Looking for a great fantasy baseball draft kit to help you draft your fantasy baseball team in 2014? Good, because otherwise you are the worst web surfer in the world.  (Did I search for fantasy baseball rankings?  Damn, I meant chicken cordon bleu recipe.)

Just like last year, the 2014 Razzball Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit is free.   MAYBE there are better fantasy baseball draft kits out there for $ (I don’t know, I don’t pay for ’em) but I can guarantee none of them are #DIV/0! times better.

Rather than make you download a PDF, we are just going to give you a bunch of links.  By keeping these as stand-alone pages, we can constantly update our fantasy baseball ratings throughout the preseason and go about our bloggy business of publishing content through ‘posts’.

Besides the below features, I want to point out that I’m in the midst of a s**tton of research designed to help players in shallow mixed leagues (10-12 team).  This is in no small part due to the awesome participation we get in our Razzball Commenter Leagues (64 leagues, 768 teams in 2013) which gives me access to a treasure trove (is there any other type of trove?) of data.  Wherever and whenever possible, I am basing my findings on actual results – not just based on my experience and preferences.

Note:  I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend joining one of our leagues to anyone who is serious about getting better at 10/12-team mixed league fantasy baseball with daily roster changes.  I write for this site and am smarter in stats than most of y’all and I am now way smarter than I was in this format thanks to 2 years of RCL play.  Think of joining an RCL as a tutoring program that will give you a leg up in your leagues w/ friends. To join a league, click here.  As of this post, we are already at 600 teams and there is a definite cap at 1,200 teams so do not dilly nor dally.

Special Features/Analysis
I am tagging all my strategy posts this year as Fantasy Baseball Snake Draft Strategy although a lot of the insights are not specific to snake drafts.  You can click that link to see all the posts that I end up vomiting out  this preseason.  Here is a sample of the topics:

Hit/Pitch Splits For Snake Drafts – What is the ideal way to divide your draft between hitters, starting pitchers, and relievers?
The Cumulative Round-by-Round Impact On Team Success – Understanding the value each round has on your team’s final results
The Impact of Maximizing Team ABs – How much of your team’s success is driven by getting 13 starting hitters in every day?
The Impact of Maximizing Team IPs – How much of your team’s success is driven by maxing out innings in leagues with a GS cap or no IP cap?

Fantasy Baseball Projections

  • 2014 Fantasy Baseball Hitter Projections and 2014 Fantasy Baseball Pitcher Projections – Updated daily.  The underlying projections are done by Steamer Projections which I feel have the BEST free (and possibly paid) baseball projections.  Just ask him.  Or him.  Or him.  So what do I add vs. what you can see in (the awesome) FanGraphs?  I adjust the playing time estimates for hitters and pitchers on a near-daily basis.  For hitters, this includes adjusting their Plate Appearance split against LHP and RHP which plays a BIG role in a player’s final results (that’s why platooning exists).  For pitchers, I add Saves, Holds, and Quality Starts.  This is as thorough a player set as you will every need in non-keeper leagues – it includes every player I project with 1+ AB or 1+ IP.  See a guy missing – let me know in the comments!
  • 2014 Fantasy Baseball Projections (Grey) – Hate algorithms or want/prefer an actual person to make your projections?  Here’s the place to go.  Includes Grey’s top 400 players and he is updating this whenever news breaks that impacts a player’s value.
  • What were the best fantasy baseball projections in 2013? (Timing:  TBD) – A thorough review of 2013 Fantasy Baseball Projections focused on how much they helped predict fantasy baseball success.  Projections service would inlcude Steamer, Baseball Prospectus (PECOTA), ZiPS, CAIRO, FantasyPros.com, Rotochamp, Steamer, Oliver, FanGraphs Fans Projections, ESPN our very own Grey Albright.

Fantasy Baseball Rankings

  • 2014 Fantasy Baseball Rankings – Written by Grey Albright, these fantasy baseball ratings bring together the exhaustive word counts of early 20th century Russian novels with the humor of late 20th century Russian comedian Yakov Smirnov.  Includes both an overall top 400 (updated through pre-season) and by position (where you’ll find all the player profiles).
  • What were the best fantasy baseball rankings in 2013? – A thorough review of 2012 Fantasy Baseball Rankings.  Includes Razzball’s Grey Albright, various ESPN Fantasy Baseball rankings (Matthew Berry, Tristan Cockcroft, the ESPN Top 300), SI.com’s Eric Mack, KFFL, the CBS Fantasy Baseball crew, FantasyPros, FakeTeams, USAToday, Rotochamp, Fantistics, etc.  No matter how much I tried, I could not figure out a way to dislodge Grey and myself from the top of the heap!

