shallow-ish league he should be owned. 20/20, .275-ish – who doesn’t need that?

    Apart from Roob, obviously.

  317. @grey:whats your opinion on this offer and which do you like better:
    I trade Utley and Nolasco for Haren and Weeks
    I trade Haren for Utley

    He is struggling majorly at SP (Nolasco, Lester, has linc tho)
    I would still have shields, garza, cueto, harang, wainwright

    Thanks again…

  318. he has utley and nolasco…

  319. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Yeah, I would but my waiver is 8, doubt if it gets by Steve at 4.

    @Steve: You’re sick man, you shouldn’t even be here. Take a pill or something.

    No idea why Roob dropped him. It’s not really shallow with 10 teams, 5 bench spots and 2 DL.

  320. Steve says:

    @BigFatHippo: Yeah, that’s true I guess. As 10-teamers go it’s pretty deep. Re: Hart – like I said, he should be owned. Thus –
    @Grey: Drop Swish or the Dribble to have a shot at Hart? I’m covered up the middle (Drew, Al-Ram, Cano, Weeks) and Swish is kinda my regular CI.

  321. @Grey: In a deep weekly H2H league, do you like this deal: I get Braun/Lester for Crawford/Jered Weaver.

    My other SB guys are McLouth, Rollins, Bourn and Wright. My other SPs are Lincecum, Harang, Jobacum, Wainright, and Joba. I feel like now is the time to sell Crawford high, even if he does end up swiping 80 bags this year.

  322. Bazooka Baseball says:

    Nate McClouth is my worst 2 outfielders and Nelson Cruz just got dropped in my league (I know, it’s kind of a joke when Cruz is getting dropped) Should I drop one of them for Cruz???

  323. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @VanHammersly: You are basically trading Crawford for Braun and looks like you should have plenty of steals without him. I like that trade for you.

  324. Bazooka Baseball says:

    Let me rephrase that, McLouth is my worst outfielder. Should I drop him for Nelson Cruz?

  325. @I’m Keith Hernandez: I agree completely; just wanted to make sure that the Weaver/Lester component was roughly fair, b/c Weaver’s certainly not a Hawkins- or Bartlett-type. I still like it though. Thanks for the opinion.

  326. Grey

    Grey says:

    @matthole: I’d want Utley in both of those.

    @BigFatHippo: Ah… I see what is going on. You mention him knowing Steve is above you in the waiver order so Steve grabs him before you and uses his waiver pick, or is it reverse-reverse psychology? Hmm…

    @Steve: Lose Dribble if he’s a bench player. Not sure where you’re playing all of those guys though.

    @VanHammersly: I’d want Braun there.

    @Bazooka Baseball: You shouldn’t drop McClouth for Cruz, but I do think you need a deeper/more competitive league.

  327. Prince says:

    I’ve got Alexei in my lineup every day (no bench space) and it’s killing me. How long would be reasonable to hold onto him?

  328. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    @VanHammerslyI think they are roughly the same pitcher in value.

  329. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Prince: What’s out there to replace him with?

  330. BigFatHippo says:

    @Grey: Nah, just drunken stupidity.

    Hippo out!

  331. Prince says:

    @Grey: In the order I’d think of taking them, Drew or Peralta, Escobar, Zobrist, Hairston, Burriss. Of course at this point Drew would be killing me too … Still, the list points to how shallow my league is

  332. Steve says:

    @Grey: @BigFatHippo: Ha! The league is pretty active so if you use a high waiver pick, chances are you’ll be back up there in a couple of weeks.

    I play Cano @ 2B, Drew @ SS and Alexei @ MI. Weeks is in the mix too so even without the Dribble I have one too Middle Infidel too many.

    I usually use Swish at CI, but he could be expendable if Gamel gets worthwhile PT.

    Finally, starting Hart (if I get him) would send Abreu to the bench. In a league that counts OBP and hitters Ks, do I even need Hart?

  333. RT says:

    I’d do Peralta. Slow start, but the sample size is there.
    My 2 cents.

  334. Prince says:

    @Steve: Aren’t Drew and Alexei at SS/MI hurting you? Infidels indeed …

  335. RT says:

    When is it time to give up on Shoppach actually playing. In a deep league, it’s a drop that could come back to bite you in the arse.

  336. Steve says:

    @Prince: They’re not alone in doing that! Sweating on the turnaround, obviously…

  337. Nick says:

    @Grey: Wow so Uggla, Branyan & Alexei Ramirez was just dropped. I have Utley at 2B, Lowell & Aramis at 3B, Reyes at SS and Ibanez Hunter BJ Upton in OF and Pena on UT (Pence on bench) so with 4 relievers Franklin, Jenks, Hoffman & Downs do you drop one for Alexei? I have 6 on waiver (10 team league)

  338. Rob says:

    is hill the real deal or is it better to sell high on him? if so, what is his worth?



  339. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Prince: That order makes sense.

    @Steve: Eh, I’d play Abreu over Hart, but Hart should have trade value when he starts playing to his potential. Guess you can lose the Dribble then.

    @RT: He just doesn’t seem like he’s going to get the playing time.

    @Nick: Don’t think you have room at this point in a ten team league.

    @Rob: I doubt he’s the real deal, but I don’t see how you can sell him either. I mean, I don’t think anyone’s buying him.

  340. Infamous says:

    Hart for Lester?

  341. Infamous says:

    Or Hart/Baker for Lester

  342. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Infamous: Either one is fair. I don’t want Baker, so getting rid of him is a bonus.

  343. Infamous says:

    @: haha me either, thanks. I have Weiters sitting on my bench, when do you think he’s going to be called up and is it worth keeping him there.

  344. NinjaSpaz says:

    So, you sound pretty high on Gerardo Parra (or maybe it’s crystal meth). Both Upton and Byrnes are starting to produce and the D-bags have a lot of money invested in Krispie Young. Do you think it’s likely that Parra will continue to get playing time in the long run?

    I’m mostly asking because we have a limit on add/drops (40), so I need to be conservative with the moves and play for the long term.

  345. Coby DuBose says:

    Big fan of your work, my friend.

    Just wanted to let you know that today I successfully pulled off a Matt Harrison and Shairon Martis for Jon Lester trade.

    Why did I have Harrison and Martis, you ask? It’s a h2h points league, and I rode these shitbags to lots of points.

  346. The Gipper says:

    Trade Joba & throw in his drug dealing mom for Lester? Is that enough?

  347. Grey

    Grey says:

    @The Gipper: You asked the same question yesterday. I’d still want Joba.

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