These are the leading hitters in the major leagues for last April.  Do I think every hitter does the same thing every year?  No, I don’t.  But hitters do tend to follow patterns.  If these players were good in April last year, there’s at least a chance they will be good this year.  Also, as I went over in this spring training stats post, just because a hitter isn’t hitting in March doesn’t preclude a big April.  Anyway, here’s some top hitters for the month of April last year:

Carlos Pena – Right now, he couldn’t hit the dirt off a hoe (the farm tool, guys, c’mon).  Last year, 9 homers in April.  Year before, 6.  Pre-All-Star Break last year, 24 homers.  Yeah, he tends to start hot.

Adrian Gonzalez – 22 homers pre-ASB in 2008, 24 homers in 2009.  9 homers in April, 11 homers in May.  Think about this shizz for a second.  25 homers pre-ASB in 2010 then he’s traded to the Red Sox.  As Sgt. O’Malley would say, “Top of the morning to ya!”

Alfonso Soriano – Was solid in April (7 HRs, 4 steals, .284).  Has been better in the first half the last couple of years.  (Couple is a sneaky way of saying two, yet making it seem like it’s more than two.  Girlfriend, “How many dollars did you leave on that twenty dollar bill?”  You, “A couple.”  Later in the relationship:  You, “How many of my friends did you sleep with?” Girlfriend, “Four.”)

Ian Kinsler – When you skip the last month of every season, it only makes sense that you would be good in the first.  If Kinsler isn’t good in April, then you really have worries.

Raul Ibanez – There’s quite a few older players on this list.  Makes sense to me that an older player would start well only to trail off as the season starts to take its toll.

Justin Morneau – April’s been historically his 2nd best month after May.  This could change with the new stadium.

Bobby Abreu – By far his biggest steal month last year was April.  See Ibanez’s blurb or seven-eighths of an inch above.

Dexter Fowler – Not much of a sample size here, but last year he stole 9 bases in April.  Maybe he was trying to prove his value to the club.  Maybe this year he’ll need to do the same thing.

Torii Hunter – From 2007 to 2009, he’s been superior in the 1st half of the year.  Isn’t it weird how 2007 to 2009 is three years, but if you subtract 7 from 9 it’s two?  Yeah, maybe it’s just me.

Jorge Cantu – Was good for power last April.  Was not good in any other month.  That’s Was (Not Was) for you crazy 80’s kids.

  1. GTS says:

    I just read that Kinsler is likely headed for the DL.

  2. Tom Reale says:

    I have both EverCab and Escobar hoping one of them will pan out…I just noticed F Morales in the FA pool…drop one of the SS for Morales?

  3. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Repost from previous article:

    Heads up… Kyle Blanks +6.5% owned at ESPN today (total now 40.5%). If you’re planning on scooping him up to replace Reimold (as I am in one league), the window to do so may have begun closing.

  4. Freak says:

    Derrek Lee has had a good last two Aprils.

    I think. I hope I’m not misremembering.

  5. BaboonHeart says:

    Nice to know particularly in H2H. Thanks Grey.

    I like AJax over Stubbs too. Have Stubbs and trying to trade him as opposed to just jumping him on waivers for Jackson.

  6. Jesse the Body says:

    Yo Grey,

    Listen, dude, love the site. Agree with you 97% of the time. When I read your posts its like staring into a mirror of my own soul..beautiful…profound…

    But I think have vastly underrated Kazmir and Ludwick. Both are going to have great seasons. and when September rolls around and you’re not in first because you didn’t draft them, REMEMBER THIS POST AND WEEP TEARS PAIN AND REGRET, RAISE YOUR FIST TO THE SKY AND SHRIEK IN AGONY!!!!

    now where did I leave my pills..

  7. Jesse the Body says:

    @GTS: go figure

  8. danimal35 says:

    Just watched a Zo-rilla interview, he says the 4-hole will probably stay with Pena (cuz he likes it) and the 3 & 5 spots are between him and E-Lo. But he didn’t really say a decision had been made.

  9. uncdrew says:

    The “girlfriend: four” cracked me up.

    Oh, and 9 from 7 is negative 2, of course.

  10. uncdrew says:

    The kinsler probable to the DL is all over the place: just google it.

  11. @Mark Geoffriau:

    Per ESPN:

    SURPRISE, Ariz. — Second baseman Ian Kinsler’s hopes of playing in a game Monday for the first time since he suffered a high ankle sprain two weeks ago today are “not realistic,” Texas Rangers assistant general manager Thad Levine said.

    That determination was made after Kinsler was examined by club orthopedist Dr. Keith Meister, who discovered a small bone bruise at the tip of the tibia in addition to the sprain. Meister will inject Kinsler with an anti-inflammatory later Friday.

    After having the injection, Kinsler was realistic.

    “I’m not going to say I’ll be ready for the opener but I’m not going to say I won’t be either,” he said. “I’m optimistic that I’ll play next week.

  12. @Elijah:

    I’ve been avoiding him since I heard about the ankle.

  13. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    re: Fowler — don’t forget that 5 — yes, five — of those 9 April steals came in ONE GAME against Chris “Time My Delivery With An Hourglass” Young.

    Why do I remember this? Because I promptly picked up Fowler and dropped Justin Upton, who was looking a bit lost last April (including a 5-K game in April himself).

    Upton sort of figured things out after that.

  14. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins: Oops. I made up the 5 K game thing about J-Ups. Retroactive justification, I guess.

    He was sub-Mendoza, though.

  15. John says:

    @Grey: A follow up from last post about who to pick up my team is

    C: Ianetta
    1b: Cabrera
    2b: Stewart
    3b: Wright
    ss: Andrus
    OF: Granderson
    OF: Bruce
    OF: Quentin
    Util: Reimold

    Free Agents: Fowler, Rasmus, Ever Cab, Vlad Guerrero, Beltre, Matsui

    Is rasmus still the way to go here? and is it worth dropping him at all or with pie taking time does he lose too much value?

  16. The Cow says:

    “2007 to 2009” is exclusive of 2009 — “2007 through 2009” is inclusive of 2009. Not to be a grammar Nazi, but just wanted to point that out.

  17. Grey

    Grey says:

    @John: I’d grab Vlad for the time being.

    @The Cow: Gotcha.

  18. @Baron Von Vulturewins:

    @Baron Von Vulturewins:

    Hitting against Chris Young 4-5x a year can be an extra 5 steals a season. I’d be sad if he got hurt, all my Dbacks hitters would go down in value immediately! Still puzzling about Grey predicting Mark Reynolds for 12 steals…he should get 4 just from Chris Young, only 8 for the entire rest of the year seems much too low. My guess is Mark gets around 18 SB this year.

  19. and1mcgee says:

    ur fuckin comedy, grey! i love this:

    Isn’t it weird how 2007 to 2009 is three years, but if you subtract 7 from 9 it’s two? Yeah, maybe it’s just me.

  20. DonSlaught'sOnslaught says:

    Open the door, get on the floor,
    Everybody walk the…Jorge Cantu…

    In one league, I drafted Kinsler with G. Beckham as my 3B. I usually don’t draft bench hitters, but I took Beltre because he was good value. So, I really need Beckham to get his 5 starts at 2b quickly if Kinsler is going to the DL.