Fantasy Baseball Auction Values (Standard 5×5)

These auction values will be updated throughout the preseason in concert with playing time changes driven by MLB depth chart changes.  This is based solely on the Steamer/Razzball projections noted above (as the best quality pre-season projections).  All auction values based on 67% hitting, 33% pitching.

Fantasy Baseball Auction Values (Non-Standard 5×5)

There are so many possible permutations out there but we culled the most popular from our yearly survey.  The below are all based on 12-team mixed leagues.  They are all based on 67% hitting/33% pitching.  You can mix/match any of these hitting and pitching auction values as well as use the 12-team standard values.  For 10/14/15/16-team leagues, you may want to look at the $ differences observed vs. 12 team in the standard format to determine how to best adjust the $ figures.  (I suggest use the standard 10/14/15/16 and then adjust up/down based on the difference between a player’s 12 team standard value vs. below – e.g., a high OBP, eh AVG guy should get nudged up some if you go to 5×5 OBP).

Fantasy Baseball Auction Values (AL/NL-only – 2 catcher roster format)

These all are based on the following ‘classic’ single-league roster format of:  2 C/1B/2B/SS/3B/CI/MI/UTIL/5 OF/9 P

More Stuff

  • Fantasy Baseball War Room – A free web tool to help you on draft day using Grey Albright’s rankings/projections.
  • Fantasy Baseball Names Generator – Looking to create a funny fantasy baseball team name but don’t feel like putting in any effort.  Look no further.  Just use our fantasy baseball team name generator instead!
  • Fantasy Baseball H2H Points Calculator – We heard it loud and clear in our yearly survey that those of you in points leagues want a little more love.  Well, here you go.  We partnered with our friends over at BaseballPress who have a tool that estimates fantasy baseball points based on your custom league specificiation.  This is using our Steamer/Razzball hitter and pitcher projections.
  • Fantasy Baseball Closer Report – A look at all 30 closer positions with each reliever’s handcuffs (as in who is next in line should they suck or get injured).  Updated throughout the preseason.


  1. Piranhaman says:

    Razzball.com is baseball version of UNICEF. thank you, Rudy!

  2. Q says:

    Somehow, I can’t see the actual projections. I can see the post, click the links, etc. But the actual chart is just a blank format chart, it’s only one row with no names, numbers, or anything in it.

    Is it my computer? I tried several different links and can’t see anything. (It worked last week).

    Thanks–looking forward to diving in!

    • @Q: We have been upgrading our grids to add row numbers. It’s been working fine most of this afternoon – can you check again?

      • Q says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        Still no dice. Is there a “business” email I can send a screenshot to so you know what I’m talking about? If not, no biggie.

        • Q says:


          It must be an IE thing. Works fine in chrome. thanks!

      • steve b says:

        @Rudy Gamble: tried on firefox and IE but when i click the link it just goes back to your article

  3. lerryjee says:

    Help, I am in desperate need of help. Keeper league, 12 teams with OBP and QS.

    I can keep three keepers.

    I’m definitely keeping Segura for a 18th round pick, and going for the gold by keeping Goldschmidt for a 1st rounder (I have the 12th pick – hee hee).

    But now I have one more slot left amongst:
    Gerrit Cole for a 17th rounder or
    Homer Bailey for a 19th or
    Brandon Moss for a 20th or
    Leonys for a 21st.


  4. Tehol Beddict says:

    I can’t believe this information is free!!! THANK THE GODS!

  5. Cram It says:

    What’s the difference between this and Grey’s top 400 spreadsheet as far as rankings/auction values? Like Votto costs less than Freeman on the Yahoo standard 12 team team sheet, but on the top 400 Votto is “ranked” ahead of Freeman. Heyward is ranked 81st on the top 400, but 31st according to his auction price on the same Yahoo spread sheet? If one was to go strictly by Razzball rankings, which one are we using?

