Grey and B_Don are back to go over the outfielders for 2022. We start the show with an outfielder that we both missed on last year, but proved us wrong and now we’re believers. After mocking Geoff (formerly Ralph) about Tyler O’Neill last year, B_Don is happy to be on the train this year though. We are on opposite sides of a couple OFs in Cedric Mullins and Jesse Winker. Listen up and figure out, which of us is supporting these outfielders. Later in the show, there is a player going in the top 60 overall that Grey wants no part of at his current ADP. Then, B_Don is in on an outfielder with absolutely 0 rationale from the 2021 season to back it up. Before we head out, Grey feels like he’s taking crazy pills when he’s looking at other’s Buxton projections. While we had planned on reaching 50 outfielders in this pod, surprise, we don’t get there.