  21. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    The back spasms Aroldis Chapman experienced last week seem to have knocked him out of the running to be in the Reds’ initial starting rotation, according to “The injury set him back to the point where it’s going to be tough for him to be ready to start the season as one of our five starters,” general manager Walt Jocketty said.

    Damn, I was hoping to ride this kid like a rented mule all the way to “Lopsided Trade City”. I’m (half) kidding… I’m actually glad to see he’s being treated properly rather than rushed. I look forward to seeing him overhyped, overvalued and drafted way too early in 2011. And who knows… if I pull the trigger at the right time, I may still get the chance to ride that mule in 2010 after all!

  22. Tom Reale says:

    @Grey: I have both EverCab and Alcides Escobar hoping one of them will pan out…I just noticed F Morales in the FA pool…drop one of the SS for Morales? Sorry…I realized that I wasn’t clear…Alcides not Yunel…same answer?
    @Baron Von Vulturewins: I also picked him up after that game…then realized it was against C Young
    J-Up was traded for Mags in my league around that time…not by me…thank Yahway

  23. david says:

    Grey, you’re in an NL-only league, correct? Could you put up a link to it?

  24. Tom Reale says:

    @Grey: thank you sir…and special thanks to the stache.

  25. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Tom Reale: The stache had a lunch date.

  26. Tom Reale says:

    @Grey: hopefully not a $12 salad

  27. Vince says:

    Grey, would you say that the following trade is fair : BJ Upton + Jered Weaver for Kemp ? (12 team, H2H, Non keeper, with only 3 OF spots)

  28. Steve says:

    Lindstrom named as Astros closer.


    There’s nothing worse than a Lyon hanging around where he’s not wanted. What to do with him?

  29. Tarasco'sSecretStash says:

    A confirmation of the inevitable perhaps, but Liriano has officially been handed the last set of keys to the Twins rotation castle. Dy-no-miiiite!

  30. timSTi says:

    @Grey: Pick of of these guys for a Utility spot. 10 teamer roto keeper.

    Headley, Laporta, AuJack, CoJack, or Branyan if he isn’t 100% on the D/L.

    re: your elaboration from the other post about rollins/DLR for Lester/Escobar/Davis, thanks for that. The deal is done but I completely see what your saying about majority upside pitching. Last year I came in 2nd in this league with terrible pitching but great hitting. We’ll see what happens this year.

  31. and1mcgee says:

    @Vince it’s fair if two owners agree to it, duh.

    it’s also fair if you think BJ could hit more jacks and bring up his average…

    with that in mind, i’d either ask for a much better SP or keep Kemp, who hits HRs, is dating a hottie, and might pull a Sizemore, circa 2008, but with a higher average…. do you wanna miss out on that for the likes of Jered “Flyball” Weaver?

  32. pharmdriz says:

    Trade Rollins, Brian Wilson and Ervin Santana for Miguel Cabrera, Frasor and Madson? The league is 6×6 H2H and looks at OBP (in place of AVG) and TB and K/BB. I just get the feeling that Lidge is close to done.

  33. and1mcgee says:

    “Kendry Morales – If he’s 26 years old, I’ll shave the ’stache.”

    i just saw this HAHA!!

  34. MayhewFan69 says:

    Yo — Would you want EverCab, Alcides, or Desmond at SS on this team?

    R. Davis

    H2H, 5×5 + OBP.

    Grey, congratulations on having the only site on the internet with an informative and worthwhile comments section.

  35. Professor Chaos says:

    @Grey: Would you trade Scherzer for Hudson in a vacuum?

  36. johnny o says:

    Finished our draft. 10 owners, 5×5 $ league (10 Keepers)
    B Molina(19th)
    C Jackson(25th)
    Ian Stewart(13th)
    Tulo*(aquired in offseason-Traded Johan)
    Ian Desmond(24th)
    Kemp*(aquired in offseason-Traded F-Her)
    Ut-Chase Headley
    Ut-Austin Jackson
    Bench Beltran* & Travis Snider
    Ubaldo (11th)
    S Baker(12th)
    Slowey (15th)
    De La Rosa(17th)
    Padilla(28th-2 start)
    Billy Wagner(16th)
    Leo Nunez (20th)
    Bench Franklin Morales
    *(10 keepers)
    Compared to other teams-My team looks balanced. 3 teams are projected above 200 SB’s. Waivers: Tejada, Mags, Ev Cab, konerko, Sean Rodriquez, Willingham, Nady, Gardner. SP-R Wells, Derek Lowe, Pineiro. After season, I’d like to package up Ian Desmond/A Jackson/T Snider/Headley and upgrade at 1B for a Derek Lee/Morales/Berkman/Robot Jones…. I’m contemplating switching Padilla out for D Lowe before the season starts.

  37. Just to note, and yes its just spring, but Reynolds has a 1.139 OPS with 3 SB and 2 HR in 18 games this year.

  38. Freak says:

    @Grey: Whoopsies. The lesson, as always, is don’t listen to me.

  39. timSTi says:

    @Grey: I purposely didn’t specifiy a need as I don’t really think I need any one thing. LaPorta it is. I like his upside keeper potential too. Thanks as always Grey.

    As much as I hate to share my secret source, I’ve been spreading the word around abour Razzball because you and Rudy need as much credit and success as you can get. This site is far and beyond above any other Fantasy Baseball site I’ve come across.

  40. TheQuestforMerlin says:

    Hi Grey, If Steve (above) report is true and Lyon has lost the closer job to Lindstrom, what is your take on him.

    Do you think he will vulture some saves? Does he still have a chance to reclaim the closer job? Or is he now drop fodder for the next interesting MI/SP/UTIL guy that starts the season well (i.e. a Desmond, Sean-Rod, B. Morrow etc).

    I know its all speculation, but I don’t want to drop Lyon too early, or hold onto him for too long.

    Cheers, TQ4M

  41. Grey

    Grey says:

    @pharmdriz: Rollins side is better.

    @MayhewFan69: Thanks, can’t take credit for the worthwhile commenters though. EverCab

    @Professor Chaos: Eh

    @johnny o: Yeah, be nice if you can trade the spare parts for a useful 1st baseman. I do think you have nicely balanced hitting. The pitching’s okay, as long as you make decent in-season pickups.

    @Elijah: You’re such a homer.

    @timSTi: Thanks, man. That’s nice of you to say.

    @TheQuestforMerlin: I think Lyon’s worthless without the job.

  42. Steve says:

    @Grey: I was afraid you’d say that about cousin Brandon.

    His value is in Saves – as an MR he can’t lace the cleats of a bunch of other guys sitting on the wire.

  43. Steve says:

    @Grey: I was afraid you’d say that about cousin Brandon.

    His value is in Saves – as an MR he can’t lace the cleats of a bunch of other guys sitting on the wire.

    @TheQuestforMerlin: Saw it on Twitter. Must be true.

  44. @Grey:

    You called my boy a Schmohawk, I’m feeling obligated to defend him. I’m really seeing #’s more like .265 BA, 100 RBI, 90 Runs, 35 HR, 18 SB when its all said and done, barring injuries of course.