    • @Cram It: The rankings/auction values for all the league permutations are based on the Steamer/Razzball data. So there will be differences vs. Grey’s projections. I’ve found that each works as a good check and balance vs. the other. I’d say that if you’re in a non-5×5 league, you use the rankings/auction values. If you’re playing 15/16-team or AL/NL-only, i’d use the rankings/auctions. For Yahoo-based leagues, I’d at least make sure to take into account that Grey’s rankings are based on ESPN/CBS position eligibility. If you are playing 10-14 team mixed league, we leave it up to you which to use..

      • Dingbat says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Thanks for putting all of this together, Rudy! I think one factor affecting Freeman’s ranking in the Auction values list is that you’ve projected him for 692 PA in 2014. Seeing as his career high in PAs was 635 in 2011 (when he played 157 games), I’d be surprised if he got 692 PA. I’m curious – what’s the rationale for the aggressive projection?

        • You’re welcome. PA is based on last year’s PA/G (adjusted if lineup position changing) + Estimate of Games minus DL time. Maybe he hit lower in the lineup in 2011? Agree that his PA might be bullish.

  6. Spammer Jay says:

    Nice SEO bomb. Looking forward to the “The Impact of Maximizing Team IPs” article.

  7. malamoney

    malamoney says:

    Where can I download these projections?

    • @malamoney: not available for download but you can just cut/paste.

      • malamoney

        malamoney says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Cut and paste!!!

  8. stonepie says:

    what would be your pitching strategy for a 5×5 h2h with no innings limit? im thinking about getting a bunch of solid 2’s n 3’s (no aces) and then 3-4 closers.

  9. Al koholic says:

    great job Rudy,thanks man

  10. RicoSuave says:

    Thanks a lot

  11. burningbridges247 says:

    Nice sell, Rudy. I had been considering setting up a RCL, but your note above sealed the deal. Really looking forward to this league. Always done a 10-team auction, so this will be my first 12-team snake. I’m calling it “a learning experience.” Thanks!

  12. Buge Hoobs says:


    Great work as usual.

    Considering pitching depth this year, in my 12 team 5×5 weekly roto with only 7 P slots, do you think it’s more important to get a “First Tier” SP or stick to Gray’s strategy of holding out for the “If They’re There” or “Let Them Be Your First” tiers?

    • @Buge Hoobs: Do you have bench slots? Generally I want a lot of good pitchers in H2H vs. worrying about having great pitchers. But if you only have 5-7 SP, I’d want an ace.

      • Buge Hoobs says:

        @Rudy Gamble: That’s what I’m thinking, too. In my recent mocks, I’ve been aiming for an OF and 1B. Then depending on number of P’s taken, go with a SP in the 3rd or 4th (if close to the turn). We only have 3 BN slots that I’m figuring on using with two bats and one arm.

  13. Yescheese says:

    You guys are the best! Thanks Rudy! All hail

  14. Andrew A says:

    Hey Rudy,
    I asked Sky this the other day and he said to talk to you. I’m wondering if defensive shifts will be a new “edge” in fantasy baseball: finding pull hitters who are hurt by the shift, finding the teams that employ a shift the most frequently, and maybe which pitchers benefit from the shift. I’m thinking kind of similar to the red light green light piece.

    • @Andrew A: Tough to say. It’s a factor but not sure it’ll play a huge role in valuing players. In any case, I don’t have access to that data and not sure how i’d use it if i did.

  15. bossmanjunior says:

    Thanks Rudy! Always nice to have everything all together like this.

    Quick question, what would be your draft strategy in a shallow 10 team h2h league C/1B/2B/3B/SS/3OF/UTL? This is my big money league and despite every effort, I can’t get the commissioner to expand the positions. Its a league full ofold ccollege buddies 8 years running including Jim Fergosi’s son! Thanks for your advise. If it helps, most guys carry 8 SP and 3 CL and daily streaming is forbidden.

    • @bossmanjunior: I would ignore SBs and Saves. Focus on power bats in 1B/OF and solid MIs with no speed who’ll be undervalued (e.g, Prado, Hardy).

      Draft an SP every 3rd round starting with the 4th round. Add a couple of high-K middle relievers towards the end of the draft.

      My best guess at least since I haven’t played this format…

  16. zombie says:

    Thanks so very much Rudy. You gents outdo yourselves annually. Appreciative preseason daiquiris forthcoming; & I’d strongly recommend that others follow suit. $ well spent razzballers.

  17. MattH says:

    Thanks, Rudy. Great job on the pre-season stuff.

