It’s been a great season, but as all good things must come to an end, so shall this. Have a great fall, winter and spring training, and we’ll see you next season.

But first, we still have today. And today we have a jam-packed 15-game slate sending us off in style. Our greatest concern today is avoiding the minefield of early exits, late scratches, and lack of motivation as teams prepare alternately for off-seasons or post-seasons. To give our lineups the greatest chance at success we need to figure out some of the more secure options out there today.

Our final picks of the season should help accomplish just that.

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Noah Syndergaard, SP: $8,000. Thor faces a Braves team that just wants to focus on the postseason, not this final series vs. the Mets. Or so it seems, having scored two total runs and striking out 23 times over the first two games of the series. With the wind blowing in and Syndergaard arbitration eligible after this season, the motivation for a strong finish should be there to dominate this Acuna-less Braves lineup today. Syndergaard is overwhelmingly the preferred play today.

Some stacks:

Milwaukee Brewers – Because Coors. Also because the division in the NL Central is the one undecided race in baseball, so the Brewers need this win. The order we like them:

Keston Hiura, 2B: $4,200

Trent Grisham, OF: $3,400

Mike Moustakas, 3B: $4,100

Tyler Austin, OF: $3,000

Ryan Braun, OF: $3,800

Yasmani Grandal, C/1B: $3,900

Cory Spangenberg, 2B: $3,000

Eric Thames, C/1B: $3,700

Lorenzo Cain, OF: $3,500

Boston Red Sox – The Red Sox face the unassuming Chandler Shepherd, and the small-sample-size 7.71 ERA that goes along with him. We don’t have implied totals to guide our fantasy prognostication, but we can assume Boston’s would be among the highest today. Stack away:

Rafael Devers, 3B: $3,900

Andrew Benintendi, OF: $3,000

Xander Bogaerts, SS: $3,900

Mookie Betts, OF: $4,400

J.D. Martinez, OF: $4,400

Christian Vazquez, C/1B: $3,100

Also look to stack the Cardinals, as they need a win today to secure the division and have some outstanding hitting conditions to boot. The Rockies, Royals and Twins are also all hitting in very favorable conditions.

I’m Only Happy When It Rains

Though rain will likely delay a game or two we should be able to get them all in today.

Doing Lines In Vegas

With the wind blowing out to left, let’s take advantage and bet on the over coming in in Kansas City, currently sitting at 11.