  45. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    If Alcides is going to bat 8th, who is batting 2nd? I figured it would go Weeks then Alcides… Please don’t tell me Carlos Gomez

  46. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Cheese: Casey’s currently the 2 hole hitter.

  47. grandysdandy says:

    grey….in a keeper league, what side you like?

    votto and a SP (either haren/kershaw/hanson)?

  48. cashmoney says:


    my current lineup:

    Billy Butler

    I was going to package an outfielder and closer for Matt Holliday, which side is better for me, Markakis-Soriano, or Grandy-Soriano.

  49. danielpwnz says:

    Razzball…the only site where I can get my fantasy baseball fix with a Was Not Was reference…best thing ever!

  50. Grey

    Grey says:

    @grandysdandy: A-Rod or Votto and Haren.

    @cashmoney: Markakis-Soriano

    @danielpwnz: Hehe

    ****FYI, I think that toolbar was slowing down the site, might’ve just been lots of traffic, either way, had to lose it, sorry.

  51. TheQuestforMerlin says:

    @Steve: You know, I said to myself when I was drafting in my two leagues this year that I should handcuff Lyon with Lindstrom.

    But I figured when Wade gave Lyon that contract it was to be the primary closer, and I didn’t pull the trigger on Lindstrom. *Shakes fist at Wade* Damn-it Wade!

  52. GTS says:

    I have Votto, Rollins, BJ in a 6×5 (w/ OBP and W-L) league C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, OF x 3, UTIL x 2, 5 SP, 2 RP, 6 bench.

    I get the first two picks of the draft because I’m taking over a last place team. Looking at the available (non-kept) players right now and comparing against Grey’s top 300 which of the following would you take: Morneau, Greinke, Youkilis, Granderson, Werth, Phillips/Roberts/Cano, McCann, V-Mart………

    Thanks again for the advice.

  53. johnny o says:

    What a wild last few weeks. I’m on the pacific time out here in the west, and by the time I wake up there’s typically 20-40 comments on the board here for me to read while I’m drinkin’ coffee. So I had to fly to Maryland for a week,switch times zones (not to mention daylight savings on the day I flew) and wake up at 6am your time. Funny-there’s about 5 comments . After the week in Maryland, I flew to Honolulu(6 hour times difference) and I’d wake up to about 80-130 comments, not to mention some story posted here referencing a Porn Star donating DVD’s at a Sushi Shop to the writer with the Porn Stache, that damn near made my g/f fall off the balcony of the hotel.

  54. grandysdandy says:

    okay got it…so which side would you take…

    arod or haren/votto side?

  55. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Grey: I think the toolbar was slow loads, as well. Pages loading much more quickly now… thanks for dropping the upside potential for the more reliable and boring choice.

    The Lindstrom announcement seems pretty official, “Matt Lindstrom has been named as the Astros’ closer to open the season, according to’s Alyson Footer.”

  56. cashmoney says:


    Thanks Grey
    I think he prefers Grandy…might not be a bad thing since our league has offensive K’s. I still love Grandy this year so hopefully he takes Markakis

  57. TheQuestforMerlin says:

    @johnny o: Yup, thats what you get over here.

    Baseball, jokes, pop culture references, terrific writing and some of the most clued up and up to date commentators and fantasy ‘perts in the business. Not to mention instant advice from Grey and Rudy that you just can’t get anywhere else. All in all, awesomeness.

  58. Milkman of Doom says:

    Grey, what do you make of this club? 12-team mixed, 5 x 5. I am worried about AVG, steals, ERA, and maybe saves. Missed out on Andrus/EverCab/Escobar at MI.

    Soto, Geovany C CHC
    Fielder, Prince 1B MIL
    Phillips, Brandon 2B CIN
    Zimmerman, Ryan 3B WAS
    Tulowitzki, Troy SS COL
    Aybar, Erick MI ANA
    Butler, Billy CI KC
    Gonzalez, Carlos OF COL
    Hamilton, Josh OF TEX
    Pence, Hunter OF HOU
    Werth, Jayson OF PHI
    Konerko, Paul U CHW

    Active Pitchers MLB

    Bell, Heath RP SD
    Cueto, Johnny SP CIN
    De La Rosa, Jorge SP COL
    Hamels, Cole SP PHI
    Morales, Franklin RP COL
    Price, David SP TB
    Sanchez, Jonathan O. SP SF
    Santana, Johan SP NYM
    Soria, Joakim RP KC

    Reserve Batters MLB
    Theriot, Ryan SS CHC
    Gardner, Brett CF NYY
    Young, Chris B. CF ARI

    Reserve Pitchers
    Capps, Matt RP WAS
    Matusz, Brian SP BAL

  59. Nate Marcum says:

    Trade question for a 12 team h2h points league. 1pt per base, 2 per SB. 1 per IP, 2 per K (for SP), negatives for all H/BB/ER, 7per W

    I have this team…Pitchers went ridiculously heavy due to pt structure.
    BJ Upton
    Adam Jones

    P Hughes
    Wade Davis.

    I have Jay Bruce on the bench and my pitching bench is bleh! Knowing I could fill in Bruce for Jones or Pence, would you trade either of those 2 for J Sanchez?

  60. BaboonHeart says:

    Think I may keep Stubbs and Dump EverCab for Austin Jackson. Casey McGehee’s batting eyes at me on waivers too. I’m thinking Fowler, Jackson and Stubbs can lead to nice trade bait.

    @Grey: Pujols for Kendry & Felix?

    So far my pimping Pujols hasn’t worked, no takers with a stud CI and SP.

    It’s ok Albert. I still like you.

  61. dsimon says:

    I was hesitating to drop a long post with a big roster, but oh well. I’m in a 12 team keeper where we keep 20 players and draft another 10 each year. Head to head. 5×5 + obp, slg, 2b, 3b for hitters; qs, cg, holds, losses for pitchers.

    my offense: C- Napoli 1B- Teixeira 2B- Roberts 3B- Zimmerman SS- Bartlett IF- B. Roberts OF- Pence OF- Nelson Cruz OF- McLouth OF- Span Util1- Michael Young Util2- Cody Ross Notable bench: Corey Hart, Kelly Johnson, Chase Headley, Justin Smoak, Desmond Jennings.

    my pitchers: SP: Greinke, Felix, CC, Verlander, Harang, Oswalt, Gio Gonzalez.

    No need really to list the RP. I have 3 closers and 2 MR.

    My question is this: a guy in the league is sweating my nuts for CC. Obviously I have 3 other monsters at SP, but with Oswalt’s injuries, Harang’s struggles last year and Gio’s youth/lack of a place in the rotation, it’s awesome to trot those 4 guys out there. Where do you see that I’d need the biggest upgrade here, just from an outside perspective?

    The biggest target on my trade partner’s team is either another solid SP in Wainwright (I wouldnt mind replacing some AL East with NL Central) or Gordon Beckham, who he might not even trade. Most of his team is older (D. Lee, Berkman, Manny, Dunn, ARod, Jeter) and not as tempting to me in this type of keeper format. Plus he’s a huge Yankees fan. He also has Jake Peavy, Stephen Drew and Geovany Soto who could have some serious rebound in them. Am I focusing too much on the future and not enough on this year? Should I make a trade for one of these older guys to try to win now?