  18. mauledbypandas says:

    These are amazing, great work

    • Simply Fred

      simply fred says:

      @mauledbypandas: these tools off limits to last year’s winner. you know, since you were tops you shouldn’t have any need for them…:-)

  19. RambleOn says:

    Hey Rudy, what would be the wise move as far as filling your 3 player bench in RCL leagues?

    • probably start with 2 RPs and a hitter. I’ll be using at least one spot to stream hitters (and stashing a benched starter) and possibly two throughout the year. i’d even consider stashing 3 RPs in the draft if it’s early enough to increase chances at a closer lottery ticket.

  20. Jeff says:

    So, you have a link for CBSSports rosters but when I click it, I still only see ESPN and Yahoo. Example, I clicked “ESPN & CBSSports Hitter Fantasy Baseball Auction Values – 5×5 (OBP instead of AVG)” and only ESPN and Yahoo show up. Is it assumed that CBS and ESPN are the same?

  21. Jeff says:

    Also – do you have auction values for pitchers? Cant’s seem to track them down. Thanks

    • @Jeff: the pitcher values are included in all of the above except for the three ‘hitter-only’ variations of 5×5 OBP, 6x6OBP and 6×6 OPS.

      • Iggles Fan says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Not sure I understand, sorry if I am being think. Is there something I can use to get values/rankings for all players, hitters and pitchers, in a 5×5 obp league?

        • @Iggles Fan: if you have normal pitching categories (W/K/SV/ERA/WHIP), those $ values are in the standard 5×5 pages. So you:
          1) Find the standard 5×5 that fits your league (# of teams / ESPN vs Yahoo roster format)
          2) Cut/paste and then delete all the hitters (can filter the results to exclude anyone whose Pos isn’t SP or RP).
          3) Go to the 5×5 OBP and cut/paste in those hitters
          4) Sort by $ descending

          The 5×5 OBP values are based on 12-team. If it’s 10-team, you’ll want to nudge them up $2 or so.

  22. Clint says:

    I was thinking of dipping my toes into the H2H waters this year (not sure if I’d go pure H2H or H2H points-based league but I’ve been told the latter would be easier to get used to coming from roto 5×5 leagues) but am wondering if I need to totally restructure my draft cheat sheets to do it or not.

    • @Clint: if you do H2H points, you should use the H2H points calculator I linked to at the end of the post. Typically, SPs gain in value in H2H points.

      I prefer H2H roto but see the allure of H2H points for peeps who play a lot of daily fantasy sports and Fantasy Football. The reason I’m eh on it is that it does not penalize for roster imbalance – e.g., if a point’s a point, you can just draft a softball team vs. have to add some SBs and AVG.

  23. Whatever says:

    Hi Rudy,

    Grey asked me to repost my question here:


    I am in an AL Only 8 teamer this year. How would I roughly adjust your auction values from your AL Only 10 team list to fit an 8 team league? I am not a math major so I just wanted to get a rough idea, obviously close enough is good for my purposes.



    • @Whatever: i’d take the $ figures down by $2-3 a player.

      • Whatever says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        Thanks Rudy!

  24. Shake N Bacon says:

    This is awesome! So much helpful information. You da man Rudy!

    Quick dumb question: In a keeper league where every team keeps 6 players, your first 6 rounds are your 6 keepers. So I’m keeping 1 SP and 5 offensive guys, what round to you associate with the SP so you can give him the proper percentage value (%hitters/%pitchers)? I guess it depends on how good the SP is. Kershaw vs. Wacha. if it was Kershaw, probably give him a round 2 or 3 value, Wacha would get a round 6 value. That sound fair? Did I just make any sense?

    • @Shake N Bacon: go to the $ sheet that matches your league format. find that SP on the list. divide his rank by the # of teams in your league then add 1. That’ll give you his round value. Kershaw is definitely 2nd round (some argue 1st round but not if you do 67/33).

      • Shake N Bacon says:

        @Rudy Gamble: Will do. Thanks Rudy! You should teach a fantasy baseball class at MIT my man.

        • i’m married. i don’t need the temptation from all those hot MIT co-eds.

          • Whatever says:

            @Rudy Gamble:

            Hot MIT coeds? Really? Maybe Boston College but MIT coeds are all engineering gals. And even though I have been out of school for 20 years, I remember all the engineering gals at my school. Not Hot. lol.

