We all thought things would be better in 2021, and if you drafted Just Dong, Zombino Overlord, you might be right. However, for the rest of us, our pets heads are falling off. First Eloy, then Tatis, who’s next Old Testament Baseball God? Why must you steal our joy day after day? We turn our weary eyes to you oh Akil Baddoo, can you be our 2021 Chris Shelton savior, or am I mixing up Tyler Naquin and Baddoo? Yeah, I definitely am, but it’s okay because Grey and Ralph….errr I mean Geoff are back with more weekly fantasy insights to help you finish a strong third in your league! It’s the latest episode of the Razzball Podcast!

  1. UkraineGameToYou says:

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know something funky is going on with at least GooglePods for subscribing and favoriting your pod. Everytime it redirects me to your football podcast rather than the baseball one. Not sure if that is rectifiable on your end or google’s but wanted to make you aware of it.

    Love the listen!

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