    Note- yes this team looks pretty stacked, but probably 85% of the talent in the league is held by 5 or 6 teams.

  62. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    As expected, Felix Pie has been named Baltimore’s starting left fielder for opening day, according to Brittany Ghiroli’s twitter page.

    As if this Yankees fan living amongst Phillies fans needed another reason to dislike PA. (<– Get it? It's a pronunciation joke! Those work great in text!)

  63. Grey

    Grey says:

    @GTS: Greinke and Grandy…

    @johnny o: Ha!

    @grandysdandy: It’s fair. Depends on need. I’d take the Haren side if I needed pitching and had a 3rd baseman.

    @Awesomus Maximus: Yeah, agreed.

    @TheQuestforMerlin: Thanks!

    @Milkman of Doom: I agree with your assessment, while throwing in your WHIP probably won’t be great either.

    @Nate Marcum: Nope

    @BaboonHeart: It’s fair for Pujols.

    @dsimon: Your pitching is way too strong. You don’t need three aces. Your late round offense is a mess, and your team is lacking power. Trade one of the SPs for a better hitter.

  64. PaddyTwoTimes says:

    Word on the street is A. Chapman is starting the year in minors.

    Do not know if this has been said. This is based off ESPN though, so take it as you want it.

  65. BaboonHeart says:

    @Grey: Thanks. Sent a counter offer of Longoria and Felix for Pujols, maybe he’ll counter with Kendry.

    I got an offer of Fielder and Baker for Pujols. I like Baker a lot but I don’t think that much.

  66. mrbaseball says:

    There has been a run on Nate Robertson in the last hour

  67. Vince says:

    @Grey: Thanks Grey!

  68. mrbaseball says:

    all the national league hitters value has just gone up since everyone hits .300 against Robertson – and does not strike anyone out

  69. Mickey says:

    when is your best guess as to when Bell gets traded.

    Twins have to make a move for him right?

  70. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    What is the best source for last minute lineup changes before locking in for the day? (you know, to insure my best chance at getting sonavabenched :-) )

  71. Steve says:

    @Simply Fred: Right here, probably.

  72. BKK says:

    @johnny o: @Milkman of Doom: @Nate Marcum: Not to single you boys out, you just happen to be the guys who did this today. So, this is kinda for everyone who posts their teams here (real or mock). My suggestion would be to use the Forums. Grey created it a couple years ago for this purpose (among others) and it works great. You can keep coming back to it. Others can comment and it is really easy to follow the threads.

  73. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    “Ryan Garko will be placed on waivers by the Mariners, according to Jon Morosi’s (FOX Sports) twitter page.”

    Guess that “Garko Battle” mentioned two articles ago is officially over.

  74. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Mickey: Please stop asking the same questions.

    @Awesomus Maximus: Wow, that’s actually surprising to me.

  75. BaboonHeart says:

    Yup. Garko placed on waivers according to FOX. Come to Flushing and platoon at first?

    Moyer named Phillies 5th starter. Freese named Cards 3B. (

    Projection for Mr. Freese?

  76. mrbaseball says:

    # 78 Simply Fred Says:
    March 30th, 2010 at 3:22 pm
    What is the best source for last minute lineup changes before locking in for the day?

    1- I know yahoo posts the lineups of teams 30 minutes in advance – just click on to the teams match up that you need
    as long as they have the game up on their scoreboard they will have the up to date lineup changes

    2- RotoWorld gives you good information on players that will not be in the lineup for that day – around 15 minutes before game time – they will come up with 50% of the lineup changes for you – not them all

    3-right here you can get information also

  77. Milkman of Doom says:


    BKK – noted, and my apologies. Will do that in the future.

  78. PaddyTwoTimes says:

    @ Gray

    Two questions: (1) Are you worried about your boy Aards at all this year? I guess I lied about two questions, who is his handcuff League?

    (2) Lindstrom, I know you do not like him, but is he better then any of the following? Dotel, Valver, Aards or Wilson. I am thinking no, I just hate leaving a closer sitting around. Maybe drop Clay Buch?

    Grew a stache like you; have not had much luck with the ladies, am I missing something?

  79. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Grey: The waivers part (not losing the battle), right? I was a bit surprised, as well.

  80. Lava says:

    Would you drop Reimold for Dye when (if?) he gets a starting job? I’ve got Snider and Sean Rod now, which I figure covers me upside wise and I could possibly use a yawnstipating outfielder.

    Maybe just sit tight on Reimold and hope he kicks ass?

  81. Denys says:

    nice post grey but where’s chris shelton? anyone? :)

  82. Denys says:

    @Lava: upside over old age any day

    hold on to reimold. dye is a joke

  83. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BaboonHeart: Mentioned Freese’s projections the other day, search the site, BH.

    @PaddyTwoTimes: I’d guess Lowe. Could be League. No, Lindstrom’s not better than those guys. Do you groom it?

    @Awesomus Maximus: Whole thing is a bit surprising to me, to be honest.

    @Lava: Agree with Denys.

    @Denys: Nice call back.

  84. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    Grey, mind ranking these faceless RPs strictly on their April saves potential?

    Rauch, Morales, Madson, Thornton

  85. mrbaseball says:

    Nolan Reimold has been dropped by 1680 teams in Yahoo! leagues

    these public league players – they get some bad news and they overreact

  86. Baron Von Vulturewins

    Baron Von Vulturewins says:

    @PaddyTwoTimes: All closers not named Mariano Papelbon Broxton are equal. They are all valuable. Collect ’em all!

  87. mrbaseball says:

    They have leagues that are less than 14 teams ? if so one day I will have to join one to improve my fantasy profile

  88. Lava says:

    @Denys: Alright alright, thanks for talking me down ;)

  89. royce! says:

    Regarding an earlier thread, the Padres really do need to come around to batting Everth first. Baseball Musings lineup analysis has the top Padres lineup with him batting first and many of the worst lineups they could put together have Everth betting 7th. ( ). The best part about their projections is that the top Padres lineup has Eckstein betting 9th. Ouch.

  90. mrbaseball says:

    Dodgers Lineup:

    1. SS Rafael Furcal

    2. CF Matt Kemp

    3. RF Andre Ethier

    4. LF Manny Ramirez

    5. 1B James Loney

    6. 3B Casey Blake

    7. 2B Blake DeWitt

    8. C A.J. Ellis

    Kemp will start the season in the No. 2 hole, giving the Dodgers plenty of firepower at the top of the order

    I quess you went over this – I don’t read everything – I am impressed that the Dodgers have come to their senses

  91. Brian says:

    Garko is an awful fielder. I’m guessing the Mariners found that out. It was surprising that they would add him at all with their emphasis on defense.

  92. PaddyTwoTimes says:

    @ Gray-

    Ah grooming. Knew it was something. As an Italian man I normally let my hair grow without a trim or brush. That is why my chest hair and back hair converge on my shoulders.

    Is there anything you do not know?