            • I was kidding. Grey and I went to Boston University. We only had two things going for us over MIT – better looking girls and a better hockey team.

          • Shake N Bacon says:

            @Rudy Gamble: MIT has a hockey team??? I know Harvard in recent years has had a decent hockey team. Yeah engineering girls in my classes were not lookers, and I went to a state university!

            • @Shake N Bacon: I imagine they have a club team (no varsity). Harvard does but typically lose to BU and BC in the Beanpot.

              • Shake N Bacon says:

                @Rudy Gamble: Yeah, BU and BC have always had strong hockey programs. I went to the University of Maine and BU, BC and UNH were always the toughest teams.

  25. johnny2k says:

    can we get a closer guide in here by any chance? smokeys closer report will suffice

  26. John E Depth says:

    Last year, I combined the auction values of Grey and Rudy and ended up smoking my Espn league.

  27. Jeff says:

    Hey Razzball guys. I think I found an error in the Baseball press H2H calculator you’ve partnered with. It appears to count ALL hits as singles in addition to breaking down doubles, triples and home runs. So the project points totals are inflated. Maybe I missed something, but it might be worth checking into.

    • Thanks – pinging BaseballPress about this.

    • Jeff –
      BaseballPres checked and it is working correctly. Can u provide your league setup so either we can identify the issue or clarify why it is not an error?

      • Jeff says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        Hey Rudy – I’m in a ESPN H2H league with the following scoring:

        singles = 1
        doubles = 2
        triples = 3
        HR = 4
        BB = 1
        RBI = 1
        R = 1
        SB = 2
        CS = -1

        I have hand calculated Razzballs projected numbers and, as mentioned in the original post, I think the issue is Baseball Press’s calculator is taking Razzballs projected “hit” totals and counting them all as “singles”. So unless Grey is projecting Miggy for 270 hits, or 831 AB’s I suppose, all the doubles, triples and HR’s are getting counted twice.

        Using Miggy as an example –

        Razzball projections – R 110, H 192, 2B 38, 3B 1, HR 39, RBI 121, SB 3, BB 89
        Baseball Press’s calculation – 110 + (192×1) + (38×2) + (1×3) + (39×4) + 121 + 3 + 89 = 750 points
        Correct calculation – 110 +([192-38-1-39]x1) + (38×2) + (1×3) + (39×4) + 121 + 3 + 89 = 672 points

        So I just think the number of doubles, triples and HR’s need to be subtracted from the hit total so the singles can be calculated correctly.

        Make sense? I just tried again and had the same issue.

        • Jeff says:


          Hey Rudy. Ever get a chance to follow up on this?

          • I figured it out. You need to change scoring so Hit=1, Double=1, Triple=2, Home Run=3.

            • Jeff says:

              @Rudy Gamble:

              Thanks for following up!

  28. RicoSuave says:

    Hey Rudy,
    Is there a way to add QS in the H2H points customizer? I did all the customizing specific for my league but there is no option for SP quality starts that in our league gives you an extra 3 points, so it might be quite different when you calculate the point total for the projected stats.
    I’m in a 14 team H2H points league C/1B/2B/SS/3B/3 OF/5 SP/2 RP(closers) / 5 Bench players.

    Thanks again

  29. Count de Monetball says:

    Rudy, I know you are going to do a write-up, but I was just looking over your LABR draft and had a question. Did you take A.J. Ellis with your last pick since the Dodgers play two games in Australia before other games to take advantage of the extra AB’s. I was thinking of doing that myself. Looking forward to the write-up and not trying to rush you. Thanks for your work! The tools you provide are spectacular!

  30. jbird669 says:

    Hi Rudy,

    Which set of values do you suggest I use for my league’s roster settings:

    C,1B,2B,3B, SS, IF, 4 OFs, 2 UT, 9 P, 5 BENCH, 2 DL?

    • Yahoo is the closest to that

      • jbird669 says:

        @Rudy Gamble:

        Thanks for the reply and for the tool. This is frickin’ phenomenal!

  31. @CaliforniaJag says:

    Our league is standard except uses 30 roster spots and a $320 budget instead of the standard 25 and $260. Would you recommend scaling the dollar values evenly based on AAV per player or should I inflate even higher since the additional spots are bench spots?

    • @CaliforniaJag says:

      @@CaliforniaJag: My apologies, this is in reference to ESPN/CBS 10-team auction dollar values. I put the comment on the wrong page…my bad!

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