    After reading this site for a couple years I am not surprised to hear your response about collecting. I too love to collect a bunch of closers. I just think I actually did good this year in my draft and do not want to cut anyone.

    My bench is: Ev. Cab, Davis and Clay, Francisco Liriano. Not ready to move on those yet.

  93. BigFatHippo says:


    Interesting article, I have 3 of those guys, Ibanez, Abreau and Kinsler. Not looking to trade Kinsler anytime soon but I should think about moving the other 2 if they give me a great April, right?

  94. mrbaseball says:

    Who are some of the worst hitters in april – hitters we have to have patients with

  95. BKK says:

    @Milkman of Doom: No worries, not so bad on a computer, they are just a pain to scroll through on my Blackberry. There was a REALLY long one yesterday where I think the gut posted the entire draft.

  96. BKK says:

    @mrbaseball: Alexei Ramirez for one

  97. Steve says:

    @mrbaseball: Tex is a famously slow starter.

  98. BKK says:

    @Steve: Don’t forget Tulowitzki

  99. BigFatHippo says:

    @Brian: Good article, I had never seen that. Thanks.

  100. Steve says:

    @BKK: Too true. I was going to suggest Howard, but then remembered that he can go into a spirit-crushing slump at any time.

    I mean, he’ll give you your 45 bombs and 140+ RBI, but there will be some dark times along the way.

  101. BigFatHippo says:

    @BKK: After reading the article Brian posted it’s a solid plan.

    Come on Raul, go on one of your cycles, er hot streak. I keed……………..

  102. BigFatHippo says:

    @Steve: Did you get in touch with Roob?

  103. BKK says:

    @Steve: Agreed, but he is often listed among the slow starters with teammate Rollins. What is it with Slow Starter SS’s? SS isn’t short for slow starter is it?

  104. Steve says:

    @BigFatHippo: No. Was I supposed to?

  105. knighttown says:

    @Mr. B.

    Justin Upton for sure and BJ too I believe, although in June they both went crazy.

  106. Eric C says:

    Grey or anyone– Is Adrian Gonza/Asdrub-Cab/Beckett/Harang for Votto/Elvis/CC/Mike Adams a fair trade? I’m the former with Adrian. I’m thinking its kinda a lateral move.

  107. BigFatHippo says:

    @Steve: E mail him and get his address so you can send him a check, or cheque if you’re from Zealand.

    Didn’t have enough cash or a check on me to pay your part, spent it all on beer………….

  108. @knighttown:

    Upton should be fine in April if healthy. The problem last year was he was being platooned and he’s a guy that has to be ‘in the groove’ or he doesn’t hit well. Basically cost Melvin his job too.

  109. BKK says:

    @Brian: @BigFatHippo: Yes, very cool article and good to know. Thanks Brian.

  110. Simply Fred

    Simply Fred says:

    @mrbaseball: Thank you, sir!

  111. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BigFatHippo: I’ve never done a post like this before, so, honestly, I’ll be interested at looking to see how accurate this post is on May 1st.

    @Brian: That is interesting, thanks for sharing.

    @mrbaseball: I’ll be looking at that.

    @Eric C: I’d want the Votto side.

  112. As predicted, Kris Benson will be the Dbacks #5 Starter. Nothing else to see here, move along…

  113. Steve says:

    @Elijah: Unless Anna shows up.

  114. BigFatHippo says:

    @BKK: @Everyone

    What you guys think about Abreau? The thing is, I don’t need either one of them but the price was right so I bought. Already have Cruz and Adam Jones cheap (it’s a keeper), Wandy and Nyjer for steals, and Damon for insurance. It’s a shallow league with plenty of bench spots so I can afford to move outfielders.

  115. @Steve:

    Good point Steve, score one for the Kiwis.

  116. @Steve:

    I’m way more onboard with him being in the rotation now, I wanna see her doing an interview with Gracie and seeing him turn beet red halfway thru. That would be worth several blowouts easily.

  117. @BigFatHippo:

    I think hes Boring as Hell and risky to boot. But yes anyone is good at the right price.

  118. BKK says:

    @BigFatHippo: He’ll be useful. He hits in a good lineup, high average, 15-20 hrs, 20-25 sb’s. If you don’t need him and need another piece, go for it. But I would hang onto him unless I was getting something I need or possibly interesting.

  119. BKK says:

    @BigFatHippo: Maybe trade him to Steve.

  120. BKK says:

    In my 10 team office league, Maybin is on the wire. I have Reimold and really don’t have room to keep him. Would anyone drop Reimold for Maybin? Thing is I could probably go get him later. Did I just talk myself into it?

  121. BKK says:

    Fowler is there too.

  122. knighttown says:

    I tried to stick to Grey’s strategy of pairing pitchers from different tiers but pretty much failed. Instead I’ve got a shit load of “fliers”. In a 1400IP max, 5×5 league with 5 SP’s and 10 teams, is this group enough to go through April with or do I need to make a move now?

    Haren, Nolasco, Price, Sanchez, DeLaRosa, E. Santana, Cueto, Buchholz, Webb with RP’s Dotel, Marmol and Soriano.

  123. @BKK:

    Seems like Fowler would be a better option hitting 2nd in Colorado.

  124. MarkM says:

    12 team H2H points with crazy bonus to CG and SHO. ERA/WHIP is completely ignored (very foreign to me), with the only negative pitching categories being losses and BBs.

    The guys were taking pitchers like mad, which I feel, allowed me to draft a seriously formidable lineup, but I’m a little sketchy at pitching. I had to take Verlander in the third round, because there was already 5-6 pitchers off the board and i needed a 200+K pitcher.

    1. (1) Albert Pujols
    2. (24) Ryan Zimmerman
    3. (25) Justin Verlander
    4. (48) Joey Votto
    5. (49) Curtis Granderson
    6. (72) Andrew McCutchen
    7. (73) Ubaldo Jiménez
    8. (96) Nelson Cruz
    9. (97) Elvis Andrus
    10. (120) Gordon Beckham
    11. (121) Billy Wagner
    12. (144) Jonathan Sánchez
    13. (145) Octavio Dotel
    14. (168) Mike González
    15. (169) Francisco Liriano
    16. (192) Chris Tillman
    17. (193) Hiroki Kuroda
    18. (216) Justin Masterson
    19. (217) Clayton Richard
    20. (240) Homer Bailey
    21. (241) Ricky Romero
    22. (264) Scott Sizemore
    23. (265) Mike Napoli
    24. (288) Mike Adams

    I’ve since dropped Sizemore for Desmond.

  125. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @BKK: I looked primarily for Fowler and/or Blanks when replacing Reimold in my leagues (all 10-teamers). Those seemed to be the best fits of guys who were available.

  126. BigFatHippo says:

    @BKK: @Elijah: Good points both, I can’t trade him to Steve, he’s a Razzballer…………

  127. Grey

    Grey says:

    @BKK: I’d lose Reimold for Fowler, but they are different type players. Blanks is a better fit as Awesomus said.

    @knighttown: Doesn’t look terrible, I’d hold tight for now.

    @MarkM: You can drop Tillman too, he was sent down. Your team looks solid, but it looks like the wheels came off a little around the 16th round on. Good core group of guys though.

  128. knighttown says:


    Thanks Grey, now on to the bats:

    C: Wieters
    CI: Morneau, Votto, Wright
    MI: Stewart, Asdrubal, Alexei
    OF: Kemp, BJ, N. Cruz, A. Jones, G. Jones
    U: Berkman or Ortiz
    Bn: Fowler, but putting in a claim for Bruce off waivers

    If I add up last years numbers, I get a team BA of .280, 968 R, 931 RBI, 265 HR and 212 SB. I don’t know what those numbers mean but it “feels” light on power and heavy on speed.

    a) agree?
    b) proceed with dropping Fowler for Bruce?
    c) Alexei blows, and now batting 9th. OK for MI spot or look at waivers?

  129. BKK says:

    @Elijah: @Awesomus Maximus: @Grey: I realize they are different, I have lots of power and I already own Blanks. Now that I look at my team again I could use a SB guy. Fowler, it is.

  130. Wide Stance says:

    Grey: Love your site. What do you make of my squad?

    12-team keeper 6×6 (standard cats + OPS for hitters and K/9 for pitchers), auction-style ($220 salary maximum per team). Closers are valuable due to k/9 and W-L being a category in addition to ERA, WHIP & saves. I know my outfield is fair to middlin’ and my infield is dominant. Do you see anything I don’t?

    C Napoli, LAA (punt)
    1B Fielder, Mil $30 (kept)
    2B Utley, Phi $44 (kept)
    3B Wright, NYM $35
    SS Rollins, Phi $25
    MI B Phillips, Cin $22 (kept)
    CI Glaus, Atl $1
    OF Ethier, LAD $15 (kept)
    OF Hart, Mil $4
    OF Rivera, LAA $1
    OF Willingham, WA $1
    OF J.D. Drew, Bos $1
    UT Conor Jackson, AZ $1
    BN Street, CO $4 (will be moved to DL when season starts)
    BN Crapolanco, Phi $1


    Verlander, Det $11 (kept)
    Ubaldo, CO $7 (kept)
    J Sanchez, SF $3
    T Hudson, Atl $1
    Valverde, Det $7
    C Perez, Cle $1
    F Francisco, Tex $1
    Madson, Phi $1
    (+ if/when Street gets back, I should have totally solid closers)

  131. @Grey:

    Does this sound like a viable staff for 12 team roto? RCL was a difficult draft as my usual suspects were all going off the board much earlier than usual (Sanchez went r15 for example), I found what value I could.

    SP Cole Hamels
    SP Clay Kershaw
    SP AJ Burnett
    SP Tim Hudson
    SP Phil Hughes
    SP J Pinerio
    SP I Kennedy

    RP H Bell
    RP R Franklin
    RP J Frasor

  132. MarkM says:

    @Grey: This league has one keeper from 16th round or later, everyone was going for the high-ceiling rooks in the 16th, I wanted to make sure I had one. I’d like to keep Tillman, does knowing he can be a keeper change this, or is he more than a year from being worth it?

    The only slots I had left to fill after the 16th were pitchers and C, which were picked paper thin. Any ideas on who I should look at at the bottom of the pitching pile? Guys like Kawakami, Maine, Braden, Rzep-whatever (Toronto dude), Anibal Sachez, etc are the only guys left to snag from the FA pool.

  133. @knighttown:

    Seemed like every draft I was tempted to take Alexi and never did.

  134. @knighttown:

    That being said, I think hes fine if hes a MI.

  135. Grey

    Grey says:


    Lose Fowler for Bruce. Hold Alexei for now, but keep an eye on MIs.

    @Wide Stance: Thanks! I think your outfield’s pretty terrible, yeah. You look pretty light on speed but in a 6×6, not as huge an issue. I don’t think you can compete with only 4 SPs. You’ll be punting Wins and Ks.

    @Elijah: Looks fine, you have two solid guys, three mid-tier guys and one flier. And Pineiro.

    @MarkM: I didn’t know it was a keeper, so you can hold him for now if there’s no other keeper worthy guys around. He’ll be good one day. Might not be until 2012. I like The RZE.

  136. BKK says:

    @knighttown: I think you have to drop Fowler for Bruce. After all, this is the year of the BRUCE. (Isn’t it?) In that format I try to get upwards of 280 to 300 hrs. 265 is light IMO and 212 SB is VERY strong, again IMO. I’d be happy with 150 to 170. Alexei is fine, just don’t expect much out of the gate. Could easily be a 20/20 guy.

  137. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Adam: I’m not clicking any links, but that deal is fair. I’d want A-Rod in a vacuum.

  138. MarkM says:

    @BKK: I haven’t looked up stats on this yet, but Alexi doesn’t look like he can play in the cold. And it’s cold at home aaaaalot.

  139. Eddy says:

    140+ comments are quite a bit to read through, so sorry if this has been posted, but I got some disHARTening news (What? I thought it was funny):

    Milwaukee GM Doug Melvin said that Hart is not guaranteed a starting job this season, according to the team web site.
    Hart has struggled this spring and may be looking at the wrong end of a platoon situation. The Brewers could start Jim Edmonds or Jody Gerut in right field against right-handed pitchers which would severely limit Hart’s fantasy value. Don’t be surprised if Hart loses playing time if he doesn’t get off to a good start this season.

    Man I dont like how this RCL is turning out so far. Not only do I have Kinsler, but I have Hart, Reimold, and McClouth in my OF. Ugh.

  140. BKK says:

    @knighttown: Oops got you and Wide Stance mixed up. Those were 12 team numbers. In a 10 team, you are really light in the HR department.

  141. @Grey:

    Poor Pinerio. I admit that was a 5 secs left panic pick. I kept trying to find someone I liked more and they just weren’t there.

  142. Eddy says:

    I have Kinsler in a league, and I’m debating on who to drop for Barmes for the time being.

    Morrow or Homer Bailey?

  143. MarkM says:

    @Eddy: Both have never lived up to their potential, but only one of them is pitching in the AL East. I like Bailey over Morrow here, as long as you don’t benefit from Morrow’s RP elig.


  144. mrbaseball says:

    Chris Tillman sent down – this is what is left – should I pick up one of theses duds or wait and see if Tillman returns

    Dave Bush
    Ross Ohlendorf
    Kevin Millwood
    Brian Duensing
    Tim Wakefield
    Brad Penny
    Brandon Morrow
    Gio González
    Nick Blackburn
    Gil Meche

  145. Steve says:

    And so it begins.

    Minaya saying that Beltran won’t start running before April 10 at the earliest, and then once he’s doing that will be 4 weeks away from returning…

  146. BKK says:

    @Eddy: Drop Morrow
    @mrbaseball: That is a pretty uninspiring group.

  147. BKK says:

    @Steve: Which means, he may not play in 2010.

  148. Steve says:

    @BKK: You wouldn’t rule it out.

  149. mrbaseball says:

    Best Hitters of April – Grey you left one out


    Tuffy Rhodes (OF/Cubs) opened that season with three HRs on opening day. now thats a nice april start –

    He went on to hit five more that season with a total of 19 RBI

  150. Lines says:

    Chris Shelton! Like 3 years ago. 7 taters in a month, or something like that. Who the hell remembers? I mean, it was Chris Shelton…

  151. BKK says:

    @Steve: Since, its kind of slow, did you like the Razzball Virgins League for football. Or maybe, better asked did you like playing fantasy football.

  152. Eddy says:

    @BKK: @MarkM:

    Thanks guys. And it’s a 9 pitcher league, so Morrow won’t benefit from the RP.

    And a last one;

    Barmes or Felipe Lopez?

    I’m leaning Barmes for the power (albeit the little he provides)

  153. GopherDay says:

    @Grey: I can attest to Soriano being a great at the beginning of the season…Opening day last season against the Astros, I’m sitting behind the visitor dug out at Minute Maid, Soriano tossed a ball to a kid beside me and hit the first pitch home run.

    That was a sign of things to come for Roy-O that season.

  154. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: Wow, hadn’t heard that about Hart. Blech, indeed.

    @mrbaseball: Tuffy! I’d grab Morrow for now. Someone will magically appear from that mess once the season begins.

    @Eddy: Barmes

    @GopherDay: Then you wrestled the ball away?

  155. Steve says:

    @BKK: Yeah, it wasn’t too bad. I started out thinking that I’d just be real casual and just make sure my lineup was properly set each week and not do much more, but sure enough, I was obsessed before too long.

    I did find it kind of weird that some guys who were obviously studs could have a huge game one week and do nothing the next, simply because of the opposition they were facing.

    I autodrafted and got too many running backs and not enough WRs and no QB worthy of the name.

  156. BKK says:

    @Eddy: I dropped Lopez for Sean Rod, so I would go Barmes. But, I’m not a fan of either. I know Grey will prefer Barmes. No Desmond, or Rodriguez available?

  157. Eddy says:

    No sir, no Desmond or Rodriguez. I picked up Barmes. Hopefully he doesn’t drag down my team while Kinsler is gone

  158. BKK says:

    @Steve: It was pretty competitive. I mean five guys were tied with 8-5 records. I lucked out and finished second on pts. Maybe the highlight was when IOWA traded Vincent Jackson & someone? for Eli Manning, thinking there was only one Manning and he was getting Payton!

  159. MarkM says:

    @Eddy: No Scott Sizemore, Kelly Johnson, or even Adam Kennedy? I feel gross recommending Kennedy, but I really don’t like Barmes.

  160. Eddy says:

    Taken, own him as a MI, and I looked into Kennedy and saw this:

    Just a few days after committing to Kennedy as his starting second baseman regardless of what happened with the shortstop battle, Nationals manager Jim Riggleman said he could envision a three-headed middle infield time share between Kennedy, Cristian Guzman and Ian Desmond, the Washington Post reports.
    Spin: “I really think there’s an opportunity there for the two positions, for three guys, where none of them get 600 at-bats but none of them get less than 300,” Riggleman said. “It’s really not utility. It’s more than that.”

    Definitely not something you wanna see.

  161. Eddy says:

    Btw, my last comment is not great news for the ever-changing Desmond fantasy value. But he did say based on September and Spring training, he “hopes” that Desmond can hold the job down.

  162. royce! says:

    @Steve: It actually already seems worse than that– via some other fantasy site–

    “Beltran (knee) will not start running until April 10 and will need at least another four weeks before he’s ready to return, the New York Post reports. “Once he starts starts baseball activity, once he starts running and all that, it could be somewhere between 4, 6 to 8 weeks, in that range,” said GM Omar Minaya.
    This gives a more definite schedule but is along the lines of the general timetable Beltran talked about two weeks ago. Still, it sounds like there’s a decent chance he could be out until June.”

    “4, 6 to 8 weeks, in that range”- Minaya talks about these numbers as if 4 and 8 are somehow equivalent. Grr….

    And how does this give a “more definite schedule”????

    Sorry, I made the mistake of drafting him. I’m just going to lay down in this six foot deep hole I’ve been digging for some reason…

  163. @royce!:

    Even Webb’s prognosis sounds very optimistic in comparison.

  164. GTG says:

    RCL Epic Beardman League draft just finished — not impressed w/ my team:

    1 – 5: Utley (5th pick) / Sizemore / Morneau / Reynolds / McCann
    6-10: Hamilton / Beckett / Pena / Wandy / Bartlett
    11-15: Stewart / Weaver / Franklin / Slowey / Hudson
    16-20: Desmond / Rauch / Snider / Milledge / A.Jackson
    21-25: Guerrier / Arroyo / Bradley / Marcum / Crisp

  165. MarkM says:

    @Eddy: Gross, I saw something like that earlier, but what I read made it sound better for Kennedy and Desmond. I wouldn’t be surprised if they play Guzman enough to raise his trade value. I can’t see them playing Guzman that much money to be a utility guy.

  166. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Eddy: I hate Riggleman.

  167. GopherDay says:

    @GopherDay: Now a Ian Stewart Mini Donkey baseball….well lets just say: “Its on!”

  168. HoneyNutIchiros says:

    Just finished a yahoo draft without drafting a catcher. For my last spot i drafted Bedard so i could put him in my DL spot and then pick up my catcher. I see you like Ianetta alot this year. AJ is also out there so im not worried. What do you guys think of Jeff Clement? He is C eligible on Yahoo and going to be the everyday 1st. In a league with OBS im thinking he might be a better option than Ianetta or AJ. What do you all think?

  169. GopherDay says:

    @HoneyNutIchiros: This is me quoting Grey on the difference between Ianetta and Clement right now: “Tomato, Tahmato”

  170. Eddy says:

    Yea, there was a note saying that they’re going to have to play Guzman more often than not in order to avoid bashing from fans (the three they have) about spending 8 million on him if they aren’t going to play him.

    Idk, the only Nats player I own is Zimmerman in another league and that’s it. Since I’m a Marlins fan, seeing as I’m going to be “fucking my stepsister” since I own Johan, Utley, Cole Hamels, and Wright, and Tim Hudson across a few leagues, the thought of rooting for any Nationals player when they vs the Marlins makes me want to throw up.

    That in itself deserves a new glossary term, or at least an addition to “fucking your stepsister”.

    The definition would be “Rooting for a player of last place team of your division (usually Nationals, Pirates, Royals, etc.) when your hometeam faces them.

  171. I'm Keith Hernandez says:

    Snider or Blanks for last bench spot

  172. GopherDay says:

    @Eddy: Adam Dunn anyone? Hey that rhymed!

  173. HoneyNutIchiros says:

    Thanks Gopher. Tomatoes go splat! Who is a better option for my last SP Tim Hudson or Liriano? Hudson has looked really good this spring and Liriano has burned me before. Plus Mathew Berry and his big fat head love him so that always makes me nervous.

  174. Eddy says:

    I thought about him, but I always have a tendency to massacre my average in drafts. Drafting Dunn pretty much means I’m giving up on AVG for the season lol.
    One more update for ya ***(and for tons of Razzballers)***

    This is Walt Jocketty, the reds GM speaking in regards to Chapman:

    “The injury set him back to the point where it’s going to be tough for him to be ready to start the season as one of our five starters”

    That means the final rotation spot is down to left-handed prospect Travis Wood and right-hander Mike Leake. In addition, it looks like a decision will be made by Thursday on which of those two will be the 5th SP. Not that we care.

  175. Awesomus Maximus

    Awesomus Maximus says:

    @Grey: Is there a “Manager” slot in the Fantasy Razzball Leagues?

  176. GopherDay says:

    @HoneyNutIchiros: To me, it really depends on the rest of your staff. If your other pitchers are all solid options, then take the chance on Liriano, but if you need stability in your staff then go with Hudson.

    @Eddy: Yeah, I’m liking me some Zimm though!!

    And I’m kinda Ehh on Chapman right now, I actually kind of hope he doesn’t make the roster because it would set up a huge controversy in my dynasty league because right now he is considered an international player.

  177. chet steadman says:

    I just had a 10 team H2H draft w/ pretty deep rosters. Would anyone care to leave some feedback?

    C – Geovany Soto (17)
    1B – Ryan Howard (1)
    2B – Ian Stewart (12)
    SS – Jimmy Rollins (3)
    3B – David Wright (2)
    CI – Justin Morneau (4)
    MI – Alcides Escobar (27)
    CF – Curtis Grandson (5)
    OF – Nelson Cruz (6)
    OF – Shane Victorino (10)
    OF – Carlos Quentin (14)
    OF – Alex Rios (15)
    UTIL – Vlad Guerrero (16)
    UTIL – Chris Davis (18)
    BN – Garrett Jones (19)
    BN – Travis Snider (26)

    SP – Jon Lester (7)
    SP – Adam Wainwright (8)
    Sp – Cole Hamels (9)
    Sp – Gavin Floyd (13)
    RP – Heath Bell (11)
    RP – Trevor Hoffman (22)
    P – Mike Gonzalez (24)
    P – Jason Frasor (28)
    P – Francisco Liriano (23)
    BN – Aaron Harang (20)
    BN – Johnny Cueto (25)
    BN – Open
    BN – Open

    DL – Erik Bedard (21)
    DL – Kerry Wood (29)
    DL – Open

    Some names on waivers for my two open slots (twss):
    j blanton
    d matsuzaka
    i kennedy
    b bergesen
    m latos
    e cabrera
    k kouzmanoff
    c barmes
    d fowler
    b gardner
    t hafner
    j fox

  178. Grey

    Grey says:

    @chet steadman: Real nice hitting, but your pitching might give you some issues. They’re obviously not terrible, especially considering it’s H2H and a 10 team league. I’d grab Latos and Dice-K. Then DL Dice-K when he’s DL’d and grab Kennedy.

  179. I drink your milkshake. says:

    In a H2H league, what tier of pitching would you be willing to sacrifice for Beltran’s (potential) contributions down the stretch?

  180. uncdrew says:

    Someone asked where Chris Shelton was. I might be missing out on an inside joke, but I just saw him. He was in an Astros uniform in Jupiter Florida and had one at bat which resulted in a weak fly ball to right field. Not of the Astros B-squad could catch up to Nolasco’s fast ball.

    When Shelton stepped up to the plate my buddy said: “I remember that guy. He had that hot month that one year and my brother kept him active on his fantasy squad for 3/4th of the season.” :D

  181. HoneyNutIchiros says:

    Hey Grey- i used your rankings in my latest Yahoo draft. I got the 2 seed. 11 teams with standard cats plus OPS and Quality starts.

    C – will pick up Ianneta or Clement or AJ
    1 – Pena
    2 – Cano
    3 – Ian Stewart – Hope your right about this cat!
    SS – Hanley – Yes!
    OF – Werth
    OF – Granderson
    OF – Cruz
    Util – Quentin
    Util – Chipper
    B – Cargo
    B – Rios

    SP – Halladay, Hernandez, Hamels, Billingsley, Price, Anderson, Sanchez, E Santana
    RP – Jenks, Nunez, Perez. Yuk! SAGNOF
    DL – Bedard – Drafted him instead of C so i could use my DL.

  182. I drink your milkshake. says:

    @Grey: What kind of faith do you have in Beltran, Grey?

  183. I drink your milkshake. says:

    @I drink your milkshake.: How do you feel about a G. Floyd for Beltran swap?

  184. Grey

    Grey says:

    @HoneyNutIchiros: I hope I’m right about Stewart too. Your pitching’s a bit too strong, which usually weakens your hitting, but your hitting’s not bad other than light on speed. Nice team overall.

    @I drink your milkshake.: Not much, wouldn’t own him, but might have a decent 2nd half.

  185. Fresh says:

    Cueto just hit waivers. Drop anyone for him? 10Th2hPoints 1RPreq/8P

    P Tm
    Rodriguez,Wandy HOU
    Madson,Ryan PHI
    Slowey,Kevin MIN
    Price,David TB
    Santana,Ervin ANA
    Baker,Scott MIN
    Billingsley,Chad LA
    Nolasco,Ricky FLA
    Jimenez,Ubaldo COL
    Santana,Johan NYM
    Wagner,Billy ATL

    Was thinking maybe drop Madson for him?

  186. fellas, apparently one of the guys in my razzball commenter league dropped (league 14)! we’re drafting thursday at 9 pm eastern. need one ASAP! email me: [email protected]

    it’s a 12 team standard rotisserie.

  187. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Fresh: I’d hold tight for now.

    @john murn: Thanks for trying to find someone. Might try messageboards at ESPN too.

  188. chet steadman says:

    @Grey: Thanks a lot

  189. Tom Emanski says:

    I remember having Fowler for those 5 SBs. Good times. <– I hate when people say that

  190. Honest Abe says:

    Hey Grey, I was just offered Tulo for CC, thinking about pros/cons. I’m currently starting elvis andrus at short and the rest of my rotation consists of hamels, nolasco, slowey, ervin santana, and hughes. there is ops and k/bb in my league, which makes tulo more valuable (if he has a year like last year) and cc a bit less (walk rate fairly high). do you think the difference between tulo and andrus is enough to lose cc?

  191. Grey

    Grey says:

    @Honest Abe: Where’s Tulo playing? MI? UTIL? I think it’s good for you, but only if you need Tulo for your hitting.

  192. Honest Abe says:

    I don’t exactly need him… but it would probably give me the best hitting team in the league. i would bench andrus/try to trade him.

  193. BaboonHeart says:

    @Grey: Don’t forget Emilio Bonafastyo’s last April. He singlehandedly won me $50 on a H2H side bet that first week. Now he’s dead to me. How the notreallymighty have fallen.

  194. Swapnil says:

    Hey Grey,
    I got 2 trade proposals from a Joba Lover…

    First is I get Phil Hughes and the second I get Carlos Beltran…
    I do need Pitching though .. My two elite SP’s are Lester and haren.. the next teir are max and tim hudson… My Of’s again i have werth and holliday and then question marks with bruce and ludwick…
    Which trade should I make??? what do u expect from beltran when he returns?

  195. Terrence Mann says:


    Why is Bruce a question mark? I’d jump on Hughes for Joba. Beltran’s out for a while.

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